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<<< Direction/knowledge

Knowledge of funding sources

Meetings & collaboration

Vision & Strategy Director

U02, U03 U01

- Maintain communication with U01, Drafts

implement all ideas coming down
- Connect teams/team leaders with Administrative Support

Personal resources
Director, share knowledge U04, U09, U10
- Serve as catch-all for grant writing
<<< Intermittent discussion >>>

<<< Direction/knowledge from U01


Not organized, no system - Admin support for U01
-Answer questions/help direct new - Set guidelines for spending
students for labeling
- Book keeping, budget management
- Assist/provide information for
Direction/knowledge from U01

Immigration & Comm. Engagement

Organizational Knowledge
Drafts E-mail
- E-mails, drafts
- Established research channels
Drafts - Personal resources of U01
Many e-mails, no
- Electronic “shared space” system.
- Paper records

Finance & Stewardship Drafts

U02, U05, U07 Drafts
- Pursue research opportunities
- Draft/revise/complete grant proposals
Grant Implementation
- Develop community engagement Influences direction of research U05, U06, U07, U08
- Fulfill stewardship responsibilities - Immigration Team
- Comm. Engagement Team
People do not show up/e-mail - Work on drafts
- Grant research

‘In the Field’
Research should not be a
<<< Influences direction of research U06’s responsibility

<<< Weekly meetings >>>

John Bonk – Group 32

Consolidated Workflow Model
National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good