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Subject : Science-Biology

Unit : SMP / MTs

Class/ Semester : VII/ 2
Topic : Characteristic of Living thing
Time Allocation : 15 minutes

A. Standard Competence
To understand diversity of living thing.

B. Basic competence
To identify characteristic of living thing.

C. Indicator to achieve competence

To explain and compare the characteristic of living thing (biotic) and non living thing
(non biotic).

D. Objectives
Students can explain and compare the characteristic of living thing (biotic) and non living
thing (non biotic).

E. Apparatus and materials

1. Apparatus: sheet and pencil.
2. Theory:
Living things all share a set of characteristics. For one thing, they all use energy.
Living things, such as the sunflowers and lions take energy from the environment and
convert it to other forms of energy for their own use. Organism grows and changes over
time. When chicks hatch, they are small and covered with downy yellow feathers. Over
time, they grow bigger, and their downy feathers are replaced by stiff adult feathers.
Living things maintain themselves. They generate structures, such as stems and
leaves or skin and bones, and they repair damage done to those structures. When you
scrape your knee, your blood clots to stop the bleeding, and the wounded skin scabs
over and heals. Living things also maintain their internal environment, keeping it stable
in the face of changing external conditions.
Living things have the capacity to reproduce. They make offspring that are exact
or inexact copies of themselves. The primary ways living things reproduce are asexually
and sexually. Asexual reproduction occurs when a living organism reproduces all by
itself, such as by dividing into two. Bacteria and sea anemones are examples of
organisms that are able to reproduce asexually. Sexual reproduction occurs when
organisms form sperm and eggs that join to develop into new individuals. Humans,
penguins, bumblebees, and pine trees reproduce sexually.

F. Learning strategy, approach and method

Approach : Cooperative Learning
Method : Discussion
G. Learning phases

Phases Activities
a. Introduction
Teacher communicates purpose, matter, time, steps and end result
expected mastered by student.
Encouraging students to observe their environment that is consist of
living thing and non living thing.
b. Motivation and Perception
( 2 Minutes)
There are so many living thing and non living thing in our
Can you distinguish between living thing and non living thing? For
example car and human. Can both of them move? Can both of them
produce rest substance? But, are they include as living thing?
a. Students work in small groups of two.
b. Students are provided with a worksheet.
c. Students discuss the differences among living thing and non living
( 10
d. Teacher observes learning process of students.
e. Students write down the results in the form of table.
f. Students answers the questions and makes the conclusion related to
the activity that has been done.
a. Students does the post –test for checking their understanding.
Closing b. Teacher gives a summary of lesson.
( 2 minutes ) c. Teacher gives a range of matter for next lesson.
d. Teacher gives a homework.
“Classified the living thing based their characteristic!”

H . Learning Resources
1. Students book: Science For Junior High School 7th Grade 1st semester.
2. References: Conceptual Integrated Science textbook.
3. Student Worksheet:

I. Assessment
1. Assessment techniques
Written Test
2. Instrument

3. Example of items
A. Essay
1. Explain the differences among living thing and non living thing by
using a table!

Characteristic Living thing Non Living thing Score

Move Yes Yes 1
Grow Yes No 1
Reproduction Yes No 1
Use energy Yes No 1
Eat Yes Yes 1
Respond to stimulate Yes No 1
Breath Yes No 1
Produce rest of substance Yes Yes 1
Total Score 8

2. Why living thing need to eat?

They are eating to get the energy for activity and metabolism.

Marking source Mark

Get/ gain the energy 1
For activity/ metabolism 1
Total score 2

Yogyakarta, March 25, 2010

Acknowledged by,
Instructor Student

Prof. Dr. Zuhdan KP. Kurniawan Aji S.

NIP: NIM: 07312241061

Name : Semester :
Class : Lecture : Kurniawan Aji S.

To explain and compare the characteristic of living thing (biotic) and non living thing (non

Pencil and Sheet

1. Fill the following table that will explain the differences among living thing and non living
thing by the check (√).
Table Data:
Produce Respond
Rest of Move Breath Grow Eat Reproduction to
Substance stimulate
Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No

1. Is move include the characteristic of living thing?

2. Tire of vehicles is pumped by gas. Is that include as breath? Is that include as eat?

3. Mention the main characteristic of living thing and non living thing based the table data!