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Thank you vampirelover27 for reviewing, it means a lot for me! But anyways here s the 6 th chapter, hope you enjoy it! :D Chapter 6: A Story to be told "It all started a long time ago." Caroline began, looking at our entwined hands in her lap. All of the Cullen's were looking at her curiously, especially the young ones (well, young is probably not the right word). "As I said, I was born in a land that now is called Greece, and my name at the time was Chara, daughter of Petros. My mother, Helén , died giving birth to me, which affected my father a lot but he never blamed me or treated me ill for it. Out of his 4 children, I was his only daughter, and maybe it was because I was the youngest or because I was the only woman left in the family, but he was always very protective of me." She paused for a second, and then laughed. "He always called me his little , his little flower. My brothers were also very protective of me, taking after our father. No males were every allowed to come near me, and if someone ever talked ill of me or tried to hurt me, they protected me." "I never knew you had brothers." I said, giving her a small smile. She looked up into my eyes and giggled. "I did, a long time ago. Their names were Demon, Hektor and Xan and I couldn't have asked for better kin. Hektor was the oldest and wisest one and even though he married a beautiful rich woman and moved into a large mansion outside of our village, he often visited us and brought us all kinds of gifts. Demon was the violent one. He joined the military after I had changed into a vampire and I believe he died the way he lived, by fighting for the things he believed in. Xan was the youngest of all of my brothers, 3 years separating us, and I think he was the one who understood me the best. He knew which flowers I liked when he brought me some from the fields outside of the village. He knew what to do when I woke up from nightmares as a child. He knew things about me that even my father had not discovered yet. We were as close as siblings could get. "In my human life, I was very inexperienced with love. I was the rumored as girl with the red hair and I had lots of friends in the village, both m ale and female. My brothers made sure none of the boys got close to me (or the other way around). But even so, I still received plenty of offerings of marriage from them. They fell in love with my beauty, my unusual red hair color, my grace, my kindness I showed to my friends, but they didn't know who I was as a person. My father always declined, thinking I deserved better and I never questioned him. Our family was rather poor compared to the others, so I knew Petros wanted to marry me to a respectful, wealthy man. He always said he wanted someone to take care of me when his days were counted. "When I was about your age Bella, a man came to our village. He was filthy rich, even richer than the noblewoman my brother had married, and even though everyone aroun d me was impressed by his high status, I only found him pompous. He was a spoiled brat in my eyes who believed that anything he wanted was his. When the nobleman met me, he took a liking to me almost immediately, which my father was very happy about. Petros thought the same as all the others in the village, not seeing through his fake appearance, and was happy that a

man with such a high status and much money was interested in me. The man, called Vasilios, showered me with gifts and compliments, and when hi s offer of marriage came, none of us were surprised. I begged my father not to accept his proposal, knowing I would never be happy with the tyrant, but he refused to listen. He thought I was acting spoiled and unthankful for everything he had done for me, and did not see any bad reasons for me to marry Vasilios; I would be a rich noblewoman, living in a large house with my own servants and with a husband who loved me, what was there not to like?" She paused her story for a moment, her eyes looking into the distance but not really seeing, and then sighed. The smile that had stayed on her face through the story faltered and a cold expression set on her face which I had never seen her wear before. "Everyone in the village rejoiced when my father announced that I was to marry Vasilios. He arranged a large feast that night, celebrating that his finally was getting married to a respectful man. I remember Vasilios face from that night, his expression radiating with pride, smugness and pleasure. I was his. H e had successfully been able to get the woman that no other man had been able to get near. My brothers were no happier than I was, but they decided not to say anything. Xan was understandably the unhappiest of them all, and during the whole dinner, he glar ed murderously at the man that was going to steal away his one and only sister. I was putting on a happy face during the whole thing, though I was crying inside, and as I heard my father and Vasilios talk about the future of our family, I felt how I slowly withered inside. My life was being decided for me all in one night and there was nothing I could do about it. Or, so I thought. "Once the feast ended, Xan pulled me aside, his face alit with excitement and desperation and began to speak swiftly. He had arranged a horse for me from one of the other villagers and he begged me to run away. At first, I thought he had gone mad, but the more he explained his plan, I felt hope growing inside of me again. He said that I was to take the horse and then ride to a nea rby village right by the sea. There, I was to board the first ship I could leading to any other place possible, and then look for my own happiness. Xan knew that I was able to handle myself out in the world and didn't need any financial support to a happy life, like my father believed. "So I followed my brothers plan. When I had said a very tearful goodbye to Hektor, who had to return to his home, and hugged both my father and Demon goodnight a few minutes longer than normal, I waited for my father to retur n to his chamber. As soon as I thought we were not going to be discovered, Xan and I left our house so we could go to the man that had decided to help me. When we arrived, I realized that the man who was going to help us was actually one of my suitors who had been refused by my father. His name was Akakios and I had always found him to be a friendly person. At that moment, I cursed myself for not accepting this nice person's proposal when I had the opportunity. After lastly telling Xan goodbye, promising hi m I would somehow contact him in the future and tell him how I was, I rode off into the night. I galloped in the pure darkness, hoping that no one was going to notice that I was missing until the morning, and during the entire ride, happiness bubbled insid e of me. I was actually doing it; I was opposing my father and escaping the destiny he and Vasilios had decided for me. But unfortunately, that happiness did not last long."

The room fell into silence, and everyone (including Carlisle, who apparently alrea dy had heard the story before and Rosaline, who had looked anything but interested in the beginning of the storytelling) watched Caroline with curious eyes, and when she did not continue, I squeezed her cold hand lightly. "What happened next?" She gave me a warm smile and without any warning she took out her hand from my grasp and instead wound her tiny arms around my waist, hugging herself to me lovingly. "As I rode through the forest, I suddenly heard something. From the darkness surrounding me, growls and howls were heard, and my happy mood was instantly replaced with fear. I had heard stories about wolves travelling in packs around our village, prying on villagers, but I had never realized the danger those stories actually held. The wolves that tailed us were vicious, their claws stretching after the legs of the terrified animal I rode on. The horse, which was absolutely out of its mind with terror, decided it couldn't handle it anymore, and threw me off its back with a powerful kick. I landed hard on the ground, hearing how the horse raced away in the forest, leaving me behind in the darkness. I sat up as quickly as I could, but as soon as I placed weight on my foot, I shrieked in pain. My ankle was broken because of the fall, and as I looked up from my p ained foot, I saw how the terrible beasts watched me with hungry eyes. What happened next I only remember vaguely. The wolves all attacked me, setting their teeth into me, making me scream horribly. I kicked around as much as I could, trying to fight them off, but it was a lost cause. Slowly but surely, I could feel how my strength slipped away, and when I realized that death was awaiting me next, I felt terror at the same time as I felt gratitude." I looked at her with terror stuck eyes, scared by the horr ible story she was telling me, and she laughed softly and ruffled my hair. "Relax Bella, that was in the past. I survived it; those wolves didn't kill me. I am here, aren't I?" She joked, and the rest of the Cullen's laughed with her, making me blush. "Anyhow, as I laid there, at the brink of death, a miracle happened. Well, that's at least what I always used to call him, my little miracle." A soft smile entered her lips, and her vacant eyes seemed to be looking back at the treasured memory. "Suddenly, all of the wolves disappeared, pained wolf cries filling the air, and out of nowhere, a beautiful man appeared. My vision was very blurry, but in the light of the moon I could see that he was beautiful, more beautiful than any man I've ever met. His hair had a strange blonde color I had never seen in my life, and his black eyes that stared intently at me were the kind of eyes that could look into your soul. He began to speak to me in a strange language, one I had never heard before, and I only groaned in pain i n response. The pain from the bites the wolves had given me ached everywhere, and the blood loss I had suffered made me extremely dizzy. I remember the the desperate look he had on his face at that moment when he at the same time had desire he had to drink my blood, wanted to save me. The fight he fought inside of him had to be one of the hardest things he had suffered in his life. After staring intently at me, he spoke to me in Greek; 'do you want to live?'. I remembered that I groaned a weak yes before I fell unconscious, and that was all he needed. The vampire that was determined to save me changed me into what he was me and after the three days of the worst pain I've ever felt, I awoke as a vampire.

"It was very disorientating, "waking up" in a unknown cabin together with an unknown man with abilities and senses that I've never had or sensed before. The vampire, who politely introduced himself as Hans, was a 200 years old vampire from Germany, and his Greek was very limited, which made communicating hard. He, unlike me, hunted humans when we met, so when he told me what we were going to do, I froze. One part of my mind told me that it didn't matter, that my thirst was more important, that I knew that it would feel good to kill those humans. But after think ing of my father and brothers, I refused. The thirst was maddening, but I did not want to kill a human just so I could survive. Hans thought that I was strange for thinking such thoughts but did not try to convince me of other opinions and respected my words. So instead of hunting humans, we hunted animals. "I didn't speak to him until two weeks had passed. He had only referred to me as 'you' and 'girl', so I decided to tell me my name. He chuckled when I told him, and being a newborn, my temper got the worst of me an I attacked him." I stiffened in Caroline's hold, and she laughed as she felt the change in my pose. "Don't worry Bella, I didn't hurt him. Even though I was much stronger than him, he was much more skilled in fighting than I was, so just when I thought I could tackle him to the ground, he brought me down in one hit. Smiling. At that point I actually considered if he was the evil spawn of the devil, pushing people to the ground whilst smiling, but he politely explained why he had laughed. He did not think Chara suited me at all, and suggested that I should change it. Irritation flooded through me, but I restrained the temptation to bite off his neck and then instead asked what he thought I should be named. He told me that now that I've been reborn, I should name myself to something more fitting, and then he suggested that I should name myself Caroline, an old German name. At first I thought he was absolutely mad, but after a few days of thinking, I decided that that's what I wanted to be called. "Hans didn't only change my name, but he changed my way of seeing the world. He showed me how to live as a vampire and told me how the world of the vampires worked. In my time as a newborn, thirst was the only priority I had on my mind. Hans taught me the te chniques to hunt down different kinds of animals and even though I was inpatient, I learned well. He also taught me how to resist from the scent of humans, since that was my wish (even though he still hunted them himself). He took me to different villages, and then we just lingered there in the shadows, letting me get familiar to the scent of humans. He also trained my gift, telekinesis. As we were out hunting one time, I saw a deer running in the forest. I was enjoying the hunt, chasing the scared little creature through the forest. But after a few minutes of the chase, I decided I had had enough, and just simple thought 'just come here'. Like it had been a command, the deer flew towards me. Hans understood what had happened afterwards, and he helped me train so my gift could become stronger. "After some time, my time as a newborn was over, and only really then did I see the world with different eyes. I also saw Hans with different eyes, the way that he had seen me all along. The love I had felt for Hans had slowly but surely grown the whole time I had spent with him without me realizing it. It wasn't until I stopped being a newborn and was able to focus on other things than just my thirst that I understood my feeling for him. Hans told me that he had loved me from first sight when he saw me riding through the woods. I never believed those words, but every time I told him, he just kissed me and said it was true. After a few years, Hans gave up his human diet as well and became a "vegetarian" as me, but he

had already been feeding off animals since I had turned, so it wasn't as hard as it could've been. Hans and I travelled the world after that. We saw the northern parts of Europe, the south parts of Asia, Africa and the middle east We were all around the globe . Those years I spent together with him were one of the happiest ones in my existence." Alice squealed in her seat, finding the romantic story absolutely delightful, and I saw how Esme smiled sadly at Caroline and squeezed Carlisle's hand. Caroline sighed and laid her head on my shoulder. "But of course, the happiness couldn't last forever. When 500 years had passed of me being a vampire, something horrible happened. We were in Germany at that time in Hans hometown, pretending to be humans. I was in our cot tage embroidering whilst Hans was out hunting. He said he would be gone for an hour, so when 3 hours had passed, I knew something was wrong. I ran into the forest, following his trail but when I was halfway, I smelled it; the scent of vampire flesh burning . I hurried there as fast as I could, hoping that the scent came from someone else, but when I reached the end of his trail, all my hopes were crushed. A large fire burned brightly in the middle of a clearing, purple thick smoke rising towards the sky, and in the middle of the flames a body of a vampire was burning to ashes. At first, I refused to believe it was him lying there. Maybe I had gotten the wrong scent? But just as I was about to turn around and look around in the area more carefully, I saw it. 4 meters away from the fire, his head was laying. His lifeless eyes were staring vacantly with fear and his mouth was forming a small 'o', like he was still screaming in pain. I stared at the scene for a long time, not being able to do something. After a fe w minutes of shock, I walked over to the head and gave him one small, last kiss before I threw his head into the fire as well. At that point my shock had turned into rage. I wanted to find whoever was responsible and get my revenge. No man or woman could ever go unpunished for this. But someone beat me to it. "I smelled two vampires approaching, one of them having the same smell as the one I had find there at the fire. I prepared myself to fight, but when I saw who it was, I stopped myself. A large man entered the clearing but once he saw me he stopped in his movements and in his arms was the body of a female vampire with red, curly hair, her head also decapitated. It was the smell of the female vampire I had smelt before, not the male's, so instead of attacking him like I had planned, I hissed and demanded him to tell me what had happened to Hans. The man, who said his name was Felix, told me that he was from the Volturi. Hans had told me about them before, who they were and what they were doing. "Felix told me that he had seen the woman kill Hans, so he went after her and killed her as well. Since I knew someone from the Volturi wouldn't lie, I decided to trust his words. But I was still mad. I had not been the one to avenge my mate. The body of t he dead woman was still in his arms, so without a warning, I used my powers to make the body and the head float into the air, and then without any mercy, I ripped them all to thousands of pieces, and then sent them into the fire. Felix, understandably surp rised, told me that I should come with him to Volterra, the base of the Volturi. At first, I refused him. I had lost Hans, my one and only love; this eternal life I had seemed more like a curse than a gift now. So why would I waste my eternal time to be in that family, doing their dirty work? "Felix did not like my answer, but decided to leave me alone to grief. For 4 months, I stayed

inside the cottage where Hans and I had lived and did nothing. The only time I exited the house was when I needed to hunt. F elix revisited me after those 4 months had passed, once again determined to take me with him to Volterra, and this time I didn't refuse him. I knew I had to move on with my life because that's what Hans would've wanted me to do. So I went with Felix to Volterra and then I joined the Volturi." Caroline raised her head from my shoulder where she had rested it, and then grinned at Carlisle. "I think I met you when I had been there for 14 years." She laughed at the memory and hugged me to her side. "You were su ch a baby at the time, only a few decades old as a vampire." Carlise and the others laughed and he smiled friendly. "Yes that was such a long time ago. You left after I had stayed there 5 years if I remember it right." He said mused and she nodded. "Yes. I met you on and off after I left though. But once I did leave Italy I decided to come over here to America and see how it was over here, since Hans and I never went. And I've stayed here up until now." She declared. "Wow that was an amazing story. I never knew Miss had lived such a life!" I said, and she laughed. "Yes But the moment I met you and your parents I felt more bliss than I've ever felt in over a hundred years. Especially you." She said, and touched the tip of my nose, grinning. I blushed, embarrassed, but I couldn't help but to smile. Caroline smiled back, and then motioned towards my teacup that was now floating in the air. "Now drink a little Bella; this is a tea party after all."

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