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Threats of Mobile Phones for

human health and human heart

Mobile phones have brought a revolution and ease in our daily life. Almost everybody has a

mobile phone today and it has now become a basic way of communication. But there is a risk

here for a person who uses mobile phones and that is “Heart Diseases”. Radio frequency waves /

electromagnetic rays are used in mobile phones. These rays and waves can damage our heart.

Keeping mobile phone in pockets damages the health of human and is a serious threat to heart.

Heart Muscles are severely damaged by radiation of mobile phones thus causing heart attacks

and failures. (Azeem, 2010)

According to the recent scientific and medical studies, the human heart function depends on the

electrical function coordinated by brain. Electromagnetic waves disturb this function of heart

thus causing health muscles to weaken and dysfunction. There are two ways by which a mobile

phone radiation can damage human heart. One is the antenna which emits and receives

electromagnetic waves and it is able to penetrate the walls of human and heart tissues. The

second damage comes from information-carrying radio waves which vibrate at 800 to 2200 MHz

causing the membranes to get damaged with disturbance to electrical function of the heart.

(Logical Health LLC, 2008)

According to the recent scientific and medical studies, Weak Pulsed microwave give rise to a

significant leakage of albumin (It is a type of protein which is water soluble) through the blood-

brain barrier results in brain damage. An experiment proves the above statement that

electromagnetic waves of mobile phone damage the nerve cell of brain. For experiment, Groups

of rats were exposed to the electromagnetic fields of different strength for 2 hours. And there

was a major neuronal damage in cortex (The outer layer of the brain, densely packed with nerve

cells), hippocampus (Major part of the brain located in temporal lobe and is responsible for

forming new memories) and basal ganglia (Controls the actions of a body) in the brains of

exposed rats. (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2003)


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