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Workday Wrap-Up

Clouds, Clouds, Clouds, and No Bubbles

April 1, by Mary Hayes Weier

There have been so many articles and blogs about cloud computing in the past few weeks, we had to
make some tough choices about what to include in Workday Wrap-Up. We also share an entertaining
piece from InformationWeek's Secret CIO on the travails of software licensing, a blog from our own
Strategic CIO Steven John on critical requirements for SaaS integrations, and coverage about our
Workday Integration Cloud Platform announcement. Finally, several members of the venture capital
community weigh in on this rumor about another tech bubble.

- Mary

Cloud & SaaS

David Strom provides a technical primer for cloud computing at IT World.
12 Questions to Ask Your Next Cloud Computing Provider

SaaS adoption is strong, but integration is often considered an obstacle, according to new research
from the Society for Information Management (SIM). Justin Kerns reports at Information
SaaS Adoption Going Through Growing Pains

Steven John blogs at about what CIOs should look for when considering SaaS
Four Critical Requirements of SaaS Integrations

David Linthicum blogs at InfoWorld what to look for in a cloud architect.
Don't Mistake Cloud Architects for Enterprise Architects

Phil Wainewright, at ZDNet, claims multi-tenancy isn't always necessary.
Multi-tenancy: Emulation or the Real Thing?

Transverse's CEO says SaaS requires multi-tenancy; Susana Schwartz of ConnectedPlanet reports.
Just What is 'SaaS' and Are Some Vendors Abusing the Term?

Bill Davidow blogs at Forbes as to whether cloud computing's perceived risks require regulation.
Should We Regulate the Cloud?

Charlie Babcock at InformationWeek stresses the importance of ensuring cloud vendors can provide
audit trails.
Cloud Security Challenges Include Audit Trails, Preventing Attacks
Enterprise Software & Industry

InformationWeek's Secret CIO tells an all-too-familiar tale about software licensing negotiations.
Secret CIO: Software Licensing: There's Gotta Be A Better Way

Ericka Chickowski at Channel Insider puts together a slide on changes in the ERP market as
predicted by Panorama Consulting.
Enterprise Software 2011: A Look Ahead

R "Ray" Wang, in The Harvard Business Review, writes about the South by Southwest Interactive
Making the Leap From Consumer Tech to Enterprise Class

Bubble Talk

Are we in danger of entering another tech bubble? Some in the venture capital community don't think
so. Rather, they're encouraged by a rejuvenated technology industry. Pui-Wing Tam of the Wall
Street Journal interviews two Greylock partners, who talk of a recovered Bay Area economy and
exciting things going on in enterprise technology as companies like Workday are "in their stride."
Investors See Web Boom, Not Bubble

Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, in a column for All Things Digital, also sees promise rather than
bubbles, noting that the "shift to cloud computing will have a more profound impact on the computing
ecosystem than the shift to client/server." He goes on to say, "New application companies like
WorkDay and Proferi that take advantage of the cloud to deliver never-before-possible solutions, will
devastate their old school RDBMS-based competitors."
Bubble Trouble? I Don't Think So


Naomi Bloom of In Full Bloom blogs about the importance of mobile, social, analytical, and more
capabilities for HR software.
HRM Software/Services Q1 Vendor Briefings -- Capability Matters

Sharlyn Lauby of Mashable blogs on how HR professionals can best leverage a fast-changing digital
5 Challenges for Human Resources in a Digital World


Workday announced the Workday Integration Cloud Platform earlier this week. Below is a sampling of
the resulting articles and blogs about the announcement. (For more coverage on the announcement,

Aneel Bhusri on
Welcome to the Workday Integration Cloud

Dana Gardner of ZDNet
Workday Raises Bar on Integration-as-a-Service
Doug Henschen of InformationWeek
Workday Extends Cloud Integration Options

Vinnie Mirchandani of Deal Architect
The Mature Cloud

Michael Fauscette, blogger and IDC analyst
Integration Made Easier: Workday Announces A Cloud Integration Platform

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