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Time: 1 hour (for Section A and Section B)


a) Write down your name, school, class, date of birth and Today’s date
in the spaces at the top of the answer sheet provided.

b) Answer all questions in Section A and B. There are 7 questions in

Section A and 3 questions in Section B.

c) Write your working and answer clearly in the answer sheet

provided. For section A each question carries 3 marks and each
question carries 5 marks for Section B. Marks will be given for the
working. Additional answer sheet can be obtained from the

d) No calculators can be used during the examination. Hand phones

and watches with calculating devices should be put on the
invigilator’s desk while examination is going on.
Section A: 3 marks each

Q1 1 US dollars can be exchanged for 15000 Vietnam Dong (VD) on a

particular day. 80 US dollars can be exchanged for 120 Singapore
dollars on the same day. How much Singapore dollars can 20000
Vietnam Dong be exchanged for on that day?

Q2 Evaluate

Q3 5 times Harry’s age equals 4 times Paul’s age. 9 years later, 8 times
Harry’s age equals 7 times Paul’s age. How old is Harry now?

Q4 A piece of rectangular land has width 75m and length 120m. It is to

be divided into a number of smaller identical square plots of land for
planting purposes.
a) What is the length of the side of each square?
b) How many such squares can be attained without leaving any
parts of the land out?

Q5 When it is 12 noon in Montreal, it is 6 pm in Paris. The times of take-

off and landing
of aircraft are given in local times. A plane leaving Montreal at 7 pm
arrives in Paris at
8 am. Assuming that the travel time is the same in both directions,
what time would a
plane leaving Paris at 11 am arrive in Montreal?
Q6 Which number should replace each question mark in the
?empty squares

Q7 I think of three numbers. Call them A, B and C. I realise that

A + B + C = 10

A × B × C = 30

A × B + B × C + C × A = 31 What whole numbers

am I thinking of?
Section B : 5 marks each

Q1 A palindrome is a positive integer that is the same when read forwards

backwards. For example, 131 is a palindrome. What is the largest
less than 200 that is the sum of three consecutive integers? (5 marks)

Q2 Julie has 5 boxes of chocolate. Tamara has 4 bags of gummy. The total
cost of all the items is $44. The cost of 4 boxes of chocolate and a bag
of gummy equal the cost of 3 bags of gummy and a box of chocolate.
Find the cost of a box of chocolate and a bag of gummy. (5 marks)

Q3 A length of wire is cut into several smaller pieces. Each of the smaller
pieces are bent
into squares. Each square has a side that measures 2 centimeters. The
total area of the
smaller squares is 92 square centimeters. What was the original length
?of wire
(marks 5)

---The End----