1. Passionate and Self-Motivated. I think that these really make up the top qualities.

If you have no passion for what you do and need outside forces to motivate you then you are just setting yourself up to fail. Passion and selfmotivation is at the core of every entrepreneur. 2. Always seeking New Opportunities. Entrepreneurs are opportunity-seekers. They are always communicating, always learning and always getting information. And with this they see doors opening all the time. For them, everything is an opportunity. Even failure is an opportunity. 3. Full of Ideas. Entrepreneurs are always full of ideas. Their creativity is unwavering. Whether it's a single big idea or a series of small ones, entrepreneurs feed these ideas by learning more about them and eventually taking the risk to try them out. 4. Are Risk Takers. There are no guarantees in life; there is no business model or career path that is guaranteed to work 100%. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks. They understand that every decision they makemay have either financial rewards or losses. 5. Are willing to go the Extra Mile. I haven't heard of a lazy entrepreneur. I haven't heard of anyone who has stated up a business become successful to say they did it without hard work. Entrepreneurs are more than willing to work long hours for their ideas and businesses. I'd like to think that entrepreneurs never stop working because they are constantly in the creative process. 6. Are Flexible but Able to set Boundaries. Entrepreneurs accept that change is constant. No business my last forever. Things may change in an instant and that the world is constantly changing. They also know when to set boundaries for the risks they take, hence the term calculated risk. 7. Are Frugal. Entrepreneurs know when to cut back on spending and know when to spend. They also have a hierarchy of spending which makes their own personal material desires last on the list. 8. Are Dreamers. (My favorite trait) Entrepreneurs have great visualization. They imagine things happening for them. They think way ahead of tomorrow. They plan their work and work their plan. 9. Are Confident Leaders.

Believe that you can make it. It may be an opportunity to earn more or to learn further. However. this doesn't mean that an individual who want to become an entrepreneur should have a thorough background on these nature and principles. Whether you are conscious about it or not. successful entrepreneur never misses to set his goal. success and failure always depend on the entrepreneur. Believe in taking that leap to pursue your own happiness. Opportunity seeker An entrepreneur knows how to search for opportunities. Believe. he was always the group leader. Say. When he grows up. Believe in your goals. a child set academic goals for himself or set a specific timeframe to achieve something. But it does not stop there. careful evaluation and extra time on studying the nature and principles of entrepreneurship is a must. This same child is more likely to become successful for he knows how to get certain things he wants to. Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs succeed and why some do not? Have you ever thought of the things that would make one the best entrepreneurs in a chosen field? For the lucky some. He knows how to find opportunities that may not be visible for most people. Taking advantage of these opportunities . For instance. I remember reading an article about an entrepreneur who said that while he wasn't the top student in class. he carries this trait in doing business. He will not settle on the things that exist around him. This trait can be developed at a very young age. You want to know what are those? Here are the traits of a successful entrepreneur: Goal oriented Whether short term or long term. successful entrepreneur knows how to revise or rewrite his goals whenever he thinks that there is something that needs to be changed. He will try to get this toy by saving money or making money for himself. Believe in yourself. then. for example. believe in your ideas. They know where they are going and they are willing to carry the torch to light the way. the child's parents cannot afford to buy him a toy he wanted.Entrepreneurs are torch bearers. owning a business might run on their veins but for the most who are just common people with a high desire to start a business of your own. 10.

But it does not mean that he will become impulsive for he knows how to identify what type of opportunity will give him benefits. An individual who does not know his strengths and weaknesses is like a person facing a mirror without clearly seeing his face. he does not make his business his life. What are these essential entrepreneurial traits that anyone who is interested in starting a business must possess? . He would then polish his imperfections and covert them to something that would benefit him because a successful entrepreneur does not only know his strengths and weakness.Once he has found opportunities. Of course. He has a certain attention to detail and quality. he knows how to take advantage of them. They do this to minimize the risk of committing mistakes. entrepreneurship is not for everyone. With the help of his recognition of his strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand. he also recognizes these as parts of his personhood. Knows when to get help A successful entrepreneur recognizes that he could not do some things alone. He knows how to rest once in a while to enjoy life itself. you can see if you really have what it takes to succeed in the highlycompetitive. Always wants to be the best A successful entrepreneur does not settle for the second best. anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. he will achieve what others might not achieve. there are some specific entrepreneurial traits a person must have to be successful in the field of business. world of business. He will ask himself these questions: Will it bring more good than harm? Is it worth the time and money? Will it be able to help me reach my set goals? Knows his strengths and weakness Another good trait of a successful entrepreneur is knowing his strengths and weaknesses. But with these particular character traits. However. He knows that he needs a hand in order to get things right. This type of trait will enable him to define his limits and knows how to extend his limits. A successful entrepreneur sees his face clearly on the mirror and recognizes his imperfection. He would as much as possible treat all costumers the same. He would not be successful if he does not enjoy his business. He always finds ways how to be the best in his craft. He knows and respects other's view on matters regarding his business. He knows what are the type of person that is right for the job. Essential Entrepreneurial Traits It is not true that successful entrepreneurs are born that way. in fact. Enjoys what he does and knows how to enjoy as well A successful entrepreneur loves his work and enjoys what he is doing. He knows the borderlines but knows how to keep the borderlines expanding.

. A good entrepreneur has the ability to consolidate his resources.A good entrepreneur realizes that loss and failure are inherent in any business endeavor. This persistence and determination is fueled by a burning desire to achieve his goal of succeeding in his chosen field of business. Risk-taking and Tolerance for Failure. an entrepreneur possess self-confidence. 7. Visionary . They believe in their capabilities and makes sure that they will put in their best effort into their particular endeavors and likewise expect the best results from it. They keenly observe their environment and have an eye for spotting new trends that could potentially be a business opportunity. you can not afford to be complacent and un-creative unless you want the competition to move up on ahead of you.In the business world. Thus. Belief in one's capabilities is very important in achieving any goal especially in the world of entrepreneurship. middle or long term. 8. Thus. The business world is very competitive and is not a place for the half-hearted. Persistence and Determination . inquisitive. Independence . 5.An entrepreneur knows the value of organization in a business endeavor.An entrepreneur has a vision for his future. the characteristic of a successful entrepreneur is in never giving up and in picking up the pieces and continuing the journey even if failure momentarily obstructs the way. He/She is guided by this vision in everything he/she in his business endeavor. thus they decide to become their own boss instead of laboring under the gaze of a master.1. Self-Confidence . you really have to be very creative . This vision may be for short. nonetheless. 4. Entrepreneurs must have the courage to face failure and start again despite these setbacks. 3. but all visions are to ultimately succeed in expanding one's business. you can make sure that you stay ahead of the competition. there can be no real success without perseverance and hard work. Organized and goal-oriented . In the world of business. an entrepreneur must always be ready to make calculated risks and face whatever consequences those risks might have. Perseverance and Hard Work . All efforts must be focused towards achieving the goal.Along with independence. They want to seize control of their future. Creativity . bright and highly flexible when thinking. An important quality of a successful entrepreneur is the doggedness to continue pursuing his goal despite some setbacks and obstacles that he may encounter on the road. By this way.The world of entrepreneurship is fraught with both success and failure. As in all fields of endeavor.These are perhaps two of the most important entrepreneurial traits.This is the most common denominator of all entrepreneurs. Creative people are naturally curious. 6. yet the goal is the best expected result.you should be able to create new ideas as well as find new ways to solve problems. 2. An entrepreneur has a strong sense of independence and will march forward with a purpose and that is to earn money through his own means and hard work. A good entrepreneur systematizes every move he/she makes so that less time and other resources are consumed in achieving the goal.

6. be the janitor . Chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands: I want to continue to dream big. The ups and downs are inevitable. So. They are Disciplined and Focused How you perform each day will determine whether or not you will succeed in the long run. You don t want opportunity to come in on a boat when you re standing at the airport waiting for it.9. so simply try to be prepared from them. and present in front of a room of investors after already being turned down by 50 other banks. They are Willing to Work Harder than Ever Before Ryan Allis describes the hard work as: Would you work 70-hour plus weeks for months on end. Commitment to his business and to its success springs from the urge to achieve the goal. at other times you have to pursue it. sleep at the office when you get backed up. As Mark Cuban said: Everyone has the will to win.An entrepreneur will not achieve success if he/she gives up at the first sign of trouble. But Prepared for the Worst As Donald Trump wrote in his book: Learning to expect problems saved me from a lot of wasted energy. peers and investors. do you think you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Make sure you have the above mentioned entrepreneurial traits and qualities and we assure you. As Gladys Edmunds said: Sometimes opportunity knocks. then we at least have a shot at achieving them. but it s only those with the will to prepare that do win. let alone manage. They are Optimistic. 1. and venture capital firms? 5. employees. Honesty and Honor . and it will save you from unexpected surprises. you definitely have what it takes to succeed in the world of business. according to David Novak. even if from time to time people tell me I m overreaching. 7. angel investors. It s like Wall Street. Commitment .whether it is between business partners. 10. as it is what will push you to work on the business and persist despite the challenges you will face as you jumpstart your business. Selfdiscipline is very important. 3. what s the point of showing up tomorrow? 2. put your own money on the line when payroll is due and the bank has yet to approve a loan . 4. They Dream Big It is important to dream big.. If we set bold goals.Another very important mark of a good entrepreneur is his being honest and honorable in all his business dealings and interpersonal relationships . If we don t. They Keep the Passion Going . They are Prepared to Win Successful start-up businesses require a lot of work to get off the ground. it s like life. They Can Spot Opportunities Learning how to find opportunities is an important trait of every successful entrepreneurs.

You need to have certain set of qualities which you may have naturally or you may need to acquire. If you are enthused and excited aboutit. He is not contended and satisfied with the existing resource but combines the existing resource in a new and more productive configuration. You are better when you have a partner that you can truly trust. They Know How to Sell Author Donna Fenn adviced: Seduce your customers.Founder of Blockbuster Video and other successful businesses Harry Wayne Huizenga said: It s not making the investment for the sake of making the investment. They not only provide new goods and services to the people by combining the factors of production but also creates employment opportunities. you need to be innovative. As government cannot fund and manage every industries. A creative entrepreneur is highly innovative and aims at giving new goods and services to the people. They Innovate and Think Differently To succeed in this competitive business environment. 8. you work at it harder.Entrepreneurial Qualities Entrepreneurs are the backbone to nation's progress. 10. They Find and Work with the Right Partners Kitty Holding said: Finding a true partner is one of the most critical things you will do. a good entrepreneurial class will help in developing small scale and large scale industries. rather create new markets and reinvent new ones. now let me make this very clear to you: Entrepreneurship is not everyone's cup of tea. Innovation: Innovation is important in any field but it becomes a lot more important if you want to be an entrepreneur. An innovative entrepreneur creates a resource. Don t play catch-up with the leader. and function effectively with as a counterbalance to your weaknesses 9. Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur . Now let us look at the qualities of an entrepreneur. It still is having fun. An entrepreneur has to be highly creative. by not presenting your products as commodities but by selling something far more emotional and valuable. And you get up in the morning and you re still thinking about what you should be doing and so forth. Ok. rely upon. . Characteristics Of An Ideal Entrepreneur Creativity: Creativity means the ability of bringing something new into existence.

It will come over a period of time and till then he must be involved with the project. Communication Ability: An entrepreneur should be an effective communicator. Risk Taking And Decision Making Ability: This is what separates an entrepreneur from common people. . an entrepreneur gathers a group of individuals with a common purpose. He should not expect ninety days wonder. A dynamic entrepreneur is always pragmatic and approach problems to solve them rather than run away from them. An enterprise with a good leadership is always prominent in the market. So an entrepreneur has to take calculated risk. He has to be patient as a business unit will take some time to reach a natural stage of takeoff. An entrepreneur should guard his business secrets so that his competitors does not exploit his niche. So. He finds solution to the problems systematically and solves them in the interest of his enterprise. An entrepreneur leads and this keeps him forward in any field. A quality of a person's leadership is clear from how he handles a problem and generating resources. Team Building: An entrepreneur is known by his ability to build a team. But successful businesses never give their secrets to their competitors. An entrepreneur knows that he cannot do everything alone.Dynamism: An entrepreneur should be dynamic. An entrepreneur takes decision in an environment of uncertainty and is therefore willing to bear risk. He should clearly lay down his objectives and also his approach to achieve them. Leadership: leadership is the basic quality of entrepreneurs. focuses them and align them with the goals of the enterprise. Clear Objectives: An entrepreneur should have clear objectives as to the exact nature of the business. An entrepreneur will be more likely to succeed if he can communicate effectively to his audience. he should have strong dedication and will power. A dynamic entrepreneur always believes in a win-win situation. Commitment: An ideal entrepreneur should always be committed. An entrepreneur start with a completely new activity so it may either succeed or it may fail. Business Secrecy: I know this is a world of open information. Long Term Involvement: An ideal entrepreneur always knows that success does not come within a short span.

an entrepreneur should have technical knowledge pertaining to the industry in which he wish to operate. he gives his employees individual growth and always keeps them motivated. no matter what happens. Highly Motivated and Energetic Entrepreneurs are always on the move. innovative and resourceful.High Energy Level: An entrepreneur physical and mental fitness plays an important role. He should always keep his self confidence high. They're up to date with the latest technology or service techniques and are always ready to change if they see a new opportunity arise. They're creative. They are constantly looking for ways to improve. Competitive by Nature Successful entrepreneurs thrive on competition. Self-Confidence: An entrepreneur should always believe in himself. Strong Belief in themselves Successful entrepreneurs have a healthy opinion of themselves and often have a strong and assertive personality. Openness to Change If something is not working for them they simply change. They are driven to succeed and have an abundance of self motivation. All the above qualities combined with technical knowledge would stand a much better chance of success. Their self optimism can often been seen by others as flamboyance or arrogance but entrepreneurs are just too focused to spend too much time thinking about un-constructive criticism. The only way to reach their goals and live up to their self imposed high standards is to compete with other successful businesses. Motivator: An ideal entrepreneur is always a good motivator. Entrepreneurs know the importance of keeping on top of their industry and the only way to being number one is to evolve and change with the times. The high standards and ambition of many entrepreneurs demand that they have to be motivated! . full of energy and highly motivated. Search for New Ideas and Innovation All entrepreneurs have a passionate desire to do things better and to improve their products or service. He should have the ability to put in long hours of work. Technical Knowledge: Last but not the least. They are focused and determined to achieve their goals and believe completely in their ability to achieve them.

.Accepting of Constructive Criticism and Rejection Innovative entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of their industry so they hear the words "it can't be done" quite a bit. passionate and driven to succeed and improve. Also. They readjust their path if the criticism is constructive and useful to their overall plan. the best entrepreneurs know that rejection and obstacles are a part of any leading business and they deal with them appropriately. otherwise they will simply disregard the comments as pessimism. They're pioneers and are comfortable fighting on the frontline The great ones are ready to be laughed at and criticized in the beginning because they can see their path ahead and are too busy working towards their dream. True entrepreneurs are resourceful.

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