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! Publication of Praise Temple Church of God


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The resurrection of Jesus Christ stands as the penultimate moment
of all time and eternity. It is the proof of the Gospel and the test of @ !    
faith. It is the very dividing line that separates the Christ of
Christianity from the Christ of secularism and the Christ of world @ !      

religions. @ ! !"# 
Was Jesus the Son of the Living God or a good man whose ideas @ ! !$    

were ahead of their time? Consider the resurrection. Was He the
Way, the Truth, and the Life or merely a good teacher of important 
truths? Consider the resurrection. Is the church that carries His
Name the very elect of Heaven, establishing the Kingdom of God in
!pril 24th is %¢&#
this lost world or is it a society of sad men deceiving themselves? %#!, Easter Morning, the day
Consider the resurrection. in which particularly celebrate the
ultimate victory of Christ Jesus, by
If Christ is raised from the dead, then he was raised by His Father
and all the wonderful promises of the Book are true. If Christ is His abandonment of the grave,
raised from the dead, then sin is defeated, death is dethroned, and putting death in its place and
our glorious future is forever determined and it is secure. If Christ is proving the eternal life which He
raised from the dead, then He was right and we are made righteous offers today. The Kingdom R! Ers
once and for all.
youth band will have a special for
Now here is the exciting kicker. We can know that Christ was us, as well as the general church
raised by the resurrection life abiding within us right now. Do you choir. Even the unsaved have a
recognize the Spirit of God at work in your heart and in your
church? Have you noticed the change of life that came about since
reputation for attending church on
you believed? The resurrection is proof of the Gospel and life in Easter. Make sure you're there!
Christ is proof of the resurrection! Rejoice Christian, for the
message is certain. You are born again!




Rev. Mark Dunfee ( will be visiting us on the first
Sunday of !pril, to bring a powerful touch of the Spirit of God. Rev. Dunfee
brings with him decades of ministerial experience, as well as a reputation of
one who hears from God and shares prophetically. Come expecting God to
speak through his servant into your situation.


On Saturday, !pril 16th @10:00 a.m., Praise Temple Church of God is publicly screening the newest, just
released, Veggie Tales video, 'Twas the Night Before Easter.' This is far more than just a bit of Saturday cinema,
however. Bring your little one to enjoy the show, PLUS games, refreshments, LIVE CHICKS !ND BUNNIES,
crafts, scavenger hunts, and prizes...all for the low, low price of !BSOLUTELY FREE! Goodie Bags are going
out to the first 100 children who "show" up. We can hardly wait to see you there!

With a new month comes a new first Thursday of the month.
Empowered Men and the Women of Praise will be meeting at 7:00 p.m.
on !pril 7th to bond with one another while discovering the Word of
God which is never bound.


(NOT FOR MEN, just in case that was not immediately obvious)... On
!pril 21st the Ladies are headed out to get all prettied up just before
Easter. There will be manicures, pedicures and more. Please see Sister
Judy Langley for details.





Everyone knows that too much salt is a bad thing. Well,
apparently not for the Kingdom R! Ers. On Saturday,
!pril 9th, the youth are headed to Salt Springs for a
relaxing day of swimming, snorkeling, cooking out, and
just plain fun! The convoy pulls out at 8:00 a.m. so don't
be late!

While the youth are snorkeling, the adults will be selling. !
church yard sale, featuring an assortment of household items,
furniture, clothing, etc., is scheduled for !pril 9th from 8 a.m.
- 3 p.m. EVERYTHING MUST GO! Well, except for the
yard. In a twist of verbal irony it seems that we will not
actually be selling that. Come on out, spend some time with
your church family, and spend some money to church benefit.  

On Wednesday nights, the Kingdom R! Ers youth band will be learning a new song, "See His Love" while the
youth in general will be engaged in a new Bible Study of Psalm 27. Meanwhile the adults will continue to be
blessed by sitting under one of the great teachers in Christ's church this era, Dr. Russell Pier. Don't miss your mid-
week meal!


The purse auction is plainly past, but not before planting a
more than poultry product of over 300 pieces of paper money
in the petticoats palms for Providence's prerogative. Praise the
Pervading Potentate for His premium provision! We are also
pleased with your participation.

PTC! Elementary Class on Wacky Wednesday

Ministry Leadership Team,
Please turn in all events for May to Sister Megan by Wednesday, !pril 27th. Thank you!


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Praise Temple Church of God
5910 Bible Camp Road
Groveland, FL 34736