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Battle of the sidekicks

Apollo 'Master of Disaster' Creed vs. Wan 'Short Round' Li
Montages Wan Li suffers in this round as he doesn't feature in any in film montages. He doesn't even feature in a slow motion sequence. As he features in the trailer he gets a lowly 2.

Apollo does well in this round. He features in several notable training montages. He scores a respectable 6.

Getting killed by communists Once again Apollo scores well by getting beaten to death by a gargantuan blonde Russian commie. To make it worse, he shows no remorse. He scores a big 8. Aliases Apollo shows his pedigree with another high scoring round. With at least six aliases- The Master of Disaster, The King of Sting, The Dancing Destroyer, The Prince of Punch, The One and Only, and an alias as well as a possible sexual practice, The Count of Monte Fisto. Scores a good 7. Desite being Chinese, and being orphaned, Wan Li failed to get killed by communists. We was in the right place, at the right time but couldn't seal the deal. He scores a lowly 4.

Wan Li shows his inexperience with only one real alias, Short Round. Despite growing up in the seedy underbelly of Shanghai he picked up no further nicknames. Another poor round 4.

Another strong round for the former fictional heavyweight champion. In three of the four films he features in he gets beaten up. One of which ends in his death. He scores a solid 6

Getting beaten up Short Round puts in a good effort in this round. Not only does he get rough housed by palace guards, he also gets into a pagga with the young Maharajah. He eventually wins through, but not before coming away scuffed and bruised. He scores a 6. Homoeroticism A strong round from Wan. Although no immediate evidence of homoeroticism is present, one just needs to look at the dynamic between Wan and Indy. Wan Li is a eleven year old that has a suspiciously close relationship with an older American tourist. Due to unanswerable, uncomfortable questions he gets a 10.

Apollo pushes hard to cement his advantage, and does well in this round. Notably in Rocky III when he attempts to give Rocky 'demon speed'. He scores another 8. Shortness As a participant in a competitve, combative sport, height is key for Apollo. At over 6 foot he can't be described as short. A poor round, 0. Continuing a strong performance Wan Li impresses again. His diminutive status gives him a full 10.




After being behind early doors Short Round comes through at the end. Thanks to his diminutive size and questionable relationship he manages to overcome the King of Sting.

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