Held under the auspices of the ex-DPM (John Prescott), and conducted on behalf of the ex-Attorney General (Lord

Goldsmith), the Re-opened Formal Investigation (RFI) into the sinking of the trawler Gaul, in which 36 men lost their lives, commenced in 2004. At the end of a year long examination of the case, the presiding judge, justice David Steel, concluded that the cause for the loss of the Gaul had been crew error/ negligence. Prior to this, in 2002, the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), in collaboration with the Maritime Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), had found, however, that a design fault in the construction of the vessel could have been, in fact, a likely cause for its loss. This possibility was given further credence when the underwater survey of the wreck, in July 2002, brought to light fresh evidence. Yet, the design defect scenario was never taken into account by the RFI’s investigators or even mentioned during the formal proceedings (Had a design fault been confirmed as the cause for the tragedy, the victims’ families would have been in the position to sue for substantial compensation. The official conclusion, unfortunately, barred them from taking this course of action). After the publication of the final report of the RFI, the MCA’s naval architect, who had initially identified faults in the construction of the Gaul, realised that the evidence presented during the formal inquiry, the witness testimonies and the overall conduct of the investigation had been manoeuvred towards a pre-determined conclusion - a conclusion which, coincidently, suited the government’s interests. As a result of his research and opinions, the MCA expert became the target of a statesponsored campaign of intimidation and harassment (i.e. a phenomenon known as ‘gangstalking’) - situation that has been going on for five years and continues to this day. It is now obvious that, although the suppression of evidence in a public inquiry was a risky business, those in power – comfortably installed in the conviction that they had the ability to crush the inconvenient ‘small guy’ and take care of any other loose ends – decided to do it anyway. And this decision was taken two years before the opening of the formal investigation The reason for his harassment, our expert is in no doubt, is his knowledge, acquired evidence and willingness to expose a case which indicated both high-level corruption and conspiracy to defraud the families of those who have lost their lives on the Gaul. The government, however, acting in mafia-like style, were determined to contain, at all costs, any disclosures that would put in jeopardy the very top of the Blair government and the new British Establishment. Aware of the political fallout that could still occur should the wrongdoings and cover-up be publicly revealed, the Brown government continued to perpetrate the injustice, thus becoming themselves accomplices to the fraud. The mainstream media, it seems, have been persuaded into silence; the Attorney

General’s office, the Department for Transport, MAIB, the Admiralty Judge, MPs, the Serious Fraud Office, the Police and many other supposedly independent organisations, likewise, have declined to be involved. Thus, the political power has proven once again that it has become unaccountable, immune from prosecution and can no longer be opposed by any other power. Britain is now a lawless country. For further information on the Gaul case please visit the following websites: http://the-trawler-gaul.blogspot.com www.freewebs.com/inconvenientcitizen