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UPDATED External AC-DC Power Supplies: Economic
Factors, Application Drivers, Architecture/Packaging
Trends, Technology and Regulatory Developments -
Tenth Edition

Table of Contents :
Application Segments
Portable Medical
LED Lighting

Architecture and Packaging Trends
In-line vs. Wall plug
Regulation: Switchmode vs. Linear

Standards and Regulatory Framework for Development
Changes to the Energy Star Program
Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007
European Union (EuP) Initiative, Directive 2005/32/EC
European Union (CoC) on Efficiency of External Power Supplies
China – (CNIS) and (CSC) Standards
Korea – e-Standby Program
Additional Foreign Government EPS Standards
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62684 Standard
Internationally Recognized Safety Standards and Certifications

Advances in Standby Power Management
One Watt Initiative
Advances in IC Technology and Standby Power Management

Potential Technology Threats
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Power
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Wall Charging
Universal Power Adapters for Mobile Devices
Green Plug Participation…/product_info_print.php… 1/9

darnell. Jerome Industries.3/29/2011 www. Ltd. Components and Materials Digital Power Components Power Factor Correction Partnerships and Business Alliances Recent Product Developments Competitive Environment Power Supply Companies Advanced Power Solutions Astrodyne Cincon Electronics Co. Delta Electronics Emerson Network Power International Components…/product_info_print. Lite-On Technology Mean Well USA NetBit Phihong Power Box Protek Salcomp SL Power Electronics TDK Lambda XP Power Semiconductor Companies Chil Semiconductor Cirrus Logic Fairchild Infineon iWatt On Semiconductor Power Integrations Renesas America ST Microelectronics Texas Instruments darnell.php… 2/9 .com/market/product_info… Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Wireless Charging Pads Wireless Power Consortium The Emergence of DC Power Advancements in Technology.

darnell.… List of Exhibits : Tables Table 1 – In-line vs. more efficient designs and improved power management technology combine with growing application demand to create new opportunities. as evolving power architectures. the power supply industry will experience a number of significant opportunities and threats.3/29/2011 www. Led by the communications. Wall Plug Power Supply by Application Table 2 – Energy Star Minimum Energy Performance Classification Table 3 – Department of Energy Proposed Product Classifications Figures Figure 1 – Apple’s iPad Figure 2 – Integrated Device Technology IDT P95020 Figure 3 – Example of HB-LEDs for Channel Lighting Figure 4 – External In-line Power Supply (TDK Lambda) Figure 5 – External Wall Plug Power Supply (Phihong) Figure 6 – NetBit Folding AC Plug and USB Outlet Figure 7 – Power Integrations LinkZero-LP Figure 8 – Standard USB Plug Figure 9 – Combination USB Port / AC-DC Power Supply Figure 10 – SuperSpeed USB Figure 11 – USB Wall Socket Figure 12 – Friwo UP-USB Solution Figure 13 – TruePower Socket Solution Figure 14 – UPAMD Universal Power Adapter Arrangement Figure 15 – Green Plug Greenwire System Figure 16 – PoE Midspan Figure 17 – Microsemi Single Port PoE Midspan Extender Figure 18 – Phihong 2 Port 95 per Port PoE Ethernet Mega Midspan Figure 19 – Powermat Wireless Charger Figure 20 – Duracell myGrid Figure 21 – Consumer Products Using DC Power Figure 22 – EMerge Alliance Standard 1.0 Figure 23 – Examples of DC Power in a Commercial Facility Executive Summary : The outlook for the worldwide ac-dc external power supply market is expected to remain strong over the next several years. as manufacturers scramble to produce products designed for the latest demanding high tech applications.php… 3/9 .com/…/product_info_print. portable medical and lighting segments. smaller form factors. computer. the desire to produce smaller and darnell. A particularly significant technological and architectural challenge for power supply manufacturers includes a growing trend towards smaller configurations that leave room for added functionality and processing power. consumer.

One of the more important trends examined in the power supply market is the reduction of standby power in consumer products such as appliances. Several companies have targeted ac- dc adapters/chargers for digital control. The introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting as an application for external power supplies represents a significant development for the industry. Many of the new IC solutions target chargers and adapters for a broad range of small portable devices. a number of companies have been quite successful and have introduced new products that are small. eBook readers and tools. A specific area of opportunity is in channel letter lighting. there are three main programs: the California Energy Commission (CEC). are demanding that power supply manufacturers provide products able to achieve the ultra-low standby power performance. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that the external power adapter market will no longer be eligible for the Energy Star label.darnell. Both digital power management and power factor correction (PFC) are starting to make inroads in the external ac-dc power supply market. assisted by strengthened…/product_info_print. Signs present the greatest area of opportunity for LEDs and bring a number of important advantages to the market. including mobile phones. In Europe there is the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive formally known as the Energy using Products (EuP) Directive and the European Code of Conduct (CoC). from full load to as low as 10%… lighter products often poses serious challenges for the power supply designers. which include a strong demand for lighting equipment which is smaller. LEDs are growing in popularity because they are following the major trends in the lighting industry. both of which are mandatory. Others currently offer controllers for off-line applications such as cordless phones. End users. more efficient and meet strict regulatory guidelines. In addition. In the US. as most LED channel letter systems are easily installed and many can be powered from a simple external ac-dc power supply. which is voluntary. US Congress with its Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). The two most obvious are lower energy consumption (up to 80% more efficient than neon) and longer operating lives compared with neon or other illumination alternatives. Despite this challenge. In an effort to address this problem. a number of semiconductor companies have introduced integrated circuit (IC) solutions that enable power supply systems to comply with stringent no-load and standby power requirements. and the Energy Star program. routers. regulatory moves in Europe. These rules are combined with a number of application-specific standards that require high power supply efficiency across the entire load range. Other parts of the world that are enacting legislation darnell. as power supplies must often fit into a standard format already in use in order to avoid the expense of a costly system re-design. smarter and more colorful. portable electronics and computer systems.S. mini-adapters. wireless modems and other external ac-dc chargers/adapters. there are still a number of voluntary and mandatory programs that are tasked with regulating load power consumption and operating efficiency in external power supplies. and elsewhere mandate high power factor for many electronic products with power requirements over 75W and for lighting products over 5W.3/29/2011 www.php… 4/9 . portable media players. the United States. Although the U.

Among the areas examined in this report are the architecture and packaging trends affecting the industry. as well as a thorough discussion of new and emerging technologies and components. The USB has effectively replaced a variety of other interfaces such as serial and parallel ports and poses a serious threat to lower wattage external power supplies.3/29/2011 www. aircraft and cars so that a dc supply becomes as ubiquitous as the mains. MP3/MP4 players and ebook reader markets. trains. Although the external power supply industry is much too large for any one or two companies to affect the entire industry. relevant business partnerships and… are basing their limits primarily on previous Energy Star requirements. hotel rooms. The focus of this comprehensive analysis provides decision makers with an insightful look into the current and future opportunities and threats available in the external ac-dc market. the introduction of wireless charging pads. In addition. Eventually. product introductions. others have been between semiconductor manufacturers and power supply manufacturers.darnell. Examples of this can be seen in cell phones. In order to see this project through. In a development that could have a significant impact on the manufacturers of external power supplies. depicting a variety of new and emerging technologies. UPAMDs could be fitted as standard in homes. the growing use of Power-over- Ethernet (PoE) and the eventual emergence of dc power are also expected to provide external ac-dc power supplies with significant competition. packaging solutions. Several of these partnerships have been between power supply manufacturers and consumer/commercial electronics applications manufacturers. efficiency standards and other relevant information. the IEEE initiated a working group called P1823 whose goal is to develop a specification for what it calls a “universal power adapter for mobile devices” – shortened to UPAMD. advances in standby power management. there have been a number of recent partnerships and alliances indicating a trend towards cooperation among companies representing complementary areas of interest and expertise.php… 5/9 . while still others have been between companies whose products are in seemingly different areas. potential threats and the latest regulatory developments and standards. The common thread among these partnerships and alliances is that each one was done to further the advancement of a specific technology or product trend. One of the more visible threats to the external power supply market comes from the growing use of universal serial bus (USB) power in the consumer electronics market. Countries Covered : darnell. the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has initiated a project to establish a standard smart dc power supply that could eventually eliminate the need to carry around multiple power…/product_info_print. The establishment of an industry-wide standard is viewed by many as a critical step toward the replacement of brand – and model-specific analog power adapters with digital power supplies that can be used and reused with multiple devices. The report also contains over 25 tables and illustrations.

php… 6/9 .com/market/product_info… Worldwide Companies Mentioned : ABB Adranz-Bombardier Advanced Power Solutions Alcatel Alfa Lavel Amazon Android Apex Precision Power Apple Computer ARM Holdings Astrodyne Atmel Ault AU Optronics Australian Greenhouse Office Australian National Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee Avnet Black & Decker Bosch British Telecom California Energy Commission CamSemi Canadian Standards Association Canon Chill Semiconductor China Energy Conservation Project China National Institute of Standardization China Standard Certification Center Cincon Electronics Co.3/29/2011 www. Ltd. Cirrus Logic Component Distributors Consumer Electronics Association Craftec Data System International Dell Computer Delta Electronics Digital Living Network Alliance Duracell Electric Power Research Institute Emblaze Mobile Emerge Alliance…/product_info_print.

php… 7/9 . International Electrotechnical Commission International Energy Agency iWatt Jerome Industries Korea Energy Management Corp. Korea Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories LG Electronics Lite-On Technology Lucent Lv Jianhua Makita Marvell Technology Group Mean Well Microsemi Microsoft Motorola Mobility NEC NetBit Nexergy darnell. Ltd.Highland Capital Partners iD Soft Capital Group Imagination Technologies Infineon Integrated Device Technology Intel International Components Corp.darnell.3/29/2011… Emerson Network Power Energy Independence and Security Act Energy Star European Code of Conduct European Commission Ecodesign Directive Fairchild Semiconductor Flybridge Capital partners Freescale Semiconductor Friwo Fujitsu Gateway Green Plug Hewlett-Packard HTC Huawei Technologies IBM IEEE iGo Green Technology Hakuto…/product_info_print.

com/market/product_info… Nintendo Nokia Nvidia Olympus On Semiconductor Panasonic Panorama Capital Phihong Philips Power Box Power Integrations Powermat USA Power Partners Premier Farnell Prime View International Protek Power Qi Low Power Standard Qualcomm Renesas Research in Motion Roal Electronics Rolls Royce Saab Salcomp Samsung SemiSouth Laboratories Siemens Sigma Partners SL Power Electronics Sony Ericsson ST Microelectronics Standards Institute of Israel TCT Mobile TDK Lambda Texas Instruments Thomson Tom Tom Trueower Trumbler Technologies TRUMPower Underwriters Laboratories USB Implementers Forum U.S. Department of Defense VantagePoint Venture Partners…/product_info_print.php… 8/9 .3/29/2011 www. Environmental Protection Agency U.

Components and Materials Partnerships and Business Alliances Recent Product Developments Competitive Environment Darnell Group 1159 Pomona… Volvo Wal-Mart Wireless Power Consortium XP Power Summary : Topics Covered: Application Segments Architecture and Packaging Trends Standards and Regulatory Framework for Development Advances in Standby Power Management Potential Technology Threats Advancements in Technology.darnell. Corona. Suite B.3/29/2011…/product_info_print.php… 9/9 . CA 92882 (951) 279-6684 (phone) (951) 273-9505 (fax) darnell.