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Increase the capacity (runtime) of your laptop battery.
by xeijix on May 15, 2007

Table of Contents

License: Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Intro: Increase the capacity (runtime) of your laptop battery. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

step 1: External battery pack? Rip it apart and never think of using an external pack again! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

step 2: How laptop batteries work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

step 3: Parts list . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

step 4: Preparation/setup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

step 5: Safety first: test the darn thing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

step 6: Completion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

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but not anymore). The core of the smart circuit does not control the charging cutoff and output cutoff when the gauge goes to 100% or 0% (older model laptops do. that was wrong. However. thus the battery cells used to increase the voltage does not attribute to the amp hours. Complete pack. they are connected in series. one can use the battery pack until it drains fully. it won't be a problem. Thus. thus is not so weary of watching how much power it drains. Is your laptop battery dead? Is the runtime not long enough to get you through the day? Do you carry one of those huge external battery packs? This instructable is intended to show how one may replace the dead li-ion/li-poly cells of a laptop battery and how one may increase the capacity of the battery by adding extra cells. There's a 'smart circuit' in the battery pack that monitors the conditions of the battery cells. a difference of 9 volts is significant. however. thus it is possible at times my tablet is drawing 2. The power brick for my tablet outputs 2. Charging and discharging cutoff is done by a secondary monitoring circuit that monitors a one of two states called "end voltage" or "end amperage". Now on to the nitty gritty.instructables. That's about 2 li-ion cells wasted just to match the voltage. if one is missing about 20% of their battery capacity due to the gauge being offsetted. just the computer's). However. it does not do what a lot of people say it does. Most people would say not to mess around with the smart circuit. If one were to turn that option off. So for those who believe that they must charge and discharge their batteries once a month or so to "recalibrate" the battery are wrong. and two 'intermediary power' wires (actually the ground wire is just the tab on the right). completely ignoring the fact that the battery meter is flashing 0% (Because the meter does not control the battery's cutoff point. They are not guaranteed to charge evenly (refer to resistance in series in a physics text). However. the only reason why one would need to recalibrate is because they want to utilize the hibernation/shut off option when the capacity reaches too low. the cell is physically dead (so forget about the term 'digital memory loss'). The reason why adding extra cells to the internal battery is suggested compared to carrying around an external battery pack is that for the same amount of cells in an external pack. I've bought external battery packs before and have calculated how long it should last using watt hours instead of amp hours. The smart circuit merely lets the enduser (laptop user) know how long they have before the battery runs out and let them turn on special options such as hibernation in order to save their work.5 . However. They are somewhat redundant as well. http://www. Lithium cells output about 3. which is indicative of how long the battery pack should last. The battery pack would need to output 20v in order to power my tablet. So what would one do in order to increase the runtime of one's battery pack? Forget the external pack. Another problem with using external packs is that the laptop would think that it's connected to an outlet. But if handled correctly. That is.5 amps from the external pack. not the actual capacity of the battery. lasts 9 hours as opposed to the 3 hours w/ the original number of cells. power. and they are correct. just add more cells to the internal one.7v * 3 cells or about 11volts. The battery pack is rated for 3. the laptop can run significantly longer if those cells were used internally. step 1: External battery pack? Rip it apart and never think of using an external pack again! So what's the voltage rating on your internal battery pack? What's the rating on your power brick? Lets use my tablet computer as an example.License: Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) Intro: Increase the capacity (runtime) of your laptop battery. The intermediatary power wires are sandwhiched between every series connection of the battery pack so that it monitors each individual cell. It has four wires running out of it: ground. the power brick outputs 20v. in order to increase voltage. which is very bad especially since it's lithium. The image below is a typical smart circuit. it only recalibrates the gauge. charging a "pack" by adding power through the positive node and negative node of the whole battery pack is dangerous. no number of charge and discharge cycles can bring the battery back to life. This means one cell may overcharge and explode. Image Notes 1. if the li-ion cell is dead/dying. Like all batteries. step 2: How laptop batteries work Laptop batteries are complicated pieces of equipment. the internal batt pack only requires an average of 1 amp per hour. However.7 volts.

obtain nth times the number of cells in your battery pack (an original pack of 3 cells can have 6. -NOTE: do not remove dead battery cells from battery pack (explained later on) -if you're increasing the capacity of battery pack.9. you can add cells in parallel. That is. wire cutters. -NOTE: once again. As for choosing the capacity. bigger is better. two in parallel. etc) step 4: Preparation/setup Safety preparations -put sand in can (picture below) -place fire extinguisher someplace close Battery preparations -if you're just replacing your dead cells with new ones. (a pack with 3 cells in series can accomodate 6 cells (pairs in parallel) in series. My battery pack below has 3 sets of 4 cells in parallel. new lithium ion or lithium polymer cells (make sure you know which your battery uses) duct tape (geek's best friend) Other things as you see fit (second hand soldering helper. etc) -for every series connection in the original pack. . Image Notes 1.instructables. and attach those pairs in series. which are connected in series. middle and right. Ground step 3: Parts list Parts: Soldering gun Solder (but of course) SAND (A MUST) BIG METAL CAN WITH LID (A MUST) fire extinguisher (somewhat a must depending on how careful you are) wires alligator clips Laptop dead battery undead battery (zombie batteries) I mean. Power wire 2. wire strippers.12 cells. obtain the same number of cells. etc) any number of cells in parallel is ok. -Note how the cells are connected in series and parallel. and solder your new battery pack the same way. (note: parallel groups are separated as left. do not remove the original cells from the battery pack. second intermediary wire 4. first intermediary wire 3. ) Wires are also connected so that I can solder the new pack to the smart circuit easily.

intermediatary pin 7. A 4 cell battery would have 3 intermediary wires. Sand 1. Since mine has three cells. it has two intermediary wires. intermediary pin Image Notes 1. 4 cells in parallel 2. in can 2. ground pin 5. Yet another 4 in parallel 4. Number of intermediary wires vary between laptop batteries. etc. 2. Another four in parallel 3. power pin 6. It would only make your laptop last longer =]. http://www.instructables. Image Notes Image Notes . Add as many cells in parallel as you'd like.

This is when you should watch over the battery pack intently. so you won't kill the circuit board. So.) -Plug in the battery circuit into the laptop and place it FAR AWAY from the battery pack. then you're in good shape. depending on the type of circuit used to count the "electrons" (some use ic's called electron counters).68 v to 7 v so a power brick at 12 v is ok). you can reuse your dead cell as a temporary power source while soldering on the new pack. shrink wrap it with rubber shrink wrap. adding more cells won't change the 'estimated hours left' displayed by the laptop. -Update 2: At first I thought my smart board fuel gauge circuit was of fixed capacity. End Voltage type circuit is ok.step 5: Safety first: test the darn thing I've seen some people who've posted how-to's for replacing laptop cells immediately replace the cells seal the battery and use it. You might wonder why worry about the gauge if it doesn't contribute to charge and discharge cutoff. But remember to add a resistor between either the anode or cathode of the power brick and the circuit. and fit it back into the plastic housing if its the same number of cells. because it might explode (sand should stifle the fire. If you worry about this. the circuit is typically end voltage. it might assume the capacity to be fixed as well. thus the estimated capacity won't be proportional. from my experience. (Not connecting intermediate pins should be ok. this is because the number of hours might be a fixed range. -Update: I forgot to mention. -Solder it permanently to to the circuit. From my experience. attach alligator clip w/ wires to the new pack and bury it in the sand (don't forget which clip belongs to which wire) -Here's the tricky part (yet another thing other how-to's messed up. until the physical battery drains until 7%. be careful around rechargeable lithium batteries. Depending on the type of "smart" fuel gauge.8 hours total runtime depending if I'm constantly using my secondary hard drive accessed via USB and/or lcd backlight levels) http://www. -And remember. but immediately unplug the battery from the laptop. The quality of the cells purchased is unknown. however. what if you're using alligator clips. If you can tell what type you have just by looking at the circuitry. This is extremely dangerous. even for a second can kill the li-ion cells. sometimes a batch can go undetected) -So. or you can even use a power brick with about the same voltage as the whole battery pack (a 11. it was my test battery) is because the circuit requires a constant power supply or the smart circuit guage messes up. Now it knows the capacity of my new pack and estimates accordingly (ranges from 9 . then completely discharge it. Or simply.instructables. (manufacturers of laptop batteries quality test their batteries before shipping them . so it still effectively alerts the user when the battery is drained after below 7%. However. -However. This is because the laptop requires a signal from the circuit before the laptop will turn on (in case the cells are thought to be drained and draining more. connect the new pack to the circuit before disconnecting the original battery cells. but end amperage is no good.) The reason why I said not to disconnect the original (dead) cells from the smart circuit (which I inadvertently did. which is a temporary connection? How can you disconnect and solder on permanent connections? Either. Who doesn't love Ronon step 6: Completion -If your battery doesn't explode/catch on fire. then charge it again.) The fear here is the type of secondary circuit used to monitor end states. Test the battery pack. solder on the new connections while leaving the clips connected.1 v pack actually ranges from 12. if not be creative and line the cells up so it fits nicely below/behind/etc your laptop. that means the circuit is good/the cells are good. but if you can't there's always the fear of an explosion. Battery in sand in can 1. just truncated. something's wrong with the battery). the number of hours left or % capacity left might be proportional to the actual number. but after a few complete discharges. One might think that even if it's a fixed range. Use duct tape or if you have. Image Notes Image Notes 1. Don't worry. and needs to be tested. I haven't tried. the capacity gauge stops at about 7%. Charge is first. unless you want to cook your lap. And sadly. it recalibrated.

all old cells read out +-4volts without load . 2011. however further testing of the old cells made me doubt whether the cells are . or maybe if the circuit-board is defective. resulting in 2 blown adapters before i found this out.battery only had power for +-10 minutes . Ted_lens says: Dec 16.. So I ripped this thing apart and found 6 us18650gr cells inside.under load they all give me about is the deal: My toshiba batterypack broke down a while ago.7 volts... Related Instructables Increase battery Homemade No-Minute How to extend Run a laptop of life for jerkstopper Laptop Stand by the life of your How to make electronics by (laptop cable Bill in Detroit laptop's battery some old your laptop Plasmana retention charge by batteries by ll. great instructable! your instructable and some other sources made me confident enough to rip apart my broken laptop battery. lasts 9 hours as opposed to the 3 hours w/ the original number of cells.. Image Notes 1. could it be possible that the circuit-board screwed up here instead of the individual cells? would be uncool since.. 1:55 PM REPLY 1st of all. unplug the power supply)? Sounds like the smart circuit just died although I've never encountered such a thing before. can you run on battery only (ie. So i ordered 6 unprotected replacement cells which are being shipped to me right now. 2011.instructables. 11:22 AM REPLY Hmm. 2010. these cells are unprotected and wired to some electronic board like a lot of batterypacks are. in that case i might have ordered some useless batteries. 5:03 PM REPLY So it just stopped working? How did it stop working? Can you boot it up with the battery then it runs out of battery after a few usecs/secs/minutes? Can you boot it up with battery and power supply in place. . symptoms were: . Does this mean i didn't have to waste my money on a replacement laptop battery ? xeijix says: Jan 4. What a joke. and when it fully boots. Could anybody share their thoughts on this? http://www.13 conserve device) by computerwiz_222 battery power nimcap with minimal performance loss by gamerguy13 Comments 50 comments Add Comment view all 91 comments boostergold1 says: Jan 4.. Complete pack. i have always been suspicious when my battery was holding a charge for several hours one day and then the next it quit working all together immediately as i was working on it.batterypack drew large amount of current when charging.

I was replacing my dead cells from a tutorial I found online. so it will be huge. the person has a dedicated input for the laptop battery during swap. You'll just need to purchase a voltage up converter to reach the correct voltage level for the laptop's charging port. 2010. that would depend on whether your laptop supports hot swapping laptop batteries (some lets you swap when you place the laptop on standby) laptop-batteries-let-you-keep-the-juice-flowing/ might work(although in the picture.all-battery. perhaps more powerful charger. 2010. However. So to swap. in our implementation. its hard to find some one willing to give out advice on laptop batteries. 2010. something like that (although that is specifically for that laptop model) y2j514 says: May . you would need to charge through your laptop or a special external battery dock that the manufacturer may (or may not) sell. 4:26 PM REPLY so would it be possible to build the pack with its own smart circuit? xeijix says: May 16. we will use the replacement laptop battery to charge via the laptop charge port). and have the cable connected to the smart circuit and contact pins of the laptop battery w/o any cells in the original battery chassis. and connect that circuit directly to the voltage out of the laptop battery. As for a more powerful charger. 2010. 11:46 AM REPLY great tutorial!! i want to build one that will fit in my back pack and connect via a second cable. you would plug in the replacement battery via the laptop charge port. It was disconnected for over 2 weeks. i didnt understand. If not. you'll need to find a way to do it. this would e between the smart circuits and the laptop. Martin xeijix says: Sep 22. remove the cable from the replacement battery to the laptop charge port. On top of that. grimgroper says: May 16. what would happen if they were unevenly discharged? say i unplugged the laptop drained the internal battery then plugged the back pack one in after.. etc. The only way you can do it would be to just make a huge battery pack that's in your bag or something. does the smart circuit control the recharge?(would i be able to recharge the second set of cells with a separate charging circuit rather than through the laptop. When one runs dry. And if you're connecting cells in parallel that are unevenly charged. The circuit board needs to keep track of the charging and discharging of the cells. 10:05 PM REPLY okay yep that makes sense. in the scenario I've just described. 2010. put in the replacement battery. xeijix says: May 17. so will i be able to use a different laptops smart circuit or will i have to use the same one as in the laptops original battery? i will connect some sort of relay circuit with a capacitor (to make an uninterrupted switch between batteries) to disconnect the internal battery when the external one is grimgroper says: May 16. xeijix says: May 16. 2010. 11:17 AM REPLY These two sites have what you are looking for: http://www. Great Tutorial! Can you tell me where you got the replacement Lithium batteries for you LS800? I have hunted the internet like a demon and I cannot find anything that seems suitable except the AA Essentially its just a large battery pack but the place you store the cells would be away from the rest of the battery.batteryspace. Something like this: www. For uninterrupted switching. When I put the new battery pack in windows detects the battery at 0% and if i remove the AC power it turns off immediately (like you said the gauge is wrong).. Is there anyway to fix this?!?! Thanks! http://www.. grimgroper says: May 16. Since you want to option of carrying a larger battery pack (or not). some of the energy stored in the charged cells will go towards charging the depleted http://www. They did not however warn about the smart circuit needing power. you cannot severe the connection between the cells and the smart circuit. 2010. you just need two laptop batteries. visa versa. 10:10 PM REPLY So I went about doing this before I found your instructable. 6:25 PM REPLY Not the way I imagine you want it. martinlass says: Sep 22. www.engadget. 7:48 AM REPLY Sorry that's not what I meant. that won't be good for the cells. 12:21 PM REPLY definitely don't do that. ) thanks for you help. i suggest getting a second laptop battery and stripping that for its smart circuit and stuff. 10:37 AM REPLY Hi xeijix. Simply stated. swap it (of course the replacement laptop battery will be your super huge one). possibly 20 cells. remove the used-up laptop battery (at this point the laptop will get its energy from the replacement battery). 2010. You'll still have to swap the batteries when the original is low.

then I don't know what else you can do. It would seem like your circuit is fried. 2010. its not communicating with the battery at all =( What are my options? To change the 'Battery->Critical battery action->'On battery' setting to "Do nothing" using powercfg. 2010. cyz980313 says: Apr 9. click 'continue') 3. 5:08 PM REPLY One trillion percent sure there s a charge. type 'cmd' in start menu. it says the battery is at 0% and NOT charging. I expanded my laptop's battery using some old dell battery packs. recharge the battery while leaving the laptop off. if u over charge them. I found this online.I think it's more of these batteries taking alot of abuse. Either one will catch on fire if overcharged as I've explained in the instructable. Ran into a tiny snag. The smart circuit only prevents you from turning the laptop on if the circuit reports that its empty. . 2009. Has to be the smart circuit. xeijix says: May 6. is there anywhere I can purchase a new working circuit board? =( xeijix says: May 8. the circuit board is trade secret (although its not really) the point is. 11:17 AM REPLY motion computing LS800. Repeat over and over again and hope that the smart circuit resets. Overcharging. 2010. 2009. and it allowed me tell windows to do nothing if the battery reads critical. damaged in crashes. I then disconnected the AC and the laptop just died. they'll catch on fire. 3:49 PM REPLY I tried this. and I've given enough warnings. sites. 2010. Had it plugged in for a night before booting. Aside from ordering a new battery. 6:28 AM REPLY I'm sure you mean well. but the lipo batteries are really dangerous. My multimeter reads a voltage. 2009. 2009. like all manufacturers. When windows boots. 5:43 PM REPLY Inspired by this guide. etc. y2j514 says: May 7. http://www. Then repeat the discharge. 9:16 PM REPLY u said we could use lithium polymer battery. If you turn that option off. once you're booted into windows and you disable the critical battery action. activate the power scheme you want to modify. People have been holding Lipo's now to their face (cell phone) for some years now.instructables. open an elevated command console (windows key. No way they should explode that violently in normal use in some of the pictures I've masterchrisx3 says: Sep 29. 4:26 PM REPLY Have you actually tried charging the battery while the laptop was off before hand? It's very likely the cells are physically depleted. Lipo's are actually safer as they contain less flameable liquid electrolyte. Ill try connecting the known to be working old cells and see if it works suddenly. it should definitely continue running until the cells actually run dry. so i suggest that u delete that suggestion! xeijix says: Apr 10. You can not simply tell windows to "do nothing" for a critical battery . i know because by r/c car was destroyed because of li po batteries. press "ctrl+shift+enter". they don't like selling these sorta stuff to end users. Technically. 2010. Explosions are rare. It's up to the user to be safe. 11:30 PM REPLY There are classic lithium ion cylindrical cells.says: Oct 27. hansonsux says: Mar 29. but ALL devices nowadays use either lithium polymer or lithium ion. xeijix says: May 7. it should reset. If not. 7:29 AM REPLY Didn`t work! Guess the bloody chip is corrupt. the laptop is forced to hibernate when its below a certain battery level. It's been discontinued though. and ignoring all safety warnings. Once you do that. If you're sure the cells have some charge. your current power scheme will show "Battery->Critical battery action->On battery: Do nothing" despite the option being unavailable in the drop box. and Lithium-Polymer (Lipo). you should be able to leave the laptop on until the battery actually discharges. y2j514 says: May 7. Overheating. As with RC stuff fires . It doesn't make sense that it would immediately die if you unplug the AC if there is charge in the cells. 8:28 AM REPLY sorry dude. despite the media hypeing the few cases when defecticve batteries have gone off. y2j514 says: May 8. 11:23 PM REPLY did you turn off the battery warning action option in the battery manager window? Typically.exe 1.well that is you can not do it through normal means. 2009. 2010. 9:22 PM REPLY nice tablet pc what kind is it? xeijix says: Sep 30. execute "powercfg -setdcvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_BATTERY BATACTIONCRIT 0" 4. you won't be able to fix it unless you happen to have extensive knowledge of how to program the smart circuit with the proper values. j. If the data stored on the circuit isn't corrupt. shorts.

Do this over and over (max # of tries is 5-ish. 2008. Mikey xeijix says: Apr 26. 11:21 AM REPLY Hi. I know the math and the soldering skills to do this. 2009. Unfortunately. and I had to use it with the battery monitoring warning options turned off (the status would stay at 0% for all 6 hours). there are other tutorials out there where they did not even mention that you need to keep the circuit charged. and reslodering. 11:08 AM REPLY I'm assuming the contacts are fairly long. (I verified it. Capacity is 4400 mAh and last 1. So it's worth a try. Are you saying the battery pack isn't working? If the smbus controller is dead (not powering the laptop correctly) you really need a jtag programmer and knowledge of the communication protocol to fix that. alex-sharetskiy says: Nov 8. 10:16 AM REPLY Does it stop charging at 80%? cause it should read 100% if the computer actually stops charging the battery. It may jump to 80% after you unplug the power cable. then the charge afterwards does half of the calibration and the second drain calibrates the other half. However. Did you calibrate the battery as described in the last step of this instructable? You don't have to mod a battery pack to calibrate the batteries. xeijix says: Nov 17. Turn it back on.5 hours) computer estimated. you should do this once every month or so. 2009. It still "worked" in a sense that I was lucky that the state of the charge circuit was such that it was good enough to fool the laptop to turn on. thanks for the quick reply. 8:14 PM REPLY you need flux and need to heat the tabs a bit longer..(darn!) Can anyone lead me someplace for troubleshooting the battery pack's board? By the way soldering lead and steel don't solder well... 2009.. xeijix says: Jan 22. There's a chance it might act like my old pack. I have a Sony VAIO PCG-GRX 570 laptop (Iknow it is old but the computer was $20 and runs good after a small repair to a plat cable. but giving yourself enough contact space for soldering. It seems the contacts has been welded to the board. If you can't rip them off. 2009. more like pulling the plug on a non-battery computer). 2008. Again. 2009. Charge it (while it's turned off). I don't understand what you mean by troubleshooting. you should really need 3: first drain tells the batteries you're calibrating. 2009. However. 2008. three minutes remaining.. and you might as well test if the calibration went well by draining it) sonicdude10 says: Aug 27. That is what I did in actuality.) Battery is a replacement li-ion PCGA-BP2NX and I counted 8 pins on the connection. The computer off or battery bad? I want to use controller with better cells (a LOT more cells) if it is still good.. I actually removed the old cells without keeping the charge circuit powered. I could not replace mine. I ended up having a longer batt than the package.instructables. But of course you need to charge it once again.) xeijix says: Aug 28. The battery only charges to 80% (about 1. battery is brand new. Could someone advice? Thanks. Help?????? Almost forgot: I am good at electronics and can mod this myself if I knew the proper way. how do I callibrate this to get everything working right before I tear into am dead set on getting around 10 hours of run . you can rip the contacts off of the cells. 2009. which isn't worth it. no number of discharge cycles was able to recalibrate it. 2009. 11:45 PM REPLY More info. or can I simply replace the batteries. sonicdude10 says: Aug 27. Making a case to velcro to the lid won't be too hard either. It should be some option in the control panel or properties option when you get the second mouse button menu over the battery meter. I highly doubt the charge circuit is ok. you can always cut off the contacts. 11:24 PM REPLY What can you tell me about this mod on my computer. Then keep the laptop turned on until it runs out of juice (which will turn it "off". Any ideas from any fellow user(s)? It would be handy to go more than an hour and a half of runtime. 6:33 PM REPLY TO EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! sonicdude10 says: Aug 28. I did try this the whole night only to find out the battery pack's board has to be troubleshoot/tested for failure and eventually the main powerboard on the laptop .. I would suggest getting another 'dead' battery and playing around with that. bombmaker2 says: Oct 10. 9:03 PM REPLY well... If you have some needle nose pliers and perhaps something to wedge the contacts on the cell side.5 hours (computer estimated). 2009. test like you have described. 4:53 PM REPLY The battery meter stops at 80% no matter what. keni_matukoshi says: Nov 17. 12:42 PM REPLY Wow 9 hours of battery life! do you think i ca switch out 18650 with CR123? thanks in advance! http://www.. and hope it recalibrates on it's own? Thanks for your time. but it shouldn't charge to 80% and stop. so I always saw something like warning. 7:42 AM REPLY Hi there. keni_matukoshi says: Jan 22. Mikey D says: Apr 26. What's next after I get the cells and other related components? xeijix says: Aug 29. 2:10 PM REPLY Question: I have already seperated a cell from the pack (I found your instructable after starting the project) Is my charge circuit already damaged. with my first attempt. and let it drain again (making sure the 3% shutdown function is disabled).) KEEP COMPUTING!!!!!! (For several hours anyway. 2009. I do have a soldering iron. 4:56 AM REPLY disable the battery meter's shutdown/hibernation setting when the battery meter hits like 3% or something. You can solder on wires to the freed contacts. I got someone to donate their dead battery.

Of course. 2008. I'll be upgrading my 4cell 14. BTW. You should really make the investment for larger capacity. dying and being overdischarged. you just have to replace them again rak says: Jun 5. Also. more common cells).but im not risking it is there a big chance that it will explode? xeijix says: Jun 3. matching them so that the cells in each string as as identical as possible. 7:10 PM REPLY Why am I a collaborator to this instructables? Derin says: Aug 2. i suggest buying the battery cells in bulk http://www. However.8v or 11. you'll be out the cost of this instructable. please note because of charging characteristics. btw. lol. this is dangerous(not to mention a waste of money) except when special care is taken! The smart board in your laptop is only used to having a known number of cells in parallel on a certain string.000mAh monster. even when matched(in addition to wear/life)). but you CAN'T use li-ion cells if your original cells were li-poly.8 2. 2008. Also I didn't see any information about using protected cells which I would recommend. nedfunnell says: Feb 20. My Dell has the option of 4 or 6 cells at 14. In fact. It's worth it. xeijix says: Nov 8. and possibly whatever genitalia you had the laptop sitting unfortunately close to when it went nuclear. 2008. Overdischarged lithium batteries can and HAVE caught fire and exploded due to excessive discharge. the capacity can be less. 2008. you may use different cells WITH the same capacity to each other but ultimately a GREATER capacity to your original cells. but still very.1 5. 6:30 PM REPLY Oh god. 6:40 PM REPLY very nice idea. they are exceptionally lower in capacity. 2008. 4cell =29wH 6cell=56wH So. BE CAREFUL! (Good instructable. and so there's a special machine at the factory to sort cells. alex-sharetskiy says: Nov 8. However. Even then.battery cells produced right after another in the same factory may not match. PLEASE be careful! I am not just safety mongering here. In fact. 2008. a laptop. there could be a weak cell there. of course nothing bad happens after the cell goes bad. you still might have serious problems.1V either have only 2 intermediary wires inside. but i doubt anyone would want that. but you have to be careful with how it's paired together.) If you've noticed klee27x's comment. Please. 9:43 PM REPLY no and yes. . the smart board reads that voltage and things everything is dandy. it deteriorates it because of a slightly different charging characteristic.000mAh to a 6cell 11. 7:30 PM REPLY I'm pretty sure I specified that all cells should be new in addition to not mixing cells. If this is not done. and inherently dangerous) xeijix says: Feb 20. 2008. Why is this bad. The pack is made of 17670 Li-ion cells which are very hard to come by (and more expensive than other. 2008. As I've said before (i think it was of the comments). you shouldn't use them. Would it be fine to rebuild my pack with different cells of a greater capacity? Great Instructable! Thank you! xeijix says: Jan 15. 2008. any physical cell size would do. 2008. other than short life? Because when there's one fresh cell giving the string voltage. when i should already have a new laptop with one of those new experimental 40 hour nano tech batteries -- yahoo news warlord says: Feb 28. The more likely thing that might happen (and even if it does happen. This actually decreases the chance of explosion significantly because you would have personally tested the battery whereas manufacturers rely on batch testing. Funny that I found this right when I was getting ready to order some new 18650's for my laptop. you have to thoroughly test the battery like I've done. I held a failed lithium battery in my hand today that was dangerously overcharged and had only 20-30 cycles on it's life. 7:46 PM REPLY im going to try this in about 5 years. very dangerous as posted. cells of even slightly different capacity will go nuts and kill each other(this is how laptop batteries normally die. This is NOT a project for newbies! If you screw up and your laptop catches fire. Thanks for the extra reminder. as long as the material used is lithium-ion like your old pack. and these cells which are in parallel are very carefully chosen for being matched. The actual difference can be found in the calculated wH rating. a little reasearch on what batteries are available for your particular brand/model can help you out a lot with your configurations. 5:23 PM REPLY the problem is that i need 12 cells for a total of 8400mah laptop is so old it is equipped with NiMH! rak says: Jun 3. 4:35 PM REPLY CR123 rechargeable lithium ion batteries have a charge monitoring circuitboard built inside them so unless you remove them. LOL. you MAY use li-poly cells if your original cells were li-ion. 8:18 AM REPLY Nope. 11:42 PM REPLY wow.instructables. (oh. 10:39 AM REPLY Nice Instructable. it's highly unlikely) is that the cells go bad and you can tell within a few recharges that the cells are bad. So adding nice new fresh cells to old tuckered out cells will DEFINATELY cause an imbalance. 2008. Not all batteries are limited to multiples of how many cells are currently in your pack.8v Patented says: Sep 20. I would stick to cells made of the same material because even if you can use li-poly. 7:23 AM REPLY Does it matter if the cell size is the same as long as the capacity is greater than or equal to the current capacity? I've got an old Sony Vaio with the PCGA- BP71 battery pack. 2008. do NOT attempt to do the 'adding more batteries in a string' trick unless you use ALL new batteries and match them carefully for voltage. mattnico says: Jan 15.

instructables. It's sister cell may suffer some damage before you discover the problem. As for having each cell come from the same manufacturer and whatnot. view all 91 comments http://www. Connect each cell in parallel. but the other 4 cells can be salvaged. This invites potential damage to all remaming 5 cells when one of the cells eventually . But if you have 2 sets of different cells. 6:50 AM REPLY Suggestion: perhaps I'm mistaken. and it also minimizes the damage when a cell dies. to make a battery of three "double-size" cells. so each double-cell has one cell from each manufacturer tied together. klee27x says: Jan 13. but it looks like you have attached each three cell battery in parallel with one power and one ground lead. well that's true. better. just parallel one of each together. This keeps each cell working in sync. 2008.