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Read the text and answer questions 1 and 2. a. she does not want to call Mr. Dody many
b. she has already finished all her jobs in
CAUTION the training
c. she is going to the souvenirs shop to
VOLCANIC FUMES ARE buy something
d. she is afraid that Mr. Dody will get a
HEALTH AND CAN BE LIFE- Read the text and answer questions 6 to 8.
THREATENING On behalf of the teachers of SMP Jaya, we would like
to welcome and congratulate
on your promotion to be the new principal of SMP Jaya
for the period of 2009-2013
With your knowledge, skills, and experience in
1. What is the purpose of the above text? managing a school together with your dedication,
a. To inform visitors about breathing and perseverance, and winning attitude we know you will
heart problems. also excel in your new position. We do hope this
b. To remind people about the danger of school will be the best school in our sub district in the
the area. future.
c. To avoid people from approaching
hazardous women.
d. To ask people to visit the area to make 6. The text is meant … on his success to get a
the body healthy. new job.
a. to inform someone’s position
2. Where can you find such caution? b. to dedicate one’s devotion
a. At the volcanic area. c. to congratulate someone
b. On the smoky mountains. d. to support one’s opinion
c. At the amusement places.
d. Inside the dangerous fumes. 7. Mr. Willy Utomo M.Pd. will be the principal for
Read the text and answer questions 3 to 5. … years.
a. 5 c. 3
Dina, Mom’s training in Bogor will b. 4 d. 2
be over tomorrow at 2 p.m. Mom
called Mr. Doddy several times 8. The text shows that there is another school
this afternoon, but he did not which is … SMP Jaya in the sub district.
a. as good as c. as high as
answer. Please tell Mr. Dody to
b. bigger than d. better than
fetch Mom before 1 p.m. if you
meet him. Tell him that traffic 9. “We know you will also excel in your new
jams often happen in this area in position.”
the afternoon. Oh yes, Mom plans The word “excel” means … the previous personal
to go to souvenirs shops with achievement. …
friends tonight. What do U want …
me to buy for you, honey? …
a. do better than
b. to be successful as ..
3. From the text we know that Mr. Doddy is the c. earn more money than …
writer’s …. d. really get higher rank …
a. husband c. teacher …
b. driver d. friend Read the text and answer questions 10 to 12.
4. What is the writer’s plan tonight? ANNOUNCEMENT …
a. Meeting friends. …
SMP Cendikia Negara will celebrate its 10th anniversary
b. Calling her daughter …
c. Going shopping. on:

d. Fetching Mr. Dody. Day/ Date : Saturday 25, June 2009
Place : Sport Hall
5. Mr. Dody should fetch Dina’s mother before 1 Time : 10.00 am – 14.00 pm
p.m. because ….
To enliven the event, we will hold a music show featuring
the Indonesian idol Anggela and a school bazaar. All the 15. “Goods up for grabs.”
teachers, students and their parents are supposed to The phrase “up for grabs” means … .
attend this celebration. For this reason, there will be no a. available
school extracurricular activities during the event at school. b. reasonable
Principal, c. agreeable
d. capable
Ardono Tahita

10. What is the announcement about? Read the text and answer questions 16 to 19.
a. The school bazaar.
b. The school anniversary. There is a special road for camels and a special road for
c. The Indonesian Idols. cars, and a special road for trains, and they all go
d. The music show. through the Khyber Pass in West Pakistan.
The Khyber Pass connects West Pakistan and
11. The celebration will last … hours. Afghanistan. The pass is the lowest place between two
huge mountain ranges. It is the fastest and easiest way
a. 6 c. 4
to travel between West Pakistan and Afghanistan.
b. 5 d. 3
Small tribal villages lie on both sides of the pass. The
villages are walled and have watchtowers, because the
12. The text shows that the school was established people in the different villages are always quarrelling and
… years ago. fighting. The men carry rifles and wear straps, called
a. 7 c. 9 bandoleers, across their chests. The bandoleers have
b. 8 d. 10 places for bullets. The Khyber Pass is dangerous
because of the tribal wars and the bandits who rob
Read the text and answer questions 13 to 15. travelers.

16. What is the text above about?
a. Afghanistan. c. The Khyber Pass.
b. West Pakistan. d. The tribal wars.

17. What is the main idea of the second
a. Afghanistan and west Pakistan are different
b. The Khyber Pass connects West Pakistan
and Afghanistan.
c. It is the fastest and easiest way to travel to
d. The pass is the lowest place between two
huge mountains.

18. People can go to West Pakistan from
Afghanistan through the Khyber pass faster
because … .
a. the pass is the lowest place so people do
not need to climb the mountains
b. the road is winding and this makes people
go more quickly and easily.
c. the mountains which lie in between the
Khyber pass are not very high to pass
d. people can take a taxi or a train to climb the
Khyber pass with cheaper cost

19. “…. carry rifles and wear straps, called
bandoleers, across their chests…”
What does the word “their” in the sentence refer to?
a. The rifles. c. The straps.
13. What is the text about? b. The men. d. The bandoleers
a. Goods up for grabs.
b. 10th floor GMT Building. Read the text and answer questions 20 to 22.
d. Prestigious trade. Making a Simple Kite

14. The prizes giving to the customers will last for Materials :
… days. • Two sticks of bamboo (1 m long)
a. 13 • Light but strong string.
b. 12 • A large piece of rice paper.
c. 10 • A pencil
d. 9 • Paint
• A sharp knife.
• A brush
• Glue 24. Which substance do we need to have a healthy
digestive system?
Steps : a. Vitamins.
1. Smooth down the two sticks with a knife. b. Fiber.
2. Mark the centre of stick A. Place it with its centre c. Calories.
on stick B. d. Carbohydrate.
3. Tie the two sticks tightly with a piece of string
4. Cut a long piece of string. Tie it to each end of 25. What is the main idea of the second
the two sticks to make the frame of the kite. paragraph?
5. Tie a piece of string around one end of stick A. a. We make juice from fruits.
Stretch the string to the other end of stick and tie it b. People use fruits for many things.
tightly there too. The frame is now finished. c. Some beer and brandies are made of fruits.
6. Place the frame on a piece of paper and copy its
d. We freeze fruits to eat whenever we
shape with a pencil. Cut the paper along the shape.
need later.
Leave about 2 cm all around.
7. Put some glue on the edges of the paper. Fold
the edges over the string of the frame and press 26. “We eat them fresh, just as they are!” (last
down to glue the paper to the frame. paragraph)
8. Then, paint and decorate your kite. When the The word “they” in the sentence refer to?
paint is dry, make the bridle of the kite. a. Jams.
9. Cut a piece of string about 150 cm long. Tie one b. Jellies.
end to the point where the two sticks cross. Then, tie c. Sweets.
the other end to the bottom of the kite d. Fruits.
10. Make a tail for the kite from strips of paper and
glue it to the bottom of the kite. Finally, tie a piece of Read the text to answer questions 27 to 30.
string about 100 m long to the bridle. This is the
string you use to fly the kite. A street sweeper was doing his job when he came
across some money lying on the ground. He decided
20. Which is not needed to make the frame of the kite? to use it to buy a surprise present for his little
a. Pencil daughter. He bought a jar of honey, rushed home and
b. Bamboo left it on the table, so that his daughter would find it as
c. String soon as she came home from school. But, alas, it was
d. Glue the flies that ate the honey.
The sweeper was so angry that he went to ask the
21. Why do you need to paint and decorate the kite? judge to give orders for the flies to be arrested and
a. To make it stronger. condemned to death.
b. To make it fly easily. “You are absolutely right,” smiled the judge, “but as
c. To make it more colorful. you will well understand, we cannot mobilize the army
against these rascals. We shall see justice done in
d. To make it more interesting.
another way. Every time you see a fly, strike it down. I
authorize you to execute them yourself. Furthermore, I
22. The above text is written to …. demand personally that you do not allow even a single
a. describe a simple kite one of these thieving flies to escape.”
b. demonstrate someone’s skill “Yes, your honor. You can count on me,” the sweeper
c. tell how to make a simple kite assured him.
d. prepare how to make something At that very moment, a fly decided to settle on the
judge’s head and the sweeper did not hesitate: he
Read the text and answer questions 23 to 26. raised his brush and brought it crashing down on the
judge’s head. The guards were about to arrest him,
Fruits are a source of nourishing substances that keep when the judge recovered and intervened. “Leave him
us alive and healthy. For example, they contain many be,” he ordered, “he has taught me not to say foolish
vitamins, especially vitamins A and C, and many things to simpletons.”
minerals, such as calcium, potassium, and zinc. They
also provide fiber for a healthy digestive system and 27. What is the text about?
carbohydrates that the body needs to make energy.
a. The street sweeper and the judge.
They don’t have a lot of calories to make us fat.
b. The flies and the rascals.
People use fruits for many things. We make juices
from them. We cook bread and pie with them. We
c. The guards and their master.
make jams and jellies and sweets. We freeze them to d. The court and the simpletons.
eat later. We even make alcohol from fruit. Beer
comes from grains, wine comes from grapes, and 28. The text shows that the judge … the flies much.
some brandies are made from plums, apricots, or a. liked
other fruits. b. loved
But most of the time, we don’t do anything special with c. envied
fruits. We eat them fresh, just as they are! d. hated

29. “….so that his daughter would find it as soon as
23. What is the text about? she came home from school.”
a. Fruits. What does the word “it” in the sentence refer to?
b. Vitamins. a. The honey.
c. Energy. b. The money. .
d. Minerals. c. The fly.
d. The jar. Read the text and answer questions 35 to 38.

30. What is the moral value of the story? Dear Aunty,
a. There is no justice for foolish people.
b. It is dangerous to talk to street sweepers. I have a two-year-old male cat. He is a stray we allow
c. A judge should be careful with his or her into the house but he loves the outdoors. There is
words. another big cat in the neighbourhood who is rather
d. We must be careful with stupid persons in fierce. My problem is after a fight with the big cat, my cat
this life. returns home with bleeding scars. Sometimes I‘d wake
up in the middle of the night to rescue him from a fight.
Read the text and answer questions 31 to 34. Please tell me how to end this problem. I don’t want to
give him away.
On July 20, 1969, the dream to visit the moon came
true. Two American astronauts landed on the moon.
Their names were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. 35. Who is Julia?
The first thing the men discovered was that the moon is a. Auntie’s daughter. c. The cat fighter.
covered with gray dust. The dust is so thick that the b. The cat owner. d. The cat rescuer.
men left foot prints wherever they walked. Those were
the first foot prints any living thing had ever made on 36. What is Julia’s problem?
the moon. And they could stay there forever! There is a. She likes getting around.
no wind or rain to wipe them away. b. Her cat is always fighting.
The two astronauts walked on the moon for four hours. c. She often wakes up at night.
They picked up rocks for earth scientists to study. They d. Her neighbor is rather fierce.
dug up dirt to bring back to earth. They set up
machines to find out things scientists wanted to know. 37. “…. but he loves the outdoor.”
Then they climbed back into their moon-landing craft. What does the word “he” in the sentence refer to?
Next day the landing-craft rockets roared as the two a. The cat. c. Julia’s brother.
men blasted off from the moon. They joined Michael b. The neighbour. d. Auntie’s friend.
Collins in the space ship that waited for them above the
moon. Then they began the long trip back to earth. 38. What is the writer’s purpose to send the letter?
Behind them they left the craters, plains, and tall
a. To ask someone to tell his problem.
mountains of the moon. They left the machines they
b. To give a solution for someone’s case.
had set up. And they left footprints that may last
forever. c. To ask Aunty to solve her problem.
d. To end the fight between neighbours.

Read the text and answer the questions 39 to 41.
31. What is the text about?
a. Two men who successfully landed on the
b. The moon -landing craft used by
c. People’s visit to the space through the
d. The craters, plains and mountains of the

32. From the text we know that the moon … .
a. has craters, plains and mountains which are
covered by dust.
b. contains only thick gray dust that people
can bring to the earth.
c. has footprints which people can see when
the moon lights at night.
d. looks like the earth where people can pick
up its rock and dirt.

33. Neil Armstrong’s footprints could stay forever
on the moon because....
a. they are made of hard rock of the moon
b. they were set up by machines and strong
39. Which of the following statements is
INCORRECT based on the text?
c. they were placed on the tall mountains of
a. Frank and Donna must be Crystal’s classmates.
the moon
b. The party is held to celebrate Crystal's
d. there is no wind or rain to wipe them away
c. The celebration will be held on Saturday.
34. What does the third paragraph tell you about?
d. Crystal has just graduated from her school.
a. Taking a walk on the surface of the moon.
b. Landing the first moon-landing craft.
40. How many hours will the party last?
c. The astronauts’ activities on the moon.
a. 6
d. The research done by earth scientists.
b. 5
c. 4 For questions 45 to 47 choose the best words to
d. 3 complete the text.

41. “R.S.V.P. to Frank and Donna…” A SLEEK BODY
What does the Acronym R.S.P.V. mean?
a. To state whether people will hold a party. Sharks have long, streamlined bodies that taper in front
b. To request a response to the invitation. and back. This shape lets shark’s glide … (45) through
c. To make sure that the party will run well. the water. It also helps them put on great bursts of
d. To show that the invitees are important. speed.
Most shark species have bodies that are from 3 feet (1
meter) … (46) 6 feet (2 meters) long. The best-known
sharks, however, are the biggest sharks. Hammerheads,
tropical sharks with T-shaped heads, can be 12 feet (3.5
meters) long. Great white sharks are often more than 20
Read the text and answer questions 42 to 44
feet (6 meters) long.
A shark’s body may look smooth … (47) it is actually
URIFLUSH HEALTH SUPPLEMENT covered with tiny, rough scales. These scales … (48)
like sandpaper to the touch.

45. a. slowly
b. gracefully
c. mainly
d. really

46. a. along
As a health supplement helps to dissolve urine stones,
stimulate diuretic effect, and relieves renal pain.
b. to
The medicinal plant, Kejibeling (Strobilanthus folium) c. with
has been well known for a long time as an efficacious d. near
therapy the urinary stones. The combination of Kumis
Kucing leaves (Orthosiphonis folium), Alang-alang roots 47. a. or
(Imperate rhizome) and Kejibeling leaves is capable of b. and
dissolving stones in the kidney and in the urinary tract. c. nor
Meniran (phyllanthi herba), leaves of Kejibeling and d. but
roots of Alang-alang have been known to exert a diuretic
effect. This diuretic effect is able to force out stone 48. a. feel
fragments which may clog the urinary tract. Moreover, b. felt
such combination can alleviate colic of the urinary tract. c. feels
d. feeling
Each capsule contains total extract of: For question 49 choose the best arrangements of
Orthosiphonis folium 138,5 mg sentences to make a good paragraph.
Strobilanthus folium 138,5 mg
Phyllanthus folium 111,5 mg 49. 1. Nature’s recycling program for water is called
Imperantus rhizome 111,5 mg
the water cycle.
2. Rain or snow eventually finds their way back to
Adult: 2 capsule 3 times daily. the ocean.
3. Water falls from the air as rain or snow.
4. Water goes from the ocean, lakes, and rivers
42. What is the text mostly telling you about? into the air.
a. A product of health supplement. 5. One of the things nature recycles is water.
b. Quality of a health supplement. 6. Did you know that nature recycles, too?
c. The usage of a health supplement. 7. Maybe you recycle cans, glass, and paper.
d. The composition of a health supplement
a. 7–6–5–4–3–2–1
43. The writer’s purpose to write the text is … Uriflush b. 1–2–3–4–5–6–7
Health supplement. c. 7–6–3–4–5–1–2
a. To invite people to come to d. 2–1 –4–3–6 –7–5
b. To tell the steps how to take
c. To give information about 50. not to use – with – for water – be careful – the -
d. To announce a product of 1 2 3 4
pump – except – other liquid
44. “Moreover, such combination can alleviate colic of 5 6 7
… .”
What does the underlined word mean? a. 5–4–1–7–2–3–6
a. reduce b. 4–1–5–2–7–6–3
b. increase c. 7–4–6–5–2–1–3
c. recover d. 4–1–7–2–5–3–6
d. suffer

No Answer No Answer

1 B 26 D
2 A 27 A
3 B 28 D
4 C 29 A
5 D 30 C
6 C 31 A
7 B 32 A
8 D 33 D
9 A 34 C
10 B 35 B
11 C 36 B
12 D 37 A
13 D 38 C
14 A 39 A
15 A 40 C
16 C 41 B
17 B 42 A
18 A 43 C
19 B 44 C
20 D 45 B
21 C 46 B
22 C 47 D
23 A 48 A
24 B 49 A
25 B 50 B