Universal USB Installer ©2011 Lance http://www.pendrivelinux.

com (offered under GN U GPL License) - see Uni-USB-Installer-Copying Background of Universal USB Installer (UUI): Universal USB Installer is an easy to use installer script (GUI) I wrote using N SIS to automate the creation of a bootable USB device that can be used to put a select Live Linux Distribution on USB. How Universal USB Installer (UUI) WORKS: This tool utilizes Syslinux to make the drive bootable, and in some cases chainl oads to Grub4DOS and uses a corresponding menu.lst. A syslinux.cfg file or text. cfg file may also used in some cases. 7-zip is used to extract the files from the ISO or Zip to the USB device. The co mpressed filesystem of the Live Linux distribution being placed on the device is not altered in any way. DD for Windows (dd.exe) and Mke2fs are used to make a casper-rw persistent file for storing changes. The casper persistent feature was created by Ubuntu and can in theory be used on any Ubuntu based remix. Formatting is done via the open source fat32format tool created by Tom Thornhill Credits Resources and Tools used: * Grub4DOS grldr ©2011, the Gna! people http://www.gnu.org/software/grub (unmo dified binary used) : Specific Grub4DOS link: http://gna.org/projects/grub4dos/ * Syslinux ©2011 H. Peter Anvin http://syslinux.zytor.com (unmodified binary u sed) * DD for Windows dd.exe ©2011 John Newbigin http://www.chrysocome.net/dd (unmo dified binary used) * mke2fs.exe ©2011 Matt WU http://ext2fsd.sourceforge.net (unmodified binary u sed) * 7-Zip is ©2011 Igor Pavlovis http://7-zip.org (unmodified binaries were used ) * Fat32format.exe ©2011 Tom Thornhill Ridgecorp Consultants http://www.rid gecrop.demon.co.uk (unmodified binary used) NSIS Installer ©2011 Contributors http://nsis.sourceforge.net (used to compile the MultiBootISOs.nsi script) NSIS is the easiest method I could find to automate the creation process, aside from batch installers which we have moved away from. Initially, I offered Distro specific USB Installers that could be used to put a specific Live Linux Distro on USB. They were based on Cedric Tissieres's Tazusb. exe for Slitaz (slitaz@objectif-securite.ch). His Tazusb installer helped me quickly understand how NSIS works and how easily it could be applied to this situation. Reminances of Tazusb may still reside in this script. There were many other textbook and online resources used over time to help me un derstand how to put this all together. Recent Changelog: 01/27/11 - Version Added Debian Live KDE, LXDE, XFCE. Allow Linux M int 10 CD or DVD ISO selection. 01/25/11 - Version Updated Puppy "Lupu 5.2" Entry, added Edubuntu a nd Lighthouse Pup 01/23/11 - Version Added Qimo 4 kids 2 and DouDouLinux Entries.

8.Version 1.10 Entry so that Persistence wo rks again. Added ability to se t Persistent Size for Ubuntu variants via a Slider.3: Updated to support DSL 4.10.0.Version 1.9: Updated to support Parted Magic 5. 01/17/11 . Corrected syslinux config paths for Debian.0: Added clickable Home Page Links for Installable Distributions.10 with Persistence 10/6/10 . Sugar on a Stick 1 4.Version 1. Kubu ntu. 10/18/10 .1.0. 12/19/10 . Linux Mint 10. and Sug ar on a Stick 10/4/10 .Xubuntu . 12/28/10 .10 Entry.6: Combined 32/64 bit Menu entries where possible t o reduce clutter.8.8.8. 12/22/10 .7 and gparted 0.8.2: Switched Ubuntu 10. 11/12/10 .8.01/21/11 .10 Beta to Ubuntu 10.8. 10/10/10 .8.Version 1.Version 1.6: Updated to support newer versions of Clonezilla.5: Fix Puppy 4. 11/10/10 . 01/18/11 .1.10. and Finnix 1 00 Linux.0: Updated to support Fedora 14.Version 1.8.Version 1.4: Added Panda Safe CD "Standalone Antivirus Scanne r" Entry.1. Macbuntu-iso. L ubuntu 10.0. 12/10/10 . Xubuntu 10. 01/08/11 . 11/19/10 . 10/26/10 .8 and BlackBunt u.10 RC opt ion 9/29/10 .2.8.Version 1. updated to support Li nux XP Like 10.1. 10/25/10 . Linux Mint XFCE.1: Updated to support Knoppix 6.0.0. 01/03/11 . Added Sabayon Linux.Version Fixed path to fat32format.Version 1. Added Backtrack 4 R1.3: Added Xubuntu 10. 11/05/10 .Version 1. Ubuntu .2. 01/19/11 . and Server Install versions.Version 1.2.Version 1.Version Updated to support Ubuntu 10.04 entries to co rrect mismatch issues. added warning Windows before proceeding to format/ install.2: Updated to support Puppy Arcade 10.8.1 Entry. BackTrack 4 R2.8: Fixed Lubuntu 10.6: Fixed Jolicloud Entry.Version 1.8. and Crunchbang.Version 1.0.10 RC.2.5: Added MCNLive 11/22/10 .Version 1.0- Changed Distros Macro to use Distribution Name R ather than ISO Name in an attempt to resolve issues where commands such as renam e isolinux to syslinux are not completing.Version 1. and Pinguy OS 12/16/10 . 11/02/10 .Version 1. 12/08/10 .1.Version 1.8.3: Updated to support PartedMagic 5.8.7: Added Mythbuntu Updated PLoP Linux Entry.10 Netbook Remix.0.Version 1.Version 1.10 RC.8.2.8. PCLinuxOS minime.8.10 Beta option 9/28/10 .Version 1.Kubuntu amd64.10.7: Updated to support Ultimate Edition Lite.8. ArtistX. 32/64 bit Li nux Mint Debian. Added option to Show All Drives.4: Updated to support Ubuntu 10/11/10 . Xubuntu installs . 11/26/10 .Version 1. commented out Ubuntu syslinux "ui gfxboot bootlogo" line to allow booting st raight into Live environment.Version 1. and Kubuntu 10. PCLinux minime 20 10.1: Removed wildcard from Ubuntu 10.Version 1.Version 1.8.8: Added a better fat32 format option utilizing the fat32format tool.1: Fixed broken Ubuntu 10.Version Debian Live.7.0: Fixed a problem that broke the older Ubuntu.8. Kubuntu 10. Browse now opens to the d irectory the tool is run from.0. Set to detect removable media only.

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