Preparing for ABAP Certification (C_TAW12_70) ????

Lets assume that you are going for the ABAP Certification via SAP ± Teched.If you are not aware of SAP Teched just have a look on its site. In short Sap Teched is an event which organised by SAP Every year Which includes Certification exams.(In India it is only in Bangalore).Check out the article How to apply in SAP Teched : Let¶s say you have 2 months of time and every day you can spend 1.5 hour for Study. (Note: This 1.5 hour does not include activities like : chatting with your Boyfriend / Girlfriend or Office work )

So you have around 90 hours to prepare for the certification. In these 90 hours you need to go through the below topics:

Way(s) to attain Competency Importance Topic NetWeaver Overview 60% Articulate, ABAP Workbench usage explain, describe, ABAP debugger program and outline usage solutions and ABAP types and data processes in« objects Internal table definition and use SQL statements incl. update strategies Primary Alternative Other TAW10 NW001 SAPTEC TAW10 BC400, BC401 TAW10 BC400, BC402 TAW10 BC400

TAW10 BC400

TAW10, BC400, BC414 TAW11
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ABAP Dictionary Unicode Classical screens (dynpros) and selection screens ALV Grid Control User Interfaces (Web Dynpro) Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions and processes in« 40% Basic ABAP programs and interfaces creation Class identification analysis and design Enhancement and Modifications Table relationships Webdynpro for ABAP
Topic listed In

TAW10 BC430 TAW11 BC402 TAW10 BC400

TAW11E BC405 TAW12 NET310

TAW10 BC400, BC402

TAW12 BC401 TAW12 BC425, BC427

TAW10 BC430 


Black color has Highlighted color has Red color has

less than 8% 8 to 12 % above 12 % cert. weight age.

These figures are given by SAP. For Certification I recommend you ABAP in 21 days + all TAW1012books. It will be good if you go through these books once and i guess 90 hours will be enough for this Note : Topic like Webdynpro for ABAP and Unicode will not be covered more effectively in these books so you need to prepare those topic on your own. Check out the below links to download TAW10-12 materials & ABAP in 21 days. Download all TAW Materials: Note : TAW 11 E is a elearning course, so you won¶t find any book. ABAP in 21 days After completing these books it will be good if you practice the Q&A. Even you can start looking at the sample question given by SAP : Check out Sample questions Don¶t become too much over confident as these questions are very simple and don¶t lose the hope as after finishing all books it will be child¶s play for you.

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Also check out SAP ABAP online Quiz (it requires to create an account, Don¶t worry it is just 30 Seconds job!!!) Things need to be taken care during exam: The last year Exam format was: 


Contains 80 questions in 3 hours. All questions will be multiple choices and no partial marking is there(it means no mark will be given to you if you tick on 2 correct answers out of three correct one). For a question which has multiple answers, they will specify how many correct answers are there. No negative marking (I can see smile on your face!!!! )

Tips for the certifications: 


Try to read F1 help for all the basic syntax so that it will clear your basics. 3 hours is quite big time to write 80 questions So give 5 mins of time for reading the rules first. In exam they will not going to ask stupid questions like Which transaction code or function can be used to do XYZ tasks,etc, So don¶t waste your time in mugging up Tcode & function modules.

At last Best Of luck for your exam.

User Comments Panchex November 6, 2010 Hello. Where can i download the C_TAW12_04 exam ? Thks. REPLY

admin November 7, 2010

Hi Panchex, Check the following link to download all materials for C_TAW12_04 exam Download C_TAW12_04 Page 3 of 9

Cheers SAP Ignite. REPLY

Noha November 23, 2010

Hi, I was intending to take the C_TAW12_04 exam and was reading it s material but then i accidentally knew that this exam has been canceled from all the centers in my area and the only exam that s there is C_TAW12_70, now the thing is that i have one month left and i have to read all the new material..i feel i m stuck and don t know how to begin again with this any suggestions? REPLY

Raj November 23, 2010

Hi , 1 month is enough to go with the Study for c_TAW12_70 exam as you are already done with the 04. The thing is C_TAW12_04 will contain almost 40-60% of course of C_TAW12_70(Advance topics are added into the NW 7.0 cert.) exam. so don t worry. Go to sap site and compare the syllabus for both the exam thanks.. REPLY

Noha November 24, 2010 Page 4 of 9

Thanks Raj for your reply, I was wondering about the complete academy course for the C_TAW12_70 exam. I have TAW_10_1_EN_col63, TAW_10_2_EN_col63, TAW_12_1_EN_col63, TAW_12_2_EN_col63. Is that all? I don t have TAW11 or TAW11 E, Do you have any information about how to get them or any alternatives for them? you know what s the passing score for this exam? I heard it s 65%. Thanks. REPLY

Suresh March 10, 2011

Hi Noha, Iam planning for ABAP certification and I was trying for TAW_10_EN_col63 and TAW_12_EN_col63 versions bt only old versions are available. Can you please forward the latest documents to my mailid Thank You. Suresh REPLY

Noha November 29, 2010

Hello again, In the syllabus you mentioned above there is no mention of BDC s and BAPI s

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but in the article titled My journey to abap certification , he mentions a question about question is how accurate is this? Do i have to read the whole pdf including things not mentioned in the syllabus?

Thanks. REPLY

sri January 4, 2011

Hi all, FYI the Taw materials have been updated ..latest is 2008 version..i got it from my 4 books..requesting admin to update the thread so that all would be aware of it.. thanks, sri REPLY

rajan vashisht January 12, 2011

Hi noha passing perentage is 54%. REPLY

Archana January 22, 2011

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Thanks a lot for the material . its very useful. REPLY

Reshma January 29, 2011

Hi, I m preparing for certification in ABAP There s a section in TAW12_1 where after the dialogue programming they ve a section before which there is a note saying this part is optional & is not a part of standard course .Can someone tell me what is it exactly? Is the part of LUWs & DB locks mentioned in that part not a part of the certification???? REPLY

Raj January 29, 2011

Hi Reshma, there is a note saying this part is optional & is not a part of standard course It means that it is not part of standard course TAW12 and all, SAP Provides the standard course based on the books.So dont confused by those words, Anyway Regarding the topics like LUW & DB locks. There will be very less question from these topics may be 2-3 rarely.But it will be good for learning and certification purpose that you finish it. Go through the below article to get an idea of certification question. Thanks, SAP Ignite Page 7 of 9


Reshma February 14, 2011

Thank u for ur reply.. I m preparing to appear for the certification in this month but still not clear as to how would be the questions & how easy or difficult it is to clear this exam . Regards, Reshma REPLY

Raj February 15, 2011

Hi Reshma, Question will be more or less the same difficulty level as mentioned in the below link : if you are comfortable with these question then you need not to worry . Thanks. SAP IGnite Raj REPLY

Reshma February 15, 2011 Page 8 of 9

Thanks a lot the questions were ok except for Q.6. & Q.10 U ve shared a lot of ur experinces regarding certification on this site that s very helpful .Thank God i found this site . Regards, Reshma

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