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: Audubon News March 2020

We hope all folks are healthy and safe You can call in to Zoom by phone for audio connection or
connect from your computer, cell phone or I-pad for video con-
Topic: “The Fight to Save the Greater Sage Grouse” ferencing. Telephone callers can listen & also speak. If attending
Speaker: Erik Molvar, Executive Director Western Watersheds on-line via video conference, you can listen/speak & see/be seen.
When: Mar 31, 2020 - 6:30 PM Mountain Time You don’t need a Zoom account to attend by phone or via the
assigned on-line connection, however you may have access to
CORONA VIRUS MITIGATION more “bells and whistles” if you open a free Zoom Account -
SWITCH FROM FACE-TO-FACE The meeting might last an hour & a half. The
to ZOOM MEETINGS. attendance limit is 100 people. Organizations may be using
We have a meeting planned for Tuesday March 31st on the Zoom during the virus pandemic - learn a new communications
Greater Sage Grouse. It was to be at Outdoor Campus West, tool!
which is closed due to Corona Virus. Western Watersheds Project, is one of our co-plaintiffs
We are thus launching an experiment to have this meeting via in our litigation over the sage grouse management on federal
Zoom Video and Audio-conferencing. public lands. We won an injunction against the BLM in Oct
2019. There is a comment deadline of April 6th on BLM’s sup-
Meeting ID: 412 955 5909 # plemental EISs on sage grouse management. The National
Password: 787878 Audubon Society has an on-line comment letter on the SEISs.
Join Zoom Meeting from your browser: Go to the PHAS web site to learn more about the on-going fight to protect the sage grouse. -----
cDFSdk16bWw2azdya0JzQT09 We hope to have another meeting in late April, likely also
by Zoom. If we can work it out, it will be on the river otter in
Dial in and join via phone #: SD, which SD GFP is proposing to take off of the SD’s threat-
1-(253) 215-8782 or 1-(301) 715-8592 ened and endangered species list. The proposed delisting will be
(These #s won’t work from New York, San Jose, Houston or Chicago) considered by the SD GFP Commission at their meeting, May 7-
If you need Zoom explained or web link e-mailed, contact 8 at Custer State Park Event Barn at US Hwy 16A in Custer. We
Nancy at 605-787-6466 (home) or 605-787-2806 (cell), or 787- oppose the de-listing. ----- April 6th is National Audubon
1248 (Skype #), Society's Annual Photo contest submission deadline.

To reduce mailing expenses & use of volunteer time, PHAS is trying to send as many announcements by e-mail as possible. Please help us keep
you informed by giving us your phone number and e-mail address. PHAS is run by volunteers. We are recruiting new Board members.

Prairie Hills Audubon Society (PHAS) is a Chapter of the National Audubon Society. Our territory is much of West River SD. Nancy Hilding -
President,, 605-787-6466 or 6779; Helen McGinnis - Treasurer,, Doris Respects Nothing -
Secretary,, MaryJo Farrington - Board member, 605- 716-2151; Jim Petersen - Board member,,
PHAS web site :, PHAS Facebook page:

Prairie Hills Audubon Society m eeting STANDARD

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P.O. Box 788 HA S MaMarch 3 nference US. POSTAGE
Black Hawk, SD 57718
P day, le-Co PAID
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photo by Dan Licht

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