Anwar Hariz Mohd Fauzan Nor Adibah Siti Faridah Zafirah

Subject : English Language Level : Average Date : 15 October 2010 Teaching Context : World of Personal Relationship Specifications : Writing Skill

Class : 5 Giga Enrolment : 20 Time : 7.45 a.m ± 8.45 a.m Topic : Where Do You Live

4.3.3 Complete simple story with the missing words. 4.4.2 Construct simple sentences and compound sentences based on a given stimulus. 4.7.5 Write stories with guidance.
Learning Outcomes / Objectives:

By the end of this topic, p upils will be able to : 1) Complete texts with the missing word and phrases. 2) Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance. 3) Write an essay based on given words and pictures.
Thinking Skills :

Make predictions, generalise ideas, problem -solving, identify the whole and its parts, compare and contrast, make judgements/ decisions.

Previous Knowledge :

Pupils have known how to construct sentences.

2. Teacher asks the pupils to break a stick. diligence. intelligence: Visual-spatial Teaching aids: Bag. Puzzle e. Teacher shows a bag in front of the class and call upon a few pupils randomly. 3. Bag b. Pupils put their hand into the bag and guess what is inside the bag. Sticks c. teacher will put out the sticks and show it to the class. 5. Picture story d. and then try to break a bundle of sticks. Worksheet Procedures / Allocation Time Content Teaching ± Learning Activities Remarks Multiple Set Induction (5 minutes) Guess what¶s inside bag the 1. 4. Teacher elicit the whole class what they can learn from the situation. After the pupil gives the correct answer which is stick. courage. Teacher ± Learning Materials : a. self-reliance. sticks Thinking skills: Make predictions Moral value: Co-operation . Manila card f.Anwar Hariz Mohd Fauzan Nor Adibah Siti Faridah Zafirah Moral Values: Co-operation.

Teacher discusses the story with the pupils and asks whether they have been in that situation before. Suddenly. Co-operation . Multiple intelligence: Linguistic Teaching aids: Picture story Thinking skills: Generalise ideas Moral value: Self-reliance. It was stroked by lightning. Pre-Writing (10 minutes) Divided We Fall´ reads the story as below: There was a heavy rain last Friday. Picture.Anwar Hariz Mohd Fauzan Nor Adibah Siti Faridah Zafirah 1. Then. He ran to the nearest shop and told the people there about the incident. they agreed to help David clear the road. divided we fall¶. They went there with their tools. Teacher re-read the story and asks pupils to pay attention on the picture shown while listening to the story. They felt happy and satisfied as they can use the road again. They realized that a work will be easy if it is done together compared than one. 4. Teacher introduces to the pupils µtogether we stand. 5. David was waiting for a bus. Teacher shows a set of pictures and Presentation Stage 1 (50 minutes) Picture story entitle ³Together We Stand. he saw a tree fall across the road. 3. They cooperated and cleared the road together. Teacher relates to the bundle of stick situation.Refer Appendix 1 2.

6. After all groups have finished writing the sentences. Teacher calls a pupil to read the whole story loudly. Each group must write at least 2 sentences based on story read by the teacher on the manila card below the pasted picture.Anwar Hariz Mohd Fauzan Nor Adibah Siti Faridah Zafirah Multiple Stage 2 WhileWriting (25 minutes) Group activity 1. a representative from each group must come in front and paste the manila card on whiteboard according to the sequence in the story. 4. intelligence: Interpersonal Teaching aids: Puzzle. manila card Thinking skills: Problemsolving. Each pupil picks a puzzle from an envelope. Pupils search their group members according to the colour of the puzzle that they get and sit in their group. 2. diligence . intelligence: Linguistic Teaching aids: Worksheet Thinking skills: Compare and contrast Moral value: Self-reliance. identify the whole and its parts Moral value: Co-operation Multiple Evaluation Post ± Writing (15 minutes) Write an essay 1. They must arrange the puzzle to form a picture and paste it on manila card. 5. 2. Teacher asks the pupils to write an essay based on the words given below the pictures. 3. Teacher gives a worksheet of the same picture story to the pupils.

2. teacher asks the pupils what moral values they have learned from the story. Then.Anwar Hariz Mohd Fauzan Nor Adibah Siti Faridah Zafirah Multiple Closure ( 5 minutes ) Story telling 1. Teacher calls out a pupil to do a story telling with action based on the essay that they have done. intelligence: Interpersonal Thinking skills: Make judgements/ decisions Moral value: Courage .

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