Lords & Lairs Playtest Version 0.

1 This is a non-commercial product, inspired by the Stars Without Number RPG by Kevin Crawford. It obviously also owes a great deal to bits and pieces from Daniel Proctor's Labyrinth Lord, the classical forms of Dungeons & Dragons, a nod to Marc Miller's Traveller, and the first edition of the Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game. I would also be remiss if I did not acknowledge the sources of Epic Role Playing, Rolemaster, and Shadow, Sword & Spell. Misc Notes: Herbalist (Expert): Doubles the effect of any herb brewed 1x game. Knowledge (Herbalism), Pcraft, Lore (Any 2), Combat (Blunt, Archery or Targeting) Mend Unseen Servant Transformation/Shape Change (higher-level) Expand to 5 per level?

Character Creation Checklist -Generate Attributes, Record Attribute Modifiers -Choose Race -Choose/Roll Background Options -Choose Class -Choose Training Package yucndho i -Generate Hit Points -Generate Random Perk -Select/upgrade Skill -Roll for starting wealth -Purchase equipment, weapons, and armor. -Finalize character details For Mystic Classes, there are two additional steps: -Generate Power Points -Select spells

Humans: No prerequisite. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA DESCRIBE EACH STAT Attribute Modifiers By Score: 3:-3 4-5: -2 6-8: -1 9-12: +0 13-15: +1 16-17 +2 18: +3 Races INSERT RACIAL AGES. Dark vision. +1 INT. Some require starting prerequistie attributes in order to be a selection. Dexterity. +1 Saving Throw of Choice. lowering abilities above 11 and raising abilities below 9 to even out your scores.Generating Attributes Roll 3d6 six times. No such modifications can lower a high score below 11 or raise a low one above 9. and Charisma. -1 CHA Dwarves: Prerequisite: STR/CON of 14+. +1 DEX. Intelligence. Low-light vision. Eagle-eyed. You may move points between scores. Dark Elves: Prerequisite: DEX of 14+. and assign the totals in order to Strength. -1 CON . CHA Max 14. Record the attribute modifier for each ability. +1 Magic Saving Throws. -1 DEX. Wisdom. Elves: Prerequisite: DEX of 14+. keep highest. +1 CON. Reroll one stat. +1 Mental Saving Throw. There are seven basic player races to choose from. INCLUDE EXPLANATION OF POWERS. +1 Physical Saving Throw. CON Max 14. Constitution.

Dwarves. Mystics harness the arcane forces . +1 Luck and Evasion Saving Throws. Elves. -1 STR Halflings: Prerequisite: STR Max 13. Background Options Background Culture (1 skill) 01-11% Nomadic: 12-45% Rural: 46-55% Sea-born: 56%-70% Urban: 71%-91% Village: 92-00% Woodland: Social Class (1 skill) 01-15%: Slave: 16-51%: Lower class: 51-75% Middle class: 76-85%: Upper Class: 86-95%: Lower Nobility: 96-00%: Upper Nobility: Apprenticeship/Vocational/Interest Background (2 skills) (Roll or choose) 1-10%: Academic: 11-20%: Agricultural: 21-30%: Martial: 31-40%: Mercantile: 41-50%: Mystic: 51-60%: Nautical: 61-70%: Outlaw: 71-80%: Pastoral: 81-90%: Trades: 91-00%: Wandering: Classes There are three basic classes in Lords & Lairs: Warriors. Gnomes. and Experts. -1 WIS Humans. +1 INT. Warriors battle with dagger. STR Max 13. Dark Elves. +1 STR. +1 DEX. +1 Magic Saving Throws. and Ogrekin have a base movement of 40 feet in combat. blade. and shield. Low-light vision. Mystics. and Halflings have a base movement of 30 feet.Gnomes: Prerequisite: INT of 14+. -1 STR Ogrekin: Prerequisite: +1 Physical Saving Throw.

Fighter. Experts are masters of a chosen path or keepers of great knowledge. Archer. Elementalist. Ranger. Healing Priest. Once you have chosen a class. Each Training Package comes with five skills and an additional special ability. Troubadour Hit Dice: d8 Special Class Ability: Once per combat.of the world to mysterious ends. Berserker. Mage Hit Dice: d4 Special Class Ability: These are the only classes with access to mystic powers (see Magic). can completely negate an attack (not valid for traps and other hazards) Class Skills: Mystic Class Training Packages: Crusader Priest. Illusionist. . you choose a Training Package. Each class also has a special ability they may use once per session. Warrior Class Training Packages: Assassin.

Scholar. Merchant. Mystic Grandmastery: Mage's staff: Craft staff. they become supremely proficient in at least one facet of that class. They may also have a max of +2 at first level in one non-combat skill of choice. Thief Hit Dice: d6 Special Class Ability: All Experts may also reroll a failed skill check 1x/day. classes gain what is called a Mastery. Warrior Grandmastery: Extra attack per round. which can cast 1 2nd-level. Warrior Mastery: Extra attack per round. At 6th level. These represent rare and powerful accomplishments. Masteries & Grandmasteries If a character advances long enough in a class.Class Skills: Expert Class Training Packages: Adventurer. but may only choose single Combat and single Armor skill as class skills. 1 . and at 9th level a Grandmastery. Class Skills: All. Mystic Mastery: Choose one spell of level 3 or higher to cast at cost of 2 levels lower. Noble.

Skills: Thief: Once per session. Berserker: Gains additional attack for single encounter. and 1 8th level spell 2x/day each without PP expenditure. Warrior Training Packages: Assassin: Ignores all armor on one attack. Healing Priest: Access to magic. Skills: Herbalist: Skills: Use/Remove Poison. . Lore (Pick 2). Ranger: Troubadour: Inspires allies to +1 on all rolls for single encounter. Elementalist: Access to magic. +2 HP per level. 1 6th level. Mage: Access to magic. Fighter: Doubles damage from one melee attack. see Magic section. trickery. or general sneakiness. Healing. Expert Grandmastery: Extra attack/action per round. +1 to Luck Saving throw. Skills: Scholar: Once per session. can find a needed item for 2d20% off normal price. Expert Training Packages: Adventurer: May add a Luck bonus of +2 to any single roll once per session. see Magic section. Survival Merchant: Once per session. 3 Combat skills as Class skills. automatically succeeds at a knowledge check. Mystic Training Packages: Crusader Priest: Minor access to magic.4th level. Archer: Doubles damage from one ranged attack. may add +3 to any skill roll dealing with deceit. see Magic section. additonal auto-success daily. see Magic section. see Magic section. Expert Mastery: Auto-succeed at one task in chosen field per day. Training Packages Each training package has a special ability that can be used 1x/session. Illusionist: Access to magic.

3) Dodgy: +1 to all Evasion Saving Throws. you may mega-charge a roll with a d100. 17) Arcane Mark: Knows single 1st-level spell of choice as 1st-level caster. and only once.) 20) Major Bloodline: Roll 1d4 (1: Infernal Bloodline. 15) One In A Hundred: Once. 12) Cold Steel: Select Weapon skill not on your list at +0. 2) Steel Trap: +1 to all Mental Saving Throws. 13) Diverse: Choose a Profession skill your character would not normally possess at +1. 4: Elemental Bloodline) 19) Strange. 2: Wyrm Bloodline. 6) Tough: +2 Hit Points. GM's discretion on exact manifestation (lycanthropy. 3: Celestial Bloodline. 9) Well-Rounded: 1 skill would not normally have at level 0. 4) Skeptic: +1 to all Magic Saving Throws. D4 Power Points if not caster. Skill may not increase until Lvl 3. no expiration date.Hit Points 1st Level Hit Points: Class Hit Dice (HD) maximum + CON bonus Warrior HD: d8 Mystic HD: d4 Expert HD: d6 Random Perk Chart Random Perk Chart (Roll 1d20) 1) Resolute: +1 to all Physical Saving Throws. Skill may not increase until Lvl 3. 4: Elemental Bloodline) Skills Add Additional Skills/Skill Selections . 14) Seen Some Things: Choose a Weapon skill at +0. 5) Friend of Fate: +1 to all Luck Saving Throws. 10) Trinket: Minor magic item granted. 11) IOU: Good for three extra super-charge d30 rolls. 18) Minor Bloodline: Roll 1d4 (1: Infernal Bloodline. marginally controlled transformation power. 7) Inheritance: Start with 50 extra GP. 16) Linguistics: Choose another two languages your character knows. 2: Wyrm Bloodline. etc. 3: Celestial Bloodline. 8) Item: GM grants item player would not normally start with. Ask for coupon.

The only exception to this chart is for Experts. Heavy) -Artist (Sing. plus an additional skill point for each point of their INT attribute bonus. Skills -Skill Resolution: (2d6 + Skill Rank + Attribute Modifier) vs. Play Instrument. Experts receive 3 skill points.) -Athletics -Bluff -Carouse -Climb . At each additional level. whereas another may use Charisma. Target Number -Target number may vary between 6 (easy) and 13 (insanely hard) -No skill=-2 Penalty to Roll Note that the attribute modifier may not always be the same. who may choose one non-combat skill at Level 1 to purchase or obtain at up to a +2 bonus. One character may use Strength to Intmidate. Skill List Where skills have specialties in paranthese below. Sculpt. etc. -Appraise -Armor (Light. Mystics and Warriors receive 2. each specialty must be selected as a separate skill list.All classes receive 3 skill points at first level. Medium. Dance.

-Combat (Archery. Forked.) -Ride -Stealth -Streetwise -Steward -Survival -Swim -Tactics -Tracking -Traps -Use/Remove Poison See pg. 65 for skill advancement. Knife. Culture. Heraldry. Experts gain 3 skill points/level. 1 gold piece (gp)=10 silver pieces (sp) 1 silver piece (sp)=10 copper pieces (cp) 1 gold piece (gp)=100 copper pieces (cp) Weapons INSERT LIST FROM AEC (TWEAK) Melee Ranged Armor . Equipment Starting Money Each character begins with 3d8x10 gp (gold pieces). etc. See pg. Religion. Sword. Cooper. Law.) -Lore (History. Soldier. Flora & Fauna. Warriors/Psychics 2 skill points/level. 16 for skill descriptions. Blacksmith. Unarmed. Thrown. Staves. Geography. etc. Others As Applicable) -Unarmed Combat -Gambling -Healing -Intimidate -Language (1 new language per rank) -Leadership -Literacy -Perception -Diplomacy -Profession (Per profession: Armorer. Blunt. Spear. Arcane. Farmer. Siege Weaponry.

A character can give up their action in a round to move double their normal movement rate. Character can only move once on any given round. operating a complex device. or saying a few words. Initiative is only rolled once. reloading a weapon. and can be done at any time. and then move another 25 feet to get to cover. On their turn. Some actions are considered free actions. each character involved takes a turn doing something.or chosen not to act. During their turn. whether or not it's the character's turn. use their action to shoot. and Halflings). the closest player on the GM's right side acts first. When all characters have acted. Initiative When a fight begins. choosing to save their actions to . In case of ties. such as making an attack. During a round. pulling out readied equipment. such as dropping an object. If two PCs tie. Gnomes. they cannot move 15 feet. every participant rolls initiative. A character can delay acting if they wish. highest roll first. PCs act first. A round is roughly six seconds long. Participants act in initiative order. rolling 1d10 and adding their Dexterity attribute modifier. characters take their actions and can move up to 40 feet.INSERT LIST FROM AEC (TWEAK) Light Medium Heavy Adventuring Equipment INSERT LIST FROM AEC (TWEAK) Combat The Combat Round Combats and other tense situations in Lords & Lairs are divided up into rounds. as when all participants have had their turn a new round begins from the top. Most of these are simply so trivial that they could be done at any time by anyone. a character can both act and move up to 40 feet (30 for Dwarves.the round ends and a new one begins. An action is the character's main activity for the round. or some other activity which requires time or attention. For example.

It's the GM's decision as to what sort of actions can be readied and what sort of triggers for these are reasonable. Sometimes characters will want to climb ropes. If the attack hits. the PC rolls 1d20 and adds their relevant Combat skill. he usually suffers a -2 penalty to hit.respond to an enemy. and the Attack Bonus for their class and level. Natural 20s are considered critical hits. For example. you don't add it to the damage. and a natural roll of 20 always hits. Movement in Combat Characters can move freely around enemies wielding ranged weapons. Circumstances can apply other penalties or bonuses to the hit roll. unarmored human is AC 9. the attribute bonus associated with the weapon. A natural roll of 1 on the die always misses. Only the last handful of hit points represents an injury that does serious physical damage. which adds its level to both the hit and damage roll. at which point they are considered Dead. It’s worth repeating that most hit point damage represents only the gradual wearing down of a target’s stamina. If the total is equal or greater than 20. the attack hits successfully. but a character that has engaged an enemy with a melee weapon grants his opponent a free attack on him if he tries to move away without spending his action making a fighting retreat. and percentiles are then rolled to see what the result of the critical hit is. This can be anything from double damage to an insta-kill! A normal. The target’s Dexterity modifier is subtracted from their base armor class. but agile or armored characters can have substantially lower armor class. and the GM is the final arbiter of what merits a modifier. The only exception is with the Combat/Unarmed skill. the PC then rolls the damage dice associated with the weapon and adds the appropriate attribute bonus. leap pits. their target’s armor class. or . and luck. These modifiers are cumulative. swim bodies of water. hitting a target that's under cover might apply a -2 penalty or worse. This damage is then subtracted from the victim's hit points. They will continue to lose a hit point a round until the reach -10. Creatures reduced to zero hit points are considering to be Dying. resolve. If the PC has no skill in the weapon he is using. To attack. Making an Attack A character may use their turn’s action to attack an enemy. Note that while you add the relevant ability bonus to a weapon's hit roll.

He opts to super-charge his roll to a d30+1 instead. They gain an additional d4 Power points at each level. . spells may not be voluntarily swapped out or unlearned. Magic Each Mystic Training Package has a set progression of powers they gain per level. A Magic-User cannot normally learn spells above their level. they get away. Once selected. The chase can usually be resolved by an opposed Athletics check. and if not. Characters who attempt to flee a fight completely might be chased by angry enemies. At each level. If the fleeing character wins. or other roll by substituting a d30 in place of their normal dice roll. A Magic-User may choose two lower-level spells equaling their new level from the General list if a desirable spell of their current level is not found. A spell's Power Point cost is equal to its level. whichever is higher. they're cornered or run down by the opponent and must fight.otherwise crawl around the scenery during a fight. Spells cost Power Points to cast. Such movement usually requires their full action for the round. Example: Roy would normally roll d4+1 for his dagger’s damage. but he’s feeling saucy. damage. Critical Hit Table Other Rules Task Resolution Movement Modifiers Leveling PUT IN XP CHARTS The d30 Rule Once per session. usually modified by Constitution for anything longer than a sprint. except through rare circumstances (and at GM discretion). Magic-Users start with Power Points equal to d4+their INT/WIS bonus. they may also choose a spell from the General list. a player may “super-charge” an attack.

1 Power Point Spent: +2 damage to attack 3 Power Points Spent: +6 damage to attack 5 Power Points Spent: +10 damage to attack Casting A 1d20 roll must be made when a spell is cast. 12) Spell does not go off. 15) Spell does not go off. Caster takes 1d6 damage. This only applies when the Magic-User himself wields the staff in question. 13) Effect of spell directed upon caster. Spell does not go off. Double PP expended. 16) Magical backlash. the spell is a failure. Double PP expended. 6) Spell does not go off. 8) Random spell from same level goes off instead of desired spell. and a roll must be made on the chart below. . but at half power. consult Spell Failure Wild Magic Chart 20-Critical.Mystics' Staff Attack As an additional power. once per session. 5) Magical backlash. double damage of spell Spell Failure Wild Magic Chart 1) Spell does not go off. 2) Spell works. as applicable. Double PP expended. 9) Spell does not go off. Double PP expended. If a Magic-User is wearing metallic armor. Spell does not go off. 1-Fail. Spell does not go off. enemy (good effect). If a 20 is rolled. Double PP expended. Triple PP expended. the spell failure rates triples (a roll of 1-3 means the spell was a failure. 7) Spell does not go off. Double PP expended. the effect or duration (GM discretion) of the spell is doubled. 17) All Power Points Drained. a Magic-User who has a staff they use as a focal point for their magic may spend Power Points to increase the damage of an attack with the staff. Caster takes 1d6 damage. 4) Random spell from same level goes off instead of desired spell. 10) Spell does not go off. 3) Spell does not go off. 14) Spell directed at nearest ally (bad effect). Double PP expended. Power Points expended as if it did. On a 1. 11) Spell does not go off.

5) Righteous Curse: Targeted opponent -2 to attack for 1d4 rounds. Crusader Priest List Note: Due to his other bonuses. No save. fiends. Magic to halve penalty. and is always one level less than the current level for these purposes. they are rendered unconscious for 1d4 hours and the negative Power Point balance is taken from their Hit Points. 3) Holy Weapon: Ordinary weapon becomes blessed +1 weapon for next attack. 4) Rebuke Undead: Turns or destroys 1d4 of undead per level. though it is only recommended as a last-case resort. double to evil creatures. etc. Caster will be powerless for 3d10 hours. ignore negative hit points until -10 HP for 2d6 rounds. which allows them to read magical script and arcane texts (1 hour/level). 1) Spirited Charge: Allies in 20' radius receive +1 to attack next round. he only receives General spells at even numbered-levels. the Crusader Priest's base list is weaker than many of the other Mystic Training Packages. Spell does not go off. . Caster slips into coma for 1d6 days.18) All Power Points Drained. +12 to hit/damage. ignore negative hit points for 1d6 rounds. they may choose this as an option. Will not work on highest-level or deific-level beings. Caster will be powerless for 1d4 days. Power Point Recovery Power Points are restored at the rate of 1 per hour of rest. 20) All Power Points Drained. undead. Spell does not go off. Overages If a spell failure or other event causes a Magic-User to use more Power Points than they have. Save vs. In addition. 6) Summon Divine Guardian: Summons minor blessed creature to fight (GM discretion) 7) Divine Rage: 2 attacks per round. Spell Lists All Mystic Classes start with a single basic spell that may be used at will: Read Magic. Spell does not go off. Please note if a Magic-User does not have enough PP to cast a certain spell. 2) Health: Recover/heal 1 hit point. Dispelling Spells may be dispelled at will by the caster. 10) Divine Champion: 3 attacks per round. 19) All Power Points Drained. +5 to hit/damage. 9) Banishment: Sends greater fiend or foul creature out of mortal realm. 4d6 to all enemies. 8) Epic Strike: Weapon use causes blast to 40' radius.

1D6 rounds. 4) Major Illusion: Allows more complex illusion (any two components. Healing Priest List 1) Cure Light Wounds: Restores 1d4 HP. 8) Summon Major Elemental: 1d6 rounds (+1 each 4 levels of caster). 40' movement. 3) Befuddle: Target must save vs. smell. AC: 5. 9) Major Element Control: Cause large geographical or weather-related events in chosen element.Elementalist List: (Note: Elementalists must choose either Fire. Earth. 20 HP. or Water as their element). 4) Elemental Bolt: Fires a bolt with 60' range. HP: 20. 8) Instant Revival: Heals target to full HP. causing -1 to oppenent attacks. Magic or lose action for 1d4 rounds. Magic or lose next action (stunned). depending on chain reaction of event) 10) Elemental Transformation: May transform into elemental form completely. HP: 35. 3) Elemental Shield: Creates elemental shield in front of caster. 2) Minor Element Control: Allows for control over small amount of chosen element. 6) Remove Curse: Destroys or dispels arcane curses fully. 9) Resurrection: Brings single target back from the dead. 3) Cure Moderate Wounds: Restores 2d6 HP. doubling HP and attack bonus. Auto-hit 2D6 damage (+1/level). 1d4 rounds. 6) Element Meld: Interact/move through element 1d6 rounds with no penalty/adverse affect. 2) Neutralize Poison: Negates poisons. and granting freedom of movement through element without penalty/adverse effect. 1) Create Element: Creates small amount of chosen element. 4) Healing Mist: Causes restorative mist to cure 1d8 HP to all in 30' radius 5) Cure Heavy Wounds: Restores 4d8 HP. Save vs. 10) Divine Vigor: Renders target invulnerable to physical harm (minus crits) for 1d6 rounds. Auto-hit 4d6+ additional 1/level damage. Wind. Illusionist List 1) Minor Illusion: Allows simple illusion (sound. 3d10 damage. such as . Save vs. 1d4 rounds (+1 level) rounds. AC: 4. Also instantly stabilizes dying characters. 2) Blur: Target becomes difficult to see and blurry. 2D6 rounds (or longer. Will obey caster's simple commands. 7) Regenerate: Regenerates lost limbs fully. 7) Elemental Blast: Damages all foes within 60' radius. sight. 5) Summon Minor Elemental: 1d4 rounds (+1/lvl). but not more than one of these) for 1d4 rounds (+1/level). 1D4 hours. 45' movement. May attempt save each round affected. 2d6 damage. Will obey caster's simple commands. Magic for half damage.

May be used as an attack. Duration 1d4 hours.sight. capable of acting on orders as caster would. Limited to single chosen animal. Cloud extends to 20 ft. sound. 1D6 damage to target. Purify Food & Water (Reversible): Purifies 1 cu. plus additional 1d6 each 4 levels of caster. smell) for 1d4 rounds (+1/level). 4) Hasten: Target gains double attacks for 1d4 rounds. Save vs. Grease: Makes 10-foot square or object slippery./level. 7) Master Illusion: Allows master illusion incorporating sight./level of food or water (reversible). Level 2 Zap: Short-range arcane energy attack aut0-hits one target within 30 ft. retaining intelligence. low-light vision. and 10. etc. 8) Eldritch Storm: Magical storm causes 6d10 damage in 60' radius. 9) Transmute: May transmute 10' x10' or 500 lbs. Sense Magic: Detects all magic items and spells within 60'. Of base inorganic material into another base inorganic material. Evasion for half-damage.) must save vs. 8) Greater Invisibility: As invisibility. Evasion for half-damage. Duration 1d4+2 rounds. of material/level. 6) Telekinesis: May hurl up to 30 lbs. for 1d4 hours. Incorporeal. Mental or flee for 1 round/level. platinum. Physical to avoid falling. Duration10 min. of material. Save vs. plus additional 1d4 at levels 4. 3) Fear: Subjects in cone (30 ft. 8. 1d4 damage. Duration 1 min/level. electrum. dim light for additional 20'. Save vs. 9) 10) General List Level 1 Prestidigitation: Create minor magic effects for 1 hour/level. 5) Invisibility: Target becomes invisible unless making attack or casting for 1d6 rounds (+1 per level) 6) Doppleganger: Creates perfect replica of self. 7) Teleportation: May teleport up to 100 miles/level. . ft. but may attack and remain invisible. smell. radius. Light: Gives light in 20' radius. for 1d6 rounds (+1 per level). May bring 1 mediumsized creature and/or up to 200 lbs. 10) Mage List 1) Mage Hand: Minor (five pound) telekinesis. 6. 2) Mystic Dart: Auto-hit. sound. Smoke Cloud: Heavy smokes foils darkvision. 5) Animal Shape: May change into animal shape. Does not work on precious stones or gold. or silver.

Mage Armor: Improves armor class by 4 for 1 hour for every 3 levels. Level 3 Cure Light Wounds: Restores 1d4 HP. ___________---___Level 7 Befuddle: Target must save vs. Save vs. May bring 1 medium-sized creature and/or up to 200 lbs. Messenger: Allows brief. Summon Greater Monster Blade Barrier: Level 8 Cure Heavy Wounds: Restores 4d8 HP. of material. Also instantly stabilizes dying characters. creatures stunned 1d8 rounds. Level 9 -___________-________---__________ Level 10 . whispered conversations with ally up to 1 mile away. May attempt save each round affected. Banshee's Scream: Deals 10d6 of sonic damage in 60' cone. Magic or lose action for 1d4 rounds. Minor Element Control: Allows for control over small amount of chosen element. Magic to not be stunned.Portal Open (Reversible): Opens or holds all non-magical doors. 1D6 rounds. Charm? Level 6 Cure Moderate Wounds: Restores 2d6 HP. Level 4 Create Sustenance Sonic Blast Level 5 Minor Illusion Summon Lesser Monster Hasten: Target gains double attacks for 1d4 rounds. Teleportation: May teleport up to 100 miles/level.

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