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Region 3 Volume 1, Issue 8 Your Area Youth Sports Source April 2011

Play Ball!
Dylan Cox
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Jake Taylor
Ohio County

Mackenzie Weedman
  Apollo

Austin Edge Daviess County

New skyline today. New hospital tomorrow.

Sat., April 16th
10:00–11:30 a.m.
New Hospital Construction Site between
Pleasant Valley Road and Daniels Lane

Opening in 2013
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Page 2 April 2011 The Sporting Times

Lose It ForEver New classes
Weight Loss Program! starting now!

The average participant lost 5
inches in their waist, 4 inches in
their hips and 7% body fat!

• HealthPark membership
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sports nutrition
Whether you’re a marathoner, casual athlete
or busy mom, what you eat and drink affects
your performance and how you feel while
you’re exercising.

Water. in strength and flexibility.  People who suffer from water classes for free (with exception of arthritis class
arthritis find improvement in the affected joints that requires a doctor’s note).
 It’s essential to human life.  Not only without worsening of symptoms. Other classes push
does it provide health benefits when we drink it, but participants to higher intensity levels, working toward Jan Ward is manager of aquatics at the Owensboro Medical
also when we exercise in it.  It’s fun and helps develop weight loss and improved cardiovascular systems.      Health System HealthPark, 1006 Ford Avenue, Owensboro.
strong cardiovascular systems, build muscle strength Email her at
and endurance. Making laps up and down the pool Yes, it is essential that we drink water to live. With
works out nearly all of the body at once with very little all the wonderful health benefits, it should be essential
joint strain. that we exercise in it too! Hours: Sun & Mon 6 a.m. til 2
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If you would like an opportunity to experience all the
touts additional benefits of water exercise, which benefits of water that the HealthPark has to offer, stop Custom Cooking -
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even in post menopausal women.
Other benefits include increased
strength, joint mobility, quality
of life and decreased disability as
people age.    

As the aquatics manager at the 3523 Hwy. 54 East
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daily of the many opportunities
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Barber Shop
swimming, resistance training and
physical therapy. Swimmers of all
ages start their days with a good
workout in the pool.  For some, it
is their choice of regular exercise. Wesleyan Park Plaza
Others are training for a triathlon 2674 Federica St.
or practicing with their high school Bus. Phone 684-1993
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Lionel Bridges - Owner Cell 316-6397
But the benefit of water exercise John Daugherty - Cell 485-1280
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increase strength.  When you’re
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making exercise safe and easy to
do with little or no pain.  Canine Cafe
At the HealthPark, we offer
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water exercise classes specifically 615 Crabtree Ave
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Participants work at a slower
pace, yet experience increases 270.316.5324
The Sporting Times April 2011 Page 5

Former Ohio County basketball star
Mariah Robinson
was named 2nd team All-OVC. The 5’8” sophomore averaged 15.5
points and 5.9 rebounds per game for Murray State University.

The Owensboro Majesty Academy Knights made a
trip to Kentucky Christian State Tourney in basketball and defeated
Somerset Christian in the first game 67-51. The Knights lost in the
semifinals to Community Christian Academy of Covington 67-47.
David Reeves, Cody Bush, and Ryan Bitters were named to the
Kentucky Christian Athletic Association West All State Team.
Majesty players Aleisha James and Macy Wood
were named to the girls All State team.

Apollo baseball standouts Luke Daugherty and
Matthew Johnson have been named preseason All-State.

Sarah Sterling, Volleyball, Asbury College
Christakis Agisilaou, Soccer, Kentucky Wesleyan College
Zack Duvall, Soccer, Kentucky Wesleyan College
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Page 6 April 2011 The Sporting Times

The Journey
Young, dedicated, and ready to take on the trying flat track and harescrambles; they never seemed to
world of motocross, Dylan Cox, at age 5, is prepared stick like motocross.
to make his mark on motocross history. Motocross has
been his life, from age 5 till now, at age18. Starting on a Motocross takes almost every weekend, and most
little quad, now on a Kawasaki 450F, he has stepped his week days, coming home from school and jumping on a
way up the chain. Dylan at only 6 years old was already bike was his schedule, soon enough the school wasn’t
making his way to the little town of Hurricane Mills, TN happy with all the missed days, so we decided to home
for nationals on his CM 50 cobra, and has continued to school Dylan in 8th grade. With his dad as his mechanic, his
qualify and make the trip every year on the first week mom and sister as support, and his grandparents always
of August. Dylan has also participated in other kinds there to cheer him on, he was living the dream with his
of racing but never seemed to pull away from his bike, family. Motocross is family, everyone is always there to help

o c al
Al lL
The Sporting Times April 2011 Page 7
each other out, and you make so many new friends from track to track. Dylan has made
friends in states from east and west coasts and everywhere in between. COME SEE BIG DAVE’S
Dylan relies a lot on his families support, he enjoys having his parents, Jeff and
Shelena Cox, there to support him, and they have been there since the beginning and
will continue to be there as he progresses through his motocross career. His dad, Jeff,
working on his bike and helping make sure they are ready to hit the line when it’s time
to race. His mom, Shelena, keeping his nutrition perfect and traveling all over with him,
is keeping him competitive with all the fast racers. His sister, Bailey Cox has always
been there, running water to the line and cleaning his gear when he’s done racing.
His grandparents, Roger and Becky McDaniel, also known as his number one fans, are
always there to help in any way possible. Ashlee Cox, his older sister, supports him and
attends all the races. Dylan is thankful for his family and wouldn’t know what to do
without them. He knows that his family will always be there for him and his choices on
his journey through his career.

Dylan on top of motocross finished his high school education at Nations high
school, 8 months ahead of his class. He always set aside the time to finish his schoolwork

AVE ON T h e S p o r t i n g T i m e s
first. Although there is little down time, when Dylan does have it, he takes advantage of
it. In the winter, he likes to hunt and spend time in the garage working on his ’79 ford
truck. In the summer, he likes to go fishing and horseback riding with his family. Also,
in his down time, he works for his dad as an excavator with Cox Excavating. Dylan also TE DB SL SH
builds motocross tracks for local riders in the surrounding counties.
Starting with only local sponsors, he has now progressed to some of the top
notch sponsors in motocross, Dylan is very grateful of his sponsors because they do a lot
for him. Thankful also, for the ones that have come along with him since the beginning
including, SIMX (, and Texas roadhouse. Coach Robb Beams, Dylan’s
Personal Trainer, has helped him a lot with his health and staying fit. Dylan is now riding
for Factory Team Green Kawasaki and Gateway Cycles that also comes with many

Featuring the
others such as: Monster energy, Braking, Cometic gasket, CTI knee braces, Dunlop
tires, GPR stabilizers, Hinson clutch components, Matrix Concepts, Maxima racing
oils, Mechanix wear, Motion pro, N-style, Pro Circuit, Renthal, RK chains/Excel rims,
Traxxas, UFO plastic, UNI filter, Zip-Ty racing products, and One Vision motorsports.
Fox Racing sponsors Dylan from head to toe in gear, and also casual wear.

For the year of 2011, Dylan will be riding as a Pro Amateur rider in 250A and NEW 2011 DODGE DURANGO
450A. Last year Dylan placed 2nd in the nation in the Collegeboy class at Loretta Lynn’s.
Many people will never understand the dedication, hard work, and risks Dylan has took,
for someone to say Motocross is easy, they are wrong. Motocross is an individual sport,
involving no one except you. Dylan has had his share of hardships but, never gives
up, he pushes himself to get better, and he wants to get up and go ride, it takes faith,
pride, and drive to do what he does. His next step being TV, he is willing to give it his
all. Dylan will continue his journey through life in the motocross world, and one day
become the rider he always dreamed of.

Featuring the

Featuring the

270-683-0174 · 1201 South Main Street in Hartford, KY
Page 8 April 2011 The Sporting Times

RAMPAGE Skate to State Championship Game
The Owensboro Rampage and the Edge Ice Arena played
host to the Kentucky High School Hockey League state
tournament on March 5th and 6th. You didn’t have to be
a hockey fan to enjoy this event, but if you were, then you
sure got to see some great hockey right here at home.

The Rampage came in as the #2 seed in the tourney and
promptly hammered Lexington Catholic in the first round
8-0. Playing their second game of the day in the semifinals
the Owensboro team beat Louisville Eastern 3-1 in a
tough, hard fought victory. Eastern came out determined
to shove the Rampage around and quickly found out that
the Rampage would have none of that. Answering every
hard Eastern ‘check’ with one of their own, the Rampage
showed that they could take a punch and give one right
back, maybe even a little harder one. Now, Coach Jim
Harmon and his squad would face the #1 seed, Louisville
Trinity, in the state finals.

On Sunday afternoon the Edge was loud and rocking. Many
Owensboro residents showed up who had never stepped
foot inside the new ice rink before, but who were there to
cheer on the Rampage. Many fans didn’t really understand
the game of hockey but it didn’t matter, Owensboro had a
chance to win a state title and they wanted to be there to
see it. Standing room only crowd, you bet.

Every seat was filled, and people stood 2-3 deep all around
the ice. Noise makers, bells, and just plain screams filled
the air. Goalie Griffin Moore was determined to lead his
team to the state title. Everyone in attendance cheered and tourney next year and then
yelled with every move on the ice. In the end the Rampage the ‘puck’ just may drop their
could not overcome the Trinity Shamrocks. The final score way.
read 4-1 Trinity, but it had been much closer. It was a game
played for the most part with great skill and enthusiasm, a If you missed the hockey
couple of heated moments between the teams, but that was action then make plans now
to be expected. The Owensboro players were disappointed to see the Rampage next
but they also knew they had had a great year. This team
loses only two players and you can bet that this defeat will
year; great players, great coaching, and fast paced action to
keep you interested every moment. Don’t worry if you don’t
“coolest game in town”.
not be forgotten. Look for this team to get back to the state understand hockey, just go enjoy the

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conference champions
Men’s Golf
Men’s Tennis
36 Conference Scholar Athletes
25 All-Conference Team Players
6 Conference Players of the Year
2 Coaches of the Year

Conference Champions
National Tournament Qualifier
Conference Champions
Men’s Golf
Conference Champions
National Qualifier
Women’s Cross Country
2 Coaches of the Year

Regional Champions
Women’s Basketball
Conference Champions
Men’s Golf
2 Coaches of the Year
Owensboro, Kentucky
The Sporting Times April 2011 Page 9

Something to Consider
The 3rd Region has once again produced a tremendous year for its
fans. The Daviess County Panthers and Owensboro Catholic Lady
why the 3rd Region basketball tourneys, boys and girls, need to be
played at the Owensboro Sportscenter. Play the first round games
huge crowd there. Could either school have accommodated that
size crowd, maybe, and did some fans go to the game because they
Aces made trips to Rupp and Diddle Arena’s and even though at the home of the district winners if you will, but move the semis knew they would be able to get in and that they could get a seat
they did not get the results they were hoping for, both teams had a and finals back to the Sportscenter. If the boy’s game between and see the game – probably.
great following of fans. Diddle was crowded with green and Rupp Daviess County and Muhlenberg County had been played there it How many 3rd region basketball fans would have loved to seen
was really rockin’ with red. Both schools showed what true school would have been a packed house, no doubt. And these two teams the Panthers-Mustangs final at Meade County? Many decided
spirit is all about. deserved to play in front of 4500 to 5000 fans. not to make the trip because of the limited seating available. And
how many loyal Panther and Mustang fans didn’t make the trip
In the regional finals the Panthers one point victory over Years ago the Owensboro Red Devils may have a home court for the same reason? After talking with many 3rd region coaches
Muhlenberg County and The Lady Aces win over Grayson County advantage. That was also before consolidation. That was when and administrators, all who asked not to be named, they all stated
were two games you surely did not want to miss. Try to pick out the you had Central City, Bremen, Hartford, Fordsville, Caneyville, and that they wished that at least the semis and finals be at the
moment of the year in the 3rd Region. Well it would be hard for it many other small schools trying to win that trip to the Sweet 16 in Sportscenter. What does it take to get this done? Great question.
not to be the loud and enthusiastic crowd that witnessed the girl’s Freedom Hall. At that time Owensboro Catholic played their home Somebody in the region needs to take the lead and get this on the
final at the Sportscenter. Depending on whom you talked with the games at the Sportscenter as well and no one complained about the top of the agenda. Maybe the City of Owensboro needs to make
size of the crowd ranged from 3600 to 4300 screaming loyal fans. aces having home court advantage. Well the times have changed. the Sportscenter more affordable for these games. Until this is
This is how it is supposed to be. Played where all who want to The Red Devils have their own gym, Muhlenberg County has one done there is one group of people that will continue to miss out on
see the game can watch it. Parking plenty and that was with the school, and there is only one place in the 3rd region that can handle some great games in the 3rd region - - - THE FANS!!
state hockey championship going on next door, the atmosphere a crowd in excess of 3000. That is the Owensboro Sportscenter. In
and energy created by the fans was simply outstanding. This is the 9th District final the Panthers and Red Devils played before a

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The Sporting Times April 2011 Page 11

Spring has finally arrived and it is time to watch the The question the Aces have to answer is can they score Owensboro Catholic Aces. Preseason rankings
balls fly around the ballparks. Yes, it is time for baseball runs. Daviess County must find a way to make up for the have them at #4 and you know that Coach George
and softball and once again the 3rd Region has some loss of Austin Clay, who to a lot of baseball people was the Randolph will have his team ready. But, this year the Aces
outstanding teams to watch. best pitcher in Kentucky last year. The Panthers have a lot will face stiff competition from a lot of teams in the 3rd
of pieces and Coach Brandon Dennis must find a way to region. The preseason rankings have Meade County
Let’s start with baseball. The preseason rankings are put the puzzle together. at #9 and Butler County at #12. Both of these
out and the Apollo Eagles come in at #4. This teams are ready to knock the Aces off the perch they have
could be Coach Bob Mantooth’s best team ever. Led by The Panthers and the Aces were the only other 3rd region been on for several years. The Lady Waves and Bears are
preseason all-state candidates Luke Daugherty teams to get votes in the state preseason rankings. both young and loaded with talent.
and Matthew Johnson this team is loaded with Teams to watch that could have a major impact on who
hitters from top to bottom. The questions this team must gets that trip to Legends field in Lexington come June Grayson and Muhlenberg Counties were also
answer are: are: Hancock County, a load of talent with several mentioned in the preseason rankings and there are high
question marks. Grayson County, tremendous expectations for both of these squads as well.
1.Can they get the pitching they need in potential led by Coach Danny Clark. Owensboro
big games? High School, can Coach Kip Walters get his players to There are up to 8 teams that could make a serious run for
buy into the team concept. More talent here than he had the regional championship. Daviess and Hancock
2.Can they put run on the board against when he made that trip to the state championship game Counties as well as Apollo have good young teams
good pitching? If so, this group of two years ago. that believe this is their time to be #1 in this area. All of
Eagles will be hard to beat, not only in the teams mentioned have a legitimate shot at regional
the 3rd Region but all over the state. It will definitely be an exciting year for baseball in the title. The regular season will be a real test this year as
3rd region. The 9th District is loaded and whoever comes each team tries to gain the confidence it will need to win
You have new coaches at Butler County with Rick out on top there will have to be the favorite in the region come tournament time. That could be the biggest factor in
Alfonso, Ohio County with Vic Evans and Mitchell Sims tourney. determining if any team can beat the Aces for the chance
at Owensboro Catholic. Coach Sims may have inherited to represent the 3rd Region at the state tournament in
the best pitching staff in the region with Dalton Mellot, When you talk softball in the 3rd Region, or the state Owensboro. Each game will definitely be worth the price
Nolan Miller, Jonathon Higdon, and Mason Richardson. Kentucky for that matter, you have to start with the of admission.
Page 14 April 2011
March 2011 The Sporting Times

From the Dugout...
2010 Season - 1st season as the consolidated starter last year with strong performances against prove quickness and arm strength
Muhlenberg County High School Christian Co (giving up only 1 earned run in 6 innings • Catchers: Dustyn Pentecost (Sr),
Most people think that Coach
Record: John Wooden’s book,inPyramid
22-15 a 2-0 loss)ofand his relief appearance in the regional Kevin Dorris (So), and Justin Peay
is just Head
for coaches and athletes.
Coach: KenWell, guess again. This book is greatfor him to improve his offensive
finals. We will look
(So). We lost two reliable and experienced catchers
reading for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, tremendously
lawyer, teacher, from last season. from last year in Brysen Skaggs and Derek Brown.
10th District Champions
housekeeper, husband or wife, the Pyramid of Success• SS/P - Tybe
should Broady
a must (Sr): .300 Avg, 42 Runs As of now, it is hard to tell who our best option is.
3rd Region Finals scored: Ty is
read. Coach Wooden says, “success is peace of mind which is a directvery fundamentally sound in all areas of Hopefully one will emerge as our number one guy as
his game. Possibly our overall best player, a lot will the season progresses. Until then, all three should see
result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the
be expected of him as he could hit anywhere in the time behind the plate.
best that you are capable of becoming.” top third of our lineup and will anchor our defense up
Lost 7 seniors from last • P - Cortland Hampton (8th grade):
the middle. Ty has also worked extremely hard in the
In theteam.
bookKey losses
when he include:
talks about condition he talksweightabout room
a double Strong left hander who is physically and mentally
and has added a step speed wise.
developed beyond his age.
SS-Aaron Johnson
•responsibility, the coaches who
and is
the players.
now playingThe
at coach responsibility
• CF/P - Brody Stobaugh (Jr): .320 Avg,
Central Alabama Junior
is the practice, College
what drills to use, how to use them,35the length • Runners - David Hocker and Dant-
RBI, 3 HR, of
All District Team: As a sophomore
C - Brysen
•practice and howSkaggs
much conditioning to catcher)
(5-year varsity do. The player’s responsibility
last season, Brody emerged as possibly our best all rell Cunningham: Two seniors who have
added a lot of speed to our team. They are still
•is1B - Ben practices.
between Parsons Coach Wooden
(Messenger said, “you
Inquirer All- canaround
tear down more His speed, arm strength, and nose
for tracking down learning the game and all the complexities of base
Area Team)practices than we can build up during practices. A lack of balls is exceptional - especially con-
sidering last year was his first playing the position. running, but with experience will provide us a great
P/C - conduct
•proper Derek deficient
Brownrest and and
(6 wins an improper
2.15 ERA) diet will keep you from advantage as courtesy and pinch runners.
OFs - Sethand maintaining
Lancaster desirable conditioning. You can improve us in RBIs and HRs and will be
and Lucas
Offensively, he lead
relied on heavily to produce for us again this year.
your condition, maybe, and lack some of these, but you can’t attain the
desirable without the physical conditioning being preceded by mental Season outlook:
• While there are definitely some spots to fill, we are very
and moral conditioning.” excited about our team this year. Our seniors last year did
In athletics, physical conditioning is important. That’s that have
why almost
Key players returning: toHestep
all of Coach Wooden’s drills were conditioning drills. believed in up:
an excellent job of laying the foundation of our program and
hopefully gained some respect for our program. There is
• P/3B - Kraig Farley (Sr): 8-3 Record, no doubt that the consolidation put us on a different level
• P/utility
conditioning-mental, moral, and physical conditioning. If you fail-to
Neal Kirkpatrick (Fr): 2-0
2.17 ERA, All 3rd-Region Team, East/West All-state than previous years, and we fully expect to compete for the
address any of these you will be limited.
participant: Kraig has been so consistent and reli-
Record, 2.27 ERA as an 8th grader last year at the region year in and year out. With only losing one pitcher
varsity level from last season’s team, we feel like our pitching as well as
able on mound since his freshman year. His ability to
change speeds, locate, and change arm angles makes • OF - Ryan Harper (So): solid defensively our defense will keep us in every game. What must improve
--Physical exercise has some value, but
him a difficult pitcher to have success against. In the but must improve offensively is our offensive approach, which must be different than a
season ago. With the seniors we had last season, we could
spiritual exercise is much more important,
off-season, Kraig has worked extremely hard in the
weight room which has significantly improved his
• OF - Kyle Tucker (So): very good tools, but afford to not press anything offensively and let them drive in
must improve confidence that should come with more our runs. This year’s team will be built more on speed and
for it promises a reward in both this life and
velocity as well as his power at the plate. experience execution. If some of our young guys develop and mature
• P/1B - Tyler Cartwright (Sr): 4-1 • 2B/P - Alex Peveler (Jr): solid defensively, and our defense and pitching continues to be our strengths,
the next (1 Timothy 4:8).
Record, 3.27 ERA: Tyler really emerged as a reliable has worked extremely hard in the offseason to im- we feel we can have a very successful season.

Your Physical Therapy Solution

Gail Parker Kim Lee
Physical Therapy, Owner, MPT Physical Therapist, PT

1115 Tamarack Road, Suite 800 • Owensboro, KY 42301
EMAIL: • OFFICE: (270) 689.2341 • FAX: (270) 689.2342
The Sporting Times April 2011 Page 13

Owensboro Catholic Aces BASEBALL
2010 Season
Record: 15-13
Head Coach: Allen Cox
The 2011 Owensboro Catholic Aces Varsity Baseball team is
made up of
7 seniors
• Jonathan Higdon
• Zach Brett
• Nolan Miller
• Dalton Mellott
• Josh Hayden
• Zach Devine
• Jackson Caudill
7 juniors 5 soph’s
• Masden Riney • Mason
• Alec Bahnick Richardson
• Blake West • Caleb Brand
• Blaise Moore • Ronni Ramsey
• Peyton Booth • Chris Vessels field even with the lack of varsity outfield experience from could be a frustrating day for the opponent. Miller is also
• Thomas Weis • Corey Clouse whomever is playing the other outfield position, whether in his third season in the rotation, and enters the season
• Logan Cecil that is Caleb Brand, Peyton Booth, Ronnie Ramsey, Logan having the most career starts for the Aces. He holds above
and a handful of talented under classman. Coach Mitchell Cecil or some of our underclassman. Multiple defensive average velocity with good command of his breaking ball
Sims is hoping that the talent level and depth at each posi- options will allow a lot of guys playing time throughout the and changeup. He is a bulldog on the mound and is always
tion will create a competitive spirit in his team, which will season. aggressive in attacking hitters in the strike zone. With
produce players that can perform in game time pressure that mentality, Miller is a good candidate to pitch deep into
situations. Implementing some sort of competition into games and keep his team in contention for a win. Another
each days practice plan has already transformed the guys Offensively, the Aces will be aggressive
at the plate, play small ball when needed, aggressively starter on the Aces staff will be sophomore Mason
into intense competitors, now we want them to channel
that competitiveness toward our opponents. intelligent on the bases, and will hopefully be in scoring Richardson. He has power stuff with a hard
position when our big bats reach the plate. Guys like sinking fastball and solid breaking pitches. Richardson
Bahnick, Higdon, and Riney should score a started several games for Catholic as a freshman last
Defensively the Aces infield will be led by lot of runs if they reach base with guys like Mellott, season and hopes that experience will help him have a solid
short stop Jonathan Higdon, who has anchored the Aces 2011 campaign. Other pitchers expected to log innings this
infield since his freshman year, catcher Zach Brett, who Miller, and Brett anchoring the middle of the line- spring are Zack Devine, Masden Riney,
played first base last year but now will have the responsibil- up. No matter which defensive combination we set for the
day we expect a lot of production from our offensive. and Blaize Moore. Devine, a senior, is a crafty
ity of managing our experienced pitching staff, utility in- right hander who could spot start and be a long reliever.
fielder Dalton Mellott will play all Infield positions based on The Aces’ 2011 pitching staff returns several arms that His ability to locate will help him be a solid contributor
who is pitching, third baseman Nolan Miller, who may also have experience at the Varsity level. The group is led by 3 for the staff. Riney, a junior, is an excellent athlete who
see some time in the outfield, first baseman Zach Devine, senior starters: Jonathon Higdon, Dalton
possesses a great arm with above average velocity. He has
and second baseman Josh Hayden, who may also see some Mellott, and Nolan Miller. Higdon the least in-game experience on the staff, but as he logs
time in the outfield. Blake West will see time at second base, begins his third season in Catholic’s rotation. He has more innings throughout the season Riney could be very
Mason Richardson will see time at third base, Thomas Weis above average velocity with solid command of 4 pitches. effective for the Aces. Moore is a big, strong junior who
and Blaise Moore will both compete for time at first base. When he is locating his breaking ball in the bottom of the could contribute for the Aces if he hones his skills to go
Chris Vessels, and Corey Clouse can play multiple infield strike-zone, Higdon is a very effective pitcher for the Aces. along with his big frame.
positions. On patrol for the Aces in the outfield are Masden Mellott is in his second season in the rotation, and has the
Riney and Alec Bahnick who will share centerfield duties most electric stuff on the staff. He has plus velocity and
based on who is pitching, and be in the line- up on a daily three above average off speed pitches. His control can be
basis. With their speed and ability to anticipate the ball off a little erratic at times, but when Mellott is in command, it
the bat we expect a great defensive effort from the out-

Daviess County Panthers BASEBALL
the injury to Jordan Dobbs (SS) last season, Sean was
2010 Season Breakout performers: asked to play 2B as we tried to put our infield back
Record: 23-14 After getting off to a slow offensive start last year,
together. He provided an instant spark for us defen-
senior Jordan Dobbs was headed toward breakout
Head Coach: Brandon Dennis status before he suffered a broken hand in a mid-April
sively. This season, Sean will need to continue to
help anchor the middle defensively while contributing
game at Apollo. Jordan is now poised to have a major
with quality ABs as well.
impact for our team this season. Another player we
key losses expect to take a major step forward is Blaise Trogolo,
• Austin Clay-P (8-0 record, 1.32 ERA, 127 Ks) who made some spot starts on the mound last season Expectations:
and will need to carry more of the load near the top of The expectations for this season are for our team to
• Chris Morgan-3B (.300 BA, solid defensive our pitching rotation. be more consistent throughout the regular season
3B) so that, as a group, we can improve across the board
without worrying about falling back into bad habits
Sudden impact:
Key players returning: Sophomores Kyle Schneider and Sean Pedley will both
and starting the cycle all over again. With the experi-
ence that this group now has, consistency is the
• AustinEdge-C (.380 BA, 22 RBI) be important if we want to achieve consistent success
next logical step forward if our goal is to be prepared
• Mitchell Owens-1B (.330 BA, 21 RBI) this season. Last season, Kyle threw some innings
for the postseason. If we can achieve this goal, we
at the varsity level and had some success at different
• Blakely Keith-OF (.401 BA, 17 RBI) points. This season, Kyle will need to carry a bigger
should have a great season.
•Tyler Mills-SS (.490 OBP, .980 fielding %) part of the load if we hope to be successful. After
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Owensboro Meade Co. Hancock Co.
Red Devils Green Wave Hornets
2010 Season 2010 Season 2010 Season
Record: 15-13 Record: 19-16 Record: 17-13
Head Coach: Kip Walters Head Coach: Todd Clanton Head Coach: Kevin Keown
The Green Wave are coming off a 19-16 season in
RETURNING STARTERS: which we played in the region semifinals.  They
• Thomas White, senior pitcher:  Pitched in have won the 11th district back to back years.  • JakeEckles (P/Inf)
the state championship game 2 years ago. • Nolan Braun (Of)
• Daniel Deno, senior pitcher:  Started dis- The Green Wave will have some big shoes to fill • Jared Keown(1B)
trict tournament against Apollo last season. with the loss of their shortstop and #2 pitcher (Jus-
tin Amburgey) who is now playing at Campbells-
• Cody Martin, senior outfielder:  Started in RETURNING STARTERS:
ville University.  They also graduated both corner
center field last season. outfielders.  The Green Wave have 6 returning • Christian Nelson (C/Of) 28/29 Sb’s
• Brandon Belcher, senior outfielder:  starters and our #1 (Bo Wilson - committed to Air ª Chance Hamilton (Of/P) Ba. .405 3Hr 
Started in right field last season. Force) and #3 (Jake Wilson) pitchers both back this 22Rbi 16 2B
• Jacob Roberts, junior infielder and year. 
• Colin Tindle (Inf, P) .310 15Rbi
catcher:  Caught last year, will play more infield • Logan Brown (SS/C) .340 18Rbi’s
“We feel like it’s the deepest our pitching staff has
this year. ever been (8 guys we feel like can throw) and if • John Neff (P/1B) 4.54 Era
• Jordan Haire, junior infielder:  Started at we can get some solid outfield play and some • Jacob Brown (P/1B) 3.20 Era
1st base last season.  contribution from the bottom of our line-up we
could have a successful season” Head Coach
Other players potential- Clanton.  “For the 2011 season we should be as deep
ly making an impact: as anyone on the mound.  We have several
Brown Lewis, junior pitcher, Reading Harmon, players with varsity experience and if we field
junior pitcher, Sid Shipman, senior catcher,Haden the baseball better, we can be very successful. 
Shipman, sophomore pitcher, Myles Walker, We have good team speed and kids that
sophomore infielder, Jamon Cosby, freshman are able to play several different positions.”
infielder,Darian Dull, freshman infielder,Darrell Coach Keown 
Boehman, freshman infielder and Trenton Cundiff, Brady Smith
freshman outfielder.

From the Dugout!
Competitive Greatness
What is competitive competitive greatness. All we
greatness? To be able to have to do is learn to rise to
deliver our best when every occasion, give our best
our best is needed; at the effort and make those around
same time, making those us better at the same time. It’s
around us better. Anyone not about winning, but about
who possesses competitive learning to give all we have to
greatness loves a challenge, give.
the tougher the better.
Whether you are a player,
Coach John Wooden says that coach, fan, teacher, father,
we don’t have to be superstars or mother – are you giving
or win championships to reach all you have to give at
everything you do!!
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Grayson County Ohio County
Cougars Eagles
2010 Season 2010 Season
Record: 26-12 Record: 6-24
Head Coach: Danny Clark Head Coach: Vic Evans
12th District Champions
Danny Clark is going into his 9th year as Head Coach here at Grayson Co. and is just 18 wins from
key players lost:
reaching the 200 win plateau during his tenure!  • Garrett Leach- pitcher (3-5) record
• CF Cody Murphy Jr to a torn ACL.  He led the team with 6
“I have been very fortunate to have a lot of very good players come through this program over
that 8 years!  We just graduated 3 seniors from last year’s squad that ended up 26-12, and all
homeruns last year.
three signed to play college baseball.  Plus all three were pitchers Mikey Scott 2nd team All-State
is at Berea, Tyler Saltsman 2nd Team All-State is at Murray St., and T.J. Wood signed with St. top returning players:
Catherines” said Coach Clark.  • Jake Taylor-SR. (C) .340 avg. with team leading 17 RBI last year
This year’s squad returns 5 starting everyday players.  Over the last three years, the team has • Tyler Tichenor-JR (2B) .330 avg with team leading 9 SB last year
averaged over 7 runs per game which will be put to the test this year according to coach Clark. • Mykyle Marshall- SR (OF) .350 with 15 RBI last year
Catcher Shain Goff is our only Sr.  Shain hit .385 last yr. and was exceptional behind the plate. 
• Tyler Goff- SR (P) 3 wins last year
Short Stop Jr. Brady Clemons is a Jr. and is the best defensive player I have coached.  Very good • Bubby Phelps -SR (P) lead the team with 3.88 ERA and 39 K’s in 36
base runner and looks to be our leadoff man.  Third Baseman Jr. Joey Henry started all of last yr. innings
and was exceptional, strong arm and very athletic.  Outfielder Jr. Jakob Clemons is a 2 yr. starter  
who looks to be in the middle of the lineup.  Big strong kid who has the potential to put up big “With any situation when an entirely new staff comes into a program,
numbers!  Second baseman Soph. Ty Davis is a 2 yr. starter.
changes are going to be made.  I have been so impressed with how hard the
Started as an eighth grader and even in the Regional Chamionship two yrs. ago.  He is a “Gamer”. 
team as a whole has worked and how they have taken to the changes.  We
Jr. Tyler Hill, Soph. Dalton Logsdon, and Fr. Joseph Anthony look to compete for time in the hope that with this hard work that we can improve on the win total from
outfield.  Jr. Ethan Meredith, Soph, Justin Calvert, Soph. Nathan Clemons look to get time at First last year” said Head Coach Vic Evans.
Base.  Jr. Cameron Bass, Jr. Joey Henry, Soph. Jordan Cates, Soph. Rance Whobery, Soph. Kevin
Pierce, Fr. Jameson VanMeter are all showing promise on the mound. 

“We will be inexperienced on the mound because last yrs. innings were eat up by the two All-
Staters.  We look to be good defensively and hope that will keep
us in games as we gain experience on the mound!  Hope this
helps” said Clark
Get aa Fresh
Fresh Start
Butler Co.
Bears with
2010 Season
Come see see Cindy
Tabithaandand Kathy
Record: 12-23 for all
for all your fifinancial
nancial needs.
Head Coach: Rick Alfonso
Specializing in:
*Personal Loans
First year Head Coach Rick Alfonso moves from the 4th
region Warren Central Dragons (1991 till 2003) to the

*Home Improvement Loans
Skipper of the Bears.

*Auto Loans
“The kids are working hard, and have had a great
attitude.  We have really toughened up the schedule
this year, so it could be a tough year for us. We aren’t
going to get any better playing a cupcake schedule” said *Mortgage

The Bears gave up 350 runs last year, so their defense is
a huge question mark. Regency
“We have 2 or 3 decent arms on the mound. Steven
White will be our number 1. He is a tall leftie. Our other
pitchers are all about the same and are also position Finance
players. We will probably really struggle at the plate, and
our depth is a serious concern” said Alfonso.

Coach is pleased with some of the speed at the top of
4042 Ft. Campbell Blvd.
the lineup so they plan on running a lot.
3245 Mt. Moriah Dr. Unit 8
“I am not used to losing, and these kids aren’t used
Suite J-B
to winning so something has to give. I have a great
Owensboro, KY 42303
coaching staff with the inclusion of two of my former
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
players, and my son Derrick who started 4 years at
Louisville and played 3 years in the Brewer organization”
Said Coach Rick Alfonso. 270-887-6500
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McLean County Apollo Eagles
2010 Season 2010 Season
Record: 11-17 Record: 26-13
Head Coach: Marc Searcy Head Coach: Bob Mantooth
The 2011 Cougars return this year with high hopes of winning the district crown and returning to the regional Apollo baseball has a great tradition with 4- Kentucky State
tournament. We return 6 starters from a district runner up team. Lewis McCrystal is the lone senior this year, but
leads a talented group of juniors with some seasoning under their belt.
Final Four appearances 1994, 2003, 2007, 2008 and Eight 3rd
Pitching: Region Championships in 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007
and 2008. This year the program has high expectations with a
The Cougar staff will be anchored by Damian Bullock (Junior), Dakota West (Junior), and Lewis McCrystal. Damian preseason ranking of 4th in the state, and two preseason All State
gave us quality innings last year and has improved over the off season. He is committed to leading this staff and players with senior Luke Daugherty and junior Matthew Johnson.
has shown a great work ethic throughout the preseason. Dakota West returns after blossoming late in the season
last year. He has added some bulk and some velocity on his fastball. Dakota is a competitor who is always ready
to battle the competition. Lewis McCrystal brings the most experience to the staff. He had quality starts last year key players lost:
while he won 3 games. Lewis has good control and nice curveball. Other pitchers who will get time on the mound Last season the Eagles graduated Bryson Morrow and
are Blake Shadowen (Junior), Corbin Wilson (Junior), Brennan Smith (Sophomore), and Jake Carter (Freshman).
In the Field: Todd Carver, but are bringing back a very talented team.
According to Coach Mantooth this could be his best team ever.
Lewis McCrystal and Cody Badertscher (sophomore) will share catching duties this year. Both players have
improved over the preseason. Cody will also see some time at 2nd Base. First base is a two man battle between
Zach Johnson (Junior) and Wesley Dame (Freshman). Both players have shown promise and will give the team
options this year. Second base will be manned by Corbin Wilson. Corbin brings experience and leadership to
Returning starters
the infield as he has started the past three seasons at 2nd. Shortstop will be manned by Damian Bullock as well • Dalton West  Catcher Nick Laster 1B 
as Corbin Wilson on days that Damian is pitching. Our middle infield play should prove to be a strength as both Matthew Johnson shortstop
players have shown great ability and have experience. Garret Smith (Sophomore) will also provide relief at 2nd and
3rd base depending on the pitching duties. Third base will be manned by Brennan Smith. Brennan is a fine fielder
• Luke Daugherty 3b  Wesley Purcell and
with range and a strong arm. The outfield is anchored by Blake Shadowen, Dakota West, Jake Carter, and Quinten Brady Flaspoehler OF
Sexton (Freshman). Our outfield play has been great during the preseason with Blake doing a fine job of leading a • Pitchers Matt Hodskins Dorian Taylor
fairly young group.
Brandon Hamilton Matthew Johnson
At the plate: Tanner Edge and Zach Ranburger.
Cody Badertscher will likely hit leadoff this year. Cody has a way of getting
on base, and is a fine hitter and smart base runner. Corbin Wilson will likely hit
in the 2 spot. Corbin has added some power over the past year and is an excellent bunter.
Blake Shadowen will likely hit in the 3 hole. Blake is a great athlete with speed TRAILER
and power. Lewis McCrystal will hit in the 4 hole. Lewis is strong kid with
excellent power and great RBI potential. Dakota West will likely hit in the 5 hole.
Dakota is a tough out with above average power. The rest of the lineup shows potential with

Damian Bullock swinging an improved bat, Quinten Sexton and
Jake Carter hitting well, and Brennan Smith providing a solid hitter in
the latter half of the lineup. Wesley Dame and Zach Johnson half both
been working hard to earn a spot in the lineup and provide even more punch in the lineup.
The kids have worked hard on their hitting in the off season and we anticipate this hard work
paying off throughout the year. for all your lawn
I’m excited about the potential of this young group and anticipate us getting better as the
season rolls on. Our defensive play has been very promising and our pitchers show great
& garden needs.
potential. The hitting has been a little slow early on, but that is normal as hitters adjust to
different pitchers and game situations. This team displays a desire to win and improve, two
attributes that will serve them well as the season heats up. Come out and support your

County Tigers
2010 Season
Record: 15-18
Head Coach: Jonathan Bennett
We will be a senior laden team this year with 8 seniors. We have 4
returning starters off last year’s team that beat Apollo in the first round
of the 3rd Region Tournament. Top players are: Brescia signee Sr.
Vincent Bruington (LHP/OF), Sr. Ryne Armes (LHP/1B), HARDINSBURG OWENSBORO
Sr. Byron Dowell (RHP/IF) and Sr. Jackson Brown (C). We 1220 SOUTH HWY 261 3225 CARTER RD.
are coached by Head Coach Jonathan Bennett, Assistant Coach Jeremy (270) 756-5152 •(800) 755-0539 (270) 683-3606 •(800) 252-3904
Bennett, and Assistant Coach Jon Kennedy. FAX (270) 756-1216 (270) 683-0036 FAX

us out at:
**John Deere’s green and yellow color scheme, the leaping deer symbol and JOHN DEERE are trademarks of Deere & Company.
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Breckinridge Edmonson County
Co. Lady Tigers Lady Wildcats
2010 Season 2010 Season
Record: 11-19 Record: 20-16
Head Coach: Adam Cox 3rd region All “a” champs
Head Coach: Wyn Caudill
Lost two players,
return 8 starters. key players lost:
• Jordan Simon SS
top returning players:
•  Rachel Pile, Sr. 3rd base: struck out one time in 117 plate top returning players:
appearances.  .412 batting average, 9 home runs, 17 doubles
4 seniors
• Julie Jarboe, Sr. SS: .408 batting average, 11 doubles
• Katlyn Vincent
• Jennifer Jeffries, Sr. CF: .306 batting average, 18 RBI’s, 8
stolen bases
• Alllie Newton
•  Hannah Lee, Soph. P, Starting pitcher since 8th grade • Leah Elmore
• Brittany Parsons.
• Paige Carnes
• Gabby Gentry
• Hannah Clemmons
Hancock County  

Lady Hornets
Coach Caudill is taking over for Coach Kevin Jackson who he worked with for the past 8

SOFTBALL “We hope to continue the winning tradition he established. We have good team speed and
athleticism. We have two solid pitchers in freshmen Paige Carnes and senior Brittany Parsons.
We are focusing on fundamentals, throwing and catching the softball, base running and bunting.
2010 Season We return everybody but 1 player from last year. So our expectations are high. We compete in a
Record: 30-9 tough district and region. Butler Co, Grayson Co and Whitesville Trinity make up our district, so
Head Coach: Jake Schwindel we have to be ready to play if we have any hope of making a post season run. I do believe our
9 players have the ability to compete with anyone. We have put together a tough schedule and
hopefully that will prepare us for the post season” Coach Wyn Caudill
key players lost:
• Taylor Wroe, Pitcher
• Mackenzie Johnson, Outfielder
Trinity Whitesville
top returning players:
• Carli Mosby (senior)
Lady Raiders
• Sarah Morgan (senior) SOFTBALL
• Chelsea Wimmmer (senior)
• Jadale Daugherty (junior). 2010 Season
  Record: 9-19
TEAM STRENGTHS AND OUTLOOK: Head Coach: Bridget Abbott
Replacing Taylor Wroe at pitcher will be tough, but Sarah Morgan
(senior) will more than fill the spot.  We also have Sophmore pitchers
Kristen Smith and Mariah Hayes who will see mound time.  Our key players lost:
strengths I feel will be our hitting and defense.  We will be able to put • Audrey Mayfield
a lot of power in the middle of our line-up with some speed at the top. 
Our infield had been together for four years now and should be strong. top returning players:
  We have 4 Seniors returning.
Our motto this year is “one game at a time” “We need to focus on
• Carrie Wilkerson (12)
each game as they come and play hard and see what happens”. Coach
Schwindel. • Mercedez Varble (12)
• Leah Collins (12)
• Hannah Coomes (10)
24-Hours - 7 Days A Week • Katie Wathen (9)
HEAVY DUTY, TOWING & RECOVERY • Chelsea Howard (10)
“We have worked very hard this early spring to increase our RBIs and
HAULING, INC. aggressiveness on the bases. We have focused a lot of our practices on learning
the game mentally as well as physically. We believe this helps the girls to have
OWENSBORO BOWLING GREEN a better understanding of the results we want to achieve as a team and for
them to be able to think for themselves during actual game situations. Girls
(270) 684-0155 (270) 842-6115 are beginning to learn that we win as a team and sometimes that may mean
Fax (270) 929-2609 Fax (270) 842-1460 sacrificing yourself in order to get the desired result.   I believe our athletes are
learning how to analyze the game and opponent’s strategies.  We anticipate a
great season!” Head Coach Bridget Abbott
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Daviess County Apollo E-gals
Lady Panthers
2010 Season 2010 Season
Record: 20-14 Record: 20 – 18
Head Coach: John Biggs 3rd season- (41-26) Head Coach: Frank Stein

key players lost: key players lost:
• Katie Perkins, 146 innings, 138 K’s, ba .440 (team high) • Chelsea  Riney ( shortstop )
• Carri Crisp, 4 yr. starter, ba. .360 , 36 RBI’s (team high) • Paige Knott ( pitcher )

top returning players: top returning players:
•Shaina Tinnell, Sr., 2B, the team’s defensive infielder of the year, will • Mackenzie Weedman ( Junior ) will take over at the shortstop position.
look for increase productivity at the plate. Field % last 2 years.-.994 She started in centerfield last year.
• Lauren Daugherty, Sr. RF, 2nd starter, one the fastest players on the • Sophomores Brook Robbins and Rachel Tanner will play 3rd and
1st respectfully
• Sophomore Taylor Fenwick will be behind the plate
• Hannah Tipton, Jr, SS, 3rd year starter, one of top SS around, hits for
the left side, speed on the bases, and has the ability to drive the ball. .350, 10 • Juniors Kim Williams, Alyssa Barnett, Kayla Norris,
stolen bases Paige Thompson, and Emily Wilkerson, will be vying for several
• Marissa Massie, Jr., 1B, 3rd year starter, plays stellar defense, one of
• Freshman Katelyn Knott (Pitcher/outfield)
most consistent returning hitters. .329, 11 RBI’s
• Sarah Smith (catcher/ shortstop)
• Olivia Winstead, Jr., CF, 2nd starter, has work extremely hard to
• 8th grader Autumn Grady ( Pitcher / Infielder )
improve her defensive skills in the outfield, has shown power at the plate.
“We definitely want to improve on a 20-18 record. We lost a number of games
new impact: by 1 run...turning that around will be a huge step in the right direction.
• Natalie Hoesli, Jr., C, has been the JV catcher for the past 3 years, Last year we were an excellent defensive team....I don’t see that changing at
this experience will provide us with a solid player behind the plate. Natalie has
shown the potential to have a hot bat, she also is a threat on the base paths.
all....we played a number of younger kids last year, and with that experience
we should be even better defensively.
• Laci Pierce, Sr., LF, will take over RF, Laci will provide an offensive
punch at the plate, along with strong defensive skills in the outfield.
Towards the end of the year we struggled as a team offensively and we
talked about that going into this year....the girls have worked hard to improve
• Caitlin Armstrong, So, P, will see her first full time varsity action on
the mound, and will add power at the plate.
offensively......and we need all 1-9 hitters to be more productive this year”
Coach Frank Stein.
• Sidney Wilson, Fr. 3B, will see action at 3rd base for the first time.
Sidney’s defensive skills will give us solid play at the corner.
Certainly the teams expectations are higher this year.....they have put the
Others: pressure on their shoulders to be a better team....and I certainly feel that they
• Jaclyn Peveler, So., P will also see some varsity action on the
• Katy Bretschneider, So., OF, speedy outfielder will see some
action in the outfield and provide a spark on the base paths.
Grayson County
“This year’s formula for success will consist of a solid defense, steady
improvement in our offensive production and consistent pitching. As always
Lady Cougars
we will play a very competitive schedule that will prepare for the post season.”
Head Coach John Biggs
2010 Season
Record: 21-16
Head Coach: Don Logsdon

players lost: none
top returning players:
• Victoria Decker, Junior Pitcher
• Morgan Sebastian Senior first baseman
• Jordan Decker Junior Catcher
• Kaylan Shull Freshman
• Jessika Young Sophomore

Team Strength:
Pitching with Victoria Decker and Jessika Young, key hitters will be Victoria Decker, Jor-
dan Decker, Jessika Young and Morgan Sebastian.  Defensively we will be strong return
all positions.

20 wins plus wins and finish in top two of District.
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Owensboro Lady Ohio County
Aces Lady Eagles
2010 Season 2010 Season
Record: 32-11 Record: 9-25
3rd region champs Head Coach: Leanna Myers
Head Coach: George Randolph
key players lost:
key players lost: • Halie Gaither - pitcher
• Emily Jolly • Leslie Morehead - center fielder
• Meghan Sims • Gabby Geary - catcher
• Brianne James
• Sarah Babb top returning players:
• Martina Riney • Sabrina Ruby - short stop/catcher
• Erica Pendleton • Kelsey Embry - short stop/catcher
• Morgan Rudy • Beth Gill - pitcher
• Amber Neighbors - 3rd baseman
top returning players: Our seniors this year are: Sabrina Ruby, Alley Knight, Kati
We had 9 girls who lettered last year led by seniors Carly Kaelin Pharis, Savannah Ashby, and Beth Gill.
and Andrea McBride. We have 4 other seniors competing
for positions in Taylor Fogle, Leah Lewis, Mallory “I look for us to be a solid defensive team with outstanding
Richardson and Alexis Dominick. Other letter winners leadership from our upperclassmen. We are a quick team
competing are sophomores Hayley Frey, and Brittany with a solid group of underclassmen coming up as well. I’m
Murphy, 8th grader Lillie Goetz and Jr. Emily Wodward very excited to coach these girls....I think we’ll have a GREAT
along with other younger players! season!” Head Coach Myer
“The girls have worked extremely hard and the team
chemistry is really good which should help. We will be
young in spots but with time and as the season goes on I feel
Owensboro High
confident that we’ll become a very good team. Our goal is to
keep improving and be ready to play the games that count in
Lady Devils
district and regional tourney time!” Coach Randolph SOFTBALL
2010 Season
Record: 2-16
Head Coach: Steve Strong
The Lady Devils look to improve on last year’s record with three
returning seniors Candice Vanover, Skyler Stewart and
C H A M P I O N S H I P C A L I B E R AT H L E T I C S Caley Schartung. Coach Strong is looking to his seniors to
provide leadership, experience along with a core group of 8th and 9th
graders that have played 3-5 years of travel ball.
2010 Aces Football
State Finalist � Semi-State Champion “Young lean and fast will be our look for the season ahead. After a
Regional Champion � District Champion Spring Break trip to Myrtle Beach the Lady Devils plan on winning some
games” Coach Strong.

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Butler County Meade County Lady
Lady Bears Waves
2010 Season 2010 Season
Record: 36-5 Record: 34-6 District Runner up
12th District Champs; 3rd Region Runner-up Head Coach: Mike Harreld

key players lost: key players lost:
• Heather Jennings - SS We lost two seniors who are playing college ball. Erin Sireno,our #5 hitter, hit 489 with
• Brittany Evans - RF 3 HR and played RF. Mallory Wathen, our lead off, hit 367 with one HR.
• Kristin Palmer - C
• all were major contributors and starters top returning players:
from last year’s team - tough to replace. We have 6 sr and 7 Jr this year. Both pitchers are Jrs, Amanda Logsdon and
Brittney Lancster. Other key juniors is Ashley Funk at 3rd, Nicole
top returning players: Brown at 2nd(she was our ss last year due to an injury. 4 of 6 of our senior group has
• CheyAnne Gaskey (senior) - 1st Team All-State, 2010 Third signed to play at Bellermine & Campbellsville. They are Kristen Benton LF, hit 458
Region Player of the Year; 84 career pitching wins in three years; power with 2 HR, Erin Benton C/1st hit 329 with one HR, Scarlett Powers hit
at the plate and hits for average 390 with 4 HR and Kayla Padgett our ss who was out with a tore ACL. Raymie
• Lindsey Blair (senior) - centerfield, solid at the plate - multiple Greenwell a RF and Chelsea Cummings in CF round out the Sr group.
threats; great speed and quickness; excellent on the bases; leadoff
Freshman Ashley Nikolao started every varsity game last year somewhere. She hit
• Taylor Manning (senior) - first base - excellent bunter; solid 3rd in the line up with a 468 avg and 3 HR. She plays 3rd,C,SS.
• Amy Rogers (freshman) - strong arm, excellent baserunner and “Our strength is hitting. This group lost 5-4 the State Champion Riedland in extra innings
bunter; good catcher instinct - really knows the game; solid at the plate; who’s pitcher signed with Michigan State. We score more runs last year than any of the past
good bunter in #2 hole. 15 years. Our pitching is good as is our team speed. Our biggest strength is our depth. With 13
• Natoshia White (freshman) - second base; good range both JR and Sr we are solid,” Coach Mike Harreld.
ways, a lot of power at the plate (first year starting varsity)
• Madeline Drake - (sophomore) - shortstop; strong defensive
shortstop with solid arm and range; great ball instincts; solid contact
• Lynsie Clark - (freshman) - third base; much improved speed, JK8E;@E>LG=FIPFLIJ<C=
range, and throwing from last year; played a lot of summer ball last year
against stiff competition; solid bat with power
• Raven Brooks - (junior) - right field; great arm and outfield JK8E;@E>LG=FIPFLI:FLEKIP
instincts; covers a lot of ground
• Jazmin Reynolds (sophomore)/Payton Grubb
(sophomore) - both are expected to see time in left field. Reynolds has
some power at the plate, while Grubb is a LH slapper.
varsity reserves:
• Morgan Manning (sophomore) - backup pitcher; utility player
• Katie Graham (freshman) - first base
• Kelsey Smith (7th grade) backup pitcher; third base
• Alex Embry (sophomore) - infield/outfield utility
• Taylor King (8th grade) - shortstop; pinch base runner.

Team Strengths / Season Outlook
Team strengths include varsity pitching and defense - we should be solid in both
areas. CheyAnne Gaskey’s presence in the circle, as well as defensive play, will
typically keep us in most games and give us a chance to win. We struggled at
times offensively last season and are hoping to improve in this area as we attempt
to generate offense in a variety of ways. K_\L%J%8idp_Xj[\]\e[\[fliZflekip]fidfi\k_Xe
We’re excited about our prospects for the 2011. We play in a tough district with ]fiZ\`ek_\nfic[#pflZXe\og\Zkefc\jj%PflËcckiX`e`efe\
Grayson County, Edmonson County, and Whitesville Trinity - all quality softball f]dfi\k_Xe(,'ZXi\\iÔ\c[jXe[[\m\cfgc\X[\ij_`gjb`ccj
programs - in one of the toughest regions in the state. We’ve put together a ]fic`]\%PflZflc[\m\eY\\c`^`Yc\]fi\ec`jkd\ekYfelj\j
challenging regular season schedule that will hopefully prepare us for post-season
competition. Our district and region are wide open this season and we’re going
to work hard to advance.

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Page 22 April 2011 The Sporting Times

Get Focused with FCA

“To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus
Christ as Savior and Lord and serving Him in their relationships and fellowship of The Church.”
I have a confession to make. Even though I was a football coach for 32 years and consider it to be
“As Chairman of the Board of Directors for FCA of Northwest Kentucky, one of my life’s greatest passions, it wasn’t my favorite sport to play. That was always basketball.
It has been a pleasure to work with coaches and students in this region And my alma mater, the University of Kansas, still boasts one of the greatest programs in the coun-
try, just like it did when I attended. The tradition of excellence that has been built there, dating all
and watch the Lord Change lives. The board members and I would
the way back to the game’s inventor, Dr. James Naismith, is truly something special.
like to thank all our sponsors who make this ministry possible. Your
prayers and financial assistance keep the FCA ministry doors open and This past year, the sport of basketball has experienced some amazing milestones. Certainly one of
we simply could not do it without you. We hope this community will the most significant took place on the night of Dec. 21, 2010, when the University of Connecticut
continue to embrace this ministry and make a commitment to future women’s basketball team broke a 37-year-old record by winning an astounding 89 consecutive
support as FCA presses on towards an eternal goal”. games. What a tremendous feat! And I truly enjoyed listening to the postgame comments made
Travis Holtrey by the players as they talked about the team’s tremendous hard work and sacrifice—the drills, the
Chair weights, the running—and about the challenges that had been extended to them by their coach,
Geno Auriemma.

It’s amazing what people can learn from being pushed by a coach. In my own career, I would often
:: About FCA tell players, “Let me take you where you can’t take yourself.” I think that’s the role of any coach—
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is touching millions of lives... one heart at taking raw talent and developing it into skilled precision. Men like John Wooden and Geno Auri-
a time. Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging emma have done just that, as have great women like Kay Yow and Pat Summitt. By teaching sound
coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high fundamentals and implementing successful game plans, they have refined the art of getting the
and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world most out of their gifted athletes.
for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest Christian sports organization in America.
FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and In my many years of coaching, one thing I learned was how important it was to focus on the
encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. fundamentals. That certainly was the case for the UConn Huskies in their record-breaking winning
The FCA Vision streak, and it’s true in every sport. All successful teams are strong in the basics of the game.
To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes
and coaches. Just like in sports, life also has its general fundamentals. They are very basic and simple, yet, just
The FCA Mission like prideful athletes who think they’re already too “good” to practice them, we often deny these
To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge principles, skip over them, or avoid them altogether. Sooner or later, however, we discover that if
and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in we want to live a life that is full of peace and fulfillment we need to have a good handle on these
their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. basics.

The FCA Values As Christians, one of our most significant fundamentals is to obey the greatest commandment,
Our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and which was given to us by Jesus Christ. In His Words from Matthew 22:37, He tells us to, above all,
His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence.  love God with all our heart, soul and mind. Yes, that’s a tall order, but it certainly simplifies what
can be a very complicated life.
Upcoming Events
FCA Dates to Remember: This world is full of chaos and confusion. Just like in any good basketball game, there are many
May. TBA FCA Church Softball Tourn. things going on around us all the time. In order to be successful, we must know our purpose and
June 16 FCA Golf Tournament have a grasp on the fundamentals. For Christians, that means focusing on God in all things: rela-
I give my all – all of the time. tionships, work, school, and certainly sports. In everything we do, we must ask ourselves if we are
I do not give up. I do not give in. loving Him and being vessels of that love through our actions and words.
I do not give out. I am the Lord’s warrior –
a competitor by conviction To me, one of the most beautiful things in basketball is watching a player forego a stylish move in
and a disciple of determination. order to complete a fundamentally sound pass to a teammate for an easy shot. Behind-the-back
I am confident beyond reason passes and crazy no-looks get our attention, but they are easily picked off by the opposition. This
because my confidence lies in Christ.
month, it’s my prayer that, as March Madness comes and goes, we all would get back to the basics
The results of my efforts must result in His glory.
of our faith. Let’s love God and love others and let Him get the easy bucket.

Model the Master,
Les Steckel
FCA Page presented by FCA President/CEO

Become a part of TEAM FCA today. Sign the Creed @ to make your
commitment official! Membership is FREE. 1-800-289-0909
The Sporting Times April 2011 Page 23
Page 24
B4 MESSENGER-INQUIRER, Friday, January 28, 2011 April 2011 The Sporting Times
All Vehicles
Tommy Tapp
Certified Tommy Tapp, Jr.
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B4 Millers Mill Rd.
MESSENGER-INQUIRER, Friday, January 28, 2011
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All Vehicles
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Most With Factory
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Tommy Tapp, Jr.
Steve Long
WarrantyOur Promise: No Games or Gimmicks!
2007 Corvette 2004 Corvette 2004 Corvette 1991 Porsche 2004 BMW Timmy2008 Tapp
Mercedes Benz
4550 Hwy. 54
4550 East &
Commemorative Z-06 911 Carerra 645 Ci Bobby Hood
C-300 Sport
6 Speed, Leather, 12K Miles Edition Hwy. 654 East
Speed, 26K Miles &27K Miles,
Millers Mill
Auto., White On Gray Road
Navigation, Leather, 18K Miles Leather, Roof
$ Millers Mill Rd. 6 Speed, 6K Miles
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32,995 $
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Cadillac BMW Escalade 20082006 Lincoln
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Coupe H-3
Commemorative LR-3Z-06 SE-7 911Limited
Carerra AWD
645 Ci Mark
C-300 LT 4x4
Leather, Moonroof, Chrome Leather, Custom Wheels Leather, Moonroof Leather, Moonroof Navigation, 22 Inch Wheels Leather, Chrome Wheels
6 Speed, Leather, 12K Miles 6 Speed, 26K Miles 27K Miles, Auto., White On Gray Navigation, Leather, 18K Miles Leather, Roof
$ Edition
$$ 22,650
32,995 24,995
6 Speed, 6K Miles
$ 27,995
27,995 $$27,995
24,995 $$ 33,995
32,995 $$ 25,995

2006 Mercedes
2006 Hummer Benz 2009Hummer
2008 Mazda 6 2007
2007 Mercedes
Landrover Benz 2007Ford
2009 Chrysler
Flex 2007Cadillac
2007 Jeep Wrangler X
Escalade 2007 Jeep
2006 Wrangler
H-2500 ‘S’
H-3 S-550LR-3AMG SE-7Sport 300C
Limited 4x4
AWD Unlimited
Mark LT 4x4
Champagne On Tan Leather, V-6, Leather, Roof, Bose Panoramic Roof, 4Matic, 20K Miles Hemi, Leather, Moonroof V-6, Auto.
Leather, Moonroof, Chrome Leather, Custom Wheels Leather, Moonroof Leather, Moonroof Navigation, 22 Inch Wheels Sahara
Leather, Chrome4x4
47K Miles
$ 20,995
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33,995 25,995
$V-6, Auto., All Power
32,995 $

2006 Ford F-450
Mercedes Benz 2004
2009Ford Mazda F-3506 2008
2007 Ford F-250
Mercedes Benz 2001
2007GMC 3500
Chrysler 20072008
Wrangler X 2007Jeep
2007 JeepWrangler
SuperCLS Crew
500 4x4 Super Crew‘S’ 4x4 Super
S-550 AMGCab Sport
4x4 Super
300C Cab Town & 4x4 Country Sport
Unlimited 4x4
Lariat V-6,King
Roof, Bose Powerstroke, Auto. Duramax Diesel, Touring
V-6, Auto. Silver On Gray
Champagne On Tan Leather, Panoramic Roof, 4Matic, 20K Miles Hemi, Leather, Moonroof Sahara 4x4
47K MilesAuto.
$Powerstroke, Auto. $$ 29,995
Western Hauler Bed
$ Miles, Stow & Go Seats $
V-6, Auto., All Power
32,995 $
25,995 $
19,995 $
IMPORT 2006 Mustang GT Supercharged, auto., gray 2007 Avalanche LTZ 4x4 Navigator, moonroof, white on
2007 Corvette Coupe Yellow on black leather, 2009 Mazda 6 Grand Touring ‘S’ Leather, moonroof, on red leather, 28K mi. ............................. $23,995 gray leather .............................................. $24,995
12K mi...................................................... $32,995 Bose, 1 owner .......................................... $20,995 2005 Mustang GT 5 spd., red on red leather, 2001 GMC 3500 Super Cab Duramax Diesel,
2004 Corvette Coupe Commemorative Edition, 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid Black on gray....... $19,995 Shaker stereo, like new ........................... $15,995 Allison auto. transmission, Western Hauler
blue on black, 6 speed, 6K mi. ................. $30,995 2009 Nissan Maxima Moonroof, auto., SATURN
SATURN bed ........................................................... $15,995
2004 Corvette Z-06 6 spd., 405 h.p., black on 35K mi...................................................... $25,995 2008 Saturn Sky Supercharged Roadster 1997 Chevy Extra Cab Silverado 4x4 ‘Big Foots’
black, new tires ....................................... $27,995 2008 Mazda 3 Sedan Black, 5 speed, 6 spd., red on black, chrome wheels ....... $21,995 Lift kit, loaded ............................................ $9,995
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Corvette F-450 Black on black, 6 spd., 2004 Ford F-350 2008 Ford F-250
low miles ................................................. $13,995 2001 GMC PONTIAC3500
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52K miles 4x4 Super
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$22,995 4x4
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Leather, navigation, 2004 GTO Super
5.7 5 spd. Cab manual, blue on gray Town &2010 Country
Ranger Supercab XLT Maroon Sporton gray4x4 cloth,
2000 Corvette Convertible Red on black King Ranchsilver on gray leatherPowerstroke, Auto. $21,995
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Duramax Diesel, $15,995 all power ..................................................
Silver On Gray$17,995
Lariat Touring
Powerstroke, Auto.
2000 Corvette Convertible Red on black
$18,995 2008
Powerstroke, Auto.V.W. GTI COUPE Red,
$ auto., 35K mi. ........ $17,995 WesternConvertible
1999 Trans-Am

Hauler BedRam air hood, 24K Miles, Stow
$ on black leather ................................. $10,995
2008&F-150 LWB
Go Seats XL V6, auto., $
2008 F-450 Super Crew Lariat 4x4 Powerstroke10,995
local trade ........ $14,995

1993 Corvette 40th Anniv. Convertible
$ $18,995 2006 Honda Civic EX Coupe Blue on gray,
$ leather......................................................
auto. ........................................................ $10,995
2006 Mini Cooper ‘S’ Auto., blue on gray
2009 Ford Flex SEL Leather, moonroof, silver
$ diesel, auto., 50K mi. ............................... $39,995
2008 F-150 Super Crew 4x4 Lariat FX-4 ...... $29,995
43K mi. .............................. $23,995
With hardtop,CORVETTE $14,995 GT Supercharged, auto., gray $27,995 2007 2008 Avalanche
F-250 Super
CORVETTES leather......................................................
IMPORT on gray .....................................................
2006 Mustang LTZCab 4x44x4 Powerstroke
Navigator, moonroof,diesel, white on
1992 Corvette Coupe White on red 2006 Mazda
Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Local 1 owner,moonroof, 2008 on
Cadillac Escalade
red leather, 28K mi. AWD Champagne on tan
............................. $23,995 white,
gray auto.,..............................................
leather $29,995
20K mi. ................................$24,995
2007 Corvette Coupe Yellow on black leather, 2009 6 Grand Touring ‘S’ Leather,
leather...................................................... $10,995