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Managerial Role


Detail information on your role as a manager in your current or
previous jobs, including, the title of your position, start and finish dates
and an outline of your daily responsibilities and activities.

I am a software engineer by profession, having worked in the industry
for over three and half years in multiple functions. Currently, being an
ORACLE database administrator with the prestigious WIPRO Ltd, and
leading a team of four, I have a strong foundation to my analytical
skills since problem solving; monitoring and tuning of the databases
require the application of basic mathematical and a high degree of
analytical skills. Alongside regular monitoring and tuning activities I
also have to delegate work to the rest of the team.

With my previous employer the CMC Ltd (a part of the TATA
CONSULTANCY SERVICES), being a IT Engineer, I had played a part in
the implementation and maintenance of India’s largest e-Governance
initiative, the MCA21 for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. Of
India, for close to two years. I had successfully executed the
implementation of the MCA Application system at the Cost Audit
Branch of the MCA alongside a few other premises of theirs. During the
course, I had gained valuable exposure in terms of client interaction. I
found people at the clients’ premises very apprehensive and resistant
to this new e-Governance system. Neither were they comfortable, nor
were they willing to use this new system. With repeated discussions
with the officers and other stuff members, I managed to convince them
how this new system would make the operations of the ministry easier,
more efficient and faster. Thereafter I went about arranging trainings
for the clients to help them get over their mental resistance to the
electronic system. I also coordinated with the senior management
regarding some of the inconsistencies in the system and followed up
with the development teams to help streamline the same on priority
within a short interval, thus achieving customer satisfaction and
pleasing the higher management.

I bring along a unique blend of technical as well as techno-managerial
experience in the services sector, serving the public undertakings of a
developing economy.

In my current organization the WIPRO Ltd. while implementing the MCA e-governance system at the clients’ premises. During the shifts I also delegate work to the team members and also prioritise the same. Keeping these engineers motivated to provide consistent support and facilitation was also among my responsibilities. What all are the challenges that the clients are facing while using the system and especially the particular individuals who are facing the most difficulties and therefore objecting to the new system for with various reasons.Supervisory Role ----------------------- Give an indication of how many people you supervise or have direct line management responsibility for. With my previous employer the CMC Ltd. I am responsible for making schedules for the various shifts of my team members. Budget Responsibbility ------------------------------ N/A Financial Responsibility . I am leading a team of four. the Application support engineers and network engineers posted at the various clients’ offices used to update me with their daily activities. their level within the company and how long you have been responsible for this number of staff and the roles of the staff that you line manage.

--------------------------------- N/A Project Management ---------------------------- N/A .