The Fat Controllers (Internet Surveillance


When firing off your emails into cyberspace certain words and phrases could be out of place. Words like Al Qaeda and AK47 Holy War or Jihad, Fatwa, 9/11. Nicknames can be dangerous, Bin Laden is a cert. Rant about an airport, you’ll start a red alert. Don’t even think of shoe bombs, not even bombe surprise, and references to martyrs are seriously unwise. Avoid the word explosives, alarms will start to wail, Viagra is OK, if you like to send junk mail. No need to mention cannabis, loco weed or dope You might avoid detection by typing hangman’s rope. Do not refer to children, and never, God forbid, describe a favorite relative as a ‘real cute kid’ If you must mention the police, try to be discrete, and never call them donuts, for even cops must eat.

And as for police brutality, no need to goad the law unless you want a sledge hammer coming thru your door. Your internet is monitored every night and day, by snoopers who get twitchy at things that you may say. They know your IP number, and, this may cause distress, those fat controllers watching you, know your home address.


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