“The Science of Getting Rich” MADE-eASY

The easiest understandable version of Wallace Wattles’ profound landmark guide on how to produce wealth.

Reimagined by JERRY LANE HAMILTON ©2011

The original text, “The Science of Getting Rich” written by Wallace D. Wattles was first published in 1910 by Elizabeth Towne Publishing New York, is now in public domain.

This version is a variation of the original text “The Science of Getting Rich” and is not in public domain and cannot be distributed or reproduced in anyway.

This book is a sensible guide, not just a theory. It is intended for those whose most urgent need is for money. Those who wish to obtain money first and talk later. It is for those who do not have the time, resources, or opportunity to study deeply, but want results and who are willing to take this information as a basis for action without going into how the results were reached. The reader is to take this basic information upon faith, and, after taking this information upon faith, to prove its truth by acting upon it without fear or hesitation. Everyone who does will become wealthy, for the knowledge given here is exact and failure is impossible. I have written this book in a plain and simple style so anyone can understand. If you wish to reap the fruits of this teaching, read this book and do exactly as it tells you to do.

Introduction No matter what has been said to justify poverty, the fact is you cannot live a fulfilling or successful life without money. You cannot achieve your greatest possible growth in talent or spiritual development without money, because in order to expand the soul or to develop talent, you must have things to use, and you cannot have these things without enough money to buy them. We develop our mind, body, and soul by using things, and society is established in a way that you must have money in order to buy things. Therefore, becoming wealthy is essential in all achievement. The purpose of all life is growth and everything that lives has an undeniable right to all the growth that it is capable of achieving. You have the right to have the free and unlimited use of all things necessary to achieve your highest mental, spiritual, and physical development; which means, you have the right to have the money to supply these things. This book will not speak of wealth in a symbolic way. To become wealthy does not mean to be satisfied or contented with a little. No one should be satisfied with a little when they are capable of using and enjoying more. Nature’s purpose is the expression and progression of life, and everyone should have all that can contribute to the power, elegance, beauty, and richness of life. To become content with less is sinful. The person who owns all he desires in order to help him live the best possible life he is capable of living is wealthy, and you simply cannot have all that you desire without money. Life has come to a point that even the most common man or woman requires a great amount of wealth to live in a way that even approaches fulfillment. Everyone naturally wants to become all they are capable of becoming. This is an inherit desires of human nature; we cannot help wanting to be all that we can be. A successful life means becoming what you want to be. You will become what you want to be only by using things to assist you, and the only way you will have the freedom to use those things needed in your development is by being wealthy enough to buy them. Therefore, becoming wealthy is the most important of all knowledge. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy. This desire is really a desire for a richer, fuller, and more abundant life. This desire is praiseworthy. The person who does not desire to have enough to buy all the things they want and need is abnormal, and so the person who does not want to live more abundantly is abnormal.

Life has three natural functions: We live for the body, we live for the mind, and we live for the soul. None of these are morally better than the other and all are equally needed. None of the three (body, mind and soul) can live fully if the others are cut short of full life and expression. It is no more morally correct to live only for the soul and deny mind or body, as it is to live for the mind and deny body or soul. We understand the consequences that can come with living only for the body and denying mind and soul. We also can see that a fulfilling life means the complete expression of all that a person is capable of living through his body, mind, and soul. No one can really be happy or satisfied unless his body is living completely functional in every area; the same is true of his mind and soul. Wherever there is unfulfilled desire or the inability to express that desire, there is unsatisfied desire. Desire simply means that you have potential that wants to be expressed or that your talents are in search of performance. You cannot live fully in your body without good food, comfortable clothing, and proper living conditions. You also cannot live fully in your body without freedom from excessive labor because you need time for rest and recreation which are also necessary for your physical life. You cannot live fully in your mind without books and time to read them, without time to travel and sightsee or without inspiring friendships to enjoy. To live fully in your mind, you must have stimulating activities and must surround yourself with all beauty you are capable of using and appreciating. And you cannot live fully in your soul without love, and love is denied expression by poverty. A person is happiest when they are able to give gifts to those they love. Love finds its most natural and outward expression in giving. The person who has nothing to give cannot fulfill his place as a spouse, parent, citizen, or as a human being. Having said this, it is very importance for each individual to know how to become wealthy. It is perfectly alright that you should desire money. If you are normal, you cannot help this desire. It is perfectly alright that you should give your complete attention to becoming wealthy, because it is the most honorable and essential of all studies. If you neglect this study, you are neglecting your duty to yourself, to humanity, and to God, because there is no greater service you can give to God and to humanity than to make the most of yourself.

A Certain Way There is a certain way to acquire money. There are specific laws that regulate this process, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will amass money with mathematical precision. Money comes as a result of living a certain way, and those who live this way, whether purposely or accidentally, produces money, while those who do not live this way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, will remain in poverty. It is a natural law that like cause always produces like effects; therefore, anyone who learns to do things according to natural laws will without fail produces money. The truth of this statement is shown by the following. Becoming wealthy is not matter of environment. If that were true, all the people of one city would be wealthy while the people of another city would be in poverty. All of the people of one state would be wealthy while those of another state would live in poverty. But everywhere we see rich and poor living side by side, in the same neighborhoods, and many times, in the same careers. When two people from the same location and of the same career, and one is wealthy while the other remains in poverty, it shows that becoming wealthy is not primarily a matter of environment. Some environments may be more favorable than others, but when two people of the same career and from the same neighborhood, and one has money while the other does not, it shows that becoming wealthy is a result of living a certain way. Living a certain way is not limit only to talent. Many people who have great talent remain poor, while others who have very little talent are wealthy. If you observe people with money, you will find that they are average, having no more talent and ability than anyone else. They do not possess money because they are more talented and have abilities no one else has, but because they live a certain way. Becoming wealthy is not the result of saving or stinginess. Many times, very stingy people are poor while wasteful spenders often wealthy. Becoming wealthy is not the result of doing things others fail to do, because two people can have the same career, and often do almost exactly the same things, and one is wealthy while the other is broke. So we must conclude that becoming wealthy is a matter of living a certain way.

If becoming wealthy is a matter of living a certain way and if like causes always produce like effects, then anybody that chooses to lives that way will become wealthy. You may question whether living a certain way is so hard that only a it. As we saw before, this cannot be true regarding natural ability. talented people with money and those without talent with money. intellectuals with money and uneducated people with money. physically strong people with money and weak people with money. few can do There are There are There are

To some level, the ability to think and understand is necessary, but as far as natural ability is concerned, anybody who can read and understand these words can without a doubt be wealthy. We have also seen that it is not a matter of environment. Your location does mean something. To acquire money, it is necessary to deal with people and you must be where there are people to deal with. But that is about as far as location goes. If anybody else in your city can be wealthy, so can you, and if anybody in your state can have money, so can you. It is not a matter of choosing a particular business or career. There are wealthy people in every business and every profession, while others in the same career and profession live in lack. It is true that you will do your best in a career that you love and is pleasurable for you. And if you have talent for a particular career, you will do your best in an area that can utilize your talents. Other than general limitations, money is not dependent upon your being in some particular business, but it is dependent upon you living a certain way. If you are now in a career and others in your city in that same career are accumulating money while you are not, it is simply because you are not doing things the same way they are doing them. No one is prevented from having wealth because of a lack of resources. It is true that as you acquire resources, wealth becomes easier and more rapid, but anyone who has resources already has wealth. No matter how poor you may be, if you begin to live this way, you will begin to acquire the resources to obtain money. Obtaining resources is part of the process of becoming wealthy and it is also the result which always follows living a certain way. You may be the poorest person in the world and deeply in debt. You may have no friends, influence, or resources, but if you begin living this way, you will unfailingly begin to have money, because like causes produces like effects. If you have no resources, you can get resources. If you are in the wrong career, you can get in the right career. If you are in the wrong location, you can get in a

better location. You can do this by presently beginning to live in a way which always causes success. Opportunities No one is in poverty because opportunities are limited or because others have control of all the money and is keeping it from them. You may be unable to be in business in certain areas, but there are other areas available to you. It probably would be hard for you to get control of an industry already establish; established industries are pretty much monopolized. But there are many other business opportunities still in their infancy that offers plenty of room for you. It may be only a few years before these businesses become great industries. Why not turn your attention to the development of these industries instead of competing in already establish industries. It is very true that if you are in the employment of an establish company you have very little chance of becoming the owner of that company; but it is also true that if you will begin to live a certain way, you can soon leave the employment of that company and start your own company. There are great opportunities for the individual who will intensively develop his own business; such individuals will certainly become wealthy. You may say that it is impossible for you to own a business, but I am going to prove to you that it is not impossible, and that you can certainly have a business if you will work a certain way. At different times, the current of opportunities flow in different directions, according to the needs of all and the specific stage of social growth that has been reached. There is an abundance of opportunities for the person who will go with the flow instead of swimming against it. So employee, whether individually or collectively, are not denied opportunities. Employees are not being held down by their employer. They are not being held back by big business or the wealthy. They are where they are because they do not live a certain way. If employees chose to do so, they could follow the example of others and establish great businesses and co-operative industries; they could elect their own to office, and pass laws favoring the development of such industries; and in a few years they could take peaceful possession of the industrial field. Employee may become employer whenever they begin living a certain way. The laws of wealth are the same for everyone. These laws must be learned or they will remain where they are as long as they continue to do what they do. The employee is not held down by an entire group in spite of these laws; they can follow the stream of opportunities toward wealth, and this book will tell them how.

No one is kept in poverty because of a shortage of money. There is more than enough for all. Our visible resources are practically unlimited and our invisible resources are certainly unlimited. Everything you see on earth is made from one original Source, from which all things come. New forms are constantly being made, and older ones are dissolving, but all are forms manifesting from one Source. There is no limit to the provision of this Source. The universe is made from this Source, but this Source was not depleted in making the universe. This Source is omnipresent and permeates all things. We could multiply ten thousand times what has already been made and we still would not have depleted this Source. No one is poor because nature is poor or because there is not enough to go around. Nature is an unlimited storehouse of wealth; the supply will never run short. God is alive with productive power and is constantly producing more things. When the supplies for building materials are gone, more will be produced. When the soil is drained of its nutrients so that food and materials will no longer grow, it will be renewed and more soil will be made. When all the gold and silver has been mined, if humanity is still at the social stage that it needs gold and silver, God will produce more. God response to the needs of mankind; He will not let the world be without any good thing. This is also true for humanity. The human race as a whole is always abundant, and if individuals are poor it is because they do not follow a certain way of living which makes the individual wealthy. God is an intelligent living presence compelled to move toward more life. It is natural for life to increase. It is the nature of life to grow and for the spirit to move beyond limits finding fuller expression. All things have been made by God manifesting Himself into form in order to express himself. The universe is a great living presence, always moving instinctively toward more life and greater development. Nature is formed for the expansion of life and its impelling desire is that life increase. Because of this, everything which can possibly make life more comfortable is abundantly provided. There can be no lack unless God is to contradict himself and abandon his own creation. You are not kept poor because there is not enough money. This is a fact I will demonstrate further that even the resources of God are at the command of anyone who will act and think a certain way.

The Power of Thought THOUGHT is the primary Source that produces material wealth. The Source, from which all things come, is a “Thinking Being”; so a thought of an object, which is part of this Source, produces that object. God creates according to his own image or thought. Every form and function you see in nature is a visible expression of an image from God. When God thinks of a creation, He becomes that creation. When He thinks of motion, He makes that motion. This is the way all things are created. We live in a world created by thought, which is part of a universe created by thought. The thought of a universe in motion works in harmony with that image and becomes a solar system of planets and maintains that arrangement. Thinking creates the image and then operates according to it. Thinking of an oak tree, nature moves accordingly, and produces the tree, although centuries may be required to create it. The Universal Source creates according to this established law. In other words, the thought of an oak tree does not instantaneously produce a full grown tree, but it does start in motion the forces which will produce the tree along already established guidelines of natural growth. Every thought persisted causes the creation of that image according to this law. The thought of a house of a certain model, might not cause the instant creation of the house, but it would cause the process of creative energies to set in motion the immediate building of the house through already existing channels. No thought of an object can be communicated without causing the creation of that object. A human being is a thinking center that can create thought. All the things that a person creates with his hands must first exist in his thought. He cannot create the thing until he has thought that thing. For the most part, mankind has limited its work solely to the work of his hands, applying manual labor, seeking to change or modify things already existing in the physical world. Mankind has never thought of trying to cause the creation of new things by his thought. When man thinks of an object, he takes natural material and makes the object imagined. He has made little or no effort to co-operate with God; to “work with the Father.” He has not dreamed that he can “do what he sees the Father doing.” Man reshapes and modifies already existing things by manual labor; he has given no attention to the question whether he can create through his thought. We intend to prove that he can; that any man or woman can, and to show how.

But first, we must acknowledge that there is only one Source from which all things are made. All different elements are just different presentations of one element; all the many different forms found in nature are just different forms made from the same Source. Thought produces shapes. Man is a thinking center, capable of creating images. If man can properly convey his image, he can cause the creation of the image he thinks about. Money is accumulated by doing things a certain way; and in order to do things a certain way, men must be able to think a certain way. A man’s way of doing things is the direct result of the way he thinks about things. To do things in a way you want to do them, you must develop the ability to think the way you want to think; this is the first step toward becoming wealthy. To think the way you want to think is truth, regardless of what you see. Everyone has the natural and inherent ability to think what they wants to think, but it requires far more discipline to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances. To think according to appearance is easy; to think what you want regardless of appearance is hard and requires using more power than any work you are called to perform. There is no work that people avoid more than that of sustained and uninterrupted thought; it is the hardest work in the world. This is especially true when what you want is contrary to appearances. Your perceptions of the visible world tend to create corresponding images in the mind; and this can only be prevented by holding the thought of the truth. To give your attention to disease will produce the form of disease in your own mind, and ultimately in your body, unless you maintain the thought of the truth which is there is only health. To give your attention to poverty will produce the image in your mind unless you hold to the belief there is only abundance. To think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease or to think riches when in the midst of the appearance of poverty requires power; but the one who acquires that power becomes a master. He can conquer fate; he can have whatever he wants. This power can only be acquired by getting hold of the basic truth which is behind all appearances; and that truth is there is only one Source from which and by which all things are created. Then we must grasp the truth that every thought persisted manifest and that man can cause his thought to become visible things.

When we realize this, we lose all doubt and fear, because we know that we can create what we want to create; we can get what we want to have, and can become what we want to be. You must lay aside all other concept of creation; and you must concentrate upon this belief until it is habitually in your mind. Read this section over again and meditate upon it until you firmly believe what they say. If a doubt comes to you, cast it aside as a sin. Do not listen to arguments against this idea; do not go any place where a contrary concept is taught or preached. Do not read magazines or books which teach a different idea; if you become confused in your thinking, all your efforts will be in vain. Do not ask why these things are true or try to figure out how they can be true; simply take them on faith. Becoming wealthy begins with the absolute acceptance of this faith. Creation vs. Competition You must totally eliminate the idea that God desires you to be poor and that His purpose is being served by keeping you in poverty. God, which is all and in all; and that lives in everything and lives in you, is a conscious living being. Being a conscious living being, He has the same natural and inherent desire for progress as every living thing. Every living thing must continually seek growth, because life, by living, must increase. A seed, dropped into the ground, becomes active, and simply by living, produces a hundred more seeds. Life, by living, multiplies itself. It is forever becoming more; it must do so, if it is to survive. All life is under the same necessity for continuous growth. Every thought we think makes it necessary for us to think another thought; consciousness is continually expanding. Every fact we learn leads us to learn another fact; knowledge is continually increasing. Every talent we develop brings to mind the desire to develop another talent; we are ruled by the desire of life, seeking expression, which always drives us continually to know more, do more, and be more. In order to know more, do more and be more, you must have more. You must have things to use, for we learn, do, and become, only by using things. Therefore, you must have money so you can live more.

The desire for money is simply the desire of God seeking fulfillment; every desire is an unexpressed possibility attempting to be expressed. It is power seeking manifestation which causes desire. What compels you to desire money is the same as that which compels the plant to grow; it is life seeking greater expression. God is the inherent law of all life; He is filled with the desire to live more; that is why God is obliged to create things. God desires to live more in you; so He wants you to have all the things you can use. It is the desire of God that you should be wealthy. God wants you to have money because He can express Himself better through you if you have plenty of things to use that allow Him expression. God can live more in you if you have unlimited access to the resources of life. God desires you to have everything you want to have. Nature is friendly to your plans. Everything is naturally for you. Make up your mind that this is true. It is necessary that your purpose harmonizes with the principle that is in everything. You must desire true life, not just the pleasure of sensual gratification. Life is the performance of purpose; and the individual only really lives when he performs every function, physical, mental, and spiritual, that he is capable without overindulgence in any. You do not want money to live beastly, to satisfy animal desires; that is not life, but the operation of every physical function is a part of life, and no one lives fully who denies the body’s desire for a normal and healthy life. You do not want to have money exclusively to enjoy mental pleasures, to get knowledge, to satisfy ambition, to outshine others, or to be famous. All these are legitimate parts of life, but the man who lives for superficial pleasure alone will only have a partial life, and he will never be satisfied with what he has. You do not want money only for the good of others, to lose yourself for the salvation of mankind, to experience the joys of philanthropy and sacrifices. The joys of the soul are only a part of life; and they are not better or decent than any other part. You want money so that you many eat, drink, and be merry when it is time to do so. You want money so that you may surround yourself with beautiful things, travel, feed your mind, and develop your intellect. You want money so that you may love people and do kind things and are able to play a good part in helping humanity to find truth. But extreme self-sacrifice is no better and no more decent than extreme selfishness; both are mistakes.

Get rid of the idea that God wants you to sacrifice yourself for others, and that you can gain His favor by doing so; God does not require that of you. What He wants is that you make the most of yourself, for yourself, and for others; and you can help others more by making the most of yourself than in any other way. You can make the most of yourself only by becoming wealthy, so it is right and praiseworthy that you should give your foremost attention to becoming wealthy. Remember that God’s love is for all and his actions must be to give more life to all; it cannot be for the opposite, because He is equally in all seeking abundance and life. God will create things for you, but He will not take things away from someone else to give them to you. You must eliminate the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created. You do not have to take anything away from anyone. You do not have to negotiate unfairly. You do not have to cheat or take advantage of anyone. You do not need to let anyone work for less than they earn. You do not have to crave what someone else has or look at it with wishful eyes. Nobody has anything that you cannot have yourself, and you do not have to take it away from him. You are to become a creator, not a competitor. You are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you receive it, it will add to others. I am aware that there are men who acquire massive amounts of wealth directly opposite to these statements, and I would like to explain this. Some men, who become very rich, do so sometimes purely by their extraordinary ability to compete; and sometimes they unconsciously associate themselves with God in His great purposes in uplifting humanity through industry. The great industrialist have been the unconscious workers of the “All Mighty” in the necessary work of organizing and creating systems of productive industry; and in the end, their work will contribute greatly toward increasing life for all, but their day will come to an end. They are like the dinosaurs of the prehistoric era; they play a necessary part in evolution, but the same power that produced them will dispose of them. And it is good to know that they have never really been wealthy. Evidence of the private lives of most in this class will show that they have really been just as miserable and pitiful as the poor. Money acquired by competition is never satisfying and permanent; it is yours today and another’s tomorrow. Remember, to acquire money a certain way, you must rise entirely above the competitive mindset. You must never think for a moment that the supply is limited. Just as soon as you begin to think that wealth is cornered and controlled by others, and that you must try to get laws passed to stop this process, in that moment you return to the competitive mindset, and your

power to create at that time is gone; and what is worse, you have probably stop the creative flow you already started. Know that there is countless millions of dollars’ worth of gold in the mountains of the earth, not yet found; and that if there were not, more would be created to supply your needs. Know that the money you need will come, even if it is necessary for a thousand men to be led to the discovery of new gold mines tomorrow. Never look at physical provision; only look at the infinite riches of God and know that they are coming to you as fast as you can receive and use them. Nobody, by monopolizing things, can prevent you from getting what is yours. So never allow yourself to think for a moment that you must hurry before all the best locations are taken before you get ready to build your home. Never be afraid that you will lose what you want because someone else beat you to it. That cannot possible happen; you are not trying to get what someone else has, you are causing what you want to be created and the supply is without limits. Giving Service When I say that you do not have to negotiate unfairly, I do not mean that you do not have to negotiate at all, or that it is not necessary to deal with anyone. I mean that you will not need to deal with them unethically. You do not have to get something for nothing but can give every person more than you receive from them. You cannot afford to give everyone more payment than the service you receive, but you should give everyone more service than the payment you receive. The paper, ink, and other materials of this book may not be worth the money you pay for it itself; but if the ideas suggested in it bring you thousands of dollars, you have been blessed by the one who sold it to you. They have given you a great service for a small payment. Let’s say I own a great portrait by a great artists, which in any civilized culture is worth thousands of dollars; I take it to the Arctic, and by pure salesmanship, induce an Eskimo to give a me bundle of furs worth $500. I have really wronged him, because he has no use for the portrait; it has no value for him and it will not add to his life. But let’s say I give him a $50 gun for his furs; then he has made a good bargain. He has use for the gun because it will get him many more furs and much food; it will add to his life. It will produce wealth.

When you switch from the competitive mindset to the creative mindset, you should analysis your business endeavors very closely, and if you are selling any man anything which does not add more to his life, you can afford to stop it. You do not have to cheat anybody in business. And if you’re business dealings involve cheating anybody, you should stop at once. Give everyone the greatest possible service in exchange for the payment you receive; then you are adding to the life of humanity by every business endeavor. If you have people working for you, they must bring more financial value to you than the salary you pay them, but your organization should be filled with all the opportunities for advancement to all who wish to do so. You can create your business to do for your employees what this book is doing for you. You can operate your business as a type of ladder, in which every employee who takes the opportunity may benefit for himself; and if the opportunity is not taken, it is not your fault. Finally, just because you are to create wealth does not mean it is going to form from the atmosphere and be created right before your eyes. For instance, if you wanted a particular item, I am not saying you are to think of your image until it is formed from the atmosphere, but hold the mental image of it with the highest faith that it is being created or is on the way to you. After forming the image, have the most absolute and unquestioning faith that it is coming; never think of it or speak of it in any other way than being sure to arrive. Claim it as already yours. It will be brought to you by the power of the “All Mighty”, acting upon the minds of men. Wherever you live, it could be that a man will be brought to you to associate in some endeavor that will bring to you what you want. If so, the whole matter will be as much to that man’s advantage as it is to yours. Do not forget for a moment that God is omnipresent and can communicate to and influence all. God’s desire for more life and better expression has caused the creation of all that exist; and can cause the creation of more, and will, whenever men set it in motion by desire, faith and by living a certain way. You can just as surely have anything or things that you want and can use for the advancement of your own life and the lives of others. You never need to hesitate regarding large request; Jesus said, “It is your Father’s pleasure to give you the kingdom.” God wants to live all that is possible in you, and wants you to have all that you can or will use for living the most abundant life.

If you can believe in your heart that the desire you have for wealth is the same desire God has to express himself more completely, your faith becomes invincible. Once I saw a little boy sitting at a piano, unsuccessfully trying to play harmony on the keys; and I saw that he was upset and aggravated by his inability to play music. I asked him why he was so frustrated and he answered, “I can feel the music in me, but I can’t make my hands go right.” The music in him was the desire of God. All that there is of music was seeking expression through the child. God is trying to live, do, and enjoy things through humanity. He is saying, “I want hands to build wonderful structures, to play divine music, to paint glorious portraits; I want feet to run my errands, eyes to see my beauties, tongues to tell mighty truths and to sing wonderful songs.” All that is possible is seeking expression through men. God wants those who can play music to have pianos and every other instrument, and to have the means to develop their talents to the fullest extent; He wants those who can appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves with beautiful things. He wants those who can understand truth to have every opportunity to travel and observe. He wants those who can appreciate fashion to be clothed beautifully and those who can appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed. He wants all these things because it is Himself that enjoys and appreciates them; it is God who wants to play, sing, enjoy beauty, proclaim truth, wear fine clothes and eat good foods. Paul said, “It is God that worketh in you to will and to do.” The desire you have for money is God seeking to express himself in you as He was trying to express himself through the little boy at the piano. So do not hesitate to ask big. Your part is to focus and express your desire to God. This is the hard part for most people; they still have the old idea that poverty and self-sacrifice are pleasing to God. They look upon poverty as a part of the process, a necessity of nature. They have the idea that God has finished his work, and made all that he can make, and that the majority of men must stay poor because there is not enough to go around. They hold on to so much of this wrong thinking that they feel ashamed to ask for money. They try not to want more than a very humble amount, just enough to make them fairly comfortable. I remember a student who was told that he must imagine a clear picture of the thing he desired, so the creative thought of it might be created. He was a very poor man, living in a rented house, and having only what he earned from day to day; and he could not conceive of the fact that wealth was his. So, after thinking

it over, he decided that he might reasonably ask for a new rug for the floor of his best room, and a heater to heat the house during the cold weather. Following the instructions given in this book, he obtained these things in a few months; and then it dawned upon him that he had not asked for enough. He went through the house in which he lived, and planned all the improvements he wanted to make; he imagine a bay window here and a room there, until it was completed in his mind as his ideal home; and then he planned its furnishings. Holding the entire picture in his mind, he began living a certain way, and began moving toward the things he wanted. Now he owns the home and is rebuilding it the way he envisioned. And now, with still larger faith, he has gone on to greater things. It has been unto him according to his faith, and it is so with you and with all of us. Gratitude The example given in the last section expressed to you the fact that the first step toward becoming wealthy is to create the idea of your desires. This is true, and you will see that in order to do so it becomes essential to connect yourself to God in a harmonious way. To obtain this harmonious connection is a matter of such importance that I will give a great deal of discussion to it here; and give you instructions which will be sure to bring you into perfect harmony with God. The entire process can be summed up in one word, Gratitude. First, you believe that there is one Source from which all things come; second, you believe that this Source gives you everything you desire; and third, you must connect yourself to it by a meaningful and overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Many people who arrange their lives correctly in all other areas are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude. Having received one gift from God, they cut the connection to Him by failing to acknowledge it. It is easy to understand that the closer we live to the Source of money, the more money we shall receive; and it is also easy to understand that the one who is always grateful lives in closest touch with God than the one which never looks to Him in acknowledge appreciation. The more appreciative we are when good things come to us, the more good things we will receive, and the more rapidly they will come; and the reason simply is that the attitude of gratitude puts the mind into closer touch with the Source from which all blessings come.

If the idea that gratitude brings your entire being into closer harmony with the creative energies of the universe is new, try it, and you will see that it is true. The good things you already possess have come to you along the lines of obedience to certain laws. Gratitude will keep you in harmony with the way things come; and it will also keep you in close harmony with the creative mind and prevent you from falling into a competitive mindset. Gratitude alone can keep you looking toward all, and prevent you from being seduce into the erroneous thinking that there is a limited supply. To think this way would be fatal to your dreams. There is a “Law of Gratitude”, and it is absolutely essential that you should observe the law, if you are to get the results you seek. The “Law of Gratitude” is the natural principal that cause and effect are always equal and paradoxical. Communicating gratefully your thoughts in thankful praise to God is the releasing or outflow of force that cannot fail to reach that which is being thought of and the effect is an immediate movement towards you. “Draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you” is a statement of truth. And if your gratitude is strong and constant, God’s response will be strong and continuous; the flow of the things you want will be always toward you. Notice the appreciative attitude that Jesus had; how He always seems to be saying, “I thank Thee, Father, that Thou hearest me.” You cannot exercise much power without gratitude; for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with power. But the value of gratitude does not consist only in getting you more blessings in the future. Without gratitude you cannot keep away from dissatisfied thought concerning things as they are. The moment you allow your mind to meditate upon dissatisfying things as they are, you begin to lose ground. You begin to focus your attention upon the usual, the ordinary, the poor, and mean; and your mind takes the form these images and you will create these images, and the usual, the ordinary, the poor, and mean will come to you. To allow your mind to dwell upon the inferior is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things. On the other hand, to focus your attention on the best is to surround yourself with the best, and to become the best. The creative power within us makes us into the image of that to which we give our attention. We are a thinking source that always takes the form of the image it thinks about.

The grateful mind is constantly focus upon the best; therefore it tends to become the best; it takes the form and character of the best, and will receive the best. Faith is also born from gratitude. The grateful mind continually expects good things, and expectation becomes faith. The effect of gratitude upon a person’s mind produces faith; and every outgoing impulse of appreciative thanksgiving increases faith. The person who cannot feel appreciation cannot hold for long a strong faith; and without a strong faith you cannot become wealthy. It is necessary, then, to cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you; and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your development, you should include all things in your gratitude. Do not waste time thinking or talking about the shortcomings or wrong actions of CEO’s and bankers. Their organizations of the world have made your opportunity; all you get really comes to you because of them. Do not be angry at corrupt politicians, if it were not for politicians we would fall into disorder, and your opportunities would be greatly lessened. God has worked a long time and very patiently to bring us up to where we are in industry and government, and He is going right ahead with His work. There is no doubt that He will do away with moguls, banker, industrialist, and politicians as soon as they can be spared; but for the time being, they are all very good. Remember that they are all helping to arrange the lines of communication in which money will come to you, so appreciate them all. This will bring you into harmonious relations with the good in everything, and the good in everything will move toward you. Know what you Want Turn back and read again the story of the man who imagined his house and you will get a clear understanding of the first step toward becoming wealthy. You must have a clear and specific idea of what you want. You cannot communicate an idea unless you have it yourself. You must have it before you can give it; and many people fail to communicate this because they themselves have only a vague and hazy idea of the things they want to have, do or become. It is not enough for you to have a general desire for money “to do good with”; everyone wants that. It is not enough to wish to travel, sight see, live more, etc.

Everybody has those desires too. If you were going to send a message to a friend, you would not send the letters of the alphabet in their order and expect him to assemble the message himself. You would not randomly take words from the dictionary. You would send a clear coherent sentence; one which was understandable. Remember, when you try to communicate your desires, it must be in a statement that is understandable; you must be specific in knowing what you want. You will not become wealthy or move creative powers into action by sending out unformed wishes and vague desires. Go over your desires just as the man I described went over his house; see just what you want, and get a clear image of the way you want it to look when you receive it. As the sailor has in mind the port in which he is sailing the ship; you must have that clear image of your desires continually in mind and you must keep your face toward it at all time. You must lose no more sight of it than the steersman loses sight of the compass. It is not necessary to exercise your concentration with affirmation or meditation, or any other acts of these kind; these things have their place. All you need to know is what it is you want and want it badly enough that it stays in your mind. Spend as much as you can of your free time imaging your desires, but no one needs to work at imaging the things they really wants; it is the things you do not really care about that requires effort to keep your attention on them. And unless you really want money, so that the desire is strong enough to hold your attention to it as the magnetic pole holds the needle of the compass, it will not be worthwhile for you to try to carry out the instructions given in this book. These methods are for people whose desire for money is strong enough to overcome mental laziness and make them work. The more specific and clear you imagine your desires, and the more you reflect on them, bringing out all its wonderful details, the stronger your desire will be; and the stronger your desire, the easier it will be to keep in mind the image you desire. But more is necessary than just seeing the image clearly. If that is all you do, you are only a dreamer, and will have little or no power for accomplishing it. Behind your clear vision must be the determination to possess it; to bring it into existence. And behind this determination must be an unshakable and unwavering faith that it is already yours; that it is “at hand” and all you have to do is take possession it.

Mentally live in the new house until it is created around you physically. Mentally enter at once into full enjoyment of the things you want. “Whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them,” said Jesus. See the things you want as if they were actually around you all the time; see yourself owning and using them. Use them in your imagination just as you will use them when they manifest. Meditate upon the image until it is clear and distinct, and then take “Mental Ownership” of everything you have imagined. Mentally take possession of it in the full faith that it is actually yours now. Hold on to this mental ownership and do not waiver for an instant in the faith that it really exist. And remember what was said in the section on gratitude; be as thankful for it now as you expect to be when it has manifested. The man who can sincerely thank God for the things he owns only in imagination has real faith. He will cause the creation of whatever he wants. You do not need to pray repeatedly for the things you want; it is not necessary to tell God about it everyday. “Use not vain repetitions as the heathen do,” said Jesus to his students, “for your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things before ye ask Him.” Your part is to intelligently form the desires of the thing that will bring you a better life and to articulate this desire in its entirety; and then to communicate the entire desire to God, who has power and the desire to bring you what you want. You do not communicate this by using strings of words; you communicate it by holding your vision with an unshakable determination to have it and with the unwavering faith that you do have it. The answer to prayer is not according to your faith while you are talking but according to your faith while you are working. You cannot impress God by having a special Sabbath day set apart to tell Him what you want, and then forgetting Him during the rest of the week. You cannot impress Him by having special hours to go into your closet and pray, if you forget the matter entirely until it is time to pray again. Spoken prayers are fine and have its effects, especially upon yourself, in clarifying your image and strengthening your faith; but it is not your spoken petitions which get you what you want. In order to become wealthy you do not need a “sweet hour of prayer”; you need to “pray without ceasing.” And by prayer I mean steadily holding your image with the determination to cause its creation to manifest, and the faith that you are doing so.

“Believe that ye receive them.” Once you have clearly created your image, the entire matter turns to receiving. When you have created it, it would be good to speak to God respectfully in prayer, and from that moment you must mentally receive what you ask for. Live in the new house; wear the fine clothes; ride in the car; travel and confidently plan other trips. Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership. Imagine an environment and a financial condition exactly as you want them, and live all the time in that imaginary environment and financial condition. Beware that you do not do this simply as a fantasy or as a mere dreamer; hold to the faith that the image is being created and be determined to create it. Remember that it is faith and determination in using the imagination which is the difference between those who are deliberate and those who are dreamers. Use Your Will Power on You To become wealthy, you do not try to apply your will power to anything outside of yourself. You have no right to do so, anyway. It is wrong to apply your will to other men and women in order to get them to do what you wish done. It is as blatantly wrong to force people by mental power as it is to force them by physical power. If forcing people physically to do things for you reduces them to slavery, forcing them by mental means accomplishes exactly the same thing; the only difference is in methods. If taking things from people by physical force is robbery, then taking things by mental force is also robbery; there is no difference. You have no right to use your will power upon another person, even for their own good; because you do not know what is for their good. Becoming wealthy does not require you to apply power or force to anyone, in any way. There is no reason for doing so. Any attempt to use your will upon others will only defeat your purpose. You do not need to apply your will to things in order to force them to come to you. That would be simply trying to force God, and would be foolish and useless. You do not have to force God to give you good things any more than you have to use your will power to make the sun rise.

You do not have to use your will to persuade a stubborn God, or to make stubborn and rebellious spirits do your command. God is friendly to you and is more eager to give you what you want than you are to receive it. To become wealthy, you need only to use your will power upon yourself. When you know what to think and do, then you must use your will to force yourself to think and do the right things. That is the valid use of the will; to use it in holding yourself to the right course. Use your will to keep yourself thinking and acting a certain way. Do not try to project your thoughts out into space to act on things or people. Keep your mind at home; it can accomplish more there than elsewhere. Use your mind to create an image of what you want and hold that vision with faith and determination. Use your will to keep your mind working the right way. The more focus and continuous your faith and determination, the more rapidly you will acquire money, because you will make only positive impressions; and you will not defuse or offset them by negative impressions. An image of your desire, held with faith and determination is permeated throughout existence. As this impression spreads, all things are set moving toward its fulfillment and encouraged toward manifesting what you want. All force begins to be applied in that direction. All things begin to move toward you. The minds of people everywhere are motivated toward doing the things necessary to fulfill your desires; and they unconsciously work for you. But you can stop all this by thinking negativity. Doubt or unbelief is certain to start a movement away from you as faith and determination are to start one toward you. Not understanding this is why most people who try to use thought in becoming wealthy fail. Every hour and moment you spend in giving attention to doubts and fears, every hour you spend in worry, every hour in which your mind is possessed by unbelief, sets the current away from you. All the promises are unto them that believe and unto them only. Notice how insistent Jesus was upon believing this point; and now you know the reason why. Since belief is all important, it is imperative that you guard your thoughts; and because your beliefs will be shaped to a very great extent by the things you observe and think about, it is important that you should control your attention. And here is where your will power comes into use. It is by your will that you determined upon what things your attention will be place. If you want to accumulate money, you must not study poverty. Things are not created by thinking of their opposites. Health is never attained by studying disease or thinking about disease; righteousness is never developed by studying

sin or thinking about sin; and no one ever acquired money by studying poverty or thinking about lack. Medicine as a science of disease has increased disease; religion as a philosophy of sin has promoted sin, and economics as a study of poverty will fill the world with misery and need. Do not talk about poverty; do not investigate it, or concern yourself with it. Never mind what its causes are; you have nothing to do with them. What concerns you is the cure. Do not spend your time in charitable work that only tends to perpetuate the misery it intends to eliminate. I am not saying you should be hard hearted or unkind, and refuse to hear the cry of need; but you must not try to eliminate poverty in any of the conventional ways. Put poverty behind you, and put all that pertains to it behind you, and move forward. Become wealthy; that is the best way you can help the poor. And you cannot hold an image that will create wealth if you fill your mind with pictures of poverty. Do not watch news reports or read books and papers which give incidental story of the miseries of the world. Do not watch, listen or read anything which fills your mind with gloomy images of need and suffering. You cannot help the poor in the least by knowing about these things; and the wide-spread knowledge of them does not tend, at all, to do away with poverty. What tends to do away with poverty is not getting images of poverty into your mind, but getting images of wealth into the minds of the poor. You are not leaving the poor in their misery when you refuse to allow your mind to be filled with pictures of that misery. Poverty will not be done away with by increasing the number of wealthy people who thinks about poverty, but by increasing the number of poor people who aims, with faith, to become wealthy. The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration. Charity only sends them a loaf of bread to keep them alive in their misery, or gives them something to forget their problems for an hour or two; but inspiration will cause them to rise out of their misery. If you want to help the poor, demonstrate to them that they can be wealthy; prove it by becoming wealthy yourself. The only way in which poverty will ever be banished from this world is by getting a large and constantly increasing number of people to practice the teachings of this book.

People must be taught to become wealthy by creation, not by competition. Every man who becomes wealthy by competition throws down behind him the ladder that he climbed and keeps others down; but every man who gets rich by creation opens a way for thousands to follow him and inspires them to do the same. You are not being cold-hearted or void of feelings when you refuse to pity poverty, see poverty, read about poverty, think or talk about poverty, or to listen to those who do talk about it. Use your will power to keep your mind off the subject of poverty, and to keep it focus, with faith and determination, on the vision of what you want. Controlling Your Attention You cannot hold a true and clear vision of wealth if you are constantly turning your attention to conflicting images, whether real or imaginary. Do not tell of your past financial troubles, if you have had them. Do not think of them at all. Do not tell of your parent’s poverty or the lack of money of your early life; to do this is to mentally classify yourself presently with the poor and it will certainly stop the flow of things in your direction. “Let the dead bury their dead”, as Jesus said. Put poverty and all things that relates to poverty completely behind you. You have now accepted this idea of the universe as being correct and are resting all your hopes of happiness on it being correct. What can you gain by giving attention to conflicting theories? Do not read tabloids which tell you that the world is ending soon or cynics who tell you that it is going to the devil. The world is not going to the devil; it is going to God. It is becoming wonderful. There are many conditions existing now which are unpleasant; but what good is it to give attention to them when they are surely passing away. The attention tends to only stop their departure. Why give time and attention to things which by evolution are being removed when you can only hurry their removal by supporting the part you play in it. No matter how horrible the conditions may be in certain places, countries, or sections of the world, you waste your time and destroy you own chances by considering them.

Your interest in this world should be becoming wealthy. Think of the wealth the world is coming into instead of the poverty it is growing out of. Bear in mind that the only way in which you can assist the world in growing wealthy is by growing wealthy yourself through the creative mindset, not the competitive one. Give your attention entirely to wealth; ignore poverty. Whenever you think or speak of those who are poor, think and speak of them as those who are becoming wealthy; as those who are to be congratulated rather than pitied. Then they and others will catch the inspiration and begin to search for the way out. Because I am saying you should give your whole time, mind and thought to becoming wealthy, does not mean you should be horrible or mean. To accumulated money is the noblest aim you can have in life, because it includes everything else. When you have a competitive mindset, the struggle to get money is a God-less rush for power over other men. But when you come into the creative mindset, all that is changed. All possibilities of greatness, soul development, service and high aspirations comes by acquiring money; all is made possible by using things. If you lack for physical health, you will find that the attainment of it is based on you becoming wealthy. Only those who are free from financial worry and who have the means to live a care-free life and follow hygienic practices can have and preserve health. Moral and spiritual greatness is possible only to those who are above the competitive struggle for life; and only those who become wealthy by creative thinking are free from the degrading influences of competition. If your heart is set on domestic happiness, remember that love grows best where there is comfort, big thinking, and freedom from demeaning influences; and these are found only where money is attained by the application of creative thinking, without strife or competition. You can aspire at nothing as great or noble as to become wealthy; and you must focus your attention on your image of wealth to the exclusion of all that may dim or obscure your vision. You must learn to see the underlying truth in all things. You must see through all seemingly wrong conditions to see one universal life moving forward toward fuller expression and more complete happiness. The truth is that there is no such thing as poverty; there is only wealth.

Some people remain in poverty because they are unaware of the fact that there is wealth for them; and they can be taught best by showing them how to be wealthy personally and in practice. Others are poor because, while they feel that there is a way out, they are too lazy to put forth the mental effort necessary to find the way and follow it; the very best thing you can do for them is to arouse their desire by being an example of the happiness that comes from being wealthy. Still others or poor because, while they have some idea of the knowledge, they have become so overwhelmed and lost in metaphysical and occult studies that they do not know which road to take. They try a mixture of many methods and fail in all. Again, the very best thing to do for them is to show them the right way personally and in practice. The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself. You can serve God and man more effectively by being wealthy; that is, if you acquire it by the creative method and not by the competitive one. No man has yet articulated a quicker or easier system than this one; it has been stripped of all non-essentials. When you begin using the method in this book, lay aside all other systems. Put them out of your mind altogether. Read this book every day; keep it with you; commit it to memory, and do not think about other systems and theories. If you do, you will begin to have doubts and will become uncertain and indecisive in your thought; and then you will begin to make mistakes. After you have done well and have become wealthy, you may study other systems as much as you like; but until you are very sure you have gained what you want, do not read anything along this line but this book. And read only the most optimistic comments on the world’s news; those in harmony with your image. Also, suspend any investigations into the occult and do not dabble in any related studies. If you begin to mix with the occult, you will become mixed up mentally which will surely bring your hopes to an end. Personal Action How you think is the driving force which causes the creative forces to act. Thinking a certain way will create wealth, but do not depend on thought alone

paying no attention to personal action. The failure to combine thought and personal action is where many people fail. We have not reached the stage in our development, supposing such a stage is possible, in which man can create without the processes of nature or the work of human hands. Man must not only think, but his personal action must complement his thought. By thought, you can cause money to move toward you; but it will not print itself and come flying along seeking its way into your pocket. Under the power of God’s prompting, men’s affairs will be so arranged that someone will have a business transaction that will bring money toward you, so you must prepare your own affairs in order to receive it when it comes. Your thoughts make all things, existing and non-existing, work together to bring you what you want; but you must position your personal action in such a way so you can receive what you want when it comes. You are not to receive it as charity or to steal it. You must give everyone the greatest possible service for the payment you receive. Thinking deliberately consists of forming a clear and specific image of what you want; holding steadfast to your purpose to get what you want; and realizing with grateful faith that you do get what you want. Do not try to project your thought in any mysterious way with the idea that it will go out and do things for you. That is a waste of effort and will weaken your power to think with wisdom. Your determination and faith absolutely communicates your vision to God, who has the same desire for more life that you have; and this image, received from you, sets all the creative forces to work in and through their regular channels of action, but directed toward you. It is not your part to guide or supervise the creative process; all you have to do is to hold on to your image, stick to your desire and maintain your faith and gratitude. But action must take place in order to receive what is yours when it comes; so you can receive the things you have imaged and put them in their proper places as they arrive. You can really see the truth of this. When things reach you, they will be in the hands of other men, who will ask an equivalent for them. And you can only get what is yours by giving the other man what is his. Your bank account is not going to be change into a vault full of money without effort on your part.

This is the crucial point of becoming wealthy, right here, where thought and action must be combined. There are very many people who, consciously or unconsciously, set the creative forces into action by strength and persistence of their desires, but who remain poor because they do not provide for the reception of the thing they want. By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action you will receive it. Whatever your action is, it is evident that you must act now. You cannot act in the past, and in order to have a clear image, it is essential that you dismiss the past from your mind. You cannot act in the future; it is not here yet. And you cannot tell how you will react to any future emergency until that emergency has arrived. Because you are not in the right business or environment now does not mean you must wait until you get into the right business or environment before you act. And do not spend your time in the present thinking about the best course of action concerning future emergencies; have faith in your ability to meet any emergency when it comes. If you act in the present with your mind on the future, your present action will be with a divided mind and will not be effective. Put your whole mind into present action. Do not create your image, and then sit down and wait for results; if you do, you will never get them. Act now! There is never any time but now, and there will never be any time but now. If you are ever going to be ready to receive what it is you want, you must begin now. And the action you take will most likely be in your present business or employment and with the people and things in your present environment. You cannot act where you are not; you cannot act where you have been, and you cannot act where you are going to be; you can only act where you are. Do not worry about if yesterday’s work was done well or not; do today’s work well. Do not try to do tomorrow’s work now; there will be plenty of time to do that when you get to it. Do not try to act on people or things that are out of your reach by occult or mystical means. Do not wait for a change of environment before you take action; get a change of environment by action. You can so act upon your current environment to cause yourself to be moved to a better environment. Hold with determination and faith the image of yourself in the better environment but act upon your present environment with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Do not spend any time in day dreaming or fantasy; hold to the one image of what you want, and act now.

Do not go around seeking some new thing to do, or some strange, unusual, or extraordinary action to perform as your first step toward becoming wealthy. Probably your actions for some time to come will be those you have been performing for some time now; but you must begin to perform these actions a certain way, which will surely bring you money. If you are currently in a business and feel that it is not the right one for you, do not wait until you get into the right business before you begin to act. Do not feel discouraged or regret where you are. No man was ever so misplaced that he could not find the right place, and no man was so involved in the wrong business that he could not get into the right business. Hold the image of yourself in the right business with the determination to get it, the faith that you will get it and are getting it; but act where you are presently. Use your present business and environment as a means of getting into a better one. Your image of the right business, with unwavering faith and purpose, will cause God to move the right business toward you; and your action, if performed a certain way, will cause you to move toward it. If you are an employee and feel that you must change jobs in order to get what you want, do not try to project your thoughts into the atmosphere, relying only upon it to get you another job. It will probably fail. Hold the vision of yourself in the job you want, while you act with faith and purpose on the job you have, and you will certainly get the job you want. Your imagination and faith will start the creative forces moving to bring it towards you, and your action will cause the forces in your own environment to move you toward the place you want. Growth You must create your image as stated previously and begin to do what you can do where you are now; and you must do all that can be done where you are. You can only advance in life by evolving beyond your current status, and no one has evolved beyond their current status that cannot do the work required of that status. The world is improved only by those who have out grown their current standing. If no one ever did what was required of today, you would see a declining movement in everything. Those who do not do what is currently required of them become dead weight upon society, government, business, and industry; they must be supported by others at a great expense. The progress of the world is

only held back by those who do not do what is presently required; they belong to a bygone era; a lower stage of life and their tendency is toward failure. No society could advance if everyone live and act less; social evolution is guided by progress. In the animal kingdom, evolution is caused by the excess of life. When an organism has more life than can be expressed in its current functions, it develops the organs of a higher plane, and a new species is created. There would not be any new species if there had not been organisms that became greater than their current existence. The law is exactly the same for you; your becoming wealthy depends upon you applying this principle to your own life. Everyday is either a successful day or a day of failure; and it is the successful days which get you what you want. If everyday is a failure, you will never become wealthy; but if every day is a success, you will not fail to become wealthy. If there is something that can be done today, and you do not do it, you have failed where that is concerned; and the consequences of inaction may be more disastrous than you imagine. You cannot predict the results of even the most minor act; you do not know the workings of all the forces positioned to move on your behalf. Much may be depending on you doing some simple act; it may be the very thing which opens the door of opportunity to great possibilities. You can never know all the possibilities God has made for you through the things and affairs of the world. Your neglecting to do some small thing may cause a great delay in getting what you want. Do, everyday, all that can be done that day. There is, however, a requirement to this statement that you must take into consideration. You are never to overwork, or rush blindly into action hoping to do the greatest number of things in the shortest possible time. Do not try to do tomorrow work today, or do a week’s work in a day. It is really not the number of things you do, but the efficiency of each separate action that counts. Every act is either a success or a failure. Every unproductive act is a failure, and if you spend your life doing unproductive things, your life will be a failure. The more unproductive things you do, the worse for you. On the other hand, every productive act is a success, and if every act of your life is a productive one, your whole life will be a success. The cause of failure is doing too many things in an unproductive manner, and not doing enough things in a productive manner.

If you refrain from doing any unproductive acts, you will see evidence of this, and if you do a sufficient number of productive acts, you will become wealthy and you see again that becoming wealthy is like math. The question is whether you can make each separate act a success; and you certainly can. You can make each act a success, because God is working in you; and God cannot fail. All power is at your service. To make each act productive you only have to do it with faith. Every action is an act of faith or doubt; and when every act is strong, you are acting in a way which will produce money. Every act can be made strong and productive by maintaining your vision and by putting all the power of your faith and determination into it. This is where people fail who separate thinking from personal action. They think productively in one instant and act unproductively at another. Their acts are not successful in themselves; too many of them are unproductive. But if every act is done from a position of power, no matter how simple the act, every act will be a success; then success opens the way to other successes, and your progress toward what you want and the progress of what you want toward you will rapidly increase. Remember, successful action snowballs. Since the desire for more life is inherent in all things, when a man’s life begins to increase, more things are attracted to him, and the effect of his desire is multiplied. Do all that can be done everyday and do it in a productive manner. When I say you are to hold your vision while working, does not mean you should constantly see your image clearly to its smallest details. Use your imagination to work on the detail of your image during your free time and meditate on them until they are firmly in your memory. If you want speedy results, spend practically all your spare time doing this. By consistently meditating on your image to its smallest details; you firmly fixed it upon your mind and so completely create it, that while you are working, you only need to think of the picture to stimulate your faith and determination to cause your best effort to be put forth. Think of your picture in your free time until your spirit is so full of it that you can seize it instantly. You will become so enthused with its bright promises that the mere thought of it will call forth enthusiasm throughout your whole being.

Choosing Your Business Success, in any business, depends upon the possession of well-developed talent required for that business. Without develop musical talent no one can succeed as a musician, without well develop mechanical talents no one can achieve great success in any mechanical profession, and without sound judgment no one can succeed in any business endeavors. Possessing well develop talent required for a particular business does not guarantee you money. There are musicians who have remarkable talent, who remain poor; there are laborers who have excellent mechanical ability who are not wealthy, and there are businessmen with a talent for dealing with others who fail. The different skills and talents are tools; it is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools be used in the right way. One man can take wood and tools and build a beautiful piece of furniture; another man can take the same tools and try to duplicate the work and fail. He does not know how to use good tools in a successful way. The limitless talents of your mind are the tools you must use to do the work that will bring you money. It will be easier for you to succeed in a business in which you are mentally well developed. Usually, you will do better in a business which will use your strongest talents; the one which fits you naturally. But there are limitations to this statement. No man is forever place in a career because of the particular talents he was born with. You can become wealthy in any business. If you do not have the talent, you can develop the talent; it only means that you will have to create your tools as you go along instead of limiting yourself to the talent you were born with. It will be easier to succeed in a career in which you are already well equipped with talent; but you can succeed in any career, because you can develop any basic skill, and there is not a talent in which you do not at least have the basic. You will become wealthy more easily if you do the thing you are well equipped for; but it will be more pleasing for you if you become wealthy doing the thing you want to do. Doing what you want to do is life; and there is no real pleasure in living if you are obligated to be forever doing something that you do not like to do, never doing what you really want. And you can do what you want to do; the desire to do it is

proof that you have within you the power to do it. Desire is a manifestation of power. The desire to play music is the power which can play music seeking expression and development through you; the desire to invent devices is that talent seeking expression and development through you. Where there is no power, developed or undeveloped, to do a thing, there is no desire to do that thing; and where there is strong desire to do a thing, it is sure proof that the power to do it is strong, and only requires to be developed and applied the right way. It is best to choose a business in which you have the best developed talent; but if you have a strong desire to engage in any particular business, you should choose that business as the ultimate end at which you aim. You can do what you want to do, and it is your right and privilege to follow the business or profession which will be most agreeable and pleasant. You are not obligated to do what you do not like to do, and should not do it except as a means to bring you what you desire. If the consequences of past mistakes have placed you in an undesirable business or environment, you may be required for some time to do what you do not like to do; but you can make it easier by realizing that it is bringing you to the thing you want to do. If you feel that you are not in the right business, do not act too quickly in trying to get into another one. The best way to change business or environment is by personal growth. Do not be afraid to make a sudden change if the opportunity presents itself, and you feel after careful consideration that it is the right opportunity; but never take sudden or radical action when you are in doubt of the wisdom in doing so. There is never any hurry on the creative plane; and there is no lack of opportunities. When you get out of the competitive mindset you will understand that you never need to act anxiously. No one else is going to beat you to the thing you want; there is enough for all. If one space is taken, another and a better one will be opened for you a little further on; there is plenty of time. When you are in doubt, wait. Reflect on your image to increase your faith and determination, and by all means, in times of doubt and indecision, cultivate gratitude. A day or two spent meditating on the image of what you want and in earnest thanksgiving that you are getting what you want, will bring your mind into such a close relationship with God that you will make no mistake when you do act.

There is a mind which knows all there is to know; and you can come into close unity with this mind by faith and with the purpose to progress in life, if you have profound gratitude. Mistakes come from acting anxiously, acting in fear or doubt, or forgetting the right motives, which is more life to all. As you live a certain way, opportunities will come to you in increasing number, and you will need to be very solid in your faith and purpose while keeping in close harmony with God with profound gratitude. Do all that can be done a certain way everyday, but do it without rush, worry, or fear. Go as fast as you can, but never hurry. Remember that in the moment you begin to hurry you stop being a creator and become a competitor; you go back to the old way of doing things again. Whenever you find yourself hurrying, stop; focus on the image of the thing you want, and begin to give thanks that you are getting it. The exercise of gratitude will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your desire. A Wealthy Self-Image Whether you change your profession or not, your actions in the present must be where you currently are. You can get into the business you want by being beneficial where you are. As you deal with others, directly or indirectly, your main purpose, in regard to your work, will be to emanate abundance. Advancement is what everyone is seeking; it is the desire of God within them seeking fuller expression. The desire for more is innate throughout nature; it is the elemental desire of the universe. All human activities are based on the desire for more; people are seeking more food, more clothes, better living conditions, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure--more life. Every living thing is under this necessity for continuous growth; when the growth of life ceases, dissolution and death set in at once. Mankind instinctively knows this, so it is forever seeking more. This law is set forth by Jesus in the parable of the talents; “only those who gain more retain any; from him who hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath”.

The normal desire for money is not an evil desire or something to feel guilty about; it is simply the desire for a more abundant life; it is ambition. And because it is the deepest instinct of our nature, all men and women are attracted to those who can give them more of the resources of life. In following the method described in the previous pages, you are continuously getting wealth for yourself and giving it to all whom you associate. You are a creative center that radiates abundance to all. Believe this, and you will exude this confidence to every man, woman, and child you associate. No matter how small the transaction, even if it is only selling of a stick of candy to a little child, give it with an abundance attitude and make sure it is communicated to the customer. Radiate this spirit in everything you do, so that people will receive the feeling you are a person of progress and that you advance everyone you associate with. Emanate wealth to the people you meet in a social way and to those you meet causally with no intention of selling. You emanate wealth by holding an unshakable self-image that wealth is moving throughout you; and by letting this self-perception inspire, saturate, and permeate every action. Do all things with the firm conviction that you are a progressive person; giving abundance to everybody. Feel that you are accumulating money and that in doing so you are making others wealthy, and giving benefits to all. Do not boast or brag of your success or talk about it unnecessarily; true faith is never boastful. Wherever you find a boastful person, you find one who is secretly doubtful and afraid. Simply feel the faith, and let it work out every transaction; let every act, tone and look express the quiet assurance that you are wealthy; that you already have money. Words will not be necessary to communicate this feeling to others; they will feel the spirit of wealth when they are in your presence, and will be attracted. You must radiate this to others so they will feel in associating with you they will get wealth for themselves. Make sure you give them the greatest possible service for the payment you receive in exchange. Take an honest pride in doing this and advertise it; and you will not lack customers. People will go where they are given abundance; and God, who desires abundance for all, and who knows all, will move men and women toward you who have never heard of you. Your business will increase rapidly, and you will be surprised at the unexpected benefits which will come to you. From day to

day, you will be able to make larger arrangement, secure greater advantages, and go on into a more agreeable profession if you desire to do so. But in doing this, you must never lose sight of the image of what you want, or your faith and determination to get what you want. There is another caution regarding motives. Beware of the dangerous temptation to seek power over others. Nothing is as pleasant to an undeveloped mind as to exercise power or dominion over others. The desire to rule for selfish pleasure has been the curse of the world. Many kings and lords have saturated the earth with the blood of their battles to extend their power; not to seek more life for all, but to get more power for themselves. Today, the main motive in many businesses and industries are the same; men assemble their armies of dollars, and destroy the lives and hearts of millions in the same races for power over others. Many commercial kings, like political kings, are inspired by the lust for power. Jesus saw this desire for dominion as the heart of that evil world He sought to destroy. Read Matthew 23rd chapter, and see his opinion of the Pharisees lust to be called "Master”, to sit in the high places, to intimidate others, and to lay burdens on the backs of the poor; and note how He compared this lust for dominion with the disciples’ love to seek good for all. Beware of the temptation to seek for authority, to become a master, to be considered as one who is above all, to impress others by lavish display, etc. The mind that seeks for mastery over others is the competitive mind; not the creative one. In order to master your environment and your destiny, it is not at all necessary to rule over your fellow men, and if you fallback into the world's struggle for advancement, you begin to be conquered by fate and environment and becoming wealthy becomes a matter of chance and speculation. Beware of the competitive mind! No better statement of this principle can be express than by the phrase, “What I want for myself, I want for others." The Successful Individual What I have said in the last section applies to the professional, the employee, and the businessman. It does not matter if you are a doctor, a teacher, or priest, if you can give more life to others and make them aware of it, they will be attracted to you, and you will become wealthy. The doctor who holds a selfimage of himself as a great and successful healer, and who works toward achieving that image with faith and determination, as described previously, will

have such a close relationship with God that he will be highly successful; patients will come to him in multitude. No one has a better opportunity to practice the teaching of this book than a medical doctor; it does not matter the type of doctor, because the standard of healing is common to all of them, and may be achieve by them all. The successful individual in medicine, who holds a clear mental image of himself as successful, with faith, gratitude, and determination, will cure every curable condition he accept, no matter what remedies he may use. The world cries out for those who can teach the true knowledge of abundant life. Those who masters the detailed methods and who teaches this knowledge will never lack for an audience. This is the gospel that the world needs; it will give increase of life, and others will hear it gladly, and will give generous support to the one who brings it to them. What we need now are demonstrations of this knowledge. We want those who will not only tell us how, but in their own personnel lives will show us how. We need them to be wealthy, healthy, great, and beloved and to teach us how to attain to these things for ourselves; and when they come they will find a large and loyal following. The same is true of the educator who can inspire kids with the faith and desire for an abundant life. They will never be out of a job and any educator who has this faith and desire can give it to their students; they cannot help doing so if it is part of their own life and practice. What is true of the doctor and teacher is true of the lawyer, dentist, real estate and insurance agent--of everybody. The combined mental and personal action I have described is flawless; it will not fail. Every man and woman who follows these instructions exactly, steadily and perseveringly, will become wealthy. These laws are as certain as the “Law of Gravity”. The employee will find this as true for themselves as anyone else mentioned. Do not feel that you have no chance to become wealthy because you are working where there is no visible opportunity for advancement, where salaries are small and the cost of living high. Create a clear image of what you want and begin to act with faith and determination. Do all the work you can do, every day, and do it a certain way. Put the power of success and the determination to become wealthy in everything you do. But do not do this simply with the idea of getting favor with your employer, in the hope that they, or those above you, will see your good work and promote you; they probably will not. The one who is simply a good worker, doing their job the very

best they can, and content with that is valuable to the employer; and it is not to the employer's interest to promote them; they are worth more where they are. To obtain advancement, something more is necessary than just doing your job. The person who will advance is the one who has grown beyond their current status and has a clear idea of what he or she wants to be; who knows they can become what they want to be and who is determined to be what they wants to be. Do not try to become more advanced in your current position with the idea of pleasing your employer; do it with the idea of advancing yourself. Hold the faith and determination to advance yourself during work hours, after work hours, and before work hours. Hold it in such a way that every person who comes in contact with you, whether supervisor, fellow employees, or friends will feel the power of purpose radiating from you; so that everyone will feel the sense of advancement and abundance from you. Others will be attracted to you, and if there is no possibility for advancement in your present job, you will soon see an opportunity to take another job. There is a power which never fails to present opportunities to the individual who is moving in obedience to law. God cannot help helping you if you act a certain way. He must do so in order to express Himself. There is nothing in your current circumstances or in the business world that can keep you down. If you cannot become wealthy working for your employer, you can accumulate it in other areas; and if you begin to act a certain way, you will certainly escape from the clutches of your employer and get on to whatever else you wish to do. If employees would conduct themselves a certain way, businesses would soon be in difficulty; they would have to give its employees more opportunity, or go out of business. Nobody has to work for a particular business and businesses can only keep people in so called hopeless conditions as long as there are people unaware of the methods of becoming wealthy or too mentally lazy to practice it. Begin to think and act this way, and your faith and determination will help you quickly see any opportunity to better your condition. Such opportunities will quickly come, because God, working in all, and working for you, will bring them to you. Do not wait for an opportunity to be all that you want it to be; when an opportunity for advancement is presented and you feel compel to it, take it! It will be the first step toward a greater opportunity. There is no such thing in this universe as a lack of opportunities for the one who is living a certain way.

It is inherent in the foundation of the universe that all things shall be for you and work together for your good; and you must certainly become wealthy if you think and act a certain way. So let employees study this book with great care and practice with confidence the instructions given; it will not fail. Conclusion Many people will laugh at the idea that there is a method to becoming wealthy; believing that the supply is limited, they will insist that social and governmental institutions must be changed so a considerable number of people can have the opportunity. But this is not true. It is true that existing governments keep the majority in lack, but this is because they do not think and act a certain way. If they would begin to move forward as this book suggested, neither governments nor industry could stop them. All systems must be modified to adjust to the forward movement. If the people have a progressive mind, have the faith that they can become wealthy, and move forward with determination to become wealthy; nothing can possibly keep them in lack. Individuals may begin to move forward at any time, under any government, and make themselves wealthy; and when a considerable number of individuals do so under any government, they will cause the system to be modified and open the way for others. The more who obtain money by competition, the worse for others; the more who obtain money by creation, the better for others. The economic salvation of the masses can only be accomplished by getting a large number of people to practice the methods in this book. These will show others the way, and inspire them with a desire for real life, with the faith that it can be attained and with the determination to attain it. For now, it is enough to know that no government, in which you live, neither capitalistic nor competitive system of industry, can keep you from becoming wealthy. When you begin to create mentally, you rise above all these things and become “A Citizen of Another Kingdom”. But remember that your thought must be with a mind to create; do not be deceive into thinking of resources as being limited or with a mind acting on the rules of competition. Whenever you fall into old ways of thinking, correct yourself

instantly; because you have reclaimed the competitive mind and have lost the cooperation of all. Do not spend any time in planning how you will meet possible emergencies in the future, except for the necessary precautions influencing your actions today. You are only concerned with doing today's work in a perfectly successful manner and not with emergencies which may arise tomorrow; you can attend to them as they come. Do not concern yourself with questions about how you will overcome obstacles which may loom upon your horizon, unless you can see plainly that your course must be altered today in order to avoid them. No matter how big an obstruction may appear at a distance, you will find that if you go toward it a certain way, it will disappear as you approach it, or that a way over, though, or around it will appear. Circumstances cannot defeat anyone who moves forward to acquire wealth along exact methods. No one who obeys the law can fail to become wealthy; any more than 2 +2 can fail to get 4. Give no anxious thought to possible disasters, obstacles, panics, or unfavorable circumstances; you will have enough time to deal with them when they come, and you will find that every difficulty carries with it the ability to overcome it. Guard your speech. Never speak of yourself, your affairs, or of anything else in a disheartened or discouraging way. Never admit the possibility of failure, or speak in a way that assumes failure is possible. Never speak of the times as being hard, or of business conditions as being uncertain. Times may be hard and business uncertain for those with the competitive mindset, but they can never be so for you; you can create what you want, and you are above fear. When others are having hard times and poor business, you will find your greatest opportunities. Train yourself to think of and to look upon the world as something which is becoming, which is growing; and to see what seems evil only as that which is undeveloped. Always speak in terms of advancement; to do otherwise is to deny your faith, and to deny your faith is to lose it. Never allow yourself to feel disappointed. You may expect to have a certain thing at a certain time, and not get it at that time; and this will seem like failure. But if you hold to your faith you will find that the failure was only a deception. Go on and if you do not receive that thing, you will receive something so much better that you will see what seem to be a failure was really a great success.

A student of this teaching had set his mind on making a certain business deal which seemed to him at the time to be very desirable, and he worked for many weeks to bring it about. When the crucial time came, the thing failed in a very strange way; it was as if some unseen force had been working secretly against him. He was not disappointed; quite the opposite, he thanked God that his desire had been overruled, and went steadily on with a grateful mind. In a few weeks an opportunity so much better came his way that he would not have made the first deal in any way; and he saw that something greater, which knew more than he knew, had prevented him from losing the greater good by not allowing himself to be attach to less. That is the way every apparent failure will work out for you, if you keep your faith, hold your determination, and have gratitude, and do, everyday all that can be done that day, doing everything in the way describe in this book. When you fail, it is because you have not asked for enough; keep on, and a thing larger than the one you were seeking will certainly come to you. Remember this. You will not fail because you lack the necessary talent to do what you wish to do. If you go on, as I have directed, you will develop all the talent that is necessary to do your work. Do not hesitate or waver in fear that when you come to any particular place that you will fail because of a lack of ability; keep right on, and when you come to that place, the ability will be given to you. The same Source of ability which allowed others to do some of the greatest work ever accomplished in humanity is available to you and you may draw upon its wisdom in meeting the responsibilities you face. Go on in full faith. Study this book. Make it your constant companion until you have mastered all the ideas contained in it. While you are getting firmly established with this faith, it will be good to give up most recreations and pleasure; and to stay away from places where opposing ideas are promoted. Do not read negative or conflicting writing or get into arguments upon the matter. Spend most of your leisure time meditating on your image, cultivating gratitude, and in reading this book. It contains all you need to know regarding the methods in becoming wealthy.

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