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De La Salle University-Manila

College of Liberal Arts
Theology and Religious Education Department


Course Code : TREDONE
Course Title : Our Quest for the Fullness of Life
Credit Units : 3
Prerequisite : none
Prerequisite to : Tredtwo
Type of Course : Basic
Faculty : Dr. Luis C. Sembrano
Term/Time/Room :

Course Description:
Consumerism, poverty, violence, oppression and ecological
devastation are but manifestations of sin and the spiritual
emptiness we experience in our lives. The complex realities of good
and evil challenge us to make sense of our existence. Bound up by
our unique cultures, religious traditions and spiritualities, we have
our own stories about this search for the meaning of life. The course
aims to help students understand the role faith plays as they
grapple with the questions and concerns towards the fullness of
life. As the course looks at the distinctiveness of Christianity and
the different faith expressions, students are led to discover and
critically appreciate the life-giving roots exemplified in their own
beliefs, norms and rituals. They deepen their understanding for
others by recognizing the truth, goodness and beauty found in the
different religious traditions.
By developing the skills for religious respect and tolerance,
dialogue and unity, they open themselves to inter-religious and
ecumenical dialogue. This dialogue and sharing of spiritual gifts
from the great traditions in turn show the way to promoting justice,
peace and the integrity of creation.

Overall Course Objectives:
By the end of the trimester, the students are expected to be able to:
1. Understand and appreciate the dynamics of faith in their
search for the fullness of life as experienced in one’s
cultural-religious contexts;
2. Describe the key fundamental beliefs, practices and gifts
of the major faith traditions and their contributions towards
fullness of life (particular attention will be given to faith
traditions as lived in Asia and the Philippines);

Jesus. Draw out wisdom and inspiration from their own faith traditions to live fully. Faith. Faith and Reason 3 hrs c.5 hrs a. The Catholic Church and Dialogue 3 hrs b. Course Content: Module 1 Our Search for the Meaning of life (Cultures. Celebrating the Presence of Jesus Module 4 Witnessing as Faith Communities (Concrete Lived Spirituality) 3 hrs a.5 hrs g. Catholicism h. 5. Jesus and the Christian Community 3 hrs c. Faith and Culture 3 hrs b. The Word made Flesh 3 hrs b. Hinduism d. 3.5 hrs e. Dynamics of Worldviews. Protestantism 1. Islam 1. Understanding and appreciating one’s Lived Spirituality Module 5 Inter-Religious Dialogue in the Philippines 3 hrs a. Looking into one’s Lived Cultural Spirituality 3 hrs b. General Principles on Dialogue . Buddhism 1. Folk Spiritualities 1. Divine Revelation and Faith Module 2 The Wisdom and Inspiration in the great Faith Traditions Towards fullness of life (Spiritualities and Religious Movements in the Philippines) 1. El Shaddai Module 3 The Christian Perspective on Fullness of life (Christian Paradigm and Spirituality) 3 hrs a.5 hrs c. Judaism f. and Spiritualities: Dynamics) 3 hrs a.5 hrs i. cooperation and solidarity among various faith traditions. Display attitudes and skills towards dialogue. 4. Iglesia ni Kristo j. Indigenous Spiritualities b. Nurture and enhance a committed and passionate religious faith.

a. Church. The purpose of integration papers is to help you participate in class discussions. Individual Research and Participation: Questions Related to God. writing and discussion. e. Class Participation = 25% • Quizzes/ Assignments/ Reflection-reaction papers/ Group Activities/Presentations = 50% • Finals (Video Presentation) =15% • Final Grade is the average of your grade during midterms and during finals . their great Teacher/s and His Teachings. Sacraments Assessment and evaluation • Rubrics for assessment provided in each module • Personal Integration papers • Parish/Faith Community Involvement=10%. to allow you articulate in your own words significant concepts and ideas raised in your readings. views on Life. c. views on Happiness. Faith Life d. a. Faith Community Involvement (10 hours) 4. Life Line c. class discussions. • Class Behavior/Attendance. Salvation . and to facilitate connections between then and your own life experiences. Rediscovering My Spirituality 2. My World View e. activities and lectures. This course requires a significant amount of reading. Contexts of My Faith f. the World. views on other Religions 3. d.Methodologies and Strategies • Transformative learning approaches and strategies • Lecture and Reporting • Film and documentary viewing and analysis • Individual and group Research • Faith Community Involvement Requirements: 1. God. Individual/Group research and Presentation on the Different faith Traditions focusing on their spiritualities. Coat of Arms b. Personal Integration Papers. brief history b. Bible.

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