The Teleportation device

A shadowy figure lit by the dim light of the moon walks purposely along a footpath in the middle of suburbia. No sound can be heard, save for the rustling of the nearby trees in the wind. The figure crosses the street unperturbed by the darkness, glances at the number on a nearby letter box, and enters the property. He knocks on the front door; "BANG! - BANG! - BANG!" Eventually a reply comes from within. "Who in God's name is it!! It's half past midnight!!" The figure knocks on the door again; "BANG - BANG! - BANG!" The person within opens the door and peers outside. "The world had better be coming to an end for all of this raucus!!" A reply cuts through the night, "That it is John." "How do you know my name?", says John tentatively as he opens the door a smidge further. "I know a lot about you. For instance, I am aware of the device that you are working on in your basement." replies the figure. "You know about the teleportation device?", says john with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Your attempts to fold space-time will be successful. Unfortunately there has been a number of unforseen side effects. It is imperative that I talk to you now, at this place in space-time, before all hell is let loose on the world." "I don't know what you are going on about there buddy", says John. "I've only just now finished building the first prototype this afternoon. The device only has enough power to compress spacetime by a few femtometers. Hardly case for this kind of alarm!" "You are just scratching the surface of the device's capabilities, John. Your device is capable of so much more than what it was originally created for. Eventually the military will combine your device with a microsingulary in an attempt to create a weapon." "And you know all this because?......." The figure removes his hood. John gasps as he recognises his own features in the man standing in front of him. A deep scar ran across this man's face, but it was unmistakeable. "I am you from 5 years in the future. The military's experimentation with a more refined version of your device will cause deep fractures in the space-time continuum 5 years from now. Left unchecked these fractures eventually cause the implosion of this entire universe."

"I understand, but how could I possibly help?" "You must destroy your teleportation device, and any documentation which may lead to government experimentation." states the older man. "You are too late, I have already sent the schematics to the patents office for copywriting. The schematics could already be in the hands of the government." "Dam!! I'm too late.... too late" mutters the older version of John. "There still is hope." From his pocket he produces a square looking module with flashing red LEDs. "I must add this module to your device. It will unlock a number of capabilities that will allow us to secure the schematics before too much damage can occur." The older version of John pushes his way into the house and walks down the staircase leading to the basement. An electric crackling sound can be heard as the two men head towards the teleportation device. "Right, now we are in business." says the older John as he slots the module snugly into a hole on the side of the device. The electric crackling is replaced by a low hum which increases in pitch until it is no longer heard. Suddenly the basement window is smashed as an individual in military fatigues throws a smoke canister to the floor in the middle of the room. Noxious smoke billows from it quickly encompassing the area around it. "Quickly!!! Get the teleportation device!!!!! Looks like I'm not the only one after you!!" shouts the older John. Fumbling to pick up the device the two men fight the urge to vomit. At the same time they feel a painful burning sensation starting in their eyes, and beginning to spread over their faces. They run up the basement stairs carrying the device under arm like a football. "Time to go!!!" splutters the older John. He enters a set of co-ordinates into the device, and points the device at the empty space in front of the door jam. At first there is a slight shimmering effect in front of the device, and then a tear bright as day appears in the space occupying the door jam. With no where else to go but through this anomalie, both men enter the tear. They shield their eyes from the bright light emitted by it. Emerging from the other side of the tear, the hole in space-time seals itself, and the darkness of the night is resumed. Looking around, the younger John recognises the street. "We have travelled clear across the city!" He exclaims, "How is this possible?" "I told you before. The military will enhance the teleportation device with a

microsingularity in 5 years. I have mearly added a modified version of the military's microsingularity power source to your prototype. There is enough energy in this thing to compress the entire space between here and the moon. It is also capable of twisting space-time in such a way as to travel in time. Even the microsingularity power source has its limits however. The time travel feature of the enhanced teleportation device will deplete the microsingularity after approximately 2 uses." Future John produces a smaller version of the teleportation device from his inside coat pocket. "This is the latest version. Unfortunately it's power source was depleted getting here." "Ok, I know where the patent office is from here. It'll take us about 5 minutes to get there. Lets hope we have that long before those military types catch up." The two men start running down the street towards the patent office. The blades from a helicopter can be heard off in the distance. The ground in front of them opens up as a hellfire missle crashes into a nearby building. The deafening explosion momentarily stuns the pair. An Apache helicopter comes into view behind them. The intense rattling of the helicopter's M230 machine gun snaps them back to their senses. Bullets fly left and right. Many ricochet off the nearby buildings and whiz past insanely closely. "We must find cover!!!!!" shouts future John. They dive for cover through the broken front window of a florist shop. Another loud boom is heard as the Apache offloads another hellfire missle. This time the explosive projectile takes out a parked four wheel drive on the street corner. The car rolls several times and comes to rest upside down 100 meters down the street. Screaming above the noise Future John says, "We can't risk activating the teleportation device. If we open a tear and one of those Apache missiles lands nearby, the amassed energy could be amplified enough to take out the entire city. In all likelihood they already have taken the blue prints for the device. We need to get far enough away to make a jump further back in time!" Ropes drop from the sides of the Apache helicopter, and several men begin to decend towards what's left of the road surface. "Hell! Here they come. We have to find a way out of here, and pronto!" After a quick look around the shop they identify a back entrance. Running towards the back entrance, another explosion rocks the shop. Tonnes of cement and steel collapses to the ground behind them. They run out the back door and continue down a narrow alley, climbing over fences, and dodging the occasional obstacle. Feeling comfortable that they have put enough distance between themselves and the apache, they stop running and crouch down straining to hear for any kind of persuit. "It's time to jump back to a period before we publish any information on our

teleportation device. This will leave us with only one more jump before the microsingularity enhancement is depleted. We can't afford to make any mistakes. There is no turning back from here." With that, future John activates the teleportation device and enters co-ordinates for 2 years in the past. Their stomachs turn as the space around them warps and vibrates. The outside world feels like it is slowing down. Everything freezes. Events begin to run backwards in time. The rubble within the bombed florist shop jumps from the ground, and reforms into the roof. Explosions reverse, reform into missiles, and travel back up to the Apache helicopter. Night becomes day as the sun rises from the west. It races across the sky at break neck speed. The difference between night and day is blurred as the sun rockets around and around the Earth. Finally after what seems like an eternity, the sun slows through it's passage across the sky. The whole universe freezes around them. An instant later the device's high pitched whine drops into the audible range. The whine becomes lower and lower until all that can be heard is a dull hum. The universe lurches forward in time a few seconds, then moves forward at the normal rate. The co-ordinates on the teleportation device blink April 5th, 2005 21:51hrs. "We need to find our earlier self. Limit your interaction with people from this time period, as the resulting shifts further down the time line are unpredictable." states the older version of John. "It is most likely that the military detected the electromagnetic surge from our jump, and will be looking for the device's energy signature along this time line. Time to hot foot it over to our house." They hail a passing cab and give him instructions to their house. "You two twins or somthin?" inquires the taxi driver. "Something like that." they both say in unison. Rounding the bend in the street, they notice a Hummer parked out the front of their younger version's house. It looks well out of place against the number of family cars parked out front of the homes along the street. "Crap. We're too late. The military beat us to him! Drop us off down along the next street please." They pay the taxi driver and get out of the cab. "We have a decision to make John. The device has a cloaking function, but if we use it to free our younger self there won't be enough power left in the device to make the jump back to our own time periods. We'll be stuck here along with our younger self. There will be three versions of John O'Malley in 2005!" "We have to do it. If we don't there won't be a future to go back to anyway." "It is decided then." the older John says with a sombre tone. He turns a knotch in the top of the device, and a series of blue LED's light up the device like a christmas tree. "It's like a one way mirror. We can see out, but no-one can see in. The device is bending light around us. We have about 30 minutes to do what we need to do before the power source runs out."

The older John puts the device into his inside coat pocket, and starts walking towards his home in this time period. "Stay close. The field has a diameter of 5 feet." Rounding the bend they see the John of this time period walking down his driveway, hands bound behind his back. Three military types are escorting him back towards the Hummer parked out front. "I was hoping that I wouldn't have to use these." whispers the older John, as he pulls out two tazers formerly stuffed down the back of his pants." Creeping up behind the military types, with a taser in each hand, he fires directly in to the back of each man's neck. They both drop to the ground unconscious. The third spins around firing his M9 Berreta handgun blindly in all directions. By dumb luck none of the bullets make contact with flesh. A second round is fired from the taser, hitting the third man in the shoulder. 50,000 volts surges through his body, knocking him unconscious. The John from this time period drops to the ground shielding his head with his hands. "No need for that. We're here to help you." says the scarred version of John while he turns the knotch on the device back to it's former position. The cloaking field dissapears, revealing the two weary time travellers. "My GOD!!" say's the youngest John with recognition in his eyes. "What is going on here!!" "We're here from the future to stop you from publishing schematics of the device you have just started working on." says the scarred John. "Why would I want to do that?" "Because your device will be abused by the military. They convert it into a weapon, and it becomes unstable, literally causing the implosion of this entire universe." "Take a look around you. The government obviously already knows about the invention. They sent these goons to pick me up." exclaims the John from this time period. "The government of this time period has no idea of what you have invented yet. The thee men on the ground here are from the future just like we are." explains the scarred John. He drags one of the unconscious men through the front door, and beckons the other two to do the same. After locking the front door they search through the men's pockets, looking any signs of the technology that brought them here. Finding nothing bar a few chocolate bars they grab some rope from the basement, and tie up the three unconscious men. "Now what?" asks the youngest of the three Johns. "You must destroy any documentation that you have on your new invention. The device itself must never be built." says the scarred John. "How will that make any difference? Won't that create a paradox? If the device is never built, how will the two of you travel back in time to warn me about creating the device?" postulates the John from this time period. "The many worlds theory is correct. From my experience of time travel any

decision made causes the universe to split. Just our presence here in this time period has caused the universe to split. The original scenario where the universe implodes still exists. Our intervention in this time period has caused our world line to deviate. Essentially, we have moved across to a parallel universe where the device never existed." "The physics behind the teleportation device could solve the world's exponentially increasing energy needs well into the 22nd century." pleads the John from this time period. "I'm sorry John. We are just as despondent about this. The world will have to find another way." "What are we going to do with the three sleeping beauties here? Their future no longer exists now." says the scarred version of John. He then opens the front door and makes his way towards the Hummer. Surely the government's version of the device must be located somewhere within this vehicle. He quickly finds the device on the front passenger's seat. It's power source is good for one more trip. He also finds a number of schematics which show how to build the teleportation device. Returning inside he relays this information to the other two versions of himself. They put all the information relating to the device into a pile in the sink, and set it alight with a match. They drag the three military men back into the Hummer, and set the device for the later Cretaceous period. A moment later the hummer blinks out of existence. "Looks like we are all stuck here. At least the world is safe now." They look at each other. "Well, three heads are better than one. Who knows, we may be able to find a way to reintegrate ourselves into the time stream. In the mean time, who's for Chinese?"