Mendham High School Piano Applications 2010 - 2011 Ms.

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I. Course Description a. This music course is open to all students with previous piano playing experience who would like to expand their skills in piano. This course enables students to further develop playing ability, musicianship, and knowledge of music and music software applications. Computer music workstations are provided for class instruction. Students are taught fundamentals of music technology and music theory principles. Music from various cultures and time periods will be studied. Classes are limited in size due to the capacity of the piano lab. II. Materials Provided b. Computers with music software and electric pianos c. Alfred Adult Piano Book - Level 1 & 2 d. Various books containing piano pieces at an intermediate or advanced level **Students are responsible for the return of all the materials in good condition.** III. Required Materials Purchased By Students e. Folder f. Pencil g. Headphones h. Stereo Adapter - 1/8" jack to 1/4 plug (can be purchased from Radio Shack or from a music teacher) IV. Course Content i. Piano Skills - minimum advanced-beginner level i. All students are required to become competent in the areas of basic piano technique, including: proper posture, hand position, scales and arpeggios, and chord progressions. ii. All students are required to choose, learn, and perform smaller pieces throughout the course of the class, as well as one larger piece that will be performed during Studio Classes at the end of each marking period. See below under "Evaluation" for more information on Studio Class. iii. The student's level of keyboard ability at the beginning of the course will be evaluated by the instructor, and the curriculum will be tailored to his or her needs. For example, students with limited keyboard experience will learn basic, single-octave major scales and simpler pieces, and those with more keyboard experience will learn more difficult multiple-octave scales and more challenging pieces. j. Theory Skills

chords. Performances i. There is only one purpose for the lab and that is Music Technology. and small pieces. 4. cell phones and iPods will be confiscated by the instructor and given to a vice-principal. Do not adjust any settings on the computers. arpeggios. The piano lab is set up for Music Technology use only. Music Appreciation and Current Events in Music V. Participation and Effort r. Piano Lab Policies 1. 6. ii. If found in use. Any misuse of the computer lab will result in loss of computer privileges. Shut off all the equipment at the end of class. The students will remain at the same station unless instructed differently by the teacher. 5. There is no food or drink permitted inside the room. Students will be evaluated based on progress with piano and theory skills and appropriate choice of music based on their own level. Technology Skills m. . Worksheets p. Studio Classes will take place at the end of every marking period. Music Software Projects q. There are no word processing programs on the computers. Ensemble Skills n. Listening Journals (see attached) ii.k. Each student will be assigned to a computer station. as well as introduce and briefly discuss the piece beforehand. Each student is responsible for his or her station and all the materials therein. Lead Sheet Realization l. The students will perform a piece of a larger scale for the class and instructor. Evaluation o. Individual "Play Days" for instructor every week. Written Assignments i. There are many classes that use the computer lab and therefore you must leave everything as you found it. 2. 3. Any food or drink that enters the room will be discarded immediately. during which students will play prepared scales.

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