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Optimistic messages from ITB Berlin 2011 4 Greek life
An increasing number of
Russian media highlight Minister's visit to Moscow 4

European trends in Tourism 2011

Deputy Minister Nikitiadis at Congress for Cruises
5 university students in the USA
The Golden Cup Award & the Greek Kitchen
Vedema Wine Exhibition
are taking Greek language cour
sig- Greek, in contrast to the classical
Strong investment interest for research of Last month the buzz was about the these
- ods used in Europe, as a result
Geothermal Energy 5 nificance of promoting “Greek Break
ht chairs are on the declining path.
fast”. It seems that people have caug
on to the concept and they have start find it
"Another city is possible": Studies and research a step On the other side, the students
to talk about it and have gone Greek.
for Athens center 6 e of interesting and easy to learn
further to talk about the importanc to un-
Ai Stratis, the first Green Island 6 uct of Some even used this knowledge
gastronomy for the tourism prod dis-
Tour Operators Report 50% decline in derstand the terminology of other
Greece. essive
inbound business for UK in Olympic Year 6 ciplines. What was the most impr
ds of all was the fact that they were
Just last week the annual chief awar g Gree k langu age cour ses and
u- of takin
Amphitrion Group of Companies & Cruisexperts were given to the top chiefs and resta in
the that it gave them a competitive edge
prefered agents for Princess Cruises & Cunard 7 rants in Greece at a event at
the the eyes of their schoolmates!
Award-winning cruise ship Celebrity Solstice Megaron Mousikis. Those who had
opportunity to participate had d out
sets sail for Australia 7
taste some exqu isite dishe s. From our research we also foun
chance to majo rity of Amer ican uni-
ntage that the vast
No wonder there is a large perce k Life”.
Fee waivers at public airports 8 with versities have what is called “Gree
of tourists who travel the world taken
More international flights by foreign carriers in say The purpose of “Greek Life” as
gastronomy in mind, and we can , is “to
summer 2011 8 rs ans from “The Florida State University”
that Greece has a plethora of flavo to
13 Low-cost flight companies to some unify and organize groups that seek
aromas – some well known and ote diversity and cohe sion on cam-
hs prom
20 European destinations 8 undiscovered, coming from the dept urage
that pus and in the community, enco
Seasonal development incentive program 8 of ancient Greece. This is an arena mem-
ue cooperation and harmony among
Swiss investments yield environmental benefits 8 Greek tourism would have a uniq niza-
ber organizations and other orga
Turkish Airlines to launch flights to Thessaloniki 8 footage. within
tions on campus, become active
alize our community, provide education
Lufthansa Passenger Airline Group expands and Another thing which we can capit ing and servi ce for mem ber
ise programm
and is unique, came as pleasant surpr body”.
sets new goals!! 9 n in organizations and the student
to our attention from an article writte s of all
Qatar Airways Travel Agents Fam Trip to Shanghai 9 an in- Similar are the purpose statement
Kathimerini, and was the fact that
Olympic Air to increase traffic in the Balkans and er of that unive rsity stu- universities that have “Greek Life”.
creas ing numb
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nts. Greece and the Ministry of Cultu
AEGEAN announced results for the full year 2010 10 interviewing both faculty and stude Minis-
Lufthansa Abandons Takeovers 10 Tourism, especially now that the
that ter Mr. Geroulanos has initiated a
Eastern Med boost for Monarch with new flights to From the faculty side we realized the
conte mpo rary meth ods paign, which started by visiting
Turkey and Greece 10 they are using effort to revitalize the Greek
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and tools to deliver their know the
l me- Spirit and the inflow of tourists from
Gulf Air unveils state-of-the-art ‘Falcon Gold’ lounge such as YouTube and other socia
learn States.
at London Heathrow Airport 11 dia, making it fun and easy to
Air China New Beijing-Munich-Athens Service 11
Hellenic Travelling
Last Chinese evacuees from Libya flown in by
Hellenic Imperial Airways 11
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These skills will translate into real life applications.

Additionally, participants are eligible to sit

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Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής και πληροφορίες σχετικά με το 9ο Συνέδριο του ΣΕΤΕ μπορείτε να βρείτε στο
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The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr Pavlos Geroulanos, in an
exclusive interview he gave to the manager of the news agency In-
terfax, Mr Vyacheslav Tichonof, made references to reducing the VAT
that applies to Greek hotels, which already has affected their prices
and resulted in a downward trend, reducing the cost of using Greek
tant representatives of the German tourism market, like the Presi- airports, and the matter of new visa centers that will open in Russia.
dent of the German Travel Federation (DRV), Mr Jürgen Büchy, the When asked about the effects of the Schengen Treaty on the tourist
representative of EXPEDIA and the low-cost airline Ryan Air, sealed movement from Russia, Mr Geroulanos referred to the creation of
the already good working relationship between the two sides and three new visa centers in Kazan, Samara and Krasnoyarsk, and the
The 45th International Tourism Exhibition (ITB) 2011 triumphantly created new opportunities and possibilities for the future growth of shift of advertising from television to the Internet.
closed its doors recording an astonishing number of 170,000 visi- tourism in Greece. Asked about the decreasing interest among Russians to travel to
tors from around the world, of whom 110,791 were employed in the The meeting with the Secretary General of the World Tourism Or- Greece to buy fur, the Minister said that basically travel preferences
tourism sector, 60,000 from the public and 7,000 journalists from 94 ganization (WTO), Mr Taleb Rifai was also very constructive, while have changed, with many tourists now heading for Crete, Rhodes,
countries. Based on an exhibition report, this flow of visitors yielded the Greek booth was visited by the German Minister of Economy, re- Corfu and other Greek islands. He also stressed the importance of
a total business turnover of 6 billion Euro, injecting a note of opti- sponsible for Tourism, Mr Ernst Burgbacher, accompanied by the cultural, religious and urban tourism, and translation of information
mism for the revival of Greek tourism. materials into the Russian language to inform tourists.
The Greek booth, covering a total area of 2,225 square meters and Regarding the number of tourists from Russia, Mr Geroulanos said
covered in blue and white, with images and sensations from every that two years ago the figure exceeded 200,000 and in 2010 – amid
corner of Greece, welcomed professionals and the general public the crisis – will be close to half a million.
from 9-13 March. Finally, the Minister referred to the close historical, cultural and re-
ligious ties between the two nations, and emphasized the fact that
the Year of Greece in Russia will coincide with the Olympic Games
2014 in Sochi.
RIA Novosti: News agency RIA-Novosti, referred to Minister Ger-
oulanou's visit to Moscow and on statements made during the press
conference given at the hall of the Consulate General in Moscow. As
President and CEO of the Berlin Exhibition, Mr Raimund Hosch. The mentioned in the telegram, the minister made note of the visa being
meeting with 15 representatives of the Tourism Committee of the issued within 48 hours from the Greek General Consulate and an in-
Bundestag, who are planning to visit Greece in May, was also im- crease in the number of multiple entry visas, which will have no ef-
portant. fect on illegal immigration.
At a press conference at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Mr Mr Geroulanos referred to the new visa centers to be opened with-
The presence of 50 Greek co-exhibitors was a catalyst in promoting Geroulanos, amongst other things, referred to Greece's effort to im- in three months in the cities of Kazan, Samara and Krasnoyarsk,
the Greek tourism product, covering a wide range of the country's plement institutional and administrative changes in the restructur- stressing that "the Greek government views these cities as major
tourism industry, represented by different regions, tourism associ- ing of tourist structures, upgrading of tourism services, lifting of cab- tourist markets, like Russia as a whole,” while highlighting the po-
ations, luxury hotels, travel agencies, tourist publishing houses as otage, reduction of VAT for hotel accommodations, reducing the cost tential for large travel agencies to take over the Visa Centers.
well as airlines and shipping companies. of airport use during the off season and promotion of the Greek Finally, the Minister of Culture and Tourism did not fail to recall that
The Greek delegation was accompanied by Minister of Culture and tourism product in new markets like China and India. Russia has in Greece an ally within the EU, as it considers it neces-
Tourism, Mr Pavlos Geroulanos, Deputy Minister of Culture and sary to simplify the visa regime even further.
Tourism, Mr Giorgos Nikitiadis, Komsomolskagia Pravda: The newspaper Komsomolskagia Prav-
President of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), Mr da published an article titled 'Holidays in Greece are cheaper', by Yu-
Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, the GNTO Secretary, Mr Giorgos Koletsos lias Smirnova, which focuses on the reduction of prices at Greek ho-
and the new Chief of GNTO Germany, Mr Panagiotis Skordas. tels by 5% in 2010, and the expected further discount associated with
Important meetings between the Greek leadership and represen- the relevant VAT reduction, while noting that the Greek airports won't
tatives of the most powerful German tourist organizations, Dr impose tariffs on most charter flights from Russia.
Michael Frenzel (CEO TUI International), Mr Volker Böttcher (CEO TUI All this should help, the columnist stated, in a significant reduction in
Deutschland), Mr Sören Hartmann (CEO REWE), Mr Peter the price of package tours to Greece, noting that last year "several
Fankhausen (CEO Thomas Cook AG), Mr Volker Berlinghoff (Direc- tourists traveled to Greece, because prices were low compared with
tor Alltours), Mr Dietmar Gunz (CEO FTI Touristik), as well as impor- those in Turkey."
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EUROPEAN TRENDS IN Taking advantage of the positive responses recorded, based on the
results of contacts made and conversations he and Minister of Ma-
Greece. At the reception which followed in honor of the winners, four
prominent chefs inspired by the four most abused dishes of Greek
TOURISM 2011 rine Affairs, Fisheries and Islands, Mr Giannis Diamantidis, had in
Miami with cruise companies to develop services in the coming
cuisine presented them in their own unique way.
The Golden Cup is the only established business institution that rec-
In Germany and the Netherlands tourism demand is increasing as
well as in Britain, where reservations / package tours increased sig- years, Mr Nikitiadis said he is very optimistic about prospects that ognizes and awards creative gastronomy in Greece and has become
nificantly. Having reached its highest level in the last three years at exist for Greece. a benchmark for all, as the mass media, public, entrepreneurs, de-
the end of 2010 / beginning of 2011, the GfK Consumer Credit index The Deputy Minister described and gave specific examples of Greek velopers and the state itself all show real confidence in the work of
continues to grow. Earnings from the bookings of vacation pack- destinations where the cruise industry can be developed. He also the "Athinorama" in the field of gastronomy.
ages at German travel agents, as measured by GfK Travel Insight, talked about government efforts to attract specific types of tourism,
are correspondingly high: the cumulative figures up to late January of which the cruise industry is a primary goal.
show an increase of 18% over the same period last year for the sum-
mer season of 2011. A similar trend is observed in the Netherlands,
Mr Nikitiadis and Mr Diamantidis gave a press conference to a large
number of journalists of the special press that deals with cruises. At
In anticipation of the commencement of the new tourist season the
with holiday bookings showing an increase. the conference they stressed the prospects and mentioned the new
Restaurant 'Selini', in collaboration with Iliotopos, recently held an
These growth rates show record turnovers in the two markets, sur- legislative framework that has been shaped, pointing out that they
exhibition of Vedemas wines (vintage) 2010 in the lower area of the
passing the levels of the summer of 2008 before the economic cri- are open for cooperation and await proposals of the cruise compa-
restaurant in Pyrgos, Santorini. Entrance was free and all the island's
sis. In Britain, demand has increased by 7%, although profits from nies.
wineries participated showing their latest bottling and more. The up-
reservation packets haven't reached the high level of the 2008 sea- per area of the 'Selini' was host to an open discussion, titled 'San-
son of around 11%. torini, a Gastronomical Destination'.
As for French, Italian and Russian tourists, it is still too early to talk
about their plans for the summer holidays of 2011 as they tend to
book their trips later: only 2-7% of the total package of these summer & THE GREEK KITCHEN STRONG INVESTMENT
holidays markets are booked before the end of the previous year.
Awards 2011 ceremony Took place on
Increased profits in the tourist markets of Germany, Great Britain
and the Netherlands for the coming summer period of 2011 are
mainly due to increased demand but also to increased spending on
holiday packages.
The international tender opened for the leasing of four areas (Delta
Spain is a popular destination for summer vacations this year. Nestos, Evros, Samothrace, and Chios central and south) offered for
Profits from the packages destined for Spain have increased sig- research, where according to the Institute of Geology & Mineral Ex-
nificantly in Germany (+23%), Britain (+16%) and the Netherlands ploration (IGME) there are reasonable prospects of rich geothermal
+14%). Great Britain, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico and Italy are other potential/development, has been particularly successful.
highly favored destinations, showing increased profits from holi- The tender was conducted mid-March, with the four sites collecting
day bookings. a total of 18 bids from six companies or joint ventures. The cash
amount of the bids for all four fields exceeded 350 million Euros.
Analytically, the competition included some of the largest compa-
DEPUTY MINISTER nies working in the field of geothermal energy, such as Italian ENEL
SA, Israeli-American ORMAT Int. and Canadian interest Hellenic Ge-
NIKITIADIS AT CONGRESS The culinary awards Golden Cup 2011 were presented late March at
the Athens Concert Hall (Nikos Skalkotas room) by the "Athinorama" othermal Holdings Corp. as well as large Greek companies like DEH
FOR CRUISES magazine and the annual holiday guide "Alpha Guide", which eval-
uates and grades the best restaurants and hotels in Greece. This
Renewables, Aegean Energy and ITA - Terna Energy SA.
The Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
The excellent features and great opportunities that exist for devel- (YPEKA), Mr Giannis Maniatis, said this "was a big step, at both an
oping cruise itineraries to destinations in Greece were recently pre- year's event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture
and Tourism and the Municipality of Athens. investment and an energy level for our country. Attracting some of
sented by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr Georgios the largest geothermal investment companies in the world, with a
Nikitiadis, who was keynote speaker at a conference taking place in In its long history, the Golden Cup has contributed decisively to the
emergence of new talent and in the progress of gastronomy in total of 18 investment proposals for the four geothermal fields ten-
Miami, USA, with the theme "Where in the world is the cruise in- dered, it opens a large window on the most neglected area of green
dustry projected to grow?" to a substantial audience of senior exec- Athens as well as throughout Greece. It started in 1993 with the aim
of rewarding the top 10 restaurants in Athens, and in 2003 expand- energy, geothermal energy – one area in which Greece has a great
utives from cruise companies and professionals who promote and comparative advantage and where it can develop serious invest-
sell the cruise product. ed across the country. From 2008 onwards the institution was com-
pleted with a separate award for best Greek Restaurant Cuisine, ments, both for electricity generation and for use in organic farm-
Mr Nikitiadis reported extensively on the Greek area stressing that ing, high-level tourism, income support in the region etc. The case
it is a unique area for cruises. He pointed out that Greece has the helping and significantly highlighting the leading efforts in each cor-
ner of the country. of geothermal energy proves once again that when our country se-
largest number of potential cruise ports throughout the Mediter- riously and with documentation shows its comparative advantages,
ranean with each port having unique characteristics, so the experi- This year's ceremony, presented by renowned Chef Ilias Mamalakis,
was attended by restaurant and tourism entrepreneurs from across then the investment interest is high and to the benefit of the nation-
ence that the passenger-tourist will have will be one of a kind. al economy."
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"ANOTHER CITY gram was presented, which investigated the possible accession of
Panepistimiou Avenue in an urban and architectural ring that will
have access to the electricity grid.
4. Green transport projects (electric vehicles and hydrogen) and re-
IS POSSIBLE": connect the promenade of archeological sites with the city's great
archeological museums. This includes the recognition of Amalia Av-
spective filling stations. More specifically, a charging station for elec-
tric vehicles will be installed on the island with energy from photo-
STUDIES AND RESEARCH enue, the entire area between the Academy and the Stadium, and voltaic cells and a refueling station for vehicles running on hydro-
Patission Avenue to the Archaeological Museum and the Egyptian gen, which will be the first of its kind being implemented in Greece.
FOR ATHENS CENTER Square, with a clear priority to pedestrians. It is intended for only the 5. Other green measures, such as hydroponic greenhouses, organ-
tram line to run on Panepistimiou, terminating at the end of Patission ic agriculture, fisheries and livestock.
Avenue, thus absorbing the highest traffic volume of the central dis- YPEKA designed the project with GSRT funding and implementation
tricts. by the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving
The Organisation of Planning and Environmental Protection (ORSA) (CRES), along with the support of academic institutions. The Man-
presented a systematic collection, recording and evaluation for fu- agement Authority will be established immediately and will involve
ture use of all previous studies on Patissia. the Agios Efstratios Community, DEH, DEH Renewables and CRES.
Ai Stratis, being the first non-interconnected island of Europe with
AI STRATIS, THE FIRST such a high penetration of green energy will become a model for the
'greening' of all Greek islands. It will help develop Greek knowledge
GREEN ISLAND and experience in implementing integrated island systems with very
high penetration rates of renewable energy, and applications of en-
ergy-saving measures and green transport. Upon completion of the
Athens city center can be transformed into a quality urban environ- project, the operator will be financially viable, with resources that
ment with respect for city residents and visitors, said the political will come primarily from the sale of electricity from renewables.
leadership of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate
Change, during the conference 'Athens: Another city is possible',
held in mid-March at the Benaki Museum. TOUR OPERATORS REPORT
"The problems of the center have cumulatively caused the most crit-
ical change in physiognomy. We chose to approach this complex is- 50% DECLINE IN INBOUND
sue systematically and carefully. We sought the cooperation of ex-
perts with knowledge and experience in the investigation and iden-
tification of often-invisible-characteristics of areas affected by in-
The groundwork for the project 'Political Support and future needs OLYMPIC YEAR
tense weathering. The aim of the present conference is to uncover
- Green Island' have been completed and a call was recently issued
these very serious and in-depth findings," stressed YPEKA Minister
for the funding of the projects in the municipality of Agios Efstratios.
Ms Tina Birbili.
In order to make Ai Stratis the country's first Green Island, where
"It is obvious that the reconstruction of the region is not the respon-
electricity is generated exclusively from renewable sources, wind,
sibility of just one ministry. It is a political and interdisciplinary prob-
solar farms and biomass the project had to be designed on a more
lem whose solution requires a comprehensive plan and careful
sound basis, reducing the technical and economic doubts while
handling over a period of time that will involve all stakeholders, the
maintaining its innovative character.
central government, the municipality, the academia, businesses, and
The aim of YPEKA, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for
the Community of Citizens,” stressed Mr Nikos Sifounakis, an YPE-
Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Ministry of Education, Life-
KA Minister.
long Learning and Religious Affairs, which will be the sponsoring
At the conference, SARCHA (School of ARCHitecture 4 All) presented
authority, was to eliminate the bureaucratic obstacles concerning
a pilot study for the area of Gerani that included a mapping of the re- Current Prospects for London 2012
the Implementing Agencies and Project Management and the fund-
gion's human, material and natural resources. This is a program As happens in nearly all Olympic destinations, demand is sup-
ing process. These obstacles were the main reasons the project was
that focuses on creating conditions for people to participate in the pressed during the year of the event. Regular bookings are drying up
not implemented. The project budget amounts to EUR 8,903,498.57
shaping and the "joint possession" of the resources of the urban en- and the volume of enquiries is down. According to a survey of BIM
and includes the following interventions:
vironment in which they live. attendees, demand for 2012 is 20% on 2011.
1. Renewable energy projects and energy storage: Installation of 500
Furthermore, in a study presented at the National Technical Univer- Demand is reduced, but the industry is unable to meet even reduced
kW wind power generators and a photovoltaic park with 100 kW of
sity (NTUA) on 'Urban reconstruction of centrality in modern greater levels of demand as there is a dramatic reduction in availability.
power, combined with the storage of excess energy produced in bat-
Athens', insiders from the center of Athens who were born and grew The London hotels remain confident that 2012 is going to be a bo-
teries but also in the form of hydrogen.
up there, interacted with the new generation of researchers to aim nanza. This is founded on high rate demand in 2009 and 2010, with
2. Energy-saving interventions and coverage of thermal and cooling
for a better city for all residents. solid demand in the summer months. For the Olympics in particu-
loads using Geothermal Heat Pumps (GSHP) in public buildings.
Another section of Athens that preoccupied the work of the confer- lar they see: 55,000 room reservations placed by LOCOG; additional
3. Independent stationary power production units based on photo- requests for accommodation from foreign Olympic Operators; esti-
ence was Panepistimiou Avenue, as the axis around which the re-
voltaic and fuel cells, on farms on the island, which do not currently mates of foreign visitor numbers of 200,000 per night and expecta-
construction of the center can be designed. An NTUA research pro-
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tions of massive domestic demand.

In response to this, additional capacity is being added. There are new
AMPHITRION GROUP OF to Mr. Paliouras, Managing Director of Cruisexperts Hellas to con-
tinue with the history of the cruise liners and their exceptional serv-
hotels, home-stay programmes and additional cruise capacity. As
LOCOG have secured 40% of the rooms at below market rates, ho-
COMPANIES & ice. The event ended with the presentation of Ms Natalie Papout-
soglou, Sales & Marketing Manager, Europe, Princess Cruises and
tels are seeking to recoup their losses by increasing rates and tight- CRUISEXPERTS PREFERRED Cunard, who highlighted the services and opportunities for the Greek
ening terms for the balance of the rooms. Nearly all non-Olympic market. Hellenic Travelling wished them both the best of luck in this
business is being declined. AGENTS FOR PRINCESS new cooperation.
Outside the immediate Olympic period, there is an assumption that
whatever demand that would have normally come during the first CRUISES & CUNARD
three weeks of August will be displaced into the surrounding weeks, AWARD-WINNING CRUISE
making an already crowded time (Farnborough, the Paralympics)
even more densely packed. This is reflected in higher prices SHIP CELEBRITY SOLSTICE
throughout the summer.
Thus the main long-haul origin markets (US and Japan) are finding
it impossible to secure hotel space at viable rates and terms during One more unique experience awaits lovers of cruises who will board
the Games period. Even outside the Games period, operators are in the winter of 2012-2013 the award-winning Celebrity Solstice of
facing inflated rates. As London is the gateway town for Britain and Celebrity Cruises to discover amazing Australia and New Zealand.
for Europe, clients need two slots to be accommodated: at the start It would be impossible for a cruise ship like the Celebrity Solstice,
and at the end of the trip. The closure of three weeks creates a that 'pampers' passengers from 2008, to deprive them of such a
“crater” of demand in the surrounding period. So the best product magical destination. "It was natural and inevitable," said President
established operators can brochure is: nothing during three weeks and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, Mr Dan Hanrahan, "to send the Celebri-
of the peak season, reduced availability and increased prices for the ty Solstice to Australia. With this decision we offer an even more
From left Mr. Kon/nos. Mitsiou, CEO Amphitrion Group of Companies,
balance. Ms Natalie Papoutsoglou, Sales & Marketing Manager and Mr. George unique travel experience to our passengers to one of the most at-
This is not a sensible product to beguile flagging demand. Several Paliouras, Managing Director Cruisexperts Hellas. tractive destinations in the world."
operators are effectively dropping London as a tourism destination "Holidays are something valuable to the traveler," adds Mr Hanrahan,
for the bulk of 2012. There is not much that can be done to reverse "so we always want to offer even more on our cruise ships, like the
this. The solutions that have been canvassed (such as “the West first Lawn Club and Hot Glass Show at sea, the natural and Celebri-
Midlands: a viable alternative to London”) do not work. As London is ty iLounge and of course a greater variety of destinations. The cul-
removed from the product offer, the rest of the UK goes with it. ture and lifestyle in Australia and New Zealand will raise the already
According to a survey of the attendees at the British and Ireland Mar- high quality travel experience of the Solstice Class to its peak, leav-
ketplace, forward placements of business for London 2012 is cur- ing our travelers fully satisfied."
rently running at 50% below 2011 levels. The Celebrity Century cruise ship will 'pave the way' with its covet-
This also means that London will cease to be a default gateway for
ed 1,814 cruise passengers during the winter of 2011. Its subsequent
Europe in 2012. For many markets this was happening anyway, as
replacement by Celebrity Solstice and its 2,850 passengers reflects
the UK’s position outside Schengen made it a marginal proposition.
the ever-growing global presence of the Solstice Class, and the in-
But it accentuates a trend: we have invited our regular clients to in-
vest their business elsewhere. There is no guarantee that they will creasing demand and popularity of premium services, activities, de-
return quickly. sign and cuisine featured on its cruisers.
The irony of this situation is acute. The assumptions, both in the mar- After completing a summer trip to the Mediterranean, Celebrity Sol-
ket and in the supplier community are wrong. The last two times the stice sets sail in early December 2012 for Australia and New Zealand
Olympic Games were held in Europe, they were accommodated in via the Suez Canal and Southeast Asia before reaching Sydney.
Barcelona (12,000 hotel rooms) and in Athens (15,000 hotel rooms). Upon arrival in Australia, the award-winning Celebrity Solstice cruise
Neither cities burst. London has 125,000 hotel rooms, plus all the ship will present a series of open cruises lasting 12 and 13 days be-
additional capacity added for August 2012. tween Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand.
Says Tom Jenkins, Executive Director of ETOA: “Much of this long- A series of activities inspired by the destinations in Australia and New
haul business is lost, amounting to over one million clients. That this Zealand will take place both on and off the cruise, including visits to
loss has occurred because of a misperception is obviously regret- local wineries, local style entertainment options and more.
Last month Amphitrion Group of Companies and Cruisexperts Hel-
table. What matters now is to gain an understanding of exactly how Travelers who wish to combine holidays on land with a holiday at
las joined forces to represent Princess Cruises & Cunard and took
the demand for the Games is manifesting itself. The people who can sea are the focus of future plans of Celebrity Cruises, which will con-
the opportunity to invite the Greek travel industry at a gathering to
most help this process are the organisers who are selling tickets to tinue to offer the program Australia and New Zealand, this time rich
make the official announcement as well as inform them of the ex-
the games. How many tickets are actually being sold to foreign vis- in before and after cruise packages to various areas of Australia.
itors? If we have this figure then demand can be assessed. At pres- ceptional services the two cruise companies have to offer.
More details on the new Celebrity Solstice cruise to Australia and
ent an industry stands in jeopardy through over-hyped fantasies of Mr. Mitsiou, Chairman and CEO of Amphitrion Group of Companies,
New Zealand as well as the Australia and New Zealand Celebrity
bonanza.” opened the event by making the announcement and handed the floor
Century cruise were recently made available.
8 | [NEWS]
FEE WAIVERS AT 13 LOW-COST FLIGHT the advanced generation A330-300, which consumes 12% less fuel
per passenger.
PUBLIC AIRPORTS COMPANIES TO Sustainable development, less noise and lower fuel consumption
Approximately two thirds of all SWISS investments will be devoted
The Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Network, Mr Dimitris
Reppas, with a view to strengthening Greek tourism by increasing 20 EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS to technological innovations in the next few years. These invest-
flights to the Greek airports, signed a decision for exemption of pay- Another feature of this year's summer season is the 14.2% increase ments will help to substantially reduce emissions of carbon dioxide
ment of fees at state airports, repeating a similar decision last year. in low-cost flights to Athens airport compared to the 2010 corre- and noise emissions. From 2014 onwards, SWISS will replace its
Mr Reppas signed that from 1 April 2011 to 31 December 2011, land- sponding period. During this year's summer season, 13 low-cost current short distance aircraft Avro series RJ100 with the new gen-
ing, take off and ground fees for aircraft (light or otherwise) will not airlines will link Athens with 20 European destinations, with eration CSeries Bombardier. The standard engine is twice as quiet as
be paid at all public airports in Greece, apart from Athens Interna- Transavia Netherlands and Jetairfly added to the airport's network. those of RJ100 and burns 25% less fuel. SWISS is the first company
tional Airport Eleftherios Venizelos. This market represents 10% of the airport's international passenger to order 30 CSeries aircraft, thus rendering it a driving force in the
movement and 25-30% market share of all foreign airlines operat- development and introduction of such an advanced new regional


Despite the country's continuing difficult economic situation, foreign
air carriers continue to develop their activities in Greece, strength-
AIA, recognizing the economic downturn in the Greek market, is dili- LAUNCH FLIGHTS
ening their flight schedules with 7% more international flights for the
gently following its development strategy and support services for
airlines by continuing with its temporary seasonal development in- TO THESSALONIKI
summer period (25 March to 27 October 2011). centive program implemented from June 2010 to May 2011. The
During summer 2011, 65 airlines will be operating 944 scheduled special program supports companies that show an increase in pas-
flights a week to 77 international destinations (82 airports) in 49 senger traffic to international destinations during the period June
countries. Analytically, the new companies operating regular flights 2010 - May 2011 in comparison with that of the previous year. Specif-
to Athens International Airport (AIA) Eleftherios Venizelos are: ically, the Athens airport subsidizes the airline for each additional
* TAP Air Portugal, Jetairfly, Belle Air, Transavia Netherlands, while passenger to an international destination for the period. In addition,
Air China, Rossiya Airlines, Sun Express and Air One resume serv- given the intense political instability in North Africa, AIA supports air-
ices to Greece.
lines operating scheduled services in the region.
Six new destinations have been added to the AIA network:
* Lisbon (TAP Air Portugal), Beijing (Air China), Bologna (Aegean Air-
lines), Pisa (Air One), Edinburgh (easyJet) and Dubrovnik (Croatia Air-
The eight new destination airports are:
* Lisbon Portela in Lisbon (TAP), Charleroi in Brussels (Jetairfly), Ed- ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS
inburgh Airport in Edinburgh (easyJet), Aeroporto di Bologna in Swiss International Airlines was able to carry out flights in 2010 with
Bologna (Aegean), Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing (Air consumption of just 3.73 liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilo-
General Manager Turkish Airlines in Greece, Ms Gulay Ozturk with the Mayor of
China), Domodedovo Moscow (Aegean), Galileo Galilei in Pisa (Air meters – about a 3.9% improvement from 3.88 liters in 2009. This
Thessaloniki Mr. Yannis Boutaris
One) and Oslo Gardemoen in Oslo (Norway). decrease is a result of various environmental efforts on behalf of
For summer 2011, the following carriers added the following to their SWISS, including billions of Swiss francs to invest in new generation On 27 May Turkish Airlines will officially launch the line Istanbul -
program of scheduled flights: * Aegean Airlines to Bologna and aircraft. Thessaloniki - Istanbul with four weekly flights. Part of Turkish Air-
Moscow, Olympic Air to Belgrade, Air Malta to Sofia, easyJet to Ed- "Maintaining a responsible attitude towards the environment has lines' expansion plan for 2011, this operation is a strategic move for
inburgh and Croatia to Dubrovnik. been a cornerstone of our corporate culture for many years," says the Greek market aimed at stimulating it by increasing the influx of
New flight frequencies to existing destinations: SWISS CEO, Mr Harry Hohmeister. "This significant reduction of tourists from Eastern countries and thus strengthening the coun-
* Aegean Airlines has added two additional flights to London and kerosene consumption shows how seriously we take our duty to try's tourism.
Paris to their daily schedule and an additional flight to Rome and make the transfer as environment-friendly as possible. SWISS fuel Thessaloniki will, after 10 years, once again join the extended net-
Brussels. Olympic Air has added nine weekly flights to Tirana and emissions are the lowest in the industry, and this confirms that our work of Turkish Airlines, which boasts 172 destinations worldwide.
two to Amsterdam. Brussels Airlines and SAS have doubled their investment in caring for the environment was worth it." The start of flights will also mean the commercial, industrial and
daily flights by adding an extra flight to Brussels and Copenhagen, SWISS has reduced consumption of fuel per passenger over 100 km economic connection destination with all of northern Greece and the
respectively, while Swiss stepped up its daily frequencies to Gene- by more than 17% since 2002, when it was founded. The airline is al- Balkans. Thessaloniki will be the business centre for all surround-
va and Zurich. The flight of Middle East Airlines to Beirut is made dai- so firmly committed to further improving ecological efficiency, in- ing areas, while Greek businessmen in northern Greece will be giv-
ly and Air Canada has increased its weekly frequencies to Toronto vesting in new low-emission technologies and taking all measures en the opportunity to plan their travels around the world through the
from three to four flights. In addition, another 10 companies in- to ensure the highest occupancy on its flights. For example, SWISS direct flights of THY.
creased their frequency of service from/to AIA. launched a program in 2009 to replace the Airbus A330-200 fleet with
[NEWS] | 9

LUFTHANSA PASSENGER the-art technology in aircraft, on board and on ground and high qual-
ity services in all aspects. Alongside our investments into products
a traditional tea ceremony for a good Feng Shui!On the next day, af-
ter their morning walk around the famous Bund area, they experi-
AIRLINE GROUP EXPANDS and services, we will continue to implement our cost savings and
efficiency program through synergies with our partners, and by im-
enced passing under the Huangpu river via the Tourist tunnel and
climbing on the 100th floor of World’s Financial Center which is the
AND SETS NEW GOALS!! proving business processes”. second tallest building in the world as of 2008.By flying on Business
Newly appointed managers in Lufthansa Athens team class of Qatar Airways the agents had the chance to experience at
Lufthansa Passenger Airline Group administrative team represents first hand the World’s Best Business Class, awarded by Skytrax, and
the group’s, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, British Midland, Brussels taste the airline’s Business Class catering, recognised separately as
Airlines and SWISS, long lasting targets and goals: excellent serv- the best in the world, again by Skytrax World Airline Awards 2010.In
ices, reliable fleet and innovative ideas that enhance the travel ex- Shanghai, which is a bustling port with a pronounced European fla-
perience. The expansion of Lufthansa Group is followed by internal vor that lingers from its heyday earlier this century as one of the
restructuring, for the best and more effective results. Old faces, re- world’s great maritime crossroads, all agents had the chance to
vised duties, enhanced roles. The team is stronger than ever and walk through Shanghai‘s neighborhoods that reveal a surprising
ready to face all new challenges. mix of European architecture and old Chinese facades. During their
stay, they have also explored the gourmet tastes of the famous Wal-
QATAR AIRWAYS TRAVEL dorf Astoria.On their trip back to Athens, the agents also visited the
Doha International Airport (DIA) Premium Terminal and inspect all
Back, left to right Mr. Jimenez – Werner Marc, Mr. Tzevelekos Konstantinos,
Ms Nikoli Eleni. In front left to right: Ms Louvrou Theodora, Ms Spaguru Haido and AGENTS FAM TRIP TO innovative facilities designed to provide the best level of comfort and
hospitality for the premium Qatar Airways passengers.
Mr. Lazarides Alexandros
2011 year of internal restructuring: new duties, same targets:Total
customer satisfaction Enjoying a 5-star Experience on OLYMPIC AIR TO INCREASE
Lufthansa AG for more than sixty years now is an aviation compa-
ny with operations worldwide. It comprises of more than 400 sub-
Qatar Airways Premium Cabin & Visiting the TRAFFIC IN THE BALKANS
Premium Terminal
sidiaries and associated companies. The Group currently is active in
five business segments: Passenger Airline Group (strategic core
segment), Logistics, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), IT
Services, Catering.
Lufthansa Passenger Airline Group, that is presented today, consists
of five top airline companies, named Lufthansa Passenger Airlines
(incl. Lufthansa Regional and Lufthansa Italia), Austrian Airlines,
British Midland, Brussels Airlines and SWISS, forming a strong and
qualitative network that connects Greece with 8 main hubs: Frank-
furt/Main, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Brussels, London Heathrow and
Gevena. Altogether, Lufthansa Group serves over 274 destinations
in 104 countries and 4 continents, operating 19 daily flights from From Left to Right Mr Nikos Papanastasiou from Griffin Travel Marine, Mrs Sapfo
Greece. In the year 2010 Lufthansa Group carried more than 90 mil- Panagiotidou from Qatar Airways, Mr George Fafalios from Aktina Group of com-
lion passengers!! panies, Mr George Kyvernitis from Kyvernitis travel & shipping, Mr George Fytillis
In Greece the Passenger Airline Group is represented by Lufthansa from Argo Travel and Mrs Vassia Avdela from Marine Tours. The Board of Olympic Air, at its first meeting with its new composi-
and Swiss International Airlines, while Lufthansa is the General Qatar Airways, ranked Five Star for service excellence and recently tion, decided to overhaul the company's strategy by focusing on tar-
Sales Agent for Austrian Airlines, British Midland and Brussels Air- voted third best airline in the world, following the annual Skytrax geting strategic development for Olympic Air to become a leader in
lines. survey, has organized successfully the 1st Shanghai Familiarization Southeast Europe by exploiting the competitive advantage of its high
Mr Paulo Yoshikawa, Lufthansa General Manager Greece and Trip exclusively for Marine Travel Agencies, between the 14th-18th product quality.
Cyprus, speaks fondly of the company’s positive results: “Undoubt- Mar 2011. Mrs. Sapfo Panagiotidou,Qatar Airways Marine Account The recent decision of the Competition Commission, which disrupt-
edly 2010 has been a year of challenges and crisis in a multitude of Manager escorted the group formed by Mrs. Vassia Avdela from ed the plans of creating a single Greek airline with a Europe-wide
fields. Lufthansa Group has followed a careful and well- planned Marine tours, Mr George Fytilis from Argo Travel, Mr.George Kyver- range, and the difficult conditions and medium-term prospects of
policy and today the positive results are evident: the company is nitis from Kyvernitis Travel, Mr. George Fafalios from Aktina Travel the market, forced the company to reconsider the timetable and to
based on a solid financial structure providing results above the av- and Mr.Nikos Papanastasiou from Griffin Travel Marine s.a.The form its project so that it matches new strategic planning.
erage of the airline industry in Europe. Our declared aim is to main- group was accommodated in the Hilton Shanghai Hotel, the ultimate In this context, the domestic flight schedule has added routes in-
tain and extend our position as the leading European quality carrier expression of style and sophistication in the French Concession area cluding Athens - Corfu, Athens - Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki -
even in times of crisis and offer a global product that covers the main of the city, renowned for its charm and cosmopolitan energy.Agents Heraklion, Thessaloniki - Chania, Thessaloniki - Mytileni and Thes-
traffic flows from Greece to the World. We need to lay our emphasis were able to visit the old shanghai Yuyuan Garden with its tradition- saloniki - Rhodes. Furthermore, it adjusted its international network
also for 2011: offer improved service for our clients, offer state-of- al Chinese park and shop in the old town market. Also they enjoyed to maintain or expand flights to Amsterdam, Belgrade, Bucharest,
10 | [NEWS]
Cairo, Istanbul, Larnaca, Sofia and Tirana, while eliminating its routes “The challenges of the acute recession of the Greek economy and €1.1 billion net profit (supported by an extraordinary tax effect). Sales
to Brussels, London, Paris and Vienna. the significant rise in the price of fuel, will continue to affect the com- rose by 22.6% to €27 billion. That’s due to the first-time consolida-
At the same time, all existing agreements on code share flights with pany’s results during the current year. Nevertheless, in line with our tion of BMI and Austrian. But even on a comparable basis, revenues
Delta on flights to the USA and Etihad in Australia and South Africa long term strategy, we continue to invest in our network develop- would have been up by more than 14%. That growth was mainly due
will be maintained, while new arrangements for the uninterrupted ment in order to support and also benefit from the expected rebound to the strong recovery of the group’s various airlines.
service for passengers of the company are being evaluated. Final- of tourist traffic flows to our country. Needless to say, our efforts to The airline division—made up mainly of Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss,
ly, Olympic Air and Aegean will appeal to the European courts further improve productivity and competitiveness as well as to de- BMI and Germanwings—achieved a €436 million combined oper-
against the decision of the European Competition Commission, velop new programmes and services will be redoubled.” ating profit. But of the five carriers, only two (Lufthansa and Swiss)
which did not approve the merger of the two Greek airlines. During the IATA 2011 Summer period, the Company will were profitable. Austrian recorded a €66 million loss, BMI lost €145
-introduce new routes from Athens to Moscow and Bologna,-in- million and low-fare unit Germanwings was down €39 million.
AEGEAN ANNOUNCED crease its frequencies from Athens to London/Heathrow, Rome,
Paris/CDG, Brussels, Barcelona and Madrid.
While Austrian is expected to return to profitability in 2011, German-
wings will most likely remain in the red this year. And in the case of
RESULTS FOR THE - strengthen its base at Thessaloniki with new routes to Moscow,
and Paris reaching 18 domestic and international destinations served
BMI, Lufthansa appears to be shifting the turnaround target to the
right: 2012 is now seen as a major challenge when it comes to mak-
FULL YEAR 2010 from Thessaloniki ing a profit.
- operate out of Larnaca/Cyprus with direct flights to But even Lufthansa is struggling in its European network. “I cannot
London/Heathrow as well as 6 Greek destinations imagine anybody who is currently able to make money in European
With these additions, AEGEAN will operate 35 international and 24 air traffic,” Franz says. In his view, that is due to intense competition,
domestic routes, without taking into account a significant number of but also the increasing tax burden that cannot be passed on to con-
international destinations served by 6 Aircraft on charter operations. sumers. For Lufthansa, that makes the turnaround of the direct
services unit (flights not linked to the Munich and Frankfurt hubs)
even more difficult. Franz says unit costs have come down by 14% al-
LUFTHANSA ABANDONS ready, but much more is needed. And if it becomes apparent that
current measures are not sufficient, he is calling for “new ideas.”
TAKEOVERS That could include Germanwings taking over more mainline flying.
The carrier’s unit costs are little more than half of Lufthansa’s.

AEGEAN announced results for the full year 2010 which are in line
with estimates announced in early February. More specifically, rev- EASTERN MED BOOST FOR
enue declined 5% to €591m. Net result after taxes posted losses of
€23.3m, burdened by €8m related to the extraordinary social contri-
bution charge. FLIGHTS TO TURKEY AND
In the international network, with the addition of new routes, the
company carried 3.06 million passengers, achieving 9% y-o-y GREECE
growth. On the other hand, due to weak demand conditions, pas- Monarch is boosting its services to the Eastern Med this summer,
sengers carried in the domestic network declined by 16% to 3.17 mil- with the launch of new scheduled flights to Bodrum in Turkey and the
lion passengers with a significant reduction in average fare. Greek island of Corfu from May. Flights are available to book now via
Weak domestic demand conditions, the subsequent significant re- Lufthansa is no longer pursuing any takeovers in Europe. “The pres- with fares starting from only £68.99 one way
duction in average fare and the rise in the price of fuel were the main sure to buy something is extremely low,” new CEO Christoph Franz including all taxes and charges.
contributors to the loss. said at the airline’s annual news conference in Frankfurt. The new Eastern Med flights will also be joined by a host of addi-
During the last year the Company intensified its efforts to improve Franz took over the top job at Lufthansa in January, following Wolf- tional services to some of Monarch’s key European hotspots across
productivity, reduce costs, and restructure its network as well as in- gang Mayrhuber. His statement indicates a new phase in the group’s the Balearic and Canary Islands plus Cyprus.
troduce new systems. Through these initiatives, it has succeeded to development. Mayrhuber acquired Swiss, BMI and Austrian as well The new and additional flights for summer 2011 include:
reduce the consequences of the adverse economic environment as as large shareholdings in Brussels Airlines and JetBlue. But Franz - *NEW* Luton – Corfu – 3 flights per week (launches 23 May)
well as to materially protect its cash reserves which settled at €190m now argues that competition authorities are demanding ever more - *NEW* Gatwick – Bodrum – 2 flights per week (launches 23 May)
despite the €22.2m income tax outflow (FY09 income tax, income tax significant concessions, making consolidation less attractive. “Our - *NEW* Manchester – Bodrum – 2 flights per week
“advance” for FY10, extraordinary social contribution tax for 2009). main focus is on organic growth,” Franz said. (launches 02 May)
For 2011, efforts for further productivity improvements are continu- That message will be noticed at Lufthansa’s Star Alliance partners - *NEW* Birmingham – Bodrum – 2 flights per week
ing. In addition, the Company aims to operate for the first time in its SAS and LOT Polish Airlines, which have been on the market for (launches 23 May)
12-year history a one aircraft type fleet of Airbus A320 family, thus some time. Lufthansa has been tipped as the most obvious buyer, - Gatwick – Palma – 1 additional flight per week
achieving further operating cost efficiencies. but that no longer seems to be the case. - Gatwick – Tenerife – 1 additional flight per week
Mr. Dimitris Gerogiannis, Managing Director, commented: Lufthansa emerged well and quickly from the global economic cri- - Gatwick – Paphos – 3 additional flights per week
sis. It achieved a €876 million ($1.23 billion) operating profit and a
[NEWS] | 11

- Manchester – Larnaca – 1 additional flight per week

- Manchester – Paphos – 1 additional flight per week
Other features of the lounge include:
* Superb views over the runway and apron through a 4-metre
- Manchester – Tenerife – 1 additional flight per week
Commenting on the new and additional flights this summer, Man-
high glass wall.
* Fully equipped Business Centre comprising of super-fast
aging Director of Monarch Airlines, Kevin George said, “Customer IMac computers, printers, fax and other office support functions. BY HELLENIC IMPERIAL
response to the 135,000 additional seats that were added into * Wi-fi throughout the lounge.
Monarch’s summer flying schedule last month has been fantastic * Large size plush lounge chairs and sofas AIRWAYS
and we have continued to see demand for our services grow. It’s * Central area lit with moonlighting that changes with the light
great therefore that we have been able to respond to this demand of the day.
further by boosting our Eastern Med programme with the introduc- * Self-service buffet with a wide section of a Halal menu
tion of new flights to Corfu and Bodrum, as well as strengthen * A prayer room
schedules on a number of our core sunshine routes. Particularly * Wash rooms and showers
pleasing is the addition of extra flights to Paphos from Gatwick and * Two private family rooms that can be combined to 1 large room
Manchester, which are not scheduled to start operating until May, * Baby change facilities
but are already selling strongly.” * Secure lockers
In addition to year-round low fares, Monarch also offers a great * An exclusive Illy Café counter serving a select variety of Italian
range of products and services both on the ground and inflight. All coffee blends.
customers are allocated a seat at check-in but for those wishing to Gulf Air Chief Executive Officer Mr. Samer Majali said, “Air travel
select where in the cabin they sit to ensure that families and groups these days has become savvier and passengers, particularly pre- The last batch of Chinese nationals evacuated from riot-torn Libya
are seated together, seats can be pre-booked from £4.99 per one- mium travelers, have become more discerning. With airports in- returned to China Saturday 5 March 2011, according to the Chinese
way flight. For customers looking for added comfort, extra legroom creasingly becoming busier, lounges are no longer just a place to Foreign Ministry.
seats are also available offering up to six inches of extra space from wait for flights or transit spots between connections; premium pas- The Chinese government these days had continued sending military
only £14.99. sengers look for an oasis of peace and comfort, expect higher lev- and chartered planes, of which two Hellenic Imperial Airways B747
Customers travelling on scheduled flights can also avoid the queues els of facilities, and personalized service. I am sure it will be a re- Jumbo aircraft, to bring back those evacuees temporarily staying at
at the airport and take advantage of online check-in, which is avail- freshingly different experience for our premium passengers.” other nations.
able between 18 days and 4.5 hours prior to departure. With a great “One of the key components of Gulf Air’s new business strategy is to Over 3000 Chinese had been evacuated to Heraklion, Crete from
range of tasty hot and cold meals that can be pre-booked or pur- focus on improving our products and services we offer our cus- which they were further flown back to China on Hellenic Imperial
chased onboard from only £3.00, flying with Monarch really could- tomers. The lounge is an example of this. As we keep improving Airways aircraft.
n’t be simpler. ourselves in our customer service on the ground, we will continue When the last flight to Beijing Capital International Airport arrived
In addition to flights, Monarch also now offers a huge range of great to add more features and facilities in the air as well, so that our pre- carrying the last 435 repatriated Chinese workers who had fled
value holidays, accommodation options, car hire and travel insur- mium customers enjoy a consistently enhanced experience Libya, accompanied by 13 Chinese government officials, a red car-
ance. throughout their journey” Mr. Majali concluded. pet ceremony was conducted at the tarmac with the participation of
Open from 0600 hours to 2230 hours daily, the lounge can accom- a music-band.
GULF AIR UNVEILS modate up to 110 persons and all Platinum, Gold and Silver card
holding FFP members of Gulf Air, and premium class ticket holders
The 13 Chinese government officials were part of a total 19-mem-
ber working group, who had left for Libya on Feb. 23 and success-
STATE-OF-THE-ART of Gulf Air’s code-share partner airlines. fully helped over 30,000 Chinese nationals to evacuate from the
‘FALCON GOLD’ LOUNGE The local authorities headed by the Chinese Vice-Minister of the Min-
AT LONDON HEATHROW AIR CHINA NEW BEIJING- istry of Foreign Affairs Song Tao expressed gratitude to Greece and
its people on behalf of his country for the excellent work and support
AIRPORT MUNICH-ATHENS SERVICE to his people; furthermore he extended his gratitude and regards to
On May 11 Air China will launch the line Beijing - Munich - Athens Hellenic imperial Airways, Captain Koukopoulos and the aircrew in
Gulf Air, officially opened its new, premium ‘Falcon Gold’ lounge at
with two weekly flights. person.
London Heathrow Terminal 4.
The New Beijing-Munich-Athens Service is as follows “We really appreciate the convenience and support offered by the
The expansive, 6500 sq.ft Falcon Gold lounge – one of the largest in
Beginning May 11, 2011, Air China will launch its Beijing-Munich- government and the people of Greece and other nations in our evac-
the terminal – seamlessly combines contemporary design and ar-
Athens route. uation operation,” Song said.
chitecture with Arabic influences, creating an environment that com-
Flight No: CA 961 From 9-May-11 Hellenic Imperial Airways was impressed by the perfectly organ-
bines peace and tranquillity with extensive modern-day business
every Wed & Sat Beijing dep. 00:40-Munich arr. 05:30, Munich dep. 06:55 ised evacuation and the cooperation it received of the Embassy of
Athens arr.10:30. the People’s Republic of China and continues to display its social
The open plan design of the lounge’s architecture gives a sense of
Flight No: CA 962 From 11-May-11 sensitivity towards people in need and is also preparing their sched-
space and freedom with the central area featuring a bar surround-
every Wed & Sat. Athens dep. 11:30 -Munich arr.12:55, Munich dep.14:20- uled network servicing several long-, medium- and short-haul des-
ed by well laid out business, dining, lounging facilities, TV areas and
Beijing arr. 06:15+1 tinations beginning June 2011 with flights to the US and Canada.
private rooms.