Section 1



This project is based on computerized sale and purchase of books .the project is developed to support our business because before this we were using manual system..Manual system was time consuming and there was lack of efficiency. So to get rid of, these difficulties, we develop our project. And we want to keep secure our business records. 1.2 Business Context:

This project will automate our business .according to business context, project minimizes the business activity time, it will fulfil all requirements of our business activities so accuracy and efficiency will be acquired. 1.3 Scope:

Scope defines the boundaries and the area in which one is doing the scope also defines what is inside the project and what s outside the project. There will be one user who will use and maintain the system. The customer may also become the part or our system. 1.4 User Characteristics:
o Users should be able to use the computer and should have basic knowledge about computer technology. o The information that the user provides should be accurate. o Users should be able to perform other functions with the system.

Section 2
2.1 System Context:

User will enter in the system by giving user name and password. user name should be in English alphabets and password must contain some numeric digits or alphabets. User name must hove minimum 8 and maximum 16 characters. 2.2 System capabilities:
o it will be use in linx and windows. o System must support at least Pentium 3.


System condition:

First there will be a welcome screen than a form will appear which will contain all links of remaining forms .and the next form will contain the link of all the forms.

1 Business Requirements: It should fulfil all needs of business and will increase the business activities. Functional Requirement: o o o o o 3. memory requirements).4 System constraints: Hardware limitations (timing requirements. User can easily review all the previous purchase and sale invoices. tools. Customer paid the bill and went away.2. 2. parallel operations. Ali searches the book in the record by putting the query in the system a message appears that book is available in our store.ALI was operating the computer. User can easily preview the entire stock list available in database User can easily add remove books in data base . Ali called zubair to give him the required the book. It changes our Manual system to computerized system. Software will be installed in the system and will be operated by a user. specific technologies. Section 3 3. 2. Customer software engineered book written by Dr. and databases to be used. Ali updates the book record. After some time a customer enter in the shop. Ali print the slip and hand over it to customer. So.7 Operational Scenario: There was Friday opened the shop at 9 O¶clock.Amjad. interfaces to other applications.6 Dependencies: This system depends on a n environment in which a Computer and a user must exist.5 Assumptions: There will be only ten thousand records which are maintained by our system easily 2.2 User can search for any product quantity according to its purchase date User can update its stock after purchase and sale. the profit can be increased.

Message will appear for unauthori ed user. 4. pdate. 3. Pri t. 2. User can add . view. User will log in. ser should be authorit to log in. .Use Case Diagram Log In View Edit Update Print Report Discord Delete Text Descri ti of Use Case Diagram. 1. User can print the Receipt for Customer. view the record. report and delete. Have a detail view of record. Preconditions Normal low of Events Alternate flow of events £ §   ¥ ¢ ¤   £¢ ¡ ¦ Name Descri ti     ser ser has a ri ht t add.

Z.U Book Corner. Multan Item New Item Invoice New Invoice Show Stock Show Today Search Show All .New B.

Of Copies Description Update Cancel Book ID Author Name No. Stock of Books Book Name ISBN Home .K.New Stock Entry of Books Book ID Book Name Author Name ISBN Published Place Publisher Published Date Edition Price No. Of Copies Description O.

K.Book ID Author Name O. Search a Book Book Name ISBN Home Book Name Total Price Print Invoice for Customer No. Of Books Cancel Today Total Invoice for User Date No. Of Books Total Amount Remaining Stock Previous Update Report Next .

o Item It shows the books in our system.1 Glossary o Invoice A print out of the entry for a customer.1 Performance Performance of our system is better because ir id a user friendly. Our system has full documented to understand for a new user. o Use case It is a diagram which shows the functions of user. Section 7 7. o Report A print out which shows the total Entry in records. It gives all the features for a Book Store System and change the manual system in to Computerized system. Glossary in Software. and replacement to the system. changes & upgrades. System supports impact analysis and configuration management for long term maintenance.1 Traceability System ensures that user needs and concepts are addressed by a set of requirements and that the requirements are fulfilled by the high level and detailed design. Integer Float Primary Key Foreign Key Database Whole number Decimal Number Uniquely identify the Item Primary key in other relation of DB Record f Books and Business activity .Section 5 5. It also ensures that system and sub-system requirements are fully verified. o Stock It shows the book record in our system. Section 6 6. o ISBN Show the International Book Serial Number.