Advanced II Adventures
Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring I, 2011

Cultural Experiences with Food by Beatriz Moreu
Saigon #1 – Virginia Beach
by Vuong Ho

If someone can try new food from other cultures, why not do that? Every Friday, we go as a class to a new restaurant to try new foods from different countries. It is a good idea because you can learn about typical food from other nations. It is awesome to have an open mind and to try new food that is different from your own culture, while spending time with your classmates, practicing English and getting to know them better.

Are you hungry? Are you looking for a Vietnamese restaurant with good food and good prices in Virginia Beach? Are you trying to use chopsticks? I suggest you go to the Saigon #1 Restaurant at 448 Newtown Road in Virginia Beach. There are various dishes for you to try, even for those who eat no pork at all! For appetizers, they have: “Goi cuon” – Fresh Spring Rolls (shrimp, rice vermicelli, vegetables and pork) with special soybean sauce; “Cha gio” – Crispy Egg-rolls (pork, chicken, or vegetable); “Banh mi chien tom” – Shrimp Toast; “Bo cuon la nho” – Beef wrapped with grape leaves, and so on. You should ask them to make it with no pork if that is the way you want it. For main dishes, try Pho (/fə/) – beef, noodle and beef broth), Bun bo – (/bʊn bo/ - beef, noodle, hot and spicy beef broth). They are served as hot soup. They are two typical dishes symbolizing Vietnamese cuisines. You should try them for experiencing the differences between their tastes. Besides, there is also a variety of “hu tieu” (soft noodles), many kinds of vermicelli and rice with many different sauces. For dessert, they have : “Che chuoi” – Banana with tropical pearls, Coconut milk and Syrup, etc. In my opinion, Saigon #1 is not a very beautiful or elegant restaurant but, it is clean, the food is delicious and the price is cheap. This is a good place to become a regular customer.

Food Experiences in Hampton Roads Area
by Abdulrahman Alzannan

Rajput Restaurant
by Musaad Alzahrani, Rajput Restaurant is a good restaurant in Norfolk. It is an Indian restaurant with food that is similar to Arabic food. Every day from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, they have a buffet. It includes many kinds of food such as chicken, rice, soup, salad bread, and desert. The food is not spicy. However, they have many kinds of spices and hot sauces. They also have a special dish called Biryani which is like Kapsa, the most famous dish in Saudi Arabia. However, their buffet does not include Biryani. If you would like to have it, you can order it. In addition, their prices are affordable. We recommend this restaurant to you.

It is a good experience to go to different restaurants. During this session, we, as classmates, have decided to go to a different cultural restaurant every Friday. One of those restaurants is called Baladi, which is a Lebanese restaurant. It is located in Virginia Beach. It serves different kinds of Arabic food such as Hummus and Tabbola, as appetizers, Kabob and Shawarma, as main dishes, and other appetizers and main dishes. It also serves very delicious deserts. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try one of the types of Arabic food.

Sushi Night
by Laura Castro

One of the meetings was in a Japanese restaurant located in Virginia Beach. For many of us, that was a new and unforgettable experience, especially for people who were not used to eating raw fish. Besides that, eating with chop sticks is not an easy feat. In the end, the bravest students the enjoyed the sushi dishes, while the others prefer common, but reliable, chicken teriyaki.

Mazzika Restaurant by Faysal Albalushi There are many delicious dishes at the Mazzika Restaurant. This restaurant represents Jordanian food. Every Friday, the restaurant serves a new delicious dish. For example, there is a dish called Mansf which the restaurant makes every Friday. Mansf contains lamb and rice. In the other hand, the restaurant makes another dish, which is called Maglobh, contains rice and chicken. Also, it has a hookah for people who like to smoke. I recommend it to all the people who haven't tried these kinds of food .

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