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Audubon News July 2020

We will have our July meeting by Zoom. Hope all are safe. in terms of tree size and the extent of canopy closure they create.
Stands are inventoried and assigned to one of 9 structural stages.
Topic: Structural Stages and Species Viability, BHNF The BHNF has admitted it is cutting the pine trees at a faster
Time: Friday July, 31st, 2020, 6:30 PM MT rate than the trees can replace themselves. They have very little
Speaker: Kristopher Hennings, Forest Wildlife old growth (structural stage 5) left - less than1 percent (.6 per-
cent) and an inadequate supply of one of their other structural
Program Manager, Black Hills National Forest stages for adult pine stands. If cutting continues at the current
rate, they will run out of saw timber in about 30 years.
Join Zoom Meeting When we have members meetings they are normally towards the end of the month & by Zoom. Notice will at least be
S0loeXNjZWNkQ1FHZW8rRGZmUT09 posted to our web, Facebook pages & e-mailed to members we
have e-mails for. We anticipate meetings at the end of August &
Meeting ID: 858 1534 4021 September.
Passcode: 130343 We also have Zoom working meetings to talk about cam-
You can join in by phone for audio only: paigns on various issues we follow. We anticipate having such
+1 253 215 8782 US Zoom meetings in the next few months, at least on the topics of
+1 301 715 8592 US SD river otters, SD’s mountain lions/bob cats & Forest Service
over cutting of trees. These are not announced by newsletter or
For help with Zoom, contact Nancy Hilding, 605-787-6466 posted to website, but e-mails are sent to folks who have
(h) 605-787-2806 (cell) or You may expressed interest in the campaigns or who follow the issues.
wish to download zoom software in advance (it’s free & a useful We have been fighting against the delisting of SD river
tool) otters from “threatened” & the establishment of a statewide otter
The instructions and Zoom links will also be on our web- trapping season. We are trying to get reintroduction of otters
site’s home page and Facebook pages. Also on our web page is West River. We lost on the delisting but got SD Game, Fish and
more information on BHNF’s overcutting of trees. Parks to reduce the area of the trapping season. We will continue
to fight the season at the next Interim Rules Review Committee
Black Hills National Forest (BHNF) Update - Structural stages meeting on August 18th (they have a vote also). The delisting
are any of several developmental stages of tree stands described was illegally done as GFP provided inadequate public notice.

To reduce mailing expenses & use of volunteer time, PHAS is trying to send as many announcements by e-mail as possible. Please help us keep
you informed by giving us your phone number and e-mail address. PHAS is run by volunteers. We are recruiting new Board members.

Prairie Hills Audubon Society (PHAS) is a Chapter of the National Audubon Society. Our territory is much of West River SD. Nancy Hilding -
President,, 605-787-6466 or 6779; Helen McGinnis - Treasurer,, Doris Respects Nothing -
Secretary,, MaryJo Farrington - Board member, 605- 716-2151; Jim Petersen - Board member,,
PHAS web site :, PHAS Facebook page:

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Pygmy Nuthatches & Brown Creepers

John James Audubon

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