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Dean Sanders
2113 Kell Blvd
Wichita Falls, Texas 76308-1245
in minutes!
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3910 Jacksboro Hwy. MON-FRI 8:30-6 • SAT 9-5
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Announcing the addition of
Dance Classes & Texoma Judo!
Come to Bright Ideas Charter
School, a public school that’s been
Shaping Young Minds for 25 years.
Call us today at 940-767-1561.
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How To Choose A Financial Advisor
(ARA) - You know the importance of saving for retirement,
but do you have the time and know-how to accomplish your
fnancial goals? In an increasingly busy world, it’s possible
that keeping close tabs on your investment accounts isn’t
exactly realistic.
Seeking the help of fnancial professionals has become
more important to investors according to a recent survey
conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of TD Ameri-
trade Holding Corporation, as nearly one quarter (22 per-
cent) of investors report relying more on a professional in-
vestment advisor following the recession.
Even if you have a good handle on your investments, you
may fnd that hiring a fnancial advisor -- who can put the
time and energy into making sure you and your family plan
for a secure fnancial future -- may be a worthwhile invest-
ment. By hiring an independent registered investment ad-
visor -- commonly referred to as an RIA -- you can make
sure your investments are managed on a full-time basis by
a professional advisor, while still having control.
Of course deciding to put someone in charge of your hard-
earned money is not a process to be taken lightly. TD
Ameritrade offers these tips to consider as you choose an
independent fnancial advisor or RIA:
* Just as it is wise to do research on the background of
anyone who would take care of your children, you should
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investigate the person or company you enlist to handle
your money. The Securities and Exchange Commission
(, Financial Industry Regula-
tory Authority (, Certifed Planning Board
of Standards (, National Association of Per-
sonal Financial Advisors (
aspx), and Financial Planning Association (www.fpanet.
org), as well as your own state securities agency all col-
lect background information on fnancial professionals that
can be accessed through their websites. Use these sites to
make sure the advisors you are considering haven’t faced
disciplinary action for dishonest practices and are in good
standing with regulators.
* Know the difference between working with an indepen-
dent RIA and a stock broker, or other fnancial services pro-
vider. Independent RIAs, for example, are bound by law to
act in their clients’ best interest. Brokers, on the other hand,
are held to a “suitability” standard, meaning the advice they
give must be suitable to that client’s situation. If you are
looking for objective, comprehensive money management,
you might want to consider an RIA.
* While RIAs are required by law to act in your best inter-
est, there are other ways that you can ensure they will do
what is best for you. One is to ask how they are compensat-
ed. Fee-only compensation generally minimizes conficts
of interest and means that your advisor is paid only for the
management services and advice he or she offers, and only
by you, not by investment product providers. When an ad-
visor is paid on commission, there’s a greater chance he or
she will make choices with your money that serve not only
your interests, but their own as well. That’s not to say that
advisors do not work fairly under this model, but poten-
tial conficts of interest are something to consider as you
choose an advisor.
* When looking for referrals from friends or relatives, the
most valuable referrals may come from those in similar
situations. It’s also a good idea to ask potential advisors if
they specialize in working with certain types of clients and
choose one that fts your unique profle.
* Check to make sure your advisor’s frm is audited on a
regular basis. A third party custodian should also handle
all your deposits, to ensure checks and balances. An inde-
pendent custodian can help ensure the safety and security
of your assets, and will provide you with a clear, concise
statement every month. A duplicate monthly statement is
also sent to your advisor. Make sure this is also a legitimate
and upstanding business.
Working with a trusted independent RIA can help you real-
ize your fnancial goals, while allowing you to spend less
time worrying about and managing your investments. If
you need help fnding a fnancial advisor through the TD
Ameritrade AdvisorDirect program, visit
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Protect Yourself In The Online, Social Network Community
(ARA) - More people than ever are taking part in social networking
sites. Facebook alone has more than 500 million users, according to
Facebook statistics. People have a lot to lose if the security of their
social networking site is compromised. Their own personal, identifying
information, and the information of all those they network with, could
be at risk.
In addition, wide usage of mobile devices increases the possibility of
virus infection and provides a new gateway to hackers and malicious
codes in spam mails and websites around the Internet. Introduction to
voice messaging services also provides a new medium for virus infec-
tion and hacking of personal data.
“Cell phones and laptops are revolutionizing the way we communicate
in today’s society,” says Lyman Munson, vice president of risk services
at Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. “It is imperative to protect your
personal information when taking advantage of this wonderful, innova-
tive technology.”
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Experience counts. And, when
it comes to making a business
decision that impacts your
company’s performance, you
want an experienced banker by
your side. Matching the right
fnancial product with your most
immediate business need in the
timeliest manner possible is what
Fidelity bankers do best. Put
our experience to work for you!
Contact a Fidelity Banker today.
Tommy McCulloch
President & CEO
Danny Cremeens
Sr. Vice President
Wichita Falls-Kell
2525 Kell Blvd, Ste 100
Wichita Falls-Downtown
909 8th Street, Ste 101
301 South Ave D
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Here are some top recommendations to help protect
yourself and ensure a secure online experience in the
world of social networking:
* Don’t accept pop-ups or prompts for software, un-
less you’re armed with Web scanner software which
checks each site for infections prior to access.
* Don’t provide, post, or submit any confidential
personal data (e.g. banking details, medical records,
full birth dates, home town, birth place, social secu-
rity number,etc.). Social networking sites don’t re-
quire this sort of information to join.
* Do change your password at least once a month.
Don’t change it if you’re prompted to. This could be
a malicious link.
* Avoid letting friends, peers, co-workers or staff
access their social networks on your computer, and
don’t sign into your networks on their machines.
Others could introduce infections to your comput-
er through unsafe practices, or your login security
could be compromised via cookies saved on your
* Never auto save your password information, and
clear your history at least once a week.
* It’s not smart to accept friend requests or request
friends who you personally do not know - even if
they are mutual friends of others you know.
* Talk online about your vacation, whereabouts, etc.
after you’ve returned home, not before you leave.
Otherwise, it can be an invitation to thieves to stop
by your house while you are away.
* Frequently check your privacy settings. Changes
in the website/social network may delete your set-
tings, without you knowing. Understand and main-
tain your desired level of privacy.
* Mobile apps are extremely popular. Find out if
companies you are a customer of provide applica-
tions for you to use that are secure, such as claims
or policy information with your insurance company.
* Take the time to learn how to use social network
sites effectively. Each site has information on pri-
vacy settings and “how tos.” Many sites help you
with details on things such as setting up a variety of
friends lists with varying privacy settings and avoid-
ing relationship pitfalls, such as www.allfacebook.
* Parents need to be mindful of children’s activity
©2010 TXU Energy Retail Company LLC. All rights reserved. REP #10004
We know about those times when there’s too much month left at the end of the
money. That’s why we have a program called TXU Energy Aid.
Nobody should
have to sufer dangerous heat or cold, made worse by fear of an electricity bill they
can’t aford. We’re proud to provide temporary bill payment assistance to thousands
of customers in critical situations each year, right in your community. Since 1983,
TXU Energy Aid
has provided more than $61 million in bill payment assistance,
helping 365,000 families in need.
Learn more at
But there are times when she needs a little help with
her electricity bill.
She would tell you
independence is priceless.
TXU Energy is proud to partner with
txu_ea_NTxJournal_070610_d1.indd 2 7/7/10 11:05 AM
and protect computer systems from predators.
* Be mindful of what you say when responding or
posting on your Facebook “wall.” Remember, any-
thing you say will will be seen by all friends and
those out of your control when commenting on a
friends wall.
* Don’t share files on your laptop or mobile device.
When you connect at a wireless hotspot, anything
that you are sharing on your computer or device may
be shared with anyone else connected to that net-
work. Disable the file and printer sharing feature or
pick the correct network type on your laptop or mo-
bile device.
* Secure sites are best. Always look for the https://
and/or padlock symbol on your browser. Most brows-
ers also allow you to hover over the site name to be
sure that it is a verified web service.
* Restrict what you do on Wi-Fi. Don’t do anything
on Wi-Fi that you wouldn’t want to share with any-
one else.
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Five Simple Screenings To Get On The Path To A Healthy Life
(ARA) - One in two Americans is living with a chronic dis-
ease. Chronic diseases are persistent and recurring, and are
typically either hereditary or the result of factors such as
poor diet, obesity or lack of exercise.
Dr. Ian Smith, creator and founder of “The 50 Million Pound
Challenge” and “The Makeover Mile” is a health and nu-
trition expert who is constantly encouraging Americans to
be proactive when it comes to their health. “Unfortunately,
many Americans postpone or even skip key health screen-
ings due to fear, lack of awareness, or cost concerns,” says
Smith. “However, it’s important to know your risk so you
can make the appropriate lifestyle modifcations to change -
or reverse - the course of chronic disease.”
Smith recommends fve simple screenings as a frst step in
determining whether or not you are at risk for a variety of
treatable - and preventable - chronic diseases. These screen-
ings will be available for free as part of “The Makeover
Mile” which he is presenting with CVS/pharmacy in con-
junction with their “To Your Health” program in seven major
cities across the country.
A simple fnger prick is all that is needed to check your blood
glucose levels to see if you are at risk for diabetes. If your
blood glucose test shows that you are at risk for diabetes,
your doctor will work with you to make certain lifestyle
changes, particularly involving diet and exercise.
Blood pressure
Blood pressure is measured by a quick, painless test using a
rubber cuff that is wrapped around the upper arm and infat-
ed. If your blood pressure is consistently high, your doctor
will likely recommend lifestyle changes, such as exercise, a
healthy diet, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol and/or rec-
ommend a maintenance medication.
Even though high cholesterol may lead to serious heart dis-
ease, most of the time there are no symptoms, which is why it
is important to have your cholesterol levels checked. A rapid
cholesterol test involves just a simple blood sample from the
fnger. As with diabetes and blood pressure, lifestyle changes
such as exercise and weight loss, maintaining a healthy diet,
and quitting smoking are recommended if your cholesterol
levels are not within a healthy range. If the added measure of
a maintenance medication is needed to keep your cholesterol
at a healthy level, it is important to make sure that the medi-
cation is taken regularly, as prescribed.
Other important screenings - osteoporosis and vision
Two other important screenings that shouldn’t be overlooked
are osteoporosis and vision. A simple bone mineral density
test, done via low-dose X-rays, determines whether or not
you are at risk for osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones
to become fragile and more likely to break. Additionally, a
vision screening can help identify whether or not you are at
risk for eye disease.
In an effort to help Americans take the next steps in the road
to a healthy life, the CVS/pharmacy “To Your Health” pro-
gram features free screenings for chronic diseases at more
than 800 events across the country. The events offer each
participant more than $150 in free screenings for diabetes,
blood pressure, cholesterol, bone mineral density (osteopo-
rosis) and vision. For more information and to fnd an event
in your area, visit For more in-
formation about “The Makeover Mile” visit
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We Bought Alot So You Can Save Alot
by Breegle
Serving The Area Since 1947
Truckload sale!
Ave. M
starting at

sq. ft.

sq. ft.
Vinyl Rem
sq. ft.
starting at
sq. ft.
2301 Grant • Wichita Falls, Texas
(940) 322-3129 • 1-800-234-1404
Floors To Go Braums
Handford 5”
Wilson Art LS37
Stratford Oak
Reg. $3.79 sq ft
Sale $3.09 sq ft
Armstrong Exotics
Iroko Ls52
Reg. $2.59 sq ft
Sale $1.79 sq ft
White Oak WS39
Reg. $4.49 sq ft
Sale $3.89 sq ft
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*Customer Cash offer good on select 2010 (and prior year) models between 12/29/10-6/30/11. **Finance offer subject to credit approval, applies to purchases of new Yamaha Motorcycles,
ATVs & Scooters made on a Yamaha Installment Financing loan account from 12/29/10-6/30/11. Minimum contract length is 24 months and maximum length is 36 months. Minimum
amount fnanced is $5,000. Fixed APR of 3.99% or 12.99% will be assigned based on credit approval criteria. Monthly payments per $1,000 fnanced based on 36 month term are $29.52 at
3.99% and $33.69 at 12.99%. Offer good only in the U.S., excluding the state of Hawaii. Dress properly for your ride with a helmet, eye protection, gloves and boots. Do not drink and ride.
It is illegal and dangerous. Yamaha and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation encourage you to ride safely and respect the environment. For further information regarding the MSF course, please
call 1-800-446-9227. ATVs with engine sizes over 90cc are recommended for use only by riders age 16 years and older. Yamaha recommends that all ATV riders take an approved training
course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887- 2887. ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: Always avoid paved surfaces.
Never ride on public roads. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing; never carry passengers; never engage in stunt riding; riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix; avoid
excessive speed; and be particularly careful on diffcult terrain. Professional riders depicted on closed courses. ©2011 Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A. All rights reserved. •
401 N. Sc ot t Avenue
Wi chi t a Fal l s TX 76306
Phone: 940.322.4121
Fax : 940.716.9333
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WFI SD Now Hi r i ng Food Ser vi c e St af f
Pl ease Cont ac t MySt af
at 940-322-5588
Inpatient &
No Charge
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
1505 8th Street · Wichita Falls, TX
♦Modern, Comfortable Rooms
♦Smoking/Non-Smoking Rooms
♦King Size and Double Suites
♦Wi-Fi Internet Access
♦Rooftop Swimming Pool
♦Work Out Room
♦$45 Nightly w/tax
♦$525 Monthly
726 Scott Ave
Wichita Falls, TX 76301
♦$169.50 Weekly w/tax
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Experience counts. And, when
it comes to making a business
decision that impacts your
company’s performance, you
want an experienced banker by
your side. Matching the right
fnancial product with your most
immediate business need in the
timeliest manner possible is what
Fidelity bankers do best. Put
our experience to work for you!
Contact a Fidelity Banker today.
Tommy McCulloch
President & CEO
Danny Cremeens
Sr. Vice President
Wichita Falls-Kell
2525 Kell Blvd, Ste 100
Wichita Falls-Downtown
909 8th Street, Ste 101
301 South Ave D
(940) 692-8760 or
toll free 24 hours
(877) 777-2017
*WAC (With Approved Credit)

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