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Hereby declare that the project report entitled ³ COMPARITIVE STUDY OF MARKETING STRATEGIES OF CADBURYS AND NESTLE IN U.K. MARKET´ submitted for the degree of Master of Business Administration, is my original work and the project report has not formed the basis for the award of any diploma, degree, associate ship, fellowship or similar other titles. It has not been submitted to any other university or institution for the award of any degree or diploma.


Survey is an excellent tool for learning and exploration. Application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations is the bonanzas of this survey. Without a proper combination of inspection and perspiration, it¶s not easy to achieve anything. I would like to do it as I really wish to express my gratitude toward all those who have been helpful to me directly or indirectly during the development of this project. I would like to thank my faculty Mr. Arun Sacher who was always there to help and guide me when I needed help. His perceptive criticism kept me working to make this project more full proof. I am thankful to him for his encouraging and valuable support. Working under him was an extremely knowledgeable and enriching experience for me. I am very thankful to him for all the value addition and enhancement done to me.

Contents Introduction to study Objective of study History of chocolates Nestle Company Nestle story Nestle brand Cadbury company Facts of the company Research and design methodolgy Analysis of the study Findings Conclusion Suggestions recommendations Bibliography Annexure Questionnaire and Pg. 6. 16. 3. 8. 15. No. 13. 5. 14. 12. 11. No. 2. 1. 7. 7 9 14 25 26 27 31 33 41 44 62 64 65 66 67 69 . 9. 10.TABLE OF CONTENT Sr. 4.

No. 3.LIST OF TABLES S. 8. 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 . To age group Brand preference Purchase of Cadburys chocolates Purchase of nestle chocolates Overall purchase of chocolates Preference of sub brands of nestle Pg. 6. 1. 4. 2. 5. CONTENTS Liking for the chocolates Different age group Preference acc. 7.NO.

4. 46 47 48 49 50 6. No. 3. 1. To age group Brand preference Purchase of Cadburys chocolates Purchase of nestle chocolates Overall purchase of chocolates Preference of sub brands of nestle Pg. 8. 51 52 53 .LIST OF GRAPHS S.NO. 5. CONTENTS Liking for the chocolates Different age group Preference acc. 7. 2.

our commitment.MISSION STATEMENT: ³Cadbury means quality this is our promise our reputation is built upon quality.´ . to continuous improve will ensure our promise is deliver.


I also came to knowwhich particular brand of chocolate is most preferred by people of different age groups. and the comparative financial analysis of both the companies.INTRODUCTION In this research I have survey the product performance and Marketing Strategies of twofamous brands of chocolates ± Nestle and Cadbury. In this research I have surveyed that what are the marketing strategies of both the companies. During this research I have interacted with people of ³LONDON´. taste.advertisement. packaging. quality. After this research I came to know how people perceives these products on the variables like price. In this report I have tried to explain the entireresearch and facts product wise. satisfaction. brand loyalty etc. which are consumed by people of allages. .

y To study the factors affecting the consumption pattern. Objectives of the study are: y Study the marketing strategies of Cadburys and nestle y The other objective is to know about the customer satisfaction level associated with the product and the customer preference level.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY This project is based on the comparative study of marketing and financial analysis towards Nestle and Cadbury chocolates. .


Chocolate The very word makes your mouth water. . Chocolate is more than just a food: it¶s a state of mind .

To have them during rain. who first enjoyed ³chocolati´ a much-prized spicy drink made from roasted cocoa beans. Or shaped like a rectangle. They are white and brown in color. The Aztec empire .Throughout its history. to have chocolates We don¶t need a reason. And taste sweet and bitter Some have them in a glass of cold coffee. µCause we can have it Anytime. or in the form of a toffee. chocolate has been a much sought after food. For chocolate lovers it is fun. Or a sphere. any season! History of chocolate: The origin of chocolate can be traced back to the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations inCentral America. be they in the form of bar Or a tiny little gem.Chocolates Chocolates! Chocolates! Every body has a liking for them. a brick or an éclair. Some eat them when they are sad Some relish them when they are happy or have sweet dreams. whether as cocoa or drinking chocolate beverage or confectionarytreat. But I feel. breeze or sun.

Soon ³chocolate´ became a fashionable drinkenjoyed by the rich in Spain. and by 1606 chocolate was well established in Italy. reaching England in the 1650¶s First chocolate for eating . Hehad visited Central America and seen how the Indians prepared the cocoa beans and howthey made the drink. Gradually the custom of drinking chocolate spread across Europe.The dry climate meant the Aztecs were unable to grow cocoa trees. Chocolate across Europe An Italian traveler. reddish.³Chocolate´(in the form of a luxury drink) was consumed in large quantities by theaztecs: the drink was described as ³ finely ground. and the Spanish armies conquered Mexico. bitter with chilliwater. which was considered to have medicinal benefits as well as being a nourishing food. foamy. Drinking chocolate The secret of chocolate was taken to France in 1615. when Anne. was the first to break the Spanish monopoly. Francesco carletti. daughter of Phillip 2 ofSpain married king Louis 13 of FranceThe French court enthusiastically adopted this new exotic drink. by this time the Aztecs had created apowerful empire.When he returned to Spain in1528 he loaded his galleons with cocoa beans andequipment for making the chocolate drink. vanilla and wild bee honey. Don Cortes was madecaptain general and governor of Mexico. and had to obtainsupplies of cocoa beans from ³ tribute´ or trade. soft. aromatic flowers. Don Cortes The Spanish invaded Mexico in the 16th century.

The original Cadbury milk chocolate was prepared to his recipe. bringing a milk chocolate recipe back to England. The Aztecs called this drink xocolatl. they also ate cacao porridge. Latin name ³ theobroma cacao´ meaning ³ food of thegods´ Cacao was corrupted into the more familiar ³ cocoa´ by the early European explorers. the cacao tree. found in pods growing from the trunk andlower branches of the cacao tree. It was an Englishdoctor. also enjoyed cacao as a beverage fermented from the rawbeans. where the tropical mix of high rain fall combined with high yearround temperatures and humidity provide the ideal climate for cultivation of the plant from which chocolate is derived. bittersweet drink by roasting and pounding the seeds of thecacao tree with maize and capsicum peppers and letting the mixture ferment. sir Hans¶s sloane. ³ Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean. which builds up resistance and fights fatigue.The Aztec¶s regarded chocolate as an aphrodisiac and their emperor.Up until this point all chocolate recipes were based on plain chocolate. like the Mayans.The Aztecs. whoafter traveling in south America. Montezumareputedly drank it fifty times a day from a golden goblet and is quoted as saying ofxocolatl: ³ the divine drink. The Maya brewed a spicy.focused on cocoa and food values. which again featured prominently in ritual and as a luxury available only to thevery wealthy. History: The earliest record of chocolate was over fifteen hundred years ago in the centralAmerica rain forests. A cup of thisprecious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food´ Chocolate in Europe . the Spanish conquistadors found thisalmost impossible to pronounce and so corrupted it to the easier ³ chocolat´ the Englishfurther changed this to chocolate. This drinkwas reserved for use in ceremonies as well as for drinking by the wealthy and religiouselite.

they are now the worlds largest consumers ± by far ± of both . only tofind it loaded with what appeared to be ³ dried sheep¶s droppings. where the dried fermented beans broughtback from the new world by the Spanish treasure fleets were roasted and ground. they burned the wholeship in frustration. chocolate was treasure indeed !Within a few years. in the Spanish Netherlands. and bythe early 17th century chocolate powder ± from which the European version of the drinkwas made.Xocolatl! or chocolat or chocolate as it became known. that when Englishbuccaneers boarded what they thought was a Spanish ³ treasurer galleon´ in 1579. Destined to become the united states of Americaand Canada. was brought to Europe byCortez. the cocoa beverage made from the powder produced in Spain hadbecome popular throughout Europe. France. If only they had known. thus offsetting the spicy bitterness of the brew the Aztec¶s drank. Back to the America¶s Event¶s went full circle when English colonists carried chocolate (and coffee) with themto England¶s colonies in north America. thatit was worth it¶s weight in silver ( if not gold). they were used as clubswhere the wealthy and business community met to smoke a clay pipe of tobacco.was being exported to other parts of Europe. The Spanish kept the source ofthe drink.the beans. Italy. by this time the conquistadors had learned to make the drink more palatable toEuropean tastes by mixing the ground roasted beans with sugar and vanilla ( a practicestill continued today).a secret for many years.The first chocolate factories opened in Spain.The first chocolate house in England opened in London in 1657 followed rapidly bymany others. so successfully in fact. chocolate was so expensive at that time. Like the already well established coffee houses. Germanyand ± in about 1520 ± it arrived in England.conduct business and socialize over a cup of chocolate.

Some of the most famous names inchocolate were Quakers. and bakers in England were the first to add chocolate to cakes so it wouldbe a natural progression for them to start making pure chocolate. probably one of thebest-known chocolate makers in the world.chocolate andcoffee.England) is credited with producing and selling the world¶s first chocolate bar. who for centuries held a virtual monopoly of chocolate makingin the English speaking world ± fry. The Quakers The Quakers were. they were prohibited from many normalbusiness activities. and still are.began chocolate making and in fact Joseph fry of fry &sons (founded 1728 in Bristol.Its probably before the time of the English civil war between parliament and king Charles1st that the Quaker¶s who evolved from the puritans. an offshoot of the puritans ofEnglish civil war and pilgrim fathers fame and a history of chocolate would not becomplete without mentioning their part in it. if not quite the largest. They were also heavilyinvolved in breakfast cereals but that¶s another story. Cadbury havestayed with chocolate production and are now. . so as an industrious people with a strong belief in the work ethic (likethe puritans). they involved themselves in food related businesses and did very well. to form the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world.What is certain is that the fry. row tree and Cadbury families in England among others. Because of their pacifist religion. consuming over half of the words total production of chocolate alone. Cadbury and row tree are probably the best known.Baking was a common occupation for them because bread was regarded as the biblical³staff of life´. Fry¶s havenow all but disappeared (taken over by Cadbury) and row tree have merged Swisscompany nestle. a pacifist religious sect. first began their historic associationwith chocolate.

Johannesvan houten. Then in 1828 a Dutch chemist.Chocolate as we know it The first mention of chocolate being eaten in solid form is when bakers in England beganadding cocoa powder to cakes in the mid 1600¶s. found a way to combine (some would say improve. invented a method of extracting the bitter tasting fat or ³cocoa butter´ fromthe roasted ground beans.England ± mixed sugar with cocoa powder and cocoa butter (made by the van houtenprocess) to produce the first solid chocolate bar then in1875 a Swiss manufacturer.Daniel peters.Chocolate as we know it today first appeared in 1847 when fry & sons of Bristol. some would say ruin)cocoa powder and cocoa butter with sugar and dried milk powder to produce the firstmilk chocolate.however he unknowingly paved the way for solid chocolate as we know it. his aim was to make the drink smoother and more palatable. CHOCOLATE PRODUCTION .

They regarded the precious bean aswaste or used it. They have a particularly fine. with its many hybrids and varieties. therefore.The pure variety of the Criollo tree is found mainly in its native Equadorand Venezuela. The remaining 90% is harvested from trees of the Forasterofamily. Criollo cocoa accounts for only10% of the world crop. The main growing area is West Africa. under whichpractically all varieties can be categorised: Criollo and Forastero cocoas. TheHarvest . The seeds are of finer quality than those of the Forastero variety. used only in the productionof high-quality chocolate and for blending. as was the case among the Aztecs. as a form of currency.The cocoa-bean -. Thecocoa tree can flourish only in the hottest regions of the world. up to the 18th century some native tribes ate only thesweetish flesh of the cocoa fruit.the heart of the sweetest delicacy in the world ± isbitter! This is why. mild aroma and are. TheVarieties There are two quite different basic classifications of cocoa. However.

Thetechnique varies depending on the growing region. What could be more natural than to spread the beans out to dry on the sun-soaked groundor on mats? After a week or so. collecting points. Fermentation The fermentation process is decisive in the production of high quality raw cocoa. thefruit is opened. Finally. Drying After fermentation. the . the raw cocoa is thoroughly cleaned bypassing through sieves. all but a small percentage of the water has evaporated.Most of this has to be removed. in fact about 60%. the raw cocoa still contains far too much water. Cleaning Before the real processing begins.At fermentation sites either in the plantation or at. the fruit is treated to prevent it from rotting.Immediately after harvesting. and by brushing.

last vestiges ofwood. liquidmixture. is carried out automatically. which are still fairly coarse are now pre-ground by specialmilling equipment and then fed on to rollers where they are ground into a fine paste. Theheat generated by the resulting pressure and friction causes the cocoa butter(approximately 50% of the bean) contained in the beans to melt. which it hasdeveloped for different types of cocoa. Roasting The subsequent roasting process is primarily designed to develop the aroma. Apart of the cocoa paste is taken to large presses.The secret of every chocolate factory lies in the special mixing ratios. Blending Before grinding. sand and even the finest dust are extracted by powerfulvacuum equipment. During cooling itgradually sets: this is the cocoa paste. but which soon join again. producing a thick. At this point the production process divides into two paths. The otherpart passes through various blending and refining processes. the crushed beans are weighed and blended according to special recipes. during which the air in the nearly 10 feet high furnaces reaches atemperature of 130 °C. jute fibres. Crushingandshelling The roasted beans are now broken into medium sized pieces in the crushing machine. Grinding The crushed cocoa beans. which extract the cocoa butter. strong odour. during . This is dark brown in color with a characteristic. The entireroasting process.

cocoa butter. It not only forms part of everyrecipe.cocoa. which isexcellent for the preparation of delicious drinks . but it also later gives the chocolate its fine structure. attractive glaze. By blending them in accordance with specific recipes the three types ofchocolate are obtained which form the basis of ever product assortment. The two paths have rejoined.These cakes are crushed again. namely: Kneading . CocoaButter The cocoa butter has important functions. ground to powder and finely sifted inseveral stages and we obtain a dark. cocoa cakes are left which still contain a 10 to20% proportion of fat depending on the intensity of compression.which some of thecocoa butter is added to it. Cocoa paste. beautifullustre and delicate. Cocoa Powder After the cocoa butter has left the press. strongly aromatic powder. sugar and milk are the four basic ingredients for makingchocolate.

Rolling Depending on the design of the rolling mills. where they are pulverized and kneaded. For duringthis period the chocolate paste will be refined to such an extent in theconches that it will flatter even the most discriminating palate. (One micron is a thousandth part of a millimetre. Under heavy pressurethey pulverise the tiny particles of cocoa and sugar down to a size ofapprox. three or five verticallymounted steel rollers rotate in opposite directions. powdered or condensed milk. cocoa butter.But within two or three days all that will have been put right. 30 microns.Conches (from the Spanish word .go into the mixer.) Conching But still the chocolate paste is not smooth enough to satisfy our palates.maybe vanilla .In the case of milk chocolate for example. the cocoa paste. sugar and flavouring .

The chocolate no longer seems sandy. NESTLE NESTLE HEADQUATER IN U. which gives it its reputation. It has attained the outstanding purity.K . meaning a shell) is the name given to thetroughs in which 100 to 1000 kilograms of chocolate paste at a time can be heated up to80 °C and. while being constantly stirred. is given a velvet smoothness by the addition ofcertain amounts of cocoa butter."concha". but dissolves meltingly on the tongue. A kind of aeration of the liquid chocolate paste thentakes place in the conches: its bitter taste gradually disappears and the flavour is fullydeveloped.

an infant cereal specially formulated by HenriNestlé to provide and improve infant nutrition. Nestlé has grown to become the World¶s largest and .Nestle¶ Story Nestlé was founded in 1867 on the shores of Lake Geneva in Vevey. Switzerland and itsfirst product was ³Farine Lactée Nestlé´. From its first historic merger with theAnglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in 1905.

the values ofsecurity. throughout the world. derived from Henri Nestlé¶s personal coatof arms. Nestlé is dedicated to bringing the joy of µGood Food. operated 500factories in approx.most diversified food Company. family and tradition. pioneering environment policy and respect for the fundamental values of different cultures haveearned it an enviable place in the countries it operates in.000 products to millions ofconsumers universally. itis not only the central element of Nestlé¶s corporate identity but serves to define theCompany¶s products. Nestle¶ Brands Milk Products & Nutrition Beverages Prepared Dishes and Cooking Aids Chocolates & Confectionary . responsibilities. nature and nourishment.000 employees worldwide. In 2004. Nestlé¶s trademark of birds in a nest. Good Life¶ to people throughout their lives. communities and nations. Today. and is about twice the size of itsnearest competitor in the food and beverage sector. Nestlé had around 247. ethics and goals. Nestlé¶s activities contribute toand nurture the sustainable economic development of people. 100 countries and offered over 8.Above all. Namely. The Company¶s transparent business practices. business practices. evokes the values upon which he founded his Company. maternity and affection.


CHOCOLATES & CONFECTIONARY NESTLÉ KIT KAT NESTLÉ KIT KAT LITE NESTLÉ MUNCH NESTLÉ MUNCH POP CHOC NESTLÉ MILKYBAR NESTLÉ MILKYBAR CHOO NESTLÉ BAR-ONE NESTLÉ FUNBAR NESTLÉ Milk Chocolate POLO POLO Powermint NESTLÉ Eclairs NESTLEKITKAT are crisp wafer fingers covered with choco layer. NESTLÉ KIT KAT has a unique finger format witha µbreaking' ritual attached to it. NESTLE MUNCH .NESTLÉ KIT KAT is one of the most successful brands in the world and everyyear over 12 billion NESTLÉ KIT KAT fingers are consumed around the globe.

NESTLÉ MUNCH is wafer layer covered with delicious choco layer. . NESTLÉ MILKYBAR is a favorite with parents totreat their kids with.' NESTLÉ MUNCH isthe largest selling SKU in the category! NESTLE MILKY BAR: NESTLÉ MILKYBAR is a delicious milky treat. NESTLE BAR-ONE is a luscious nougat and caramel with delicious choco layer. which kids love. NESTLÉ BAR-ONEconstantly reminds you that it is µTime for Action' . light and irresistible that you just µcan't stop Munching. Relaunched in January2006 with a Calcium Rich recipe. NESTLÉ MUNCHis so crisp.

NESTLE Milk Chocolate: NESTLÉ Milk Chocolate is a milk chocolate with a delicious taste. Kids just love it! CADBURY John Cadbury .

but better than' theimported milk chocolate'.How Cadbury Chocolate is made Milk chocolate for eating was first made by Cadbury in 1897 by adding milk powderJohn paste to the dark chocolate recipe of cocoa mass.Led by George Cadbury Junior. not only theFrench. A recipe was formulated incorporating fresh milk. renowned for their milk chocolate. By today'sstandards this chocolate was not particularly good: it was coarse and dry and not sweet ormilky enough for public tastes. cocoa butter and sugar. and production processes weredeveloped to produce a milk chocolate 'not merely as good as. . Aconsiderable amount of time and money was spent on research and on new plant designedto produce the chocolate in larger quantities. the Bournville experts set out to meet the challenge. There was a great deal of competition from continental manufacturers.but also the Swiss.

FACT REGARDING THE COMPANY Founded By Headquaters Birmingham. with its unique flavour andsmooth creamy texture. Highland Milk and Dairy Maid. Chairman Todd Stitzer. CEO Confectionery and Soft drinks Key people Industry . London. and Cadbury's Dairy Milk. was ready to challenge the Swiss domination of the milkchocolate market.Four years of hard work were invested in the project and in 1905 whatwas to be Cadbury's top selling brand was launched.Three names were considered: Jersey.Dairy Maid became Dairy Milk. England. England (1824) City of Westminster. By 1913 Dairy Milk had become the company's best selling line and in the mid twentiesCadbury's Dairy Milk gained its status as the brand leader. United Kingdom Roger Carr. a position it has held eversince.

384 million (2008) £388 million (2008) £364 million (2008) 71.657 (2008) .Revenue Operating income Net income Employees Website £5.

Company Overveiw of Cadbury in U.K .

Snapple. Dr Pepper. With origins stretching back over 200 years. We employ around 60. today their products -which include brands such as Cadbury. Bubblicious and Bassett . Halls. Schweppes. Trident.Trebor.00 people.are enjoyed in almost every country aroundthe world.CADBURY WORLD WIDE Cadbury is the world's largest confectionery company and have astrong regional presence in beverages in the Americas and Australia. Dentyne. Their heritage starts back in 1783 when Jacob Schweppe perfected hisprocess for manufacturing carbonated mineral .

Concentrating on their core brands in beverages and confectionery since the1980s. Halls.World's No 3 beverage company Cadbury Brands: Chocolates Snacks Beverages Candy SNACKS: Bytes BEVERAGES Bournvita . they have strengthened their portfolio through almost fifty acquisitions. . Dentyne. These two great household names merged in 1969 to form Cadbury Schweppesplc. Trident.Worlds No 1 Confectionery company . Dr Pepper. 7 Up and Snapple.000 people in over 200 countries . Canada Dry. Bassett.It employs 60. And in 1824 John Cadbury opened in Birmingham selling cocoa andchocolate.water in Geneva.including brand icons such as Mott's. Bubblicious. Since then they have expanded their business throughout the world by aprogramme of organic and acquisition led growth.Switzerland.World's No 2 Gums company .Trebor.



Dairy Milk 5 Star Perk Celebrations Temptation Eclairs Gems

The story ofCadbury DairyMilk started wayback in 1905 at Bournville, U.K., but the journey with chocolate lovers in India began in1948. The variants Fruit & Nut, Crackle and Roast Almond, combine the classic taste ofCadbury Dairy Milk with a variety of ingredients and are very popular amongst teens &adults. Cadbury Dairy Milk has exciting products on offer - Cadbury Dairy Milk Wowie,chocolate with Disney characters embossed

in it, and Cadbury Dairy Milk 2 in 1, adelightful combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate. Giving consumers anexciting reason to keep coming back into the fun filled world of Cadbury.Today, Cadbury Dairy Milk alone holds 30% value share of the Indian chocolate market.


the second largest after Cadbury Dairy Milk with a market share of 14%, Cadbury 5 Starmoves from strength to strength every year by increasing its user base. Launched in 1969 as a bar of chocolate that was hard outside with soft caramel nougatinside, Cadbury 5 Star has re-invented itself over the years to keep satisfying theconsumers taste for a high quality & different chocolate eating experience. One of the key properties that Cadbury 5 Star was associated with was its classic Goldcolour. And through the passage of time, this was one property that both, the brand andthe consumer stuck to as a valuable association. More recently, to give consumers another reason to come into the Cadbury 5 Star fold,Cadbury 5 Star Crunchy was launched. The same delicious Cadbury 5 Star was now available with a dash of rice crispies.


Cadbury launched Perk in 1996. With its light chocolate and wafer construct, CadburyPerk targeted the casual snacking space that was dominated primarily by chips & wafers. With the rise of more value-for-money brands in the wafer chocolate segment, CadburyPerk unveiled two new offerings Perk XL and XXL. In 2004, with an added dose of 'Real Cadbury Dairy Milk' and an 'improved wafer', Perk became even more irresistible

Cadbury Celebrations was aimed at replacing traditional gifting options like Mithai anddry- fruits during festive seasons.

Roast Almond Coffee.Cadbury Celebrations is available in several assortments: An assortment of chocolateslike 5 Star. Gems. nutbutterscotch and caramels. TEMPTATION Cadbury Temptations is a range of delicious premium chocolate in fiveflavours variants . Perk. Dairy Milk and Nutties and rich dry fruits enrobed in Cadburydairy milk chocolate in 5 variants. raisin magic. The super premium Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection which is a festive offering isan exotic range of chocolate covered dry fruits and nuts in various flavours and the premium dark chocolate range which is exotic dark chocolate in luscious flavours. Almond magic. RESEARCH . cashew magic. Mint Crunch. Honey Apricot. BlackForest and Old Jamaica.


This chapter describes the methodology of the study. After the detailed study. an attempt has been made to present comprehensive analysis of consumption of Cadbury and nestle chocolates consumed by the people. For the purpose of present study a related sample of population was selected on the basis of convenience. Research Period: Research work is only carried for 2 or 3 weeks. I went to the residents of LONDON and collected the data. This project is based on information collected from primary sources. The actual consumers were contacted on the basis of random sampling. Survey design: The study is a cross sectional study because the data were collected at a single point of time. Sample Size and Design: A sample of 100 people was taken on the basis of convenience. In collecting requisite data and information regarding the topic selected. Research Instrument: . The data had been used to cover various aspects like consumption. consumer¶s preference and customer¶s satisfaction regarding Cadbury and Nestle chocolates.

The technique that I have used is bar technique. Secondary Source: The secondary data was collected from internet. . is divided into 2 bases: Primary Source: The primary data comprises information survey of ³Comparative study of consumer behavior towards Nestle and Cadbury chocolates´. dichotomous and offered multiple choices Data Collection: The data.This work is carried out through self-administered questionnaires. The data has been collected directly from respondent with the help of structured questionnaires. References from Library. which is collected for the purpose of study. The questions included were open ended. Data Analysis: The data is analyzed on the basis of suitable tables by using mathematical techniques.


.TABLE 1: Liking for the Chocolate Yes No Number of Respondents 95 5 From the above analysis of the given sample of 100 respondents it is concluded that out of 100 people 95 people likes to eat chocolate while only 5 people don¶t prefer to eat chocolate.


According to the above analysis it is concluded that I have surveyed 100 respondents out of which 14. 33. 42. above30 respectively . 11 belongs to age group 0 -10. 20-30. 10-20.

PREFERENCE ACCORDING TO AGE GROUPS According to the above analysis it is concluded that people of different age groups prefer mostly Cadbury brand of chocolate while Nestle brand is least preferred by the age group between 10 -20. People of age group above 30 equally likes to have both brands. .

BRAND PREFERENCE From the above analysis of given sample of 93 respondents who eat chocolates it is concluded that only 22 people prefer to eat Nestle chocolates while 73 people likes to eat Cadbury chocolates. .

Chart:5 From the above analysis of given sample of 73 respondents who eat Cadbury chocolates it is concluded that mostly people has purchased Dairy Milk sub-brand of Cadbury while Temptation is least purchased by the people. .





. packaging and brand. Here color and shape are not all influencing people while purchasing Cadbury chocolates.According to the above analysis it is concluded that on an average mostly people are influenced by flavor/taste followed by quality.

. brand and image. Here packaging and shape are not all influencing people while purchasing Nestle chocolates.According to the above analysis it is concluded that on an average mostly people are influenced by flavor/taste followed by quality.

. It is surprising to know that although people are satisfied with quality but unsatisfied with the quantity.According to the above analysis it is concluded that on an average people are most satisfied with the flavor/taste of a chocolate followed by quality and brand.





color. how much a person can spend on his/her favorite chocolate.  PRODUCT RESEARCH: Under product research I came to know about the modification which consumers wants as to the quality. and quantity etc of their favorite chocolate. to pay for the product.FINDINGS  CONSUMER RESEARCH Consumer research deals with consumer and their problems and solution to the problems. In this I came to know about the consumers need and expectation levels regarding products and ascertainable levels of consumer satisfaction. shape. In this I have tried to find out consumer¶s price expectations and reactions. . packing.  PRICING RESEARCH: This includes ability to consume.

. ADVERTISING RESEARCH Under this I have concluded that whether the advertisement appeals the consumers or not. This also includes evaluating and selecting the proper media-mix and measuring advertising effectiveness.

CONCLUSION: A survey of the people has been conducted to know the liking pattern of the two products Cadbury and Nestle. It is concluded that mostly people preferred Dairy Milk of Cadbury due to its flavor/taste. quality and crunchiness so they are going towards Kit Kat and Munch of Nestle due to its taste and crunchiness. quality and image and due to its hard form. . and sometimes some of them go for small and family pack. Some people often like to have a chocolate with good flavor. It is observed that overall people like to eat Cadbury brand rather than Nestle. It is thus concluded from the facts collected that mostly people refer to buy big pack of their favorite chocolate.

company should go for free gifts rather than going for other ways.SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:  Company should concentrate more on television for advertisement.  People are unsatisfied with the price and quantity of chocolate so companies should concentrate in this regard also.  For promotional offers. . as mostly people get attracted through television only.  Nestle company should concentrate on its packing as people are least satisfied with it while Cadbury should concentrate on the shape of a chocolate.


chocolatereview.packaging-  http://www.aphrodite- chocolates.BIBLIOGRAHY  http://www.htm«/cadbury4.


Which brand of chocolate do you prefer? Cadbury Nestle Que3. Do you eat chocolate? Yes No Que2.PROJECT REPORT ON CONSUMER PREFERENCETOWARDS NESTLE AND CADBURY CHOCOLATES Que1. Which sub-brand you have purchased? Cadbury Nestle Dairy Milk Kit Kat 5Star Munch .

Perk Milky Bar Celebrations Bar-One Temptation Milk Chocolate Que4. Rank the sub-brands of chocolates according to your preference? (1 for most preferred) Cadbury Nestle Dairy Milk 5Star Perk Celebrations Temptation Munch Kit Kat Milky Bar Bar-One MilkChocolate .

Que5. How much importance do you give to the following factors when you purchase a chocolate? (Tick in the desired column) Factors Very Importan Norma Least Non Importan t l Importan e t t Flavor/tast e Price Quality Packaging Form Brand Image Color Shape Quantity .

Que6. How much are you satisfied with the following factors in your preferred chocolate? (Tick in the desired column) Factors Very Satisfie d Satisfie d Norma Least l Satisfie d Can¶ t Say Flavor/tast e Price Quality Packaging Form Brand Image Color Shape Quantity Que7. Which form of a chocolate do you like? Hard Crunchy Nutties Chew .

What pack do you purchase? Small Big Family Pack Que9.Which of these factors affect your purchase?  Advertisement  Suggestion from friends and relatives  Attractive Display  Doctors Advice  Brand Ambassadors  Ingredients .Que8. Which promotional offers attract you most? Free gifts Price Offer Any other Que10.

Que11. What according to you is the reasonable price of chocolate? Below5 5-10 10-20 20-30 Above 30 Que14. If your preferred brand is not available for repeat purchase then what will you do? . How frequently do you purchase chocolates? Once in a fortnight Weekly Quarterly Daily Monthly Que13. Which media of advertisement influence your purchase? Television Newspapers Brochures Hoarding Display Que12.

If another brand of the same product appears in the market. not at all I may consider No. then what are the reasons for continuing to purchase the old brand? . will you prefer to stop buying this brand and buy the new brand? No. Postpone your purchase  Switch over to other brand  Go to the other shop to search for your preferred brand Que15. I shall not can¶t say Que16. If you don¶t like to change to the new brand.

PERSONAL DETAILS Name: Address: Age: Between 0-10 Between 20-30 Gender: Phone Number: Marital status: Education: Profession: Between10-20 Above 30 THANKS .

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