ÖZNUR ORUÇ-070565084 Time: 15min. Level: Intermediate Age: 15-16 Materials: pictures, cards Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-Ss Assumptions: students know present simple, past tenses, present progressive. They can use adjectives they learnt before. Anticipated problems:

Students can’t explain the words completely and maybe they can use Turkish words. Students can get confused what they will do. The teacher should give the instructions clearly The teacher should show how they play the game.


Solutions: -

PRE-SPEAKING Time: 3 min. Materials: pictures Interaction: T-Ss What students do: The students look at the pictures. They answer the questions the teacher asks. They talk about the pictures. Grouping: Whole class Aims:

To get students to warm up To motivate students To attract their attention to the topic 1. The teacher wants students to look at the pictures. 2. The teacher asks what the students see. 3. The students say their opinion.


4. The teacher asks what the students know about these games and get the answers from the students. 5. The teacher asks whether students like the taboo game or not. 6. According to positive reflection, the students play taboo. While-speaking Time: 10 min. Materials: cards, stickers, envelopes Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-Ss What students do: Students work in groups of five, and students choose their groups with their favorite stickers. After the students find their groups, they choose one volunteer to explain the words in the envelope. They don’t say “pass”. They try to explain the words in two minutes. The group which knows most, they win. Grouping: groups of five. Aims:

To have fun To encourage students to speak in a funny atmosphere To create a communicative atmosphere in the class To have students use the language in an enjoyable way.


Steps: 1. The teacher wants students choose one stick and they find their group members according to the stickers. 2. The students work in their groups. 3. The teacher gives envelops and their cards. 4. The students in a group choose a volunteer. 5. The volunteer explains the words in two minutes but s/he can’t say three words written in the cards. 6. Moreover, the volunteer has to explain the words, can’t say “pass”. 7. Each group does the same. Finally, any group knows most, they will win the game.

Post-speaking Time: ---Materials: colorful cards, pictures. Interaction: T-Ss, Ss-Ss What students do: Students are required to work in pairs. They will find some information about the games and they write how these games play and they explain it with the help of pictures. Grouping: working in pairs Aims: To learn new games and enjoy. To improve imperative phrases. To learn how to get the information and develop their research skill.

1. The teacher asks “do you know any games like blind man’s buff?”

2. The teacher gets the answers.
3. The teacher shows a card on which there is a game called “blind

man’s buff” and it is explained with the help of the pictures. 4. The teacher wants students to do the similar things so students search these games online or learn from their family.
5. The next week, the teacher evaluates them and sticks them on the


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