Simon East Media & Communications in Ministry Semester 2 2010 Errington, W. & Miragliotta, N. (2007) Media & Politics: An Introduction.

South Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press.

Chapter 2 Week 4 An Overview of the Australian Media
228 words

1. Which medium would you consider the most powerful and why?
Being so broad and interactive, the Internet possesses almost unlimited potential. But I believe television is currently the most powerful and influential medium because of:
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Its central place within lounge rooms nationwide Its accessibility to anyone within range of a broadcast tower (99% of Australians, p.20) Its combination of sound and visual content, and thus the ability to stir emotions (While the internet also exhibits this, the current quality of content, sound and video has not reached that of television.)


The limited number of stations giving each broadcaster a greater influence over the total group of consumers

2. What, in your opinion, does the future hold for radio, television, newspapers and the internet in terms of popular usage?
The internet is already converging with traditional media. Radio, TV and news are increasingly available online. GoogleTV is already promising to further close the gap between television and the internet. But until car radios and lounge room televisions allow for high-quality HD internet streaming the current broadcast mechanisms will retain their popularity. I believe this convergence over the coming decade will lower the requirements for entry into these industries individuals have and will continue to create their own news sources (eg. blogs), video content (eg. YouTube), and streaming radio unhindered by expensive licensing and inauguration. This creates additional content choice for consumers, although I suspect a there

will always be a market for high-quality big-budget productions, although perhaps delivered through on-demand models rather than at fixed timeslots.

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