text (c) copyright 2011, Hugh Tribbey cover art (c) copyright 2011, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Some of these poems and texts have appeared in experiential-experimental literature.

chalk editions is: Peter Ganick and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

DAY BOOK , MAY ‘05 Series 1

1.1 Library Interim hours 12/18 - Jan 8 9-12 M-F Closed 12/24 - 1/1 Jan 9: 8 - 5 Gen. Fac. meeting. 1/8/98 Habitat

speakers --Judith Black --Mary Beth O--> Steve Huston 542 PC’s 916 PC’s computers Fac. Devel. --Distance learning *--Multimedia tech. $50

copay for emergency Fac. Senate --Jan. 21 Rm 200 Admin Arts & Hum 1. Tulsa Philhar. --Medicine chest phar 2.

Flamenco guitarist 1/8/98 >Originals [List of student research] --Library --Comm. for cutting periodicals --Expansive Poetry --Conversant Essays --Colors of a

Different Horse --In the American Tree --pills --checks --poems --sound spellings Promisekeepers Godfest God’s Athletes --Warriors --So --accountability groups --family

1.2 --finances -- Themes --reclaim leadership role --family & church --fundamentalist literalism --encourage more of a role in families: help out

around the house Wolstencraft --women as commodity men --recast masc. vice as masc. virtue Iron John: Evil: feminists --effem. &

sissified men Wolstencraft: power always a good thing Men shape women’s realities 60's fem. movement, conscio. raising Friere Renza Mary

Daley --encouraged to be servant-leaders: on model of Christ --no neg. views of P. K. women --Marx: reason: burden in

domestic sphere reduced --funda. background: --OK to be subservient --only

extension of what already believe to be true --3rd wave:

1.3 of conserv. relig.--rhetoric of P.K. rank & file not taken home --controv. stuff --P.K. another detrimental divide btwn. --invitational rhetoric:

discuss lifestyles w/ out be judge a door opens, a door closes somewhere in a row of houses Amer. Ind.

Freedom of Relig. Act 1976 --keep rituals for weak tribes --military oppression origin stories --> most tribes--> central figures --trained

how to be a people oral historical 1. process telling story 2. story true 3. story: fiction 4. story: myth

(maybe true) --oneness cosmic --astral projections Arapaho: little people from anthrop Medicine Wheel (Arapaho) --serves as key that unlocks vortex

1.4 so can visual ancestor --bring things back th/ benefit the people (nothing to benefit indiv. but the whole) Inuits ceremony

sim. to Lakota: blue lights come out of structure Inupeats origins: Male & female from sky --Northern Lights alive &

carry Spirits --a lot of differ. kinds of worlds Hopi moon th/ travels across mountain --when world shifts can astral

projection --1 followed him 13 minutes --1 village: seven days --grandpa (holy man): in saucer:

h. m. disappears in the

light: “those guys keep telling me things” Robert Scholes: Semiotics for Lit Robert Flynn Clay Reynolds Flynn / Agitate

1.5 Players L. A. Laferty Lewis Owens *Letter to Ron Silliman --> connection/battle with regionalism Lang. poetry & tea. cr writ

3/9/00 Bernstein --strat. of power vs. --tactics of dispossessed --relevant to teaching --creative writing Elbow’s “desert mode” Bob Black’s homo

ludens intensive journal list discreet activities & feedback/weaving Norse west editing Writing Idea: S + 7 folk songs. Andrew Guillen

Jimenez Seating. Sighting. Shifts of

status. Good grooming. Assigning. My khakis look better than his, but not my collar. GOYLZ

2245 200 215/2600 100 600 280 /3640 BOYZES 3320 800 310 /4430 -240 -240 /-480 /3950 74074 New Orlean Pop Culture

1.6 Explorer 4/15/03 61,192 .0 Odometer 12.1 Trip counter 61, 304 Paris 19.6 gal. $10 Oupeloopa 61,733 od 15.5 gal 552

trip Baton Rouge 4/17/03 Las Cubano $33.19 / 4/19/03 Huddle Restaurant $15.15 + 2.00 tip / $17.15 Ending odometer 62569 Writing

idea 6/3/05 pedagogy/poetry --Bernstein: why be comprehensible--not every linguistic/artistic act needs to generate expository paragraphs VS Bartholmae & is all

about conformity to discourse communities writing idea: 6/3/05 -- Lazer & Apex on M editorial: “return” of lyric “spirituality” contra.

“ossified poetics” of disjunction assumes an Abrahamic model of spirituality of identity VS. affinities of poetics of disjunction w/ Eastern

1.7 model of self as illusion & pomo. conclusions about subject Grandpa Frank --Jones family home--overgrown & abandoned --70's car --satellite

dish --vine covered branch / --My tumble at convenience store : little square fr/ jeans, knees & --Antioch cemetery L’s

great memories erased by weeds Katy -79, already falling apart

/ --trains, poverty, barns falling apart --hill on hill on

hill --had to let horses rest --original homestead --every one knows about & related to / --all stones / --train

depot & stores by cemetery --all gone / --guy we ask for directions Buford Patten --> Nixy--nephew Hugh Poindexter /

1.8 --list of family & friends / Larna’s commentary on differ. views of family 1996 --100th anniversary Buford Patten Dad’s

mother’s maiden name --white blank seed cap --plaid shirt --wire-rimmed glasses --new jeans --elbow over car door as he talks

--grey Buick --a ritual of situ. self in community by way of memory Hughey--> / Teaching college / Frank stories

13: whore house: swinging it, braying like a mule--> kicked out of house w/ buddies / supervisor of RR crew:

eat before they do, then takes shit in front of crew when they eat / --drops pants for teacher in

1.9 coat room for teacher: “something he wants to give her” <--kicked out of school / --handstand on 7-storey tower /

--rolls down hill in metal wheel--so commands crew --the son with the gift for music

but incapable of reading w/

much comprehension --mom reads to him, doesn’t read much herself 6/12/06 2 senior men listing all they knew about ownership

& family conn. in comm. th/ gone or were not apart of at least one threa. by dementia Why --Erikson

& impulse to generativity --situ. self in this knowl. 6/12 --I & my wife’s gener haven’t had oppor. or aren’t

1.10 interested in commun. situ. --deterritorializing by capitalism --RR th/ employed so many, created community --itself erased by other forces /

New topic: sound bite attacks

in dep’t: hardly Socr. dialog amnsesiac discourse in th/ horrible Parnassus Karr article: warbling about

“reality”--nothing more clear th/ we are creatures of multiple realities which we weave with ultimately indeterminate lang. --a house of

cards --so it seems babble gestures ultimately disrupt / Hada & Edward Abbey & the style of the eco authoritarian

--hooks up with th/ brief bout of pond fishing --bottling the therapy of nature & landscape 7/9/5/ --domestic politics

1.11 of food consumption --2 big meals / Advanced Essays --Working a subject for detail--Murray--keeping at it & working a draft

--draft about event May & the gangster / sound-bite life vs. verbal mountaineering of philos. --proverbs permuted to letters--> expressive white

space May --tall & slender --sexu. abused so lived w/ aunt & uncle --bone cancer later in life --V 12

black Lincoln -“I’m keeping people from going into the bank” --running board --motorcylcle cop: Lefty Davis Henderson: 100 miles hour

--charged over RR tracks “Broke near every bone” --in hospital a year --sworn duty to protect / --earlier said “waiting for

1.12 reinforcements” central issue use of “disjunctive” writing --apex: disjunctive “ossified” Bishop:

rhetorical uses of Grammar B (W. Weathers) --Bernstein: freedom to

write in disjunctive modes to resist expositions --Emerging Church / Brian McLaren United Church of Chr.-->supports Gay Marriage Trans Meditation Fairfield,

Iowa / Renaissance $119 / Kim’s cell 4/24/07 L. in d.’s waiting room, upscale Norman, fact of 1 1/2

hr. scheduled suddenly scared <-eyes wet voice trembles / --hear her laughing fr/ den.’s “operating” room 4 6" tortillas

3 green onion sliced 1 jar mild fat-free salsa 1 cup canned black beans rinse & drain 1 cup frozen 1.13 corn kernels 4 large egg 1/2 loosely packed fresh cilantro

thinly sliced 1/2 avocado into thin slices 1 teap. cummin

1. Preheat oven 350° --spray both sides of corn tortillas drape over custard cups --4 spaced 1 inch cuts fr/

edge to cen --Bake over cups 8 minutes in jelly-roll pan 2. 12" skillet: salsa beans corn green onions &

cummin --heat to boiling over medium heat 3 min 3. large spoon: 4 evenly spaced indentation --break egg in

cup & pour into indentation 1 at a time Cover & simmer 8 to 10 minutes or eggs set to desired doneness


4. To serve invert tortilla cup . Spoon egg with some salsa into each tort. cup --Spoon remaining mixt. around

& on eggs. Serve w/ avocado 290 calories 40 g. carbs 10 g. total fat ( 2 g. saturated This

Day Book as conceptual poem w/ Cut-up as first move after put in Word Processor


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