Dipesh Rana English IV Honors Confucius’ Maxims Philosophy Confucius- an Ancient Chinese philosopher 1) Humanity- its is the highest

ideal for moral behavior. In other words it Confucius is referring to the way a person behaves toward others. Respect, love, truthfulness, and generosity are some of the qualities associated with humanity. 1) Humanity has been a significant component component in today’s society. Acting in a certain way to others ultimately determines the way in which they will act towards you. Numerous philosophies have resulted as an “offshoot” of Confucius’ humanity maxim. Mahatma Gandhi is one of those people who shares a similar philosophy (civil disobedience). Initially, I didn’t quite feel as intrigued by this maxim since it is already embedded within our society. 2) I agree entirely with Confucius’ maxim on humanity. It is important for us, as a species, to remain loyal to one another. In order to gain respect, one must respect others. It doesn’t even have to be respect in order to adhere to this maxim. I can even be generous donations. All in all, promoting humanity will preserve the human race for years to come. 3) Since this philosophy has already been encompassed in the society that we live in, I will adopt Confucius’ philosophy and incorporate it even further in my life. This philosophy can be incorporated in many people’s lives. It not only allows a person to gain respect, but also become a better human being. 4) This particular philosophy can be integrated in our lives through various ways. For instance, respecting teachers and fellow classmates will allow a student to become more active and productive. Furthermore, donating to children’s funds can also improve humanity. Something that I have done that follows Confucius’ philosophy is taking part in my community. I volunteered at a hospital. Me

2) Gentleman- not based on social class (aristrocracy) like before but living a ethical and moral life. In one’s life moral living is more important than social status.

1) I am very familiar with Confucius’ philosophy on gentleman. Several hundred years ago, the caste system defined where a person ranked in society in India. If the caste system was still in tact today, I would be ranked as a warrior (2nd highest). However, social rank is detrimental to society. It doesn’t make sense to be “better” than someone just because how a person is ranked in society. 2) I am a strong advocate on Confucius’ philosophy on gentleman. Social class should not prevent a person from achieving anything they wish to achieve. When democracy was introduced to the world, people from lower social status proved to be just as good as people of higher classes. Living a moral life is imperative because it ultimately determines how you act in society not how much money you have. Money can be made any day, but living according to social morals is more important. 3) Although many people may want to stress Confucius’ philosophy of gentlemen into society, it will never happen. The rich have had a tendency to get what ever they desire and I do not think it is going to change. I will incorporate the philosophy of gentleman into my life, but it is human nature to be greedy. Imagine you had several million dollars sitting in the bank, would you still follow the same moral living as before? 4) I can incorporate gentleman into my life philosophy in several ways. I can eliminate any differences in social status when confronting a person (e.g branded clothes, monetary values). Furthermore, making friends is not determined by the amount of money their parent’s have, it is determined by their persona.

3) Ritual- (proper conduct) everyday matters to religious observances. In other words, Confucius’ is trying to get the point across that act the way you would act in a religious setting. -the philosophy of ritual is an important to society because it brings scene of order and respect to society.

1) I wasn’t too intrigued by this philosophy because it is kind of vague. Proper conduct is always essential to any society. They way a person acts in society is the reputation he/she will be defined with. Proper conduct should be illustrated by any individual regardless of what setting it is. 2) I agree with Confucius’ philosophy on ritual. It teaches a person to be more respectful to other people. Additionally, it is important because it implements proper social behavior. If people were allowed to do anything they wanted without obeying “unwritten” social rules, then society would be in turmoil. I don’t agree that a person should act as formally as he/she would attend a religious ceremony, but have some sense of respect for the people around them 3) This philosophy can be incorporated in not just my life philosophy but in anyone. Proper conduct is something that I learned in kindergarten. Although my parents taught me some concepts on proper behavior, I had not interacted with the social world. Learning proper conduct in school allowed me to become more social with fellow classmates and ultimately take that knowledge and apply it into society. 4) This philosophy can be adopted in anyone’s lives through several ways. Primarily, following “unwritten” rules, like not talking when someone else is or opening the door, serve as the basis for a strong reputation in society. Giving curiosity to others will make a person’s character stronger.