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Here’s your new MANTIS Tiller . . . the lightweight wonder that’s
“Changing the Way Americans Garden.”®

Unlike big tillers, your MANTIS Tiller weighs only 20 pounds. So
it lifts easily, handles smoothly, tills and weeds precisely. And,
unlike other small tillers, it features serpentine tines that churn
soil to ten inches deep. It creates a soft, smooth seed bed, even in
problem soil.

Once you know how to use your tiller correctly, we guarantee
you’ll love it. So first, please read this manual. It shows, step
by step, how to use your tiller safely. Plus, it shows how the
MANTIS Border Edger can make light work of your edging

If you have questions about any topic in this Manual, or if
you wish to order MANTIS Attachments,
contact your local authorized Mantis dealer.

Safety Rules & Warnings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3-5 Maintenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17-20
Safety Decals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Storage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21-22
Engine & Fuel Warnings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Trouble Shooting & Specifications . . . . . .23-24
Assembly and Mixing Fuel . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6-9 Service Maintenance Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
Starting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10-11 Using The Border/Edger Attachment . . . . . . .26
Additional Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 MANTIS Tiller Assembly Layout . . . . . . . . . .27
What to Do Just in Case . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12-13 Engine Parts Assemblies . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28-29
Getting to Your Garden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30
Tilling & Cultivating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14-16 Limited Warranty Information . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Tine Positioning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-17
Cultivating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16


You will notice throughout this Owners Manual Safety Rules and Important Notes. Make sure you
understand and obey these warnings for your own protection.

I. Special Safety Information





II. Safety & Warnings




! WARNING: The Engine Exhaust from this product contains chemicals known
to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


KEEP OPEN FLAME OR OWNERS MANUAL IN A OTHER IGNITION SAFE PLACE. Always keep a safe distance 2. Always maintain a firm footing open sandals. we recommend hearing handles. ! WARNING • DANGER ! IF THE TILLER IS USED IMPROPERLY OR SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED. Safety Decal Information An important part of the safety system incorporated in this tiller are the warning and information decals found on various parts of the tiller. operating. protection be worn whenever using secure. Watch what instructions and with feet well away well as fuel should not be stored in a you are doing and use common from tool(s). While working. Always be sure of your footing after throttle trigger is released. The location and part numbers (P/N) of these decals are illustrated on Page 27. 10. Work only in daylight or good hands. Always wear ear and eye start to use the tiller check the work protection. guards and fasteners are control of the machine.Do’s sense. Use extreme caution when sections regarding safety. Always maintain and examine where equipment is to be used and 9. excessive grease. THE HANDLES. Exercise extreme caution stop and engine is off before letting when changing direction on slopes. 1. moving and/or the engine is running. reversing or pulling the machine Use sturdy gloves. Gloves reduce the towards you. Always inspect your unit area for obstacles that might cause ANSI Z 87. OIL. 4. OR OR CHECK FUEL WHILE FROM ROTATING TINES. might get caught in moving parts. they 12. Prolonged exposure to artificial light. balance or damage. vibration can cause numbness and BE AWARE!! The tines may coast other ailments. P/N 488M CUTTING HAZARD.EPA PHI AND 1995. To avoid hearing before each use and ensure that all you to lose your footing. To reduce fire hazard. Pay 6. A98 information on label FUEL TANK FACES OPERATOR. THIS IS THE REAR OF THE TILLER. OR NEAR AN OR MAINTENANCE. between two or more people when and good balance. IV. Keep all nuts. Always store tiller in a children. WITH 2 CYCLE 50:1 ▲▲▲ KIORITZ CORP. PERFORMING ANY REPAIR SMOKING. FEET AND HANDS AWAY TILLER IN THIS BEFORE USING TILLER. The tiller as 5. Before you 8. Do not operate the equipment when barefoot or wearing 16. Always dress properly. MAKE SURE PROTECTION. Start the engine carefully. and in place. Eye protection must meet 17. varies by FAMILY). and bystanders. Always keep a firm grip on transmission of vibration to your both handles while the tines are 13. POSITION. WEAR EAR AND EYE MIX UNLEADED GAS SPECIFICATIONS AND ADJUSTMENTS EXAMPLE ONLY. pets. Always keep area clear of 19. 1998 CALIFORNIA EMISSION REGULATIONS FOR ULGE ENGINES. sheltered area (a dry place). Do not overreach working together. 3. CAUTION: WHEN ASSEMBLING INCORRECT ASSEMBLY. free of vegetative material and manual. Make on slopes. READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS MANUAL BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO OPERATE THIS TILLER. KEEP DO NOT CARRY THE READ OWNER’S MANUAL DON’T FUEL.III. Thoroughly inspect the area 18. 11. Always stay alert. Warnings . etc. Do not particular attention to all wear loose clothing or jewelry. Do not operate unit when fatigued. (Engine Modification). P/N 4043 IMPORTANT ENGINE INFORMATION: EMISSION CONTROL -- The emission control ENGINE FAMILY: SEH024UB24RD system for this DISPLACEMENT: 21. not according to the manufacturer’s accessible to children. 14. trousers. REFER TO OWNER’S Emission Control Label MANUAL FOR MAINTENANCE located on Engine. sure tines have come to a complete 7.2cc engine is EM THIS ENGINE MEETS U. THE USERS RISK SERIOUS INJURY TO THEMSELVES AND OTHERS. bolts and screws tight to be sure the equipment is in Read and understand the safe working condition. while operating the tiller. and petrol/gas storage area maintenance instructions given in thrown by the machine. REFUEL. owner’s manual. go of the tiller. It is your responsibility to replace these decals when they become hard to read. These decals must be replaced in time due to abrasion. 4 . which can be engine. always wear substantial footwear and long 15. keep the your Tiller with care. Follow remove all objects. the equipment. REFER TO ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION ON PAGE 7. house.1.S. SOURCE.

Stop spark plug or plug wire removed. or near an open periodical checks of the spark gasoline is spilled. this should be done until resistance is felt.Don’ts Don’t fuel. refuel or check fuel outside the cylinder. Don’t overreach. Don’t run engine when odor of gasoline is present or electrical system causes spark other explosive conditions exist. while tines are to remove jammed material qualified dealer or repairman. plug removed unless spark plug contact may cause serious burns. fins. Engine/Fuel Warnings . evaporated fuel from cylinder. The use of spark Allow the engine to cool before specifically designed for this arrestor mufflers is required by law storing in any enclosure. Keep a good stopped completely. Don’t touch hot mufflers. and cooling while the tiller is unattended. Then pull Resources Code).Do’s Always use fresh gasoline in the prevent arm or hand injury. Stop engine and be sure it is cool from cylinder to avoid burning of Don’t operate your tiller if before refueling. Have repairs made by a the handles. start or run this wire is disconnected. moving. governor setting or over speed ventilated area. footing at all times. cord rapidly to avoid kickback and VII. Don’t run engine when the the engine. in the state of California (Section 4442 of the California Public If the fuel tank needs to be Always pull starter cord slowly drained. Don’t refuel. Never try tiller. down or while transporting from Don’t crank engine with spark cylinders or cooling fins as one place to another. spark arrestor installed and leave the machine. Federal outdoors. IT IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. keep plug a safe distance completely before starting engine. FUELING A HOT ENGINE OR NEAR AN IGNITION SOURCE CAN CAUSE A FIRE AND RESULT IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. plug. laws apply on federal lands. and engine is running. Don’t allow children or Don’t run with the machine. Don’t use tiller with one hand. Clean up spill flame or other ignition source. Keep both hands on handles with Don’t attempt to clear tines Don’t attempt to repair this fingers and thumbs encircling while they are moving. Always store fuel in containers operating properly. engine before putting the tiller Use an approved tester. as well as in other states or municipalities. During Don’t operate the unit if while smoking. Sparks can Don’t change the engine tiller indoors or in an improperly ignite fumes.Don'ts Don’t work on excessively Don’t operate while under steep slopes. fuel mixture. purpose. incapable people to operate this walk. tiller.V. VI. there is an accumulation of debris Don’t leave the engine running Don’t check for spark with around the muffler. the influence of alcohol or drugs. before switching the engine off See that only original Mantis and making sure the tines have parts are used. ! WARNING • DANGER ! HANDLE FUEL WITH CARE. 5 . Engine/Fuel Warnings . Warnings . Stale gasoline can Always operate engine with Stop the engine whenever you cause damage.

The nuts are self locking. shows the parts Guard & Worm Gear Transmission) 20. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. take all items out of the 2 Lower Handles 6 carton. one-half to one full 1 Throttle Clips 13* turn — until you’ve completed 2 Bolts 52* assembly. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT OUR FACTORY AT 1-800-366-6268 OR AN AUTHORIZED MANTIS DEALER Your MANTIS Tiller comes partially assembled. You must install only the handlebars. 1 Upper Handle Assembly 4A 1 Upper Handle Throttle Side Assembly 5A First. 1 Engine Assembly (includes Fender The list at the right. 2 Knobs 53* but you must use a wrench to tighten *These numbers are the same numbers shown on the Parts them completely. But do not remove the cardboard 1 Pair Tiller/Cultivator Tines 39/40 from around the Tiller’s base. 21. the carrying handle. 55 that come with your tiller. Layout on page 27. Check to make 1 Handle Brace 8 sure you have them. 1 Plastic Carrying Handle 42 The bag of hardware is in the plastic 1 Bag of Hardware Containing: bag containing the Owner’s Manual. This will take just a few minutes if you follow the directions.ASSEMBLY ! ! WARNING • DANGER IMPROPER ASSEMBLY OF THIS TILLER CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY. We suggest that you 2 Tine Retaining Pins 41* install all nuts and bolts only “finger 2 Handle Clamps 51* tight” — that is. and the Quantity Description *Key # tines. you’ll 4 Lock Nuts 48* need two 7/16” wrenches or two 2 Bolts (3” long) 49* adjustable wrenches. 2 Cap Screws 47* To assemble your MANTIS Tiller. 6 .

Now slide the other lower tighten finger tight. so that 4. Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 7 . Note that you’ve just put together. Lay the handle parts within channel on either side of the easy reach. (Picture 3. 3. (Picture 4. Slide it through the housing. Slide the second 3-inch bolt where the lower handle curves. (Picture 1) channels. Locate the worm gear 1. Add a nut and 5. Line ! Make sure you insert them up the holes on the clamp and the from the rear of the tiller (gasoline leg. (Picture 1 and 2. 6. To identify part numbers. Take the lower handles that the lower handles (#6). Slide the lower handles have a short leg them into the two recessed on one end.ASSEMBLY (continued) HOW TO ASSEMBLE handle onto the 3-inch bolt. . You’ll need one of the housing’s top. .) Fit the other clamp LOWER HANDLES onto this other handle’s short leg.) handle clamps (#51) and one of Picture 1 7. notice that there’s a recessed 2. You’ll assembly (#21) up. It starts just above — and cardboard sleeve to stabilize extends down through — the your tiller. Choose one of the two 3-inch the bolt fits along the back of the bolts (#49). NOTE: THE LOCK NUTS ARE STAMPED. Page 8) first set of holes — near the elbow 8. pages 6 and 27. Fit the handle clamp along the outside of the short leg. tank faces the operator) . Stand the engine tiller’s red fender guard. FINGER TIGHT IS APPROXIMATELY 1/2 TO 1-1/2 TURNS. through the second set of holes in (Picture 2) the short legs. Use the protective housing. see Add a nut and tighten finger tight.

Gently pull the lower The triangle must click in both handles out to their original directions. (Picture 1) bar. Follow the same steps to face the gasoline tank. PLASTIC CARRYING prefer. Then mounted on the left. the handles. ! WARNING • DANGER ! REMOVE TINES BEFORE STARTING ENGINE Picture 1 AND MAKING ADJUSTMENTS.) Be the carrying handle (#42). securely. you should 4. Attach the upper handle check that the throttle triangle installed the handles assembly (#5A) – the handle hits both the idle screw and the full open stop. 2. it will not insert a Cap Screw and a Lock another so that they line up fold down as completely as with the two smaller holes on Nut on either side (Picture 5) when mounted on the right.ASSEMBLY (continued) HOW TO ASSEMBLE with the handle knob (#53). and secure THE ENGINE. Use a wrench to tighten slide the carrying handle over movements and that the Cap Screws and Lock Nuts. holding ground wire – onto either DONE BEFORE STARTING handle. Now install the Handle squeeze the throttle. Squeeze trigger and let go. Lightly squeeze the lower Note: If throttle handle is handles (#6) toward one on the upper handles. Line it up with the holes 1. You 5. Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 8 . and down the lower handles. Now use wrench to tighten will rest about four to six inches or twisted around the handle all nuts and bolts firmly and above the engine. If there is any doubt. THIS MUST BE properly. remove air filter and visually Make sure you have 3. It throttle cable is not wrapped 8. hand you’d rather use to 6. Then sure you have proper throttle 7. When you stand with the throttle cable and behind your tiller. (Picture #2) Brace. depending on which (Picture 4) HANDLE. (Picture 3) ! WARNING: Improper throttle installation can cause tines to rotate unexpectedly . IMPORTANT NOTE: position. install the other upper handle onto the other lower handle. Use the clip (#13) to secure can attach this upper handle to the throttle cable and wire in UPPER HANDLES & whichever lower handle you place on the lower handle.

) 1. Remove the cardboard a commercial two stroke. into the tiller’s fuel tank. fuel can cause difficult starting or Always use the proper engine damage. bottle of axle shafts. Do not mix Remember … axle. the engine warranty. use proper fuel mixture. Never. see page 15. to blend the oil and gas. To secure each tine to the into a safe container. air cooled from around your Tiller’s base. wipe up any spilled fuel of two-cycle engine oil to one from tank and gasoline can. Slide the tines onto the Use a mixture of 50 parts unleaded 2. Using old oil/gasoline mixture. Pour 1/2 of the gasoline authorized Mantis Dealer. permanent to run your engine on gasoline damage. •Never try to mix the oil and 4.) Liken the tines to your fingers. Here’s how to mix the oil with Need more pre-measured (To switch to the cultivating the gas: engine oil? Contact your local position. Then add the rest of your engine and void all MANTIS Tiller. engine which requires a fuel mixture of gasoline and lubricating oil. Do not attempt suffer rapid. And you will void only. insert a tine retaining pin. your fingers curl down. If you container to thoroughly mix fuel do not. as your fingers do? If so. your engine will before each use. warranties. Add 2. Screw the cap onto the •Always use a clean gas can and on pages 3-5.6 ounces on. Do the tine blades curl SMOKE WHILE FUELING YOUR EQUIPMENT. the fuel and oil in the engine •Always mix two-cycle oil with fuel tank. down. ever run your tiller IMPORTANT NOTE: on gasoline alone. no methyl the tines properly for tilling. After •Always mix oil and gas in the putting the fuel tank’s cap back proper proportions: 2. gasoline can. Carefully pour the fuel mix gasoline in the engine fuel tank. ! WARNING • DANGER ! Stand behind the Tiller and FUEL IS EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Do not mix more than you Do Not use old or stale will use in a month. Then swirl the can always use unleaded gas. KEEP AWAY FROM IGNITION SOURCES.) Use branded 89 octane (R+M+2) unleaded gasoline 3. gallon of unleaded gasoline. HANDLE IT WITH hold your hand next to the CARE. they are in the tilling position. MANTIS oil (50:1. This will ruin cycle engine oil to the gasoline Before you use your and mix. Safety Rules & Warnings 3.6 oz. Shake fuel oil/gasoline mixture. 9 . alcohol. read the the gasoline. The “D” hole goes regular gasoline and 1 part two-stroke Mantis 50:1 2-cycle engine oil on the outside. gasoline before fueling your 2. Make sure you’ve installed or gasohol (maximum 10% ethyl alcohol.ASSEMBLY (continued) 1 gallon Assembling the Tines Mixing Fuel for Tilling Your MANTIS Tiller is powered by 1.6 ounces of two. DO NOT tines. tiller. or 15% MTBE. 2. 4. When your palm faces the ground. IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT NOTE: Two stroke fuel separates and ages.

Pull recoil starter rope until engine starts. “COLD START” position and repeat Cold Start instructions. NOTE: Energy is stored in the starter spring each time the MAINTAIN PROPER IDLE WARNING handle/rope is pulled. After engine fires or 2 to 3 OTHERWISE SERIOUS engine engagements. 5. read the Safety & Warning rules on pages 3-5. TO “CARBURETOR 4. using light (2500-3100 RPM) THE TINES SHOULD NOT pulling forces. out. Picture 5 Never use starting fluids as they will cause permanent engine damage. Before you use the tiller. Move choke (Picture 2) to after 5 engine engagements. Locate the primer bulb on BLADE ENGAGEMENT top of the carburetor. Generally SPEED ADJUSTMENT ! DANGER ! two to six pulls. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 10 . with choke in “Run” position 2. READJUST spin the engine. move PERSONAL INJURY MAY choke (Picture 5) to RUN RESULT. Move Stop Switch (Picture 1) NOTE: If engine does not start to “START” position. Gently pull recoil starter ADJUSTMENT” handle/rope (Picture 4) until INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS engine fires or 2 to 3 engine MANUAL OR SEE YOUR engagements. Do not pull the CARBURETOR ACCORDING rope out to end stop. will store enough MOVE AT IDLE. Fill the fuel tank with the is visible and flows freely in the DO NOT SQUEEZE THE proper oil/gasoline mixture. Using them will void the warranty. clear fuel tank return line. Throttle must remain at gradually depress throttle trigger idle position for starting.STARTING ! WARNING ! AVOID ACCIDENTAL To Start Your Tiller for 3. (open) position. Starting Cold Engine 1. to increase engine RPM to operating speed. Picture 4 6. After engine warm up. Pump THROTTLE TRIGGER (See previous section. IF TINES energy to engage the starter and MOVE. MANTIS DEALER. Pump the First Time: primer bulb (Picture 3) until fuel 1. WHEN STARTING.) bulb an additional 4 or 5 times. Recoil Starter. pull choke button all the way 7.

And. Then. 10). always use short. Don’t give the cord a position. 10) to “START” until engine starts. chance to cool down. About the Choke when you release the throttle The choke controls the lever. RELEASE THE THROTTLE.Follow close the choke (Picture 5. The running. you have just added fuel. the tines won’t turn engine will stop at once. amount of air drawn into the engine. Pump bulb an will not run on choke. use p. let it idle for a CHECK AND RETURN IGNITION SWITCH TO ON POSITION minute to give the engine a BEFORE STARTING ENGINE AGAIN. Picture 1 11 . starting the engine “cold”. Your tiller will run only if the choke is open — that is. And. (Picture 1. do not remain at idle position for never pull the cord more than let the cord snap back into the starting. if the choke is pushed in. when the engine fires. bear in Starting Warm Engine p. Also. Throttle trigger must ADDITIONAL INFORMATION A Tip for Extending ! WARNING • DANGER ! Your Engine’s Life After you start the engine. If it should ever fail to do so. Be certain choke (Picture 5. 2. p. 10) is in “Run” position when the engine has run dry and Cold Start Procedure. p. and as cold start except DO NOT return line. Overpulling starter housing. AND PULL THE CHOKE BUTTON OUT use it.STARTING (continued) NOTE: When the choke is closed. to three minutes before you PUT THE TILLER DOWN. or after 5 engine engagements. Pull recoil starter rope Remember. four or five times. IF ENGINE DOES NOT STOP WHEN SWITCH IS PUT IN THE STOP let your tiller warm up for two POSITION. 1. How to Stop the Engine A Special Feature Simply push the start/stop (with the idle set switch to “stop. brisk pulls. additional 4 or 5 times. Move Start/Stop Switch 4. unless you press the throttle lever on the handlebars. just engine running) Even when the engine is pull out the choke button. forceful yank. before you put TO COLD START (CLOSED) POSITION.” (Picture 1) This properly and the will stop the engine instantly. ALLOW ENGINE TO IDLE. long. Pump primer bulb (Picture 3. these steps whenever you are NOTE: If engine does not start 3. your tiller away. 10) until fuel is visible and mind that. may cause flooding. (pushed in). The starting procedure is the same flows freely in the clear fuel tank it only coughs or sputters. the tines will stop.

” You’d be starter cord several times. But. Kinks in the line restrict the flow of fuel •Remove the cap over the spark to the engine. Here’s Another Way to Picture 3 Start your MANTIS Starting a Flooded Tiller Engine If you follow the steps above 1. starting procedure. do not try put the filter back in the tank. pull the switch is on “start. the line may be disconnected from the IMPORTANT NOTE: fuel filter. check to see if the fuel KEEP PLUG WIRE AWAY line is blocked. you should disconnect spark plug wire and have no problem starting your remove plug. just in case you do or a clean rag to dry the spark have problems. Just straighten out plug. (Picture 2) If fuel drips too freely. Pull when you pulled the cord. Open the choke (push the choke button in) and pull ! WARNING ! the cord a few times. •First. Reconnect. examine the spark plug. MANTIS Handy Item Kit (Item If fuel does not drip from the Picture 2 line. replace the spark plug. the normal starting procedure. Use forget to push the switch into the the wrench to tighten it and “start” position. Wipe off any excess or comes with our optional spilled fuel. Make sure the switch 1. Use a paper towel tiller. times until the engine coughs or sputters. here’s what to do. Pull it off at the carburetor end. If the end of the spark plug and your engine still won’t start. is dry. and to the threads. plug.WHAT TO DO JUST IN CASE If you follow the normal is in the stop position. The fuel line runs from UNINTENTIONAL SPARK. the engine may be try this: flooded. First loosen the fuel cap to relieve pressure in the FROM ENGINE TO AVOID tank. Then follow •Unscrew the spark plug. to remove the plug from a Then follow the normal starting hot aluminum cylinder procedure. head. with the spark plug Make sure the start/stop out of the engine. (Picture 3). Fuel should drip slowly from the Use the special wrench that line. Next. (Picture 1) or pinches. Just re- To avoid possible damage attach the line to the filter. If the end of the spark plug STOP POSITION. surprised how many people Next. You’ll find the fuel filter inside the fuel tank. put the switch in the start position and If the switch was on “stop” pull the choke button out. the line.” 12 . check the line for any bends #1422) or a 3/4 inch spark plug wrench. is wet. the fuel tank to the carburetor. replace the cap. SWITCH IS IN THE 2. then. Push the switch to “start. The engine MAKE SURE THE START/STOP should start and run. you the starter cord three or four Picture 1 may have flooded the engine.

quick pulls. The engine Starting fluids will cause few times. call 1-800-366-6268 IMPORTANT NOTE: then pull out the choke button and ask for Customer Service or the name of your local Before you use your to close the choke. Pull the MANTIS Tiller. Using them will short. 8. IF YOU DO. Then Never use starting fluids. read the starter cord four to five times. Safety Rules & Warnings The engine should sputter or on pages 3-5. push the choke button in. If the engine does not start. WILL SUFFER SERIOUS relative’s house. should start and run. NEVER CARRY YOUR TILLER AS THE PERSON IN PICTURE 3 Carry It. convenient carrying handle.) Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 13 . it won’t strain your “tip-toe” across your yard on its muscles or tire you out! tines. YOU MANTIS Tiller to a friend’s or Make sure the engine is off. Use Then stow your Tiller in the the other hand to hold the trunk of your car or truck. (Picture 2) Then lift fits easily. After the engine sputters. lever gently and let the tiller pounds. 3. Just empty the Then use one hand to grasp the INJURY. void the warranty. The engine start. not start. Since it weighs only 20 straining your back.WHAT TO DO JUST IN CASE (continued) 2. GETTING YOUR TILLER TO YOUR GARDEN Walk it. (This is crucial. Press the plastic bubble a pull the starter cord. Push in the choke 6. (Picture 1) Take It for a Ride. It Once your tiller is running. handlebars. It won’t hurt your lawn or ! WARNING ! driveway. If the engine still does not damage. You can easily transport your IS DOING. Just press the throttle garden. repeat steps 2 through 6. MANTIS dealer. cough. fuel tank. And you can put it in you can “walk” it to your your tiller and carry it to your and take it our without garden. permanent engine 4. should start and run. Give the starter cord a few 7. If the engine still does 5. IMPORTANT NOTE: button to open the choke.

so they dug to your desired depth. Tiller backward. so it’s less plantable. pull your Projects. it Start again on the next row. Again. Then. by your Tiller quickly over your contrast. you’ll have a soft. Then.) Then move and fluffy. let it Your MANTIS Tiller makes it move forward just a little bit. If you’ve seen other tillers. Now You’re Ready to much like running a vacuum cleaner! (Picture 2) You Can Use Your MANTIS Tiller. of sod until they’re fine. With other tillers. Then use an Want to turn part of your lawn easy rocking motion. until Run Your MANTIS the tines slice through the weed Tiller like a Vacuum or root. Start it up. 14 . First. packing it For Big Weeds or Tough Roots: down. Picture 1 For Deeper Tilling: your MANTIS Tiller may surprise you. as you would a pull your MANTIS Tiller vacuum cleaner. It’s will work them into the soil. and forth until the sod begins to This will help you till deeper. Even Control Depth. Let your Tiller rock back and Picture 2 forth over the tough spot. It tills best when you pull it Move your Tiller slowly back backward! You see. soil you’ve just tilled. break up. Keep repeating these steps Your Tiller will chop the clumps until you’ve tilled an entire row. Cleaner. when you and forth. (Picture 1) For Shallow Tilling: What’s more when you go Switch the tines to the backward. Picture 3 Pretty soon.TILLING ! WARNING • DANGER ! THE OPERATOR OF THIS TILLER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS OR HAZARDS OCCURRING TO HIMSELF. Then use an easy Handles Special Tilling rocking motion. So your soil stays light 15 to learn how. OTHER PEOPLE OR THEIR PROPERTY. you walk right over the soil surface. (See page footprints. Work the same backward. you give extra area over and over until you’ve resistance to the tines. pull into a colorful flower border? your Tiller backward. easy! Just run your Tiller back Then pull it backward again. Place your Tiller at the head of Your MANTIS Tiller the row or area you want to till. dig deeper. you erase your cultivating position. Then continue tilling.

your MANTIS Tiller’s axle. you can create a bigger garden — a half acre or more.TILLING/CULTIVATING ! WARNING • DANGER ! IF YOUR TINES GET JAMMED OR ENTANGLED. only 2” to 3” (5. left side tine onto the right-side Then. they won’t and hold your hand. And. as a 2. Remove the retaining pins is a precision tool. burying 5. you’ve installed the tines since the tines in this position properly.62 cm) deep. pleasure. cultivating position. Then. it gently cultivates from the tines. Unlike a tractor Tiller works the soil down to off. Stand behind the Tiller won’t dig too deep. onto the left-side axle. The “D” hole should be to sharp “tine teeth” will slice up the outside. you must switch the 4. First.09 smooth seed bed.4 cm) deep. 15 . points curl up. Here’s how: 1. Reinsert the pins. where space is at a premium. How about a family-size vegetable garden? Nowadays many gardeners prefer small gardens — especially in the suburbs. your MANTIS 1. or big tiller. Remove the tines from the cm to 7. This is a one- time-only investment that’s well Your MANTIS Tiller How to Switch From worth the small cost. as your fingers The result? Your Tiller will do? If so. pulverize your soil into a the surface. axle. Place the right-side tine tines to the weeding position. and turn a tiresome chore into a 6. those pesky weeds. Make sure your Tiller of of soil or sod. they are in the correct cut your weeding time in half. use your Tiller to Pleasure! Position break up any remaining clumps As a tiller. It will cultivator. Here is how to make sure them as you go along. But. palm up. First. REMOVE THE SPARK PLUG WIRE THEN REMOVE THE OBSTRUCTION WHILE THE ENGINE IS OFF. your MANTIS Tiller 10” (25. if you’re fortunate enough to own a large lot. 3. Place the This takes less than a minute. NEVER TRY TO REMOVE AN OBSTRUCTION WHILE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING. hire someone with a tractor or big tiller to break Picture 1 Picture 2 ground for you. SHUT OFF THE ENGINE AT ONCE. But. Makes Weeding a Tilling to Cultivating 2. SERIOUS INJURY CAN RESULT. Do the tine systems. hurt your plants’ precious root next to the tines.

shred. Your Mantis Tiller Will Weed Between Narrow Rows! Your Mantis Tiller is a suburban gardeners. or toward the front of the first use a knife. and bury those weeds! Got tough weeds? Lighten your pressure on the throttle to slow your Tiller down. brush cutter to chop up the overgrowth. in *With optional Planter corners. So you can run it Tine teeth point in the in a tightly planted garden opposite direction as the without damaging your delicate rotation of the tine. even (Item #62222.” tine. in a gentle rocking motion. who often precision weeder that easily fits have to plant rows close in tight places. or Tiller. stringy Tine teeth point in the same vines. in wide rows. or toward the operator. Pull your Tiller backward slowly. 16 . Your Mantis Tiller weeds six* to nine Cultivating Position inches wide.CULTIVATING Now You’re Ready to Cultivate or Weed. any tiller will Tilling Position tangle in tall grass. So. against fences. turn the engine off completely before trying to clear them. So don’t be together! afraid to weed anywhere: between plants and shrubs. That’s good news for toward the back of the tiller. If the tines become tangled anyway. if direction as the rotation of the you have a “backyard jungle. Then work back and forth until your Tiller chops up the weeds.) in very narrow rows. It’s easy and effective! Remember. or super-big weeds. pruner. Guide your Tiller where you want to weed and start it up. on Furrower attachment raised beds. away from the operator. then let it move forward a bit. Watch it slice. Tines point plants.

So. Insert your clean filter 8. inside the air-cleaner cover. or if Installing the filter incorrectly you want to be on the safe side 6. Picture 1 Picture 2 Note: Please check the lip on the Air Cleaner Cover. (Again. or look up Key #9 in Air Cleaner Parts Assembly on page 28. Clean and Change the Air Filter 1. button. Picture 3 17 . The air filter is the white pad on the inside of the air- cleaner cover. Take off the cover.) needed. Order a new back over the air cleaner. in the spring or one directly from your local make sure to clear the choke fall. (See Picture 1. This will prevent dirt from being ingested through the carburetor into the inside of the engine. If the air filter needs IMPORTANT! Make sure cleaning or no longer fits filter is “seated” properly A wet or dirty air filter can properly. edge carefully and “peel” it out. Use a brush to remove debris from the pad. you will cause engine damage and — then check your filter more must replace it or severe engine void the warranty. Loosen the wing nut on the side of the air-cleaner cover. Check whether it is soiled or moist. How to Check. It is recommended to 7. remove it. least once a year. performs. Clean or change it as Authorized MANTIS Dealer. before each use). The filter affect the way your engine starts. and wears. Tighten the wing nut to change the air filter yearly. it’s a (Picture 3) must fit snugly inside the good idea to check your air filter rim that holds the filter in once a month. But be sure to replace it at damage will occur. (Picture 2) 3. Fit the cover often (for instance. If you work in dusty soil. place.MAINTENANCE Check the Air Filter Often 4. If the air filter is so dirty that it won’t come clean. 5. Make sure to clear the choke button. Just lift an in the cover. it should be replaced. secure the cover. If the lip is chipped or cracked.) 2.

) This is the only way to add grease to the worm gear housing. (Picture 1) Then check to make sure the grease comes almost to the top of the housing. Picture 2 Clear Blockages From the Fuel Line & Filter: After you’ve used your Tiller for a few seasons. add lithium #0 grease (Item M9985. we lubricated the worm gear housing thoroughly. Simply remove the cover plate on the worm gear housing. Such blockages can keep your Tiller from starting. Please do not overfill. (See Picture 3) Then use the normal starting procedure to start your Tiller. fuel filter. It is imperative that you inspect the grease level once a year. (Picture 2) To Picture 1 purchase MANTIS grease. contact your local authorized MANTIS dealer. Picture 3 18 .MAINTENANCE (continued) How to Check the Grease Level Inside the Worm Gear Housing When we built your MANTIS Tiller. or fuel line. which could cause seals to fail or the clutch to slip. Remember: The fuel filter is located inside the tank. Too much grease can create pressure. If it doesn’t. check for blockages in the fuel tank and fuel filter. Clear any blockages you see in the tank.

finish the carburetor Gently turn it counter. MAKING ADJUSTMENTS idle screw. clockwise.MAINTENANCE (continued) wrench or an adjustable “FLASH” the choke several ! WARNING•DANGER ! wrench.) Then. you’ll see the two check for a smooth transition at the end of the throttle cable. You’ll know you’ve What to Do if Your Run the engine at full speed adjusted it correctly when the Engine Runs “Rough” two or three seconds to clear axles do not turn at low idle. problems. (Picture 3) clockwise and clockwise stop may need to adjust the idle positions. speed screw counter-clockwise all the way to stop…Then turn What if your engine runs too The large end of the throttle the WHITE. you may need to adjust to idle. If the engine hesitates turn touch this triangle. loosen the top nut First. locate the metal triangle cover. speed adjustment. This is the swivel. Now. What to Do if Your Locate the metal “button” on Now. But. engine. To fix this. you’ll HIGH-speed adjustment…The counter-clockwise one-eighth of see a gap between the idle screw “WHITE” screw is the low a turn. low-speed screw throttle cable’s too tight. low speed screw fast … or if the tines turn the cable must be inside the slot in halfway between the counter- instant you start the Tiller? You this swivel. high speed. screw (Key #31 under Carburetor on page 28) by itself Now restart the engine to right below the H and L screws. accelerate the engine to adjust the throttle cable. you may need to the carburetor and idle screws. remove the tines from Repeat the adjustment until that holds the throttle cable in the axle. high- Engine Idles Too High the triangle. (Picture 1) Now. Let you get a smooth transition to place. adjustment. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 19 . If you remove the air-cleaner full throttle several times to First. (Picture 1) The idle screw must next to the black choke button. (Picture 2) (Use a 10mm it run for two to three minutes. If your engine runs “rough” out any excess fuel. Then stop the engine after it tighten the bottom nut that reaches operating temperature. Then start engine. slide the cable times during the warm-up to REMOVE TINES BEFORE down until you close the gap clear any air from the Fuel STARTING ENGINE AND between the triangle and the system. if the The “RED” screw is the the WHITE. adjustment screws from idle to high speed. carburetor. Then return If you continue to have idle or stalls. Then accelerate the and the triangle. holds the throttle cable. turn the RED.

bottom of the engine flange (Picture 2) Make sure you (Key #37. Notice At some point. Guide. it must be replaced. housing. Take the engine off the Flange worm gear housing. under the gasket. 20 . hedge trimmer attachment. Brush the screen cleaning. (Key #28) which is held #21). held on by 3 to be cleaned. If the screen remains more phillips-head screws. handle is not under the fuel the flange bolt (Key #36. Behind the fixture (Key #23. Remove the red cylinder gasket. This Inside the flange housing.MAINTENANCE (continued) How to Reseat the To fix this. You will see the metal through it. it needs screen fixture. (Key #29) 5. may mean the engine isn’t you’ll find the clutch drum sitting all the way down on the (Key #29. In either case. Use carburetor 6. the hex head lines up with the Perhaps you’ve been using clutch drum inside the flange your Tiller for several years. Page 29). Page 27). Make sure the plastic carrying then replaced it. clogged with deposits. down on the transmission. Picture 1 … Note how the Or perhaps you’ve removed Then put the engine back engine doesn’t sit all the way the engine for use with our on the worm gear housing. Exhaust Inner) and 2. and any brush that is plugged after attempts at (Key #24) Remove the fixture. (Picture 1) Picture 2 … Note how the engine sits all the way down on the transmission. If you’ve followed these steps properly. Exhaust Screen Outer) will be the muffler 1. 29) may have come loose and lifted the engine up. Make sure worm gear housing. Guide. The screen sits on by 2 phillips-head screws. you may find the hex head on top of the that the tines won’t turn when drive shaft (Key #22. lid (Key #22. not metal. loosen the flange bolt. cleaner. page 29) and the tighten the flange bolt! top of the worm gear housing. exhaust (Key cover. there will be no gap If this happened you’ll between the engine flange and notice a gap between the the worm gear housing. Cleaning the Muffler 4. Take out the spark plug. If the screen (Key #20) is until you are able to see 3. you press the throttle. page tank.

prevent gum deposits. when you’re ready to store your Tiller. forming 5. Wipe the tines with oil or teaspoon of clean. Clean dirt. wrench. Next. Then run the optional Handy Item Kit item engine until it stops. Clean the air filter as wire and remove the spark described on Page 17. Or use a other materials from the entire 19mm or 3/4” spark-plug machine.) two or three times to coat the inside of the cylinder wall. restart the engine NGK-BPM8Y. stored fuel containing ethanol or MTBE can start to go stale in 30 days. grass. clean it. to two-cycle oil through the prevent rusting. this. but inside of the carburetor and leave the spark plug wire possible engine damage. A replacement to make sure no fuel is left in spark plug is included in the the carburetor. since stale fuel has a high gum content. Inspect the spark plug. And. Each fall — or before you store your Mantis Tiller for any long period — be sure to take these measures: 1. drain the fuel tank if necessary. (Do Slowly pull the starter cord not remove the engine cover. in turn. (Picture 3) all visible moving parts. Do not store your Tiller with fuel still in it. buy a 2. air-cooled. Picture 2 3. and. If you completely. and item Kit. spark-plug hole into the 9. Picture 1 will restrict fuel flow.STORAGE ! ! WARNING•DANGER DO NOT STORE IN AN AREA WHERE FUEL FUMES MAY ACCUMULATE AND REACH A FLAME OR SPARK. Disconnect spark plug 6. So. (Picture 2) need to replace it. spray them with WD-40. Even under ideal conditions. This will # 1422. (Use the wrench that comes in our optional Handy 7. weeks. it can clog the carburetor. disconnected. Install the spark plug. Item #1422. plug. Oil the throttle cable and combustion chamber. Picture 3 21 . or will not be using it for more than 2 4.) Pour about a 8.

properly.STORAGE (continued) 10. Follow the steps on Picture 1 13. To fold the handles. the two handle knobs (#53) (0. right or extended position. Buy fresh oil and gasoline (Picture 3) next season. as described spark plug. the spark plug may be at fault. it lacks full power. Pull the starter cord To avoid possible damage three or four times to clean oil to the threads. Re-connect 11. preceding page). Picture 3 22 . Place the spark plug on page 18. your Mantis Tiller. when you take your IMPORTANT NOTE: Tiller out of storage. Tighten Adjust the plug gap .024 . Use a 19mm or a 3/4” Unfold the handles into an up- spark-plug wrench to install it.-lbs. (Picture 2) handle knobs (#53). back into the cylinder. Check the Spark Plug inset. in a clean. follow page 19 for adjusting the H and L these easy steps: Loosen the screws. remove the plug from a hot aluminum cylinder head. Check the grease level in the (Picture 1) Wipe oil from the worm gear housing. dry Carburetor.6 to 0. Check to see if the 14.028 in.7 mm) !Warning! Caution: Do not over Always make sure the handle tighten the plug. in an Again. Do you have fuel left over plug is fouled with oily black from last season? Dispose of it deposits. Tighten knob securely. Store your Tiller. MANTIS Tiller for If either is the case. power — the carburetor may need preceding page) attention. check whether the center electrode is rounded at the end.. fold the handles forward (see picture #1. Check the upright position. 12. or if smaller area. The correct knobs are secure before starting torque is 18 to 22 ft. How to Prepare Your or if the ground electrode is worn. place. now folded and ready to store in a If your Tiller won’t restart. You can store with the If your Tiller won’t restart in the handles in an extended position or Spring — or if it lacks its usual folded down. do not try to from the combustion chamber. authorized Mantis dealer. (24-30 n.m) In the Spring. Then follow the steps worn or broken. Just call on pages 9 & 10 to refuel and 1-800-366-6268 and ask for a local restart your Tiller. Order new parts to the spark plug wire back on the replace any that are badly spark plug. you should Restarting replace it with a NGK-BPM8Y Picture 2 spark plug. Also. Your handles are Too. (Picture #1. remove the spark plug. Clean or replace it if it is.

Engine misses. Clean fuel line. Drain and refill with correct mixture. Fuel strainer clogged.024-.6-0. Weak spark at spark plug. Tines don’t turn when throttle Engine is not seated properly on Re-install engine following the is depressed the gear housing. spark plug. Dirt in fuel line or carburetor. Fill Tank. Engine under or over choked. Engine hard to start. 2. with fresh fuel. See “Carburetor Adjustment”. Install new spark plug. 4.028 in. Replace lead wire or attach to broken or disconnected from spark plug. dealer. instructions on page 20 (How to re-seat the flange). No fuel in tank. If flooded by over choking. 3.set incorrect gap setting. gap to . Water in gasoline or stale fuel Drain entire system and refill mixture. Remove and clean. Engine fails to start Start/Stop switch is in Stop Move switch to start. Replace Strainer. Carburetor improperly adjusted.TROUBLE SHOOTING Problem Cause Remedy 1. Spark plug fouled. cylinder base gasket). Spark plug is broken (cracked Replace spark plug. If under choked. Fuel line clogged. See “Carburetor Adjustment” Gasket leaks (carburetor or Replace gaskets. Ignition inoperative Contact your local authorized dealer. Too much oil in fuel mixture. porcelain or electrodes broken) Ignition lead wire shorted. move choke lever to closed position and crank two or three times. (0. Carburetor out of adjustment. proceed according to instructions in operation section. Spark plug shorted or fouled. position. 23 .7 mm ) Weak or intermittent spark at Contact your local authorized spark plug. Contact your local authorized dealer. broken or Clean or replace spark plug .

Contact your local authorized dealer. With a wooden scraper or blunt tool.268 in. Clean Spark Arrestor Poor compression.) Exhaust System Spark arrester muffler Carburetor ZAMA diaphragm model C1U type Ignition System Flywheel magneto. air-cooled engine oil Fuel Tank Capacity 0.TROUBLE SHOOTING (continued) Problem Cause Remedy 5. walls are worn.2 cc (1.0 mm (1..2 mm (1. remove all carbon from exhaust ports. Spark Arrestor Clogged.) Stroke 26.0 oz. two-stroke. Single-Cylinder. piston ring or cylinder engine. Muffler clogged. Insufficient oil in fuel mixture Mix fuel as described in starting instructions. 3 ounces Type of Engine Air Cooled.) Starter System Clutch Automatic rewind starter Centrifugal type 24 . in. (17. Clean or replace air filter. Air filter clogged. Carburetor out of adjustment. Install muffler and gasket. Remove dust and dirt from between fins. Spark plug in incorrect heat range. Gasoline Engine Rotation Clockwise.04 in. Engine noisy or knocking. Replace with plugs specified for Bearings. See “Carburetor Adjustment”. Clogged exhaust ports. Carburetor adjustment too “lean”. viewed from TOP Bore 32. 8. Engine stalls under load. Clean carbon from muffler. Engine overheats. Engine lacks power. 6.5 lit. Two stroke. Remove muffler.8kg — 6 lbs. Air flow obstructed Clean flywheel cylinder fins and screen.294 cu.) Spark Plug NGK BPM8Y Fuel Premixed two stroke fuel Fuel Oil Ratio 50:1 ratio with MANTIS oil Gasoline Unleaded (see page 9) Displacement 21. 7. Blow out all loose carbon with compressed air. capacitor discharge ignition type Starter Automatic rewind with power spring assist Oil Designated. Contact your local authorized dealer. Be careful not to scratch or damage piston or cylinder walls. See “Carburetor Adjustment”. Engine overheats. rotate engine until the piston is at top of cylinder. ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Dry Weight 2.

cleaning every 6 months is required. use Replace Every 3 mths. Cleaning includes Rebuild Kits. use Replace Yearly or 600 hrs. use Choke Check With each re-fueling Ignition System Clean No maintenance Replace For coil and flywheel * Replacement will be required for commercial use after 600 hours. IMPORTANT: Time Intervals shown are maximum. use Carburetor Check / Rebuild 6 months or 300 hrs. use Replace 6 months or 270 hrs. use Cooling System Inspect / Clean Before Use Muffler (Spark Arrestor) Inspect / Clean Monthly Gear Housing Check Grease Yearly Blades Inspect / Clean / Lubricate After Use Fuel Leaks Inspect / Repair Before Use Fasteners Inspect / Tighten / Replace Before Use Labels Inspect / Replace Before Use Handles Inspect / Replace Before Use Guards / Safety Devices Inspect / Replace Before Use Fuel Line Inspect / Replace Monthly Starter Rope Inspect / Replace Monthly Fuel Strainer Replace Every 3 mths.SERVICE MAINTENANCE GUIDE Area Maintenance Frequency Air Filter Clean Daily or every 4 hrs. use* Cylinder Exhaust Port Inspect / Clean Every 3 mths. Actual use and your experience will determine the frequency of required maintenance. For Consumer use. or 90 hrs. or 90 hrs. Notes: 25 . or 90 hrs. or 100 hrs. use Spark Plug Clean Every 3 mths.

“Mix and behind your Tiller. Position your MANTIS 1. and garden beds. 4. time! Just attach the Edger refer to “right” and “left” axles. Start your Tiller and pull angled face should hit the your MANTIS backward along can be used to cut clean. Here’s how to Attachments have been install the Border Edger for How to Use the designed for quick and easy shallow edging: Border Edger attachment to the Tiller or 1. Insert retaining pins on both left and right axles. Insert retaining pins on Attachments to increase its places like this you’ll want to both sides. First remove your Engine. the Border Edger 2. all MANTIS Tiller to 2” deep). The blade’s tine on the other axle. forward. Install the Edger for deep how to install the Border Edger edging. Then How to Install the for that purpose: use it to cut sod strips. contact your local authorized MANTIS dealer. around trees. Here’s 1. as directed above. Picture 1 Picture 2 26 . wide range of MANTIS Tiller underground obstructions. usefulness in your lawn and edge your borders shallowly (1” garden. (Picture 1) The most popular onto the left axle. shrubs. or the garden edge. (Picture 2) forward. And. cultivating.) It gives you added stability. Tiller so that the Edger blade is tilling/cultivating tines. you’ll want to edge more Projects! deeply (3” to 4” deep).USING THE BORDER EDGER ATTACHMENT Your MANTIS Tiller has been Some areas of your yard may 3. beds. Then slide the edger’s the wheel is outside (on the The Border Edger wheel onto the right axle. The Border Edger Can The Border Edger has two Handle Special parts: a wheel and a hardened Around walkways and garden steel blade. Slide the wheel onto the designed and built to accept a harbor roots and other left axle. 2. 3. Border Edger 1. The blade’s attachment. on the sidewalk. as you pointed face should hit the match” blades. neat ground when you spin the blade edges along walkways. right along the garden edge and 2. To order the wheel Set. with pointed tines. In 4. Remove the 2. Edge and weed at the same The following instructions tilling/cultivating tines. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do a lot of edging. for even easier handling. you’ll appreciate the MANTIS Wheel Set (Item#9222. Now slide the Edger blade wherever). or any MANTIS Attachment. Slide the Edger’s blade onto blade on one axle and a Tiller Assume that you’re standing the right axle. don’t be afraid to would for tilling and ground when you spin the blade experiment. (Item #3222) lawn.

5. you have a LEFT HAND TINE. Hd.Tube Left *22 468 1 Drive Shaft 41 418-1 2 Tine Retaining Hair Pin 4A 400236 1 Upper Handle Assembly 23 466 1 Worm Gear Housing 42 400218 1 Carrying Handle Includes Item #s 3 & 4.MANTIS TILLER ASSEMBLY * P/N 438LA DIRECTION Raised Hub Teeth point in a Clockwise Direction When you look at a Tine with the raised hub facing you and the teeth are pointing in a CLOCKWISE rotation. 9 464 1 Switch Bracket 32 428 1 Retaining Ring 51 377 2 Handle Clamp 10 479 1 Switch 33 429 1 Worm Gear 52 400509 2 Bolt 11 1612-70A 1 Switch Cover 34 431 1 Tine Shaft 53 400510 2 Knob 13 478 2 Throttle Clip 35 430 2 Worm Gear Thrust Washer 54 400230 2 Plug 16 4075 1 Connector Wire 36 432 2 Worm Gear Bearing 55 400010 1 Transmission Assembly 17 400229 2 Cable Retainer 37 434 2 Bearing Seal * Also in Key #55 27 .13.Tube Right 25 437A 1 Housing Cover 44 4043 1 Tine Label 5A 400235 1 Upper handle Throttle Side 26 651 4 Rd.20 x 3” Bolt 8 148 1 Handle Brace 31 426 1 Worm Disk 50 140 2 Bolt 1/4-20 x 3/8” Lg. 38 435 2 Bearing Seal Retainer 2 400220 1 Grip-Thru 20 465 1 Fender Guard 39 438LA 1 Tine Assembly (LT) 3 400214 1 Grip 21 400902 1 Engine Assembly 40 438RA 1 Tine Assembly (RT) 4 400226 1 Upper Handle . Self Tapping Screw 45 458 1 Roller Bearing Assembly.17. 6 400224 2 Lower Handle .19.Fold Down 29 424 1 Worm Thrust Bearing 48 972 4 Lock Nut 1/4 . 24 436 1 Gasket 43 487MA 1 Engine Label 5 400225 1 Upper Handle . P/N 438RA DIRECTION Raised Hub Teeth point in a Counter Clockwise Direction When you look at Tine with the raised hub facing you and the teeth are pointing in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE rotation.11. Includes Item #s 27 423 1 Roller Bearing 46 4058 1 Mantis Label 1.16.2. 55 ITEM NAME QTY MATERIAL ITEM NAME QTY MATERIAL ITEM NAME QTY MATERIAL 1 400215 1 Throttle Lever 19 467-2 1 Throttle Cable Assy.10.20 7 488M 1 Label 30 422 1 Worm Shaft 49 470 2 1/4 .18. 28 425 2 Worm Bearing Race 47 410 2 Cap Screw 1/4-20 x 1” LG. you and a RIGHT HAND TINE.9.

Pump 11 A 1 Spring. Fuel Pump 10 A 1 Lever. Air Cleaner Includes Item 10 26 90060000005 2 Washer 5 54 178024-06130 1 Throttle Bracket 10 17881005230 1 Grommet 27 90010505050 2 Bolt 5X50 55 178010-06460 1 Throttle Trigger 11 17851004560 1 Rod. Idle Adjust 13 A 1 Plug. Metering Diaphragm 25 12532939030 1 Cap. Choke 24 90024204010 3 Screw 4X10 52 900500-00005 1 Locknut 5 8 17851600830 1 Spacer 25 14587105360 1 Shield. Air Cleaner 19 V104000160 2 Gasket. Limiter .Low Speed 5 A B 1 Diaphragm. Air Cleaner 23 14586311520 1 Guide. Inlet Needle 31 12533406960 1 Screw. NO. Metering 24 12532013310 1 Needle. Choke 56 178043-05230 1 Spring Throttle Return 12 12520013124 1 Carburetor -.C1U-K54A *Also Included In Gasket Kit 13 V103000111 1 Gasket. Purge 23 12532909860 1 Cap. Low Speed 4 P005000600 1 Base. Choke* 20 14586240630 1 Screen. 1 90052800005 1 Wing Nut 18 14580011821 1 Muffler Asy Includes Items 19-24 40 178001-11820 1 Throttle Cable 2 13032611522 1 Cover. Exhaust . Throttle A 12530013120 1 Repair Kit 16 12531413930 1 Screw B 12530313120 1 Gasket/Diaphragm Kit AIR CLEANER. Air 21 14586642031 1 Gasket. Muffler 42 900610-00006 2 Washer. 1 Body. Cylinder 28 . Welch 32 12531012820 2 Screw 14 12537613120 1 Nozzle. Exhaust* 44 163400-02160 1 Switch.SV-5CI ENGINE PARTS ASSEMBLIES CARBURETOR KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION NO NO NO NO 12520013124 1 Carburetor C1U-K54A Includes 17 12532715130 1 Clip Items 1-32 18 12531342030 1 Spring.High Speed 7 ------------------. Purge 22 12531813120 1 Needle.Outer 51 178110-05330 1 Screw 5 x 28 7 17851504560 1 Shutter. Intake 14 90023805020 2 Screw 5X20* 28 P021004670 1 Gasket Kit 15 13001742031 1 Insulator 16 90050000005 2 Nut 5 17 13001042032 1 Shield. Fuel Pump 9 A 1 Pin.& THROTTLE KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION NO NO NO NO NO. Adjust Screw 12 A 1 Valve.Inner 50 900220-05028 1 Screw. Exhaust . Exhaust* 41 900502-00006 2 Nut. Main Check Valve 15 12531649030 1 Valve. Throttle Return 19 12531713310 1 Shaft. 6 3 89012147530 1 Label. Shoulder 5 x 25 6 13041005360 1 Bracket. MUFFLER. On/Off 5 90024205057 2 Screw 5X57 22 14587642030 1 Guide. Limiter . Carburetor Not Available Separately 26 A 1 Strainer 8 12533942030 1 Screw 27 A B 1 Diaphragm. Lock 6 4 13031004560 1 Filter. Muffler 53 900560-00005 1 Nut 5 9 13030104560 1 Case. Metering Lever 28 A B 1 Gasket. Metering Lever 30 12533306960 1 Spring. Throttle 1 12534405360 4 Screw 20 12532713930 1 Clip 2 P005000620 1 Ring 21 12537242030 1 Swivel 3 12538108660 1 Pump. Metering 29 12532412820 1 Cover. High Speed 6 A B 1 Gasket.

Cam 15 9403536201 2 Bearing. Pawl Return 2 90016205022 2 Bolt 5X22 3 P022004620 2 Pawl. Piston Pin 3Mm(1/8In) X 800Mm(31-1/2In) 9 V553000010 1 Bearing. Return . Cylinder* 4 P022006500 1 Case.3X5X70Mm Optional Bulk Line 90014 26 13201049030 1 Pipe. Clutch 44 90023806012 1 Screw 6X12 45 61022311520 1 Case. Pawl Return 20 15611004920 1 Bushing 19 P022002100 2 E-Ring 21 V475002200 1 Tube 22 15901201620 1 Cap. Check 24 13011100530 1 Clip 25 13131239130 1 Pipe. Fuel Includes Item 21 21 13104528230 3 Spacer 22 90027505015 3 Screw 5X15 23 A356000030 1 Valve.SV-5CI ENGINE PARTS STARTER. Vent . Ball 29 90023804018 2 Screw 4X18 41 17501004633 1 Drum. Return 12 10021242031 2 Oil Seal 11 P022004670 1 Spring Pawl 13 10021503930 2 Dowel Pin 12 P022004700 1 Spring Asy 14 10024242030 1 Gasket. Clutch 42 17504404630 1 Washer. Piston 6 P022004690 1 Drum. Starter 3 V100000080 1 Gasket. Clutch 27 A409000150 1 Flywheel 39 90060000010 1 Washer 10 28 10150612821 1 Cover. Starter 4 P021001101 1 Piston Kit Includes Items 5-9 5 P022004680 1 Spring. Clutch 46 90023804014 4 Screw 4X14 47 13041611520 1 Bolt KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION FUEL TANK NO NO 20 13100511821 1 Tank. Piston Pin P/N 99944444000 8 10001411520 2 Spacer. Starter 6 10001311520 1 Pin. Needle 8 P022004990 1 Grip. Cylinder 40 90080836000 1 Bearing. Fuel Tank Cap 29 . PAWL CATCHER & CLUTCH BLOCK KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION KEY PART QTY DESCRIPTION NO NO NO NO 1 A051000640 1 StarterAsy Includes Items 2-14 1 A130000420 1 Cylinder 2 P022004610 2 Spring. Clutch *Also Included In Gasket Kit 43 17501411520 1 Washer. Fuel . Piston 7 P022004600 1 Rope.Bpm-8Y 36 17501805130 2 Spring.3X6X50Mm Optional Bulk Line 90017 27 13201011520 1 Pipe. Clutch 25 16202152830 1 Lead. Starter 10 A011000210 1 Crankshaft Asy 9 17724611120 1 Clip. Starter Use Bulk Rope 7 10001504630 2 Circlip. Spark Plug 35 17501605020 1 Hub. Spark Plug 34 17500007531 1 Clutch Asy Includes Items 35-37 23 15901103432 1 Terminal. Ignition 37 17500905131 2 Shoe. Clutch 26 61032502730 1 Woodruff Key 38 17501904630 1 Plate. Fuel 29 13201309820 1 Clip 30 13120507320 1 Filter. Clutch 24 15901019830 1 Spark Plug -. Rewind 5 A101000000 2 Ring. Starter 19 90016204020 2 Bolt 4X20 18 P022006510 2 Spring. Ball 14 P022004630 1 Screw 16 90016205028 3 Bolt 5X28 15 90023804016 4 Screw 5X16 17 P021004670 1 Gasket Kit 16 A052000150 1 Starter Pawl Asy Includes Items 17-19 18 A411000130 1 Coil. Fuel Tank Cap 33 13105156030 1 Connector. Rope 11 10020411521 1 Crankcase Kit Includes Items 12-16 10 P022004660 1 Spring. Fuel 31 13100409060 1 Fuel Tank Cap Asy Includes Items 32-33 32 13101655830 1 Gasket. Crankcase* 13 P022004640 1 Plate. Ignition 17 P022004740 2 Pawl.3X5X210Mm Optional Bulk Line 90014 28 13211546730 1 Grommet.

The warranty period begins on the date the product is delivered to a retail purchaser.) and the Equipment Manufacturer are pleased to explain the & LATER SMALL OFF ROAD ENGINE EMISSIONS DEFECT emission control system warranty on your EPA Phase II / C. "required maintenance" (See engines must be designed. New small off road • Any emission related part not scheduled for. Any such part repaired or may be hoses. • Any replacement part that is equivalent in performance and durability may be used in non-warranty maintenance or repairs. engine parts not expressly covered under this warranty but whose failure is a result of a failure of a covered part will be warranted. neglect or improper maintenance of your small off road engine. connectors and other emission-related assemblies.A. Incorporated must warrant the emission be repaired or replaced within the warranty period. you are responsible for the • The owner is responsible for the performance of the required maintenance performance of the required maintenance listed in your Operator's described in the operators manual. • Any emission related part scheduled for replacement during "required maintenance" (See Engine Operators Manual. off road engine at no cost to you including diagnosis. "SERVICE MAINTENANCE Your emission control system may include parts such as the carburetor or fuel SCHEDULE") is warranted for the period of time prior to the first injected system. EPA / CALIFORNIA EMISSIONS DEFECT WARRANTY EXPLANATION This is additional detailed information about the EPA / CALIFORNIA EMISSIONS DEFECT WARRANTY for your small off road engine. you should however be aware that Air Filter Electronic Ignition System the Manufacturer may deny you warranty coverage if your small off Spark Plug Catalytic Converter / Muffler Assembly road engine or a part has failed due to abuse. WHAT DOES THIS WARRANTY COVER? The Manufacturer warrants that your unit was designed. improper WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY THE EPA / CALIFORNIA maintenance or unapproved modifications. 2000 Board (C. The repaired or replaced control system on your small off road engine for the periods of time listed part will be warranted for the remaining Emissions Defect warranty period. This includes any labor and diagnosis for warranted repairs performed by the dealer. The warranty repairs should be completed in a reasonable amount of time. EPA / CALIFORNIA EMISSION CONTROL IMPORTANT WARRANTY STATEMENT If the diagnosis reveals no defect. .A.As the small off road engine owner. years. not to exceed 30 days. neglect. Also included scheduled replacement point for that part. "SERVICE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE") will C.R.R.R. the Manufacturer will repair your small prior to the first scheduled replacement point for that part. built and equipped to conform with applicable California emissions standards and that your unit is free from defects in material and workmanship that would cause it to fail to conform with applicable requirements within two (2) years. and shall not reduce the OWNER'S WARRANTY RESPONSIBILITIES: warranty obligations of the manufacturer.B. the emission defect warranty does not apply.B. but the SPECIFIC EMISSION RELATED WARRANTED PARTS: Manufacturer cannot deny warranty solely for the lack of receipts or for Carburetor (complete assembly or replaceable components) your failure to ensure the performance of all scheduled maintenance. a Manufacturer's Authorized Service Dealer will correct the defect. anti-smog standards. you should contact your Product Manufacturer.A. If any emission-related part on your engine is defective. YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS WHAT PARTS ARE COVERED BY THE EPA PHASE II AND The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources C. • Any manufacturer-approved replacement part may be used in the MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY COVERAGE: performance of any warranty maintenance or repairs on emission-related parts. and the ignition system and catalytic converter. built and equipped to meet stringent EPA and Engine Operators Manual.B. DEFECTS WARRANTY. use of unapproved add-on exceed 30 days. 30 . belts. replaced under warranty shall be warranted for the remainder of the period Where a warrantable condition exists. This is your emission control system. not to • Any failure caused by unapproved modifications. In addition. Manufacturer's authorized service center as soon as a problem exists. Tier 2 WARRANTY? model year 2000 and later small off road engine (SORE). The Manufacturer recommends that you retain all receipts covering maintenance on your small off road engine. You will not have to pay anything to have the part adjusted. the part will be repaired or replaced by the Manufacturer. EMISSIONS DEFECT WARRANTY? You are responsible for presenting your small off road engine to the • Any failure caused by abuse. If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities. Echo. parts/modified parts or unapproved accessories. Manual.As the small off road engine owner. improper maintenance. repaired or replaced.R.B.A. Choke Fuel Injection Assembly or replaceable components . Emissions System repairs covered under this warranty should be completed in a reasonable time. and must be provided without charge if the part is still under The 1995 and later small off road engines are warranted for two warranty. below provided there has been no abuse. neglect. HOW WILL A COVERED PART BE CORRECTED? If there is a defect in a part covered by this warranty. parts and labor.

Notes: 31 .

the purchaser must STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON return the product to an authorized MANTIS HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY dealer. was not SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. descriptions. MANTIS DISCLAIMS replace any defective part or parts of the ALL LIABILITY FOR INDIRECT AND/OR product free of charge. FROM STATE TO STATE. and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time of publication. AND YOU MAY used with reasonable care. FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. or was used for ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY other than normal and intended purposes. SO THAT ABOVE LIMITATIONS used in contravention of any assembly. at its option. MANTIS 1028 Street Road Southampton . PA 18966 (215) 355-9700 Specifications. THE workmanship for a period of two years DURATION OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY. but are subject to change without notice. SOME defect or malfunction.LIMITED WARRANTY INFORMATION FOR MANTIS TILLER MANTIS extends only to the original MANTIS MAKES NO EXPRESS consumer purchaser a limited warranty WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATION against defects in material and EXCEPT THOSE CONTAINED HEREIN. EXPRESS WARRANTY. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU contained in the Owner’s Manual. P/N 400769 © MANTIS 04/03 Printed in USA . This warranty INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND covers all portions of the MANTIS Tiller. LASTS AND/OR DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF MANTIS assumes no responsibility in the INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL event that the product was assembled or DAMAGES. safety. In the event of a CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. from date of purchase. AND EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO care. IS LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THE MANTIS will repair or. or operating instructions YOU.