Buzan: Will the Global notes

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 11:40 AM

P 1101, GWoT= "Global war on Terror". Campaign to convince Americans that the war on terror will be a long war. GWoT was set up to take the place of the Cold War where the US led the west against a common enemy. P 02, what the GWOT really is, is a political move to legitimize US primacy, leadership and unilateralism to Americans and the rest of the world. Key concept macro-securitization, a global security structure. 03, GWOT threatens two core things: liberal values and unity of the West. Cheney believes the US is "called to use our overwhelming power in defense of freedom." 04, from war on drugs to "war on terrorism." EU has as its goal to fight organized crime: drugs, women, illegal immigrants, weapons. 05, Foreign nations echo the fight, "proliferation of WMD's is potentially the greatest threat to our security." Effective strategy to make this a reality is PSI Proliferation Security Initiative with now over 40 nations. 06, There are 5 potential problems that could affect GWOT. Impact of terrorist attacks: Al Qaeda, largest non-state terrorist grp in history. Also, possibility of governments with vested interests in GWOT staging terrorist attacks or staging foiled plans to keep securitization in place. 08, because the US headed up the policy, the success or failure depends on how steadfast it remains. With the many errors it made in Iraq, US legitimacy is threatened. Others are opposed to the state of permanent fear and emergency which robs citizens of ordinary rights for the sake of protection form terrorism. In an attempt to ease those that felt threatened, there has been a change in language from "war" to "struggle", to stay away from the idea of securitization. 10, the unilateralism of late under the Bush Admin. Has put in question whether US can effectively lead the macro-securitization as it has alienated those that were accustomed to the multilateral system of old. Weakening of US legitimacy! And then the legitimacy of the GWOT. 11, US is unpopular apart form GWOT, so its attempt to use GWOT securitization to create its superpower position may be the reason why the rest of the world opposes it, because it was unable to deliver when given the chance.


12, attempt to break the US notion that it is the West v. Islam, instead it is the case of Islamic radicals. 13, controversial securitization elements: notably, the Invasion of Iraq. Justification came trying to link Hussein to WMD's. US and Britain bought it but other countries didn't. Result was the splitting of the EU and NATO support. 14, 9/11 gave Bush admin the opportunity to create a climate of to remake domestic policy and, remake the world. The links of the GWOT to Israel and Iraq conflicts make it seem more like a ploy of the Bush admin and challenge its legitimacy. 14, China remains a threat to GWOT as it is a rising superpower. Many countries support multipolarity, (multiple superpowers) over the US as sole superpower. 15, in the end, it looks like the GWOT as macrosecuritization looks doubtful. 16, GWOT is about the State vs uncivilized society. Insulation: as a result of homeland security impedes the free movement of people for busines, edu, and arts. Repression: taking the fight TO the terrorists to eliminate then by police or military action. Equalizing: belief that root of terrorism is inequalities in market economies. There is no easy solution in this case to fix the inequalities. 18

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