COST of WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT Equipment Item Anvil (blacksmith’s) Backpack (holds 400cn) Barrel (20 gallon) Belladonna (1lb

) Blanket (wool, thick) Book (bound and scribed) Bucket (wooden) Candle (tallow, 1lb) Candle (wax, 1lb) Chest (small, iron-bound, with lock) Crowbar Flask of oil (common, 1 pint) Flask of oil (military, 1 pint) Garlic (1lb) Grappling Hook Hammer (small) Holy Symbol Holy Water (1 pint) Iron Spikes (12) Lantern Mirror (hand-sized, steel) Pavilion (nobleman’s) Pole, Wooden (10’ long) Purse (holds 50cn) Rope (50’ length) Sack (small, holds 200cn) Sack (large, holds 600cn) Stakes (3) and Mallet Tent Thieves’ Tools Tinder Box (flint & steel) Torches (6) Water/Wine Skin Wolfsbane (1lb) Barding Item Leather Barding (AC7, 250cn) Scale Barding (AC6, 400cn) Chain Barding (AC5, 600cn) Banded Barding (AC4, 1500cn) Plate Barding (AC3, 3000cn) Cost 20gp 2gp 3sp 10gp 2gp 20gp 5sp 2sp 6sp 22gp 1gp 3sp 2gp 5gp 25gp 2gp 25gp 25gp 1gp 10gp 5gp 150gp 1gp 5sp 1gp 3sp 6sp 3gp 20gp 25gp 8sp 1sp 6sp 10gp Cost 40gp 75gp 150gp 400gp 500gp Weapons Item Axes: Battle Axe Hand Axe Bows: Crossbow Case with 20 quarrels 1 silver-tipped quarrel Composite Bow Longbow Shortbow Quiver with 20 arrows 1 silver-tipped arrow Catapults: Catapult, Light Catapult Shot Catapult Shot, Pitch Daggers: Dagger Silver Dagger Swords: Short Sword Sword Two-Handed Sword Other Weapons: Mace Club Javelin Lance Pole Arm (two-handed) Sling with 30 Sling Stones Spear Staff (two handed) War Hammer Armor Item Banded Plate Armor Chain Mail Armor Hide and Fur Armor Lamellar Armor Leather Armor Plate Mail Armor Ring Mail Armor Scale Armor Shield (wooden) Shield (metal) Suit Armor Miscellaneous Animals Cost 7gp 4gp 30gp 2gp 10gp 40gp 7gp 3gp 1gp 5gp 100gp 5gp 25gp 3gp 30gp 7gp 10gp 15gp 5gp 1gp 1gp 5gp 7gp 2gp 3gp 2gp 5gp Cost 50gp 40gp 10gp 50gp 20gp 60gp 30gp 30gp 7gp 10gp 240gp


000 gp 10. 800cn) Stabling (common horse. Chain Caparison (charger/destrier) Cart (small.6gp 3sp 3gp 15gp 2cp 1sp 5sp Item Camel Chicken (3lb) Cow (550lb) Dog (hunting) Dog (war) Goat (125lb) Hawk (trained) Ox (800lb+) Pig (125lb) Sheep (80lb) Cost 100gp 1sp 10gp 10gp 75gp 3gp 20gp 1540gp 3gp 2gp Clothing Boots (leather) Cape (fur-lined. pepper. 1 pint) Wine (good. 2 wheels) Coach (large.000 gp 60. 1 pint) Cost 1cp 2cp 1sp 1sp 1sp 5cp 3gp 1sp 5cp 1cp– 10gp 1sp 1. covered. 1 yard) Water Transport Barge/raft Boat (fishing boat / canoe) Boat (river) Boat (sailing) Galley (large) Galley (small) Galley (war) Longship Sailing Ship (large) Sailing Ship (small) 6sp 15gp 7gp 1000gp 100gp 10sp 1gp 7gp 6gp 15gp 4sp 6sp 4gp 20gp 100gp 8sp 6gp 1gp/sq ft 40gp 4000gp 2000gp 30. or pork.000 gp 20. 1lb) Rations. poor to feast) Meat (beef. chicken. 1 pint) Bread (white.Item Ale (cheap. open. winter) Cassock (priest/magician) Gown (duchesses) Gown (lady-in-waiting / noblewoman) Hat (armiger) Linen (cheap. sugar) (1lb) Dried Fruit (1lb) Eggs (1 dozen) Meal (1 person. Iron (1 person/1 week. 1 yard) Wool (fine. 4lbs) Bread (wheat. 4 wheels) 150gp 20gp 25gp 500gp 40gp 250gp 250gp 700gp 20gp 75gp 125gp 30gp 5gp 10gp 25gp 5gp 2sp-5sp 5sp-1gp 200gp .000 gp 5. 1 pint) Wine (rare.000 gp 15. 6 wheels) Horses: Cart/draft Charger (Warhorse) Courser / Palfrey Destrier Pack Riding Rouncey Mule Saddle (pack) Saddle (riding) Saddle (war) Saddlebags (leather. Standard (1 person/1 week. 1 yard) Robe (priest/magician) Silk (1 yard) Shoes (leather) Tunic (serf) Tunic (craftsman / peasant) Tunic (armiger) Tunic (noble) Wool (cheap. 1 yard) Linen (fine. 12lbs) Cheese (1lb) Cinnamon (clover. one night) Stabling (warhorse. 8lbs) Bread (coarse. 3 pints) Ale (good. covered. mutton. 10lb) Rations. 30lb) Saffron (1lb) Wine (cheap.000g Equestrian Barding. one night) Wagon (small.

) Inn (one person. 80ft 75. 12gp mate) Exotic animal trainers can cost up to 500gp per month. 1800gp 1 quarter (240lbs) grain per courtyard) acre Tower (stone.2502. barn.000gp per month. 2 300gp stories) Freehold (stone farmhouse. Type Artillerist Bailiff Captain (5th-8th level) Chaplain (5th-8th level) Chamberlain Equerry Herald Lady-in-Waiting Magist (5th-8th level) Stronghold Advisors and Officials Cost/Month Type 250gp 60gp 500-800gp 500-800gp 40gp 30gp 75-125gp 40gp 1.000g high) p Hovel (wattle) 25gp Notes on units of measure: Hovel (wooden) 50gp 10 pints to 1 imperial gallon Hunting Lodge (wooden. 3500gp Land 20 acr.Lodging Troop Transport p 40.000g 6gp per quarter of grain high) p Specialists and Mercenaries Specialists Cost/Month Mercenaries 100gp Alchemist 250gp Militia Armorer (master craftsman) 100gp Light Foot Animal Trainer 25gp Heavy Foot Engineer 250gp Archer Jeweler (master craftsman) 100gp Crossbowman Sage 500gp Longbowman Smith (craftsman) 25gp Light Horseman Spy 125gp+ Medium Horseman Sailor 3gp Heavy Horseman Ship Captain 100gp Mounted Crossbowman Ship Navigator 25gp Ship Petty Officer (boatswain. 40ft 15. Renowned alchemists and sages can cost 1. slum 1sp-2gp 1 acre (good farmland) superb) Keep (stone. 30ft square. 60ft square. Dwarven engineers or other specialists are 2-3 times as efficient but can cost as much as 3-10 times per month.000 to 2. one night. 2 stories.000 gp Cottage (wooden. 30ft square. 1 story) 200gp 1 pound per pint Townhouse (stone.000gp Magistrate Marshal Provost (tax collector) Reeve (book keeper) Sergeant (1st -3rd level) Sheriff Squire Steward/Castellan (5th-8th level) Warden Cost/Mont h 3gp 6gp 12gp 15gp 12gp 30gp 30gp 45gp 60gp 45gp Cost/Mont h 60gp 60gp 40gp 125gp 100-300gp 40gp 40gp 10001600gp 30gp Laborers Laborers and Landowners Income/Mo Landowners Income/Mo .

and wealthy farmers. Income ranges from 40gp to 133gp.000 acres) Knight (1.000gp 100.000gp *Esquires include merchants.800 acres) Castellan (20. mayors. .000 acres) Exarch (115.500 acres) nth 10gp 40gp 100gp 600gp 800gp 6. attorneys.Landless Peasant Weaver Carpenter Innkeeper Mason Chantry Priest (0 level) Landless Squire Wealthy Innkeeper nth 3gp 5gp 9gp 10gp 12gp 20gp 40gp 40gp Husbandman (15 acres) Yeoman (60 acres) Esquire (166 acres)* Lord (1.000 acres) Prefect (85. Note that most stronghold advisors are paid as esquires.000gp 40.

(AD&D 2e Light Scale) Suit Armor: Plate armor consists of large metal plates worn over the entire body. or metal rings (ring mail) over leather suit . the rings are not physically interlocked with each other. Chain mail is commonly worn as a shirt and coif. which sews leather or horn scales onto the foundation garment. (AD&D 2e Mail and Plate. and sometimes sewn to the backing. or horn scales attached to a backing material of cloth or leather. or hardened leather protecting the arms and legs. The chief historical example is Roman lorica segmenta. greaves. Egyptian scale armor. Chain mail is superior in protection to leather-based armors but inferior to metal scale or plate-reinforced armors. The chief historical example is Dark Ages leather jerkins. or steel plates laced together in parallel rows with silk. (AD&D 2e Lorica Segmentata) Chain Mail: Chain mail is made of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. cuirass. Plated mail provides superior protection over banded mail and lamellar. with reinforced leather protecting the arms and legs. Lamellar would also include leather lames worn over chain. and Roman lorica squamata. Scale armor usually consists of a corselet or hauberk worn with leather or padded cloth. (AD&D 2e Full Plate) Rankings of Historical Armor Hardened leather over padded cloth Leather lames (scale mail). The chief historical example is Late Medieval Gothic or Maximilian plate armor. cuir bouilli. leather thongs. and comparable to ring mail. and comparable in protection to banded mail. having larger plates sewn onto a stronger backing. and provides comparable protection. which uses metal scales or lames over leather. Unlike chain mail. and sabatons. Historical examples include Scythian scale armor. Historical examples include Medieval transitional plate and mail armor. (AD&D 2e Leather Armor) Plated Mail: Plated mail armor is full chainmail with embedded plates over vital areas. Lamellar is generally worn as a cuirass over light chain or leather. Eastern European plated mail. pauldrons. iron. ring mail. It is comparable in protection to lamellar armor. (AD&D 2e Metal Lamellar) Leather: Leather armor is made of thick leather. boiled in water until it is hardened. culet. gorget. Asian ring armor on leather. Chain-Lamellar. and Japanese tatami-do. so protection is inferior. tassets. Norman mail. Historical examples include Viking byrnies. Ring mail is closely related to scale armor. (AD&D 2e Chain Hauberk or Lorica Hamata) Lamellar: Lamellar armor is made of small bronze. and then fashioned into armor. Historical examples include Frankish ring mail. It is lighter and less protective then more reinforced leather armors such as ring mail. It is lighter than lamellar armor. Half-Plate. Medieval brigandine and splinted armor. from which it evolved. Middle Eastern mirror armor.Descriptions of Armor Banded Mail: Banded mail is made of overlapping horizontal strips of laminated metal sewn over leather. Historical examples include Mongolian lamellar. Japanese o-yori armor. Banded mail is commonly worn as a cuirass with shoulder protection. or cotton. with lighter chain. gauntlets. and Roman lorica hamata. and Bronze Plate) Ring Mail: Ring mail armor is leather or padded armor that has a large number of small rings sewn directly over the foundation garment. and Renaissance eyelet doublets. (AD&D 2e Ring Mail) Scale armor: Scale armor consists of many small leather. and Early Medieval scale armor. vambraces. Leather armor is usually just a jacket or cuirass worn with padded cloth or fur. including helmet. It is similar to scale armor. and superior to chain mail.

or metal lames over reinforced leather suit (lamellar) Metal lames over chain suit (plated mail) or metal plate over reinforced leather Interlocked metal plate suit (suit armor) .Interlocking metal rings (chain) over leather suit Leather lames over chain suit.

5 x2 1.5 14gp 40cn 250g p 750c n AC0 4 10gp 35cn 165gp 650cn AC 2 3.Armor Armor Type Fur Leather Scale / Ring Chain Banded / Lamellar Plate Mail Suit Armor Cost 10 20 30 40 50 60 250 Armor Class 8 7 6 5 4 3 0 (1 (2 (3 (4 (5 (6 (9 point) points) points) points) points) points) points) Encumbrance 100 200 300 400 450 500 750 Armor – Standard Assortments* Protected Cost/E Plate Area nc Head Torso Shoulder (one) Arm (one upper) Elbow (both) Arm (one lower) Hands (both) Waist & Back End Legs (one upper) Knees (both) Leg (one lower) Feet (both) TOTAL PROTECTION 1/8 1/8 1/20 1/20 1/20 1/20 1/20 1/20 1/20 1/20 1/20 1/20 7.5 2. weaker armor than the head and torso. but is actually a uniform assortment of heavy plate.5 x2 1.25 1.5 3 x2 3 x2 3 3 x2 3 3 3 x2 3 3 x2 3 60 Banded 6. Armor – Uniform Assortments Protected Hea Area vy Plate Bande Plat d e Head / Torso Protection Cost Encumbranc e Segments x15 Protection Cost Encumbranc e Total Cost Total Encumb.75 .5 2.2 5 20gp 75cn 7.33gp 13.5gp 22.5 x2 1.5 50 Chain 5 5 2 x2 2 x2 2 2 x2 2 2 2 x2 2 2 x2 2 40 Scale/Ri ng 3.5gp 3275cn AC7 1.5cn 5 5gp 50cn 3.5 .5gp 15cn 27.25gp 56.5 2.5 x2 2.5 5gp 30cn 88gp 562.75gp 7.5cn Padde d Cloth .5 x2 1.5 x2 2.5cn 45gp 412cn AC5 1.25 .5cn 4.5 10 All standard assortments of armor assume that the limbs are protected with lighter.5 x2 2.5 30 Leather 2.5 .5 .75 3.5 x2 .3cn 24gp 240cn AC7 1 1gp 10cn 17.5 x2 2. Total Protection 11.25gp 12.5 .25 7 2.5gp 25cn Soft Leath er 2 2gp 20cn Fur/Hi de 1.5 .5 x2 2.5 1.2cn Chain Scale Hard Leath er 2.75gp 37.5 2.5 x2 .75 1.5cn 6.5gp 62.5 x2 .5 7.5 2.5 1.5 2.5 1.25 1.4 AC 3 3 3gp 25cn 55gp 475cn AC5 2.75 1 x2 1x2 1 1x2 1 1 1 x2 1 12 1 20 Fur/Hid e 1.5gp 5cn 9gp 90cn AC9 .5 1.5gp 175cn AC8 .5 x2 .75 3.5 x2 1.5 1.25 6.33 1. Note that Suit Armor is not a standard armor.5 7.5 x2 .5 2.

This chart shows the result of wearing uniform suits of various armor components. Suit armor disregards cost and weight concerns to maximize armor class. . which is why they have become standard. Hybrid suits that use lighter materials on the arms and legs offer superior protection for their cost and weight.

leather skirt Lt. Breastplate. • An Imperial legionary wears a banded breastplate with studded leather skirt and one greave. leather skirt Crusader’s chainmail shirt and leggings Knight’s breastplate over chainmail Slavic plated mail. tassets Interlocking plate over padding Interlocking plate over chain *This armor did not exist historically Classic Armor Cloth/Fur (AC8) Cloth/Fur (AC8) Treat as Cloth/Fur (AC8) Treat as Cloth/Fur (AC8) Leather Armor (AC7) Leather Armor (AC7) Treat as Leather Armor (AC7) Treat as Leather Armor (AC7) Ring Mail (AC6) Treat as Ring Mail (AC6) Treat as Ring Mail (AC6) Treat as Ring Mail (AC6) Chain Mail (AC5) (AC4) Treat as Chain Mail (AC5) Treat as Chain Mail (AC5) Chain Mail (AC5) Treat as Banded Mail (AC4) Lamellar (AC4) Banded Mail (AC4) Lamellar (AC4) Treat as Banded Mail (AC3) Plate Mail (AC3) Treat as Suit Armor (AC1)** Suit Armor (AC1) D&D 2e Armor Treat as Padded (AC8)** Leather (AC8) Padded (AC8) Gallic Armor (AC8) Ring Mail (AC7) Light Scale (AC7) Lamellar Shirt (AC7) Studded Leather (AC7) Chain Hauberk (AC6) Brigandine (AC6) Scale Mail (AC6) Lorica Hamata (AC6) Metal Lamellar (AC5) Lorica Segmenta (AC5) Hoplite Armor (AC5) Chain Mail (AC5) Mail and Plate (AC4) Chain-Lamellar (AC4) Banded Mail* (AC4) Splint Mail (AC4) Half Plate (AC4) Plate Mail (AC3) Field Plate (AC2) Full Plate (AC1) D&D 3e Armor Padded (AC +1) Leather (AC +2) Treat as Leather (AC +2) Treat as Leather (AC +2) Treat as Studded (AC+3) Leather Scale (AC +3) AEG Treat as Studded (AC+3) Studded Leather (AC+3) Chain Shirt (AC+4) Brigandine (AC +4) Treat as Brigandine (AC+4) Treat as Chain Shirt (AC+4) Lamellar (AC+5) AEG Breastplate (AC+5) Breastplate (AC +5) Chainmail (AC +5) Treat as Banded (AC+6) Treat as Splint (AC+6) Banded Mail* (AC +6) Splint Mail (AC +6) Treat as Banded (AC+6) Half-Plate (AC +7) Full Plate (AC +8) Treat as full Plate (AC+8)** **AC conversion does not match up perfectly Correlation to Auran Empire Armor: • Ancient armor smiths of Zahar. This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Lamellar (AC4) or D&D 3e Splint Mail (AC +6). perfected fullyreticulated plate armor. • A Sunset Kingdom heavy cavalryman wears metal lamellar over chain. This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Suit Armor (AC1) or D&D 3e Full Plate (AC+8). or leather over chain Banded breastplate with std. greaves. spaulders. at the height of the Empyrean War. std. greaves.Historical Notes Heavy fur or stiff cloth Boiled leather cuirass with soft leather Medieval aketon. or ancient linen armor Gallic gladiator armor Frankish ringmail. leather skirt Metal lames / leather. This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Plate Mail (AC3) or D&D 3e Half-Plate (AC +7). and thigh-high steel greaves. greaves Breastplate. metal lames o/ chain Half-breastplate. arm guards. over light leather or chain. . steel manica. This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Chain Mail (AC5) or D&D 3e Breastplate (AC +5). Asian ring on leather Ancient to early medieval leather scale Lamella cuirass only Leather reinforced with studs or plates Norman mail or Viking byrnie Light metal sandwiched in leather Leather coat with metal scales Chain shirt with std. • A fully-armored Imperial centurion or cataphract wears a steel muscle cuirass and war skirt. Mideastern mirror armor Full suit of banded armor* Japanese Tatami-Do.

Krysean or Nicean skirmisher. or leather scale hauberk. A Jutland chieftain wears a chainmail byrnie over light leather jerkin and pants. This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Chain Mail (AC5) or D&D 3e Breastplate (AC +5). An Imperial or Sunset Kingdom auxiliary wears stiffened linothorax armor. This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Ringmail Armor (AC6) or D&D 3e Chain Shirt (AC +4). . This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Leather Armor (AC7) or D&D 3e Leather Scale or Studded Leather (AC +3). An Argollëan swordsman wears metal lamellar over light leather.• • • • • A Krysean or Nicean hoplite wears a muscle cuirass with studded leather skirt and two greaves and bracers. or Imperial or Sunset Kingdom light horseman wears ringmail hauberk. A Jutland raider. This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Chain Mail (AC5) or D&D 3e Chainmail (AC +5). This is the equivalent of Classic D&D Cloth Armor (AC8) or D&D 3e Leather (AC +2). leather hauberk reinforced with metal plates.

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