Motorized Curtain with Remote control

author: Snehil prakash ,


which connects it to the motor on one side and a reel to the other. DC Motor from an old printer and other small parts. which interacts with the two reed contacts. Schematic Photos . It is made up of MCU ATMEGA328 with Arduino BootLoader.The project is "Motorized Curtain" with Remote control. IR Receiver TSOP 1738. placed on the two ends of the rail. Source Code is written on Arduino. because i couldn't find L293D ). i use IR remote control from a PixelView TV Tuner. I use NECIRRcv Libraries for decode code from IR Remote Control. The last peg is moved by a cord. On the last peg (of the curtain rail) is attached a small magnet. To control it. motor driver L293D ( i used L293B with external diodes. or on steps. The software allows moving the curtain from left to right and back.

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