Industry Overview History: The history of Indian Television dates back to the launch of Doordarshan, the country.

s national television network in 1959 when the transmission was in black & white. The 9th Asian games which were held in 1982 in the country.s capital New Delhi heralded the mark of colour television broadcast in India. In 1991, Indian economy was liberalised from the license raj and major initiativ es like inviting FDI, deregulation of domestic businesses emerged. This led to the influx of foreign channels like Star TV and creation of domestic satellite channels like S un TV and Zee TV. This virtually destroyed the monopoly held by Doordarshan. In 1992, the cable TV industry started which changed the way the average Indian watches the television. Every city in India had a new breed of entrepreneurs cal led as cablewallahs or Local Cable Operators (LCO) taking in charge of distribution. Si nce this was a disorganized sector carrying new channels on the existing infrastructure r equired new investments which the operators were reluctant to make. This led to the emer gence of a new breed of firms called as Multi System Operators (MSO) who had heavy financial muscles to make capital investments and liaised between the cable oper ators and the channels. MSOs provide the feed to the local operators for a fee. In 1995, government felt the need of regulation in Cable TV and passed the Cable TV network (Regulation) Act. This was also the time when the state owned Doordarshan and All India Radio came under a new holding called as Prasar Bharat i to give them enough autonomy. The LCOs reported a lower number of connections where as the broadcasters demanded a higher rate. MSOs were finding it difficult to op erate under these conditions. This led to an amendment of the Cable TV networks(Regulation)Act in 2002 to provide Conditional Access System (CAS). With CAS, the last mile distribution could be addressable with accuracy and digitaliz ation of

broadcast was also possible. CAS was rolled out in 2003 staring from Chennai and later to parts of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. On the DTH front, TRAI issued the guideli nes for operating DTH. Country.s first DTH license was awarded to Dish TV in 2003 which started operations in 2004. Prasar Bharati also started its product DD-Direct+

In 2007, TRAI proposed a new initiative by name Headend-In-The-Sky (HITS) model as an alternative to the existing cable distribution. Instead of the MSOs providing the bundle, there will be a single HITS operator who will prepare the bundle of channels and beam it to the Headend in the satellite. With the average Indian getting you nger, and hence more likely to spend on nonessentials, the entertainment industry has the potential to grow explosively in the future. Now the industry is ready to enter a second stage of growth powered by the twin engines of technology (availability of quali ty infrastructure and the accelerated penetration of digital connectivity) and an e nabling regulatory environment.

Current Scenario: In the current context of the global financial meltdown, the Direct to Home (DTH ) industry in India is in the throes of multifarious challenges and opportunities. The big game. is all about shaping up grandiose plans to master the winning rules to garner as much portion of the Indian DTH pie as possible by a handful of players . Since the DTH space denotes big value., akin to the space occupied by television and telephony, inter-firm rivalries have thrown up price wars, discount schemes, procurement of transponders, ambitious targets for improving the subscription ba se, popular bouquet of channels, set top boxes with superior quality of videos, impr oving content, etc as a desperate means to entice the Indian viewer. A neat 20 per cen t annual growth is being witnessed in the DTH sector in India with over 16 million households having digital pay-TV. According to Harsh Bijoor, a brand consultant, Since Dish TV, the biggest market player on the Indian soil, has not scraped even five per cent of the pie, there is plenty left for other players to eat. In the early 2008, five major players, Zee.s Dish TV, Tata Sky, Reliance ADAG, Sun Direct and Bharti Telemedia formed an umbrella body DTH Operators Association of India (DOAI). Dish TV is the largest DTH provider with a subscrib er base of around 5 million, Tata Sky, a DTH joint-venture Company between Star (owned b y Rupert Murdoch) and the Tata Group (20:80), now has around 3.4 million connectio ns and the forecast for 2012 is that it will further increase to eight million, Sun Direct, the 80:20 JV between the Maran family and the Astro Group of Malaysia, over 2.3 mill ion, Big Tv about 1.2 million and Airtel Digital Tv about 0.3 million subscribers (So urce: Business Standard, May 1, 2009). According to sources, DD Direct Plus has a subscriber base of about 3-4 million subscribers, mostly in the remote corners o f the country not connected by terrestrial or cable television.

DTH operations in India could be enhanced if the dearth of satellite capacity i s removed by increasing the number of available Ku-band transponders that at prese nt is 12 on Insat 4A, which in turn would mean more channels for viewing. Tax burdens on DTH are another area of complaint for operators. Around 40 per cent of revenues are siphoned off to pay taxes and license fee and another 12 pe r cent for services imposed by the Central government. Apart from this, there are entertainment taxes that differ from state to state.

Company Overview About Videocon .

toasters. irons Microwave ovens Vacuum cleaners Water Purifiers CRT TV Plasma TV LCD TV Home Entertainment Systems Audio/Video products Glass Panels Funnels Compressors Motors Plastic Mouldings Packing CPT Plasma panel LCD panel .Product Portfolio: Home Appliances Displays Components Consumer Electronics Refrigerators Washing Machines Air conditioners Air coolers Mixers.


and Subscriber.Manufacturing Facilities INDIA (7) CHINA (2) ITALY MEXICO POLAND OMAN Figure in bracket indicate the number of manufacturing facilities in that countr y. through satellite. . Introduction to Bharat Business Channel Limited (BBCL): Videocon Group is launching Direct To Home services & Mobile Handsets in India under the banner of BBCL (Bharat Business Channel Limited) with brand name of Videocon d2h. DTH stands for Direct To Home which is a direct mode of transmission between Broadcaster.

It processes the Signals and beams it to the Satellite. .Broadcast centre collects the signals from different programming sources (like S ony. and Star). Zee. Satellit e will reprocess the signals and retransmits the signal to the subscribers.

. . . A study of TRAI rules pertaining to DTH industry. Do a comparative study of the various DTH players on their interactive services. To keep a weekly track on various channels and their ratings based on TAM ratings. the interactive services . . Reviews on DTH players from various blogs. .s analysis of DTH industry. To conduct marketing research regarding . Porter. cable TV consumers . . To do perceptual mapping of DTH players.Objectives of the project: .

Threat of substitutes: DTH faces stiff competition from the terrestrial. The transmission was done originally in Analog mode but beginning from 2002. cable and IPTV.s geographical area. The reach provided by this route is phenomenal with Doordarshan covering 88% of India. Doordarshan has partnered with BBC resources the consulting wing of BBC. . in offering digital terrestrial TV.s largest terrestrial broadcaster with over 1400 terrestrial TV transmitters. However. . Terrestrial Television: Doordarshan is the world. due to lack of attractive content it does not seem to be a for midable threat for DTH. there are 130 million TV homes of which 85 million are served by cabl e and around 16 million by DTH with the remaining taken by terrestrial transmission. As per the ind ustry estimates. The transmission could be received using a low cost Yagi antenna. Covering the remaining 12 % area required substantial capital investments which does not outweigh the benefi ts.Cable66% Terrestrial22% DTH12% Indian Broadcasting Porter s Analysis of DTH industry: 1.

IPTV takes the interactivity to a newer level. Cable TV: Cable TV currently operates in 2 modes viz. it poses a serious threat to the growth of DTH industry. all the chann els are pushed to the consumer regardless of his preference. the subscriber has to buy Set Top Box (STB) to see the pay channels. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV): IPTV is a service where television signals are digitally sent over the telecommunications line. 2. Due to phenomenal reach of Cable TV. Bargaining power of suppliers: DTH industry relies on three major supplies: Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) comprising of the satellite dish. IPTV has a potential to become a huge success. With India overtaki ng Japan . Mumbai and Kolkatta. IPTV encourages a two-way request response model where the consumer chooses the programs he wants to view. in areas where non-addressable system is used. As seen from the above diagram Cable TV enjoys the maximum share as compared to other medium. Aud io (Telephone) and Data (Broadband Internet) services. It is often presented as a bouquet of Video (IPTV). the Ku band transponders in the orbiting satellites and content. IPTV is a considerable threat to DTH in urban and semi urban areas where broadba nd has made its mark. On the other hand. nearly all the channels are available without th e need of any separate receiver by paying anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 350 per month depending on the place. . through CAS covering cities like Chennai.. and through non-addressable system in the r est of the country. Delhi. In regular mediums. Right now thos medium is totally unregulated and cable companies are urging the TRAI to issue a consultation paper process to include IPTV under the aegis of Cable T V act. In case of CAS controlled areas. With widespread adoption of broadband in the country and the growing techno savvy population. Set Top Box with the necessary Access ca rd.

Tata Sky claims its STB having superior DVD quality video. However. Other than price wars and intense competition in increasing customer base. Between Dish TV and Tata Sky there is an intense rivalry exhibited by price wars and discount schemes offered to new connections. Astrix is in a better position to use DTH as its cash cow for the next 5 to 10 years.s largest DTH. the commercial wing of ISRO either through its own satellites or by leasing transponders from suppliers. DTH vendors are at the mercy of the broadcasters. Bargaining power of buyers: With enough options to choose both from the pont of alternate mediums like Cable. there is also a competition at acquiring the content. The competiti on from state owned DD-Direct to private players is negligible from the content poi nt of view as the number of channels offered by DD-Direct is very limited. However. 3. Tata Sky and Sun Direct ar e part . the bargaining power of Indian DTH operators with CPE sup plies have increased. the consumer is at his will to decide. Being the first mover. IPTV and Terrestrial broadcast and from the point of increasing DTH opera tors. acq uiring content from the broadcasters is also difficult. DD Direct does not charge any monthly subscription fee which poses a threat to the private players. Dish TV. Customers will continue to have a high bargaining power until DTH platforms try to differentiate them as superior players with better content and clarity Asia. the inter firm rivalry is quite high. As there is not much of regulation particularly in terms of channel pricing. the availability of transponders is increasingly becoming difficult. With only two dome stic satellite launches between 2007 and 2010 an d increasing DTH players. On the ot her hand. Dish TV has price advantage in both the STB as well as procuring the transponders. Th e Ku band transponder is generally provided by Astrix. Also the crash of INSAT 4C and NSS-8 has worsened the situation of DTH players. Inter firm rivalry: With 6 operational players.

While getting high when it comes to pricing of CPE in the DTH space. Star and Sun respectively. the barriers to entry are and getting the required transponders. . The channels indirectly refuse content for DTH operators by chargi ng exorbitantly or mandating that all the channels of their bouquet to be transmitt ed when the vendor is already capacity constraint. There is already enough s business. threat of new entrants is relatively l competition which will discourage new firms to enter thi a license is relatively easy.of big groups that also have popular bouquet of channels like Zee. Threat of new entrants: With already 6 players ow. 5.

a subscriber subscribes to the service on the basis of specific channels included in the subscription package. Th ese regulations were issued to lay down the standards of quality of direct to home s ervices and to protect the interests of direct to home subscribers. At the time of issue of these regulations. This subverts the tariff protection provided to DTH subscribers by Regulation 9 of the Direct to Home Broadcasting Services (Standards of Quality of Service and Redressal of Grievanc es) Regulations. 2007. were issued on 31st August. In order to address these issues the Authority has decided to amend the Direct to Home Broadcasting Services (Standar ds of Quality of Service and Redressal of Grievances) Regulations. new issues relatin g to quality of direct to home service have arisen. 2007. In case the channel which is removed is offered to the subscriber as an add-on package then the subscriber ends up paying more for viewing that channel which was earlier included in his subscription package.TRAI Rules The Direct to Home Broadcasting Services (Standards of Quality of Service and Redressal of Grievances) Regulations. With the evolution of the direct to home seg ment and the increase in the number of direct to home subscribers. only two direct to home operators apart from Doordarshan were provi ding direct to home services in the country. If any channel is taken out of a subscription package and it is replaced by another channel then the DTH subscriber may be getting the same numb er of channels as earlier. three new direct to home ope rators have started commercial operations. 2007: The Authority noted that a large number of complaints have been received from the Direct to Home subscribers regarding dropping of channels from subscription packages offered by DTH operators. This calls for DTH subscribers to know about the following ne w rules. Since then. 2007. 2007. . Rationale for making amendment to the Direct to Home Broadcasting Services (Standards of Quality of Service and Redressal of Grievances) Regulations. In case of subscription to DTH services. but will be deprived of viewing the particular channel w hich has been removed.

or till validity expiry. of a subscriber's enrollment. TRAI: The DTH operators have been prohibited from charging any fee towards visit ing charges or repair and maintenance charges of DTH Consumer Premises Equipment during the period of warranty for such DTH Consumer Premises Equipment acquired on outright purchase basis. TRAI: The DTH operators have been mandated to proportionately reduce the subscription charges for a package from which any channel is removed for first s ix months of enrolment or during the period of validity of a prepaid subscription p ackage. TRAI: The DTH operators have been prohibited from changing the composition of th eir subscription packages during first six months of enrolment to the subscription p ackage or during the period of validity of a prepaid subscription package. No visiting or repair and maintenance charges of DTH equipment during warrant y period. 5. whichever is longer or to replace the channel with a channel of same genre and language. the DTH operator must reduce the price proportionately. 3. or replace t he removed channel with one of the same genre and language. whichever is longer. The DTH operators cannot alter the subscription package during the first 6 mo nths. In case a channel is removed from a subscription package in the first 6 month s of enrollment. 4. . 2. The option of choosing the package with reduced charges or the package with replaced channel has been given to the subscriber. In case a removed channel needs to be replaced. the replacement option will b e in the hands of the DTH operator.1.

this suspension period should not comprise the same calendar month. However. 6. Your DTH operator needs to give a prior notice of fifteen days to you before changing the composition of any subscription package. . h as been given to the DTH operator. TRAI: DTH operators have been mandated to entertain requests of DTH subscribers for suspension of services if requested period of suspension does not exceed three calendar months and does not comprise part of a calendar month The above rules are compulsory for DTH operators to adhere to.TRAI: Option to select the channel of the same genre and language in a subscript ion package to replace a channel which has become unavailable on the DTH platform. 7. Subscribers are allowed to request their DTH operator to suspend their servic es for up to 3 months.

timin g.6 8.4 20.8 7. Observations: Hindi GEC: week star plus colors Zee Tv SET NDTV Imagine wk 22 19.9 21.9 . and placement of the ads can be aptly mapped to reach out to the potential Target Gr oup.Television Audience Measure (TAM) Report Media planning is all about being able to communicate efficiently and effectivel y with your potential consumers.7 22.TAM is Televi sion Audience Measure that keeps track of the ratings of different channels on weekly basis that provides a good platform for advertisers to decide on the channel to advert ise. making them an invaluable part of any campaign.7 19. In view of that.3 8 8. Not only selection of media vehicle but content. TAM ratings bec ome the backbone and one of the most vital variable for any media plan.9 wk 23 20.

7 20.9 wk 25 20.4 8.wk 24 22.9 Week 23 Top 5 Programes Genre Channel TVRs 000's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Serials Star Plus 7215 Bidayi Serials Star Plus 5912 Hff Ghajini .9 20 19 7 8.6 19.4 8.

Feature Films Colors 5455 Balika Vadhu Serials Colors 5286 Chhoti Bahu Serials Zee TV 4946 .

Their viewership was comprehensively higher than SET and NDTV Imagine. For reaching to maximum viewers. . the company would like to advertise their produ ct on Star Plus and Colors channel.0 5 10 15 20 25 star plus colors Zee Tv SET NDTV Imagine Hindi GEC wk 22 wk 23 wk 24 wk 25 Analysis: Star Plus. Colors and Zee TV fared almost equally well during the period from we ek 22 to 25.

0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 SET MAX Zee Cinema Star Gold UTV Movies Filmy Hindi and Subtitle Movies wk 22 wk 23 wk 24 wk 25 Hindi & Subtitle Movies: week SET MAX Zee Cinema Star Gold UTV Movies Filmy wk 22 .

7 5.2 33.9 wk 25 30.9 19 6.2 17.7 13.8 wk 23 31.7 6 3.2 30.2 4.5 27.5 32 17.3 Week 23 Top 5 Programmes Genre Channel .4 3.4 3.39.9 4.6 wk 24 29.

TVRs 000's Hum Saath Saath Hain N/A Zee Cinema 2978 Soorya vansham N/A MAX 2240 Chakde India N/A MAX 1751 Singh Is Kinng N/A MAX 1711 Meri Jung One Man Army N/A MAX 1638 .

Analysis: In Hindi and Subtitle Movies sector, SET MAX and ZEE Cinema share the maximum pi e from this category though Star Gold is also faring well as compared to UTV Movie s and Filmy channel. Looking at the top five viewed programmes Zee Cinema has the high est viewership as compared to SET Max in the 23rd week. This being a movie channel t he reach to the population is comparatively higher than any other category of chann els. The viewership to some extent also depends upon the movie being shown on the channel.

0 5 10 15 20 25 Pogo Cartoon Network Nickelodeon Hungama TV Disney Channel Cartoon/Animation/Child Prog wk 22 wk 23 wk 24 wk 25 Cartoon/Animation/Child Prog: week Pogo Cartoon Network Nickel odeon Hungama TV Disney Channel wk 22 22.8

21.5 20.7 18 8.8 wk 23 23.4 23.5 20.7 16.3 8 wk 24 21.9 20.5 23.1 18.6 8 wk 25 22.9 21.9 22.1 17.2 7.5

Week 23 Top 5 Programmes Genre Channel TVRs 000's

chhota Bheem Cartoon POGO 900 my friend Ganesha Feature Films CN 671 mr Bean Cartoon POGO 617 tom & Jerry Tales Feature Films CN 587 Stuart Little Series Cartoon POGO 484

Nickelodeon. . Cartoon Network.Analysis: There is high viewership of this category of channels due to the fact of being a children programme. Popular shows being Chhota Bheem. An advertiser may select any of these channels for his pro duct advertisement to reach the target population. Mr Bean and Tom & Jerry series. POGO. Hungama Tv share almost equitable viewership.

0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Aaj Tak India TV Star News IBN 7 NDTV India Hindi news wk 22 wk 23 wk 24 wk 25 Hindi News: week Aaj Tak India TV Star News IBN 7 .

4 8.4 wk 24 18.9 9.6 7.1 13.7 8.8 14.NDTV India wk 22 18.8 9.1 Week 23 Top 5 .5 17.8 9.3 8.3 9.3 17.7 15.3 wk 25 17.3 15.2 15.7 16.5 wk 23 18.

Programmes Genre Channel TVRs 000's Saas Bahu Aur Saazish Channel Presentation Star News 383 Danke Ki Chote Par Reviews/Reports IBN 7 334 India Tv News News Bulletin India TV 304 Aap Ke Tare Religious/Devotional Aaj Tak 261 Khabar Din Bhar News Bulletin Star News 246 .


The viewers of this category are mostly adult and matured and therefor e we observe that there are hardly any advertisements for kids on such channels. Aaj Tak and India TV fare the maximum proportion with Star News too sharing a de cent proportion of viewership.Analysis: The news channel too fare a high viewership as compared to other categories of channels. The viewership of such channels have increased due to telecasting of sensational and mythological programs which has created a buzz am ong the viewers. .

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Ten Sports Star Cricket Star Sports Neo Cricket ESPN Sports wk 22 wk 23 wk 24 wk 25 Sports: week Ten Sports Star Cricket Star Sports Neo Cricket .

6 1.4 25.1 1.5 5.7 9.3 6.6 1.3 wk 25 8.6 2.7 1 0.2 0.1 78.2 4.4 86.1 wk 24 4 92.ESPN wk 22 50.4 wk 23 8.5 5.5 Week 23 Top 5 Programmes .

Genre Channel TVRs 000's ICC T20 WC-09 Match Star Cricket 12221 ICC T20 WC-09 Match Star Cricket 5919 ICC T20 WC-09 Match Star Cricket 5610 ICC T20 WC-09 Match Star Cricket 5564 ICC T20 WC-09 Match Star Cricket 3832 .


During such events the advertisements rat es touches new heights due to the fact of tremendous viewership. Similar high viewership was observed during IP L cricket matches telecasted on SET Max. .Analysis: ICC T20 World Cup has given the maximum viewership to Star Cricket as compared t o Ten Sports. ESPN and Neo Cricket.

The viewership of Hindi and Subtitle movies is also high particularly for SET Max and Zee Cinema. An advertisement in POGO. . . it could be concluded that Hindi GEC category has the maximum viewership among the various type of channels. it has wide network of distribution across the country which could be tactfully used for its DTH produc t. Some of the popular shows on this channels are Yeh Rishta Kya Kehta Hai.. A creative advertisement like Vodafone. From the above observations. Videocon being an established brand in consumer durables. s Zoo-Zoo being shown during IPL matches will leave high product awareness among the masses. Bidayi.Recommendations: . Therefore Videocon can advertise their product on this category of channels and specifically on Sta r Plus and Colors channels. An advertisement in any of those channels will help in achieving high reach of masses. Balika Vadhu.. . which will result in maximum reach to the population. Therefore Videocon should look for sponsoring of cricket series particularly of India and Pakistan and then advertising in such channels. Cartoon Network can spread the awareness about the product. It was observed that the TVR. . The viewers of Cartoon/Animation/Child Prog are mostly children who also play a part in deciding which company DTH should be purchased.s of the Sports channels go high during the telec ast of Indian cricket matches on this channels. .

Active topper in association with 24x7guru. Active Learning.A study was taken on comparison of interactive services of DTH players. Observation: Interactive Services Tata Sky Airtel digital tv Dish Tv Big tv Shopping Active Mall iShop Children learning Active iLearn by Active Feature Stories Active Stories Games Active Games Game Zone Games iGames .

match highlights.Travel Active Darshan (Mythology) in partnership with Star News iTravel Bhakti Acitve (Mytho) Sports Active Sports iSports Active Feature with camera Cooking Active Cooking (masters chefs) iCooking Astrology Active Astrology (Bejan Daruwala) iAstro . player statistics. multiple languages commentary Matrimony Active Matrimony (bharat matrimony.

iNews Active Feature iNews Movies Showcase Airtel live iCinema City Information iCity Book Movie Tickets iMatinee Banking ICICI ACTIVE Reminders .Astroactive with Pandit Ajay Bhambi iAstro News Active Star News iNet.

Quick View.Alert Reminders Child lock Available available Extras Widgets. iPizza Electronic Programming Guide Electronic Programming Guide .

Recommendations: . It may come up with an idea of storing photos or videos in its DTH Share folde r which could be shared with friends and distant families. . One of the distinguishing features of Dish TV is the banking facility known as ICICI ACTIVE which no other players provide in any format. Dish TV and Big TV . travel. . . Videocon may come up with a service that gives information about rates of hous e rent. Airtel Digital TV is in the second position only after Tata Sky with respect t o the variety of interactive services been provided. cooking. Rest all the players are well equipped with the gaming feature. It is recommended for Videocon to include those common services which other DTH players provide since most of them are highly viewed by the population. . purchase. . Some of the common services which are found in most of the DTH players are children learning programmes. for having an edge over its competitors. games. Dish TV is the only DTH player among the above players that does not provide gaming option. . .. selling of land property of Tier II cities which no other DTH company has brought forward. lease. Weather report of the city. Videocon should come up with innovative services like instant Travel Booking. .Findings: . Tata Sky is in the numero uno position with respect to provision of interactiv e services as compared to other players like Airtel Digital TV. astrology and movies.. Video Songs on demand. . Astrology and news are the only features which are provided by all the DTH players.

Secondary data includes the information available wi th the company. SECONDARY DATA The secondary data consists of information that already exists somewhere. PRIMARY DATA Primary data consists of information collected for the specific purpose at hand for the purpose of collecting primary data. Second ary data can also be collected from magazines. survey research was used and all the retail outlets sellers using different brands and their competitors were contacted. In this problem. DATA COLLECTION The information needed to further proceed in the project had been collected thro ugh primary data and secondary data. Survey rese arch is the approach best suited gathering description. as the objective of the project is to conduct the market survey about the interactive s ervices of DTH players and study of Cable consumers. other surveys conducted b y known research agencies etc. newspapers. It is the overall pattern or framework of the project that will dictate as to what information is to be collected.Market Survey on Interactive Services and Cable consumers RESEARCH METHODOLOGY/ DESIGN The methodology adopted for eliciting the data required for the study was survey method. RESEARCH METHOD Research methodology must be classified on the basis of the major purpose of the investigation. Any researcher begins the research work by first going through the secondary data. It may be the findings of research previously done in the field. description studies have been undertaken. having been collected for another purpose. . from which sources and by what procedures.

. The respondents by means of personal interview administer this structured ended questionnaire.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The respondents are consumers of various DTH. The survey was carried out with the help of a structured questionnaire. which helps in accomplishing the research objectives. The survey was carried in the city of Mumbai with the sample size of 100.

Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV are the next players after Tata Sky to grab the subscribers market. . Airtel Digital TV. Dish TV being the oldest player in the DTH sector has gradually lost its grip to Tata Sky. . Big TV and Sun Direct have low market share. In the survey it was found that Tata Sky had the maximum share of subscribers among the five prominent DTH players. Others include player like Hathway which has caught the market before arrival of many DTH players like Tata Sky. Airtel Digital TV being new in the sector h as readily caught the market in a fast pace. Observation: . This is attributed to the fact of better service provision with prompt reply and wide variety of interactive services. . .Tata Sky40% Airtel Digital TV15% Dish Tv25% Big TV7% Sun Direct3% Others10% Share of DTH players Following are the observations and recommendations of market survey done on interactive services. Sun direct is not catching up wit h other players due to lack of attractive features and high concentration of south Indian channels.

News and Cooking showed neck to neck competition. .Movies28% Games35% Cooking7% Astrology13% Travel9% News8% Active Services . . . Travel. The Movie was the second preferred segment of the customers. The survey indicated that the customers preferred the Gaming feature more than any other interactive service which indicates that children interest too play significant part in selecting the DTH. With middle income group growing in India. Pandit Ajay Bhambi hosting the shows in the channel. it is predicted that there will be increase in tourism which will ultimately increase the need of portals giving travel service s. It was not surprising to see Astrology catching the customers interest with famous astrologers like Bejan Daruwala. .

Easy89% Complicated11% Remote control operation . . . The operation of remote control was found to be easiest in Tata Sky than any other DTH remote. . Generally senior citizens and children aged less than 4 years find it difficul t to operate the remote. When asked to the customers about the ease of operating the remote control to find the interactive services then about 89% agreed to be it as easy while 11% found it difficult to operate. This was due to the fact of having being written the function of each and every button than mere symbols which some other DTH remote do have.

. Heavy advertisements results in better brand recall which results in higher sa les of the product as could be seen in case of Tata Sky. Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor respectively. Tata Sky was also voted as their favourite advertisement featuring Aamir Khan and Gul Panag. . The brand advertisements of Tata Sky. Tata Sky seems to be successful in its aggressive marketing plan where it is seen as the most widely viewed advertisement. .Tata Sky55% Airtel Digital TV30% Dish Tv15% Favourite advertisement Tata Sky32% Airtel Digital TV25% Dish Tv24% Big TV11% Sun Direct8% Commercials seen . . Airtel Digital TV and Dish TV are the next most viewed advertisements after Ta ta Sky. Dish TV and Airtel Digital TV are Aamir Khan.

25% of population did not find it worth improving the experience in watching Cricket. . . Cricket was found to be interesting i n viewing from different camera angles by 46% of the population interviewed. . 29% of population voted this feature to be innovative.e. The most viewed game in our country i.Interesting46% Very Innovative29% Not useful25% View about watching Cricket from different angles .

Interactive services like shopping. . Almost three fourth of the population been interviewed felt that the Interacti ve services increase the value of DTH package. . travel earns revenue for the DTH company i f properly executed.Yes71% No29% Does Interactive services increase the value of DTH package? .

. . Operation of remote should be user friendly with functions written on button rather than symbols which can complicate the understanding of remote.s 32 Cinema hall feature. movies. It should have a brand ambassador which is an icon of style. Videocon should advertise about the interactive features that it is going to provide because it was observed from the survey that many customers were not aware of Dish TV. travel it should have some innovative service like t he one of record+rewind+play of Tata Sky + . Providing the apt Interactive services is the key for the success of any DTH a s could be seen from the survey. Selection of a proper brand ambassador is also important as it conveys a lot about the product. As Videocon is the 6th private player in the market it will be a Herculean task to grab the market shar e from well established players like Tata Sky. .s banking facility of ICICI Direct.Recommendations: . Also the shape of the remote should be innovative like of Tata Sky. reliability and trustworthiness. In addition to common services like games. cooking. astrology. . However placing itself in the niche segment of iDTV with STB will earn fortunes for itself. it should follow aggressive advertising plans to create awareness about the product. Dish TV etc. Since Videocon is launching its new DTH d2h. Big TV with use of attractive colours on remote. . Big TV.

Observation: . . It also indicates that majority of the consumers are ready to pay in the range of Rs 226 to 325 and so the DTH players should cast their monthly subscription in this range only.Rs 226-32550% Rs151-22520% upto 15020% Rs326-40010% Monthly Cable Subscription Following are the observations and recommendations on market survey done on consumers of Cable. Upto 20% each paid in the range of Rs upto 150 and Rs 151 to 225. . The survey showed that the majority of the cable consumers paid a monthly subscription in the range of Rs 226 to 325. . The price range of Rs 151 to 225 is also a lucrative one since the consumers would be readily willing to pay in this range.

When the consumers were asked about the reasons given by their cable operators f or not providing their required channels. . . . . . . As some are paid channels they are not able to receive it. As some are paid channels the cable operators demand extra fee for the particular channel to be provided . The particular channel is available on particular bandwidth which is not avail able with the consumers. Some cable operators do not reply to the consumers or avoid giving answers to them. following were their comments: . Those channels are not available in their area. The channels are been provided however the consumer television is not able to receive it due to technical problems. May be because other DTH players are paying more than them.

. The Airtel Digital Tv gained popularity by advertising during IPL matches 2009 on SET Max. . . This achieved wide popularity for Sun Direct. Sun Direct followed an extension advertisement of Bajaj Exceed which had become very popular. This is because of popular celebrities like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan endorsing for the products. Tata Sky and Dish Tv share equal platform in terms of popularity among the cable TV consumers. The result is within a short period after its launch it spread its awareness. . Reliance Big Tv gained awareness in about 13% of the population interviewed.Tata Sky27% Dish Tv27% Airtel Digital Tv20% Reliance Big tv13% Sun Direct13% Awareness of DTH operators .

Sun Direct was the least preferred among the consumers because of the heavy regional content. about 70% showed the intention to change from cable to DTH. Schemes & packages was the next factor of consideration for rational consumers . . Brand Image of the DTH was the most influencing factor among the consumers for changing to a particular DTH. . With the population interviewed.Tata Sky36% Dish Tv25% Airtel Digital Tv18% Reliance Big tv14% Sun Direct7% Preferred DTH operator to change from Cable Schemes & packages33% Referrals from relatives & friends 11% Brand Image45% Easy availability11% Factors causing change to a particular DTH Yes70% No30% Intent to change from cable to DTH . Tata Sky was the most preferred player among the consumers to change from cable. . .

High initial cost of DTH including the STB was one of the inhibitions to chang e to DTH player. Peculiar problems like having more than one TV also restricted the consumers t o go for DTH.High cost ofDTH21% Satisfied with Cable31% Don t understand the schemes15% More than one TV5% Feel suitable package is not available23% others5% Reasons for not changing to DTH . Most consumers were satisfied with their existing customers and do not intent to switch to any DTH player. . Some consumers were not satisfied with the existing package offered by the DTH players and some did not understand the schemes of the DTH players. . . .

Since the survey showed that brand image is the most influencing factor for change. Many a times cable consumers are fooled by their operators about the unavailability of particular channels which Videocon can make aware to the masses. . . . Tata Sky and Dish TV are most popular among the masses due to their distinct brand ambassadors. Videocon should design their schemes and packages keeping the understanding level of common people. Videocon should be very particular in choosing their brand ambassador for d2h product since that will decide in gaining the mileage. Videocon has an established brand image in consumer durables which could be definitely used as a leverage to launch its d2h. The consumers will be very happy to pay in the price range of Rs 151 to 225 as a monthly subscription since most of the cable consumers pay more than Rs 225 to existing cable operators. . its reputation as a king for consumer durables would be an advantage. . Around 40% of the population interviewed do not understand the DTH schemes or are not satisfied with the existing schemes.Recommendations: .

techarena I am using a tata sky connection for a while now and have faced no problems till date. A ctive Content. Active Content This is the real fun part and what makes Tata Sky better than the competition.techarena Audio The audio is nothing short of amazing. quick!! The idiot box is dead. pay 75 bucks through phone or SMS.Reviews about various DTH players . Neat. a lot more. Radhaiyer from forums. actually. Showcase Tata gives you the option of watching certain movies of their choice and a lot o f times of the day. Go. you're genuinely missing something. and the better the speaker system you have. From what I have gathered. All the frequencies are reproduced quite brilliantly. Their service quality is what impresses me the most. I have made changes to my packages almost 3 times in last 6 months and whenever i have made any requests. You select. TS has the best customer care se rvice! . in comparison to other dth operators. If you're still stuck with cable TV. I say. Verdict DTH is nothing short of an eye-opening experience and Tata Sky makes it all the more better. No. the smart box is here . Tata Sky by Devilhead satish from forums. the better your experie nce. is their way of offering a range of interactive content and keeping eve ryone happy. get it. get the popcorn and watc h the whole movie with just a single ad break. they have been very prompt to revert and hand le my issues.

Gupta on indiatdh. By the time you know the correct method. Moral of the story: No body from DISHTV will tell you the correct thing instantly. Their user manual mentions different formats on different pages for the sa me thing. The telephone network becomes busy on account of avoidable inconvenience. You should abide by the T&Cs so that there is no financial loss to the company. You have to be sharp in understanding 'English'. The things go like t his only . you waste not only precious tim e but also another 50-100 rupees on calls and SMSes. you go on calling call centre then only you will know it. This is because they are themselves not having consensus which is the correct method even for sending a simple They sell cards in the market with lot of instructions in small words which are not easily readable. Dish TV by Dr V. and password in the SMS. There are no marks for this correct guess.. Even if you are lucky to read that you will not be able to get the work done. waiting with music and finally in listening to the 'expert advice' of the BPO advisor. Thus. You complain to customer care you don't get a proper reply. One more thing the card does not mention is that there should be a gap between account no. you have also wasted 15-30 minutes in t he process of listening to the steps at call centre." as mentioned in the instructions fo r sending SMS is actually: 'Account No. You should be intelligent enoug h to arrive at conclusion that "16 digit pin no. you manage the things yourself. There is no warranty/guarantee. At least the card should contain the latest instructions/formats. + Password'. Company can't take c are of you because you have already paid to the company.

Eric Samuel ( Ph. resources and no body cares. it experiments but at whose cost? The customer. no progress was made and he was not responding to our calls. should I go on wasting my money calling customer care? Who will listen to this? We know that DTH is new to India and company is not experienced. I recharged my DISHTV but it is not working even after 14 hours. Since the call centre was callous in not respondin g to our pleas. Where is that SRK now?? He has got his money for advertising for them. electricity. The Nation. he will not be seen now. We were to ld that money is deducted for movies. we contacted your call centre. gave his superior. we contacted Mr. Sekar( Ph 9920023467 ) who after several days being not effective. There is National wastage of money.because you are santusht with them. We are totally disappointed and anguished at the arbitrary and intensive callousness of your billing section. . 2008. We had to run from pillar to post for 5 weeks .Mohan on indiadth. when we called your executive Mr. Eric Samuel and as advised by him sent the e mail dt 13 Nov. however it is only start of our never ending problem When we saw on TV suddenly our validity period being reduced to 15 June 2009 fro m our original date of 7 September Although Mr. 9820179326) After continuous follow up with your executives after paying money in advance.s no Mr. Vivek Mishra given in you web site (Ph 9324256 888) he directed us to Mr. K. Sachin promised to instal in first week of August. f inally it was installed and activated from first week of September 2008. We thought our ag ony will end there.

I have to call a toll-free number: 1800 102 8080.. I buy one. from Saak Communication. I am told that activation is very eas y. 4616655) for Rs 2000. I try for two days. who tells me that the number cannot be dialed fro m any other phone apart from Airtel phones. Airtel Digital TV by Dinesh Kumar on indiadth. It seems that the number can onl y be connected from Airtel phones. who tell me that it is not possible. which was not told to me. They just do not answer the phone. See they can get the number anytime! (Translation: the customer is a fool or a liar). But then if you h ave an Airtel phone. Sector 32-D. what will they do if my system develops a snag? I go to another Airtel dealer. 0172-467 0021 is either not functional or is overwhel med by complaints. and then approach Saak Communications. SCO 279. Chandigarh (Phone: 0172-461995. So much for the call center nu mber and the nodal center! If they are not answering the phone now. in which case you are bett er off with some other service provider! . you probably know about Airtel service. So buy the Airtel Digital TV only if you have an Airtel phone. The number for Chandigarh. He also tells me that the price of Digital TV is Rs 1699 and I have been overcharged by Rs 301 by Saak You must have seen the ads on TV Airtel has launched its DTH service called Digital TV.

3000/. Let it go. I can't believe it! I am in such a position that I am ready to forfeit Rs.s all. Till now. 3000/. . I am complaining to the toll free number where they talk very sweetly b ut people sitting there don't know anything about Big TV packages. Big TV by Ganesh Iyer on it.. I will just feel that someone has cut my pocket and took awa y my purse with Rs. Big TV is pro viding very pathetic and very horrible service. It is not a big amount. 2990/-) and South Premium Pack along with Ta mil regional pack. Just they talk sweetly and end w ith "aap ka din subh ho". There has been no reply to E-Mails sent to I ordered for South Smart pack (Rs. That. there is no solution to my problem. One even said th at Sun TV is available only in South India and not in North India! Very funny! Fool ish people! They never pass on my problems to their superiors.which I have incur red in the purchase of Big TV and switch over to Tata Sky whose services are far better than Big TV. one operator was kind enough and gave me a complaint number. But to my surprise I got Popular Pack and our favourite Sun chann els missing. Every time I have to explain my problem to the person who receive the phone. Only on Saturday (20th September 08).

I have been trying from a month. WORST. From 1/4/2009 Colours was withdrawn from free channels and they are charging Rs 25/. PATHETIC. waiting time will be 1 hour. Is there any regulator or Customer Interest protector in India who can protect i nterest on customer and protect the customer from such frauds? . the second number a couple of times i got connected with an automated voice said.reps while they are char ging good amount of money from the customers..I am not finding words to abuse SunDirect Customer Care Service. This is worst service I have ever experie nced in my life.per month. WIERD. to recharge my plan... I would never suggest to this service to any one. Sun Direct on advertised by SunDirect. SUN Direct is a piece of CRAP!!!..... Both customer care numbers : toll free # 18002007575. .Worst. HORRIBLE. I have subscribed to Sun Direct DTH at NOIDA on 23/02/2009 with 5 months free 10 5 channels .com: TERRIBLE.admanya. 044-39407575 are always busy. SunDirect company is cheating the customer by advertising something else and not providing the promised service. 105 channels included COLOURS channel. Probably never in future too. Can not they setup enough number of phone lines and tel.

. . . . . 2 Minimum Dimensionality . . . . .s point of view identifying the aspects or factors that customers use to conceptualise their cho ices. . . . Leave Tied Conditionality . . . . . . . . . 2 Negative Weights . . . . . . Matrix Data Cutoff at . . .Perceptual Mapping A perceptual mapping of the five strong players in the DTH market was carried ou t to produce a picture of the competitive landscape from a customer. . . 5 Number of Matrices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .000000 Model OptionsModel . . . . . 1 Measurement Level . . Dissimilarity Approach to Ties . . . a questionnaire was designed and responses were collected from 80 customers surveyed which were put into statistical package of SPSS known as Multi Dimensional Scaling (MDS). Not Permitted Algorithmic OptionsMaximum Iterations . . . . Symmetric Type . . . . . . . . . . . . .00500 Missing Data Estimated by . . . . . In this research technique. . Ulbounds . . . . . 30 Convergence Criterion . . . . . . . . Following are the observations obtaine d from MDS Data OptionsNumber of Rows (Observations/Matrix). . . Euclid Maximum Dimensionality . .00100 Minimum S-stress . . . . . . . 5 Number of Columns (Variables) . . . Interval Data Matrix Shape . .

05031 .Iteration history for the 2 dimensional solution (in squared distances) Young's S-stress formula 1 is used. Iteration S-stress Improvement 1 .06111 2 .00079 Iterations stopped because S-stress improvement is less than .05111 .001000 .01000 3 .

. . Shah Rukh Khan. Big TV was rated as a poor player in terms of Customer Service. Tata Sky. Set Top Box (STB) and monthly subscription. being the oldest player in the DTH market and endorsement of its brand ambassador i. Tata Sky was rated as the best player with respect to provision of Customer Service. whereas Dimension 2 indicates Emotions. The other brands viz.In the above perceptual mapping there are two dimensions along which the mapping was done. Following were the conclusions drawn . .e. Sun Direct was considered to be rational in terms of its schemes and packages. ranging from Poor to Excellent. Small distance between Airtel Digital TV and Dish TV indicate that they are mo re or less perceived similar by the customers. It also indicate a close competition between the two players. . ranging from Rational to Emotional. Dimension 1 indicates Customer Service. . . Customers appeared to be more emotionally attached with Dish TV. Sun Direct and Big TV have distinct images in the customers mind.

6 months to 1 year. How do you find the interactive system to use? Complicated. Big tv. more than 3 years 3. learning etc Yes No . 2 to 3 year. Does the interactive service offered by the DTH companies influence your decision of purchasing a particular DTH? Yes No 7. Do you find the interactive service helpful in your daily needs for example cooking. cooking. Astrology. Sundirect 2. Which DTH brand service do you use? TataSky. Movies. Which active service do you use frequently? Games. Others (please specify)____________ 5. Easy 6. Are you aware of the interactive services offered by the various DTH players? Yes No 4. 1 to 2 year. Airtel digital tv. Since how long have you been using DTH service? Less than 6 months.Annexure 1 Questionnaire on DTH Interactive Services 1. Dish tv.

s service of banking facility with ICICI bank? Yes No 14. though with reduced price? Yes No 9. Reliance Big tv . Which is your favourite commercial among the DTH players? . Are you aware of Big tv.R Rehman. Hrithik Roshan. Are you aware of the add of Tata Active Learning featuring small school boys as Einstein? Yes No Don. Are you aware of Dish tv. Sun direct 12.s 32 cinema hall feature? Yes No . Which company DTH commercial have you seen so far on tv? TataSky Dish tv Airtel digital tv Reliance Big tv Sun direct 11. Saif & Kareena) . TataSky(Aamir Khan & Gul Panag.t remember 13. Are you willing to purchase your existing DTH without any interactive service s being offered. Airtel digital tv(A. Any other service which you would to have in the interactive package? 10. Paresh Rawal) . Dish tv(Shah Rukh Khan) .8.

Overall . Do you take part in the various contests held in the interactive channels ? Yes No 18. What do you feel about the feature of watching cricket from different angles as provided by TataSky and Dish tv? Very innovative Interesting not useful 19. Have you made use of the services like iPizza? Yes No 17.15. do you feel that the interactive services increase the value of th e DTH package? Yes No . Which interactive service have you purchased recently? 16.

From the list provided below which DTH players are you aware of? TataSky Dish tv Airtel Digital tv Big tv SunDirect others(then specify)_____________ 6. then what reason does your cable operator gives for no t providing the required channel? 5.Annexure 2 Questionnaire for Consumers of Cable tv 1. Since how long you have been using cable tv? Past 6 months 6 months to 1 year 1 to 3 years more than 3 years 2. Would you like to change from your cable operator to any of DTH players? Yes No 8. If answer to Q7 is Yes. then which DTH provider would you like to change? TataSky Dish tv Airtel Digital tv Big tv SunDirect others(then specify)_____________ . Do you get all your required channels from your cable operator? Yes No 4. If answer to Q3 is no. Are you satisfied with the services of your cable operator? Yes No 7. How much do you pay for monthly cable? Upto Rs 150 Rs 151-Rs 225 Rs 226-Rs 325 Rs 326-Rs 400 Above Rs 400 3.

Idea will not work . package available other reason(specify)______________________________________________ 11. satisfied with not aware of DTH.9. Your choice of the DTH player is due to Schemes & packages. others(thenspecify)_________________________________________________ 10. How do you feel about the concept of having an inbuilt DTH in the tv itself? Very innovative. not suitable the existing cable. Brand Image. What is it you feel that a DTH lacks but a cable tv has ? 12. Easy availability. What difficulty you see in changing from cable to DTH? High cost of DTH. Referrals from relatives & friends. Normal.

Annexure 3 Questionnaire for Perceptual Mapping Q1 Give your ratings regarding the redressal of complaints for the DTH companies ? 1 denotes Excellent and 5 is Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Tata Sky Dish TV Airtel Digital TV Big TV .

Give your ratings for the promptness of response from the DTH companies? 1 denotes Excellent and 5 is Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Tata Sky Dish TV .Sun Direct TV Q2 .

Airtel Digital TV Big TV Sun Direct TV Q3 Rate the given below DTH companies according to the overall customer service provided by them? 1 denotes Excellent and 5 is Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Tata Sky .

Dish TV Airtel Digital TV Big TV Sun Direct TV .


Q4 Give your ratings for the economy of the schemes and packages of the various DTH players? 1 denotes Excellent and 5 is Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Tata Sky Dish TV Airtel Digital TV Big TV .

Sun Direct TV Q5 Give your ratings according to the emotional impact of the advertisements of the DTH companies? 1 denotes Excellent and 5 is Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Tata Sky Dish TV .

Airtel Digital TV Big TV Sun Direct TV Q6 Give your ratings according to the overall entertainment level provided by th e DTH companies? 1 denotes Excellent and 5 is Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Tata Sky .

Dish TV Airtel Digital TV Big TV Sun Direct TV .

. * * Information on schemes and packages of various DTH players was collected from the advertisement materials and brochures of the * Reviews about DTH from forums. * www.techarena.References About TAM from * Information on DTH industry from www. * TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF * * Industry analysis from www. NOTIFICATION. New Delhi www.tamindia. * www.merinews.admanya.

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