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The Law Offices of Steven C. Vondran, P.C.

Fair Use Opinion Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. The answers are strictly
confidential between you and us. After we receive this, we can provide a quote for a fair use
opinion letter. Call or email us if you have questions. We can be reached at (877) 276-5084 or Fax this form to (888) 551-2252. We have helped many movie and film
producers – and photography infringement clients – analyze fair use claims and defenses.


1. Company name:_______________________________

2. Person to contact: ______________________________

3. Contact email:_________________________________

4. Contact phone:_________________________________

5. Directors name: ________________________________

6. Producers name: ________________________________

7. Official address: ________________________________


1. Project Name:_________________________________ (film or video title)

2. Is the project name trademarked? YES NO (if no, would you like to)?

3. Is this your first project? YES NO. (if not, how many have you done ____)

4. Has the project been pre-copyright registered? YES NO

5. How long (time-wise) is the project to be reviewed? ________________ (minutes)

6. How many third-party content clips have you used (approx.) _________________

7. What are the third-party clips you are MOST concerned about (optional)?

8. Do you plan to use a “fair use disclaimer” at the end (or start) of your video? YES NO

9. Are you willing to put our law firm in your credits as “fair use counsel”? YES NO

10. Have your posted your project online or otherwise published/distributed it? YES NO

11. Have all persons in the project consented to being taped/depicted (name, image, likeness)
and have you obtained a written release from all persons appearing in your project (ex.
models and actors).


12. Do you have any reason to believe anyone in your project has been placed in a “false light”
(meaning, basically, presenting them in a misleading way)? YES NO

13. Have you obtained a “location release” (if needed). YES NO

14. Have you chosen an insurance company yet? YES NO

Name: ______________________________________

15. How do you plan to have distribute your firm/video? _____________________________

16. Is there anything else you would like us to know before providing a quote or reviewing
your project?



17. Are there any time constraints? ______________________________________________

Please send this form back to This information will help us better
analyze or quote your project and give the best feedback possible. If you have any questions at
any time feel free to call us. Note, we have the right to refuse any project at our discretion for any
reason, including but not limited to projects that are offensive, hateful, or which offend
communication standards of decency. Together, we want to make the world a better place and
teach, inspire and promote the progress of the “useful arts” as is the purpose of fair use copyright
law! Thank you for considering our firm.

- Attorney Steve® -

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