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This manual is designed for

Bank Presidents and Vice presidents only.

Do not allow lower level ban).; emplQ)'ees to rcyjew





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Message to Uankers, Politicians and l..a1t Enforcement

Forward 5

Acknowledgmeut» . 9

lmroduction II

About the AUlhur 15

About ihe Mooual- lis Purpose 16

Chapter I - Warning ,. I K

Chapter 2 - Cuurl Siralegy 22

Chupler ) - Adduiona] Laws & Suategies 3()

Chapter 4 - Whal Bankers Fear 33

Chapter 5 - Nulices 37

Chapter 6 - TWtl Kinds uf Muney 40

Chapter 7 - Credu Canis 43

Chaprer K - Debl Collectors 47

Chapter 9 - Doubling Money 49

Chapler I() - Changing the System 51

Chapter II - Uhimate Fear of Bankers 52

Chapter 12 - The Threat to the Economy S4

Chapter 13 - U.S.C.A. 12, The Banking Law 56

Chapter 14 - Auditurs and Auomeys 58

Chapter 15 - The Bible and Today's Bunking 61

SUlilmary 67

Appendix 72

Suggested Court Admissions 73

NUlice of Adequate Assurance of Due Performance 76

AFFIDAVIT fur Borrower :.; 78


AFFIDAVIT [Credir Uniun] 82










II ;111)' Ihre;lls arc m;IIJe 10 Mr. Schauf or laws passed hi auempt III stop Mr. Schauf . we have a legal plllllt. We have a plan til checkmate the bankt'lS 1111 1I1;111l'r whal ~tralegy is kil lu stop Mr. Schauf. Mr. Schauf has pl'll'cllaitic;11 infunl1&lIiun inlht hands of tithers that will be released. en mass, if bankcrsJpulilieiilns take certain actions. Mr. Sdlauf will act in a leg.llllli.lluh.·r ill'l dceisiwly-swiflly in a way that nu banker will WOOl III happen. II Mr. Schauf has problems he will presume it came frum bankers and Il'~ill '1~·liun will be lilkeh. Mr. Schauf suggests that the bankers make l'Cflalll Ihal Mr. Schauf remains very happy.

nilllk~rs may approach Mr. Schau]' wilh a settlement oiler. If Bankers try alill gil III a naliunal ID/l'llmpUler chip implant, use terrorism hi force their hilllll, make threats against Mr. Schauf or use other melhods-Mr. Sdliluf has .1 plan wlegally checknuue these auemprs iIIlll win againstlhe hankers, Mr. Sl·h ... lf believes that he was called by Gud 1"lead the nation IIUlllf Debl Bundage and Mr. Schauf fears God more than Moo.

MI. Sdliluf assures illl Americans that every comingency has been considerl·d. 'ilong wuh our response. WE WILL NOT FAIL God is with us and no lIIilli ~';1Il slup Gud.

Acts, Statutes, Regulations, Terms 118

Forms 121

Excerpts from Tom's tirst book ., 137

..... -


In the Forward 10 Tom's second book, 'The American VUlers Vs. The Banking System, Tom says, "I know God called me hi gel Ihc.: oilllking message OUI hi the nation. I do not claim ttl du this from my power but rather from the authority, power and provision of God's anointing in my life." Since March of 199M, I began reading Tum's books and listening lU his audiu tapes, and trequemly heard Torn on shortwave radio as I tried tu get alternative news about what is really guing UII in this country. After confinning Tum's information hy my uwn research, lind participating in Tom's weekly conference calls. it became apparent that it was time fur me 10 take an active part in assisting Tum in his calling.

In ,I recent phone call with Tum, he wondered why he had been missing some imponam finunciul exchanges ill his must recent venture. He reali/.ed that God wamed Ihis Manual comptcred lirst! It appears to me that God is ready ~ tu begin the fullillment of the Visiun described in Ilubakkuk 2:

Then Ihe lord answered me and said, "Record Ihe vision. and inscribe h on wblels, lI.al Ihe one who reads it may run. For il is yet for Ihe appoiwlled lime; iI hastens loward Ihe goal. and iI will nol fail. Though il tarries, wail for it; for iI will certainly cOllie. jI will 001 delil)' ...

Behold the prQud one, his soul is 1101 rigllt within him ...

Will nol all of these lake lip a launl-song againsl him, even mockery and insinualions againsl him, and say, 'Woe 10 him who increases wbal is noillis - for how long - and makes hiOlse" rich wid. 1Julm? Willnol your creditors rise up iWl:

Jk.oIy. and Ihose wbo ~ from yeu awaken? Indeed, you will become plunder for Ihem. Because you have looled many nations, all Ihe remainder (remnant) of Ihe peoples

" will 1001 )'ou - because of human bloodshed and violence done 10 Ihe land, to Ibe lown and all its inhabitants." (Uab 2. 1-4,6-8 NASV)


.... ,

hth.: l."ulljlp'>l· the WIIII,I Trade ethter ami the collapse uf Enron - buth lII01jlll till'ln~'i .. 1 powers in Amcrlk .. - just al'uinl'i,ll'nl'c'! Or is the l.iviug. ('fl'''''" OIlIlIwing these evelJ,s lu occur It) prepare the w .. y fllr llis "Remn.uu" til splliltheir Iinanci~J "Slavemasrers" _- just as they splliletl Ihl' Egyptians hl'li're they left t:~)'PI'! Certainly the l'fedibility ofthe ~wti lil'd public ,ll"l'IIUnt,IIUS iloU uuditurs hils suffered a major blow, AU1l'fi,',lIh all' ill'ginning III reali/t Ihal they need III ,Ieliland iI "FULL. DISCI,OSllRV ,111,1 iI "COMPt.F.TE ACCOUNTING" from those whll all' 'UJlPII .. l·" II. Ill' PWll.·l,ting Iheit financiul, as well us poliucut. inrerc .....

violence ["unrighteous gain" - Strong's 2555). her residents speak lies ["breach contract" Strongs' 11267J, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth.

So also will I make you sick, striking you down, desolating you because of your sins. You will eat, but you will not be satisfied (not enough to eatl] ... you will sow but you will not reap [slavery!] '" therefore. I will sh'e )'OU up for destruction ...

Su thl' timinl! III' Ihis "Senel H,lIIker's Manual" from 111m could nlll haVl' ht'l'lI better! Perhaps Ihis is pan III' the fulfillmem uf lsaiuh 41.15:

"Ikltul". I hOIVI.' made you it new sharp threshing sledge l"inslluJllenl"t\JVI wirh ,llIuble edges; you willlhresh the moumains, and pulverize them, illld will make Ihe hills like chaff." (NASV) Silll'l' roduy's slavery i .. 1Il,II111y ul·l."lIlllplishl'd by written contracts and Iaws of men (paper""Il' I, Ihi .. "in .. uumcm" IIlllslly likely is a "paperwork" sululiun - using Babylun's own paperwork system agains! them. "Thull shah gu lu Bahyllllllib SHlIUIt's - liCe. usr, CFR I; there shah thou be delivered" j Mil',lh -l.Iu, J lI) "Thou dillsl pierce with his l!W.Jl spears Ihe heud of his Ihrlln~ .. " Habakkuk 3.14 NASV).

Let's PUI il Ihis way _ .. since the Remnant is prophesied hi be doing this Wmk of "spoiling the moneymasters", if we are NOT involved doing this Work, then WE ARE NOT PART or GOD'S REMNANT! So says Habakkuk 2_

Jmt how imp"rtanl is il Ihill we Itl'lun this Malluill, illlt! relt uur friends ,Ihlllli it'! Muah t. shows Ihill Gud is angry wuh us fur 'HI! duing someIhing. ahilul Ihis linillll'iilJ caste system, ami will strike us lluwn wuh sid,ncss and IX'Vl'J'I)' lInless we UCI hI expose and correct this fraud and inju\lil."e Nillin' Mil."ilh 6.1, 2, 10-16 (NASV):

"Arise and Thres h" (Micah 4.lJ) is the enlightened "bailie cry" of this Remnant, consecrating the gain and substance hi "the Lord uf the whole earth"! Those who are pan of the Remnant are nul selfishly focused on "going 10 court tu Vt'l ulli of their own loans", They are focused on Gud's end-lime Wurk HI' correcljnl: Iht: syslem by remoyjul: Ihe fnUld, enabling everyone 10 have full djsclosure and equill prolel'ljun under the law, so thai nu one is damaged by theft or counterfeiting. which debases the currency. The Living-Creator cares fur all peoples on the earth, and has no pleasure in the demh of anyone (Ezekiel JlU2). Likewise, we need to care fur eyc(),une, and nol be like Jonah, who only cared for himself ilIul how he would look if God did nul wipe uul all III' the people of Nineveh fur their sins as Jonah had prophesied!

Hear now what the Lord is saying... Listen, you mountains, 10 the jndit'h .. £nl of the l.ord ... Because Ihe Lord has a case ul:ujnsl His Peuple ...

Isaiah 52.1-3 shuws Ihal il is lime now 10 "Awake. Awake" (from being drugged and dumbed-down by TV), III "shake off Ihe dus!" (brainwash of mass media pmpilganda),lo "rise up and sil down" (rule), and 10 "Wwil: yourself from Ihe chains around yoyr neck" (fraudulem contracts), "You weft sold fur nOlhing, anti you will be redeemed wilboul money," If yuur promissury note was stolen, this Manual will set you free by exposing ihe truth of the loan agreement. and giving you "Nmices"w demand full disclosure of the bookkeeping entries.

Is .here )'e' a man ill the wicked house, along with treasures of wickedness. and a shorl measure that is cursed ("abominable" - KJVI'? Can I justify wicked scales lind a bag of deceptive weights? For the rich men of the city are full of



SIIIIl«.' pl·opl«.' IIf other failhs lila), be "turned off" by the Biblical references in Ihis Foreword and inl~ls Manual. This is undersuuidable, given Ih«.' ,Iisinfornlilliun and misi~~~ ... mauon Ihal abounds in today's "civiIi/l"!" ililli "enlightened" wurM uhoul creation versus evolution, '1Il,llhe wars iIIul expluuauon Ihal IK.'tUts in the name of "religion" (see anicle "buul Ihis Oil hUp:lJfrcedomI1l!Ws.com/evululiun.hlml). I can IInly ilsk Ihal you be "pt'n io ihe pussibillty Ihal a Living-Crean» docs exist, and hi be lull'ralll and respectful abulIl our convictions about this, even as we believe in II Creator who is a GUll of'Truth, Trust, Courage lind Freedom, ,11111 who rl'sl~I:ls everyone's free moral agency.


Habakkuk 2 ,h'l;lres u Visiun. ur a spirilual Remnant III' God's People uf illl nalinnalilies rising up suddtnly as cred;wrs 10 ,:ullel'l Whill is WilS hl!!k!l trom rhem by Ihe del~hful imerruuionul moneymusters of this end-lime generation, II is a. \tision "fur an appoimed lime ... Ihal will n;najnb' come: il will nul delay." It is prophesied 10 occur btfw:s! the Crt.'ilhlr returns hi the earth. thllse who read il should "run" (nol prorrusun.ue). We believe the "appoimed lime" is 11m\!. and Ihill, by your ICillling Ihis Manual, you will have an IIppur!unily III become a part Ill' Ih;,' Rcnuuuu, with all the glory and credil fur whm is a~cmnplishclI !!"illg 10 I Ill' Living-Creillor who makes illlihings pussible.

This manual will presume Ihill you have read Tum's bankiog books Volume I and 2. Tum oblained a secret banker's manual from one of the heads uf a major university who wan led tu expose the bankers. Tum thanks ihis person who wishes to remain anunymuus. 'Iu get this information could have l'USI the person their jub. This person spent SI,()OOs to gel this information til Tom and Ihey made it a gift to Tom. So I ask everyone to thank this one person for making this sacriflce 10 the nation. May we use the inforuuuion in a responsible wily. Nu one was to obtain this secret banker's manual without written permission from a bank presidenr. This manual will reflect what Tum has read in ine secret banker's manual and expose the truth. TOI1l wants III make il very clear Ihal the God uf the Bible is the one who instructed Tom to expose the bankers and scI the slaves free frnm debt and bondage. The Chrisuan God is the one whu gels Ihe gillry fur Ihe workthat has been done. God is the one whu brnughl the righl people together 10 make all of this possible lUld 10 happen. This nation was founded under God and there are people who WilOtlO kick God otT the throne. Gull will never be kicked off any throne, One Ilay everyone will be judged by the Gild whu created the universe and 'lom believes there is a special hilt place in hell lor the bankers and their agl'nls alluwing the injustice. Tom sees clearly the hand uf God in all Ill' this and how God put it all togetber, Tom publicly thanks the Christinn God fur His mighty hand in puuing all of this angelher to expose the truth ahnut the real bank loan agreement. Tom wishes 10 acknowledge the people who developed Ihe 10 computer card in 11)1(4 and exposed it to Tom. Tum wishes 10 thank the bankers for the secret bank manual explaining what to do in court. The secret manual let us know that if we du certain things in court, the bank has serious problems. Tom thanks some uf the biggest bankers secretly working with 'Iom to expose their own banking system huping for a change. Yes. they told Tum that if they publicly SUPI>ur! Tum. lhey might be killed. Tom has had secret top government uflidals in top places helping Tom and Tum thanks these brave

" individuals. These bankers are scared of the ID and how it would conuol yuu. They wanl us to win and are scared to come public until we gel the voters on our side. The government and bankers let Tom know thai they need tbe support of the voters to make it happen; so It.:IS help and make



il happen and save America tltMh enslavement. We thank Presidem Bush for l"Illilinning lIur rigfus IIf Mtdum of speech.

I ntrod uction

Tom alslI wishes III Ihillik Illatly others whu have selflessly l'umribuled research. lime anll money 10 Ihls effort over the IlilSI IU Yl'ars. and kt'pi the flame ul" "OankFreetlum.cu",," alive. And special thanks It) Doug al "FreedomNews.com" fur helping wuh this Manual. and fur creating "BankFreedum.Bravepages.cltin"- our new "replicared web site" wuh ils Member Porum su we can ",ure easily protect, share and leverage the laiesl secret inl"urmalilln among our J!fIIUp.

In Ihe early 1990s TUIll Schauf learned Ihal the European families privately uwned the Federal Reserve Bank. When he heard this he knew Ihal ihe bankers had 10 own and control the Congress, judges and the major media. lie knew that they controlled the money supply, allowing the bankers 10 determine in advance what percent of the people would be foreclosed \tn, if the stock market would go up or duwn and what the imerest rates wouhl be. Tum did nOI want III gel involved. Several people gave 1,,,11 a buuk on ihe FED and he did not walllin read it. These people kepr calling Tom Itl see if he had read the bouk. Finally. because of their persistence, he read Ihe book. Tum tell Ihat the God of the Bible had called him 10 get the truth out lu all Americans. In one and a half years he gut uul 2 million brochures exposing the bankers. These were brochures made un phulocupy machines. nul e-mails, Back then few people even owned a computer,

Three momhs after he begun gelling out the brochures, he rook a trip ro the Smuky Mountuins anti the couk in the restaurant had received a brochure iwo weeks earlier. People were copying Ihe brochures and giving them out 10 everyone. These brochures generated so many telephone calls Tom could nut even work, so he had ttl stop the brochures. Then people tuld him Ihal lucal banks created new money. lie did not believe il because that would violate GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) - me matching principle - and he knew Ihal ePAs audited the banks and what sumdan.ls of GAAS (Generally-Accepted Auditing Stantlanls) lIntl ethics must be maintained. To prove ttl the world that local banks tlid Illlt create new money, he asked his students Ihat he taught CPA cunlinuing education. All the bank auditors confessed and admined that it was a secret. They even told him how it was done. Armed wilh this information, Tom showed a few people, resulting in about 20 people gelling out of their house mortgages. Now Ihe telephone calls began pouring intu Tom's office requesting information. At this time people began using this information with credit card companies .

... ,

In 1996 Tom moved to Tucson 10 gel away from all the telephone calls. lie asked everyone '0 ShIp calling for a year so Ihar he could write the banking books. It tuok nearly 3 years working J 2 hours a day, 6 days a



week hi write the hooks illld make the cassette rapes. Nuw we have found a secret billlking manual Ihat is IJIlly fur me internal bank officers explaining that, if the hank is sued, lind if people sec the secret laws in this secret b;lIIking manual, the bahk will lose in court.

On 'JIll they gut us to wave the nag as President Bush rook away our rights.How stupid are wc'!The mainsueam mediu remained silent about the numerous eyewitnesses and experts, including news reporters on the scene. whu seconds before the World Trade Centers (WTC) collapsed saw and heard explosions near ground level which brought the WTC down. The WTC was designed to withstand the size of a jet that hit it. Ask a demoliuon expert and they will tell you that a building like that should fall like a tree, and nul straight down, without expert demolition teams. Demulition experts explain that it is very difficult to bring down such large luwers withuutlhem fulling like u tree. Not nne, but two lowers fell, as if expert demoluion teams bruughtthem duwn. The TV showed what appeared 10 be large explosions near the ground just before the rowers cull"psed. Van Romero, an explosives expert and former director IIf the Energetk Materhlls Research and Testing Center at New Mexico Tech, Silid un 91 II, "My opinion, based on the videotapes, is that after the uirplanes hit the WTC there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the tow~rs III collapse."

If we l·i111 l!elliut 2 nulhon brdchllres in line alld a half years, think how easy it will hc.' III get mil emails lbul have I ,(IOU's uf web sites exposing it. Vuters ilre willing Itl become campaign workers if they know what the plan is iIIl,1 if Ihcy know thatwt" run win. We elm will and we are winning. II is 1111\\ time III stalill lJlJ IUld be cllunled and illfu ... n Americans :lhuutlhe tnuh. If we get 11K) people to host a web site. soon it will be 21M), :l11l1 then -IIMI, and then ", ••• and then l.hUn, and then UWI" H)()(). lIllll il keeps growing. If we hJv~ even I,(I()U web siles ami each line gets uut IIl1ll'lIl;ails, one million v~.lte r s will be informed. If everyone gilt out ell1ilib und rhei r fril'lItls kept i"!tlling, suun milliulls uf vote r s would juin us. When we have ten perce,.. III' the voters, everyone will join us. The pllplll .u · Ihing lu du will be tujllin us.

We fllughl the Revulutiunilry War over the same bunking issue. This lighl will nOI he fought hy lndlt.'ls hUI by email, web sites, books, me Sl'nct h;ankillg manuals and the vute. If you du nut join us in this light lilr winning the vote, the bankers will gu to u nationul H) card ami enslaw Y"U "II the more.

Let us use our heads fur one minute. If it were terrorists, wouldn't they wam the builtling to fall like a tree destroying lither buildings'! Many of the top executives thai had offices in the WTC did nllt come III work that morning. II is reported that 50.0()O workers did nut show up to wnrk that day. One child in school announced the collapse uf rhe WTC a few days in advance. Many people were shorting the stock market. especially airline stocks. belling Ihat ihe stock market would gil down that day. So wbut is the deal? There is a huge deposit uf oit-in Afghanistan. Did they have tu change governments in Afghanis"lIl til get the oil'! Is il all abuut money, greed lUid comrol? Remember the oil field» ill Kuwait? An American ambassmlur tuld Im(ljusl before the invasion that the U.S. would not help Kuwait, thereby giving Saddum the green lighltil invade. Then the United Natiuns was rallied 10 counter this invasion. Why'! Was u ro give validity III Ihe United Nutions?

Tum wlketl III the pellple l'felliing the ID card in 1994. These people were scared. They s'litllhat if lhey ever instiuue the ID, the governmem/ b;mkers l'llUld Ifill'" every n14ltley transaction, IflIt'k you by sarctlne and haw absulule uual cuutrol uv~t you. The Government will say, "If YIlU hay,' nilihing lu hide, why wttuid yuu cure?" They forger, America is the lalld IIf Ireedorn, nut Germany's Gestapo or Russia's KGfi. Shuw me yuur papers ... lind if you do nut, you gll straight 10 jail. They lire luuking fur CXl'IISCS Itl implement the ID thm they began research on nearly len years agu. They planned io tin ito-now they just have 10 tllik the populanon illl,ll u. Let us tellthe vul~t!l abuul the banking anti what they bave dune Itl us lind the Villers will VIIIC uul those whu what tu enslave us Ihruugh Ihl' hanking and 10. Time is running Ullt ami we need your help. Join us while there is still time III make the change fur freedom,

Wars are very popular. They help get you elected. Yuu need a War til lake

""way American rights. They got us to wave the nag and say nothing as they lOok away our rights. You have tn admit they are very slick. For them to pull it off. it takes Americans to believe everything the boob tube \.!}'s tn gel the job done. This is why we must Wilke up Americans



.,. ........... - •. ·i~ ••••••• _

ou banking. The thing we ca" ,nove and the one thing Ihal everyone G'H~S u buill. is MONEY. Nearl, everyone is in debl and Ihey wam Oul of de hI. When Ihey wake up un _ money issue. Ihey will wake up on Ihe heahh, Uniled Nalillns, educi"'ttn, drugs. guns ilnd the other issues.

About the Author

There are peopte in government whu have an agendalu lake away your riglus illld y"ur wealth. They are Illllking for excuses III ~'t" the job dune. We need hunesl peuple in government. Please help us by gelling uUI the emails, hlls'in~ the weh sill' lind selling Ihe books, The book sales help fund us hi save Ihis great w,!Htierful nation and governmem. We just nee,1 hOllcst people running Ite governmem. We need voters tl) switch from gnvernmem empillyee'lttepresenting the bankers. III representing nonest treedom Illving Ameril'ilns. Saving America depends lin yuu. CAN WE COUNT ON YOU TO 'HELP us GET THE JOB DONE'! If yes, then mnlal'l us III gel your web site up ami gel I)UI the emails iUld help us gel the bUllks sold. When peopte read the bUllks. Ihcy gel angry and jilin us. Thanks in ildvanL'e for your help. Together we will get the job done. This l'uuld he IIUI' lasl chance lu get the job dune su let's not waste lime. I.el·s iI,'1 now.

Thomas Schaut' has a diverse background. He has wriuen two books revealing Ihe banking secret from me viewpoint of a CPA court expert witness. He graduated from Nurthern Illinois University with a Bachelor ut' Science with double majors in accounting and finance. After graduarion he worked as a staff accountant for Motorola. lie worked for a small Certified Public Accounting firm, owned nnd operated his own business brokerage tinn and Ceuified Public Accounting practice. Over a periud nl" nearly ten years, he has testified in a number of cases as an Expert Witness in business vuluauon, and has taughlthe arts of business villualion, business acquisition and negotiations 10 buyers, CPA's and lawyers on a national level in colleges and major universities. He has taught lawyers and thousanlls lit' CPAs the art 01' valuation and negotiations in his cupyrighted course designed to meet cuntinulng education requirements. He has been a controller, head of purchasing and personal for a major munutacumng company. He has been a real estate broker and aircraft nighl instructor (CFlI).

SL'llll ;\ sL'lf mltlf"~~" Stamped envelope In Tom Schauf ._ web site infurlllatilln. P.O. flux l) 1.l:!U. Tucson. Arimna state (K5752). or print the Nun-Disdusure form on ihe "hup:II0illlkFreedum.Bravepages,cum" web Sill'. sigll it :lIld mail it h, the address on the Iorm. Yuu will then be sent an agreemem fur yuu tu sign und return slIlhal yuu can display the copyrighted nuuerials on your own replicated web site. The agreement is to protect Tum [rom people ~presenting the banker's imeresr. The agreement alluws people lu wholesale the books and manual IU voters and save the nanon. Thank yuu in advance fur yuur help.




............ .):t .... c 1.; . ..i·.~~_ •• 'a7 •••••••••••• _

About the Matnual - Its Purpose

furmatiun confkleruial, only to have these people charge others $1 ,onus for the same information in Ibis manual. Many of the copycats changed things resulting in people losing S I ,OOOs, paying for infurmation, and then lusing in court. The manual's purpose is to get the truth out to people and get voters to vote in the change.

Tum has received telephone ~~Is from many people claiming tu have hill! credit card debts zeroed ItUI or mortgages canceled. Some people haw clainicd Ihat the bankers ',fferelltu cancel hal'-Ihe mortgage ur "II of il in an dfun lu settle askittg the burrower lu sign an agreement nlll 10 Idl anyone Ihill a seulemem wa., reached. Musl aU Ill' Ihis was done in secret. People and lawyers W.-., a court case tu fax around showing success andlhal might be the: re~Jh fur the seulemems. The bankers knuw thilt they Cilllnut allow this." the public record, Pm,,!" is hard tn come hy.

This manual is desi~nel! ht hpuse the iutonuauon Tom read in the banker'x secret manual and informauon obtainetl from bank auditors. The secret bank manual e~vused laws that bankers ti!ar - laws Ihat, if used, might result in bank.:; losing in court. This manual is designell to shuw the laws iUld the lluestinns bankers cannut expluin about the agreement. It shuws histuril:ally whm has been hilllllCnin~ in court. It explains Tum's thenry uf why he believes bankers have offered au canl'eI 5U percent Ill' lu'llls and up tu IOU perceu. uf slime lie' the loans per telephune l'"lIs from Ill'uple who have used the secret infurnliltinn in the bankers secret manual.

Bankers histllril:ally 1I11 nlll wanl au show the altered IIl11es. Il.mkers cannllt explain the huukk('eping entries shuwing if the burrower funded the loan. Hunkers cannot ~Aflhlin if cash Of nules are muney IIr if nwinv money is muney und if nelN money was llepusited and created in the Inan process i11ld if GAAP was f u Uowell. They c.mnut explain in detail what money is. but they charge ynu interest for lhe use uf borrowed muney. Ili.<;tllry shows bankers fear you may claim stolen I forged note and fraud in the filCtUIII. MiUllI.t1 will shnw coun smuegies others have used. M.mual is 11111 intelldell as legal i1dvke. The manual unly exposes infurmatiun in the secret bank niahuaillt' What bankers teur, Tom's conversations with h,Ulk auditllrs llisl"llssing what they fear will be exposed and laws and Cliun Sll"iIIl'gy lleuple have used.


I.ilstly. line ul" the purpuses ut" the Illimual is tu stop the copycats. Many neuple have signed confidentiality agreements with Tum to keep the in-



Chaptetl - Warning

law or we will have everyone becoming debt free and that would shift lhe money 10 the people that would change politics and vole out the banker paid politicians and judges. Congress immediately changed the law anll the I,SOO court CilSCS got thrown out and the people lust. Remember Ihal abuut nne third of Congressmen arc directly related to the bankers by birth or they receive money from the bankers. The big bankers have boasted 10 Tom that the bankers' money controls both sides of the election and the major media through loans, advertising money ami direct ownership. Bankers simply remind the politicians that if they do not cooperate with the bankers, the bankers will heavily fund the politician's opponent next election. The same big bankers told Tum that if we urg:milc and get the American voter woken up to the truth, the American citizens would win the election and change the banking sysrem. Su it is up til yuu 10 join us in an organized way Ii) win and we contml the laws and whu is elected. You can help by husting a web site, get out emails and wake up hundreds of Americans. As we get I noos to host web sites and work tu save America, we will get everyone talking and wanting to be debt free. Guing tu court is nut the solution. It costs money lmd Hikes time. Help us in Wilking up Americans to the truth so we can use the American way to change things. We have the best government even with all the t1aws that need tu be changed. We have the vote, It is up to us tu create the fertile soil for change. CAN YOU TRUST ANY OF THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT LEADERS WHO KEEP TUE SECRET, WHO FORCE US INTO DEBT, WHO FOLl.OW THEIR MASTER - TUI! BANKERS - WIIO WANTTO GO TO A NATIONAL IDCARDTOENSLAVE YOU AND TOTALL:Y CONTROL YOU'! Juin us in saving this nation from the bankers' agenda before it is too late.

This manual is nul desigued t» gWl' legal advice. This manual is only tu i!iw Jleupl~' hi.,lmir,,1 infllnnatiod 11. .. to whllt Thum"s Schauf has iearned uuu hilS worked and nul worked itt coun. Tum has IClImcd thiu srrategie» III coun ran I.."hangc every 30 "tilt) days. If yuu life using nld informanon, YOU WILL LOSE IN couer Before this manual has been printed ... tl·lIlegies changed every J III 0 I"'mlhs. The ul~1 strategies failed in court. YIIU have 10 presume rh .. 1 bankers ami judges have read this manual ami arc wlliling IlIr you. On 1I reguM occurrence people have catled Tum .IIIJ said, I want III unlel' your _,ks, my neighbor gut your books and Ilw hlU,h agreed to cancel the dtbt. I want 10 du wnar my neighbor did. Tum usu.llI)' warns people :mdds them that just because your neighbor l!"1 lIul III' their IUlIn dues not flrilll Ihat yuu will get nul III' yuur IUlIn. They may lIIuk.'r!,llmd court fideS and you may not undersumd selling yuu up fur" failed court casc.:~ NO CASE SIIOULD YOU ENTER INTO A CI.ASS ACTION C~~IU CASE. Yuu cannot win lighling the h.u,king system. If yl\U win in coun it must be an individual 11Iwsuil ,Iaiming Ih&lllhe bank did nul perform, the blink breached the agreemem anJ concealed marerial Iacrs. The bankers fail when they cannot answer IlIm\ court admissions (statements that the bank must lulmit or deny). Onl' person won three I.."uurt cases in a HlW and losr the fourth court case. The hank III ibed Ihe judge and plll~l'd S 15(),(KIO cash in the judge's persun,,1 hanking al.."l."uunl. The judge mighl call il it politiral comribuuon hUI il i., used III influence Ilk' judge like a nnbe. 'Ium Schauf WIL .. wald,illg Ihe hk.·"lncws on TV. The tv explained how the locul forel'losul'e JUdgl' "mlls~d 1I $M million real estate fortune in JIU.J ycms by wurking wuh the bllllk~'rs ill huying fureduscli homes. 1I0w 1..".111 ajudgl' gil from nn net wonh lu $X miUiun ul' net' wurth in .1- 4 years wirhour me bankers helping'! The jmlge helps the bankers in court and the hankel's make sure Ihatlhl' judge gets the best foreclosure victims with the must elluity. One hiUul washes the tither. It is all aboul pmlils. Guing tu ruun is risk y, Yllu are playing in their sandbox and Ihey make the rules up as they play rhe money game>.

Insleallof suing the bank in court and spending ull tlun tirne and money, usc yuur time wisely and get out the Information, help us get the books and manual sold su that voters understand the truth. Instead of suing the bank, usc the banking system lu your lulvan"Ige using computer programs in investments 10 quickly increase yuur wealth. Some people know huw lu gel 5U - 100 percent profit a year. Some can get that in one week.

'h is more profitable by using your time wisely making money or changing Ihe laws by Ihe vole instead of suing the bank. The sales help fund our organil.alion so thai we can save America. How ClIO ihe judges and politieiuns go against 12() million voters. The money issue always wins

Tum h"'I(I~'d explain the bank secret 10 nne person. They won in court. Within IWII weeks III' winning rhe court case 1,5(K) people tiled lhe idenucul lawsuu. The bankers went II) Congress ami silid we must change the




the vote. It is up 10 you to hctlls reach our gual uf hilving every American read Tom's books and usf.lhe vole IU correct the problem. We need iI clean sweep lu sweep uul tie banker's pulilil:ians .. nd ju,lges and 10 vote in rcal freedom loving Americans who will hunur our Fuunding Euh'-'rs que-a fur freedom allJliberlies. The vuh .. rs must first learn what the real issue is ilild Ihill is bitnking.

Fur the record, Tom never read the book VIRUS DEBT (or is it reversed") Tum understunds thai the author Jacques claims Tum read his book and gOI informauon from his book for Tom's book. The truth is mai ihe author, Ductor Jaikaanlll, signed an agreement 10 keep confidenual the information that Tom developed. TOIll Schauf has copies of the signature on hand, The infurmalioll was on making an offer 10 discharge the debt with ihe l"Ululiliun thill the urigin .. ' agreement was not altered and Ihal the holder uf the pnuuissory noll' is the uue owner and Ihal the bank return ihe original promissory nOll' unaltered plus other information. After Ihis agreement was signed, this person gave the infonnation al seminars. Tum challenges the author 10 pmve different. This informarion originated from Tum as proven by the signatures. The only point TUIll is making in this case is that Tom never read his book, as some claimed, and Ihal Jacques signed an .. greement to keep information contidentialthal was developed by TUIll. Luter this same derivative of lnfonuation wus sold al a seminar. Tom is not claiming wrongdoing of Jacques, Tom is claiming thilt Jacques gut the information from Tum. The point is that Tom developed the information as proven by the signature. TUIll wants to keep the record suaighr and stop those who are trying to use deception in this mailer claiming Ihal the opposue occurred. Compare that information 10 Ihat in this manual and you will see additionul information in this manunl thar is nut taugfu al thill seminar prim 10 this manual being primed. Tom thanks the author fur exposing the hankers. Expuuiation, chilllging co un jurisdiction, is nut new. Tum just wallis people to know he created the original information and did.!Wt copy it.

As Tum w .. s wriling Ihis manual a Jllt'llIr who wrote anmher banking buultuuk Tom's confidemi .. 1 infonmuion. This dlll'llIr signed an agreement III kel'p Tom's intilrnlililun cllnlidenlial. This dlll:lur hlllk the conti,lellIial infocm.lliun, PUI ,.Il seminar III ilhlllli lUI) people and charged them S611(1 1':lrh fur the .-;en_r plus SI.()()() fur other Illalcnals thai were fur sale. Several other nrgaM"uiuns stole Tom's infonmuion after signin~ "~i ,','nwnh hI keep the ialforlllillionl'tlllfidenli u 1 mill breached agreeIIlt'llI~ IInly Itll"hilfge SI,(H.'li ur more fOf the same inrormauon given in this manual.

Some uf these same urgani/illions give legal advice or paralegal help. One person .. fler signing itn agreement til keep ihe information confidential, wun il court case, breached the agreement and then began charginl!-llI.'lIple ~ I 1),11111) for lhe infurmalilUl. The people husling the web sues know who these people :lOd urgani/illions are. These same people and tlIganilillillns tie hI people in order hI gel yourmoney. Please be careful befllrc paying Ihesc people line eem. Please warn IIIher Americans so thlllllll.·y dlln"1 gel involved wuh these people. People whn breach signed agrt't.'llll'llIs t:annul be uusted. Do not trust people whu have a track record in using decepuon anlilie I~ il a Jloliliciim Uf someone who is trying to Illak e a fast ,Iullar gelling you OUI uf your loan. Some deceivers even Iriell hI daim Ihill Ihey were partners "fTulll illld Ihey were nOI.



This manual is designed lU SIIlP those whll breached past cuntidential agreement illld liver charging peuple. Inll,rmaliun Ihal WilS kept confidellIial in till' pasl Ihill nlst bel ween $.l()() and $1,2(1(1 or more is nuw here in iI manual. The ideU'!! fur peuple 10 huy Ihe manual and nlll pay the deceivers whn broke the agreements with TUI11. Yes, there are a few honest people l'harging Ihal get inside infornuuion from TUIlI. Yes, people need help. If Ihe banker wrote the agreement. have them explain it They refuse Itl explain il so how can there be an ugreemem' Let the voters knuw the truth su they can vote In fix the problem.

People reselling the Top Secret Banker's Manual and books one and Iwo may offer consulting services and/ur oiher products. Please be aware that Tom Schauf has no partners and that anyone you contmcl with fur consultations or other services is acting as an independent agent. TUIll Schauf hilS no control over what other people offer you as consuhatiuns, comments, advice, information or products. Tom Schauf is nOlliable for what these others mily offer or rhe results thereof,



Chapter % -Court Strategy .

In court you cannot use the Coustitution, or say they lent you credit so you llo nor have til repay the money. The banker and judge will try and get you 10 agree Ihal you have iI signature on Ihe agreement, Ihal the bilnk lent money lu YOIl and therefore you must rep a y the money. If the judge says. is thaI ynur signature. some people say. it looks like a masterful forgery. I do nul understand what this document is. Can you supulale if this promissory note acts like money or muney equivalent used to give value to a bank check'! Can you stipulate all of the material facts aboul the promissory note or what the agreement is so I know what it is that my alleged signature is validating as to the agreement. I do not understand in me agreement if I provide the capital or if Ihe banker does 10 fund the check. I can nut testify if something is my signature if I do not know whal is agreed tu in the alleged document. When the judge demands Ihal yuu say yes or no, some people say they will answer when yuu explain what the agreement is. How can you testify 10 something Ihat yuu du nut understand and they refuse III explain'! Some respond saying itluuks like a torged document to me with concealed materials. If yuu agree that it is your signature. you lust the (OUn case, YOU! signature means you agree Ihat the bank lent you their money and that you owe them your money. The judge may demand that you say that the bank lent yuu money thaI resulted in your purchase of a house or car, If you agree thut the bank lent their money to "purchase" your promissory note. then you arc testifying that the bank violated the law - GAAP, Per GAAP and Federal Reserve publications, two loans were exchanged, You lent the promissory note to the bank that funded the loan back to you, The IUill1 frum yuu to the bank is the deposit of the promissory note. GAAP requires that the bank "match" a new bank liability with your name on it showing Ihilllhe bank owes yuu for the deposit they accepted from you jusl like they do when you deposu cash into your checking account. 11u! bunker knows us well as the judge that when you deposit ciL'ih inlo your checking account. you lent the bank your money. If you Wilhdfilw YUlir money. the bank lent you nuthing. The form - contractsays thai the bank lent yuu money, but the substance - buokkecping entries - Sily Ihat the bank accepted your promissory note as new money as

"a deposit just like depositing cash into your checking account, Your signature cannut testify that the bank lent you the bank's money to purchase yuur promissory note, the bookkeeping entries prove that they lent no money Iu purchase your promissory note. If yuu lent the bank money

Th c bank-trainl',J lawyers are extWhs in courtroom procedures. Remember, il was lilt.' hilllkl'I·S· U.S. Pl1!liillents whn gUI Ihmugh th,' 'Trading Wilh the Enemy An" and the Emergency War Powers, The u.s. Governmeni and ii's leaders dedared the U,S. Cuizen lu be ihe enemy. This IIll'aus you musl have a license., trade with the enemy (you). The sui, dier-, Ipuh,:elll'lluifl'that YIIU hatw a driver's license. The soldiers mily .. rgue Ih'lI ,-·oul" be a ~uud Ihina:tu gel blind people and drunks uff Ihe fIIall .1Il11 kl'l'll pc.'lIpl ... under l'lIllUul. The court has a military nag !lying in Ih ... 1.'11111111111111. The guld frin,,~ nag makes it a milil"ry coun. The war alluws the "idllis. bankers and the government agents working fur the hallkcr .... hi plulIlll'j the enemy·t~nu). Nuw do yuu understand why they \\ .. 111 III t!l'l all I Ill' guns'! They want III disarm the enemy. You nu lungl'r have.' :a righl III own il gun un~r the Constinuion, they turned the right illlll a privilege Ih'lI Ihey l'Ontwt by license. They fear Ihal the enemy mil!hll.'ummunil:ale .lOd reali/.e that war hilS been ded:ared lin them and the war allow ... rhe bankers 1(1 deale mUlh:> Hi plunder Ihe enemy. The !'4',-·rl'l weapon is the money creation in a silent war III plunder the enemy- you They want III gil hI a Illlliunal ID LitHI so Ihill Ihey have 1U1l11 conuut over YOIi. The ID card alluws them 10 track YOII 24 hours a dilY hy " .. ll'Ilite. YIIU LilllllUl buy or sell wilhuut the ID su they can contrul you. Iklcll' your ID Lilnl and you cannot buy f,IUd til eat, Gl'llhc idea of Ihl' lenllrisl 1 .. lk. Using the tenlllist police powers the government has .. bead} abused the power againlit thaI people they du not tike, They say if you have nOlhing III hide. 1Ik. .. 1 yuu do 1101 care if we use the ID, It is all :Ibuut power and control. I)u )'IiU uust them after they did what they did with Ih,' banking" DII YIlU tHlsl anyone who wages war agilinsl yuu tu plunder you'! The prupilg.ilnda media is there tu talk YUII intu willine gu ailing with their agenda. They cannot light 1211 milliun vllters whll say NO, If you were il Congressman or judge and getting all tluu money frum Ih,' bankers III g~1 elecied and personal investment money, why would you change the system unless the voters all wake up and say enough i~ enough? The key to winnin~ III court is helping us inform every American voter and using the vote 10 correct the problem and end Ihe war, b.ptI ... ing. thl' problem torces rhe problem io be corrected.



.~ .... ~ ...... ----------------


il~ a ,kpusil, the bank accepted muney from you,lhe bank never gave up

one cent of Ihe bank's money .• bank accepted money Irom you and ,kpusilc'd it, which is the uppustte of lending yuu muncy. If you lent the bank money and Ihey returned the same value bul'k 10 yuu, IWU loans were exchanged or they stole yOOt money. The bank charier requires the bank 10 follow the law - GAAf. You can presume the bank must Iullow Iht' law or Iht' Ctllllfill'l is an illtgal contract. The l'unlfilcl silid imerest, which is ddined as the charge fur Ihe use of borruwed money. We can presume Ihill the pari}' who flftJed Ihe loan is t" hl' repaid the money, The bank d .. ims Ihal the furot llUys that the billlk funded Ihe loan and shuuld I~ repaid ihe muncy b .. Ube bookkeepiug entries pruve the opposill'. l>i,llhl' agreement agree thai the bank Siule the promissury nil te , a Iter il hi become money and wturn Ihe stolen money as a hlitn IIr did Ihe bunk ust.' Ih~'if muney hI purd.use the prumissnry nil re from you wilhuut the et:unllmics similar hI steafil'lg and coumerteiting and swindling. The bankers hate il if yuu claim .. the note was stu len and furged.

required by the UCc. This has scared bank auorneys telling their bank dient nut to respond, The bankers' own secret inside manual explained fraud in the factum, UCC 3-305. This means that the party who did nor write the agreement had no reasonable opportunity to obtain the knowledge of the terms. This is why we write the bank notices requesung iaformation on the terms. They refuse to tell us who was 10 fund the 10iUl, lhe bank. or the borrower'! Did the bank follow GAAP'! All major banks have an annual stuck report that the stockbroker can get for you showing Ihe CPA audil opinion stating that ihe management and CPA agree Ihal GAAP W .... i followed. Was it the intent of the ugreemem that the party who funded the loan is to be repaid the money? Do you see how the bank must conceal the truth'! Imagine Ihe bank advertise saying, "Let us steal ynur money and return il lu you as a 106m." Whu would agree 10 this'! They must make yuu believe thai they lent you other depositor's money, making you feel that you have an ethical duty to repay the loan. Read lICC 3-3U2 to 3-308, Holder in Due Course - real defenses are fraud in the factum, material alteration and stolen notes. See personal defenses are wanl uf considerauon and fraud in the inducement. They may ur have changed Ihe Hollier in Due Course pan of the UCC so be advised. The stolen I forged I conceulmeni pan of the UCC should remain the same. They exchanged one kind of money - promissory note - Ihat was depusited fur another kind of money called a check. The check acts like money per me UCC. The banker will say it is an exchange of which you must pay back I no percent of the muney exchanged plus imerest. The hanker will say tluu they do not have 10 pay one cent of their muney lent to yuu lu buy your promissory note, I ask what does the agreement say that they wrote"! Why would the voters allow the exchange uf muncy for money and you have hi repay the money plus inierest? Ignorance is the answer. If voters knew the truth, and understood huw the bankers gol nearly all the money and wealth for free and comrol the lawmakers, judges, police and media, we would change the banking system 10 follow Presidents John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and James Garfield.

You have 10 have a lliuuage in court 10 win. If il is stolen, you can claim a damage. I r the hank vinlaled GAAP, then Ihe CPA audit is a fraud and Ihe bank management and CPA will go 10 jail und the SEC cnn go lifter them su they l'alUWI say thai Ihl"Y did not follow GAAP. If they fulluw GAAP, we know what the bookkeeping entries lire and they did the upposile to what you undersluud the agreement was h) be. You only care ahllllllhl' agreemem. You nnly care about GAAP. You unly want them tu explaiu the details of the agreement they wrute. Ynu want the original promissory note back 10 see Ihe stamps to see if you are paying Ihe pmper party emlursl'll un it. See lice _l- 3U2. Adequate assurance of due performance lice 1-11Ut) is fur the sale or purchase. If ynu demand ildelluille assurance utdue performance.the ulher pany must give assurance in 3() dilYs or the deal is off fur purchases. The bank will try and demand Ihat Ihis does nll1 apply 10 them. If they du this they admit that the original alleged lender never purchased the null' from yuu.

Wl' can presume that they purchased yuur note using GAAP and did not sleill it. It is nut a gift 10 the bank withuuI yuur knowledge. The UCC says ,h ... nu title passes with theft. This is where people lise this respunSt' UI sultgest Ihal the bank knew ihut the III lie was stolen, no considerauon given UI purchase it from you. Nu cunsidcralillil was given CIS

~ .,

The biU)ker has problems answering me admissions that we have. They

clInnol explain the agreement. The bank attorney will say interesting theory, this is me way il works. They cannot explain if they followed GAAP, and if the intenl of the agreement is tfllltthe part y who funded the



.~,.~ '·~~~·!~·'oIj.t! .. '-' .. IIII _

101m per GAAP (the lxlukkeepi" emries) is tn be repaid the money.


the money. why are we paying back the principle and interest to a party who refused til loan the money they advertised that they would loan and refused to give the consideration promised'! If I lent you my money. you should repay the loan. If I stule your money and returned the value of the stolen property to y"u as a loan. did I conceal the theft and did I perform as promised" This stolen action changes the cost and risk of the alleged loan. Lack of considerauon as a personal defense. No title passes in a theft per uee. Federal banking law GAAP was violated. Use a ePA expert witness to confirm GAAP. They cannot put up an expert ePA witness und answer our 6(X) questions. Then place in the admissions - admit or dcny - which they are nut likely to answer. which might allow you tll gu tu summary judgment.

They cannot explain what is muIW) per the agreemeru. Never ask fur the kgal de.initiull uf money. Only the judge can discuss thaI. Ask, what is RUlIle)' per the agreement? They cull an exchange a Imlll They call uwing money, muncy, and then the)'!iay, "So what, you gut Ihe money." We return Ilml argumem allli ask "An'urding tu the agreement, did the bank u~ Ihl' prumissury nore ilS money lit money equivalent ur capuul tu fund Ihe loan?" If you llcpmil cash III the bank, now much muncy did the hank Ilian you when rhe cash w .. llePliSilCd? NONE. You lclll the hank lIluney Ih'plal"l' the word CilsIf .. 1"lh prumissury nore and you see the exchange; Ihe hank merely al'le~1 as " moneychauger and l'hurged y"u u.s if there were illuan. Two Ioans were exchanged. You must repay the loan illld the bank never hilS III repny the Ilian from you tll the bank. They conceal the loan trom you wthe himk. creating tbe economics similar III sll'"ling. ruuute rf eiling and swindling. An agreement means mutual underslallliing and no concealment.

You had better really know law and courtroom procedures or you can expect to lose unless they do lUll answer the law suit. Even if they do not answer the suit, will the judge sign off and allow you 10 win" Sounds easy, bUI il is wurk. Do nul expect Ihe bank 10 let yuu off the hook that easily. Do nut stop making payments or they will foreclose. Some people send a new promissory note in the amount of the original note payable in lhe same species of money or credit ihat me bunk used 10 tund the loan per GAAP thus ending all interest ami liens. Then they write loan payment checks payable 10 Ihe new note, If Ihe hank accepts the checks, then you cun have fun. If Ihey do nut, you mighl claim breach of agreement. You tried lu learn the facts of the agreement and they refused Iu explain.

WI! all' always happy lu repay ihe loan, just explain Ihe derails so that the voters will know huw III vote. If voters believe the big lie, yuu will be enslaved in dd>t and your wealth goes tu Ihe bankers lUI" free, It is our jub III tell the uuth to the voters. Have the judge mlmil Ihill the economi~'''' are simi!;.r III steilling,l"tIunter"eiling ami swindling and Ihat is how il Will":'. Lei Ihl' vuler.' vute tlUI Ihal judge next t'k'l'liun or Ihe Congressmen ami Presidelll who allow judges hi dl'ny us cllual pnuection under the law .&IIll use concealment .. fkeep the true economics of the hilllk loan a Sl'l·rl't. VUll' in ·HIIIl Schauf iL~ rresidelll ilnll he will pUI in hunest judges ;&IItll'urrccl the problem.

We write notices tu learn whal is the real ugreemeru. When they refuse 10 tell us, we louk at it as breach uf agreement - concealmeru.

If yuu were un the jury and someone claimed the bank smle the promissury lillie ilOll returned the value of the stolen property as a loan, you would wonder when the hanker cannot explain. The promissory note is believed hi be furged anll theff Is fraudulenl concealmem, aml fraud in Ihc .... ctum. Unjusl e.~richmeni oblaining the prumissury nole tor free, by villlilling GAAP. Fraud by misrepresenting that Ihey would fulluw the law, GAAI) and they did nut follow GAAP. The GAAP discussion furces them tu disdusc Ihe actuallxKlkkeeping entries and that lhe borruwer fundell the luan 10 the same borrower. If the borrower provided

People Iry and Slay away from Ihe word fraud. If you say fraud, you have a greater burden of proof. If you say breach of agreement, Ihey stole the nme and you want it returned or for them IU fund the loan. The stolen property funded the loan Ihat is a breach of agreement.

You need 10 shuw that Ihe bank never pe rf orrned and never was OUI one cem and that lhe stolen property funded the allegl:~i ".,ullhal was a breach of agreement. Let Ihem lell you Ihat the agreement alluws them to steal and create new money. Fraud in the factum - you never agreed that your



t-.-. _~.

.e ",,~------------

signature and promissory note .... money to be stolen and returned as II loan.

Remember we are lie lining suMn as the banker gelling the promissory rune without spenlling line cent ttl purchase it anll villhlting GAAP - the matdling principle.

The banker ilrgllt'S, this is how it is done, you signed the agreement, you gut Ihl' money. We l .. ,k w as tilt agreement altered lifter it was signed, was il furgt'lI? Wl' ilsk llid the burmwer provide the ('lIllital fur Iht: loan tu the same hurruwel per GAAP (standard hllllkket:ping enmes)? Did )'IIU Iullow GAAP itS re4uirel by law and the CPA .. udit opinion? Is it lhe uuent of the agreel1lentl~lhe one whu funded the hmn per GAAil is hI be repaid the money? ~fe material facts concealed? Mr. Banker, till yllu understand this agreemem and whu was tu provide rhe money II( funding fur the luan? They cannot explain the ilgreemelltthat they wnue alld thai they are trying III enforce.

Please read and sludy Tum's IWO banking books fur further training.

BiUlkl'rs haw luld Tum that the American people arc tllU stupid to understilll.! the bank IlI,an agreement and buokkeepinl,! enuies and no one can l')lI,laill il in coun tu II jury. 'Iom agrees. yllu need il jury .uul Tum says lh;11 .1 jury can undersland it.

Why do we keep lalking at. ... 1 GAAP'! It is the law. If Ihey cIilim Ihat GAAP was lIul Il,llllweli. Iht, viulnled lhe law mullhe CPA audilllpiniou. If lht'Y fulluwell GAAr, lhey cllnnut claim thill they do nllt knll\>' whal lhe hllllkkeeping entries are. The BIKlkkeeping entries prove who lent WhiU tu whom. Twu IlIa.;s were exchanged and we believe that 1111 borrowers xhuu III repay all loans giving each party equal protection. We believe th'll ;111 the facts should be disclosed in the loan and not conceal nuueriul fill'IS ilS til whll provided lhe money III fund the illleged 10110. Whlll"Uuld argue with tha t' , My not tell the truth, the whule truth, lind 11lIIhing but the trutti'! If there is nothing wmng with lhe banking system. why nllt tell every voter? Fa.:t is bankers have been lelling people thai lither de,)ositllf's funded the luans and ynu must repay lhe loans so Ihat the lither depositnrs who funded the hums can be repaid the money. If this i~ true. then allillans should he canceled because the borrower funded


the loan to the same burrower per GAAP and per the Federal Reserve Bank publications.

Remember - lhere is no guarantee uf a court win. Whal worked last month is nut a guarantee it will work luday. If a friend won, it dues not guarantee thilt ynu will win. It costs lime .md money to go to court. The bankers have the time. the money and the attorneys. The judge might be afraid 10 rule in your favor. The judge is nul your friend. Tum believes thai you should stay out of court and help us get the voters to join us. The voters are the sure way 10 fix the problem.

If yuu got J(X) emails uut and they emailed their friends and more and more people put up our web sire and distributed the books. we could quickly win Ihe nation before it is too late, If everyone stopped and went to court, we couldluse the nauon and government we love. We have the right hI replace the employees called poliuciaus using the vote but we need your help tu gel the jub dune. PLEASE JOIN US IN SAVING AMERICA AND TH~ REPUBLIC WHICH STANDS. ONE NATION UNDER THE CHRISTIAN GOD OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WITH LIBERTIES AND JUSTICE FOR ALL AND EQUAL PROTECTION WITH JUST WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. It is our job 10 get every Amell.:an talking so Americ u will be safe fur all. AMERICA'S FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS.

They mighl be able stop us in court but they cannot stop us from gelling the voters organi/.ed. woken up and vote them out of office and pUI in honest Americans, Ilelp us make it happen,e

See Appendix for "Suggested Court Admissions".


Chapter J - Addidtmal Laws & Strategies


Have fun. Get a group uf people together for a seminar. Put together a muck Irial wuh a mock jury ami see huw il sounds, Whal would the jury (voters) decide. Would they rule in your favor or the banker's favor'!

You may want tu luuk allh~ ful ..... ing laws: Fair Credil Billing ACI, fair Debl Collecuon Practices Al'l (ll_ up I~ words "valitl.llion" and "verilicalion" in the law dil:lillnary -tei them, by affidavu, tell you Ihal you owe Ihe money ;ami what Ihe le""s aml condiliuns 'Ire). Siudy about the rules of evidence uhey must sh,,~ you each uem charged that they daim you owe, nul Ju:-.t .1 h.lal debt, and !lO sland,lfd agreement is easy 10 prove). See lICC H-JI5, Federa] Rulesl.l!vi~nce, Rule HK).l;lboul nul allowing a cupy as evidence - argue" ;aulhelllil"ily IIf the l'OPY, demand the IIriginal, look up under srare ... for losl or missing null's. Study the Federal Rules nf Civil Prucellutt. Rules 27 aml 2K In gel Depositions. Sludy Ded;ar&llolY RdietJJudgml'nl hI invulidate the conuacr. Read lJCC J . .lUx about the PHlO!" uf signature illld SllllllS il'i the holder in due course - abuul llenying signalure in pleildings before rrial ur else me judge assumes il is yuur signature, giving authemicuy hI the prumissory nute - which means you agreed the bank lem you the money as agreed. Siudy "hearsay evidence". The debl cullector who is an auurney uses hearsay evidence - whal Ihe credir cunl compnny la lhird party) said - In collect. One person kepI ubjet·ting in nlurt as the debt culleclor talked, saying, "Ubjn·liun.lhis is hearsay evidence.t' The judge illiowed the debl collecttlr hI Il'Slify. The judge askell if this was hearsay und the debt collector ~ilill yes. The judge threw uut illl nl" the evidence because il was hearsay. The dl'bll·ullel·lur has no ev idence under the rules uf evidence In collect, ~II thl' alkgl',l borrower wun byubjl.'cling In hl'ilfSilY. The judge may SiIY. "rake judil·iill nouce." This means the hanker can bring in il copy of the nutl' unless you object Look fur court Cases Ihal say Ihal the II;any who wrote the agreement has the greater burden of pruuf explaining lhe agree-

ment. 'i

One bank answered our "Admissions" document, admitting thai they folluw GAAP and that Ihey follow Federal Reserve Banks policies and procedures. Another admissiun statement was 'The intent of the alleged agreement was tor lhe consumer lu provide the money Ihat the bank would use tu fund the credu tine or loan." The bank denied this.

Whal have me credit card companies been doing to SlOP lawsuits'! They change the rules. They can change the policies and procedures by simply mailing yuu the changes. So they changed the rules requiring you to gu tu arbitratiull ur sue them in a stale court I,()OO miles from your home. One party tuld Tom Ihal he signed an agreement forcing Tom into arbitratiun. Tum lold Ihe arburator Ihill the alleged document agreeing 10 arbilraliun was a forgery su there is no agreement allowing the arbitrator IU arbitrale. The arbitnuor was told Ihill if he did arbitrate thai Tum would sue the arbilrator for damages. The arbitrator refused 10 arbitrate. The ilfbitratur knuws thaI lhe bank is paying him and keeps gelling money from the bank so whu do you thiuk lhal the arbiuator will rule in favor of? The banker knuws Ihat rhe bank won before it gut started. It is like hil·ing the fux III guard the chickens. The chickens are dead in that deal.

To win, IU really win requires Ihat we get thevoters hi agree wuh us. If nOI, the couns will not be the answer. They will just change the rules againsl us.

If you are nOI willing hI du your job. and homework, du nut expect the Judgl' til help you. Yuu have hI help the judge hclp you. Du nlll expect the judge III rule against the banking system. lie wants lu keep his jub. Only discuss breach of agree..rehl and huw Ihey changed the COSI al .. .1 rhe risk and concealed material facts. Discuss GAAP.

This is not intended as legal advice. This is only 10 show you Ihe historical infurillilliun per telephone calls to Tum from people claiming success. We cannot guaramee success.

Thcse are ihe Ihings lhill you might want III gu uver and discuss wuh yuur legal counsel.

The intent of this manual is 10 show you the law and allow you 10 be the judge and jury. If you agree with Tom, help us win a nation back 10 the trulh. Not by going to court, bUI by helping us get the voters 10 join us so lhat we become the lawmakers so that we comrol the judges, sheriffs and bankers lhe legal way through the vole.



".~.,,'"<!!\',,\II .w •••••••••••• ~

If you go to court, get uut of tuur loan and if we du nut use the vote to win the nauon. the banker's ji,lilicians will demand a Natiunal 10 to enslave you, Su whal goud is il winning in court if we lust the natiun to the bankers? YIIU could getlrtilny olhers 10 juin us whu cuulll help us get W,(Uts. YES, YOU CAN MAKE A BIG DifFERENCE.

Chapter 4 - What Bankers Fear

If we ,III lI11t "u ,llIylhing, they ""ill gil to ill'ilshless sllci"ly givin~ them IlIwlrllntfuluver you, This is the lime III win back a lIi1liun 10 the tnnh ,lilt! slull ~1"\'eIY

Tom taughl over 2,()()() CPAs natiunally on appraising businesses and testifying in court as an expert witness. Tom owned and operated his own CPA linn and business brokerage business fur about ten years. After one of the seminars in Pennsylvania III a Huliday Inn. Tom talked to a controller (IUp accoumam) for a majm bank. In a private conversation, Tom thuught he would see if he could get a reaction out of this accounlallt. Tom sail! to rhe comruller ... You knuw that all yuur bank loans are a fraud." Without hesiuuinn the coruroller agreed. Tom said, .. Aren't you afraid that you will go 10 jail." The controller responded, no, He then explained how banks create money and he who owns the money contwls the judges, lawmakers and the media. lie explained huw advertising muney, hmns and direct bank ownership and how banker's political contributions conuol the politicians and the laws lind how money contruls the media. If a pulitician votes against the bank, the bank heavily funds their opponent next election so that the bank pulitician wins. All the puliticians know that they need the bank's media and money to get elected. lie even boasted how the bank controls the FOI (Gel the idea of why they took away rights if they call someone it terrorist"). He then said, .. II" sumeune put together" brochure anll passed it out in mass, I would immediately permanently leave this country. If the American people ever figure out what we have done to them, they would put all of us bankers.judge», sheriffs, and lawmakers in jail." He then laughed and said, "TIle American people are too stupid'Io figure out what we have dune to them, they will never he able to explain this in court." lie let Tum knuw htlw foreclosures are very profitable and when the bank helps the judges, puliticians. sheriffs get the profitable foreclosures. The government agents in the banker's pocket have very profitable investments. The bankers and potiticians c,,11 it good business. They represent their personal invesunems, nut the people that elected them. Currency trading is alsu very prulitable. Some government agems helping the bankers get IOU percent profu a munth on their investments. He explained how the government agents sold their souls to the bankers all fur the love of mlmey.

' ..


This is why it is criucal m get a. s many web sites set up and get out the



emails.lleipusselilhebtlokil.iellhe voter angry enough IUlalk lu hisJ her friends. The buok sales he"" us raise the money needed III win the

nali"n back III the uurh. .

Bank publication "Modern Money Mechanics", page 6, the bank opened up a checking account under your mime, and deposited the note. Then the bank withdrew the money from your account wilhuUI your knowledge, permission or authorizauon and returned it tu you as a loan. If they luok yuur cash and did this, you would call it a fraud and the economics are essentially she same using a note insre.«: Ilf cash. They made an exchange of money fur money and charged you as if there were a 11Il1O. They performed the services of a moneychanger and claimed Ihal they were a lender, (.'harging you 100 percent fur the transaction plus interest. Thai is why neurly every American is in debt up 10 their heads and sinking fast. They cannot tell you if money is cash or it bank liability owing money, Look al the law fur definitions of a deposit. A deposit is an unpaid balance uf money that the bank owes. A negotiable instrument must be paid in a certain sum of money, so huw can ihe NUle be money and owing money at the same lime. 11 cannot be the opposite of two definilions at the same time. They cannot explain whal money is and the bookkeeping entries but they charged you imerest tilr IhL: use of borrowed money. They wrote the agreement. have them explain it.

A~ Tum conducted CPA ctlnlinuing education seminars hI ePAs and lawyers. a number IIf bank audiluts lold Tom Ihal it wits a fraud. The audiIlIr.'i tried III gel Tom hI swear ill secrecy about the bank money creating and how il comrols the govertllhenl leaders and judges. Obviously the hank l"lInceakd Ihis pan 1.11' It.!·ugreement,

hum past telephone calls. people have let Tum know Ihal in court bankers hale il when you use atlellUillt assurance of due performance wanting assurunce the bank purchased the note from you ilnd did UIlI deposit the IMe. If they did, Ihey were viulaling Ihe GAAP milll'hing principle reIlui. ing Ihl' new liabililY lu ~uw Ihallhe bank uwes rhe ""p",illlr ty"u) money Ior dl'pusiting the note. I forgot tu memion, per the banking law,

. if Ihe hank Ilepllsits Ihe nuu~'! they must give you a deposit receipt (See 11LJSCA Sec IN 1."\. Did they give you one? Hismry shuws Ihill in court, billlkl'rs h;lIc il il yuu claim there is no bona fide signature un the ruue, th;1I rhe nlile is forged, the nule was sill len and the value uf the stolen property was returned as a loan breacniug the agreement. Rankers knew Ihm the swll'n property "untied lhe alleged loan. Any line in Ihe banking inlluslry buying the note knew what the agreement said ami whal rhe buukkl'l'ping entries were. They knew and nuw Ih~y wam III pretend Ihat they du nut knnw Whill you are lalking about. Bank viulall~d the banking l;aw (,AAP (GAAP is unly retluired if there is a CPA audil upinion and if the bank is FDIC insured. See Uniled Slates Code Annulaled Till~ 12 Sec. IN]ln (l)(A)). GAAP is proven by Federal RI'~rve nallk publiclllinns. showing the huukkceping entries and (.'Ilnfirming everything Tom ha.'i said. ThL' bank is in tmuble if Ihey admit III folluwing GAAP ur nor flllluwing GAAP. It" they dll 11111 knuw whal Ihe bookkeeping entries are, Ihey GlIlIlIIl prove rtuu they performed under the ilgrel'mem and funded Ihe 111"11 hI you. They have ~.t court evidence hI prove they performed. The bank does Ilul W"iIIIU talk about me bookkeeping entries, and if the borrower funded Ih~ loan. Su uuu is whal we want to 1"lk abuut. The auorney, dt'bl collector is to knuw the law - GAAP - and whillihe agreememis. Slale law says banks are lu purchase ibe promissory note. They Ilel,usiletl the illite and did nOI give you il receipt. Per Federal Reserve

The bankers' own secret manual.that is truly for the bankers, shows that the bankers hate it when people claim "fraud in the factum" (fraud in the execution). Remember the law USC 5 Administrative Procedures Act'! The Ililliun is bankrupt so we are under administrative law and thai is the law of "notices". Remember how Ihe IRS and Ihe banks always give yuu u nonce? Yuu need to dll the same. Notice them asking what the terms of the agreement are - the agreement ih"'atthey wrote. When they refuse lu tell you, the Iheory is Ihill you can claim "fraud in the factum".

Obviously the blinks fear Tom's court admissions. Admit or deny - forcing them to give you "FULL DISCLOSURE"!

Tom has it real concern. People want immediate gratificauon 10 become debt free, People wam III sue, and wail 6 10 12 momhs hoping 10 win.

" Then people say, if I win, I will tell my friends about the bank, If we wail, we will never win the vole, The vote is more important than court. Please slay oul of court and concentrate on gelling lOOs of people to join us before laking the lime 10 consider court, Court is risky, time consuming and costs money to hire a CPA co urt expert witness. You could spend



thousands of dollars, waste "". 12 months and luse if you du nul du the counroom procedures mrret'tlt (If if the judge is bribed. If we all concentrare un the vote. we an~'!tUte 10 all get uUI uf debr. The vole is the !lnly wily 10 have assurance In win a nation. If IIlIls sue Ihe bank, they mighl jusl change Ihe law lu keep you in dl!lll. The vote is the solution, nul court. When we gel I()(J~ III' ePAs and lawyers juining us il will be easier fur u judge III agree wKh us. The lawyers und ePAs will nUl juin umil we t!l·tlhe voters on uut side. It is all "hull I money, profit and conImlll!" Ihl' Ilt:uple.

Chapter 5 - Notices

This manual IS nul suggeslinc Ihal you sue the bank. This manual only giws hi.· .. uril·ill informmill~ .. n whal has happened when peuple gu to l"IlIIrl. This lIIi1nUill gives IheMIt'rmaliun on whallhe bankers have Imuble illlswl'rill~ in coun. This 1I1a'itual is lu shuw what Tum learned in the billIter's sl'l'rl'l manuul t« hIf unly given uul lu bankers. This manual is only giving yuu Tum's Ihenry. This manual is nut intended as legal oldvice.

People have been sending out the notices tu the bank tu create a centroversy. They wmll tu lind out whether the bimk (If the borrower funded the loan. Was it the imem ufthe agreement that the party who funded the loan is 10 be repaid lhe loan? Did the bank follow GAAP'! Was the note used as or like money to fund a check'! Are the economics of the luan simililr 10 slealing (the bank gelling the note tor free by depositing it). coumerfeiting (creating new money based on the value of the note) and swindling (nol following the law - GAAP),! People wait for the bank 10 respond or nol respond. They then decide what 10 do with the bank on a legal basis If Ihe bank answers or does nOI answer has helped people sue the hank. People are looking hi prove fraud in the factum, Ihe bank never buught Ihe note from you and breached the agreement, breached GAAP. The notices are designed II) learn what happened and if the bank is hiding the truth.

People go 10 the library and look fur the publisher 01 " Thomas Polk Publication called "The American Pinancial Directory", which tells you Ihe CEO, president. address antllhe servicing agent of the lender. etc.

The manual has the typical types of notices people have sent. There is nothing wrong with learning me truth about the real loan agreement. Why wuuld Ihe bank want In hide the truth about the agree me III that they wrote - unless they are afraid.

Nouce how the notice says thai all past payments are considered extortion payments. If you do not say this, in court the bank auorney will say Ihat pust payments give evidence of a debt that you agreed too. The bunk tells you Ihill if yuu dn nut make the monthly payments, they will go tu court 10 collect or foreclose. You had no choice. You are trying au solve the problem and the bank just says payor else,


The l'oumy judge is involved. Why'! Banking is federal. The answer is Ihal you do not own the property. You have a cenificate of title for your home and car. The government owns your car and home, Thai is how Ihey gel you to pay them a lax on your home and car. A foreclosure has 10 do with real estate tax and the local judge is there to be sure Ihat you




will pay the lax, The real ~Sl"'t lax is one year behind in billing giving

the local government IIwn~r" of your property. One person paid the lax in advance. It shipped me tJeal judge frum cominumg the Ioreclosure.

When Ilw hank responds Ill, ,ulIr nouces, share the answers wuh the VUI~ls, l.el the vnll.'rs learn I" ... the bank ~illS around the bush and will ruu te]] yllu how Ihe real loan agreement wnrks,

If yuu .111.' lalking lu a debt cu'lel.'lur or auorney, IIK)k up the court case ClOMAN V. JACKSON 9" federal Reporter. 2nd Series, Whal this intormarion amounts III is .... :t: It' any auomey, corporate counsel, pri\'.II~ IIr corponue auorney, "Iicipales in any debt collection process, wuhout infurming III YUII IIi'ill lit' is unlicensed, nul r~gislered as iI I,)reign ilgelll/;lgenl·Y. Ihill he/she IS a member IIf a har assucialiun uwing allegiann' III a hlleign power, etc. and cannot represent fur any furm of collection process, pursuant III a recent case (1993) Christ Cluwman V, Philip D. JacksII1I9KK Fed. Rep. 2d 1314, and lhe Fair Trades acr. "BAR" sl.m,b fur Briush Accredited Registry - esquire title trom the Crown uf Engl.md, The Drilish AUlhnrillcs I.'unlrullhe Alilerican DAR, European families -rhe U.N. - IMf privurely own the FED.

. ;

. !


, I I

Wl' IIl!tlUIW lk'bl wllel.'tllr h) give, under oath, vcriflcilliun and validalinn of the terms and cllndilillns uf the loan, and explain and answer our 'lul'sliuns, '111is bank anllrney was told Ih'll he l.'Uulli be sued if he violaled Fair Ddll Cullecliull I'mclices Act. When he wuuld be sued, Ihe lirsitillll' the .. uorney cllnihl1is perjury he would he disbarred. The auorncy immel'ialely dismissed thc coun case. He knew if he were sued, his professional insurance would offer S2U,()UU III settle uut of court. We I.'lIl1el'1 $20,()()() ti)r a $5,UU() credit card bill. Looks like good business lu us. The uuorney figured collecting S5,tX)() was nOI worth lusing his CHreer. Wuuld nul Ihis make a best selling book gelling Ihe auomey disbarrell'! Nulice tI)c!n, Lei ~m know Ihal yuu know ihe answer to the riddle.

On Ihe nUlil.·es you will sec "assigns". Peuple wallliu lilld nUl who Ihe real buhler (person holding Ihe note) is. They like to hide. Wuuld you nol hille if yuu were one uf them" With assigns, people demand 10 see the



original noll' with aU of Ihe alteraliuns and stumps on it. WHY? If you pay the wrong pany, you have lu pay Ihe proper party again. You could be paying twice U' you are nut paying the correct party (see UCC 3- 302). We knuw Ihey sell these notes 0111 the time. People want 10 see the original note Iu see the stamps lu see who il is endorsed lu who holds it so that Ihe alleged burrower is nul pHying the wrung party and have 10 pay twice. The bank must show the chain of ownership. People want 10 see she stamps un the note. "pay tu the order ot.. ... " History shows thai when people ask lu see lhe uriginal, the bililk can nul find it. This sounds like the lilwsuits alleging slulen, furged dlll:ument and breach of agreement. Study UCC 3-3U2. People have been claiming forgery if the bank cannot come up with the original.

Please remember Ihal there is a difference between a debt collector and a lender cnlle..:ting their own debr. A debt collector normally tells you that they are a debt collector in their teuer 10 you.

.. -



Chapter 6 .. two Kinds of Money

Pretend a counterfeiter created $ I (X).U()O of counterfeit money and lent u ro you au buy your home. Yuu have to repay the $ J(X).O()O plus another S]OO.(XX) of interest over the next ]() years. Pretend Ihal the counterfeuer dill this to every American and the only muney in the country is the muney Ihal this coumerfeuer printed. The counterfeiter created $ J(X).(X)() of money bUI you have to repay him S400.0()O to repay the loan. If $ J(X).(XX) is the only money printed. il is impossible for $1 OO.OO() to repay the required $4UO,(X)() 10 end the luan. The counterfeiter controls the money supply. The counterfeiter can get nearly all rhe muney back as loan payments. keep the muncy in a shoe box and there is no money available 10 repay the loan forcing everyone into foreclosure. The coumerfeuer gels yuur labur fill' free or he forecloses and gets your property fur free. lie controls Ihe muncy supply allli ill his wish he can force Ihe economy into a recession or depression forcing people into foreclosure. lie always wins and you always lose. If the government printed the money. spent it. everyone had to wurk to earn it and deposited the money at banks. banks lent it out returning the money to the depcsuor who funded Ihe loan, everyone would have equal protection with no economics similar 10 stealing. counte rf eiting ami swindling. GAAP thai the law requires the bankers III follow ends the economics similar to stealing. coumerfeiung and swindling.

Article I S~·l'. III III' Ihe CUlts'"ulion IIflhe Uniled Suues and 12 U.S.C. I 52 r~'fl'rs III glll,1 and silver h.in as lawful lllunl"Y uf the United Stares. The law 1:2 Us.c. 152 wa .. t.·pealed in IW4. Nuw legal tender is re,'enl',ltll in .11 LJ.S.C.A. 5 JUJ stilling. "United Still~'S coins and currency ... are le!!ill render for all d.:"Us. public charges. taxes and dues." The governmcm issues legall('ntltt lind lawful money. Banks use two dinerfnt kinds Ill' money. They u~'legaltendl'r und uon-legal teuder, Mllney issul'd by rhe guvernment al1t. money nol issued hy the government bUI rreated by the hank. Bank l'~dit and deposits are money ihe bank owes. Owillg Ilhlnl'Y is Ihl' UPI)IIS~ 'u,' IIlUlll·Y. h~,lenal Reserve Bank publicaliullS .ulmil Ihal when b,Ul"~",alll Imllls Ihal new dlet:kb'Klk muney is created; new money was de;',sited.


The Fcderu! Reserve Book uf New Yurk publicauon "I Bel YIIU Thoughr.. .. explains Ihal ni;llIey dues nul have au be issued by the guvernmem HI' Ill' ill illly spedid furm. The borrower's promissory note is money Ih;11 the banks accept as money and muncy Ihal the banks deposil. nealillg a new bank asset and liabililY. Counterfeit money buys Ihings jusl ilS checks buy things, Promissury nutes can be suld I'm cash. Prlllllis~ur)' nules jusl like cnsh can be exchanged fur a check. BUlh fund il check and both Ihe t:ash ami the prnmissury note have equal value. The ciL,h I" kgallender and the promissory nule is newly created bank money when the bank tkpusils the promissury note creating a new bank asset lind liability. The hank gUI your money (promissory nllte) fur free. erealed new muney liS Ihey depultiled yuur muncy and villl'lled GAAP when they refused In credu YUllr~~'hecking a('wunl ;Ind acknowledge ihe new depusil antiliabililY thatlhey arc required tu shuw that rhey owe y"u per (iAAP. When Ihis happened, the bank shifted yuur wealth til the bank. The b,mk gels your wealth fur free. Wealth is anything thill you can sell, YUlIl'an sell yuur home, car. guM. silver and your 411 hours il week for a payroll died. Labor produces mads. fllod and gas fur yuur car. When Ihe banker viulalesGAAP lUW gels yuur muney fur free and returns it fu you as a Iuan. the hank created new mUlley with the economics similar hI stealing, coumerfeuing an,1 swintlling. The banker gels your tabor for free liS yuu earn ine I1\tlney 10 repay the luan IIr he forecloses and gets yuur hllme. cm ur farm for free.

If a coumerfeiter counterfeits money and loans il out to yuu. can the coumerfeiter force you to repay the loan" NO. It is illegal and he cannot enforce an illegal act. If someone Sill Ie your money and returned your money tu you as a loan. do you have 10 repaylhe loan? NO. The thief can nut enforce an illegal act. A Corporauon cannot viulale the law. conIntCIS or GAAP. If they du, the comract is ultra vires - void.

The counterfeiter will say. bUI you got the money. You respond and say. you violated the agreement and did something illegal. If someone stole yuur car and sold it for cash and returned the cash to YUII as a loan, do yuu have any ethical or mural or legal liability to repay the loan? NO. None. What is the difference if they stole your promissory note instead

, t~f a car'! In both cases they got your wealth for free. It is just easier to get yuur wealth for free by gelling your promissory no re for free instead of yuur car fur free. A suit and lie fools people. If they used a gun 10 gel ynur wealth fur free. you would know to catl ihe police.



The banker is luu intdlige~ 'In gu lu jail by coumerfeuing cash. It is e .. sier III just depusil the prt'_ssury nil te and violate GAAP and gel the hc.>n~lil of gelling your pwmilff;t,ry note fur free and creauug new money, gelllllg a similar bt-nelil lik~ l'ulIllIerlCiling WilhuuI going III jail.

Chapter 7 - Credit Cards

Tum believes Ihill all hurruwrrs should repay all lenders. Yuu were lirst the lender 10 the bank , per G"~P and per l~ellel'll Reserve Bank publicalions, when Ih~' hilllk dlangeJ'Ihe agreement anlillepusill'd y"ur promissory 1I01l'. The loan III the bank funded the loan back Iu yllll. Twu luans well'l'),d\i"ll!~'d. If both burn''''ers repay both lenllers .. lIluans lire cant'eled giving both panies efllil protecuon. Ou yuu see why the blinker ~''''lIlul e\plain the details ,'the transaction or agreement'!The banker ('illllllli explain GAAP or ~ muney is. The hanker must uSC! bunk tukl'lh (il SUh~lilute - a himk Iiabllily uwing money) for muncy cillled checkhuok money Itl g{'1 your weuhh fill" free. The bank acted as II mUlwyl'Ililllgl'1 l"),l.·hanging yuur muney (I)wmissory IlIItt» fur bank tllkens (dlel.·kbouk money) which is transferred by checks whidl liluls must people. Your promissory nllte gave value III the bank tokens the hanker returned til ylll! as il 11I.ln. A token is .. n lOll just as a bank liability (checkbook money) is an lOll. If you gu til a casino and they exchange your S IOU uf rash fur an equal amount in value uf tllkens, did Ihl' l.·a~inu loan yuu anything? NO. So if the bank dill '-''',ll'Ily what the l.·ilsinli just llill, then the bank lelll yuu nllthing. An exchange is nut a loan. Tum believes Ihill they breached the agreement. They l'hanged the I:o~t and ri~k of the alleged loan.

All we wilnt is tu understand rhe agreement, bookkeeping entries, know if they followed GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles - standard buokkeeping entries) and if the economics of the alleged loan is similar to stealing, counterfeiting and swindling if we are to repay the loan, If they hil\'e nuthing tu hide, let them give the details. They wrote lhe agreement, they used their bookkeeping entries. they claim we owe them muncy, they daim there is an agreement, have them explain and give the details.

You signed an applicatiun with the credit card company. They claim that this is the agreement. Typically they copy it and destroy the original. If they sell ittu a debt collector. the BULK sale SlOpS them from being a "hulder in due course", which helps yuu. Study this ilt the law library. They can change the agreement .It any lime simply by telling you what the changes are. Hundreds uf people have gouen out of credit card loans in the pi!. .. t. The credit card companies got tired of the lawsuits with a jury su they changed the rules. Nuw they want an arbitnuor paid by the credit card company tu pass judgment againsa you or you have to go io a state court I ,(XX) miles from your home, If there is no valid agreement. then no agreement can demand arbitratinn or jurisdiction in another state. The key io stopping the bank arbitrator is this website: www.arbitration-forum.com

(Then delete the dash ami look at this site. lr'exposes the arbitrators.) Deception is the name of the game. They will nut reveal all the terms and conditions, only the part that you must repay. They conceal ihe deposit of the agreement, new money creation, GAAP and if you luud the loan 10 yuurself. Peuple begin writing nut ices to inquire about the agreement. Some people invoice the credit card l·ump.IIlY fur payment of the deposit and conceahng the agreement demanding details. Some people believe it is easier In gu to court to collect on an invoice rather than directly go against the agreement. Notices are very important with the default notice.

, 'When they do nut respond to the notice, some people send a default notice saying, because Ihey did not disagree with the past notice sent. they agreed with Ihe statements in the past notice. Typically people give them 10 to 30 days to respond, Courts are administrative courts - notices



can he evidence. One bal~~~t IlIlIk a person In l"IIUfI, allli the banker's .v,kli~lluld the judge, "I ha~ ~1I1 exhausreu Illy adminislrative remedies". lilt' judge made a ctlmme"'~al he was the only person in his coun fur Ih,' his I ~() years lhal ululetsluud adlllinislHlliw procedure» and gave h,lllllmulII'l'i h, send 11111 his tlulkes before court proceeded. One vicum was mnslallll), liIit'lI adv .. nll"~ uf in bankllJpll'y l'IIurt. Ife did his notices ~'~l.1 1.t'PI Sl'1l~ing ~he nUlk~!t1l1J lhe way up the gtlvernlllcnial agencies (1111 h a han1.mg dlspule, Sl'nll illu the gllwnulIelll,,1 agencies lhill govern hilll1.,ng t, even lip Itl rhe 1'rt'aslI'-Y. The Treasury imervened, stepped in a~ld ''It'llh,' jUlIgt' ilnd bank ilUurney have it", and l:urrel'lelllhl' problem. '"11 have hi help Ihe gtlvern~~nral agencie-, and employees help yuu by USIII!! the law We truly have. "'underful guvernmcnl. We ueed ro full"w Ih,' I;,ws so we (';111 gel Ih~>.lp. Then we lise the Ville III replace the gm'enllJlt'1lI t'IIlJlIII}'t~es wtlrking fllr Ihe bankers and working agilinsl us.

cannot go after you without a valid agreement and if it is an uuorney his! her ethics say that they must understand all the details of the agreement. They fail at this point. How can they take you to court if you are willing tu pay, yuu juSl want details uf the agreement and for them 10 folluw the law and GAAP before tendering payment. The bankers own secret manual, me manual thai only bankers are tu have, that Tom has read, says "Fraud in the Factum" is a real defense. That is whitt the bankers fear,

Remember - debt ccllecrors are using hearsay evidence and you cannot use hearsay evidence in court unless you are an expert witness. We welcome their expert witness. We have 61Xlllueslions for them, lei them put il on ihe public record. I do nul think they are that foolish,

Ah~!il)'S be willing Itl pay i(,hey can explain the agreement and return Ih~ unilherc" UI'~~il~al agre~nt when yllu pay the money. One person III court kept IIttenng rhrnugh Ihemail to repay Ihe IOilll in the same spc.'cit' of mllney/nedil Ihal Ihe bank used III fund Ihe lonn thus ending "II IIlIl'fl'sl and liens (ie., aruuher nore pilyahle in Ihe same specie of n1ll.lIt')' or l·rctlil.lhe hilllk use" hi fund the luan per GAAP, thus ending "II IIIIl'rCsl "nll liens). We simply askelilhe hillik In sign u simple aflida\,11 lhill Iht'Y tem their muney 10 purchase the IUilll agreement from 'he allt'!!cd burrower; that Ihey ,."Uuwed the law uf GAAP and did nOI acl't'pl lIlullt'ykredit Innn the ;alleged burwwcr in the luan transacliun thill fun"t'tl " Illiln IIr similar instrumem in ilppmximately the ilinOunt of the .~lIegc'l ~(I."~I: Ih;1I Ihc ~'"'III~0""fS ufthe luan wen' nol simihu·to s'ealing, lIIuntl'rklllllg ilnd SWindling: and Ihal the intent of the agreement is thai Ihe puny whll funded Ihe IUilO is 10 be repaid the money, The alleged hl~ .... u~~ef k~pt lelling, the judge, "I will pay, just have the aUorney sign Ih.'~ all~dij\'11 and I Will pay". The judge kept saying. "Sign the bloody allldavll and gel paid and gel mil of my COurtroom". The bank auorney kepI silying, "Bul judge, you du nlll underslanll ..... Il'annut sign it" If il IS a debl (,(llIel·llIr. Faif Debt ell'tection Practices ACI, veritlcauon, Villidill inn, louk il up in the dicliunary and il says under oalh, atliduvit. We want details III' the Clgreement. Now gel the attorney ethics frum yuur sl~le and gei the auorney's oath of office, S('C slate laws and the anomey nllght nol he legCllly licensed 10 go after yuu in 'he first place. They

From hisluric.d lntormauon, Tom has learned thaI if nne claims thallhe agreement is stolen, forged and Ihat one did not sign the standard agreement, then rhe banker has a problem. Under tbe rules of evidence, the banker has difficulty proving a standard agreement applies, especially when one claims thaI the agreement signed says it must follow GAAP. The intent i1flhe agreement is lhal the one who funded the luan is 10 be repaid the muney and that the burrower provided no money/credit or thing uf vafue tu fund a check ur similar instrument in appruximately the amounl uf the luan. The bank 'hen uses their money 10 purchase the agreement from you. tlow can they claim th"l this is not part of 'he agreement? People presume the credit card company follows the law - GAAP - and the CPA audit says GAAP two loans exchanged. Is not the one who funded jhe loan tu be repaid the money? If not, is it a conversion of funds or a theft? lIuw can they legally take you to court if you have been willing to pay if they can explain the agreement'! How can there be an agreement if they refuse to explain it'! They know that they acted merely as a moneychanger, and tried to make you believe they were lenders charging you as if mere was a loan. If yuu go to an international airpurt and change U.S. Dollars for Japanese Yen, you pay one percent fee IU the meneyehanger - not 100 percent plus imerestl

For example: Both parties sign an agreement for you to sell your apples fur $ IOU cash, The agreement says you canner use a court to enforce the agreemem you must use an arbitrator. They get your signature, they get



your apples. lhey refuse tu ..... , you the cash; they give yuu an IOU that Ihey refuse lu pay. They bre~·fted the agreement. They did nut give you the agreed ~unsitlerati,)Jl. st.luw can Ihey enforce the agreement de-

m;uuling arhilf;lIiun" .

Chapter 8 - Debt Collectors

Siudy the Rules IIf Evidence. kules uf Evidence do nul alluw them Itl just say rhis is lhe IUlal uwtd. Law allows one to demand 10 see the s~t'ili~ ilems ch;lrged lind IniJI buukkeeping enuies rl'gllnling the agreement.

Typically debt collectors will Ie II you someplace in the wriuen notice thai lhey are debl colleciors. Ihough lhey may ()ccaSion~llly Iry 10 pretend thai lhey are nor debl cotlectors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Acl (FDCPA) unly applies 10 Debt Collectors, Heinlz v. Jenkins, 514 U.S. 291,115 S. Ct..14K9, 131 L. EtI.2d 395 (1995) explains how the Unued Siaies Supreme Court has ruled that auorneys who regularly engage in lhe al1ivity of mllecting consumer debt filII within the definuion of a debt cullectnr under FDCPA.

lIi~lur)' ~huws lllill if you u .... liule muncy. il miglu nUl be wunh while fur the banker lu sue ilntlet~ct. The more you owe, they more likely they will come atier yuu.11!y knuw yuu are bmke wilh 1111 muncy 10 hire an expert witness CPA • .,Jhey know yuu du nul have the lime ami money lu lighl them, TIley I1gure thill Ihe bank attorney understands courtroom procedures anti )'t1U tlo nul. Thill is Ihe stnnegy lhey use. This is why Tum says we must usc the vote In gel everyone debt free.

Stutly state court procedures. The witness tiling Ihe complaint, or foreclosing on yuur home, or collecting on a credit card, must have personal knowledge tu tile an al'lidavit or complaint lind win in court, If the bank wilness unly sees a copy of the 10lln agreement, tbe copy can be alleged as hearsay evidence which cannot be entered imo court. A competent witness must have personal knowledge and a copy is heresay.lf they only have a copy and nOI an original, unaltered loan agreement, then they have no personal knowledge with which 10 answer our questions as 10 what the terms and cunditjons of the agreement are, anti canllill explain the agreement. A court has nu jurisdiction withuut a competent witness. Now you see why tbe bankers have Iried 10 foreclose withoul going to court and use arbitralion lu get aruund the law. They know Ihallhey have a weakness. You have personal knowledge a .. 10 what was signed. The banker, who bough] the agreement from someone else, dues nlll. If you argue the

agreement, they have a prublem. ~-

Tum eSlimates Ihal in the lasi' few years IOOUs have had credu card balances ICfllC\1 uUI by leaming the secret. Crellil card companies have Iried lu reverse this uend by l'hanging the agreements lu arbnrauon. It aJlIl\',lrs Ihill mllntHlg\'S will be the next type ul loans th~1I the bankers will nllt figfu and release debts. Tum has repeatedly tllid people that if the hanker lIf1ers III cancel hillt' the tlebl with an agreement Ih~1I you will nul tlisduSt.' tu anyune Ihill he t:anl'eled half the debt, lake Ihe tical. Many peuJlle have culled Tom saying that the bank offered tn cancel half the dehl if they sign a bank ag(~tnent of cunfidentialily nut tu t"lk or disduse lu ~lIlymw tluu lilt' bank agreed lu cancel Ihe debl. Just lake the dt'ill. The blllikers tear Ihal yuu will talk .lOd the next day everyone will tlenu"ul the Siln~ deal,

Historically, if you pay the court the monthly paymenu s , or have the debt paid up tn lIate so the bank cannot foreclose, and sue Ihe bank for breach, nul fraud, they must now explain the agreement. If you, adtlitionally, argue the agreement (indutling the 5 or 6 things in the nul ices as part of the agreement)

-anti you can repay in the same specie of money ur they must repay the party who funded the loan - you

" -and the bank ditl the opposite of the agreement - changed the

cost and risk

-and attach the CPA report,

the bank may nllt answer the law suit or may ask to seute per history.




.~ .

Experience hils shown us ~I yuu want III put the bank president, or acl'lluntant. IIIl Ihe wimess s .. ~. ur depose them. They will light III stop it aOllllnly SlIl)ply a hank Idl~tll testify. The bank leller will say that they du nlll knuw the law IIr buuk.keeping anti claim that they are nut a lawyer allil L'annllll'xplain the agrt#ment. They will SllY yllu gill il loan. Historlcally, the alleged btlrrllwe~,#pically wants ttl know if the 5 or 6 things are pan Ill' the agreement ur nit .. Who funded rhe loan. borrower ur lender'!

Chapter 9 • Doubling Money

Bankers. poluicians, judges. CPAs and attorneys know the secret. Money gives you power. Computer-genenned buying anti selling signals for stocks have generated 50 III 100 percent profus per year. Call Indigo. Micro Star I KUO-3t5-5635. Please call Allen at (615) 51(5-1247 for low-cost, computer-generated buy-sell signals with a Ie am of investors. Foreclosures can be profuable. Many limes people that are in foreclosure have much equity and if you help save the property, the owner agrees to sell it, and split the etjuity wilh you. This helps them save the property and you get a very large return. As you build up capital. you have more muney III save more people. Some people trade currency.If done right. it can be very profituble. Many ofme poliuciuns make 100 percent profit a year. Some gel Jt)O percent a month. Slime investors get aboul tOO percent or more a week. Tom believes in not suing the bank. and using your time and money to get a local investment club to pool resources and time, and concentrate on using the banking system to your advantage in gelling very gllud returns.

The Itlllilwing is an impurtaiu cuurt case abilut requinng Ihe t.lebt collecIllr 10 give veruleauon bel'~ ,he auomey can collect in court: U.S. Bankruptcy COlin, S.D. Flllrida. 'ablu Marunez, debtor, plaintiff, v. Law 01"lil'eS ul' Dilvill J. Stern P.A.~~fJelendant Rankruptl'y No. 99-42274-BKCRAM. ~1;&y .10, 20m. The plaintill" won this court "'iISC ;antl this informalillil is very imp"nallltu win .against auorneys, anti when liling a lawsuit againsl the bank or bank auorney.

The Supremal'y Clause is impl.lrtant. Stale law is vuid if it cootlicts with Federal law. Supreme Court nf U.S. James Edgar. appellant v. Mite Curpmatiun .lOd Mile lIultiings. Inc. No SO-II KK. Argued Nov. 30. 1981 _ l.ledtll'd June 2]. 19K2. See Chit'ago and North Western Tninspurlatinn CumpilllY v. Kalu Orick and Tile Company 450 liS 31 I. See State of M:arylillllll'l .. I .. v. Stille IIf Louisiana 451 US 725.

Anulher greal source is the lnvesux's Business Daily, www.investors.com 310-44K-615U. Omega KK8-279-81U1 is alsu valuiable. Call (866) 455- 31(63 for Fund X ur visil www.fundxfund.com. They have averaged about 20 percent a year. This might help your IRA.

Indigo software tells yuu to buy or sell stocks making money if the stock market goes up or down, Omega uses slow Si~)chastics telling you if stuck is over bougfu or sold using 2UU-d"y averages with support and resistance lines.

Look at www cbaooeliolswds.co!U for stocks thai histurically keep hitting the same support and resistance levels. For example, a stock repeats a pattern of guing from a $ W support level 10 a $15 resistance level, and then back 10 $ 10, anti then back to $15. and keeps repealing a

. ltimilar pattern. TIley tell you when to buy and sell certain stocks resulting in nice profus. Results can be 5() to 100 percent or more a year. If yuu slart with $5()OO and double it every year, in 7 years it becomes one million dulhlrs. Nu one can guarantee profits; we can only show yuu the possi bi Ii lies.



- I

Currency trading is 24 h,. Ii day slarting Sunday night ending Friday al 3 P.M. Easlern lime. TyPlclllly the currency (Yen, Euro) moves at 9 A.M. Eastern lime plus orrninus 3 hours and again al 6 P.M. Eastern lime plus or minus 3 hours. and again in the middle uf the night. Typil'ally nne irades in blucks of lIbuut S 1,000 which is called a "lot". If you make a mislake, yuu can ~ S200 or S30() on the $1.(1(1() invesunent de~nlling where you pUI your stop. The Iypic:al Iralle lasls bel ween )() minules au H huurs. In 2()()J: most weeks had nne or more tralles of 5010 III() percent protit. If you. it right, you can make substantial proths. Currency trading lakes Ii"". work, education and experience with pauence wailing for the rialUime to trade. You have a currency broker like people have a slOckbmker. There are classes Ihalleach currency. All classes require you lu sil.~dn agreement of contilieniialilY. People have llikcn several of these very expensive classes and did not think they offer much. TI,e best infurmalittA on currency comes from she traders themselves and lhe indicalOrs Ihal lhey use. Computer-generated indicators lelilhe trader which direclion the currency is muving. A currency trader may wail for several huurs wailing fur Ihe indicalors In line up before trading. There are expensive emails Ihal tell you when 10 buy and sell. Traders have fountl Ihal the indicalors work far beuer than any email. The inllic:alnrs can tell yrlU within J() minutes ur 30 minules when 10 Iralle. The email puhlicalions are far less accurate ami you ~ould miss the trade by hours relying on lhe email. Fur Ihe serious players, currency is lIetinitely sumething nne shuuld consider.

Bankers and pnlilidans .e subsl.mlial prulils with currency Irading. Instead uf lighling the bankers in a biased coun, why nul join Ihem in making huge profits. Why. "wim up stream fighling them in court? It is easier lu swim down stream, use lhe vote and sound investments 10 gain the upper hand. Do il the easy way, nul lhe h.trd way. You wuuld do far better spcnding Ihe time 10 change things using Ihe vule and l,ulling muney in yuur (>,ll'kel Ihrough inveslments than spend lime and muney gning lu court. Wuuld yuu' be bell~tfT guing to court or learning lu gel 50 percent reterns in a shurt lime frame'!



Chapter 10 - Changing the System

People fail because they du nOI do lheir homework. They are lazy. You need 10 luok all Ihese words up in the law dictionary. Look up the following words: holder in due course, imerest, borrower, offer, agreement, contract, fraud a"d the other words in this manual and Tom's book. Study lhe banking laws. People lose because they use the wrong arguments or du nOI go 10 cuurt 10 get lhe court handbook tor court procedures. Investments take work 11.<; well. If it is worthwhile, it takes work.

You cannut expect the judge, lawmaker or sheriff tu change the law unless you du your job and join us to get the vuter woken up to the truth aboul banking. Why shuuld the government agents be willing to stop taking all that muney from the bankers just because you think it is wrong? No. They will not SlOp unless the voters can vote them out of office. We cannot let them remain in office, If Ihey did this to us in banking, we cannot trust them ever again. If Ihey stay in office, they can be bribed again 10 lake away our rights and our wealth. They already let us know Ihat money will buy the vote 10 pass the laws that the wealthy elite want passed. They lei us know that the vote means nOlhing. You were jUlit vOling for banker candidate # I or banker candidaae #2. Banker wins - yuu lose. TIley set up a system to keep you in debt, to get your wealth for free and tu keep lhe banker in power in a govern men I run by the bankers. WE MUST CHANGE THE SYSTEM FROM THAT WHICH HAS ENSLAVED US, TO THE CONSTITUTION:OUR FOUNDING FATHERS INTENDED FOR US - WITH EQUALPROTECTION, UBERTIES AND FREEDOMS FOR ALL, WITH NO NATIONALID TO ENSLAVE AMERICANS.



Chapter II ~ tJltimate Fear or Bankers

T~ banker l'an only say i~ there is an agreement and Ihal you owe muney. TI~ banker l'annol shuw you lhe original promissory note afler it was ahered. The banker te&lf!t Ihal the borrower mighl claim Ihal the agreemem says that the bUf:a.;,~er can repay using anllther IOU - prom issmy. nUll' _payable in ~he sa~ specie uf money, money equivalem or l'~etill or I~ntis ur capllallhdtlhe ban~ or financial inslilution used per (II\AP III lunti lhe luan, Ihllll entiing all imerest anti liens. This would allow the borrower hi diSl~e lhe luan, and all imerest and liens.

TI~ ~'lUker knuws Ihal if~ is claimed then you could repay with a pnumssory nute alsu payable in the same species of money the bank use,1 hi fund Ihe luan, per OAAP, thus ending all interest and liens and nul pay wuh cash ur a chec~: If the banker insisted Ihal yuu pay Ihe note. yuu itsk lhe banker III sign Ihe buck uf the note, and yuu replace it wilh

another null'. .'

How can Ihe bank claim thai these uems are not pan of lhe agreemem? The banker knows Ihal if this was claimed, the banker must show the original nule. If Ihe banker claims lhal he only has a copy, lhe borrower could claim lhat lbe additional part of lhe agreement is missing with items I tu 6. Now one is unly arguing lhe agreement - not Ihe banking system. The banker must discuss GAAP and bookkeeping entries and items I tu 6 are Ihe lastlhing lhe banker wants 10 talk about.

Imagine Ihe banker's fear if the borrower sent a promissory note 10 repay lhe loan claiming Ihal the agreement allows it. Imagine sending in a check 10 repay the mortgage 10 be applied to the lasl note you sent. Imagine the potemial lawsuit for the banker breaching the agreement and the banker cannot claim that items I to 6 are not part of the agreement.

The borrower says. "How can I claim this'!" The bank is incorporated. and claims that they follow the law - GAAP - full disclosure in the agreement - no false and misleading advertising. They claimed that they lent you their muney - how can they claim different'!


The banker fears Ihal yuu will claim Ihat the uriginal contract was altered .m,1 siulen and Ihatlhere wa. s an additiun tu lhe agreement with lhe fullu~ing items: I) The intent of the agreement is that the uriginal party whu lunded the luan per the buukkeeping entries is lu be repaid lhe muney. 2)The bank ur tiniUlcial instituliun invnlvcd in the Inan will folluw GAAP. 3) Ihe lender ur linancial insutuuon involved in tbe al~gcd loan will purchase Ihe Ilfomissory n~)(e from the borrower, 4) The burrower does nUl pm~ide'l any money, Inoney equivalem, credit. funds ur capilal or tlung ul value Ilml a bank ur liniUlcial institulion will use au give value tu a check ur similar inslrulnenl. 5) the burrower is to repay Ihe loan in lhe same specie of muney or credit that the bank ur tinandal institution used 10 fund Ihe luan per GAAP thus ending all interest and liens_ 6) the writlen .. greement gives full disclosure of all mmeriul facts.

Bankers lear that lhey will have 10 explain the agreement. GAAP and who funded tbe loan. The banker wanlS you to argue the biUlking system. which means you lost in court. They do not WiUlt you to claim breach of agreement and claim items I to 6 are part of the agreement and they have to claim items I to 6 are not part of the agreement Bankers understand Ihat if they refuse to show the original,lljreement. the borrower may claim thai the copy is forged leaving outltems I to 6. Bankers fear that borrowers may say "f raud in the factum". claiming that the items I to 6 are concealed or there is forged document leaving the items out. Who cares who funded the loan'! You care because it changes the cost and risk of the loan, If there is nothing wrong wilh stealing and counterfeiting. then why do we send those kind of people to jail"!

Du yuu see the ban~er's Ie"'! If the banker claims uem number I is ~'alse, then il is a swindle. fr item number 2 is false, then it is illegal. If "em number 3 anti 4 is false. the bank invested nothing, it was stolen or paid nuthing fur it and you funded lhe loan. If number 5 is false. then the bank admils it is only a muneychanger and charged as i f lhere wa. s a loan. If number (, is false. then they agree they concealed material facts,

, ..



Chapter 12 - T~ threat to the Economy lIisluril'ally, when the sauck ..... er falls 10 half its level, many people ~llIp ~~ndlllg ,&11,1 a rel'~ssiun 4I1}kpressiun Ii.llluws. Tuday people are at hlsl'~fIl'ill records ul' high debt· As of January 2tX)2 over 6 percent uf nt'lin nu'" h •• llIers l'allnul pily tt.e debt, The federal Reserve Bank hilS been f4'peal~llly CUlling inaen.·,ttales. One can unly l'UI so much befure inaeilsing imerest rilles. SII liW .e only discussed tbe Iradiliunal buum ilnd bw'l nl'ille,1 by IUday's h.hg system. The new rel'essiun IIr detlfl's~illn muld be blllh spuustft working and nlll having the muney In P;I)' Ihe hill~ wuh mu ... 1 hlluse~s having lillie or no savings wuh huge

debls. ,~

salellile a terrorist can determine exactly where the comainer is before releasing the weapon. Every American should understand the danger. The government would not shut down all the airpons for a week as un 911, the governmem would stop all comainers. All imports would stop. Trains with cnmainers would stop fur weeks. This would have a signiflcan I impact with the economy. Think of all the Americans with huge debts being laid utr of work and tiling bankruptcy, Having debt is very dangerous. Adding the danger of debt with the danger of slopping the economy, you have serious potemial problems. We need to pray and ask Gud 10 prevent SUdlll problem.

As III' 9/ II, we have IU cunsidet a new l'illl'ulmiun in determining the Iurure l'4.'IlIlumy. Investllrs Business Daily, 1-25-02, page A2n, discussed huw terror clluld destroy the U.S. economy, The newspaper discussed wh~1 happens if a mass destru .... iun weapon IIr biulogil'al weapon was pUI ~ntll a ~hippillg container. Shipping l'tlllIainers are the size of a large semi truck. Cuntainers are 4K by K by 9.5 feet. Some ships carry over 7,5110 comainers. Most of shipping is done using contamers thaI are trans"I.'rred 1U.lnlins. Ofien shipping comainers smuggle people imu the counlry ailing wllh drugs and illegill items. Musl 1111 uf il goes undetecled by l·uslllIllS. Over 5U,UnCl shipping containers arrive each dilY. Abuul 'lO (X'rn'lIl otthe wurld's shipping is dune by conrainers. Custom ollicers illslll.'l'I ullly 2 percent III' cunlainers. Homeland security head, Kay said, .. The cUlllainer is S(I Sl'ilfy in letlns III' being a ralional way ul' delivering a weapon III' mass desuuction, you almost hale 10 discuss it." U.S. Cusroms Service Curnmissioner Rkhard Bunner said, "One of the most leIhallermrist scenarios ... is Ihe ~se of ocean glling container traffic as iI means til smuggle lermrislS add weapons III' mil ... " deslrucliun inlO the

I Jlliled Slates. And il is by no means far fetched. Imagine Ihe devaslaliun III' it slIIallllucieilr explusion ill one uf our seaports." Osama bin Laden annllunced thaI il was his glial Illdeslruy Ihe U.S. econumy. We have many enemies whu mi~h~ Ii.lllu •• sama bin Laden's advise. The anicte explail.led Ihal il would be difticuh 10 inspel'l all the containers entering 111.111 I~IS CIlUllIry. Til inspecllhem would be nearly impossible and if you tried, II wuuhl create a bUllle ned: and nearly Slup impons, The conliliners muM be silippec.llo a midwesll'iIY and Ihruugh globailltlsiliulling by

Let us swuch topics 10 the currency. The Arabs hale Jews. Arabs know Ihal in America there is a high percent of Jews heading up our media, judges, lawyers, CPAs, bankers, and government. America helps Israel lhe archenemy of Ihe Arabs. Whal would happen if Ihe Arabs turn against AmeriCii and tell us Ihat Ihey want oil payments 10 be made net in U.S. dollars bUI paymem must be made in l:.uf\l dollars, Some of the Arabs have already been pushing for this. Europe would love it. Europe hill> aboul 50 percent more populalioll than me United States, If this happens, everyone will dump our dollars creating inflalion forcing the Federal Reserve 8iUlk 10 increase interest rates. This would create serious problems. The Arabs could make a huge profh in the stock market knowing ahead of time what will happen. This could force oil prices 10 go up. If you were a currency trader, you could make a fortune, as the rest of American wlluld be signiticamly hurl. The Arabs could make a huge prulit on stocks, currency and oil by simply chafrsing the world currency to Euro dullars as they achieve their political agenda.

The current banking system of forcing people into debt creates booms WId busts. The more debr and the signilicalll possible changes of terror, oil or world changes can signiticanlly change our economy. If you do not understand iavestments, currency and the economy, you are asking fur problems. You determine if you will profit or lose from today's banking system.

.a .•



Chapter I J - UJt.C.A. 12, The 8anking Law

If you sue Ih~ ban"-. you 1"1 lirst read all uf the banking law. United Slat~'s Cutll' Annlltat~ll Title .~ pun M4 b discusses lu,ms ,lIld extensions uf crcdu, whidl makes it appear Ihal a bank liabilily is nuw muncy ur hllllis I,,;uled. The law alsd,says Ihal the bank must 1i.)lInw GAAP and al'l'ulding III GAAP a bank'liabilily is nUl muncy but owing money. A llcp""il hy law is money the bank owes. The bankers wrore Ihe law and 'Ih~ ugreemem. They still ca n ,,01 explain whal money is. Is muncy owing money, IIf nlll IIwing muncf! They 1.',111 nut explain if yuu ur Ihey fund thl' Inan. Under Tille 12 re..t Ilbuulthe servicing ilgent ( .. ISl) see 12 lISC A 2-1 CH{ 35tlCl.211.lIl1D (wtlih can foreclose], foredusures and ubtaining iuloruuuiun. Read 12 USCA. Sec 3154. Chapter 3Ma. Single Family Mllnga!!c Fllredusure ilOll,re,III huw the person fllredusing might have til liw in your suue and hllw the Secretary (IIUD) may give wriuen designation uf it conunissioner Requesting this information has slopped fllrcdusures. Yuu can write up your own notice pertaining tnthis. If ynu have trouble gelling informauon from the bank, look at 5 USCA 552 - h,mks are believed ttl be an agency Ill' the government - governmenr sponsored enterprises - is an agency subjeet m FOIA requests - see agenl'Ies within section, Federal Home Loan Mongage Corporation 41. was "ilgt'nl')'" "ubjel'l til disclosure ami rel,uning requirements of this seclilllll{lIl'ap v. Indick C.A.D.C. 1916 •. H,) I; 2m1114. 116LJ.S. App. D.C. 112.

LUllk up !'otate law regarding contracts. banking. foreclosures, losl and slulcll HI" furged promissory nutes, the Irusl deed sale and hnw 10 stop il (sume suues have ,11\ adnmlislrative remedy tn stop the sale ur yuu might have ro tile a law suitlu !ilop it). and UCC penaining 10 yuur suuation. If you Inuk up these things, yuu will lin" some real gems. Gn ro ihe Illcallibmry ur law library (some colleges or universines have il) and do your homework. Few auorneys sludy law, they study counroom procedufl.'s. Your research l',m win againsl an auorney who does nul know law. (i,'t uther peurle hi jttlh yuu anti study tllgether saving everyone ume ilIlll ~nergy. Typically, the one who sues lirst wins. History shows thill if you iL,k "ur money damages, the banker is more likely 10 tight in coun. tlistury shnws thaI it' ynu only ask for the alleged loan to be canceled, they might just accept a seulemem with nu extra mmleY tu be


given In you. It' you do not do yuur homework and look up these laws and know court room procedures. you have no business suing the bank.

Fur example, touk up Califurnia's state laws about instruments (CUCC § 3104(e)). male rial alteralion (CLJCC § 34(m. iUld unauthorized alteratiun (Calill)rnia Civil Code § 11()O). Look up comparable laws for your own stale and include these in me Notices Ihal you send 10 the Lenders. The issue is FULL DISCLOSURE of the TERMS and EXECUTION of Ihe agreement. WitS yuur promissory note convened into somethlng of value by the Lender and deposited by them iOlo an account? To lind out, you must see the original promissory note! If it has been stamped or had an "allonge" anixed 10 it to accommodate endorsements. then that is prima fade evidence Ihal il was convened into a negmiable instrument. Did the Lender inform you of Ihis '! Does Ihe lender have written authorization fur Ihis from you? If not, thaI is "f raud in the factum" (fraud in the execution), which is a real defense - even against alleged "Holders in Due Course" of il promissory note!

, ,


Chapter 14 - i\~itors and Attorneys

Ihe luan lu lhe one whu stole our money and returned u to us as a loan'! Why are we repaying lhe pany who refused to lend one ceru to purchase the note Irom the borrower'! Did not the thief gel a benefit by stealing'!

Enwn slud. n1ll;lpse~ Iu less t~ one percent uf it's earlier value. Anhur Anderson CPA lirm fur Enron deMfllYS key ducuments. e-rnuils, memos that could incriminute Anderst.u.for viotuuou uf auditing standards as ou .... ide investigatiun was immM.e1ll "ntiL'ipaling Ihe unslaughl uf lawsuits trom Enron investors, SEC "lVestigltliun and pussible criminal viol;atilln~. An,I""~lln's head 1Illdiu~ David Duncan hl'iI(ling lIl) the Enron "1I(lit r dusl'~ hi answer Cun~>ft'~iunal questions un 1- 24-U2 by I"king the 51h. Dunl',111 ,ulmilled hi "~eiving orders hi desrroy documents. Former SEC chairman said an~.h1ing firms ure hupelessly compromised by fees they received by "udil ,ttOlS. Tum hit'. casseue rapes on huw he believes the au(lilmS violated ,OAAP and GAAS in bank audits, Many hank iltlllilllrs haw hlill Tum 411611 the bank audil is" fraud. The SEC is righl. In 11h.' name uf prulil you can l'lImllfumise an auditor even I" blalalll lll'~.trUl'li"lI of ducuml'nts aJllI refusing III answer Cllngress in me inVl'~ligalilin See InveslUr's Business Daily 1-25-02 fur details.

The aUomey Iries to reverse the argument and make il look like you gOI a benetit by having wealth stu len from you and returned 10 you as a loan. If you stole the auorney's money and returned it as a loan, he would have you pUI in jail. Did the null' fund the lu'lIl check'! If yes. the burruwer funded Ihe loan. Wa.\ the Imlll check used to purchase the noie frum the borrower? If yes, the Ilule canmu be used IU fund the loan. Which was it'!

Bank ,1Ih1rneys commonly claim Ihat you gUI a benefit by the bank loan. Yuu gUllhe mllney so nu harm was done ,lIld nnw your signature on the plllllli~sllry mue requires yuu In repay rhe limn. Wl' should use the same argllllll'l\I ,lIlll SilY Ihat if sumellne counrerfeus money and lends il 10 YUII, whatl"~!'> the law say. The law says, if someone counlet'feited Ihe money, you have nu legal liability Iu repay the coumerfeued muncy lent Itl you. It YO,,!'> illegal. Nil riSMS l'1II1 be acquired by Ihe illeglll openuion.

The answer lells us if there is equal protection or if the economics are similar to slealing, coumerfeiting and swindling. Gel the idea? Can a coumerfeuer til' Ihid answer the specific quesuons III' their trade? Do Ihey have 10 lise deception 10 gel you to do business with them? If he tells you Ihe truth. he is exposed. The banker wrote the agreement. If the banker has nothing to hide. have them explain it. If they claim thai there is nUl fraud in the factum or fraudulent concealment. then have them explain all ufthe detai Is. You have a right to understand the details of the agreement.

Ihe same thing goe!'> if the b,mk violated GAAP as it does for counterfciting or ste a ling. Allurneys arguing against Tom un this issue do not knuw the law. GAAP or the ",Illching principle on GAAP. The CPA aullil told everyone signing lbe promissory note Ih'" there can be no ecunomics simil .. r tu sreanng, counterfeiting and swindling. Faci is.jhe athlflk'), l',IIlIUlt explain whill muney is. Is muney "owing money"? Is a bim!.: Ii<lbilily ihe evidence lIf money thill the bank owes'! Is cash the only muney IIr are the n~ltes u~ &as money. If the notes are nut money, is it check kiling'! Whal is the definitien of check kiling'! If cash is the only money, then nu l'IlOsidefillion was given lu purchase the note from the allt!ged borrower. If the note is money. then the lender/bank accepted money frum the borrower thai funded the loan. so why are we repaying

This only tells you huw incredibly intelligentlhe moneychangers, bWlk auditors. bank auorneys, governmem agents are 10 1'\,01 Americans. Like one bank auditor told Tom. there are incredible profhs in creating money and lending it out. Tom thinks the prntessionals cur nOI as stupid as they may want yuu to Ihink thai they lire. Tom is not calling bankers. attorneys. ePAs and government agents criminals. Tom is just showing you how smart and intelligent they are to gel your wealth for free without you having a due how they did it, Tom thinks it is criminal for the VOleI' to allow Ihis 10 go on. The voter is the one responsible tor this. The voter has the abilily to end it very lluickly by helping us win the vote. We win lhe vole by doing it one vole at a time and angering the voter into telling his/her friends to juin us or the bankers and their professional friends and government cronies will keep on doing it 10 Americau»,

Do you nol see how moneychangers, to keep the deception going. use lhe auditors and auorneys? Do you see how we need ihe vote to change



the system Ihat is designed " keep yuu in Jebt. broke and enslaved to thl' banker? Angry AmericafG will think it is their duty HI get the voters wuk,'n lip. SII help us and j,tftt in with us in this gn'at anti noble I'L"k.

Chapter IS - The Dible and Today's Banking

Christians can use the fulluwing Bible verses tu help believers and preachers IU fullnw the Bible's view on banking. The American Revulutionary War was fuught over the two banking systems. At that time 98 percent of Americans claimed to be Christian. The Constitution only allowed gold and silver prohibiting credu forcing equal protection. The following verses tell us what Gud says.

Exodus I N:21 (chapter I H verse 21 ). 20:4. 20: 13-17. 23: 1- 3. Leviticus 6:1-5.1'.1:11-15 and verse 36. 25: 23-34. Deuteronomy 5:19-21, IN:15- zu 19:IX-19. 20:1-4. 23:19, 25: 1.'-16,27: IK-25. chapter 28 (If you obey Gods law. you are blessed. If you disobey. you are cursed.). 2 Kings 17: 19-2U. 2 Chrunicles 24:20. Nehemiah chapter 5. Psalms I: 1-3,7: 14- 16,10:7,15:1-5,17:1,24:1-4.26:4.27:12,32:2, 35:10-11, 35:27, 36:3. 37:1-11.40:4.43:1, 50:IU-II, 53:1-3.64:5-6. 7K:36. H1:I5, 84:11-12, 94:15-itl.lUl:7, 106:5, 107:1-2, 1U7:1I-12.I09:2.115:14, 117:2, 118:25- 26, 119:97-98. 119: 104, 119: II K, 119: 121. 119: 16.~, 120:2, 146:7. Proverbs 1:32-33,3:9-10,3:32,4:24. 16: 16-19, 6:30-31, 8: 13,8: 17-21.8:35- 36, 1():3-4. 10:6. 10:9, 10:22-24. 11:1. 11:5-6, 11:20.11:24-25,12:17, 12:22,1.':5-6.13:21.14:5-'),14:25.15:5-6. 15:9-10, 15:26-29, 16:1-3. 16: 11-12, 19:5, 19:,), 19:28. 2():23. 21 :3, 22:7-H, 22: 12. 22:22-23, 24:2K. 2H:16, 29:2. &:c1esiastes3:13.lsaiah 5:23,9:15-17. W:I-3, 16:4-5.31:1. 33: 15-16, 41 :11-14 (Gud gave this verse to'Iom), 42:24, 48: 17-IH. 48:22, 51:4.54:17. 55:H-9, 56:11, 57:17. 59:4. 5~15-17. 63:10.64:7,66:4. Jeremiah 5:2K.5:30-JI, 7:23-24. 9:3, 9:6, 9:12-13.10:21,11:1-5,12:17. 13:25. 14: 13-22, 15:7. 17:5-11.21: II. 22:3, 22: 13-14. 22: 17, 23: 14. 24:7- H, 29:11-14, 29:32. Lamentatiuns 3:35-36. Ezekiel 3:18, 6:9-10, 7:21- 22, 13:2-3, chapter I K. 33: 1-9, chapter 33 and 34. Hosea 4:2, 6:6 and II, 10:12-13.12:7,14:9. JueI2:12-13. Amos 2:4-6,3;:7,7:7-9.8:5. Jonah 3:tn tu 4:2. Micah 2:1-4, 3:11, 6:8-16. Habakkuk 2:9. Zephaniah 2:7, 3:12-U "'''120.llaggai chapter 1,2:8. Zechariah 5:1-4. 8:17,11:11.


Malachi Chapter I (Esau means red head child and Rothchild the banker is red head child, ESilU ( Edomites] settled by the Black Sea were Ruthchild • the bankers of today. came from Edom - Esau - and changed their names IU Jewish names claiming to be Jews but were not.



SCI.' Revelatilill 2:'1, 3:'1. The nite claims thalltlday's bankers are uf the synagllgu~ uf.Sal'~Il) (See Gelttll.ls 25:30- 34.27: ]U-411, Esau is trying 10 ~el back lu~ birtbrighr.) Chris'" worship a Hehrcw (Jew) called Jesus. S,II,III uses l"Ilulllerl"cils

Revelauon chapter 13 verse 11-19 (banker's cashless society), 14:5. 15:4. Revelation chapter 18 verse 4. (Babylon is commerce - banking sins) Revelation 21 :26-27.22: 15. G,1d does not change. Malachi 3:6 and Hebrews 13:8.

Mailidli 1'1" 1'1_" ll) 1''\ i Th rh I '

.. ' -. -. - .. - .. - '. e c un: IlrYlllg 10 gel muncy makes

a,l'lIllllal'l with ihe banker - IRS ~'ullecliun agency uf the privalely held ~'l'dl'fal Reserve Rank I hringi,tC the churl'h under the curse by disube _ IIlg Gild \ hlw x. L."v~ II" mune), by Ihe church brings un Ihe curse :y lin I)' leal'hlllg pafllallllslrul'liuti tt" Glld's word. tuve lilr UtS comribu- 1I11'~ ~", g,el ~'I~ur IIl1.lOey. debt III build a big buililing ludilY. and big preacher s sal,lry hflngs on the .... urse. Dy Cunlfill'l. the IRS controls the l'hUfl'!I, o~hal can he illlllmry._ can be the il'"1 plill'inl:! Ihe IRS lirsl and (JIIII slaw second. hlul wtlrship is a curse III Ihe mcmbcrs II" Ihe church ... - me curse tlfdebl and lillie weahh. Mauhew 6:3-4 (IRS viulall.'s Ihis verse). 6:2", (d.l, 7:6.1: 15-16.7:21.7:24-27. 12: IH-2I, 15: 13- 14,15:15-211,17:24-.12,21:13.22:37_411. 2.1:1-4111111 25 llllll2H. 24'11 14"4 "s ' , - : - ,-_: 14 - 3() (We ~lill nlll hury Ihe talem, we gave il away 10 be gi ven

back as a loan, WhldliS il greater sin.), Mark 4: II}. 7:6-9. 7:20-23. 10: ! '! II}, 12:.11, 1·11 ,11111 II ilnd 511. Luke .\: 12·1".4:5 (Gud created it and when IUiI.n di~"II\.'Yl'd, the I'evi' gUI il by deception lind hy crcliling money iIIlllllI,lIl1llg III1UI,). ",IX-'ll. 7:2l)-J(). IU:J()-.l7 (tll.'lp those who have bt:~·"lllhbt'II.), 11:.\1) and 42 lIntI4.1-44 and 4tl illld 52, U:2.1-:?K, 16: 11_ I), IX:~II, 19:H til' thl.· bllnker..-cpcm", he neell ... III repily us the note he IIl'I'IISIIl'II,) Johu .1: II}- 21. K:44-47. At·ts t.1I u 2():27 Rum'uls I ,ow _]"

) .., . _ • ,.. ._0 .. _.

-:-1. 12:')-11. 16: 17-.:!U (l'uOIrary ro rhe teaching].

Nuw you are armed with the truth and can talk to the leader of your church, Why tithe til a church Ihat will nul follow the Bible'? Many churches are merely businesses designed for the preacher to accumulate guld and silver in direct opposltion to the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 1U:9. I Peter .:U-2, Ephesians 5:7-11 and Philippians 2:20-21. The preacher says lithe but violates the law of Gud when they get a loan, The preacher is leaching a different doctrine so why panicipute in the preacher's sin by tithing'! Tithes/contributions in the New 'Iestament was for the needs IIf Ihe saints, Leviticus 19: If), Acts chapter 4:32-37. Acts 11:29, Acts 20:H-35, Acts 2U:29, 2 Thessalonians 3:H-14. Corimhians 4:16 and Ll i l , Mauhew 6:3-4,19:21.26:9, Mark 14:5. Romans 12:13. 15:26. 2 Thessalonians 3:6-9. 2 Corinthians K:4-5. 9: 12. James 1:27, Regarlling Ollllestament Law (tithe) see Acts chapter 15, see verses 1,5,H-IU.19-2U and 2M-29, Christians whu need financial help. Tithe was ttl be eaten before Ihe Lord. See Leviticus chapter 19 and Deuteronomy 14:22-29. Does your church eat the tithe ilS a group'! Why no"! If they are a prosperity preaching preacher saying tithe and they do not tell yuu about the truth abllut the Dible saying bank loans are a curse, they are nullelling you the whole uuih, If people stopped funding preachers who refuse 10 teu ine mnh, those preachers would go OUI of business and the one's whu preach the truth will keep preaching, liYery lime you give to someone deceiving people, yuu panicipiue in their sin, SIUP sinning and Ihey will stop cUlll'ealing Ihe uuth.

The next verse uses Ihe Nl.'w ARlCril'an Slillldilrd Biblc - I Curilllhians 5: 11-1.1 t~ SWil~llIl'r will gu III hell and is 11111 a Cbrisrian and if they claim hilI\.' iI. ( hflSIl'III. have nothing In do with thcm. The church should Slay away trom sWllldlers.). 6:9-11. 1U:26. 2 Corlnthians lJ:K, Galalions 1'6- X. Ephcsian~ ":I~-I,5 and 24-2M, 5:7, 5:11-1.1 (even lellhe preadle~'s salary be VISible 10 Iigfu), 6: 1O-2() (Iruth and righleousness). Colossians 2:X- W. I Thessillnnians ~:6-M. l .... essalllnillns.1: 14-15, I Timuthy 1:9- HI .. 1:1-15. (d-IO. 2 Timuthy .1:25-26 . .1:26-17. 4:I-K, Tuus 3:9-11. Ilebrews 1:l).6:IK.Jillnes.l:I.l-IK.5:12, I Peled:15. 2Peler2:1-5, I Jllhll I :h. 2:21 .. 1:7-1U. 2 Jnhn verse 4 and verses 9-' I tOo nul panicipale wuh the bankers.). 3 Juhn verse 2, Jude 4, Revelliliun 2:M-9, 3:9,

Before lithing III a church you should ask it few questions. Is the preacher building Ihe preacher's kingdom (big salary and big buildings) or is he building Gtld's kingdom God's wuy as the Dible tells us to do'! Can the preacher look yuu in the eye and tell yuu that he will fullow God's way concerning tithe, money, bank loans and using talent: s , If he will not "Imuw GIId's way, why are you fulluwing him and giving him your money'! Tithe is designed 10 put GIld first and G(1d says il is beuer to obey Ihan sacrifice. If yuu do not obey God's way. your lithe means lillie if anything in God's eyes, If all the churches did it God's way und stopped



prt'adling ill paniillily W:::ld the whole truth, everyone would have more muncy and the ch would use the vote tn bring back godly gllvernmem.

out of debt and doubled muney quickly, there would be an overflow of money before any weekly offering operating under the blessing and not the curse. Does your church operate under (he blessing or the curse'! Sume preachers' will argue to folluw the government, Peter answered this in Acts 5:29 ami Romans 13: I the governing authority is our Constitution - prohibiting today's banking system denying us equal proiecnon.

II00ve IIll' preildlcr read lil;n's first banking book, Vnlume I, and read this part IIf Ihe manual wlk'tming the Bible. After he knuws the truth ~e if he will fulluw it wilh" whole hearl or nut want 10 tell the whole truth Tell everyone in yuur thurch, have them read the web sill'. Help Ihuse 'whll emhra.:e Ihl' t ...... Some preachers will say Ih'll Ihe)' tlo lUll wam hi l!CI invulvcd. They are afraid they mighl IIn~n" Ihl' banker ur atraid Ihey mighl lu~ uihe .lOey by upsclling members uf the church. Sce Gillill~illlS I: 10·11 ilOdfl.en Galilliuns I :6-9. This IIICilib Ihm they ;~rc more 1I11eresit'd in thelt "Iary -puuing muuey ,jrsl in!'>lead of God first- Ihilll preaching the Irtilt. If your preacher is guilty uf Ihis, then he i~ ill viulillilln IIf Milllhew 6:3.1. Per I Timothy dlilpter ]Iht' preacher is to be frce "WIIl the IlIve (1,- Illl~y, IIl1t be pun uf sordid glli;llInd tn support lhe truth. II is like Ihe Cungressmen and judges whll rake the banker's brilll' ."'(lnl'Y. MIII,,",y is given til buy their silence when Iht'y should be spcilkltlg (lUI Ihe uurh. See I Timuthy 6: IU. By duing so, the preacher is rep~l'senling his interests, n"~.yuur besl imeresrs. "Forthey all seek atrer their own imerests, nOl Ihuse (If Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:21. If he I(lves his people, he will tell them the truth and end the slavery. "You were buught with il price; du not become slaves of men.", per I Corinlhi~ns 7: 2.1. Have your preacher end the slavery by telling the tnnh ur find a ')fe.ldler Whll will tell the truth and li-Illuw Ihe Bible. If they tell yuu hi give muney tu Ihe church, Ihen have them lellthe whole trulh ur slull ~i\'illg. Giw hi someone whu willlelllhc truth.

Here are some tun verses: Matthew IK:3, and 7:21, Juhn 3:16. Romans ]:2]-.11, Rumans IO:9-1J. Ephesians 2:K-9. Tilus 3:5, Galatiuns 3: II. John 1:12-13.

Shuuld Yt~U leave a l'hUfl'h"thal will nUl obey the Bible? Yes, per 2 ThcssillUlllilns 2: III and 2 Tbessalunians ]:6 and 14, alsu see 2 Juhn verse 4) - II and Romans 16: 17. Tom's organil.atiun is luuking fur churcbes anti ('hrisli'lIls whu want lu le .. rn huw ttl U:.e the biUlking system to our ;It~\,ilnlil~l' illld gel huge rei urns un investments so we have the muney III bring Ihls II&lIl11n back as il C ..... slian natinn,

Why did Jesus die'! Read: I Corinthians 15:3-4; Romans 5:6; Milfk 10:4.5; Colossians 1:14; Hebrews 9:22; Revelation 7:14; I Peter 1:18- 19. His bluud redeems us spiritually from Satan's claim on us. Once we arc redeemed, then Jesus wants us tu prosper, just ilS the Israelites were redeemed by blood on Passover, and then were freed from Egypt to prosper in their uwn land. NUlice Juhn Ill: J() "The thief cometh nut, but fur hi steal, kill and destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." God wants us tu prosper and 10 have an abundant lite so that we can, in that conduion of prosperity and freedom - nul out of necessity - freely chouse to agree with His way of life fur all clernity. God lives in awesome splendor and wealth. We must experience that same weahh to enough degree in Ihis human training ground first in order 1tI make a It:&:ilimme CHOICE fur that way of life. Salan's strategy is 1tI steal our wealth ani! prosperity so we can never experience and choose God's way of life! God is ungry about our complicuy wilh Satan's money system based on debt, counterteiung and swindling! Just before the end of this age, God will have a Remnant of IJeuple whu will awaken 10 this fmud and suddenly arise to collect from, spoil and plunderthis money system (Hab 2.6-H; Hab 3.12-14; lsa 23.IH; Isu 52.1-3; Zech 2.7-11; Micah 4.6-13) so lhat God can use this Remnant tu form it very prosperous nauon as an example of the prosperous way of life thai God wan Is "II people to have - so we can choose to ;sl'ape this world, just as He provided the people in Noah's days wuh a witness of His way of lite and chance to escape. Read Micah 6 and see how God strungly indicts His people for allowing this financial caste system (Mic 6.2,10-13) to go on, and how the punishment will be sick-

We are huping thai yuu will join us in this great venture. One church Tum auended had huge debt, the tirst $5 everyone gave weekly went to the bunker III pay the interest. If the church did it God's way and stayed



Ill'SS for Ihos~ who du nUl .somelhing ilbuUI il! lIuwever, the "wilkened Remnam will be deliv.11 and their tonunes reslured (Zeph 3.12- ;!Il,'

~hu is Jesux? The Sun of miltlhruugh the virgin Mary ami Gild was lIis Father through the IIlIly S~, fur Gud is Spiril per Juhn 4:24 and Ihe lirsl few dlaplers of MilIlhe~. Mark, Luke .uI,1 John. R~ad 2 Peter I: 17, Mallhew .1:10-17. Luke 1:.", Isaiah .... :6. Revelalilln I:K. Revelauon I: 17, Revclmiun 2:1<, John H::il<, Isaiah 43: H)-II. I Timulhy 4: I(). Juhn ·U2, I J,)IIII 4: 14. A~ls 4: 12.ltevelaliun 22:1<-9, Luke 4:1<, Hebrews 1:5- t), Juhn 2()·2K. A~ls 5:3-4. Al'IS Ll:2. Matthew 1U:21l. A~ls 3:26. John 2:19, RUllliUlS K:II, I Tim",y 2:5. Mallhe-w 2M:II), Juhn 14:9-1U. Juhn I~(l:.l()- ~.l. Gahllilllls I :H. I 'imulhy 4: I, and 2· Curinlhians II: 13-15. ( UlllSSlilllS 2:7 -10 and CulussiiUls 3: 16. I Timulhy 3: 15.2 Timomy J: 16, ~ Peter I :211-21 and Mallhew 4:4. These verses Icll )'UU whu has authorII)' lu make the rules.

Dill'S your church fulluw the Bible ur change the Bible? In Ihe Day of JlIllgmelll, yuu will have III answer Ihis llue-stilln. Gild wams us ro prosper anll be bles~d. see Isaiah 4K: 15-17, 3 Jllhn verse I ilild 2, God just wallis Y"U III put Him lirst place in your life and Him before lUuney, Mallhl.'w II:.H nor me IRS rax dedul'lilln and debl as lirsl place. Build II;e ~'hurdl and your home using Gud's ways, nOI the banker's Witys. God gave us 11ll' nibil' su W(' would be blessed and nlll cursed. Gud created ~be ~ilnh and t~le devil tried III sica I il Ihruugh crealing money itnd loanIIlg II IIUt gelling Ihe mun~~ges fur free su Ih;1I you PilY more tribute, money, III the devil thilll In Gud hy lilhing. Su whu is lirsl place in your hVl.': Gild or the llevil"! II dues nul honor God In give Ood's money to Ihe devil. We lIlusl obey GUd. Tuhe is all abuUI pUlling Gud first place. Where yuur muncy goes, re lis you whu i~ tirsl place in your life and in your church.

Gud's bililking sysiem is eAItI'lined in Deulerunumy 15: 1-14. Yuu are nlll III remain in IIebt IIr lose your inherilalll'e Ihrough furedusure. Yuu lire hI be the lender Ilmlhe borrower.



Those guing Iu coun arguing the banking system lose. If you tell the judge Ih.II the bank lent credit er did nul follow Ih~ Consutuuon, you lose. A class ill.:tion lawsuit will fail. If yuu do nOI show that the capital fur the loan came from you, you lose. If the bank can show that the bank lent you the bank's money, Ihe judge will force you to repay the money regardless if you deny il is yuur sigmuure or nut. The blink will use the form - agreement - with your signature to claim that the bank lent money III you and to be successful you must show thai ihe substance - bookkeeping entries (GAAP) were the opposite of the form substantially changing Ihe cost and risk ..

It is very helpful to have a CPA expert witness trained by Tom Schauf using Tom's copyrighted CPA report. The nul ices are used to create an argument to find oUI what tbe terms lind conditious are of the agreement. They can nul explain. They wrote it, they claim Ihal there is an agreemem, so lei them explain. You are always willing tu repay the loan in the same specie uf money/credit they used 1O fund the loan per GAAP, thus ending all interest and liens - if they can show you the original note unaltered - no forgeries - and thai they purchased it from you (no stealing) and fulluwed GAAP.

They are muneychang':ls, so they must refuse the same kind of money. They do nul Willli yuu to du III them as they have dune to you. There are IWO kinds uf muncy. Muney issued by the government and money ereaied by me bunk by deposiling your money - the pronussory note. Did your signa lure agree Ihallhe null' is money 10 be deposited' How could it, if you had no knowledge" Signature means !hal you agree 10 the validilY of the documeneuansacrlon. The bank cannot explain the policy or bookkeeping entries. Bankers hate il if someone claims a stclereforged document. The bankerssecret manual that Tum obtained shows how Ihe bankers hale it when someone claims that the bank is not a holder in

'due course using a real defense of fraud in !he factum. If one dues not challenge thallhe bank is a holder or holder in due course, Ihe judge will presume Ihal rbe bank legally ow ns Ihe note and you Illusl pay. To win, history shows Ihal one must shuw breach of agreement, the bank never lenl one cent 10 purch as e your nete from you. A trick 10 gel your note


,11111 not pay for it is IIn~ enrichmeru. A borrower has the right to behL'W thL' bank flllluwedlh, l"w, GAAP. ilnd purchased the note from the borrower. Nu titll' pllssell~ith a the .... IIf a fmgell document. They will ".}' hI ~L't you hI say Ihal itis your signature. If you ever silY it is your slgn'IIUfl'. you admined ... he validity uf the document. Look up the word "signature" in the'" dictionary.

Even if you win, you have nOlhing if they gu to a naliunallD card, We must gel Americans woken up and do il now. The vote is the answer. They can ill ways change Ihe laws to keep yuu in debt unless we can vote in a true change with government employees passing laws ami judges thai represent us and not the bankers. Use the law - the vote - 10 change the system and use me banking investment method to reap huge invest-

ment profits.

Ask h'f help. Ask lu see if someone can help yuu with the courtroom proL:l'lhlfl'S alld paperwurk, Remember. histurically the bilnking strategy h,t'i changetl every 3n wlJh days. Old suaregies fail. We believe thaI illl borrowers should repay ""enders per GAAP. We believe in equal proIl'l·lIolI We believe that. intent of the agrt.'elllelll is that per GAAP, the one whll hllulell the IUlln shuuld he n:paid Ihe muncy. WI! believe Ihat there shuultl he 1111 concealment uf the agreement ur its material bookkeeping entries. Su far, no banker has answered Tum's ildmissiuns. Study cu~rt admissiuns and summary judgment if they do nul answer the admissiolls.

Tum has shuwn yuu the hislury of past courtroom arguments. This dues nut guarantee that you will win. Rankers have changed strategies and burrowers have changed slrategies every few months. You can expect this manual Itl change every few weeks (If months hi keep up with the lalest. Tum expects tu unly print smilllljualllities uf the manual at a time to keep printing the latest infurmatiun. Watch fur the lah!stmanuals with the changes 10 be announced on these web sites:

bankfreedum.bravepages.cum bilnkfreedom.com freedumnews.com

If no new money was created. if it was iI loan fwm a friend, there is not brl';jch of agreement.

Pray to the God of the Bible. Ask the Christian God whom this nation was founded on for wisdom, guidance, direction and protection and that God wtluld grant us favor and blessing everywhere we go. We must learn to live for God and country. Tum requests thill you pray fur him on a daily basis. Pray that God would give him protection, favor, blessing and guidance in all of Tom's activities and th~Tum hear the voice of Gud and quickly obey. Pray thilt Tum wuuld be pure and holy before God. Tum believes that we will win this nation tin our knees before a huly GUll, the Christian God of the Bible.

-~ .

If you wall I ttl win in coun, you must help Ihe judge help ynu without ilsking the judge 10 directly gn against the banking system. Judges have secretly met with us ttl help us. Many of them secretly want you tll win. They have askl'll us Itl present a rase in the proper way so that they can help us. If yuu clairn iI1:;'Stolen and forged, the judge can ask she bank ttl explain. When the bank l'illlnot, then the judge can help you. The bank does lIt1t want to lalk abuut GAAP and Ihat is exactly what you want ttl disnlss ill dctilil wuh a jllry listening. Per the agreement, is the promissilry nlltt.' money ur III be used like muncy til give value ttl u check or ~irnilaf instrument'! If yes. you funded the luan; Stl why are you repilying IIIlel·l'sl ,lIld prinl·iplt· Itl a puny who refused til Il'nd you one cem to purch~se the promissory '"de "rum you? Anyune buying the promissory note tmm ihe original It!htlcr knew Ihe buokkeeping entries were the opposue from what yuu understutltllhe agreement ttl be. If they can nut tell yuu Whill the btlukkl~eping entries were, huw can they prove they lent Yllulllle cem uftheir money to purchase your promissory note from you proving it was not stolen?

The bankers have tried to lake God uut of our schools, government and wily of life. They must try and do this before going ttl a cashless society knowing thilt real Christians would object per Revelation 13. They are lighting against Gud and they will lose, God repeatedly tells us ttl keep

.• he faith and nllt to fear. Do not fear them, unly fear Jesus, The bailie is the Lords. We simply will obey the King of Kings. Tum Schauf has put Jesus tirst place in his life. Jesus is the King and we simply obey Him. Tom says that God is the one who put the banking books together and this manual and web sites. God is the one behind all of this and lie will



·~~HJ.In~!Ht _

nlll allllw ir tn fail. One day T_lnay give I~ lklails of how God did so may Ihings hI pUI alluf this ",ether. Tom gives Gud the glury for all of Ihis infu,nn,lIilln, buuks an,1 nl'olhllal. Ask your church members II) juin us in living for Gud ,and l.'IIUnlry lind bring Ihis muion back IUlhe God ut" nur Founding Fathers. When ... churches join in with us, we will have Willi.

emment we love and helping us use me vote 10 change things the American way and replacing Ihe government employees Ihal represent the bankers interesl with freedom loving Americans.

Remember that you can make it difference. When lOU becomes 2()() and theu "U() and HIKl becomes I ;fitt and thar tums into 3,lKlU web sites and everyone gt'ls out liver H)(l~ils and people read the books and get angry and fulluw us, we Ihe. dedde whu is elected intu office and will have won Iht' nation. People will join us when they see ·we have it plan Ihal will work. The huuk sales will fund us in saving the nation. Time is running 11111 SII du not llday in helping us save ihe nation.

II i .. real simple. If you stop making loan payments, they will come after you. If you give them a second promissory note, claiming that the agreement allows this as a payment and sending them momhly checks applied to the secuilli note, they cannot sue you but you can sue for breach of agreement and force them 10 reveal the true agreement. On a mortgage, the title or escrow company has the records as tu what bank funded the loan. II" you're nice, they might tell you.

The End

. ~

Nearly anyone in the &:nunlry trying to gel people out uf debt learned ami wllied tnun Tum. Twu law ttebs or schou Is signed agreement with Tum 141 keep rhe infurmaliun cOlllidemial and viulaled Ihe agreement. They losl nearly ewry case simply by &:hanging a few things. Tum new 141 flurida lIIlll mel wuh a gruup in Florida claiming 10 eliminate debt. Their m,II111:11 says Ihill Ihey learned ilbuUI ilthruugh u CPA. Yes, il was Tum. They signell all agreement of cunlidenlialily in frunl IIf a witness. Tum refused In work with rhem afler this. They have been lelling people tu send rhe nedil card company $5 marked paill ill full. If you read Ihe lJCc, you will see Ihal the l.'fL'liil card cumpany is correct and yuu can- 1I111 usc Ihis per me lice fur ~tedil ('aHI companies. You just gave these people UWf S 1,()(Klfm sumellaing per the lI('C Ihill dues nul wurk. Yes, il worked in limned cases wtlh luw credit card balances because it was a luw enough balance uwed il was nul wurth pursuing .

Tell everyone tu be careful uf Ihe people who Iry and cupy Tom's work. The copier ... du not understaml whal and why people win til" luse in court, This lIlallllill was PUII~)gelhtt lin Ihal people can get the infuflUilliun fur $225 and nul spend $ I,(KK)S. Yes, Tum has special friends Ihal he gives ihe laiesl inside infurmaliun lUu. Please just be sure Ihat no one is laking advantage uf you illlll yuur friends. We a. s k yuu lu forward Ihe lalesl guud informalion In Tum so lhal everyone can benefit. Thanks fur everyone's help Ihal has been helping Tum in saving lhe natiun, the gov-

, .




Suggested Court Admissions

The lill.lu,,:illg "uC'lIn~OIS l~.XlUnples IIf whal has been used by orhers ;41 :Iblal~ '"" .: I?ISC~OSLJIU: IIf lill infunn.lliull abulil the buokkeep~ n~ enmes .1~~Ik: I.II~d with lhe loan agreemeOl'llr Cfedill'ards, auio loans

and hUJIlI' mllrlgages. These tile nul legal documents. Fur legal advice, )'1111 ~hlluh, .. lways l"IlIlsuh w.tlh'umpeleOlle.'al cuunsel The' ,~ .

. . 0·. se examples

,IH' onlv IIII' ~'IIU"l'dlll'alj )n ...... , . ,. v

• J l ._, It' erence. .1111 mllsl learn huw Iu hK)k

UI) your .IWI! ~Iall'. sl'lIl1les ill'~ rcgul;lliuns and lISI' them as nccessllry. II

~1:~lld hi' iI gllud idea lu Siail. Up " lucal sillily gruup uf friends in yuur .1fI:.llu hl'l., share the costs'" time fur duing this type uf research.

If it is a credit card, yuu can chnnge the promissory note 10 loan agreement or crellit card agreement and purchase. If it is a mnrtgage broker, make sure yuu say, "alleged lender or financial institution involved in the alleged loan". The following are Admissions ... allmit or deny the following, One needs 10 modify admissions to til she court case. Exlll1lple: The lender ur bank involved in the alleged luan followed GAAP.

W" will be pU~.ling other examples unllur restril:te,1 Member Fonnn on IIlIr new web sue hup;/{bankfreedum.bmwPiICes.\Um '" su it's best lu ~~'I:J1l1jllla'l'd w.ith .the huest hews by l."hcddng it otien. Yuu can gilin aLl!'" '" II by slgnmg the Nun·Disdusure Form and mailing il in,

I) 111e lending bank fulluws the Federal Reserve Bank's policies and procedures,

2) The lenlling bank accepts all species of money mandated by the FederulReserve Bank,

3) The lending bank ")lIows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, GAAP.

4) The lending bank claims that they lent money to Joe Smith.

5) The terms WId conditiuns of the alleged agreemem disclosed that the bank or linancial Institution involved in the 104m was to use the borrower's promissory note like or as money or credit which resulted in increasing lhe assets and liabilities of a bank(s) and or financial instilution(s),

6) The terms and conditions of the alleged agreement disclosed thai the original lender never lent one cent of money as udelluate consideratiun to purchase the promissory note from the burrower,

7) The terms and conditions of the alleged ag_reement disclosed that the economics of the loan were thillthe borii,wer's promissory note was exchanged lilr sumething of equal value like money or a bank check or bank draft or similar device that was returned to the borrower as a ImUl,

Ii) The terms WId conditions of the alleged agreement disclose that a bank or linancial institulion was to accept the borrower's promissory nute like banks accept muncy and use the value of the promissory note to create new money or credit.

9) The terms. and conditiuns of the alleged loan agreement allow the bank to record the promissory note as an asset of a bank or financial institution resulting in a new liability of a bank or financial institutiun.

JI) The blK)kkeeping entries of the promissory note shows Ihat a bank





·.,.iJ~. ---

.~- .• ~

or linandal insuunion ~""ded lhe promissory note as an asset of bankts) ur financinl in"liun(s) resulting in a new liabilily uf bnnkts) or linandal insl"U.iun(s).

II) An:urding ro rhe terms a .... l'unditions ufthe IUiu}, GAAP was ro be fulillwed induding lhe itmlching principle as ouuined in GAAP. (Mall·hing principle means if a customer deposits muney al a bank, the bank musl eredu me sume customer's checking accllunl showing iI bank. Iiabilily shudg lhallbe bank owes muney to the same customer. )

11) The I~n,ling bank __ .race in lender's name), agrees lhallhe inlenlll!" lhe agreement reqllires thatlhe pany whn provided the muney lhill funded the hum is 10 be repaid lhe muney plus interest.

1.11 AHurding lu the luan ilgreemenl the bank ur linanl'ial inslitutiun involved in the ialleged Juan is III use the borrower's promissory note as muney, money elluivalent ur Ihing of value lU give value tu bank checks ur bank drafts or bank wire transfers.

14) An-urding hi GAAP tkJukkeeping entries, regarding Ihe luan and pWlIlis'oury note, bank or financial insliluliuns assels and liabililies inlT~aseli by approximately the amount of the allegcd luan.

151 The alleged borrower is alluwed hi repay the Illan using the same spt'l·il.'s IIf muncy ur credil lhill the bunk used tu fund Ihe illleged luan, Ihus ending all liens and iIllC'·CSI.

Ill) The uuem of the alleged agreement is Ihal all burrowers must repay all lenders.

17) The uuem uf the allca,!c&1 agreemem was fllr th,' borrower 10 provide the mllncy or muney tljuivalelll or capuul uun ihe lender would use 10 fund the luan 10 the borrower.

I K) The imem of Ihe luanagreement was fur Ihe one who provided lhe money lu fund the loan is lu be repaid the muncy.

Il)) II was agreed in Ihe loan agreemem thar rhe economics of the loan was hi be similar 10 stealmg, coumerfeiung and swindling.

2U) A4:cuhling IU the lermllltRd condiliuns of lhe loan agreement, money is regarded as 'cash, t:J'lleral Reserve Nilles and any other money lhal bimks accept as money Ihal is recorded as a bank asset

21) The imem of Ihe Inan agreement is li'l" me lender lu fullow GAAP reg .. rding Ihe promissory note as required by hlW or CPA audil opinion.

}l) The lender WHIle Ihe Imm agreement. \

23) The current parly holding lhe loan agreemem understaads lhe terms of the luan agreement including the terms uf which pany who was to provide money to fund the loan.

f \










N\",- Nt gotiable

Notice of Adsquale Atsurance of Due Pedonnance

i: ;1

Cenified Mail" _. . _

ment that the Lender then lent to the Borrower - which would have an economic effect simihaf to stealing, coumerfeiung ami swindling - and that the Lender ha. s followed the Federal Laws 12 USCA Sec. IH31n (a)(2)(A) al"Vue 12 CFR 74I.b(b) regarding Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards concerning this loan.


X Y7. ('mullany, hereinafter "Lender"



Fri, Feb 15,2'.11

The Burrower is hereby requesting that an authori/.ed officer ur agent of the Lender sign and return the auacned aftidavit within 10 days of your receipt uf this nonce. Also auached is an affidavit signed by the Borrower suuing from the Borrowers personal knowledge the terms of the agreement. This is the Burrower's good failh auempt to sell Ie this mauer and dear up any confusion aboul the terms of the loan agreement prior tu an Administrative Hearing on rhe mailer. Failure 10 respond will be deemed a dishunor of this Nutice, 11\e aftidavils are evidence that may be used accurding to the Federal Rules of Evidence 10 prosecute or enforce any default by you in this matter, My CPA is prepared 10 offer Expert Witness tesumony should court proceedings be necessary.

. ,


I. Ben Rubbed, hereinafler "Bllrmwet" 'J9'J llill Ave



~' -:


RE: AII~ged credit card number, this debl is dispuled. Before I pay, I wanl III knllw Ihe ueiails of what the enure agreement is, and if you performed "~'l'I)rding to Ihe agreement.

Dcur UflilWS andJllr agents for Lender,


II has vome III the allent"m of the alleged Borrower, after consulting with Bllrrllwcr's CPA and researcning the United States Code, the correspulUling elide uf Fedemlltegulatiuns, Ihe Uniform Cummcrcial Code, ... ul ccnaiu a:ede .... 1 Reserve lbnk Publicaliuns (see "'ladlcll), Ihilt there is reason lu believe that the alleged Lende r is nut Ihe Hulder in Due ('"urse lit' the Burrower's promissory note and/ur mily have breached the agreement concerning the above-referenced loan,


.. roo

------.-------- ....... _----------------

Sinl'e 11ll' Bonuwer paill money in the form III' a Pmmissury Nutl' tu the Lender hi perform ~curdi.l\~ lu a luan agreement, the Burruwer is nnw hereby rl'lllieslingAde'luall! Assunance uf Due Performance pursuant tu lice 2-()(1'J Ihal tbe Lender has performed laccurding tu rhe luan agreement and Ihat the orh:ioal Ic:mJer used Iheir uwn moDe), to purchase lhe 8urrower's pmmisSQ[y DOle and did nut accept the Burrower's prom issury nute as mtmey or like mlmey lu fund the check or similar instru-




'.' \ ..

AFFJDAW tor Borrower ur c ..... ~e to notice

The undersigned amilot, ~ingduly swum un uath, deposes anti says:

TIl at he or she understands that ... exchange is nut a loan. _.XYZ Bank, hc>rl'inilfier called "alleged lender' claims that they lem their money to me. Alleged lender dilimed tll tie that the alleged lemler would charge interest as "'lImpensatilln fur le'Ming me the knder's money. Financiill in~liluliun's CPA audu upiniun~ daim thallilllUlciil1 instiluliuns involved in issuing .. lIegelllllMli ur luans "ulluw Generally Accepted Accuunting Priuciples, GA" 'inere is a dispule regarding. whu

lu.med Whilltu whuan regarll_ the allegcli loan. The alleg"'lllclider d'lims Ihal Ihey 1t'1lI me Iheir ilkmey. The .. lIl.'ged lender d .. ims thai the alleged tender has loau papers with the borrower's name un it a." evidence uf a debt. The bookkeeping entries shuw the opposue and

thai the allc1!ed burrower was the lender and Ihat the alleged lender was til< borrower. Acwrding IU GAAP Ihis is whal happened: The alleged lenMr antllinandal instiluliun invulved in Ihe alleged IUiUl never lent une ecru hi Ihe allcged burrower as adequare l'lmsideratiun lu purchase the alleged borrower's promissory note. The alleged borrower first became me lender tu the alleged lender and rhe alleged lender was first Ilk' bUUllwer. Accnnling 10 GAAP. the bank recorded the promissury nllll.' as a bank a. s SCI unset by a bank liability. The promissory note was rewhled as a bank assel in exchange fur credus in the borrower's trans.llliull OIl'l'UUnt or In give \lalue tu a ('heck ur similar instrument. The malrhing Ilriflciple in GAAP requires that there he a matching liabililY u .... selling the prumi'ssury note recorded as an iL"SCI und that the liabililY shuw that the banlJallegetilenlier uwes the alll.'gl.'d borrower money for the pmmissury note that was ient til the bank u.- alleged lend"r. The promissury note was t1epusiled in a similar manner as ca. s h is dep"sitl'd in a d'~l'king accounr. IA-pusiting cash or a promissury nutt imu ill'hed,ing accuun, or a tmnsactiun accoum is the same or similar IU loaning tht·bank .... l:a. .. h ur promissory note. According to GAAP the Ilrnmissury nute was deposiied as a bank asset unset by " b'lllk liilbilil), with the b"nk liability shllwing Ihatthe bmll, owed the alleged burrower muney fur the promissory nulC th u t was received from thl' alleged burruwer and deposited. When the bank deposiied me prumissury nute and credited the borrower's transact inn account, the








bank or alleged lender, the one who claims they own the promissory note, recorded a lnan from ibe alleged borrower to Ihe bank or alleged lender making the alleged borrower the lender and the alleged lender became the borrower.The billlk returned Ihe equivalent in kind or equal value uf the luan to John Due Ihe lender per GAAP. When the money was repaid 10 John One, Ill< true lender per GAAP, the alleged lender claims that the money was a loan 10 a borrower named John Doe and ignores the bookkeeping entries which proves the money trail as to whum lent what 10 whom. Alleged lender claims tu be lhe lender using a promissory note to claim they lem money to the alleged borrower but GAAP shuws that the opposite happened. The alleged lender did the uppusite of whm tI~ alleged borrower John Doe understood and believed WiL-; to huppen, crealing an economic effect similar to stealing, coumerfeuing mul swimlling llgilinsllhe allcgcli borrower John Doe.





The cost and risk uf Ihe alleged loan changed. lfihe true lender lent

$ UK) III a burrower lind the burrower repays the loan, there is equal prutectinn under the law and ugreemeru. There is no economic effect simil .. r to stealing, counterfeiting and stealing and swindling. If me alleged lelllier steals $ UX) from the borrower mid returns the $ J(X) to the borrower as a loau, the eust and risk changes ,"ld the economics of the .. lIeged loan is similar III sieuling and swindling,

Signed under penalty of perjury.


(NOlice 10 Reader 8e cardul before sia:njnc Ihis affidavit. you must be sure that Ihey really created new money.)

, ..



The undersigned 'Imam, being dut, """om on oarh, deposes and says:

111i11 hc/:.he is illl um~:er uf Ihe w~""y who daims 10 hullilhe promis:.ory lillie.

Thai he/:.he, as an uflker l)f the l'tllnpany holding said note has the authorilY 10 execute Ihis aftillavil on behalf of lhe company and to bind the same lu ils prnvisions.

The Juan agreement has me folluw'n', terms:

The lender ur fillill~l.d insliluliun tnvoJved in the alleged luan fullows GAAP ,Generally Accepted Accoullling Principles). The intem of Ihe agl'cement is that the pany who funded the loan, per bookkeeping entries, i:. hi be repaid the money. According to·me buukkeeping entries, Ihe bank or lendt'f u~d Iheir money as adequate consideralion 10 purchase lhe burfllwcr's prumissory note, The pttllnissory noll' was nol used as value Itl give value III a check or similar inslfUmenl or checking account I affirm Ihal I understand ihe terms and conditions of Ihe luan agreement.

Signed under penally of perjury.

Sil!nillure til' Officer

Juhll Doe

X YZ Credil Union

Swum In iand subscribed before me this day of _

My wllunbsiull Expires __ ' _. _

, ..



AFFIDAVft¥=tedif Union)

The undersigned amanl, being ..... y swum un oath, deposes ami says:

Thill he/she is an IImcer of ihe beluw named linancial institution, a Federally Insured Credu lIniun, hereinafter called credit union.

That, 11.\ an uflicer uf the aeliit dllklll, he/she ha. s the authority to execute Ihis anidavil un behalf IIf lhe credit union and 10 bind lhe nedil uniun In us provisions. II is UntlCfslIlutllhal an exchange is nlll a luan. The credil unilln luans III 11IIITilWerS cash ,It III her deposihlrs muney tu legally oblalll pussessioll IIf the promisstttf nmes.


The Cfl'lIil union affirms il dues tlOI aCI like a moneychanger receiving a

ncguliable instrument or eommereia] paper hereinaner "funds" from the btlrwwer. The credit ulliun exchllflges funds received from the burrower fur an equal amllunt IIf funds returned Iu the borrower calling the transacuon a Illan IU the burrower.

The cr~tlil union dues nOI dell}" I'"rrowers equal protection under the law, money, credu, aml agreement.

The ne(lil ulliull cumplies wilh iII,,1 fullows 6111 rot'deral Reserve Bank rules, Jkllirics and procedures. The creliil union complies with Generillly Accepted An'lIuming Principles (GAAP) a. s sialed in Tille 12. Chapler VII IIf Ihl' U.S. ('lIde uf Federal kegulaliuns (12 CFR 741.6) liealing wilh the Nidillnal Credi] Union Adminislralion requirements fur insurance.

The creliil unilln fully discloses 10 each and every borrower all material facls wilh respect hI all 101m agreements as hI whum is 10 loan exactly what tu whum and whether me borrower ur Ihe credil union funds the loan check,

The burrower dues nlll pruvide fulilis 10 Ihe credit union, which are used hI fund a check or similar insuumem,

I also aftirm Ihal all malerial facls are slated in Ihe wrillen agreement,


r \

, ......


Signed under penalty of perjury,

Signalure of Officer

John Due

XYZ CredillJniun

Sworn to and subscrihed before me this day of _

My commission ,Expires _



Nun-NegUliable NOTICE cittd DEMAND

the alleged loan and the loan agreement was stu len and forged. thus ending any claim you have against us.


Juhn Due. hereinaftd "Borrower" Sueet

(' it)'. S tate l)1)91)9

15 U.S.C. § 1692 (e) statex that" "fulse.ueceprive. and misleading representation in connection with the collection of any debt." includes the false represenuuiun of the character or legal status of any debt and further makes a threat to take any action thai cannot legally be taken a deceptive practice.


x YZ Collection Ag, .. cy, hereinafter "Lender" Street

Cit)'. State 99999 ..

Such Nulit.:e omus information, which should have been disclosed. such as vital ciunions, disclosing the agency's jurisdictional and statutory authurity. Said Notice further contains false. deceptive and misleading represemations and allegations intended to intentionally pervert the truth fix the purpose of inducing one. in reliance upon such. to part with property belonging 10 them and to surrender certain substantive legal and statutury rights. To act upon this Notice would divest one of his/her property and Iheir prerogative rights. resulting in a legal injury.


RE: Nlltil'e anti Dem.uIIJ tu Cease and Desist Cullectiun Activities Prior hi Valitlatiun of Purponed Debt

Dear Accounr Manager:

Pursu,mt III the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 15 U.S.C. § 1601. Ihl):! a seq., this l'unstitutes timely wnuen nonce thilll dispute the entire "muullt III' the '1lIeged 111.111 and that I decline tll pay the attached erroneIIUs purponed debt Nutice whil"h is unsigned and unauesred and which I disl'harge and l"alleel in its entirely. withuut dishllnllr; un the grounds ut" hreadluf l·untr"l"t. false repre~I'tatiun. allli fraud in the inducement.

Pursuant to 15 U.S.C. § 1692 (g) (4) Validatiun uf Debts. if you have evidence to validate your claim that the auached presentment does not constilule fmudulelll misrepresenuuiou and thaI one owes this alleged debt, Ihis is " demand that, within 30 days. yuu provide such validation


and supporting evidence to substantiate your claim. Until the require-

ments ul" the Pili r Debt Collecuon Practices Ael have been mel and your claim is validated. you have no jurisdiction 10 continue any collection activiues.

""U have refused til ans we r nur Notice ul" Ade(luatc Assurance of Due Performance.jhus ending the alleged agreement and giving us evidence thin the allt'getl lelilier ditl nut fullllw GAAP. An'lIHling tn the bookkeeping cnlries. the "lIeged btlrn.wer provided the money ur credit, a thing uf value. III funlilhe 'allegtd luan or check or simil'lf instrument in lJucstiun. Failure tu answer our Nutice of Adelluale Assurance of Due Perfurmance tells us that yuu admowledge the alleged burruwer funded

This is Actual Nntice that absem the validauon of yuur claim within 30 days, ynu must cease iUld desist any and all collectinn activity and are prohibued from cuntacting me. through the mail. by telephone. in person, al my home. or al my work. Yuu are further prohibited from contacling my employer. my bank. or any other third party. Each and every auempted CUillact. in violation urlhe Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.



w illl'unslilul~ harassmem am' ~famalion of character will subject ~our itgelKY lUllJlur board and any Ad all agellls in hislher/their individual capaciues, who lake part in slAfrharassmelll, and defamatiun,to a liabililY fUf stalul"ry damilgcs of up'it, $I,()()U .• 1Ilt! Jlossibly II further lillbilily f,lr l~g .. 1 fl'~S lu be paid au Oldy counsel which I may retain. Further; absenl such validation uf yuur ~~im, you are pruhibited from tiling any notice III' hen anlllm levy am.l" also barred frulll reporting any derugatllry aedit infonmlliun au any &.tedit Reponing Agency, per Fair Credit Billing ACI, regarding this disputed purported debt.

Further, pursuant hi the Fair Mt Collection Practices ACI, .15 U S.C. § Ihl)2 (g) (.1). as you are mere"''' "agency" or board. acting on someone dst.'· s behalf. this is a demand ahat you provide the name and address of tht' IIri~imll "principal" or "httlder in due course" for whom you are attempung III wllel·t this debtlOgether with yuur affidavit of assignment; power III" auorney, and cenilkution uf yuur license.

Agalll, pursuant tu The Fair orbt Credit Collection Prucuces ACI § H09. Validatilln of debts 115 USC 16lJ2gl subsection (b) auached). and as referenced in your correspondence veritkaliun within )() days 10 the address beluw.

Verilil:atilln requires "Cunlirmillion of correctness, mnh, or authenticity by aflillavit, lIath Of deposition. In accounting. the process of substanuitting emries in buoks til' accotlilt" (Black's Law Dicuonary, Sixth Edi-


uon St.'C auached), This veriticaliun shuuld include, bUI not be limited tu.

signing the enclosed aflil.lavit verifying the terms and cundilions of the allc.'~cll luan aud .. nswcrs to the folluwing list uf questions:

I. Al'l'unlin~ In Yllur, under ..... ling of the alleged agreement. is the wriucn agreement, by the terms u~l.I within it. ddining terms of a luan IIr an exchange ul" equal value fur Clltlal value"


2. According to your understanding Itf the alleged agreement, if I charge $4()O to the credit cant. does the credit card company loan me other

people's $4(Xr!

3. According to your understanding of the alleged agreement. if I charge $400 tu my credit card does the credit card company not lend me other peoples' money. record the $400 lowe the credit card co~pany as II $400 asset with a newly created $4()() liability on the credit card's company's accounting books and then transfer this liability tu the store Il:hargel.lthe $400 to so I receive $4()O of merchandise"


It' loaned $40() to the credit card company, would the credit card company's assets and liabilities Increase by $400'!


If the credit card company stole $4(X) from me and recorded the stolen $4()() un the accuunting books and records of the credit card company. wuuld the credit card assets and liabilities or capital in-

crease by $4(X)',

6. According to your understanding of the agreement. if I charged $4(10 to my credit card. does the credit card compan)' receive a $400 asset from me ror free and return the value of this same S4()0 asset back 10 me as almlll from the credit card company. and this loan pays for the merchandise I bought using my credit card?

7. According to your understanding of the agreement. does the credit card company charge uueresuo me for the use uf an asset the credit card company loaned to me and that existed before I charged the

.. $400 to the credit card"

K. According to yuur underslanding of the agreement. if John Doe uses the credit card to charge $4()O. according to the credit card company's


buukkeeping emries, is ".'h Doe also allhe same lime Ihe lender or nellilur 10 the credu catd company in the amount of $40()'~

lI. Does Ihe credit Gird cunlfNhY cumply IU the Federal Reserve Bunk's policies and procedures w~n issuing credit and charging imerest ro customers of the credit cllrd company when the .customer uses the t'redil card tu buy merchlAlIlJise?

I n. Is illhl' nedil canl Cllillpata)"s policy It) tleny ellual PflllCt'liun under Ihe law. money. credit. ".-eement or contract to the users of their credit cards?

II, Accurding III rhe l'redit card company's bookkeeping entries, if the aetlit card company p.tJ its lIebt associated wilh granting loans, CIIuM il pay the debt the Borrower owes the credit cant company?

12. Al'l'uhling ttl your credit ciu·d company's polit'y. did the Borrower provide the nedit card company with an asset. anti the credit card company retumed the value of that asset back to the same Borrower calling il a loan?

I], According to jhe credit card company's policy, dues the credit card company al'tlike a moneychanger, receiving an asset from the Borrower and relurning the vulue of the a.'iset back hi the same Borrower illllll'harging as if there was a loan?

1-1, What are illl uf Ihe bookkeeping entries related to and associated with the cretlit c.trd transact inns for this credit cant account'!

15, An:urding til the. written IIgteement was the Borrower to loan anything tu the credit card company'

16, At'curding to the written agreement, was the Borrower to give the


credit card anything of value of which the credit card company liabilities increased by the amount of what the credit card company received'!

17, According to your untlerstimtling according to the wriuen agreement. was there to be an exchange or equal value for equal value between the credit card company and the Borrower'!

I H, According tu your understanding of the agreement was there to be an exchange frum the Borrower'!

19, If the credit card company is cumplying with the Federal Reserve Banks pulicies and procedures when issuing credit and charging interest. is the burrower's transaction account credited for the amount burruwed. and is that the matching liability for the amount that is debited to the bunk's asset accuunt'! (Federal Reserve Bunk of Chicagu, Mu,jem Money Mechanics, p. 6. and Two faces of Debt, pp


20. If "A deposil created throueb lendioa: is a debltba! bas to be paid on demand ot' Ihe depositor, jusl Ihe same as 'hs: debt arisin&: from a custumer's deposit ut' checks or currency in ~.bs: bank." (federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Two Faces ur Debt. p 19), dues that mean that till' credit card company owes the Borrower rm the deposits made in connection with credit card loan transactiuns'! [Emphsis


21, When granting luans if the credit card company's liabilities did not increase, wuuld the bank be in viulation til' the Federal Reserve Banks " pulicies and procedures'! (federal Reserve Bank uf Chicago, .Mud: em Money Mechanics, p. 6, and Two Faces of Debl, pp 17-19)

22. If the credit card company does nut repay "a devusil ere ale" Ihroua:h


kru!iot", would il be in viot~1O of Ih~ Federal Reserve Bank's policies and procedures? (Feddill Reserve Bank of Chicago, MW.: ern MUll!.')' M,dljlnjq., p. 6, .wtwo Fa(es of Ikbt. ill> 17-19)

2.\. Wheni.luan is nUl repaid, is Itw line whu funded rhe loan ~amaged'!

2-1. When the l'redil GIHI I:umpany dues nul repay upon demand the ,ll'fltlsil m'lll~ by ihe Burrower, lIues il shuw Ihal II~ ptllil:y and in- 1&.'111 III' the credit I:ard I:ompan, Is III deny ellual pnuecuon of the Agreement and law and credii iu Ihe Burrower'!

25. Wh~1I rhe credn card compan, ioes nOI reveal the substance of the uansacmm in Ihe Iman agreemeat t« the Borrower, does it shllw thai Ih,' p"li,)' ilnd intent of the credir card company is III deny full disdu~ure (If the terms HI' the 108 agreement 10 the Borrower?

!h. 1>11 the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the Generally Accepted Audiling Standards (GA AS), the Audil Reports, the Audilur\ Wurking Papers, ihe Call Reports, and Ihe credit card company's tlnuncial statements (Ihat are relaled hi and ussociated wuh the loan uansacuon) reveal rhe substance of the loan agreemem?

27. If the subslilnl'e uf rhe loan agreement dues nut match the wriuen furm uf ihe agreement, dues il significantly change the cost and the ri~k III' the wriueu agreement?

2x. Is full disclosure of material facts essential to a valid contract in order '" have mutual agreement?

:!~. In yuur upinilln, is it material or imponant'" knuw which party is to fund the loan in order tu know who is damaged if the loan is not repaid'!


30. In your opinion, do you believe the Burrower intended to provide the considenuion to fund the credit card loan?

31. If the crellit curd company did not risk .IIlY of its assets at any time regarding the wriuen agreement, was this material fact ever disclosed

to the Burrower?

32. In your opinion, if "An unnlllsciunable bargain or coruract is one which no man in his senses, nut under delusinn, would make, on the one hand and which nil fair and honest man would accept on the other ... 11t isl 'usually held to be void as against public policy." (Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Edition), would a loan agreement that takes the Burruwers assets as the funding for a loan back to the Borrower, and then requires thai the Borrower to pay back that loan with interest tu a third parry, and then t1,)~s not require the repayment of the Burrower's funds back to the Borrower, be an agreementthat is unconscionable?

33. Accurding til your undersumding of the alleged agreement, if the Borrower wus tu provide the funds fur the loans fur the credit card account would the alleged agreement, in your opinion, be unconscionable as defined in Blacks Law Dictiunary'! _-

34. In your olliniun, if a signature is "the act of putting one's name at the end of an instrument to attest to its validity" (Blacks Law Dietiunary, 6th Edition), then could Ihat signature be valid if the instrument itself is an unconscionable bargain or Contract?


Did the credit canl company actually gain title to any debt instrument (credi! card slip) that the Burrower signed and gave 10 the merchant for the merchandise received"

36. Do yuu have personal knowledge thlltthe credit card company pru-


vid~d 'full disdllsurc' of .... ~f ihe terms III' Ihe agreement?

.n. DII you have persllnallmuwltlige that the credit card company disdu~d hI Ihe Borrower lilt Itl:deml Reserve Pulid e s and Procedures and the Generally Aceepted Acwunling Principles (GASP) requirements impose uptlAtliFedemlly-insured (roIC) banks in Tille 12 oflhe United Sialelt tude. St'cliull I Xli n (a). Ihal pruhibil them from lending their uwn Inuney "rum their uwn assets, or from IIlher tkptlsilllrs'! WilS il tti!ltluSt'd where the muney wus coming from?

3X. ()u Y"U have personal knu.ftdge Ihallhe credil card company disdllselilhill the t:lIll1rat:llhe.lffllwer signed (the promissory note) was guing III be convened inlu a 'negotiable insuumem by the credit t:iud t:umpany .mll become illl asset ou the credit card company's aCl"llullling books? Did the credu card company disclcse this informauont« the Borrower and thar the signature on Ihal note made il 'money'. an'mding IU the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). sections I· 2111 (24) and l-W4'!

,N. Do yuu hOIVI' personal lnuwledge that the credil card company disdused Ihal lhe Borrower's comraci or promissory note (money) wuuld he I .. ken, rel'uuled as an asset of Ihe credu card company, Wilhuul 'valuable consider.lion· given lu IIblain the note?

,W. DII you have personal knowledge Ihililhe credu card company gave rhe Borrower n deposil slip us a receipt for the money the Burrower gave rhem, just a. s a hank would nurmally provide when making a depllsil hI a hank?

41. Since. pursuant III VCC .1 .•• ihe burden uf proof is onme pany daiming under Ihe signalure. do you have personal knuwledge of me validilY of lhe signamre if il is denied in the pleadings based Uptlll answers lu above questions? -


I "

42, Since, pursuam 10 UCC 3-602(b)(2). the obligarion of a party 10 pay an instrument is NOT discharged if the person making the payment knuws Ihal Ihe instrumenl is stolen, do yuu have personal knuwledge Ihallhe inslrument is IIr is NOT stolen?

You should be aware Ihal sending unsubsulIltiated demands fur payment Ihruugh the United Slates Mail System might consunne mail fraud under federal and state law. You may wish 10 consult wilh a competent legal advisor before yuur next cummunicalion with me.

Yuur failure to respond un-pt,int wilhin lU days 10 salisfy this request within the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act will be cunslrued a. .. your absolute waiver ul' &lny and all claims against me. and your tadt agreement tn compensale me for CuSIS and legal fees,



John Due

The Fair Debt Cullectilln Pracuces Act . ,

"Verilkatiun" dcfiniliun in Blacks Law Dictionary. Sixth Edl~lOn "Unconscionable" definition in Black's Law Dictionary. SIxth

Edition '

Federal Reserve Bank off Chicago. Modem Muney Mechamcs..



Federal Reserve 8i11lk of Chicago, Two Faces vf Debt. pp. 17 & 19



Null- Ncguliahlc



I. Ben Rub~tl, hereinafter "Burrower"

XYZ Credil ('Itrd Company, herein .. Iter "Allege,1 Lender"


Fri. Feb 15. 2(1U2

RE: AII~~ell nellil card mlfhber

Nolice I" Ihe principle is dotiee to Ihe agent and nolice 10 Ihe agenl is notice 10 Ihe principle.

I. I. Ben Ruhbed. hereby give NUlice uf Alleged Luau Dispute IU the Lender.

Alkgellll'nlkr advenisclilu me Ih.ulhey woukl lend me their moaey if I agre~d 10 repay their luan. The alleged lende r advertised IU me Ihal they h.ItJ deposiled muncy and that they would lend the deposiled muney hI borrowers, bnrruwers must repay the muncy sn Ihal the muncy can be relumed III ihe (k'pllsitnr~ whll funded tne luall. Nnw I have evidence, ihe bookkeeping entries per GAAP. th"tth~ alleged lender did the opposue of what they claimed they h'IlJ done creating economics similar In sle:tlillg. l'lIl11uerteiting and swindling.

There are tWl.' totally djjj~relll kinds ur Illlms. The 'irSI example gives l'llual PH~I~l'lIun. aud th~ .the W~(I funded Ihe luan is tn be repaid the money. (:,xample num~r one: It Joe deposits $1(X.allhe bank. the bank lends Jue s SHill tn Mike and Mike repays the bank the S 100 and the h.mk rl!IUms the $l()() In Ioe. The second example is quise difterenr. In Ihe st;(·un,1 example lhe bank claims thallhey will lend Joe S WO. Through concealmeru, the bank steals SJ(X) from Joe, deposits the SHX) and re-


turns the slolen SJ(X) 10 Joe as a bank loan. This has the economics similar 10 stealing. counrerfeiung and swindling totally changing the cost and risk of the ltlleged loan. In both cases the banker decl ares Ihat Joe received a SItKllnan. All Burrower asks is that the nne who funded the Inall is III be repaidjhe money, In example number one.rhe b,lOk funded the IUiUl, in example number IWo JO(.' lunded the Illan. When Ihe bank conceals Ihe bookkeeping entries and the economics similar tu stealing. coumerfeitiug .tlld swindling, Joe IUSI $1 ()O of wealth and the bank gained SlUt) (If we:ahh before Joe ever received the allegcll $ J()() bank loan. Under example number IWO the bankers would end up owning nearly everything in America and Iorre the average Americun incu more and more debt every lime Ihe bank stole the muncy ami returned the stolen muncy as a IOilll. If there is an agreement, men there is tu be mutual underslan(ling and considennion, money paid. tu buy Joe's promissory note. When the bank stole Joe's $1110. the bank never paid one cent fur the stolen money and the theft was concealed and never agreed io by Joe. The bank tuM me Ihalthey operated under example number one but Ihe bookkeeping entries nnw show Ih"1 the bank operates under example numbertwo ut" which I never agreed IOU. I am detining the word theft ur slealing as Ihe lender ublaining the burrower's promissory note without pitying nne cent :as considerauon w buy Ihe promissory note from the borrower ur as recording ihe promissory note as a toan from the alleged borrower In the bank or illleged lender and concealing this loan, I am defining countcrfeiung as altering the promissory note atter it was allegedly signl'd :lUd or ncalillg new muncy or credit or hank liabilities. I am defining swindling as the same or similar economics and or bookkeeping entries as stealing SlOt) from Joe and Ihen returning the value IIf the stolen properly 10 Jl)e itS iI loan, I .1111 defining money as money. money C(luivillcm. capital, funds, negotiable instruments. promissory notes or Ihing uf value Ilml Ihe hanks usc as or like muncy IU fum! checks or drafts Of wire uuusfers or similar instruments.

There is a difference between muncy and weah~!. Money is used to buy Ihings. Wealth is lhings yuu can sell like real esuue, gold, silver. cars and lu bur. Yl'S, Amcriclms wurk 4() hours LI week and sell their time fur a payml! check. If Ihe bilnkllend~r steals ine promissory note, deposits the promissory nole like new money and creates new muney and returns the value (If ihe stolen money In the victim as a loan. the banker received and beneliled with similar economics like or similar 10 slealing, counterfeiting aud swindling and receiving the alleged burrower's weahh fur free. The alleged borrower must wurk for the banker for free 10 repay Ihe alleged 101111 ur the bunker forecloses and gels me property fur free. It" every American stopped wurking and stayed home counterfeiting mUlley. therc would be nu toud or gas for your car because everyone

'~I()ppe,1 wurking. This is why thieves and counterfeiters gu to jail. If the thief and counterfeiter is not Slopped. the criminal would end up owning everything fj)f free. The counterfeiter or thief needs the average American 10 produce wealth, homes, cars. boats, gas, fuud so that the thief and counterfeiter ( .. an live in luxury oblaining wealth for free without pro-


~IUl'illg 'UlYlhln~ uf value Ot~r .....

b it" itgr~l'll\enl then I demanttl. :'1 new Oloney" If YIlU daim thaI Ih Ihe 'Igrcement _ Remember liWtt ' ,now.ll"e dC-lails ul" whal you dai':~~ unden.landing HI' frauduleo'l "1t. ", IS,no agreemem if there is II() m lSI

t, 'I' , ' ", ea men. r , " ' ulUa

"nIlW' I Ie eCUIIUnlil'S uf Ihe • ,I" () lIlaiena' tacls, I deman I

III' '. 'Ill • -t' - , ge .. (I",. a"f '''11 ' " ( In

, g. II ", l:I l."lIlUg itll\' Sleatiltit I dem'u 0 C .. I eOllS sundar tu sleal-

IIIg erunes n'gmding Ihe pro .... ssury nl~I~~'11I knllw the b,lIIk boukkeep_

The h~I('k~eeping entries pro\', Ch ,. If '

hnannal .IIlSIIlUliof) invulved itt Ih~ ~;'e' -,wang, The illleged lender or bur~u,wer s _'U611~papen., prumisslIry note ~e~' luan an'eple" lhe .. lIeged Imhl,IIl,Y, 1 he 'mandill inslilul&cm ex 'h" aili a b'lOk ilSliCI nOSeI by a bank nl"ltl IIllh,' bUfmwt.'r's .... lIlli .. c.tun al':o ~'nged .'he "rumissury nUle fur

allcgelilendc.' rl'l'unJeli the IV. _' ,_ UIlI_ ThiS means Ihallhe ballk

b h ,...t .... rssory "'lIIe "I' ur

urruwe:r~u t e b ... ~k and Ihe _k (aUe ee as a u.an frnm the alleged

rower. r. .... unple: " Joe xoes I. i •. Ih b g d 'entler) fIrst bel'ame Ihe bt

, _I' J.' , ." • e aok· n. ,I' )rlfl'ulls ue li ~:hed,,"g "CCUUnt.olilll;_" " , ' .. l uepnsJls 1 f(J() .he b' k

me: 'Ih h '- ~saclJull al'C'U I)" or ' an

cans al I e .. <Ink re('urded .1' bank r' b" ' n IIr .. 100, ThiH'red<1

bank .. el'(I.d~d it Imlll from J..~ III Ihe ~~ IIJ~y ,u:mum shuwing Ihm I~ anti Chat che bank was the burrow T:'k an" .ha. Joe Was Ihe 'euller Icnller In the b'lIlk ilnd Ihal Ihe! b' e~ " re bim!.; ,Igrees Chill Joe is Ihe willk up In che bank teller ani gec h~' S~ .he burrower because Joe ..

$ HlU and< spend the money, This me~s -, h')() !,r JUt; c~n wrile a check ~~

Ill' pr n ' ans I e ""'111"1' • " or cult ssnfY nUIt.' lake muney as a de l)" " '~I IIlS'IIU',un al'l'epled

or l'hed.:s lake muney lind credit a die ~ ,Sll JUSI like banks ilel'ep' c>lsh cou"'. Ranks an'epi legitllender mun~ "~~ aCCIIUIII Uf .ransal'lIun i1~pronussury notes like muncy, which is o'Y l,II'ed l'a. .. h .. nd bimks an'ept prll"'h~n~}' Illllt's flay imeresl, inveslu~s u-':. 'e~i1llend~r muuey bel'ilUse I~UIl'~ .. ~I\'ang Ihe prumilisul)' nutes eq~;rl ,,,,IY ca. .. ~~ '~)r 'he pmmissul)' 't,ll 1 .• 11 Rest:'fVt' Bank publk.uiuns and G ,vah,le 'u ~alih. ACt'urding In I nnciples - Ihl' sl.andart! buoklee in' e C ~er'll.'y Al'l'ep'ed Al'l'lIuntin , low- Ihe P!CIIIlI'isur,y unle W.IS ren~~d ::~~Ieli ,b.IIl,ks <lfl' required tu ful~ lender \If Im;IIll'IiI' IIIslilUliun invulved' x a lu,m'rom lIIe.u Ihe a lIeged knder an" )'1111 were 'irS( Ihe burr l III .he alleged Ioan. I W&l" 'irs. Ihe fl'lurnetllhc munl'Y h, me, yu. d<li~l,;ert' ~hen yuu rep;li" the 'uun .md In me WOlS nul fepaying Ihe mlhk-y 111';1 'cllihe muney Ihm yuu returned ~he ""~n'-'y you rl'~lIrncd In me was a .:, •• ;".11 bUffuwed Ii-nm me, bUllhal agree III the pnnnp'e ,hal the nne wh( .. ' lrulll YUlIllIlIle, 'Ihink we aU Ihe lUnney, An:Ulding III Ule buukk~e u,lIded Ih~ 'uan shuuld be rep'lid (~~e wh,., pruvidell Ihe muncy tlr funds r,:~g ~Ulnes - GAAP- I W.IS ;hc llalll.l was ICIlI h. Inl'. AI this .ime yllu a ~I '~ntJc:d lhc muney Ihat yuu and 1~ll'l~ III \\'hill ytlu i1rc d'lilllin" I'S a Ir~ u)UTleahng .ht' .rue eCOf)umi"s

PI I I 0' H,m h ' P' .. , HIli n :t. lI;m, Ihl' buukkecpin, cmrie ' _ il t: runllssury nU'e is nul

WhUIII, , " ),11_" dili.1II I,'HII yuu tIW nUl t~,~1 prove whu Inalled wh'll In mem III Ih,'-' III1:tnl.'l<l1 Illstilution issuin.. ~'wCGAAP. ,Ihen Ihe manageIhill Ihey lulluwl'd GAAP will b law C> I ~PA. a~du repun claimi". every re,L'iUn Iu ht'lieve Ihe (,P"A < { be lilmmlllmg a fraud I haveg

II' I ' n alluJl repur( >In,I.,, he' '

yllu ~ alln 'h<ll Ihere is an agree ,u lal Iy ,,,Unwed GAAP

l'unl'cahng mitlt.'.-ial f,ll'ts and ans~=-Ilt alld a Ic~an Ihen you must SIUP

my '1uestulfIS and .ell me if the





• I

alleged pnunissory nOle was recorded as a loan from me to the original alleged lender or financial instinnion involved in Ihe allege,1 loan or if the promissory null' was stolen, According to my records, the promissory note was siulen or recorded as a luan from me to the original alleged lender and Ihal lhe alleged lender never paid one cent as adequate consider ... iuJl tu purchase Ihe promissory null' from me creating the economics similar 10 stealing. counterfeiring and swindling,

I am now demanding that you stop concealing material facts and answer my tJucslions if you claim Ih,1l there is an agreement or return the stolen promissory note lind if you claim that the promissory note was a loom fmm me lu you, I demand chal you immediately repay the loan by returning the promissory note and stop the damage IU me,

If a thief sh,le my property or wealth and exchanged the stolen goods for cash ood returned the cilsh tu me as a luan. the thief concealed the theft, the thief breached the agreement and I have no legal obligation to repay Ihe alleged loan, if a coumerfeher counterfeits money and lends me Ihe counlerteiled money which was used tu buy my house, I have no legal uhligmiun 10 repay the alleged debt because (he alleged lender was engagetl in a criminal ilCI giving me illegill considerauon and breached the agreement. As far as I am concemed, you breached the agreement by doing Ihe uppusi.e of whal you advenised and agreed 10 creating the eCUlu.mics similar 10 ste<lling, cuunterfeiling and swillliling and then reo fusing lu give me specific details of Ihe ilileged agreement and concealing material tuers. A promissory note does nOI prove Ihat there was a loan uf the lender's money as mJeqUlue consideration to purchase the promissory note from the alleged borrower and that no thefl or counterfeiting ur swindling tuok place,

PiL'i1 puyments are considered extortion payments and do nOI ralify any alleged loan agreement. The alleged lender has at this lime refused to answer questions ;Hul give details ofthe alleged ah>reement and has refused In zeru I)ul the alleged luan or cancel the lien as alleged lender demands payment or declares they wiUusc legal means tu collect,

Just sn Ihat Ihere is nn cnnfusiun. moncy, Ihat is cash, is reconJed as a bank ilssel and a bank linbililY mellns Ihe bank uwes money. Checks are nul muncy. checks simply Iranster a bank liability - checking account balance indkaling money .he bank owes a cuslomer who earlier deposiled money· '0 ano.her bank customer's l'hecking account balance, The bank slill uwes money thai was earlier deposiled,

I am hereby uffering 10 discharge Ihe alleged debt provided you give spedfiL~ answers to my queslions regarding 'he alleged debl and I will puyuff ur discharge the alleged debl using Ihe same specie of funds or muney or money equivalenl the tioandal inslituli,," used 10 fund the


- ,

allegeil luan check or similar insl...Ihenl using Generally Accepted Ac• lIuming Principles thus ending att IIns and imerest

9) Are all material facts disclosed in the written loan agreement? YES or NO,

I .. yllu daimlhatlhere was an ilgr~Ill, then explain rhe derails of Ihe aj!reefl~nl by' answering the follu"","g 'Iueslions or sign the enclosed .. ftiilavil givillj! answers ro the fi.,lh.wing questions:

4) According III the bookkeeping entries tlf Ihe financial inslilulion involved in II~ alleged hill, dill Ihe lender or tinanciaf insliluliun iuvolved ill Ihe alleged loan accept anYlhing III' value frum the alleged burrower Ihal was used hI give value hI a check or similur insuumenr in appmxiuMldy Ihe mouunlof the ullegellloau'! YES or NO.

I r ement was the alleged burrower

10) According 10 lhe ulleged, oan ug e .' h arty such as the &II-

I nd the borrower's promissory note 10 anot er p

~~g:d lender or financial instilution? YES or NO,

, ' ms with dewiled specific answers, If you refuse to answ~ lh~~ ~u'~~~~h~ent of material facts and lhatthe we will presume Ihall ere IS a Cl d and stolen and that the alleged borpromissory. note has bee.n a~~~r~le alleged lemJer claims was tenr to the rower pruvlded the .... oney tf a. tl answer these queslions, then please alleged borrower. II you}e use :h' promissory note. If there is a ~heft return a zero balance anu ret~m e,. • s lecitics 10 these quesuons. and if an alhlrney answers WllhOt~1 glVlll,lgw' sl'u'lt ";e will then have the

be ' dded to a ulure a ' ."1 .

the attorney may ~ . rt and explain what this agreement IS

attorney become a wll~~SS III ~~'.U . neemenr the allorney will have to all abuul. Remem~r 11.lhere IS ,I? ~~n or in C~lUrt under oath. If the atanswer these ~luesll~lIIs III a ld~h;s~hl be disbarred. I further ulll~ersiand turney commus perjury he i r , professional insurance Will autoIhat if I sue ~n auorney, thsel(a)I:~~~~~ $')() nOt) to seule this out of court

malically offer between • (.- •

and drop the allorney from the law suit.

h .. II' Only respund in writing

B dvi d I will not accept ielep one cu s. '

w~t~ ;:~nieer of yuur corporation signing your presenlment.

." I believe you are in possession of stolen forged pruperty

At this time " il Please return the

that looks like a pmmissory note With my name on. " ,

. ,'Ii . answers to my questions,

stolen forged pmperty or give SpeCI C ' 't.

II Acwrding 10 the illleged luan a.tkmelll, wa~ Ihe alleged lender or finwll'ial inslilutilln involved in Ihe .. lIeged luan tu lend their money as ,ukljuale eilnsideratiull III purchilst the promissory note - loan agreemenr- from the alleged borrower? ylS or NO.

21 Al'cunlinj! III Ih c > buukkeeping a:s (If the tinancial instituuon invulved in the alll'gc!'d loan, did Ihe , 'ed lender or financial insurunon invulwd in Ihl' alleged loan lendt~lr money .IS adeljUale considerauon lentltl purchase the pruOlissury nuw,- loan agreement- frum the alteged

borrower" YES or NO. '

3)Acl'lIrding IlIlhe alleged luan aoc~emenl, was the alleged burrower 10 provide anything Ill' vatue Ihal a ,maneial instilulillll would use tu give value ttl a dle~" IIr similar instrulltfnt in approximately the amoum of the ilileged loan? YES IIr NO.

5) Did ihe alleged lender alldlinancial institulilln involved in the alleged "'an fol",w generally al'l'eptell ilt'counting principles. GAAP'! YES or NO'! Did Ihe tin'Ull'iill inslllulillil il.vu'ved III the aUegc!'d fuan have an all,lil &I"lIl' by iI ('PA wuh me ('PA ilddil Slating 11 .. 11 Ihe fillant.·i.11 insutulilln lilllllwed g"'nelillly accepied an'lIuming principles, GAAP'! YES or NO.


i t






(" Do yuu have any informatiun or evidence that the lender or tinancial inslilulilln involved in the alleged luan did ntll fullow GAAP'! Yes or Nu.

7) Was ilthe intent of Ihe alleged luall agreement that the one who funded Ihe 111&111 is '" be repaid the money? Yes ,'r NO.


HI Are the economics of the alleged loan similar to slealing. counterfeiting and swindling aguinsr the borrower'! YES ur NO'!






knowledge of the true terms lhat are similar to stealing. CUUIllCI teuing and swiaulling, The nriginal alleged lender and financial institution involved in the alleged loan never paid one cent to obtain the promissury IUlte and violated federal law regarlling GAAP, We nuw believe we have the evidence' that the terms and conduions of the alleged agreement are concealed. the promissory note was stolen. forged. altered so no good title can pass with a thef]. There was no meeting of the minds or mutual assent regilrding these questions and you have refused to explilin the terms and conditions by answering these questions so there is no valid agreement.


XYZC (r c

.v.re II ani CUdtpany. hereinafter "Alleged lender"


Fri. Feb 15. 2()()2

Nolkt' 10 the IJrindplt' is NMtce 10 Ihe A. IN'

. ,.. gen. once 10 Ibe Agenl is

Nolice '0 .he Principle.

The bank is not a holder in due course fur the following reasons, The bank knows or should have known the standard bookkeeping entries called GAAP. and the money trail. bookkeeping entries show that the opposae happened compared to what the alleged agreement said,

I. I, Ben Rubbed. hereby give notice thatlhe bank is nUl a Holder'

Due C , III

~ ourse U' prllmissory no te with I, Den Robbe I . '. _

.' . ( name on II, ThiS In

rea;.lfd~ tu the alleged loan number II

Previou, nouces "'Ihe XYZ Credit Card C .

, "mpany tor adequale

.1~Mlr;IIll.'e til Jue l>erfurmance have t be

• . , no en prnperly iIIullegally

r,(spulldl"d '" P~~vIUUS nmices requesting specilic terms ami condi-

nons regar(hng If Ihe prumissnry note was used tn fund the bank loan

check have gUilt: lilian 'we .1 t.. •

. . . , . s reu, rrevlUUS notices requesting iflhe Ie rills

.lIld wudllltlns ot rhe allegell klan agreenlent I'nl d d I

. ' ,,' en e 10 lave Ihe

elonollllCS suuilar lu slealin" the pr ' .. , ,

, c> UlniSSory ulIIe. deposlllng the

prum,lsstlr~ note using the prumissory note ax (If like money ur as a

substitute fur muney Ihal was used in" di a ch "

, . un IIlg a c eck or similar

IIblrunll.'llIlh;1I Wil,' fl.·lurnetilo Ihe Durrower a" I . , '

, ' S.I IMn were 1';11"1 uf the

(l'flUs (I, Ihl" agrt.·l'llltlll were unanswerl'(1 R' '. ..

, ,clJu~sls tu knuw II GAAP.

genefillly al'cepled an'uulllin'* Lttn" I. .' •

f> I' lip es were lullowed have gone

unanswered, We are uf the belief Ihal XYZ Credu C' d C

' , . ar ompany has

IIltl'lllumally auempred lU cunl'eallhe I . ' ,

rue terms and cuntillums uf the

allegc(lluan autlthe Burcuwer had no oppurtunily In nbtain the

You claim that money is a liabilily owing money, One of the requirements of a negotiable instrument is lhat Ihe Instrument must be payable for a fixed amount of money, My questions is from your view puinl according tn yuur understanding of me agreement is money recorded as a bank ao;set or as a bank liability' Please list all forms of money or negotiable instruments you anti the bank you are involved in issuing the alleged luau use a'i or like or as a subslifute as money or credit used to fund checks or bank drafts. Specilically did you or the bank use my promissory note as a bank asset which was offset by a bank liabilily'! Specifically was my promissory note used to fund a check or bank draft'! If my promissory note was used 10 fund a check. t hen I provided Ihe money to fund the so called loan. you never lenl me one cent of your money to purchase the note fnun me and Ihe ecoaonucs are similar to stealing. coumerfeiung and swindling against me which I never agreed 10 and which is not part of the agreement, According to GAAP. if you used my promissory note to fund a check. you stole my promis.o;l)fY note or yuu recorded it all a loan from me 10



Y"U anll )'UU slill r,

'I' sun owe me Olliney"_

" lang~d Ih&.' nisi and the risk (If" ,Y'~~I n~ver lent me, Slealing

s'~"'IIJ(illly lIid Y"U intend Ill' ..It lr.msal'U(ln, I want In knuw IIIY!lflllllissury IIIllt' liS pari (I'~lr:, I~ economics similar III slealin' n ... I, y ... re e ", .. n .. ,u·' Pie' . g

'USCo' III Idl me lhel ,t. .' use answer yes or

a real tid" I w~ _ave 'raull ' ,

ense agalllsl she Iwilier i .. ~ . In the factum, which is

Ihl' h"ldl'r in du ' l:uurse. makin •

e course. Nil g'h"ltille .",' g you nil ionger

passes wllh a thef].

The Jlfllmissory nil ' ,

te IS 'urgell SII nd '

document SII Ihere.' ' good IIlle passes with' {'

ore you are nul tie II a .urged

'mgt',1 prum,i;,sllf)' now be "ultJer, I demand that the Sl )1

, I" relurneD or ' I en

In nus IIl1til:C' 'lIlli P , ' yuu answer alluf my ,

" 1.... " revlOus notices etpl" , quesnons

u hK: aile' I alOlOg the I

gel ilgleclIlellll'uncemin erms anlll'unlliliuns

wUllIerfeiting and sWl'n,ll' g Ihe econonucs similar 1'1 ste: I' '

, ' u lng, ' a 109.

Fr .. ud has 1.."

, I~en commined wh

sl' I en you have Ih "

, a emem millie with the mak ' e ollowing: A false

WlJuhl he ' er having knowl lI' h

. ..""I up ... wuh rhe intenti e ge t at the suueme ..

ht'hev ' , enuon that the he

ell anll ad ul"" ' ul r person 'II

"III II anti the oers " WI

Ille IHuh "" till' slalt.'melll lIIlll re ' ~~u~ havlOg Jusli'iable reliance on

u ihetr. Y'" have a damage. Th'''''' ung on. damage. Anyume you have

PUIIO' 'I IS IS why coum ~'

Jal , Criminals damuge Ie er etters and thieves are

mllney' " " penp , You claimjh I

. a, ",.",ler.'i, .. ,,, purchase i '. e ender leut their

bUlfIIWt'l' Yuu ctaim Ih' " he pronussory nil te from lhe

, ..11 YIIU '"11,,,,, f d . '

IIlallhe 1II1t.' whll ,. J ' e erallaw II' GAA.) Y ,

11111 ed the IlIiln is I ' ' IIU claim

bllukkeeping enmes pr h ,U be repaid the money The '

, live I at I fu de ' '

never gave up money IU purchas II li Ih~ alleged loan and yuu

buukkeeping entries pr h se Ihe pronussory nUle from me Th

< . . "ve' e e"" ... uics : '. . e

lllllller'l'lIing ant! SWI' ,II' are slIlll'ar to slealin

, ' nu IIlg .and' w' g.

uuem III' rhe atJe 'e" I ' unl you 10 lell me if' th' ,

g u nan agreeme t d Is was the

reveal Ihe true terms and wlldil' n, ~d y"u refuse ttl answer itlld luns 0' Ihe alle.'edl' ,

.. uan agreement

Allin I '

.:\ IIoIYlllenls are conside I '

. ret I!lunruun '

payments ail"

. u nut III be


, .. nsiolered .. s v.l"""i". "f any oIebt .wed. y,", ",Id me ,10" if I ok, .", pay the payments ,hal y"u w,,,,ld use leg.' me •• s to <'OI!ect. I um trying '" re,olve doi, mUlIer by .. uice bel<.e foIing c.url .c,io",

AU I nave .. ,k<d y"u '0 do is ....... er ,pecif,c "u.~i."" "",rding the rerms and coonili,ion, nf wh" Y". cI.im is .Io.n •• d I ..... in' if the promi"''''' ,,,,,. wus ""d ,. rand' cheCk or ~milar in,,,",",,·' .. ,d if Y'''' folk,w.d GAAP. Thi, w,.,ld te U me if doe ie ron' and c""di,ion, h." ,be ""on"mic' ~onilar u " ea ting. c ... m,erl.i,i.g •• d ,wi""'i.'. So far yOU have refused to claim thal yuU fulluwed federal law I"Uowing GAAP ""d you ha ve rel...w '0 oIeny , ha "he economics are

similar hi slealing. cuulllerfeiting and swindling,

To be a hllider in due cllurse yoU must include the following 3 ilems:

I, pun. .... se ,he pnomi''''ry .,.e Ir"m ,he "",,"wer. 2' oake the pmmi~'''ry n"'" in go'''' f.i,h u,i., Iu,""y . the _n'~ OIl m,'i'~

.nd ,he ........ ~ 01 oIesign '" oIelraud or ,o,..k an uncon",i" •• ble advantage. See Blacks laW Dicliunal)' fur gl"ld faith. 3) had no

.,,,ice or any ""fe."" .",i'" p.y"'.' "I omer cluin" on me I""mis, ,ory ... e. 'floe .Ileged lernler never paid one cern "I co.~oIer.tion '0 I"",h.,.'he p",,,,i""Y note Imm the alleged borrower. GAAP w"' vi.l.oed. and "",,,,ri" f.cts.f ,he .,leged .greemen' were ",n.ealed ,nncemi.' the "o""mi" ,imilar ,. s te aling. c"""lerlelli.g·""

,wi""'ing. You are not bolder in due coo"'" and I "","""",h., ynu relurn the stolen promissory note or answer all uf my queslions to rev ea nne uue 'e<"" and co""i,ion, of the .Ueged I.,m. If you reluse to answ.r.,he. i' proves frand i.,he lae,um• which is. re.1 oIefe nse

againSl the holder in due course.




NOT~~~ FOR RE~;;-:e;;;/abJe






I. Ben Rubl..·-·· h . ,

.~U, erelll'.r "B U((uwer"

4) The iment ofllle agreement is lhullhe party who funded the Iuan is 10 be repaid the money, 5) AU material facts are 10 be disclosed in the written agreement. 6) The cw:tl holder must repay the loan in Ihe same specie of money or credit or thing of value the tinancial insiitutiull involved in (he loan used to fund the loan check or similar instrumem thus ending all imerest and liens, 7) The luan transaction does not create the economics similar to stealing. counterfeiting and swindling.


x VI ered;, Curd Cu..... .

. • ..... lly. herema/ier "AI'

eged I.enller"

The agreement tlulIl entered imuhus the above 7 elements in it. According tu the buukkeepillg entries AlIl'ged Lender breached all 7 basic elements of the alleged agreement and then Alleged Lender concealed material facts of the .!lleged agreement. I am demanding adequate assurance of due performance that the above 7 elements are pan of the alleged loan agreement or I demand that Alleged Lender return a zero loan balance. The pmuf thai Alleged Lem.fer breached the agreement is that Yllur assets and liubifiues increased proving that Alleged Lender recorded a Imlll frum Borrower In Alleged Lender and then returned the Ioan muney from Alleged lender tu Burrower falsely claiming the money returned is a luan from Alleged Lender to Borrower, Alleged Lender did the opposite of what was advertised and agreed to and concealed the fact that Alleged lender accepied money or credit or thing of value fmm Burrower thai "untied a check or similar instrument in the amount uf the

alleged loan. _-

hi, Feb' 5, 2'102

N()Ii('~ '0 'h" p,.inciple is NUliee '0 'h~ Agen. N' .

N ' • o"ee '0.1l A

o'.ce '0 'h~ p,.incip'",. f gen. is

I, , Den Rubhe I n

. I , UII((lIwer hereb' .

IIUII IIf, • . . .'. Y gIVe flll"l'e "If re • . . _

l: rms .. nd l'ulIlIlliuns II". 'lUes, t), L'()jJltfma-

,. , i.lgreemem· d Ie

per urlll'Uln· ,h • .., tcnder did i.._ <Ill iiI (,uate assurance of due

nUl wench agre

emem. '0 Alleged LeO" oer,

Allegc.·lJ I 'ntlt> .;

.e r agreed ... ,he ,0;, '

leged OIgrc.'emeoc. The oWlOg lenllS and ('OnlJi';ons in ,1.._

I . . general lerms (I' h' "IC a'-

IIWlIlg: I) Allellc.'d ( ell,"'r ' ) , e (:red" l'urd indude lhe iii)'

" co· IC' mus, use Ih . -

c. IIfhlderUlion 'I) purd,ase ,he it 'feem en muney or (.'redi, <IS ade"lua.e

'"illl.1'AlIl'ged I.eflderuflhe'~' em frum Bllrmwer ro repay .he

in 'h •. II. t:reull L',U'd or ,joan"· , . . .

C II tlWd 'uall did flut U(.'('epf In. (;fa IflS(UUIJUn invu'ved

wuu'" he .ised, ,. .. Ylhlllg til' v;llue "rum B

' II und a died, '. Clrruwer 'hal

lilt' '. IIr SImilar iflstr .

•• mllum ()' the allegetl'uan. 1M" UlJ)eOl III appruximarely

Ul'l'CNed . eged l.ender m Ii

.'. aC(:f1unting prinl'inl " ,. Usl ulluw generally

.' es us reqUired by Cp'A. ' '.

H autlu ClPlfl,uns.

This notice will renuun as fact of the elements of the agreement and the breach of Alleged Lender unless Alleged Lender disputes this notice within 10 days.








From: I. Ben Rubbed, heteinafter "Borrower"


x YZ ('rt"(til C.lfltompany, hereinatter ' Alleged Lender"

Dale Fri. Feb 15, 2()()2

NOlice 10 Ihe Principle is Notice '0 Ihe Agenl. Notice '0 Ihe Agenl is Notice '0 .he Principle.

Yuur response 10 my NOTICE FOR REQUEST OF CONFIRMATION OFTERMS AND CONDITIONS Of AGREEMENT AND ADEQUATE ASSlIRANCE Of DUE PERFORMANCE THAT CREDIT CARD COMPANY DID NOT 8REACII AGREEMENT appears Ihal you dn nul agree IU the 7 elemems of ihe agreement as in my previuus notice, whil:h I enckised again in Ihis notice. II appears from your response that yuu agree thm yuu knowihg never lesu me une cem uf your money as illletlU&lIe ,'unsidenlliun III ~rchase of whal yuu daim is an agreemelll Ihat I signt"d agreeing IU repay a loan. Accurding lu yuur response, you claim Ihall provided the money. muney equivalent. credit, capital. funds ur Ihing of value hereinafter called muney 10 fund the check what you claim is a luan Itl me. According au yuur response yuu do not fullow generally accepted a(.·couming principles Ihus 'Igreeing Ihal you commilled a 'duny regarding stc and securities fraud. Accurding lu yuur response the ecuIllimics ot',he alleged luan is similar tu stealing. counterteuing and swindling and Ihe parly whu funded the loan is nOllo be repaid Ihe muney. If yuu deny what I have said, then I demand Ihal you shuw me yuur sl.ulliard blltlkkeeping eutnes regarding yuur alleged loans


. '~' •. :'.

d e me Wron" If yuU refuse to give

. me an prov 0'. h 7

in your nexl response 10 . 't' u uaree or disagree 10 t e

. 'fusal 10 admlll yu 0 • I

me Ihe pruut. then yuur re· . I . e boukkeeping enlnes on Y

elemems ot" lhe agreem\!l\l and refusa 10 glv

prnves cuncelilment on yuur part.

. .... ons when you confirm or de.ny

. I zive you proof ot my accusaU d 'n the previous nonce

I WI~ ~~'~\lS of the agreemenl th.at I r~que~r u~ claim that mere is an ~lh a signed signatur~ f~,~m Yl~ur.con'i~~gre~ wilh the 7 elements nnd agreement. then explalO It yuu ag1ee u

nut beat around the bush.






~Ih- Negutiable


These six elements of Ihe alleged luan "greement sr ... ,,1 as the basic elements ttl' the agreement unless you write back in len days and slate oih-


From: I. Dell Rllbbe\l, hcrtklafler "Borrower"


To: X YZ Cre\lit Card C •• thpany, hereinafter "Alleged Lender"

Oalt' Fri, Feh 15, 2()(12

Notice ao ahe Principle is Noaice ao ahe Agena. Notice 10 ahe Agenl is Notice 10 ahe Principle.

Our records show a rumpletely dlfl"crenl loan agreement than whal you daim is the agreement. The IllUn agreement thar l understand wa. s agreed III had the fulluwing terms and condiuons. I) The original. lender or linanl'ial institutiun involved in Ihe alleged loan is to use lheir money, money clfuivalent, capital, funds or Ihing uf value hereinafter called money III purchase the promissory null' . luan papers - from the alleged borrower. 2) The alleged lender ur linancial instilutiun invulved in Ihe illll"gcd IUillI WilS Iu receive nu money "rum the burrower that wuuld be IISl'd Iu fuud ihe ;llIc~ed luan ,'heck or simihlr instrument. 3) The lender and finanl"ial inslitutlun involved in the alleged luan must fullow generally accepted ilct'ounting I*ifk:iples, GAAP, as described in CPA audit upillillns ;111" the law. 4) 1'_ intent uflhe alleged luan agreement is .h;u thl' party whu provided Ihe money 'u fund the alleged luan check or similar instrument is ,u be repaid the money, 5) All material facts are disdllscd ill .he alleged luan agreement 6) The borrower must repay the IU;III using .he same specie uf muney, muncy equivalent, funds, capital, credu ur thing uf value hereinafter called muney .hat.he tinancial instiunion, involved in the loan process, used 10 fund the loan check or similar instrument ill"'tlnling tu generally acrepred al·coun.ing principles thus cnlling all uueresr ilnd Iien:t.


It appears Ih;1I yuu have viulated all 6 elements uf the alleged luan agreement and thus nreached rbe agreement using false statements,




Nlllil'e, are u~'d .t .. t>villence .... Ihe bank will nul lell us the details uf I~ a~rCenll'nl. PeuJ>ll' musllf.'ale their uwn nUlkes depending on the sllual~"n illld Cin.·UlIlsiances ilnd huw Ihe credil card cumpany respunds. CUPYlllg .1 'Wlll'e dlles nnl CUI II. You mUSI 'Idapi the nmil'e lu yuur silualiun. I.lIl1k uplhe words '''il prol·uratinn. ladl. lacil admissions. and SliU'e llel'isis" in the law ~'"nary. Peuple use Ihese words wilh

hre .. ch uf .. greemelll and Ihe t""wing I K lJuesliuns in lhe fllrm of a lIulil'e. Pellple sen,1 UUI a nillil" wuh lhe I K 'Iueslillns iIIld using lill'il I'flll:uraliull u lid slare del.'isis .• lkn send it scl'lmd lIutke to cure the breach and then a IhiHlnlllil'e"" default. People usually give lhe bank

IU III J() d.,ys III respund. Pe,,. call the 'Iuesliuns "inlluiries" in rhe nlilice. The li,lluwing are I K ..,iries Illr aedit card (people change it lilr mungilges)

I) D\les Mr. Debr Cullectur have a l·Ontral.'I wuh Mr. Ynur Name lu

l'lII Icctthe alleged debt'! Pleasr respond wilh a Yes ur No in wrning,

2) Is it true Ih'lI when a credil card hulder signs it purchase receipt thai lhe receipi is used as a bank asselltt give value tll a check ur similar instrument or crediltu a bank al'l'Ount resulting in a new bank asser and lIew b.ulL: liahility'! Please respund wilh il Yeloi or No in writing,

.1) Is il uue Ihal the crl',fjl l'ard ClImpany fulluwloi GAAp, generally al.·ccpled aCl'IIunling principles'! Please respllnd whh it Yes or No in writing.

4) Was "full disclosure" given reganling if the creditcartl holtler was to provide Ihe funding fur the l·t ..... lll·ard IOilil per boukkeeping entries'! Please h'spund wuh a Yes or Nu in Wriling.

5) l>t~s the credn cllnll'Ump~~~ accepi somelhing \If value from the credil card huhler Ihal is recurtktl all an assel on the books of a finandal institulion resulting in a new liability on Ihe bouks of a financial instilulion'! Please respuntl wilh a Yes ur No in writing.

t,) Thl'~·ll·,lill·ilfd mml11lny lentlhe credill'arll huMer the cretlil cartl CIlIll11iUlY's lIluney. Please resptiiltl wilh a Yes lIr No in writing.

7) Is it the imem lit' the trellil ('lItd luan agreement Ihm Ihe puny who rundellthe IUilIl per lhe buukkeeping entries is to be repaid the money lelllill burruwers" Please resptlllll wuh a Yes or Nu in writing.

Kl Al'cunling III the bUlikkeeping entries, uf the nellil card company or


financial institution involved in the alleged loan, when &I ~redit card hulder purchases merchandise on the cred~t card, the credl~ c~~. . company or linancial instilution involved I~I the alleged loan aeeept~ a new asset frum the credit card holder that funds the loan to the credit . card holder in the same uansaeuon? Please respond with a Yes or No III

writing. . . . . . I d' t

9) Does the credit card company or financlallllslltull~1Il IIlVU ve III me

credir card luan record an asset showing that the l'fe~n c:u-d.hol~er

I the credit card wlIlllillly or financial instiunion 111- uwes money 0 .. .",

volved in the alleged ImuJ" Please respond with il Yes or No III wnuug.

IU) Did the credit card cumpany follow the Fede ra 1 Reserve Bank policies and procedures in the credit card transactions? Please respond

wuh a Yes I.)r Nu in writing. "

II) Is it true Ihat according to the bookkeeping entries that the credit card holder fumls the loan 10 Ihe same credit card holder'! Please

respond with a Yes or No in writing. ... ..

12) Is il true that according IU the bookkeeping entnes ulth~ credit card company that the credit card holder is the I~nder. I~) the credit card company'! Please answer with a Yes or No III wnung. .

.... kk . entries of the credit card

13) Is it true that according to the lJ\)O eepmg .

company or financial insutution involved ill Ihe alleged IUiUl thai ne.w

• 1,'1 I'· 'realed when III\' credit card holder USl'S the credit

muncy IIr l rel S l . • . . ...,

'ard III 1II.lke a purchase? Ple.l>;C answer wuh il 'II.'S III Nll ~n \\rIlJII~ ... chi lU received pernus-

14) Is it uue that according to tlk! agreement t ". Y' .

sion from the credit card holder to deny the credit curd holder e~ual protection under the 101m agreement'! Please an~er Yes or No m

writing. .. r .. I holder

15) Is it true that accunling tl.) the agreement tha~ I.h~ creuu ~ar:( . .

agreed to economics similar tu steuling, coumerfeuing a~d S~I~ldl~;g

. he' d' .. I hIllier" Please answer Yes or Nu III wntmg.

agamst I cre Itl:an l. . • ' II

16) Is itlrue Ihat the credit card company viotated GAAP. genera y

accepted ucceuntiag principles, .Ihus ~aking the agreement null and

void'! Please answer Yes or Nu III wrumg. . ..

11) Is u uue thatlhe credit card company convened ~he credit card

"agreement and tlf credit card purchase receipts by usmg the agreement

d dl't card purchase receipts as value tu give value to a check or

an or cre . .. ,

similar instrument as proven by the bookkeeping entries thus provm~

thal the credit card holder funded the credit card purchases and provmg


Ih'lI Ihe n~dit card cumpany u~ false statements thai Ihe credil card l"Ilinpany\ JUllllcy fundelllhe",~lil card purchases'! Please answer Yes

IIr Nu in writing. .

I X) Is il uue Ihill the l'redit card rumpany viulillellihe malching principle ut GAAP in Ihal if thettedil card cumpany accepted an asset 'wllllhe credu card hulder.lhe.dedit card company did not credit a liabililY account showing thai ttif credit card company owed money tu the l'r~dil card huhler ",r ihe asset received from the credil card holder? Please answer Yes or Nil in wriling.

Petlple use the nulil'cs III give clltlUls huw the credit card company breached Ihe agreement and I ....... ask the credit l'ard cumpany III answer IhcSl' llllcslillns and sil,!n Ihe a.tvil or zero uul rhe l'redil card

h.,liUll'l·. PeuJllc Ihen use fraudulelll cuncealment, 1<Il.·il procuration, lacil admissiuns, and stare decisis III win ihe argument. When you use notices like Ihis. y"u are using adnnnisuarive procedures. People use Ihe same idea 1(lr mortgages.




Dale Fri. Feb 15.2002



From: I. Ben Robbed. hereinafter "Borrower" 102 Hill Ave

CiIY. State xxxxx

To: X YZ Company. hereinafter "Lender"


Re: Lmm Accounl': . • here-

inafter "Loan", dared _

Ftlr property listed as:


Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent and ~otice to Agent is Notice '0 Principal.

II hu. .. come 10 lhe Borrower's auention a fler checking the records for the Loan that there appears 10 be a material omission in the Loan agreement concerning Ihe deposi! and disposition uf the Borrower's promissory nole during Ihe execution of rhe Loan.

Pursuant lu Federal and State laws and regulations (see attached), the Oorruwer is hereby giving Ihe Lender Notice and Demand for full dis-


d,)Sure uf Iht' terms and exec. uf the Loan. Please mail tu Ihe Burrower l"enilie,1 and veri tied l"'.S, or schedule an opponunity fur lhe Burrower 'II hi~ CPA hi make pht!iikal inspection, uflhe folluwing doculUCIUs wilhin 2U d;IY~ urlhe receipt uf Ihis Nouce:

I. rhe IIriginal promissort note, front anti back, associaled wuh the Luan

2. all 11\11 IkkcepingjUlirnatfhlries a.'iStK:i;lIed wilh lhe Loan .1. the deell ul trust assldlled wuh rhe Loan

.~ .

4. the insurance pulky ,III Borrower's promissory note

asslIl"ialed wilh the Loan

5. the C"II Reports fllr 11l~ period coveriug the Loan

II. ihe dep"sil slip fur ihe tJepusil of ihe Borrower's promissury note associated with Ihe Loan

7. the nhler ilulhuril.ing the withdrawul IIf funds fmm Borrower's promissory JUlie deposil accoum

X. Ihe an"lIulll number from whil"h lhe money came 10 fund the dlcck given III lhe Borrower

I). any allonge, frum and bal"k, affixed IU the Borrower's prumissllry note lur itMJursemellls

W. venfication Ihal Burtuwer's promissory note was .1 free giftlu the Lender ~rum the Borrower

t t. the name and address of the current holder of Ihe

Borrower's pmlllissury nule

t 2.lhe name illill address ollhe Lender's CPA and Audilur "!If rhe period cuv~""'a; Ihe Lnan

This is the Borrower's good failh attempt IU dear up any cunfusiun in mis mailer befure laking any further actions, failure 10 respond within


20 days of receipt witt be deemed a dishonor of Ihis Notice anti Demand.



,., ........



This ('~ni"i~~ that tltt undersigned observed the fullowing ____ lIescr~ documems being placed in an envelope ad-

dre~~'d III:

--_. - .. ----- -_._--------------- ---

-----_ .. __ ._----- .------ .


. ,

DATE: __ ~

I ,



! I



and idenlintd by U.s. Postal Service Certined Mail II

The undersigned observed a properly nUed out Return Receipt being auached onto the envelope, and the pruper postage being affixed onlo Ihe ellvelope, and said envelupe being delivered into the custody of the U.S. Postal Service.



__ .

--_._--------_. ._------------



Acts, Statu'est I~gulations, Terms

Fair Debl C.llcL'liun Practices .4.. ,Public La w 104-208, 110 Sial. .10m (St'PI .lU, I 'N(l)

Sl'l.·lIulI HI),)

Fair Crcdil Uillin~ Al't

Truth in Lending Al'l

Rl'gulollil.n Z . Full Disl'.)sure RLSPA· Reill blale Seulement Procedures ACI At.llllinisirilli\'t' P .... n·llurl's ACI

II)' 1 Tratlinl,\ \\ 1111 the Enemy A~.

amended in '9H IU irK.de U,S, Citizens as "enemies of lhe

~Iall''' '.

IhAM Jur 211.11· American Jurisprudence

("Thl' Cunstiluliun dues nUl aurhorize emergency powers or a suspellsiun uf ilSdf.")

SCL'llrilics Al'l IIf Il)l).l

Sel·tiun II

Sectiuu 12C 2)

Secuon 11(a)

Section 24

Securuies and Exchange Al.'t I)f 19')4 SCI.'Iiun Ill(b), Rule IUb-5 Section 'Ktil)

Set'liun .l:~Ca)

H 'PA . Furdgn ('lIrrupl Pracuoes ACI uf 1977

l I( '( •. lInili'flll Conunerci .. 1 elide

Secuou 1-2UI General Deliniliuns

Sel'Iiun 2·6UIJ Righi lu Ade(luaie Assuranl'c uf Due Perfor-


Section ,1· W4 Negilliable Insuumem Sel.'liun J-2()4 Indorsemenl

Secuon 3·JU2 1I,I.Mer ilt b.e Course

Secuon J',lU5 Rights of a Hulder in Due Course Section J-JU.l Value and Considerauon

Secuon 3·.1U)t Pmuf uf Signa.ures and SlalUs as Hulder in



Due Course

Section 3-401 Aneration Section 3-602 Payment

Sel.'liulI .1,(,U3 'lender "" P .. ymeiu

Section 3-815 Action against Transferee bases upon Wrongful


Section 9-1U2 Definiuons [Secured Transactions]

Section 9-210 Request fur Accounring

usc - Uniled Slates Code

Tille 12 Section I K31 n (a)(2)(A) - GAAP required for banks

Tille 12 Secuon 26tH Disclosure

Title 12 Section 2605(e) Dispute a claim of debt Title IS Section 1601 Fair Debl ClIliection Pructices Title 15 Section 1692 Fair Debt Collection Practices Tille 5 Secuon 556 Hearings

CFR - Code uf Federal Regulauons

Tille 12 Section 226,17(b) Full Disclosure

Title 12 Section 226,17(c)( I) Basis lIf Disclosure

Title 12 Secuon 30S FDIC Rules (If Practices and Procedures TIlle 12 Section 741,6(b) - GAAP required for credit unions

... ~.

FRCI) - Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 27 - Depositions before action Rule 34 - PWducliun of documents Rule 36 - Admissions

FRE - l'ederal Rules of Evidence

Rule IOU3 - Admissibility of Duplicaies FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Matching

Representational Faithfulness

GAAS - Generally Accepted Auditing Standards


f~,kral Reserve Bank l)ublicMttlhs Modern Mllo~y Mel·h"ics TWII Faces of Debt

Illad.·!\ LIW Oirciunary

Veri lical iuo

1I nmosl'iunable Barl"'n

BankingTerms As~t

(';.11 Reports r~lJuired by FDIC Deposit


Munenzed Debt


Promissury Nute Securuizaeon


. .


.. ,...~.


The lilies I updated forms will be on the website al:


Look under agreemenu s.



I am a mall III woman IIfleapl J"l' and If . I' I .

'n .. " ., . .' e t snunt Illlllt and desire to use

IUIll.l'i S~haul S t:upynghted_ebsile and duwn load silid websne 10

my ~rsullal web. I agree III "" Illllllwing:

.1) I agree ""." share the pasll~"nl In duwllluad the websire wuh

.anyune or enllty Ihal has nul si~hcd Ihis a,'reement '111" re 'el' .• .

• . '.' . . . .' e ,. ~ Vl!'u wnllen

jl(llllhMulllhllll Ihllllla.'i S.:h"u panit:ipale.

2) I IIg~el!' Ih~1 I have re.:eivedt"lfIuable l"IInsilieraliun from Tho .. Sch 'Iul by . TI S ,iIIli. mas

• u~lng 11111111.0; l·h...,-!I I:upyrighled malerials ill the websile

I ilgree Ihal Ihe . lie ,_jO ,. • •

. . ~I purpose , ... hy parlil"ipaliun in using said websile is

II: Jn~lIr:" Alllt'lWiI lin ba~lk.ing and tu use the vote as the sulutilln tu Ihe' banllng pmbk'lll and IlIlnlurlll Ameril-ilns ,lbtlUt Thomas Schauf' . btMlks and TtlI' St'at'l Blmk Manual. s

.1) I agree I hill 1 will nut elellwnil'ally Iransfer or prnu Th ..

S h·,· . " omas

, t' ilul .'i cupynghled malerials whether ., I' . .

I . . , ~ III e IIr In p'IfI, from this

llI ... rne] Web~lIe.

oj) I agree nll.llu perfurm IIr exhibit any cundu':l ur behaviur Ihal would renel'~ 1.leg.III\ ". ly ~pun Thllmas S.:hauf IIr his muterials and I agree that ~1I~Ill:l'i Sl·hau.' ~III be the sule judge to delermine if such l'IlOdul.t or b.:havlllr 1111l'~ III lat:1 rell"l'l negalively upon Thomas Sch'luf.

5) I. agrl~ Ihal I am u~r;lIing as an independenl manllr woman ur bUSiness IIldt'lll'ndenlllf Thumas Sdlauf an·1 I .

. .... u ,1111 nut a partner IIr

pannershlp u, IllUmas Sdlauf. ;

t,) I ilgn.·e Ih,lI if I sdl Tbomas S"hauf's btMlk III" mannal thaI I can place Illy naml!'~ adllrcs!o., Ielephune number, (If pulitical gfllilp-candidate Ihal I

cndurse and agrees wilh sclid btluk.'i on my websue If I chon' I

sell . . I . I I '. se no to

. sa:t mall'nil s, .will ~Iisplay Ihe name, address, and/ur phone

number on Illy website "' someune whu signed this standard lIgreemenl illld was ilppmvt'd by Thumils Sl'hallf tu pilnkipille wuh silid websil' .

Ihill allyune b' a.. • C SU

lIlily U lain U'Mlks. '1 is preferred Ihlll 1IIl'ai websites ref r

Ill'lIplt.' III" 111l·,,1 websue III JlUl~ha.'>C txMlks and lhe Tt S D I.e

AI . . op e('reluonll

unua! su IIlal (X"lIple can organi/e al a lucallevel and help each other,

Page 101'4




1) I agree that ] will nol aher Thuma. s Schauf's website other than as previously discussed and approved, and I agree Ihall will not use said website for promoung astrology, a specific church or religious organiI.auun, occuk, or religion other Ihan bask Christianity or basic Bible Christian beliefs of which Tom Schauf will be the sole judge.

H) I agree thai iflhere is any question if I violated Ihis agreement, Thomas Schauf will be Ihe sole judge. Funher, I agree Ihal if Thomas Schauf requests omlly or wriuen, specifically to stop using said website, then I will immediately cease all use of said wehsite and no liability is held on Thomas Schauf fur any reason regarding this agreement and Thomas Schauf owes me no consideration or money tor my actions or fur any reason this agreement is terminated, I agree that fur .my reason Thomas Schauf wants the website changed or upgraded, I will Immediately change the website as per Thomas Schauf''x instructions.

9) I agree thai I cannor transfer this agreement 10 any other man or wuman ur emily.

10) I agree Ihal if I breach this agreement, I will immediately delete said website information with Thomas Schauf's name illld copyrighted infurmalion trom my website.

II) I agree Ihal ifThmnas Schauf needs 10 enforce this agreement, Thomas Sch .. uf may use any court in the country or state where Thomas Sch .. uf is living or doing business and funher I agree that I will nul agree use allCC-I ur strawmun or lien on my name ur similar defense as delenses in court 10 prevent the intent of this agreement

from being executed.

12) I agree Ihall .:.lIlnol sign this agreement with any qualifications 10 my signature such us but nol limited 10 the following: wuhout prejudice, all righL'I reserved, UCC 1-201. or bracken s around my name and if I duo Ihis agreemenl becomes null and void.

13) I agree 10 make Iwo copies of this agree men I. sign both pages of both copies and send Ihe two copies with a self addressed and stamped envelope. SASE, III my location and send the Iwu copies mill SASE 10 Thomas Schaut-website, P.O. Box 9.1320, Tucson, Arizona slate IH51521. Funher,I agree Ihal if I do.not follow this paragraph and do not send ibe Iwu copies wuh SASE, fhis entire agreement will be discanled as waste and 110 fun her communication will be returned 10 me.

POdge 2 of 4



I", I agree Ihal if I buy books It,tIt a Jubber/C(K)rdinalOr or anyone

otber Ihan Thomas Schauf, the .. thomas Schauf is nul liable fur Ihe transaction. II is undersIIK»d lhall "rchasing frum a Jubber/C(K,rdinalur l'an I~ 1I linanl'i'll benetil and sa~!llime fur everyone concerned. Therefore, Wl' suggesl and encourage all buyers tu purchase from those uu .. lwunhy individuals. This a!fkl is most imptlfllllli for groups uf 15 ur more people l'llllsolid&lling I~ purchase,

15) I agree III fulluw and comply wilh Ihe Jubber/Coon.linillur Ethics in .. lrul'liulIOlluulline. I undersla"nd follow siandard protessionul t'lhil's and will nor &IIlempl ro lake away business from ilnyune Ihal sun'essfull y u.-galli/ed a gmup" 15 or more people. A Jubber/ ('II"lllillillur is hI wUlk direclly Hh those people he/she il';sisled in


w ... bsue plan.·melil.

16) I agree III he Iruslwurlhy and understand Ihal Thomas Schauf is nUl responsible fur money given III a Jubber/Cuurdinalor or me, We advise everyone kl purchase from IhuS!! who are uusrwonhy and encourage Ihe "guhlen rule," do unto others, a. s yuu want them hi do unto yuu.

17) I agree and unJelslillld Ihal 'ubberslCuortlinalurs urgani/.ing 15 or more Jl"uple are independent bus'inesses and independent 0" Thonue .. Sl'hauf. Any"ne may be 1I J"bber/CuordinalUr and everyone may buy dirl'l'I from Thuma. s Schuuf. The purpose otthe Jllbber/CIKlrdinalur urgillli/aliunal structure is io realize more product purchase than any utl~r means allil dti(.·ienlly saves lime, Furthermore, urgani;altiunal structure anJ teamwork alluws Thomas Schaul' more lime fur research and his privare affairs Ihus Thomas Schaul' can delegate goals and lasks hI Ilk! local and S"IIC level. Weencuurage everyone 10 volunteer,

.. n'cJlI fl'spt,nsibilily. a. s sisi. and ~hieve Ihe Jubber/CIK,rdinalur level, 11<) I unJl'rsliinJ and agree III mililmi/e IIl1lelephunc l'alls lu Thomas Sdliluf. The urgiuli/ .• uiuna] slru,;lure is designed III IIssisl everyone

wilh any and all pwblclIIS, We encourage you 10 fulluw the organizalillnal suucture. Usually a Jobber/C(Klnlinalllr. paralegal. and experienced assilLiales will be able tu sulve mOSI problems, It is virtually illlJltlssible fllr Thomas Schaut' hI physically manage the vulume of amid paled phone calls and we "'rstand Ihill Thoma, s Schaut' does not waUl a slaf!' in Tucsull. . .

Page 301' 4




19) I understand and agree thai if we are going 10 save a nation. we must organize at every local and Stale level. This goal allows us to effectively disseminate and communicate informauon, I understand Ihat Thumas Schauf is not so concerned if he becomes President, The goal is to accomplish a workable system Ihat voles fur the right person; one who can nul be bought. bribed. or subverted 10 the special interest ul'lhe blinkers und their banking system. Our communicauon can be dune by emails and telephone calls and periodic conference calls, I undersland Ibal Thomas Schauf may have conference calls as needed ar regular intervals and al his discretion.

2() lundersumd and agree 10 protect the TOP SECRET BANK MANUAL cupyrighled comems and use.

I agree 10 the above,


Dale: _

Prim Name: . _

Phune #: ( __ )

Clearly print your website name _

Clearly print address below


Page 40f 4




This order Iorm is exdusivef,:ror men and women who have signed the approved web AGREE,t.tENT with Thomas Schauf and had the AGREEMENT returned ahd signed by Thomas Schauf

This exclusive uffci l'xilires ,"':


NOTICE: Thomax Schauf ~.the right til cancel ur change the offer at illlytinlc! wilhuut notice Onkrtt willunly be tilled itthere are materials in :.hll.:k IIr ,L"i bUIlk!. ,ulIl manua'~ are printed.

The walue IIf this e .. upon allows ),ou to obtain one book of Volume 1 and one book of Volume 2 and one n,p Secret Banlc M(IIIual for $150.00. Tilt' retail yalue is equal to $275.00; $50.00 for both books and $225.00 for the Top Stcrtl Banlc Manual providing )'ou a net profit of $125.00. This coupon is ooly yalid for the three items listed and is not used to obtain an)' indiyidual item. You must also sign an Agreement protecting the n,p Surel Banlc Mallual copyright contents and USl'.

Til acuvare Ihis "'mlpun. you flluslmpy anti send me t:upy wuh each order. Nu tlisl."Uum will be giveil if yuu faillu send the copied coupon wilh yuur urtler. The purpose of this ttl upon is unly 10 fadlitale and produce a profu m'lfgin for newcomers who want 10 purchase a $6(XU)O unit and haw sponsored a website. A S6()O.IX) unh indudes 25 books of Volume I and 25 txll.lks uf Vulume 2 and one Top Secret 81111k Mt,mUlI which retail fur it tUlal value IIf $1.J75.UU. We want 10 make il as easy as possible 10 ublilin a S6ClCl.(1I1 unil purchase. Ali~r yuu purchase one $()(IO,IIII unit. yuu may purchase .1 7;,1' SI'a«;, 8ullk M,ml""l fur $ I 25,UU, When you receive S225.(II) fur a Jill' s"d'~ "'mJ,; Millumi. send $125.(111 In Tum and he will send Ihe TtlI' Secre: 8(lIIk MClllual by prillrily mail tu you. We till Ihis process III maxi mile your dislributiun efficiency and reduce inventury ellurt.


.' .. ,.

Anyone may become a Jobber/Coordinator. The purpose of a Jobber/ Coordinatur is tn delegale lasks at the local level. reduce telephone calls to Thomas Schauf. assisrothers with Website placement and performance, and generally communicate with lheir group 10 resolve issues and provide support A Jobber/ClKudinalOf is an independent businessperson that helps facilitale anyone imerested in website placement. When a Jobber/Coordinalor obtains 15 or more people and collects a $600.00 purcha.o;e from each person thai totals a S9000.(X) purchase. everyone benelits. A Jobber/ClKlrdinalor benefits by receiving ,I $600,00 unit purchase for free and each of the 15 people benefit by receiving 2 Top Secret 8'1111.: McmlU'/s inslead of one; an added $125.00 benefit, ANYONE WIIOCALLS THOMAS SCHAUF REGARDING HIS OR HER ORDER WILL NOT RECEIVE THE EXTRA TOP SECRET BANK MANUAL. BECAUSE THIS DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OFTHE ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE, If you order directly from Thuma. s Schauf you only receive one TtJI' Secret 8,1111.: M(lIIuai. nOI two. Please alluw 4-6 weeks fur delivery of your order, You must have a completed FORM # I and purchased through a Jubber/ClK)rdinalllf. The lobber/ Coordinator coltects all the money anti forms and forwards the order to Thoma. s Schauf.

We expect 10 limit the number of Jobber/Coordinators, Therefore. you lIlay W.lllllu adlievc Ihis respunsibililY u.s.a.p. In the future, we expect volume anti will conrdinate all purchases through the Jobber/CllI.lrdinator as this will save time. money. and telephone calls to Thomas Schauf.

Thank you fur helping us save America and electing statesmen who rep-

• resem ibe people and not the bankers. True suuesmen give us our liberties and do not deny us equal protection,

Signed. ... __ . .

ThornlL s Schauf _



Thi~ ~lIupun only ilpplics III I~.'fsl $b()t1()U unil order. Nurmally, if yuu purcha, .. e a $tltXI.tlU unit, y,"",rder includes 25 book. s of Vulume I and 25 bonks uf Volume 2 iUld ,. Top Secret BUI.I.; Mm'Utd; relailing al S I.tH.UO (50 hOllks al S25.0() r~i1 iUld one Top Secret Bt"'l.; Mwmtd at S!25.IXI retail). After you purl~ one $60().UO unu, you cun purchase III1C Top Secret RtmA. MIII.ut" al.time fur the wholes<lle price of $ I 25.0() ca~h.

This one time oller coupon allo"'s you to receive three (3) Top Secret HUIlA. M'IIIUtl/~, nul just one un ytJur first lime $6(XU)(l unit purchase.

The purpose IIf Ihis offer is lu help the tirst time buyer sell three Tc'p Serre: Rtml.: MIIIIUtlis al $225.UU each and recuver the $6(XU)() inilial investment a.s.a.p. If you sell lhe three Ttlp Seat" B(lnl.: MllnUI"S at S225.tXI end" yuu pocket the $675 and when you sell all 25 books of Vulume I ilnd 25 btK,ks uf Vulume 2 al $25.U() each, yuu pocket another S I 25().tMI h)r a uual of $I,925.(U This net profh in summary is: $1,925 - S6(X) = S 1J25.1l0, plus an additinnal S I()().I)() net profit fur allY addilional Top Secret R"1l1.: MllIuud.r yuu sell

This uH,'r is unly villi,1 fur the lirst Sll()(l purchase and expires:

This offer is only villid fur _

NOTICE: To acuvaie this coupon, you must copy the coupon iUld send in the ("t,py before the expiration dale. Also, you must sign an Agreement III pnuecr rhe Top Secre« R,,"l.: MlIIu",1 copyright cements and usc.

This ,-'IIUIUUl mU~1 ~, n'tufIlt'd with FORM II I ~umpleted.

Whcn we receive 15 orllJrs of ShOO.IX) each, we print Volumes I and 2, It may take one month tu print Ihe b'K)ks. The beoks are shipped from Wi~l'unsin tu Tucson, ArilUna and they are shipped 10 yuu at bouk rate. Therefore, please alluw 4 - 6 weeks for delivery nf this order,




This $6(Xl.OO CERTIFICATE is given til:

Number: . _

Thomas Schauf thanks yuu for helping spread the truth about banking.

Signed _

_ -






fORM. , ) rot t.oo,OO Unit purchase

This "'Irm is used fllr a S9()()(.:"U tlr more purchase. It is used when a Juhht'r/Cullnlinatur has reauiitd ill least 15 ur more people each ordering the $()OO.IMI unit uf 25 bt.luk!l of Vulume I and 25 bunks of Volume 2 and ~ Top S"I'Tt'1 B'III/.; MlIIllwld. The form must be completed by all 15 people imlividually as well as IA signed Agreement protecung the TtJp S,'a.'1 Ha"k AI."IIl11/l'upyrighl lise. This form may be used tu order dirt.'L'tly "Will Thomas Schauf iihd nnl Ihruugh a Jubber/Cuordinalnr. However, i .. yuu bypass the lf8ber/Cumdinalur. yuu unly get one Top Sf''''''1 Ra"k Mllluw/ and nul Nn. Afler tine purchases the S6c)()J)(1 unit, yuu may tinier a 1i,p Searl """It; MlIIIIIII/ one al a lime fur S 125.00 dirt'dl), from Thumm .. Sdlilwf'Again. each of Ihe 15 individuals must L'umplell' Ihi' furm. Return Ihis torm IU Ihe Jubber/CoocdinalUr and it will be 'urwauled with the money order In Thomas Schauf. If you purchase Wilhuul guing Ihrough a Jubber/Cuurdinalur. send in Ihis form to Thumas Sl'hilUf Wilh a $6(JO.()() money UHler.


I undl'rsland and agree thai ihe Jubber/Cuurdinillur is nut a partner uf Thumas Sdlallf and Ihal the Jubber/Coordinalur is an independent businl'SS illld int.lependelll ufThumas Schaut. Funhennore.I understand thai Thomas Schauf has nu liabililY for any al'liuns of the Jubber/Cuurdina- 1m l'ullel'ling the IIImll'y aml sending ilw Thomas Schauf. I will nOll".11 Thomas Sl'hauf regarding this order and when il will be sent, I will call &Ill' Jubber/CutlHlinalOr for such Infurmation. I understand mar Thomas Schauf has another business;and is unable 10 talk persunally tu everyone. ANYONE WHO CALLS THOMAS SCHAUF REGARDING 1115 OR IIER ORDER WILL NOT RECEIVE rus EXTRA TOP SECR£TBANK MANUAL, BECAUSE THIS DEFEATS THE PURI>()SE OF TilE ORGANIZATION STRUcrURE, I undersland Ihal when Thullla.'i Schauf receives the muney. he will order the buuks IU be primed. ~~ich uta; luke 4 - 6 weeks before I receive delivery uf my order. If Thuma. s Schauf has inventory, my order may arrive sooner, I understandlhal if I urder by myself and nutlhruugh a Jubber/ Cuurdinaluf then lunly get one Tell' S~("f~1 BlIllk Mtlllutl/ and nOI two


'unless there is a special coupon attached to FORM 1# I, I Agree ihat before I sell the manuals I will have the buyer sign the contidentiality agreement and immediately send the agreement to Tum Schauf, If I fail to do so, I cannot order more books/manuals. I understand that I will not sign with quahfications such as bUI net Iimited to; UCC 1-207, without prejudice, all rights reserved", WARNING: If anyone signs with reservatiuns the order is null and void.



Telephone number with area code: ( __ ) _

Name Website of person ordering:

Make S600,()O money urder payable 10 Thomas Schauf, surry no personal cheeks. Please keep a copy of the money order for your records in case it is lust in she mail. If it is IOSI, you can obtain a refund. It would be wise and helpful 10 send a copy of the money order auached to FORM # I as well so thar the Jubber/Courdimllor may easily organize receipt of payment. Return FORM 1# I 10 the Jubber/Coordinator with S600.00 money urder payable 10 Thomas Schauf, The Jobber/Coordinator will send il 10 Thomas Schauf-J/C, P,O. Dux 91320, Tucson, Arizona state 1857521

Prim yuur name and address below and it will be copied and used as a label to ship your order so print clearly. If the post ~')'i'tke is unable to read il. yuu may nul receive yuur order. Yuu may also use ihe back of this page for yuur address,

-_ .. _--------- -----------

... _.........._---


• ...... -I~ ...... ' ................ ~;


foRM #2

'11lis Uldt'l rorm is unl) lill' ~"'Sc! whu tirS! paid retail fur the TlIp Secrt't U.1II1.: Mwwtll and whu lirsl purchased the $6CJO.()() unit.

Clearly prim your name:


Clearly prim your area cuw IINld telephone # (_)

C1l'iUly prim yuur bank wet. ... e address:



The wholesale price <t'.'ach manual is $125 each. You must purchase with a money order (may be postal) only. Sorry no ~ersonal checks. We accept cash but we are not responsible If the cash is lost.



, .


'Iii rec~ive a1~ 7ill' Sean Hllllk Ma,,"al al $125.()(1 wholesale price, you must sign an Agreemem pmlecling cupyrighl use, uuach Ihe $600.0() Cenilicale signed by Thomas Schauf a" evidence thaI you are a ;eseller. TIle p~rpuse is In save lime alluwing us tu process orders quickly without se.lfchlllg the names and authoriled retlers un tile.

Number uf Top Secret Bank MunUllll ordered: _ X $125.1) = $ enclosed money urder made I>ayable It) Thomas Schauf, P.O. 80-x-9-'-32-0- Tucson, Ariltllla Stale IH51521. (TIle $125,1)(1 indudes shipping .lIld han: dling)

Cleiuly print yuur name allli nlililing address beluw. II will be copied WId used <IS your mailing label. WARNING: If the pUSI otlice cannot read your wriling. yuu will not receive lhe milllllilis mailed lu you. We do nut use Fed Ex ur urs

.- .. --.- .•. -;-~--- .. - •. _-------_ .. _-_._-

- ... -._-----._- .---------

.- .. _---_ .. _._-_._-_._-._-_._--




. .r ...



Ethics are the golden rule. Do unto others, as you want them tu do unto you. If you claim to be a jobbencoordinator then you are telling the world that you will follow these ethics,

I. You are' expected to return phone calls and all correspondeuce promptly and on a timely basis.

2. A $6(KI.()() unit purchase uunsaetion is done by money order (surry no personal checks) made payable 10 Thomas Schauf.

3. Please send money linters to Thomas Schauf by FEDEX or UPS or insured using USPS.

4. Make copies of all money orders before you send them,

5. Send the money order and form # I completed by each individual.

6. A Jobber/ClIordinillor will complete form # I and receive a $6CK)'()() unit for free however, they must state on form #1 that the $6CXl.(X) unil is free.

Do not lie. Do not steal. A Jubber/Coordinalor is expected to be professional, loyal, and follow the instructions of Thomas Schauf. Our goal is winning the nUlion and winning lhe vote by exposing the uuth. A Jobber/Coordinator is expected to serve wHI assist others and not for per-

sonal gain.

.. .. -

Elhics are simple.

If you assisr 20 friends to PUI up websites, then only you may approach lhe 20 friends 10 coonhnate the S6()().OO sales unit. Also, a Jobber/Cuurdinatur may only approach those individuals he or she recruaed personally to put up the website.

Exception: If Joe recruited to people to join and Joe gives you permission to approach the 10 people, then you may hold a discussion Wilh'lhese 10 people. However, if Joe decides 10 become a Jobber/Coordinator,then Joe has lirst priurily over the J() people that he/she recruited 10 pUI up a website.


....... / ...... -- ...... '

Yuu are expected III tocate pelf'" by sending email to friends, asking frienll~ lu l'urwarll emails IU lheir Iknds, anll cllmmunicaling with peopte in ,I persona] ami prul'essiunal c'_"iIY. Some individuals may nul want hi ~II huuk~ Ihuugh wuuld Iiketu 11UI up a websue. If they PUI lip a wcbsue, Ihey .lIe askl'lIlU refer P'!t.ple 10 a local web selling bunks.

II )'IIU recruit .1U1i nblain an ord~ lIl' 15 people, yuu become a Jubberl Cuurllinalur. ln the future any C1_ these ilUlivitluals m"y become " Jobber/CIIUhlin:llllr by recruiting 15 people,

Eventually the lime may come wawn we must hmit the number of JClbber/Cuurdinillllfs. In the event ,.. occurs, we will a ... k everyone 10 buy directly .... lIm the Jubber/CouflliMeor.

The purpose IIf Ihe Jubber/CllurJinalor is III ellidenlly manage lime, mimmize overhead, reduce lIi!.lraclilln lime and telephone calls 10 Tum Sl:hiluf. anll help ulhers hi maximize their etlon. The gual here is 10 alluw TIUlIlIib Sdlauf liS much time as possible 10 pursue his uwn hobbies anll business. A Jubber/CuocdinalUr is expected 10 learn and gain lhe in~ighllhill reflects decisions usu"lIy made by Thomas Schauf. Thoma~ Sl'hiluf wuulll prefer tu have a periodic conference call wilh Jobbers/Cuuulinillurs lind may 'I\:casillnally COndlll"1 a conference call wuh indi\'i,hlills whll purchase iI SllIlU.tKlunil. The most curreur infurm"liun will be given lulhe JubbersiCourdinalors" We may have State leaders as well as leilders repiesellling large cities. If ylll! wam hi be a leader, then demonslrille your willingness anti abiluy by becoming a Jubber/Coordinaror firsl.

Help us make hislury and save lhi~ nauon. We believe lhal saving this naliun is our respnnsibilily, our vocauon, anti may be effectively done by spreading the truth abuul banking. Selling books and manuals funds our operauon. We must organize if we are glling III use the vole 10 change lhe employees al Ihe government level with people like you anti Thoma. s Sl·hauf. We wanl il gnvernmeOlth&fepresclih the people not the bankers. We hope ICI save alii!' restore our rights anti liberties.

We need yuur help to save Ihis natiun. One guvernur can win the nation. We can win wuh C1ur VOle by elecling intlivitluals al the lucal and Slale





d . I ... ~ bankers If we organize lead-

. lhe people an no UK' • " '11

level lhal represenl 'th Il'ultiple webs lies we W1

. , nty and slale WI "

ers in every lUW", ~Ily, cou , hers of organiled people

win. Please join us. Remember thaI large num

give us safelY anti Vil:lory.



If the government issued cash. United Slates Notes interest free. like President Andrew Jackson. President Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy. the natiunal debt coulll be .. .em. your personal income tal!. could be zero and the average American could have very liule if lmy debt. HislUry shows President Kennedy was assassinated within a few months of issuing United States Notes. Upon his tkath. President Johnson immediately replaced the United States Notes with federal Reserve Notes. If President Kennedy had lived and continued printing United States Notes interest free. tens uf trilliuns of dollars the banks nuw have would be in the hands of American citi .. .ens.lfhe had lived. the national debt could be zero and yuur personal income tax cut to zero.

For every dollar uf United Slates Notes issued by the government interest free. the citizens have one less dollar of tax and one less dollar of debt. Econmnically speaking. a United Stales Note gives the citizen an economic benetit similar 10 having gold or silver currency. Only the government can create money giving bankers and non-bankers equal protection. Banks must loan other depositors' money and stop creating money like a coumerteiter,

The banks demand they prinlthe money and loan it 10 the government at interest. creating the national debl of tive trillion dollars. The banks create money and loan it to cutzens as they buy homes. cars and farms. Fur every dollar the banks print and loan to citizens. the citi .. .ens have one more dollar of debt. The banks believe it is good business to create money. loan il out. and force you into more debt paying them interest.": ...

If your neighbor could counterfeit money and loan it out at interest. he would be rich. If he wa. s 1101 slopped he would end up loaning money to nearly every person owning a horne. car. farm or business. Nearlyeveryone in America would be paying your neighbor interest or he would foreclose and own the property, This is why coumerfeiters go to jail. Economically speaking there is liule or no difference between your neighbor counterfeiting muney and Ihe banks creating money and loaning it out at imeresi.

The Revolutionary War was fought 10 stop banks from creating money and loaning it out. The Constitution allnwed gold and silver as currency. prohibiting banks from creating money. This is why the media and banks hate the Constitution.

The following sections are ~xcerpted from Tom's first book and included het&! ror your information.




Amerka's history sh(lws IhattlJlbanking ,ystem has changed from one wher~ the governmem issues'" tht.lney, III one where the banks issue the

., ...

mun~y. Wllt!n t!n(lugh pellplt: _e up, the government will issue the

muney IIiKe 'Igain and peuple _., become debl free. If we remain asleep, Ihe b.lllks will nlillinue III ae.aW·Rwney and tbe peopte will end up havingbuge tlebt~. The people ""' .• aking up once more, pushing fur the government ro li,lIuwPresidenht Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Jllbn F Kennelly. All we nee"",. is follllw these great American Presidents anllt·xl)u:-.c Ihuse whu Wt.M suppon tbe enemies of uur Revolu-

tiumlry War. ."

hlul".llt'" '~(lpl~ W.1Il1 United SIlks Notes issue,' interest free and banks WallllllLT~ille muney and IlIaRft.:uut. This is the secret the media tries til hilk, Ilk' hankers ICY hi conc~'the judges ignure and ,he lawmakers support. Obvillusly they have alinancial interest in creating muney and Illaning il uul ill imerest. If 'he America.n pupulatiun knew the trulh and undersl(I,"1 why we fuughl Iheftevulutillnary War, lbey wuuld vute OUI every lawmaker, jUilge and pultl.-eman aiding anti abetting lhe banks. This is why this btlnk is s\\'eeping lhe nation. People are talking and inli.rming ulhers. Brochure» and cassene tapes are being cupietl and distributed, II" we I"ulluwed Presidt!OI Abraham linculn and the Cunstitutiun iIIId illhe banks paid their debt, the naliunal ,leba would be eliminated, persunal incume lax eliminaletl and people wuuld be out ef debt in a shun lime,

Plea...e join us in exptlsing ~ truth. 8e a leader. Tell your friends, Get gruups ul" peuple IU pass oUI the bruchures, copy the cassette lape and lentl uul lhe btllik III uthers. When enough Americans learn the tru,h and what the metliu hil.\ hidden I'm ... us, every real American will want III '(Illow Presidents Jal'bull, Lin"". and Kennedy and elimimlte our debt. All t'reeilum-Iuving Americans whu believe ill ,he Revolutionary War, the Constituli(HI and Ihe Bill or Rights, juin us in gelling dlis message oul so we can gel the support of lhe American people. We cannot correct il if we all believe a lie. But we can correct it if enough Americans learn the lrudl an,1 walll out uf Iheir toans. It will be up lu yuu to save America.




. rk Hannibal und Caesar lighting against Ancienl history records leaders let I w'lltluul acknowledging the

k ld be comp e e k

lhe bankers. Nu ~)(I ~ou 's banking system, Moses gave the boo -

8ible's condemnauon uf today d d it History acknowl-

, , ' bankers and con emne· . .

keeping entnes of today s. h'b", today's bankang system.

,- l' W"lver pro I lung

edges Moses as the Ifst, a C> • odie The Apostle Paul insisted anyone

The Apostle Paul called II a SWI 'I r the church,

. ' "f 'e be thrown ou II . b' I

invulved III tlus prac tc h eychan"ers and won his an e.

ks n foughll e mon C> 'ble'

Presidenl Andre~ Jac so . Ie Presidenl Jackson followed the 81 s

He read and believed lhe BIb, ' .' President Jackson declared thai, condemnalion of ,,-,day's ban~l:g~:s~:;~bliC rests, Ilhank the Pr~idenl "the Bible is the rock on Whle 2K096 Sial 1211 law produinung the and Clingress for making PL G970-D .. 'This la~ allows Americans 10 use

be ~4 "WORD Of· .

Bible tll h", . I~4 bankin" pracuce.

I, f in cundemllUlg ..... t> •

their religiuus be Ie s I & her slatement: "h is very Impor-

t Janel Reno lor

I thank Attorney Genera le uf the Uni~d Stales and nOlone

tanl .. , ,hal Congress represent lIle peoPM' u Mahoney for admitting thal

.. 1 thank Judge ar n

special interest group, 'I' .

. . to pubbc po ICY·

the banks uperate contrary

, ..


\ )

Tlus buuk wa., nul wnuen wuh Ihe '. ut" uvenhwwing the governmenl. 'nlis huuk is licsigned 10 e xpuse the It''lh of the bunk loan ugreement and illustrale us econumil' effect un Ametkans. It is explained in everyday terms ~uple can r etille to and undersland. This btKlk is peu-American, an,I,'rudaims AI1I~ .. icalls' right to fiw speech and practice uf religiun. I ~m meetly pUlling '"rward Ihis inl(ltlhatioll as pan of my pulitical platrorm a., a l'andidale Jill J>residelll ufihe lJniled Suues.

TillS B{X)K IS ,lROHlBlTED fROM BEING USED IN COURT. It is IlHII.esigned III be used in court an'.,.uple are prohibiled from using it as an eAllibit in coun. \'ou may, how~~e .. , take nutes and use those notes, ljucsliHns, .11111 Fedt'ral Reserve Bank publicaliuns as coun exhibits _ bUI use H'-Ihis huuk is pruhihiled. UP(lI1 &ll:Ceptanl'e Oflhis btlllk the render agrees nul hi use Ihe informalion l'ont"in,'t! herein as an exhibition in ,·uun.

If Ihe gUVI!nllnelll, bank, ue any ulher agency auemprs 10 stop this book trom bt,'inll distributed, by accident Ilr design, or if I die or am placed in jaillu silenl'l' Ihis IlIluk, steps have been taken to mpy this inll)rmalion ani' have il distribuled from hundreds uflucalions Ihmughout the nalion. 11li~ will h'lppen if Ihere is an)' auempr n, suppress this inl('rmaliun. The ballks lUay create a t.lcpressioll or cashless suciet), as a result uflhis bUlIk. We must inlilrm liS many Americans as quickl)' as possible tu be sure L'wr)'une knows !he truth and who tu blame. I believe that if brorhures i1rc cupied .uul distributet.l like wildlire, the banks will nOI dare creare a dcprc ... .'iiull in urller to furlY. ,us illlu a cashless sudety, ur Iry to l· .. 11 a nlllslitlilillllill,'unvemiun tu e*, our rights. America's future is up hi Y"U PkaSt:' spreild Ihe wurll qUil·kiy.



This txK)k is based solely on the definuions a, s given in this book, as well as Federal Reserve Bank publications and standard bank bookkeeping entries. This book. presumes equal proiecuon under the law and that all material facts must be disclused in an agreement. The ba. s ic presumption of this tx)lIk is thut a loan is nut an exchange,

I am not claiming Ihat bankers. politicians. ur CPAs are criminals. I believe the general public is misled .IS tu the truth of Ihe bank loan agreemenl regarding who provided the original capital in funding ~he bunk luan check. The general public is misinformed as to the economic consequences of such banking processes. This btK)k will not cI~m Ihal banke~s are criminals. but endeavors tu show the general public the economic effect of a triUlsacliun accurlling to lhe bookkeeping entries. The reader must use the glussary of terms uni{lue to this b'Klk. (Example: "counterfeit" is detined as private bunks creating money. "Stealing" or "theft" is detincd as the bank ubtaining the borrower's promissory note (loan agreement) without loaning IInc cent of legal tender or other deposito r ~· m~)n~y.) The words couraerfeu, thefl.lafl:eny. etc. have been used to describe Similar ur like economic effects. In this way, nun-accountants can understand Ihe real cost and risk of lhe bank loan agreement. I have written this book according to my research, belief. theory. iU\d religious conviction.

TillS BOOK CANNOT 1lF. USED IN A GOVERNMENT COURT AS EVIDENCE. Attorneys representing banks muy contact me to help stop this btx)k from being entered &IS evidence in court, I refuse IO_Pt the expen witness or teslify in court unless I agree in writing and am paid to do suo This btK)k wus wriueu to create a political sulution, not 10 correct the biU\k problem in coun. A pulitical sohniou will save the economy. and the nalion. We must be responsible and protect the economy, f believe we have the best government and nation in lhe world. and we should use the vote we have to correct the nation's problems. Before one can vote imel-

ligently. one mUSI Imow the whole truth. .

The problem is thai people believe that the bank agreement discloses all material fact~;'Burrowers would never dream that the Federal Reserve Bank publications show that the banks do .he opposue of what must borrowers believe. This buuk will present evidence allowing the reader to be the judb'C and jury and ,lecide for themselves if there is a fraud or not.






Anwding lu C~nilj~d Publk Al'\'t"'~ling ethics. I believe I must tell the Irulh abuutlhls b.mkang system.

~u ulh~~ P:lfIY is. h. speak on my ~alf. If I did nOI publish an idea or

pl.~l·~ ullnlllrl1lOllllln ur place il in "'''in'' and SI'''III'1 It"t. '

. • . .,. C> 'C> • < ... c nu respunsl-

blluy.,ur It. I '.1111 cunn'med th", Peuple will miSlluule me or lake my

m~anan,g UUI ~" CIln~exl. Dy changing one word. the emire meaning can be ubS(ured. l'h~relt)re. I ask Ihat peuple nul quote me or this book.

Do yuur own research before tak~ IIny lelJal action Tom S 'h' fis

• • .... C> ., c au IS nul

glvlllg leg~l advice -he is merely gIving infurmatiun lu become elected.

ThIS bUllk IS ba.~ed U~I infurmaliun believed lu be correct, bill il is up 10 "" h.' rese~'l"h 1t.1t IS ptlssible .... ihe fED mOly change their publkaIIt1ns In the future 111 order 10 ch", their previuus quetes.


The definitiuns of words in this book are unique and only pertain to this book. It is suggested Ihat one use a law dictionary for legal defiaitions of wurds used in this btKlk.

Agreement: Written terms and conditions between two or more parties stating specific performance each pliny must do to bind the other party to the agreement. There is no agreement without mutual consent. There can be no mutual consent if there was a concealment and one party did the opposne of what was expected. Material facts must be disclosed. authorization must be granted, permission must be obtained. and adequate consideration (money) given 10 have an agreement. Example: In the agreement. who was lu provide the funds 10 issue the bank loan check'! Was it the burrower or the bimk'! Was Ihe bank tllioan you legal lender as consideration loaned to obtain the promissory nute or was Ihe bank 10 loan yuu the opposite of legal tender" The cost and risk of the agreement changes signiticantly depending on the answers.

Asset: Anything owned that can be sold. A car. house. legal tender. promissory note, securities. and bonds can be sold. so Ihey are assets to the one who owns them. Banks record legal tender as iI bank asset. Banks also record owing legal tender a. s a bank liability.

Bank agent: Anyune who benefits from the current banking system antll or is responsible fur enforcing the billlking system. Dank employees. police. auorneys, media. judges. lawmakers. lUlll anyone aiding and abetting the trustees (Congress) of the bankruptcy of the United.Sutles. Anyone dependent or benefitmg from favors of'bunk money. either directly or indire~tly. or loans til be in business. A foreign agent or unregistered foreign agent representing a foreign interest. such as judges. police, and attorneys as in U.S.c. 'litle 22. Section. s 61() - 615. or in any court case making them foreign agents, or any other law.

Bank-controlled medill and publishing companies: Any media or publishing company that is biased in favor of the current banking operation or refuses, ~o give equal time and representation to exposing the whole truth a. s outlined in this book. Media which has bank debt and is dependent on the bank to renew the loan or where the bank may withdraw the loan. Media which is dependent on advenising dollars whereby a bank

....... ,;~ .'"


Check: The Federal Reserve Buard defines .. check as "a lIraft or order upon a bank II( b;allt.ing house purp&ltling 10 be lIrawn upon a deposil of funlls fur the payment ill illl evems.ttfa certain sum Ilf money III" certain person therein nilllled IIr lu him '~his order ur hI bearer anll payable illSlilntly UII delllillll'" (llelinilion a1i iter Black's l.aw Dictionary). Please dUllul furgellhe bank claims il bani liabililY is a debt. I'll make a checking an:uunt balance money, equal fiwtection must be denied and money lIIusl be redelinl!d lu mean the IIPfl'flihe,ur the promissory note is money ur check kiling. It appears rhe banldriay leall people III believe it is check kiling if IIlIe writes a check with()~ firsl having a checking account balance (Iiabilily) hI Illaldl the ilium"" of the check. The checking account balance has 1111 vafue Wilhllut legal lender, recorded as a bank asset, offselling die liabilil)'. The check merely transfers a bank liability_checking an:uunl balance .Jmm one dledjng accoum III another, A check is not lIIuney. A chec], lids LIKE money because yuu can exchange it for cash.

. . . • ses of this bOllk, this means money banks

CounterfeIt money. Fur purpo . d luaned at interest. It does not neces-

created or caused to be created iUl .

sarily mean the banks committed a come.

'he . ment of money. The I}Ustp!lIlelllent

Credit: The postponement of t pay .f' ed by check if a check must

f cannot be trans err

of the payment 0 money 1, it . lid Is the prumissory note

. f oey to n e I va . .

have a sum cenam u m~):. f a prllol'lssory note means the pronus-

I· '1'In dehmllun o .

mOlleY or crec It, e. .. '1 be muney and mean money

. be oaid III muney. Huw can I .'

sory Ilute must 1"- I' . more than one kind of money,

, .1 at the sanle time unless t jere IS

IS oweu' . "

I~gal and non-legal tender, at the same lime.

, damage awarlls without showing you

Damage: In court yOU cannot wlll'f is the victim of a theft. The book

.1 0 has a damage lone I ,

were damageu. ne . do not repay the loan. likeWIse, yOU

believes lhey were damaged~dlf Ylt)UI van you other depositors' money or if d if the bank I no (, ....

were damage I hi' from you to the bank.

the bank refused to repay t e oan

. . If ments (checks) or commercial paper

Deposit: Money or neg(}lIuble ins ~ k' the bank credits a checking ac(promissury notes) handed to It .n '. account or ceniticate of deposit, count demand deposit account, sav~ngsl ned the' bank money or funds,

, . bili The dep!)sltor oa

creating a bank ha Illy. , one deposited or toaned to the

allowing the depositor to WIthdraw lhe m Y


. 'nonbankers having the same rights, Book-

Equal protectIOn: Bookers an~. , d loan it out to nontu\nkers.

ers cannot create money or cr It an

. " To barter or swap. Example: You g~ve

Exchunge: TradIng value lor value, $ lOO' d they swap it for sometillng

the book something of ~a~ue won~ack s ~~) A S 100 loan is where one of value worth SI()(), gtVlllg you be', id at a later dalA!, Stealing

her pany to repiU

party hands S 100 to anot . ' the SIOO back to the victim is not a

SIOO from one pany and return~ng II belong to the thief'; it belongs to IOW1. The stulen S UK) dues not ega y CI'" '0 Federal Reserve Bank

. 'h'e is not a loan. . ucag d

the vicllm. An exc ang hani (p 6) "liU'ms the book exchange

od M ey Mec ames . ~ d

publication M ern. on " he borruwer's transaction account an

the promiSSOry note lor credIt an t d fi d the word exchange and called called it a luan. TIle bank simply re e ~ne SIO() and the lender hands the , I , .• n ,",4 "')rrower hands the len er

It at b .... · II~ '"

can a."k burrowers nut hladvertise.Mh such media that expose the whole truth iUlllllulhing bUI the Iruth cu ..... ining the alleged bank loans.

Bond: A bund is a promissory nl*,~wl IOU agreeing to repay the prin-

ciple 1,llIs uuerest .

Cllnsideraliun: The reason fur entering imo the agreement. Cunside n uion must be sumething IIf value, sudl us an a. ... set ur legal lender (cash), A ched. wriuen withmlllifsi depusiling all asset (money) so the check can be cashed is illegal consideration. If the check was the funds loaned 10 IIbtain the prumissury nore, then the promissory nllte cannot be used tu fund the check:' Ifthe promissory nute were used til fund Ihe check, then Ihe check l'iUlIlllt he the cunsiltemttun luanell tu ublain Ihe promissory nule because the bank IIwned the IJfUlIlIssury nore before the check paid Itlr it. Eilhef the prumissury note hall to be luaned 10 the bank or the biUlk swit the promissufY note hI fund the check. Slealing ihe promissory note means nil villuable mnsidel'alioll was given til ubtain the prumissllry note.

( ·lIun~ r feuter): 1., fllrgl!. Til alter IIf dliUlge a lI(k:unlClIl afler it was signed withuut knuwledg~ IIr permissillllllrl6Ulhuri/.atiull Ill' Ihe one signing the 1I1ICumenl. An intent til uecei ve by piblling the forged document as a genuine UIIe.' that was nUl alle.ced. Example, aner lhe promissory 1lI»1e was signed, Iht' hank stumps the hill:k III" the instrument, thus allowing the biUlk 10 use the l'H1mi!>sury nute III I"ulld the check. The bank creased money,



$1 UU bad uuhe borrower, d~ing the lender luanellthe burrower $1 (Xt. fur this exchange, the borroWij must pay a fee as if there was a loan. The 11l.IHU\\l'r lust S 1110, the len~gained $I(M). and, for this privilege. the borrower must repay the Slld,tus interest.

'I . ~

.' " or device designed to convert the propert.y

using a tnck. fraud, or pollcy havi ihe e"onomic effect of a theft.

he t '. possession avtng .. .

into anot r par 'I ~ .'. I f loaning legal tender to obtain

Depllsiti~g ~ promlss,~~ note tnS~:~i~ an illegal lien on property withownership 01 the promissory no~.. . g reinforcing a false impression out fultilling the agreement. Ongtn~"ng or preventing one from obtaining

. the false impreSSion or .

and not correctlllg . ,I' g the real cost and nsk of

the truth as to lhe correct informauun r:~:h~:h mighl change the judgthe uansaction in the alleged agree me I Example' Was it an ex-

meut of lhe party ente~i~,g into t!::~r~~:~t~~ was ther~ a loan? Who change and char~ as .If there he 'k'~ Exaedy who was to loan exacdy provided the capllal to tund the c c .

whalto whom"

. .. .. b' k owes a depositor legal tender

Liability: A ~~k 1.lablhty means t~e c:n account balance, demand de(cash). A liabtlltYls a debt,lOU, ch~ti atge (If'dellf)sit or check. An un-

. , 'ount certl IC' r'"

pusit account, savmgs ace ~h 'h lellal tender or cash the bank

. '.' A • 'orecard of ow muc .. A

pilld obhgat~on. sc " 0 A liability is something you owe ',

owes .dep<lslIors" ': pr~llmse ~e pa~'liability is a legally enforceable claim prmlllssory note IS oWlllg mo 'I'. r. bility by check from one cheek-

un lhe assets of a bank. :ra~~~~:~':UI:;'a: not payment of a liability. The ing account to nnother check g p t )fa I' lability is proven when

. . he bank books aymen'

liability remams on t . . be bank's balance sheets. A

tbe liability no longer rem.ams on ~'"e m~ml ~loks on the far right hand bank liability is recorded III the ac(;ounttng

column of numbers.

. ' , 0 rl or assels lIS a result of money they

Lien: The nghtlo som~one .s pr;: ~. nk receives the lien on 'lour house owe or are in default 01 paying. e a tl e loan the lien on the house if ou take out a loan. If you do not re~ay' , '

al~lws the lenller 10 furectusc anll ubt&unthe house.

, d or delivered to another party to be repaid Loan: Money or asset advanc~ The a reement can be expressed or at a laler date with or withoUllllte~eSI. )!iSSONI note from a borrower . . d I~ le: If a bank recetves a pn OJ k unphe . ~xamp . . . .. loan from the borrower to the ban ,

and records the prom~ss,~?not~ ~s ~ , the amount of the loan to the the bank assets and ha~lht~es mae;se Ib~ the bank's assets and Habilil\1ll,k When a bank elillms II gr.mle a '~aJ'. t II is the same situa-

. t f the pnllntSsory no e. .

ties increase by Ihe ~moun 0 . " note in a fraudulent converSion

tion if the bank recelvellthe pronusStlry back lO the victim. The quesand 10Med the value nf the stolen peopeny

Furgery: Coumerfeu. Most people think it means your signature was signell by another person; however, arurgery includes changing a document after il wa. .. signell. When lhe lIddiment was signed anti then altered, your signature ben lines null and vilitk

Fraull: IlIlentiunally pervening ihe truth for the purpose of inducing others lu rely on a lie or misinfurw.tion. False statements or half-truths and half-lies. wuh the other party ttfying on such information to enter into an agreemern, in order III have tliepiUlY part wuh someshing of value. such a. s a legal righl or property, Kilowing une will breach lhe agreement beli,re entering inl!) ihe agreement . Example: The bank claims they will make you aluan. The bank ('(theeals there is a luan from you tu the bank exchanged fur a luan from the bunk back III you. II was concealed: Ihe bank never luaned yuu (me ~m of legal tender Ihat existed before yuu signelilhe agre!'emelll III be loaned a. .. conslderauon ro obtain your promi:.sury lIUll'. The bank l'aJled ",1 exchange!' a luan anll never repaililbe loan hum you tn the bank. The bank received yuur properly Illr free inslead of luaning yuu legal tender lu obtain your promissory note. thus changing the ellst anti the risk wilhoul borrowers being aware, The bank's omissiun, eoneealmcili. false sunemenr, anll breach uf agreement changed the l'usl anll risk. If people unlierstooll, they woulll have voted out every lawmilker. judge, and pulice official ailling and abelling such a practice, and this is why the bank hides the truth.

1;,.'llIliulelll concealmeru: The "illiug .tnJ/Uf suppression of facts which wuultl signilil'llnlly change the cost or risk uf an allegell agreement. To mislead the borrower a. s to w~ich parly supplied the capilallo fund the bank luan dleck. In ur out of court, misleading ur hindering tbe aequisililln tlf infurmalion lIisdusing a righl or transaction in an alleged cumraet lIr agreemen« Planning au escape investigatiun. suppressing the truth or preveming inlluiry tu the uuth.

Interest: TIle l'harge !'lIi' Ihe ustilf borrowed muncy. nor the opposite of mlliley ur Ihe jlustpunemeOl uf IIIe payment uf money,

Larceny: Steal, Ihdl by gililling possession uf another party's property



tiun is. did Ih~ bank hide I" transuctiun'! Did the burruwer give the bank permissiun'! Did Ihe borrow.r have knowledge'! If !here was no knowledge. how can ihere be mal understanding or an agreement'l Was it a luan. lhe .... or did Ihe burr~,*er have knuwledge'! Accurding to the 1Iel'ounting records, il is either ~ loan 10 the bank ur it is a theft. According tu the an'uunting records. al a minimum it is an implied loan to the bank because the bank recorded ~ ~ such. You have a right to receive the loan ba~:k in "its equivalent in kited." meaning you have the righlto receive t~ principal &lnll inlerest paid tu the bank. It' it was stolen. must people would want tlk! stolen property back.

Misleading: Delusive. mis.sem. deceive. decepuon, and to lead astray.

i I I




Muney: As defined in Ihijbouk, money musl be a bank asset. In this book. the Federal Reserve, Bank detines money as a bank liability. This book believes a bank liability is not money. For illustrative purposes, in this ixlOk the wurd money ~an be used as the bank's detinhion of money being it bank liabililY. TIlt poim of the book is to show money (legal tender) is recorded as a batik asset. Owing legal lender is a bank liability. It' owing muney is money;'4Iben it is Ihe upposile of legal tender. The bank deals in legal tender and tilt! opposue of legal tender (checkbouk money) and call buth money. Treasury NOleS, not Federal Reserve NOleS. are called Uniled Stales Nutes.

PmmiSSlifY fraud: When the bank claimed they would loan you a bank check payable in l'ash ami when the bank pulicy showed intent to breach the agreement and use the promissury note to fund the same CheLt. thai was tu be the loan consid4lltion fur the promissory note, it was II misrepreseOlatiun of the lender's agreement and advenising.

Prumissury note: A prumi.lo return money luaned to a borrower with or withuut imeresr. An um:un:iitiunal promise 10 pay a sum cenain in money. Please nole il dues nOI say the opposite of muney or credit, which is the postponemem of the payment of money,

Siolen: 'Illeft. receiving sOmething fur free wilen you agreed tu loan something of value. A plan to deity anuther puny equal possession IInder the law, muney, t:redil. ur agreementtu obtain something tor nothing. A dishunest act or wrungdoing to willfully retain control of another party's property without authori/.ation or beyond authori/.ation and permission


........ ~

given, with intent to deprive the puny of their property. For purposes of this book, stolen or theft means the bank obtained the promissory note or credit card agreement without eaming the money to loan, like nonbankers earn money, and/or without loaning one cent of other depositors' money and by erellting money 1)( bank liabilities to obtain the bank loan agreement, promissory note, or credit card agreement. Example: The bank records the promissory note on the bank's assets and increases the bank's liabilities. The bank obtained the promissory note for free simply by increasing the bunk's debt and nOI paying the debt and making it appear that the bank paid for the promissory note by transferring the debt to another person by means of a check. The banks could obtain the liens on the nation's assets and national debt simply by increasing the bank's debts and not paying them, To steal.

Thief or theft: Obtaining the promissory note without the bank loaning other depositors' money and by creating money having the economic effect of counterfeiting, Obtaining the promissory note by increasing the bank liabilities, To steal,

United States Notes: This book refers to Silver Certificates, Greenbacks, and paper money issued interest- free by the government as United States Notes, A nole is an obligeuon. By being a United StaleS NOle, it shows whose obligation it is to pay. Generally speaking, it is obvious that a lJnited States Note is cash and is not paid but merely circulated as money or redeemed for silver or gold. For purposes of this book, we are only tlK)king at the general economic effecl-notlong-winded legal arguments on exucttheories of paper money or gold.and silver coins,


Wealth: Propeny/asset which has value and can be sold. Wealth includes your labor, because labor is exchanged for goods and servic~s. People barter wealth for other people's wealth, For example: len chickens exchanged for one pig. Today, money is used to help facilitate exchanging



These terms are designed to illustrate the economic effect of the bank loan agreement using everyday language. The author is not claiming the bankers are criminals, You are the judge and jury, and you decide whether there is a fraud and whether we should vote to cancel your bank loans,