Connie Fingalson NOS Chapter 6 Case Projects Case 6-1: Installing a Print Server: Basic steps for installing Windows

Server 2008 Print Server: First you need to install Print Services Role. You do this pretty easily from Server Manager by following these steps: 1. Click Start, Administrative Tools, and click Server Manager. 2. Scroll down to the Roles Summary, and click Add Roles. 3. If the "before you begin" box comes up, just click next. 4. Click Print Services, and click next. 5. Click next to proceed to the Select Role Services screen. 6. On this screen a number of different service options are available. 7. Check Print Server, and click next. 8. Click install. Tools in print server that can be used to setup and manage printers: For installing/setup: 1. Click Start, Control Panel and double click printers 2. In the printers window, double click add printer 3. You can choose from adding a local printer or adding a network, wireless, or bluetooth printer, pick whichever is appropriate for your printing needs. 4. Follow the directions from there to meet your printing needs. And install. Managing printers: *Print Server is a role server that installs the print management snap-in. *Print Management can accessed by clicking start, administrative tools, and click Print Management. Print Management is used to: y Start the Network Printer Installation Wizard to setup network printers for sharing. y View and manage printer installed printers. y View and manage printer drivers for installed printers. y Determine if any printers are not ready to print. y Determine which printers have print jobs in the print queue. y Manage the use of printer forms. y Manage which printers are associated with which printer ports. y Pause and restart printing on a particular shared printer. y Manage print jobs. y Configure printer pooling.

Case 6-2: Configuring Printer Security: Summary of permissions:

In the General tab you can choose a specific time you would like the job to be printed. How to setup permissions on shared printers: 1. Right click on the job you would like to set a specific time for. 2.A printer can be stopped from printing while being maintained by following steps one and two from the previous section. 3. and manage documents. Right click on the appropriate printer and click pause printing. and click properties. and clicking Print Management. 5.You can set certain print times for print jobs by using the print queue as follows: 1. Click Start. 2. Average users.Connie Fingalson NOS Chapter 6 Case Projects ** Table above is from MCITP Guide to Microsoft Windows Server 2008. and click on Print Management. Right click on the desired printer you would like to set permissions for. Click Start. Right click on the printer again and click on open printer queue. 4.Should only have permissions to print. Server Administration. By saving the document/project and printing as needed. 3. Case 6-4: Using the Print Management Tool: . Administrative Tools. Click Apply to confirm the changes. 5. Case 6-3: Configuring Printers for Special Needs: 1. Administrative Tools. Select the user or group and check the allow or deny boxes for permissions you would like to give and not give. 2. and click properties. Recommendations for permission settings: y y Computer support people-Should have permissions to print. 6. Go back to the list of printers and right click on the printer. 3. Click on the Security tab. 4. manage printers. resume.

Open the printers window from start. and clicking Print Management. Click Start.Connie Fingalson NOS Chapter 6 Case Projects To install a network printer follow these steps: 1.the list will then appear in the middle pane. Select a printer from the list of printers found by the Add Printer Wizard. Administrative Tools. . control panel. wireless. Click Start. 4. Double click add-printer. Click Start. Administrative Tools. the list is in there. 2. To determine which printers are currently printing jobs: 1. or 1. Print Management. Right click on the appropriate printer and click properties. Print Management. In the middle pane shows a list of printers followed by that status and the jobs. Click Start. Print Management. Administrative Tools. To pause a printer: 1. Administrative Tools. To view driver files for a printer: 1. 2. 2. 3. Click add a network. 2. 2. Right click on the appropriate printer and click pause printing. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. From the left pane click the plus sign next to Custom Filters and double click Printers with Jobs. or Bluetooth printer from the options. 5. 3. Click on the Advanced tab.

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