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October 2007

Fax number 7. Date of Establishment (New applicant only) 4. Name of Company 2. Is your company an Invest NI client company? Yes □ No □ 2 October 2007 . What are you main business activities? 11. Name and address of the parent company (or any other owning more than 50% of the business) 9. Address (including postcode) E-mail address (if available) Company Website (if available) 5. PROJECT DEFINITION PHASE (PHASE ONE) APPLICANT’S DETAILS the business . Telephone number (including code) 6. Company registration number (New applicant only) the group of companies 10. Are you a member of a group of companies Yes □ No □ 8. Number of people currently employed .

What is the title of the proposed project? 13. Would what you propose to do be new to Northern Ireland □ UK □ Europe □ The World □ 3 October 2007 .12. Name of Project Manager and position in business Address (if different from main Address) 14.

PROJECT DETAILS (Cont’d) PROJECT DEFINITION PHASE (PHASE ONE) QUESTION 15 RELATES TO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTS ONLY 15. What new product do you wish to develop and why? 4 October 2007 .

How long do you expect the Phase II project to take? Months 5 October 2007 . What new process do you wish to develop and why? 17. Estimated cost of development phase £ 18.QUESTION 16 RELATES TO PROCESS DEVELOPMENTS ONLY 16.

Why is assistance needed for this project? 6 October 2007 .19.

7 October 2007 .

Please list below the cost of project definition (a) Salaries/Labour costs Name Hourly Rate No of Subtotal Hours Management £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ Supervisory £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ Technical £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ Factory £ £ (number of staff) £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ Total £ labour (b) Overheads (50%) of labour at (a). £ .20.

PROJECT DETAILS (Cont’d) (c) Consultancy costs Name and address of Number of Cost per Subtotal consultant consultancy day days £ £ What will this consultant be doing? Name and address of Number of Cost per Subtotal consultant consultancy day days £ £ What will this consultant be doing? Name and address of Number of Cost per Subtotal consultant consultancy day days £ £ What will this consultant be doing? Total consultancy £ 9 October 2007 .

PROJECT DETAILS (Cont’d) (d) Travel/subsistence costs Travel to No of Cost per Subtotal persons person £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ Total travel/subsistence £ (e) Intellectual property costs (IPR) Activity Cost £ £ Total £ IPR (f) Other costs (specify) Cost £ £ Total other £ costs Total costs of project definition £ .

by a Proprietor or Partner) Signed Date Name (in capitals) Position in company All sections of this application form should be completed as indicated. by a Director or the Secretary and. Please return this original form to: Invest Northern Ireland Innovation. ii. I understand that providing wrong or deliberately misleading information is an offence and that such information may be used against me in any subsequent criminal 11 October 2007 . Research and Technology Division Bedford Square Bedford Street Belfast BT2 7ES Tel: 028 9023 9090 Fax: 028 9043 6536 Web: www.21. DECLARATION i.investni. (Applications must be signed. in the case of a Firm. iii. I also understand that the information provided on this form may be made available to other Departments/Agencies for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime. in the case of a Company. I declare that the information on this form and any other information given in support of the application is correct to the best of my knowledge and I have not applied for or been offered financial support from any other public body in respect of this project.

Please give a full address with postcode. Project title. please give your the project a short title. Number of people employed. Company name. company to be the Project Please indicate whether the Manager. If 12. employed in the business please give your company seeking assistance and where registration number. Fax number. You should give available. whether it is a partnership or a Please describe the core sole trader. business of your firm. 1. Parent company’s name and addressed. Please answer all questions as indicated below. indicating appropriate also the number of where the company is people employed in the whole registered. and will be the person to whom all correspondence will be 8. Groups of businesses. Please your company first registered? indicate if you are an Invest NI client company 4.NOTES ON COMPLETING THE PHASE I APPLICATION FORM The Phase I application form begins with some questions about your business and its nature and then moves on to seek some basic information about the project you wish to pursue. please give the management. Invest NI Client. innovation or technological advance involved. 2. Company registration Please give an up to date figure number. 6. are applying to Compete for the first time. If you are applying to for the number of people Compete for the first time. 9. carrying out the project. You should nominate one person in the 7. Please give name and address of the parent the full name of the business company. 13. Date of Establishment. Where more than Manager should either be part 50% of your business is owned of the business’s senior by another firm. Telephone number. which company’s E-mail and Web site mentions the particular addresses. Please should be no longer than 15 record the full 8 digit number. on what date was 11. Address. Please record the full 8 digit number. The title 5. Project Manager. If you project or not. Main business activities. The Project address. Include activities whether related to the 3. If your business is group of businesses. words and avoid the use of jargon or acronyms. not a registered company please state this and indicate 10. or report direct to . This person will be business seeking assistance is the central contact point for the part of a group of businesses Invest NI Technology Executive under the same ownership.

You will not be reports. Cost. its those involved. Please give a rough example grant claims – as estimate of the cost of the full well as on technical matters – development which will occur in for example. The new product. proceed without public money. the timescale indicated. Costs of Phase I. Projects developments. and the expected number of hours involved. Please will not be assisted. the easier it will be for A failure to answer this question INVEST NI to process your in full would lead to your application quickly. Please list in complete this question only if detail the costs of Phase I. If Invest NI advantages of the new product judges that there is no reason over existing products and why the project should not about the market opportunity. The more information you no assistance will be provided. except factory advantages over the present floor labour. expected to last less than 6 months or more than 36 months 15. Let us Phase II which is the full project know the thinking behind your development phase. penalised in any way if the costs you give later in your 14. The purpose of this question is Let us know the thinking behind to establish that public money is your wish to develop the needed to make the project product. communicate with Invest NI on financial matters – for 17. Please 20. 16. top management. Do the project will result in a new not include any of the costs of manufacturing process. Please indicate by here. Why assistance is needed. in time that the full development in the case of product Phase II will take. This question is intended ticking one or more boxes simply to give Invest NI an whether what you propose is indication of the size of the new to Northern Ireland. Please also system and the ways in which it indicate the hourly rate of pay will be commercially beneficial. product. New to Northern Ireland. Timescale. These should 13 October 2007 . provide. will be expected to please also answer question 15. Tell us about the technology please provide the names of all involved or the innovation. Please give a application you will be required rough estimate of the length of to provide evidence for this. the project. progress Phase II. Europe or the World In your Phase II 18. Europe or different to the figure given the World. This person If a new product will result. Tell us about the proceed in the manner and innovation involved. Under salary/labour costs. The new process. complete this question only if the project will result in a new 19. United Kingdom. wish to develop the process. application being rejected. the Phase II application prove to be United Kingdom.

whether for necessary in Phase I. consultancy. Under overhead costs. The visits by company personnel contribution will be up to 50% of necessary in connection with all approved Northern Ireland better defining and planning the labour costs associated with project. total costs of Phase I. property costs. Invest Under travel and subsistence NI will make a contribution to costs. Secretary. It is vital that a loss accounts). Under costs of any patent and consultancy costs. holiday pay and consultancy costs should form pensions. It application form is then should be noted that Invest NI complete. but should exclude a proportion and not all of the any overhead element. The design@investni. (such as putting together cash flows and projected profit and 21. based on basic salaries or closely involved in the project wages plus National Insurance definition exercise. or for financial advice under other costs. for market please list and describe them research. please list in detail all overhead costs only. The include the names and above cost categories should addresses of any consultants cover almost all expenditure you wish to use. If there technical Under intellectual the project. please information searches. please include Please note that there is no the costs of initial registration of requirement for you to use a patent applications and the consultant in Phase I. including design are any outstanding items. will expect to see your business . so Contribution. Proprietor Invest NI is available to provide or Partner signs and dates the advice on design matters (Tel: declaration at the end of the 028 9069 8810 or e-mail: application form. Please note Director.