The AVN's Ethical Chiropractor

The AVN’s Ethical Chiropractor: Rob Hutchings March 21 2011: Rob confuses values and professional ethics.

That’s okay. I’m sure he can show he is in perfect alignment with professional ethical expectations.

November 8 2010: Rob claimed he was a doctor on a public message board underneath an online vaccination story.

Hmm. Code of Conduct for Chiropractors says he shouldn’t have done that.

Here is a voucher from his website, as found by friend, John, here

Here is what the Chiropractic Guidelines for Advertising of Regulated Health Services


That also said “truthful” right? This is the bottom half of the voucher.

Rob Hutchings has also offered to sign vaccine objector letters for vaccine objectors, by fax, without having seen the patient, without having the authority to do so. You see, you need to be a registered immunisation provider to do that.

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