____________________________________________ ________________________________ (10 marks)

Arrange the letters. Write the correct words. 1. The elephant is a (srgont) __________________ animal.


The tiger has (arpsh) ____________ teeth.


A tortoise has a (rdha) ______________ shell.


The giraffe has a (lgon) _____________ neck.


The chimpanzee is a (hiary) ______________ animal


Write ‘a’ or ‘an’ in the blanks.

(10 marks)


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

_____________ egg _____________ igloo _____________ uniform _____________ shirt _____________ umbrella

6. 7. 8. 9.

______________ whale ______________ octopus ______________ temple ______________ ant

10. ______________ mosque


Rearrange these words to form correct sentences. (10 marks) 1. flowers. Mother likes ______________________________________________________ 2. a teacher. Miss Jenny is ______________________________________________________ 3. newspaper. is Father reading the ______________________________________________________ 4. to like eat I papaya. ______________________________________________________ Art Competition

twelve year. months are There a in ______________________________________________________


Read the notices below.

Date: Time: Place: 2 Fee: Prize:

28 May 2006 4.30 pm Oasis Square RM 2.00 Painting set

‘It’. marks) 3 . Replace the underlined words with ‘He’. (10 marks) Even t Date Tim e Plac e Fee Priz e Singing Competition Art Competition 30 May 2006 (1)_________________________ _ Orchard Plaza (3)_________________________ _ 4.Complete the table based on the information above.30 pm (4)_________________________ _ RM 2.00 (5)_________________________ _ (10 (2)_________________________ _ Radio E. ‘We’ or ‘They’. ‘She’.

Dina and Lina are at the beach. Look at the pictures and arrange the words to form correction sentences. 4 . ______________________________________________________ 4.1. ______________________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________________ Section A A. ______________________________________________________ 3. David is going camping tomorrow. My mother and I love to eat mangosteens. The cat has black and white patches on its fur. Mary goes to church on Sundays. ______________________________________________________ 2.

the with car. ________________________________________________________________________________ _ 4. likes playing are children The _____________________________________________________________________ 2. at playground . The boy flying is kite. Lina is Skipping ________________________________________________________________________________ _ 3. (10 marks) ________________________________________________________________________________ 5 . Ahmad playing with his his car.Example : likes Ahmad 1. happily. are Ah Soon and playing Ah Weng football. enjoys riding her Azlina bicycle. a huge ________________________________________________________________________________ _ 5.

I will prefer to get the _________________________ because it come in ____________ and __________ colour. Trendy Back Pack Lovely Colour Material Features Price Free gift Colour Features Free gift Material Price RM 36. It is made of 6 .00 Hello Kitty stationary set pink and red Colour Material Features Price Free gift Colour Features Free gift Material Price Canvas 5 pockets black and grey Canvas 5 pockets RM 38.00 Hello Kitty stationary set Sling Bag pink and red Denim 3 pockets RM 36.Section B Complete the table based on the information given.90 Ben 10 stationary set (10 marks) Choose the information of one item and fill in the passage below.

the caterpillar starts to ____________________________________. I will also get a free _____________________________________. During the caterpillar stage. it eats _____________________________________. After a few weeks of eating. It costs RM_______ only. Its look like ______________________________ Then in the second stage the butterflies eggs ________________________________.____________. 7 . It has ____ pockets. Section C Question 1 small white dots a lot of green leaves turn in pupas beautiful butterflies hatches into caterpillars In a butterflies life cycle the first stage is the eggs.

Fill in the blanks with suitable sentences. The snail said “__________________________________________” 8 . The flamingo and _______________________________________. there lived a ________________ ___________________. It wanted to walk straight. One day it met a flamingo and asked The crab tried to walk on two legs and it The next day the crab met a snail “______________________________”.Finally. asked two legs. very sad crab it felt dizzy Had a terrible fall Try to crawl Please teach me to walk straight the crab was not sad any more walking side ways happily Once upon a time. answered walk onthe same question. (10 marks) Question 2 the pupa hatches into ________ ____________________.

The crab tucked its feet and tried so hard to crawl but ____________________________________. That evening the crab met another crab. (10 marks) Make sure to check each and every answer at least twice!!!!! Section A Choose the correct spelling. which Finally the crab understood that it was special was _______________________________________. 9 . Since then to walk differently than others. ______________________________________.

gardening D. shark B. aeroplain 2. reading books B. A. The ______________ is the biggest animal in the world. 3. fishing C. whale 10 . elephant C. Danial will be taking an ___________ to London. bungalo D. aoreplane D. bungalow C. A. Dato’ Sri Azman lives in a _____________ . aroplane C. A. singing 4. aeroplane B. A.1. bunglow B. sting ray D. bungalou Question 3 – 6 Choose the correct answer. Lina likes ______________ during her free time.

“Please bring me _____________ boxes. seahorse C. this Question 7 – 9 Circle the best phrase to complete the paragaraph. seat 11 . A. taxi 9. wheels C. lights B. 7. bicycle B. car C. two D. one C. that D. A. four Section B Question 10 – 12 Look at the picture carefully. A. three B. Choose the best sentences to fit the picture. A. It has three passengers. It can carry ______(9)_____ . handle D. flatfish B. Arif” said Puan Riana. Pak Abu rides a ____(7)____ ____(8)_____ . Pak Abu enjoys taking the passenger around town. dolphin 6. 8. whale D. these B. A _____________ looks like a horse. A. trishaw D. those C.5.

C. 11. For you. 12 . Nah! take this. A. Congratulations! Thank you. D. delivery for you sir. B.10. D. Good morning. 12. Hello. I can see. A. Take this. Can you tell me what letter is this? C. . B.

14. Liny is is is is playing playing playing playing on on on on the the the the swing.16 Housing Area 13. Liny B. 15. Question 13 – 23 Circle the correct answer. behind C. in C. Liny D. over D. Church Museum Bank Clinic Stadium The museum is __________ to the stadium. in D. opposite The church is _________ the housing area. A. A. opposite The clinic is _______ to the bank. next C. slide. on B. see saw. beside B. beside B. Diagram for Question 13 . A. near D.A. near Churc h 13 . monkey bars. Liny C.

in the middle of D. Ali ____________ a pet tortoise. beside C. fast 18. The ship is ___________ than the aeroplane. slowest D. is B. are 20. heaviest D. heavy B. has D. has D. slower C. A. have 21. in front of 17. heavier C. have B. are C. is C. An elephant is __________ than a lion.16. A. A. slow B. heavyer 19. The housing area is ____________ the bank. A. among B. Leng __________ to the theater. Rina and Ina ________ going to the party. A. A. Last night Mr. was 14 .

Mother C. al – alif Clinic. The Formula Formula Formula Formula 1 1 1 1 One held group sepang circuit. A. In the 15 evening they _____(30)_____ to the village. A. Swaran ___________ swimming every Sunday. going 22. the river. went D. sent Question 24 . taking D. read the passage carefully. goes 23. Al – Alif Clinic Section C Look at the pictures and swim. going D. went C. . go C. took C. then Circle the correct answer. camping. The C. They ___(26)___ from the village Race will be held at the Sepang circuit. The D. A. The B. There were many _____(29)_____ in the cave. 24. take B. After that.B. go B.25 Circle the sentences with the correct punctuation. Mother D. A. It was very ____(28)____ in the cave. They ____(27)___ a few hours fishing then they went in the river for a will will will will be be be be going going going going to to to to Al – Alif Clinic. Mother B. We _________ some photographs at the zoo. Al – alif clinic. Mother 25. till Race will be held at the sepang Circuit. they went into a cave. race will be day a at theof girls scout went for race will be held at the Sepang Circuit.

ran B. spent B. horses C. jumped D.26. A. A. pencils 30. bats D. went back 16 . bright B. go under 29. is D. walked C. short D. A. go back D. bought 28. swam 27. A. A. are C. cats B. went under C. colourful B. dark C.

Firefighters drive big trucks. Fire trucks have loud sirens. I want to save people. I want to be a firefighter and do all those things. firefighters save them. I want to drive a big truck. Sometimes buildings catch on fire. Who wants to be a firefighter? A. Then I would be a hero. Why do I want to be a firefighter? I have many reasons. Terry D. Abu C. If someone is trapped in a burning house. Ali B. Jenny 32. I like all the important things that firefighters do. Sometimes people get sick. 31. Sometimes people have accidents. Firefighters put out fires. Why does Terry wants to be a fire fighter? NAR/skpp/mt1 17/20 . Firefighters help them. I want to help people. too. I want to put out fires.Section D Read the passage below and answer the question I WANT TO BE A FIREFIGHTER My name is Terry. Firefighters are heroes. I want to be a firefighter.

dogs D. b. good looking 35. treat sick people NAR/skpp/mt1 18/20 . flower 34. c. heroes D. cute B. television C. They help put out fire. Terry wants to put out fires. Terry thinks firefighters are…. loud siren B. Terry wants to help people. They D. d. drive big truck. save people who are stuck. A. All of the above 33. What the firefighters does not do? A. Terry wants to drive a big truck. They C. bad C.a. What do fire trucks have? A. They B.

What kind of animal is a hamster? A. black B. Hamsters are usually active in the early morning and in the evening.HAMSTERS Hamsters are animals. or a mix of those colors. They do not need a lot of space. Hamsters have short tails. Hamsters usually live in cages that have lots of room and things to help them exercise. Hamsters make good pets because they are easy to take care of. reptiles C. Their fur can be black. Some people buy hamster’s mix at the pet store. fish B. birds 37. 36. What colour are hamsters? A. rodents D. brown. They are rodents. red. Hamsters can carry food in their cheeks. Hamsters are furry. which is a healthy mix of food for hamsters. Hamsters eat mostly fruit and nuts. blue D. many colours C. green NAR/skpp/mt1 19/20 . white.

Hamsters are good pets because… A. are easy to care for. Stakes and potatoes B. back D. From the passage we can guess that hamsters eat? A. They B. do not eat much. pouch NAR/skpp/mt1 20/20 . Eggs and bacons 40. hands C.38. are so furry. They are cute. cheeks B. Bread and butter D. Where do hamsters carry their food? A. They D. Apples and seeds C. 39. They C.

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