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To: Team Members and Medical Staff

From: James M. Kirby, II, President and CEO

Date: August 23, 2021
Subject: COVID-19 Vaccinations

Dear Team Member:

As you likely are aware, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has formally approved Pfizer’s
COVID-19 vaccine. This decision replaces the emergency use authorization (EUA) granted last
December. In light of this approval, and after consulting with our clinical and Medical Staff
leadership, we have made the decision that all Pardee team members will be fully vaccinated by
November 12.

The FDA’s approval of this vaccine is a significant milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic. As
noted by our Pharmacy Director, Adrienne Giddens, “the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
was studied in 44,000 people and demonstrated 91% efficacy in preventing COVID-19 disease.
In comparison, many drugs approved for use in the US are studied in as few as 2,000 people.
At this time, more than 92 million US residents have received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and
6-month safety data is limited to immediate post-injection side effects. The full study process
was followed and was able to be achieved in such a short time because of the resources made
available to address the public health crisis.”

It is my hope that with this approval, our community and our team members will have even
greater confidence in the vaccine and get vaccinated as soon as possible. I value each and
every one of you and anticipate that you will have questions. As with the flu vaccine, we will
review requests for a medical or religious exemption to this requirement. Full policy details will
be shared by the end of this week.

I hope that each of you will carefully consider and comply with this decision. Throughout this
pandemic, we have come together as one team in order to provide the best care possible for
our community. Let’s continue to lead the way.


Jay Kirby

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