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An inflammation of the urinary

bladder, one that women are most
prone to, cystitis may also involve the
urethra. It develops both acute and
chronic or recurrent forms (with
frequent relapses, although the applied
treatments have temporary effects).

As symptomatology, its clinical picture is defined by the following:

 dysuria (painful urination);

 frequent mictions (need to urinate very often);

 pains in the lower abdominal area and in the lumbar one;

 stinging and/or painful mictions;

 thick urine;

 involuntary discharges of urine during day and/or night incontinency.

In men, cystitis develops lighter forms and its symptoms resemble those of prostatitis.

The continuous need to urinate and the pains/stinging accompanying cystitis affect the
patient’s professional efficiency and alter his mood, leading to a decrease in his work volume
and to overall indisposition until the symptoms are ameliorated. In acute forms, the
symptomatology forces bed rest for short periods of time.

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Usually, the infection is caused by bacteria located in the intestinal area (e.g.
Esterichia Coli) or by fungi. It is biased by a precarious intimate hygiene, decreased immunity
of the genital apparatus, hormonal disorders, diabetes, exposure to very low temperatures,
frequent intercourse and lack of an hygienic behavior after intercourse, unhealthy underwear.

As far as women are concerned, in most cases the infection occurs following
intercourse, because the bacteria that are already present in vagina or in the lower urethral
area will move towards the urinary bladder. Where, in addition to that, the immunity of the
urogenital apparatus is low, too, the respective bacteria will cause cystitis.

Failing to treat it, especially where there are recurrent cystites, the infection may also
affect the kidneys, leading to severe renal affections in time, such as pyelonephritis or chronic
renal insufficiency.

As measures of cystitis prevention, the following may be mentioned:

 after going to the rest-room, each person should wipe from front to back to avoid
carrying the bacteria from the anal to the urinary area; it is preferably, though, to wash
the intimate area with water and soap every time after using the toilet;

 comfortable underwear made of natural fibers, to prevent rubbing the area into

 intimate toilet before and after each intercourse;

 an adequate intake of liquid (at least 2 liters of water daily).


Restoring the immunity of the genito-urinary apparatus (kidneys, urinary bladder,

prostate, ovaries and uterus) is one of the main objectives in the treatment of cystitis.

As most of the people suffering from recurrent cystitis also suffer from deteriorations
of the renal functions or from minor lung disorders, the lung immunity must also be
improved, so that there should be an immune barrier both at genito-urinary level and at lung

In order to eliminate the infectious agents in the genito-urinary area, blood circulation
and local metabolism will be intensified, processes that will detoxify the area and will
eliminate the deposits of dead cells (elements that bias the infectious process).

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