Volume 1, Issue 1

Winter 2014/15



Dear Alumnus:
The CCC Ministry Schools
has had a two-fold purpose—to provide instruction in the principles of
faith and to prepare individuals for the international
(or domestic) mission field.
I believe we have equipped
an army of born-again,
spirit filled believers who
will go all over the world
knowing how to stand on
the Word of God, how to
have their spiritual and
physical needs met, and
how to receive supernatural
protection for themselves
and their families.
As an alumnus you are a
part of the vision, purpose
and goals for which the
ministry schools have been
established. If you keep in
the forefront of your heart
and mind, what you have

been taught, learned and
experienced in school, it
will serve to support you as
you go forth to do that
which God has called you
to do.
Remember, ministry is the
life you live every day.
The time you spend in
front of an audience is
the result of the time
you spend in front of
the throne. The life
that you spend in private will determine the
life you spend in public.

charge you...to Preach the
Word! Be ready in season
and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort with
all longsuffering and teaching.” If you do this, I am
confident that you will play
an important role in helping to set the captives free.

You have undertaken
the most important
calling that a human
can be involved in.
You will touch the
lives of people around
the world. Apostle Paul
wrote to Timothy in
2 Timothy 4:1-2, “I

Alumni Spotlight
Minister Ceola McClendon
“My husband and I came to
Los Angeles with a suitcase and a blanket,” said,
Minister Ceola McClendon
of her humble beginnings.
“My husband worked and I
always had two jobs in
addition to raising our three
daughters.” She is not

ashamed of how her life
began in California, because God has tremendously blessed her since those
early days.
She remembers God’s favor was on her. At 18 she
was fortunate to work for
one of California’s wealthi-

Inside this issue:
Charge to Alumni from Apostle Price


Alumni Spotlight—Min. Ceola McClendon


The 2014 Alumni Meet N’ Greet


The FICWFM Story


Highlights from Apostle’s Forum 2014


Purpose of the Alumni Connection


est black entrepreneurs. He
took her under his wing
and taught her everything
he knew about real estate
and construction. McClendon was a fast learner and
purchased her first property
in 1964.
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Minister Ceola McClendon continued from page 1
That first property has become one of
many that the Lord has used to prosper
Although she was making money,
McClendon longed for more of the Lord.
She was born again at six years old and
was baptized in a creek in Georgia. She
had been a tither since childhood, yet she
did not know the Word of God and wanted to learn more about Him and the call
He had placed on her life. With sincere
diligence, her search began. McClendon
attended Protestant, Holiness and Catholic churches to name a few. Even though
she claimed to be a Baptist, she studied
different religions in college and even
spent time investigating Science of Mind.
But her quest for truth came to a sudden
halt when her daughters brought her to

The first Alumni event since the inception of the Apostle Frederick Price
Ministry Training Institute was a
blessing! Dr. Feager Pertilla, the current AFPMTI Director, hosted the
event at her home. Alumni from all
iterations of the ministry school, from
the 80’s to the present, attended and
came with warm smiles and an earnest expectation to have a good time.
The day did not disappoint.
Whether you chose to dine and fellowship or engage in spirited competi-

Page 2

“I’ve waited and waited,
now it is time to take classes and prepare for your
evangelistic ministry.”
Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC). Initially she was reluctant to come because
of all the rumors she had heard about the
ministry. More importantly she was not
willing to stand in line to go to church.
Eventually she gave in to her children
and visited twice before becoming a
member. One Sunday she was on her way

tion, there was something for everyone. The decorations, ambiance and
music all served to fit the festive atmosphere. We had our very own private musician, Mr. Richard Turner aka
“Eighty-eight Fingers”, who serenaded
us on the keyboard in grand style with
sounds of Jazz and Gospel. We dined
on fresh fruit, gourmet salad, chicken
and a variety of sweets. All who attended received grab bag gifts of their
choice as they exited. It was four
hours of pure DELIGHT.

into the Main Auditorium when she
heard the Lord speak to her in an audible voice. “I’ve waited and waited,
now it is time to take classes and prepare for your healing evangelistic ministry.” McClendon did not question
what she heard. She knew it was the
Lord and immediately enrolled in
CCC’s Ministry Training Institute
She focused on her studies and completed both the School of the Bible and
the School of Ministry. What she learned
not only changed her life, but serves as
the foundation of her ministry today.
After graduating from ministry school
McClendon began serving on the
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Whatever is in
your heart will
be seen through
your life.
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price

Minister Ceola McClendon continued
Minister’s Assistants Program, now
known as the Adjunct Ministry. She is
still active today on assignment at a
Women’s Alcohol Abuse Center. At the
center, she lays hands on the ladies, wins
souls for Christ, and teaches the women
the principles of faith that govern her
In addition to serving at the center,
McClendon ministers at Pilgrim Community Church in San Francisco, California. She became aware of the ministry through her daughter who attended there while going to UC Berkley.
McClendon did not let the fact that the
church was Presbyterian stop her from
sharing the Holy Spirit with the Pastor
and his wife. Now Pastor Harold
Pierre and First Lady Brendia are
filled with the Spirit and speak with
other tongues. McClendon is a frequent

guest speaker there sharing about the
Holy Spirit and other foundational messages she learned at MTI.
But McClendon does not need an organization to put her on an assignment for her
to teach the gospel. She loves to minister

Minister Ceola McClendon

to people on the street. A seventeen year
old attributes McClendon for saving his
life. When she saw him at Oki’s Dog on
Sycamore and Pico, she asked if she
could speak to him. McClendon said
“Why are you on the street?” “I don’t
want to follow the rules at home,” he
replied. After conversing a few minutes
she led him to Lord. Upon seeing him
again sometime later, he informed her
that he had been in a situation where he
was shot at seven times, but only ended
up with a bullet in his hand. He told her
he knows it is because of Christ that he is
still alive. He hugged McClendon and
told her, “I appreciate you.”
Watching the Lord heal those she lays
hands on is a great joy for McClendon.
Jan, a Jewish lady from Beverly Hills can
testify of McClendon’s healing ministry.
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The FICWFM Story
How it all begin!
It was in August 1990 that, at the
invitation of then-Dr. Frederick K.C.
Price, a small group of pastors came
to Crenshaw Christian Center in
Los Angeles to attend a church development conference. The focus of
the conference was to provide fellowship, spiritual growth, and information on how to effectively apply
biblical principles and solid business practices to the day-to-day
operations of ministry. The outgrowth of that three-day conference
was the creation of the Fellowship
of Inner-city Word of Faith Minis-

tries, which today has transformed
into the Fellowship of International
Christian Word of Faith Ministries.
The FICWFM slogan is: One vision,
one heart, one voice perfectly joined
together through fellowship! The
goals and mission of the organization
has not changed from that of the
church development conference.
However, the fellowship has enlarged
its vision to include: expanding its
borders to bridge the gaps within the
body of Christ and become more inviting and inclusive.

The only piece missing is you.
If you are a licensed or ordained
minister of the Gospel, we invite
you to consider becoming a FICWFM member. God continues to do
a tremendous work in the lives and
ministries of our members as we
walk in unity, sharing with one another. To obtain our membership
benefits and information on how to
join, you may visit us on-line at
www.ficwfm.org or by calling 800727-1374. Our mailing address is
P.O. Box 44138, Los Angeles, CA

Highlights from Apostle’s Forum 2014
The Apostle’s Forum for Alumni is our intimate time with Apostle Price. Unlike Bible
Study, we have the opportunity to ask questions on any subject and no question is off
limits. Here are some excerpts:

Everything is phony and fake. From hair,
eyelashes, lips, breasts, you do not know what
is real. So consequently, I would not date, I’d
use my faith.”

Regarding Christians dating: “This is my

business never stops. If you do not prioritize
you will have no time for yourself. Ministry
never took away from my family relationships
because I did not allow it to. My family was
first and ministry was second. Once I learned
how to operate in the law of faith I became
very disciplined in my allocation of time. As
my responsibilities increased, I got help.”

opinion, I have no scriptures to back this up.
Knowing what I know now, I would not waste
my time dating to find a wife. I would use
faith principles to believe for a wife just like I
believed for other things down through the
years. Because you do not know what you
are getting. Particularly these days and times.

Regarding time management: “The people

Regarding anointing with oil: “The oil is not

going to heal you. However, to anoint with oil
will help some
people to release
their faith by viravailable for advertistue of what they
ing your ministry,
see or feel. The
business or special
prayer of faith will
events. For more inheal the sick,”
formation call (323)
James 5:15.
The 2015
Apostle’s Forum
for Alumni is
coming soon!

758-3777 ext. 4660.
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Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!
From the faculty and
staff of AFPMTI and
the Alumni


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McClendon, continued from page 3
Jan had been given six months to live
when she met her. McClendon, not intimidated by the word “cancer,” told Jan
about her healing ministry and then asked
if she could lead her to the Lord and pray
for her. Jan said, “Yes.” When Jan returned to the doctor at Cedar Sinai for
treatment, he told her he could not find
any sign of the cancer. Jan was amazed
and full of gratitude. She wanted to
know more about this healing God.
McClendon encouraged her to find a
church home and shared the promises of
God with her. Unfortunately, Jan did not
change her lifestyle so the sin and stress
brought the cancer back. McClendon
reminded Jan of the importance of living
holy. Jan agreed to renew her mind and
change her lifestyle. McClendon prayed
for her again and taught Jan to thank the
Lord for her healing. Once again, God
healed her. Jan is still living cancer free
and residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
For McClendon, ministry is not just one
of many hats she wears, ministry is who
she is. She sees her life as one of service

to others: she takes food and clothes to
people daily; she is generous to give
money where it is needed; and is quick
to share Christ with strangers as well as
with her neighbors, contractors, friends
and relatives. McClendon says it is the
Holy Spirit who gives her courage and
compels the people to listen to her.
Her motto is, “Let the Lord guide you.
There are so many people in need at
shelters, convalescent homes, hospitals
and even on the street. You do not have
to go to Africa to be an evangelist, start
where you are and with the people you
McClendon was ordained at CCC on
October 12, 2014. I asked McClendon,
“How did it feel to be ordained by
Apostle Price and the CCC ministry
staff?” She said, “It is something I
should have done a long time ago. It
feels great to know my church is behind
me.” This public ceremony did not
mark the beginning of her journey, but
the continuation of a life of servanthood
fulfilling her God given assignment.

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