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By Chris Jones has a master's degree in public adMILFORD - Dawn Metzger, ministration. She had been the CYS the former Pike Children & Youth director from August 2006 until FebServices (CYS) director who lost ruary 2009. her job after a dispute with former In January 2009, Meager authoCommissioner Harry Forbes over rized that a seven-year-oldchild who a juvenile placement,has vowed to had struck a teacher and otherwise fight on, this time in the Pike County disrupted classesbe sent to a psychiCourt of Common Pleas. atric center for evaluation. On March 16,Metzger's attorney, According to the suit, while the Sidney L. Gold of Philadelphia,filed child was en route to the institution, a civil action in Milford seeking a Forbes contacted Metzger and dijury trial, saying Metzger had been rected her "without legal authority" harmedby the "reto return the child Judge JamesM. Mun- to his foster parents taliatory employment practices" ley of the U.S. District and cancel the evalof the defendant, Courtfor the Middle Dis- uation. According Pike County. trict of Pennsylvania said to the civil action, On Feb. 28, Metzger registered a f e d e r a l j u d g e on Feb.28 that Metzger's her opposition to had granted Pike claims under the Pa. F o r b e s . b u t c o m C o u n t y ' s m o - Constitution and the Pa. plied. tion for summary Metzger comLaw were judgment against Whistleblower plained about Metzger's claim di smissed " w ithoutprej u- F o r b e s ' a c t i o n st o t h a t h e r F i r s t dice to bringing such officials at the state Amendmentrights claims t0 state court." Dept of Public Welunder the U.S. fare (DPW), and she Constitution had been violated. claims that in retribution for that she But Judge JamesM. Munley of was suspendedas director of CYS the U.S. District Court for the Middle on Jan. 15. District of Pennsylvaniasaid at that In the federal case, the county time that Metzger's claims under the said Forbes never knew Metzger Pa.Constitution and the Pa.Whistle- complained to anyone at DPW and blowerLaw were dismissed"without that Metzger's move lacked approval prejudice to bringing such claims to by the county court and the child's statecourt." foster parents. The whistleblower case now Metzger's action in Pike County moves to Milford, with Metzger, a Court says the county attempted to Milford resident and native of Pike transferher to the Pike County Jail as County,seekingto get herjob back a ffeatment counselor and ultimately at Children & Youth Services,along terminatedher from CYS. with lost pay and compensatory She alleges the county's actions damages, violated her rights to freedom of According to the court filing, speech under the Pa. Constitution, Metzger, 37, was a Pa.-licensed Article 1, Section7. (Continued on page 3) social worker with the county and

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